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Labor Day

First TimeTabooVoyeur

The tears welling in my eyes blurred my vision, and I suddenly realized I didn't know how long I'd been beating the lemon curd. Where was our marriage going? Was it over between me and Mark? I'd do anything, if only... Over the grinding roar of the antiquated mixer, I heard the front door slam. "Lisa?" I hollered, expecting to hear her typical, Philly-bred, 'Hi-ya, Peg'. There was no response. A frisson tingled at my nape. I turned off the mixer and pulled my terry robe tight around me. It was the only thing I'd thrown on after my shower. The family mountain cabin had no neighbors for a hal… Read more

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If You Want To Really Be A Cuckold!


A lot of us Men have the fantasy of our Wives fucking other guys. That happens in reality, but does that really make them a true Cuckold? This following information I have collected from various websites, and in taking with others that I know have an “Open Marriage” and He is a real Cuckold. So, there are lots of variations in how this works, but if you’re considering asking your Wife to make you a Cuckold, consider these things. First let’s start with the definition of what a Cuckold really is… Definition From The Oxford Dictionary; Cuckold noun 1. a man whose wife is sexually unf… Read more

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First time buying panties

First TimeVoyeurTaboo

This is my story about how I got into wearing panties. One day my wife and I were talking about a couple we knew and how they should come over for drinks. She was a little cutie and worked-out with me wife. Her husband was a good looking guy and just something about him I got me excited. They came over one night and had some drinks, we ended up playing poker. His wife out of the blue on one hand added a dare, a dare for my wife to kiss her if she lost. That hand my wife in fact lost and they kissed oh it was hot. At this point the game turned into bets and dares. Well now I see my c… Read more

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Sylvia and Cecil Faye

First TimeTabooInterracial Sex

Silkie leaned back against the pillow and took another puff of her cigarette. " I'm going to try to tell this part of the thing that I got into with my mom...just that part. "Tom, I've been talking a lot to you about this sex stuff with Judy and these grown men that happened when I was f******n or fifteen years old...f******n, I think. " "Holy shit, that was crazy, you know. All this fucking and weird sex when I was still in what we called Junior High? " "Tom, telling that last story to you got me horny, okay? As in H_O_R_N_Y! I want you; I've got a big old fucking itch that needs a scratch… Read more

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Used after Daddies Poker Night 2

AnalGay MaleTaboo

So here I was naked and being bent over the armchair my drunken father was asleep in. My dads two friends Dan and Mark had their fingers applying lube to my virgin ass as they adjusted my position to allow them better access. I tried to reach forward and slap my dad round the face to wake him up, but Dan reached around and pulled both my arms backwards and behind me extending them fully to make my back arch and shove my ass out towards them, and my naked little bare chest out towards the arm of the chair. I felt Mark pull my ass cheeks apart and help Dan guide his hard cock into my virgin ho… Read more

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The Way It Was


"Where IS she?" Gerry moaned...It's been forty-five minutes... My dick hurts, I can't stand it! ************************************************* Danielle, owner of the salon where Helen was a stylist often remarked that her star employee sounded like an art historian and dressed like Joan Jett..."Must be the cute young lawyer who rents from you, huh?" Dani k**ded...Helen looked great today outside the coffee shop, spiky red hair, tank top (no bra) and tiny leather miniskirt. Her new fishnet stockings looked great too...Gerry had hooked the garters that morning, trembling...It's great that I s… Read more

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This recollection is not about me or my daughter as my wife is still very much alive, but a good friend who liked to confess over a few strong whiskeys. Why he confessed to me I can only guess because I,m a good listener and yes from time to time I had an affair with my daughter Christina though that was some while ago and she is now happily married and has c***dren of her own. I,ll call my friend John though of course that,s not his real name. None of the names I used are real names for obvious reasons though the events certainly happened. I,ll now carry on for John: “So the big night had arr… Read more

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Julie takes control (part 7)

TabooGroup SexHardcore

Hi, this is part 7 of my story. Currently the last chapter. Hope you've had as much joy as I have writing and re-reading the whole series. Thank for stopping by. As we all got dressed, I kept wanting to touch both Julie and Sarah. I watched both of them put their pantyhose back on, without anything underneath. They both put tops on, Julie didn't bother with a bra but Sarah did. Both of them put short skirts on. I just sat and watched them, my cock was too weak to do anything but my mind was racing. I finally got dressed, they both watched me as I did. We went downstairs for some lunch. As t… Read more

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Seduced by my daughters boyfriend

TabooFirst TimeMature

I was just stepping out of the shower when the doorbell rang, so still wet and dripping, I slipped on my dressing gown, wrapped a towel around my head, and went down to answer the door. When I opened it, it was my daughters boyfriend Martin. “Oh hello Mrs G” he said, “Sorry if I got you out of the shower” “That’s ok” I replied, “I had just about finished anyway; come on in and make yourself at home won’t you, I’m afraid Tracey won’t be back for a while yet” He made his way into the lounge as he had done so many times before, and made himself comfortable on the settee. “Fancy a cup of tea” I as… Read more

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Seduction of My First C*usin - Part 1


All of my stories are based on events that I've actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. It's your challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! However, all stories are shared with one simple motivation, in hopes that you will find pleasure while reading them. With that being said…happy reading! So far, the summer had been long, hot and boring. At the time, I was 21 years old and living in the southern part of Colorado. Having moved away from my parents a year before, I wasn’t able to visit them very often. It was good to hear my mom’s… Read more

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TabooGay MaleFirst Time

After my brief encounter with Ken my married neighbor I realized my obsession with sex could be filled now that I was 18 , all my fantasy's , taboo lusts and needs could be satisfied . It was easier to become Kathy now that I could get away for a few days by myself . The book store an motel had quickly my sissy hide away , since no one knew me here . I'd rent a room in the back of the motel , an exit let me come and go without being noticed and the book store a 5 minute walk away . In my bag was everything I needed , lingerie , wig , makeup , one or two of my favorite outfits , I even had da… Read more

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From Boring To Very Exciting 2


From Boring To So Very Exciting #2 ------------------------------------Mark's Side------------------------------------ Sunday * About 2 months before the wedding we talked about not fucking or even playing with each other as much to make our wedding night special. It had been a long time since Traci had her pussy special like I loved it and I gave up trying to figure out how to get it that way. Her tiny pussy was tight as ever and the night we talked about cutting down sex Traci told me she even tried to make her pussy like I wanted it. She had even tried using her litt… Read more

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Sylvia talks about doing her mother

TabooLesbian SexFirst Time

''That's when the thing started where I fucked my mom. And her boyfriend. And Judy. And Rachel. That is pretty personal, and I don't want to tell that story now. Maybe some other time." "That was insane. I think it was the time when I lost my mom. I thought it was going to be forever. My dad, too, when he found out, threw mom out of the house. It's for sure the point in my life when I started fucking everyone I knew and thought about whoring. Because, why not? I was the sluttiest little skank in the world. I fucked my sister. I fucked my mom at the same fucking time. And I liked it. Fuck no, I… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 151

VoyeurTabooGroup Sex

Julia and Dolly were the only ones that said anything, or expressed any interest in Sharon's whereabouts for the afternoon. Both had seen Mr. Kamp when he had came in the other day. Julia had thought he looked "stuffy," and Dolly thought he looked a little too dignified, possibly even snobbish. Sharon came in and told everyone to "Have a GREAT EVENING," and "I'll see ya, tomorrow." Soon all were gone EXCEPT Dolly and Julia. Julia was the first to speak. "I decided to take Carl up on his suggestion. I'm already paid up for the rest of my time, so all I have to do is pack my clothes, and a few… Read more

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'jimmy what the hell are you doing outside my room are you some sort of sick perv i could see you eye at the crack in the door? i'm your sister, as mum and dad are out my boyfriend came round and you are outside my door listening and peeking in? what the fuck and were you wanking yourself off ? i can see your cock for fuck sake what the hells wrong with you ?' jane stands at her open door in a skimpy pair of panties and bra 'uh i wasn't doing anything honest i was just walking past your room and heard you moaning and groaning wasn't sure if you were feeling ill honest i wasn't doing anything'… Read more

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Skeletons in my Closet part 15


Skeletons in my Closet part 15 The She-Devil appears and return to the Glory Hole. On Sunday morning Michelle and I awoke at the same time around 930 am John was not in bed between us. We both ran to the bedroom bathroom. She beat me to the toilet. She sat down and peed while I brushed my teeth. Between running water for brushing my teeth and Michelle pissing like a racehorse. I was doing that pp dance women do. Michelle was still pissing. ”Hurry up Michelle or your going to get a golden shower, ” I said to her. We swapped places with me peeing and her brushing her teeth. I saw she had her… Read more

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Loving Mother


Helen knew that her son was at the age where he would start to take interest in girls and she found the thought of him with girls disturbing to her. She loved him very much and couldn't bare the thought of loosing him to another girl. He was approaching his f******nth birthday and Helen felt it was only a matter of time before he started dating girls, and looking for a good time. Helen watched her son intensely as he rubbed his young penis, bringing himself closer and closer to orgasm. She couldn't help but begin to become aroused at the sight of her young son masturbating even though she kne… Read more

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First time for three - English version

First TimeFetishTaboo

Sorry, our mother tongue is not english. We hope that the story will be understood anyway. First time for three - English version This story was reconstructed based on our diary notes from August 19, 1978. These events were written together by us (Katharine + Peter). Katharine and I have been a couple since we were young. Thanks to the great understanding of our parents, this was not a problem. Katharine is 18 and I 19 when we moved into a flat. Kathi had lost her virginity to me a long time ago. Our love life was still wild. A lot was tried out at that time. Katharine and I hav… Read more

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Brye was fascinated by his lover's relationship with her husband. He'd dealt with jealous husbands much of his life, being a handsome young guy who didn't like to commit, and then there had been the open marriages. But this was so different. Brye and Treva were enjoying glasses of Chardonnay on the couch, and Treva's husband, a doctor by profession, was bringing in little snacks for them. Brye sincerely hoped that he wouldn't be poisoned by Dr. Shep! "So he likes to watch?" Brye said, as he enjoyed Treva's head in the crook of a muscled arm. He was the neighborhood pool cleaner, among oth… Read more

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One night stand in the bar


She was ecstatic it was finally happening. The moment they have both been waiting for. He gazed in her eyes, then kisses her quickly and forcefully. She moans in pleasure, turning him on more. She knows this and is caressing his chest while moving her hand down. Down to where she knows he needs attention. He allows it. He has one thing on his mind, to push his hands in her pants and push his hand through her panties to her favorite place. But he is resisting right now, allowing her to explore and caress. She moves her hands in his pants and grabs his dick immediately. He was already hard, b… Read more

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