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Cd crossdresser caught and blackmailed

TabooFirst Time

I have been cross-dressing since puberty. My friends and I lived near a college, and one day we found a pair of panties on the ground near a dormitory. My friends tossed them around and made up stories about how they got there. The stories they made up had my young mind on fire with fantasies. Later that evening, I returned to where we had left the panties, I pretended to walk along and I casually picked them up and put them in my pocket. I was terrified that someone would see me touching a woman’s panties. When I got home I was overwhelmed by the desire to examine them. When I pulled them out… Read more

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'Aunt' Rose - Part 2 (with images)


From Part 1 … She lifted herself up and extended her arms towards me. My rock hard member was inches from her face; my shiny glans bulging and tacky with pre-cum. ‘Oh you beautiful boy … come to your Aunt Rose’… … Aunt Rose placed both hands on my erect shaft, lent forward and slowly licked the leaking head. She teasingly encircled the tip with her tongue … ‘mmmm I can taste you darling’ she whispered before taking my fleshy lance into her eager mouth. She sucked my stiff pole and swirled her tongue around the swollen tip then released her grip, reached round to grasp my buttocks and began r… Read more

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Visit to Aunt Vicky Ch. 5

First TimeTabooMature

It was nearing the end of the summer and also the end of my stay with aunt Vicky. Soon my parents would be returning from their trip to Europe, and that would mean that I would have to go back home again. But more importantly, I wouldn’t be able to screw my aunt and cousin Brigette just about every day. Fucking my mom had just about always been my ultimate fantasy, but lately, getting both Vicky and Brigette together in a three-some had become my main goal. Now, Vicky and Brigette both wanted me as their own I guess, but somehow I had managed to maintain steady sexual relations with both of t… Read more

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The Incident


The Incident **She was released from the hospital just that morning. She had called her girlfriend to come over and that they would go out to their favorite fetish bar. She spent all morning in the bathroom. After showering she looked at herself in the full-length mirror. Though the swelling had gone down both her eyes were still black. She had two stitches in her lip from where it was busted open. Her right and left cheeks were severely bruised and sore to the touch. The punch to the nose didn't break her nose but it did make it bleed severely. She sat down and opened up her legs so she cou… Read more

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My Sister in law Lizbeth


So my wife is excited. Her brother who lives in California and she hasn't seen in a few years decided to take a family vacation. They are coming to visit us in San Antonio. It's himself, wife and their two boys. The boys and him are cool to hang out with. We always have a good time when we spend time with them. Now his wife, Lizbeth is a different story. She's very pretty, nice tits and ass. She is a solid MILF The only downside is that she is batshit crazy. Also is clinically bipolar, takes pills and everything. It doesn't bother me, but I have had my fun with her. Plus she says she's an exh… Read more

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Away From Home and My Wife


It was the last night of May and I was feeling extremely lonely while away on business. I made a call to my wife and spoke with her letting her know I missed her and that I was lonely. I had been away for right at two weeks and not having me wife beside me was a major downer for me. My wife suggested I go out to a local bar and have a few drinks and try to relax. So I took her advise and took a quick shower and got dressed and headed out. I stopped at about three bars before I found one I felt comfortable more people my age and not young people. I took a place at the bar and ordered a rum an… Read more

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Sister in law visit


My sister in law recently came to visit my wife and me to visit my father in law who is in a nursing home close to where we live. I am white American and my wife and her sister are from the Philippines. They have lived in the US for many years but still have accents. My wife has gotten a little chubby while my sister in law has an amazing body that she keeps in shape by working out and her job is a nurse which keeps her on feet a lot. She is a natural flirt and likes to wear clothes that are tight and show off her body. She lives in the south with her husband and we have not seen her in abou… Read more

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little cock white boys

Interracial SexGay MaleTaboo

Mike is recently divorced, his bitch of a wife finally gone like he said during the tennis game he had been my coach and double partners for the last season ,i cant remember how many times i listen to him yell on the fone with her, married for the last 10yrs, now in his 40 We played our games and did pretty good considering the blazing sun out in the bleue sky i always leave after our games not liking the shower because of my very small cock but this time we had practice our serve at the end and no one was there except us he was closing the facility , locking the locker room behind us ''… Read more

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Tale of a Bengali Teen

TabooFirst TimeMature

That hot summer afternoon, Joginder was sitting on his couch, staring at the TV, his mind somewhere else. He was thinking about the steamy, hot sex session from the last night. His twin daughters were extra-willing and extra-adventurous. God knows what took over the two of them. They literally wore him down. He was so spent that he couldn't wake up in the morning. And when he did wake up, he found two mouths wrapped around his hard cock. According to him, it was a miracle that he was hard once again. His last thought before passing out was that his cock was dead, for ever! His sex life's ove… Read more

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My Sweet Mama

First TimeTabooHardcore

At the age of 8 I faced an incident that no c***d should experience in his c***dhood. Both of my parents died in a car crash. I was devastated for weeks and it was my Aunt Clair and my grandparents who took care of me. Since my grandparents were old, Aunt Clair had decided that it was better if she adopted me. My Grandparents also supported her decision. So her home became my home since that day. Aunt Clair was a single mother with a son who was one year older than me. But she loved me, her sister's c***d like her own son and gradually I started to call her "Mama." She was so happy about it a… Read more

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Helping My Mother


A son always loves his mother as a son always do and some love their mothers in the ways the sons are not supposed to. They may not be able to express their feelings, but at least they have it in their minds. It's called the Oedipus complex. In my case I was no different in the first type of love. But in the second category, I didn't know if what I had was truly the Oedipus complex or not. I didn't really want to fuck her. The things I wanted most were her breasts and her armpits, the pussy would be a bonus if I could have it. I know, some of you might laugh at me. But let me tell you my story… Read more

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Motherhood - A Tale of Love

TabooMatureFirst Time

Preetha's eyes went heavy as she was leafing through the pages of the newly arrived magazine. It is happening to her often these days, a side effect of having too many valiums for sleep. She can't sleep at night, and throughout the day, a spell of gloom and drowsiness hangs heavy over her like a shroud. Her cell phone was buzzing with vibration on the table beside the bed, it must have been Sayani from her office. She has been calling so many times, don't they realize she won't be going back to work? Preetha was thinking about sending the resignation letter to the H.R, but such ennui afflict… Read more

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My black step cousin (part 1)

Interracial SexTaboo

It was a summer day, my parents and uncles decided to go for a trip letting me and my black step cousin at home for a whole weekend so we could help each other with cooking, cleaning and so on... We kiss our respective parents goobye and promise to be good during the whole weekend. After they go we chat for a while and each one goes do own tasks until the night. We get comfortable clothes to watch a movie before going to sleep, he says he knows a good movie which name is Kin and we should definitely watch it, I agree and we start watching the movie. He's only wearing a grey sleeveless shirt… Read more

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In The Neighborhood Part 3

Gay MaleTabooAnal

If you haven't read the last episode, please go back and check it out. Now he told me I was in charge. What ever I wanted to do, I could. If i "needed it" the vasoline was there. And the rest will have to wait.... My y0ung cock was as hard as it ever had been and poked out the front of the panties leaving a huge wet spot. I looked down at Mr. V and reached for his hard cock. Even though I had swallowed a massive load of cum from him just a short time before, his cock was fully hard, close to 10 inches and dripping cum as it pok… Read more

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My first sexual experience

First TimeGay MaleTaboo

This is a story about my very first sexual experience when I was in high school, some of its real and some is fantasy….. My mother was really good friends with one of the neighbours, she used to pop round to her house quite often for a cup of tea and a chat. I really don’t know why she liked her company as she was a miserable old bitch. Always moaning at me anytime my football went in her garden. The neighbour had two k**s, a daughter the same age as my sister and a son who was about to leave for university, always seemed a little strange to me. As the woman’s daughter was the same age as m… Read more

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Katie at the BBQ

TabooFirst Time

I was pitching horse shoes at Uncle Bill's Labor Day B B Q when Annie walked by again. She was wearing a pair of short, cut off jeans and a halter top. She was looking fine. She had been teasing me all day. It was one of her favorite past times. She had to be a bit more subtle about it when we were among all these people. Annie was my first cousin-twice removed and four years older than I was. We'd had an on again off again affair since I had been twelve years old. To this day I think she is the sexiest woman I have ever known. She was my first and I was crazy about her. I hadn't seen her for… Read more

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My wife confessed me how she cheated me. First tim

First TimeTabooHardcore

This is a true story, based on all the details my wife confessed me about when she cheated on me. She confessed me that she cheated me many times with her work colleague when I was traveling for work, but now I write about the details of the first time she cheated me. When I returned from my trip and she confessed me her infidelity, I confessed her that turn me on to know more. My wife was surprised, and began to tell me everything from the beginning. I wanted to know also how she was dressed. She told me that she went to work that day with this clothes:… Read more

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Tabooville - Episode 2

TabooLesbian Sex

Paul and Cindy laid in bed, arm and arm after a longer than usual fuck session. The revelation of their k**s fucking around with each other had both of them hotter than hell and they couldn't wear each other out screwing for half the night. "In all the excitement, I think I forgot to tell you my sister arrives tomorrow for a few days. She has been wanting to visit ever since we inherited the hotel and the house. I think curiosity is getting the best of her, Paul," Cindy explained. "Well, fuck me. That's all we need right now - more company. We aren't exactly making the progress I had hoped o… Read more

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Mother-in-Law’s Special Sex Lube


-A true original story- It was the FIRST TIME meeting my then-girlfriend’s parents, and if it wasn’t already awkward, things got a bit interesting… After arriving at the in-laws' house and some introductions, my wife and I got settled and unpacked. It had been a long day of travel, and I just wanted to sleep. However, we couldn’t simply turn in before spending a bit more time with her parents… A small gift exchange was in order. For her father I brought some top-shelf liquor. And for her mother I gifted a piece of jewelry, though she wasn’t impressed -- impossible to win her over I've since… Read more

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my black step cousin (part 1)

TabooInterracial Sex

PD.: Hi, this is my first story and English isn't my main language so please don't be too cruel if I make any mistakes and I hope you like my story. It is a real sexual fantasy I used to have already when I was a teenager. As it handles about a fictive step cousin I hope it doesn't get banned because of i****t, while we aren't the same blood, not even the same race, this is an interracial story but I wanted to stay true to my original fantasy when writing it, hope you enjoy it and let me know if you do as I have a lot more like this... --- It was a summer day, my parents and uncles decided… Read more

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