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hung bi british lads

My cousin Craig has recently been going through a very messy divorce. Recently I have been spending a fair amount of time with him to help keep his spirits up. Before his split I hadn’t got to know him that well. I always assumed he was very straight laced due to his conservative dress sense and general demeanor. He is 6ft 3 and plays a lot of rugby, and although not conventionally handsome I assumed could probably pull quite easily, although I knew while he was married he was 100% faithful.

Until a few weeks ago I had never even seen him naked. Mind you, there is no reason why I should have. It was his idea to go swimming, and we ended up at his health club. He seemed quite inhibited as we got changed. He used a towel to cover himself while putting on his trunks, and after we swam he managed to keep himself covered with his towel before going into a shower cubicle. Although I had no sexual interest in him at all I suppose I was still curious to know what he had hanging between his rather large legs. There was something about Craig that made me think he would not be well endowed. (His ex wife was extremely hot and I probably imagined that she partially divorced him because he didn’t satisfy her in the bed department.)

I removed my trunks, making sure as many people got a flash of my not too small equipment and followed him proudly into the showers not giving his naked body another though as I lathered myself up and finished showering. I must have been in the shower for about 5 minutes and assumed that by now ‘shy’ Craig would be dressed and out by the time I returned, in order that I didn’t get to see his minuscule genitals. So you can imagine my surprise when returning to the lockers to find my cousin with his back to me, with one leg raised up on the bench as he toweled himself down. His round firm arse was larger and hairier than I would have imagined, quite muscly from all his rugby playing. (I immediately had a vision of those large buns pouncing between his ex wifes thighs bringing her to orgasm) But the real treat was the view that hung heavily between his legs. The man was hung. Dangling between those large legs was a clean shaven, low hanging ball sac, as large as I had seen containing his two plum sized testicles, slowly swaying as he dried his hairy legs.

I stood behind him for as long as I could, keeping a distance hoping he wouldn’t notice me standing there. Eventually I passed by him to go to my locker. He didn’t try to cover himself up, but just carried on toweling himself down, mentioning that the shower had done him a power of good. This wasn’t the shy Craig from before. The Craig who had hidden his body as he got changed. Mind you this wasn’t the Craig who I had thought would be under endowed. Nothing could be further from the truth. As I stood in front of Craig he raised his towel to dry his hair, and as he covered his head I got a full face on view of his massive cock and balls. Around the base of his fat cock was a forest of dark brown hair from which his fine thick uncut cock protruded and hung. I’d say it hung limp at about 5″, but his heavy hairless ball sac hung even lower.

I have always had a thing about large low hanging ball sacs, as well as cocks bigger than my own, and if this had been a gay sauna, or any other place where I could have gone down on my knees I would have. But it wasn’t and neither was Craig gay, so I acted as normally as I could, even when he moved the towel between his legs, rubbing and massaging that equipment that I had suddenly found myself strangely aroused by.

For the first time in my life I had began to look at my cousin sexually. In a matter of seconds I had imagined myself in all sorts of sexual situations with him. It wasn’t helped by the way he was drying himself. In fact I remember thinking he was acting a little like an exhibitionist. I certainly noticed a few of the other guys glancing in the direction of his crotch.. I slowly dried myself, in the way men do when hoping to attract another man, but it was obvious he was hardly aware I was naked. he seemed more interested in showing his body off. As I kept stealing glances at his goods, I wished for this moment to last as long as possible but before long he had his boxer shorts in his hands, pulling them up his strong legs, eventually covering the object of my desire. As we finished dressing, and left the building, all I could think about was how I could get to see him naked again. I mentioned going swimming again soon, which he seemed agreeable to Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait until our next swim. And the next time the situation was going to be even more arousing.

On leaving the Health club, we went to the nearest pub where we both had a couple of pints and then ended up at a cheap and cheerful Indian restaurant for a bite to eat. It was a large place with not very many people in. We ordered our meal and were tucking into our starter when Craig suddenly came out with ‘It’s a shame you don’t fuck women.’ This was the first time I had ever heard anything sexual pass his lips, and I almost choked on my mouthful of onion bhaji. ‘What do you mean?’ I asked through my blushes. ‘Oh it doesn’t matter’ he replied.

I was fascinated by his comment and didn’t want to let the subject go. ‘I’m bi. I do still fuck women’ I said. ‘I thought you only did it with guys’ he said. ‘It’s easier for me to say I’m gay.’ I told him. ‘I do fuck a hell of a lot more guys than women, but I still like the occasional piece of pussy from time to time.’ He seemed really surprised. ‘I though you only liked cock, especially from the way you kept looking at mine in the changing room.’ I must have gone the colour of beetroot, but managed to laugh as I said bashfully ‘I didn’t think you noticed.’

What I learnt about Craig that night was a revelation. He and his wife had enjoyed a great adventurous sexual relationship. My conservative cousin was anything but, and had probably had as many partners as I had. He was quite graphic in some of his descriptions, including when he talked about being a bit too big for his ex, as she was only slight and found it quite painful when he was fully inside her. He seemed to be enjoying telling me the lurid details, which secretly had given me a semi under the table. They had also agreed that whatever they did regarding sex would be done as a couple. And the main reason she was divorcing him was when she came home early from work to find him performing cunnilingus on her hairdresser. She also had found on his computer a list as long as her arm of other women he had been fucking. So he knew there was no going back.

I told him about a threesome I had been doing regularly with a straight couple I had met on line, and he was anxious to hear all the details, which I told him in the same graphic way he had told his tales. All this talk made him even more attractive, and the talk was making me even hornier.

‘Have you ever taken Viagra’ he asked. ‘No I replied I don’t need it yet. He went on to explain that Viagra wasn’t just for men who couldn’t get it up, but just a great d**g for sex. He said it gave him the same strength of erection he had in his teens, and it also gave him extra control over his ejaculation. As I told him I was sure I would try it eventually, he got out a packet of what looked like four blue pills, levering one out, which he broke in two.

‘Take this’ he said handing me half of the blue triangle, as he put the other half in his mouth and swallowed it down with a glass of water. ‘Why?’ I said. ‘Just trust me. I have an idea for after dinner.’ I took the pill and swallowed it, wondering just exactly his ‘idea’ was going to be, and never having taken Viagra before I had no idea of how it was going to effect me.

For the rest of our meal the conversation stayed away from the subject of sex…for the most part, and after about half an hour, feeling a bit flushed, I knew the Viagra was beginning to work. He looked at me and smiled ‘It’s beginning to work isn’t it?’ ‘It won’t necessarily give you a hard on straight away, but as soon as you are sexually aroused it will give you a stiffy like you haven’t had since your teens.’

Well I’m just glad I wasn’t wearing my tight jeans, because as he spoke I began to feel my cock stiffen, and I had a feeling it was going to stay that way for a considerable time. We paid the bill and left. We got into his car and it was then he told me what his plan was. ‘Do you know what dogging is?’ he asked ‘Of course I do’ I answered. ‘Have you ever done it?’ he continued ‘Because there’s an area near here, and I thought we could go and see if anything is happening.’

With that he started the car and headed towards our destination. He also told me that he and his soon to be ex wife used to do it all the time, which by now didn’t surprise me in the least.

I knew more about dogging than I let on. I also knew there were very few dogging areas that were totally straight. As we drove he put his hand inside his trousers and straightened himself out, glancing at me and smiling. I could see he already had a hard on, while mine was still rock hard from 30 minutes before.

We drove slowly into the car park. There must have been about fifteen cars parked in various positions. He said it was always better at the end, so we dimmed our lights and parked at the furthest point.

It was strangely quiet, and with most of the car lights out it was fairly dark. Craig opened his window. ‘There’s something going on in that last car’ he said.

Three cars away from us, there were quite a few people gathered around a large car. The inside light of the car was on and it was obvious that some sort of sexual activity was taking place. Craig watched intently as we sat in silence. I noticed he had begun to stroke the outline of his obviously erect cock under his trousers.

My heart was beating so hard, I thought he would be able to hear it. I hadn’t felt so sexually charged for ages.

Craig got out of the car and I followed behind. There was already a group of guys of all ages gazing into the car, most with their cocks in their hands watching the four people in the car In the front a guy was sitting in the passenger seat while a blond girl was bent over him giving him a blow job from the drivers seat. Laying across the back seat with the two doors open were the other couple. She was flat on her back with her legs in the air and he was firmly embedded in her cunt in the process of fucking her. I watched as his cock slid in and out of her, ready to take his place. Craig had gone round to the drivers side of the car to watch, and we both witnessed the guy in the front seat shooting his load down the blond girls throat, which she greedily swallowed. Within seconds of him cumming she was ready for the next one, and looking across the car I realized the next one was going to be Craig. He tapped on her window, which she undid as he unzipped his trousers and offered her his cock through the window.

I felt like I was in a dream. My cousin was as big as I had imagined. I am 8” hard and I he looked at least an inch longer. He lowered his trousers to below his buttocks and she began to suck on his erect cock. He lifted his balls where they hung outside the car and dropped them inside where she was able to give them the attention they deserved, rolling them in her hand as she went to work on his pulsating dick. As I watched her devouring him pulling his foreskin back and forth, I found myself with my cock in my hand, ready to burst.

By now the action had hotted up. The guys around the car were taking it in turns to fuck the slapper on the back seat, and as I watched Craig being sucked, so the guy fucking in the back seat came and went, replaced in seconds by another cock in her well lubricated pussy.

Craig continued to slide his massive pole in and out of the girls throat, as she did her best to make him shoot his wad down her throat. Remembering what he told me about the staying power of Viagra I knew he would only cum when he was ready.

I was still on the other side of the car, and I knew the best view of Craig’s cock would be to get into the passenger seat next to her. With my trousers lowered to my ankles I edged into the passenger seat – my 8” mushroom headed cock pointing to the sky and asking for trouble.

The blond tart immediately got hold of my erection in her hand and began to wank me. I hate dry wanking. She was just going up and down on my cock as she continued to suck on Craig, which I only tolerated as my face was a couple of feet away from where he was being sucked off, and i had a perfect view. He was so close I could almost taste him. His low hung balls slapped against the plastic of the car as he held her head while he pumped his fat meat in and out of her willing mouth.

After a while she took her mouth away from Craig’s cock and leaned over to start on my cock, but continued to hold his cock, as if to not let him get away. She opened wide to take my mushroom head into her mouth, and started to give me quite an expert good blow job. Craig opened the drivers door and reached between her legs inserting a couple of fingers up her wet muff. She squealed in delight as he rammed his hand between her legs, while she continued giving me head.

By now there were even more people around the car.

The tart being fucked on the back seat was continuing to take on the crowd, and when I took my eyes off Craig’s cock for a moment, I could see that the guy pounding away between her legs was also sucking the cock of a man standing at her head. Outside the car I could see another guy on his knees sucking the cock of the guy who five minutes before had been in her cunt.

If I had not taken the Viagra I am sure I would have shot my load by now, I could feel my balls ready to burst, but at the same time I felt totally in control of my cum. The blond sucking me was moaning like a whore while Craig interfered between her legs. Her bra was pulled above her pendulous breast and he was also paying attention to these cow like udders. As Craig bent over her I could still see his cock and balls which he was rubbing against her body.

As she sucked away on my pole she kept saying ’fuck me, fuck me, fuck me’ which was like a red rag to a bull for Craig…and I mean a bull. He motioned her out of the car and almost carried her onto the bonnet, placing her on her back with her legs spread hanging on either side of the radiator grill. I got out of the car quickly, not wanting to miss anything.

Craig stood there as I did with his trousers around his ankles. His hard strong penis almost glistened in the dull light as he moved towards her, only pausing to slide a condom, (which he had in his pocket) over his cock. He paused at the lips of her cunt, and slowly teased the head of his cock inside her before ramming the rest of his huge cock all the way up her eager pussy.

She almost cried out as he began to fuck her with what must have seemed like a battering ram, as this large man bent over her small frame to suck on her large tits.

At that point I had a major desire to push my cock up my cousins arse, while he fucked the whore on the car bonnet. But as I knew that was not going to happen I still wanted to be behind him, so I could see the full power of his manly thrust.

As I wandered to the front of the car, Craig’s huge masculine arse was banging back and forth between her legs. Her legs were almost locked around his back.

As I watched his huge balls banging back and forth, I remembered back to only a few hours ago when he was drying himself in the changing room and I got to see his huge balls for the first time. But now they looked all powerful. Performing as God intended. I wanked my cock as I watched this bull in stud.

The other girl was still being fucked in the back seat, but now the main attraction was around the bonnet of the car where my cousin was putting on a full display for all to see.

Other hands began to touch the girls body, as Craig continued to fuck her. As I stood watching and wanking I noticed that a few of the hands had strayed to Craig’s body, which he didn’t seem to object to.

As Craig continued to fuck away I noticed a pair of hands going towards his testicles and they belonged to a guy.

I was sure he would have pushed them away, but he didn’t, allowing the guys hands to fondle his gonads as he continued his rhythm.

I suddenly realized I felt like a jealous teenager. Another guy had my cousins balls in their hands and I wanted it to be me.

Eventually it became obvious that Craig was about to cum as his thrusts shortened and his buttocks clenched as he emptied his jism inside her.

When he was spent I could tell he was looking around for me, and gestured for me to take his place. As I walked forward he handed me a condom which I put on my cock, while he withdrew his half limp cock from her wet cunt almost guiding mine in. The guy who had been holding Craig’s balls reached out for his dick, but Craig pushed him away.

I could feel the wetness of her cunt. I wished Craig had fucked her without a condom, leaving his cum inside her, so i could have fucked her in his juice, but knowing that my cock was where his had just been was still a major turn on. As I began to fuck this faceless stranger over the bonnet of her car, I watched as Craig pulling up his trousers in the dark, once again concealing the object of my desire.

Craig watched me pound away for a couple of minutes, but then made his way back to his car.

I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist, so even though Craig was not watching I tried to put on a good show for about ten minutes, with a big finish where I withdrew at the last moment, whipped off my condom and shot my wad all over her cunt. I couldn’t remember when I last came so much.

Once I was done I let one of the other guys take my place, who I noticed entered her without a condom.

I pulled up my kegs, tucked in my still hard cock and went back to the car. Craig was sitting there. He had obviously been watching from the car, and I had a feeling he had had been masturbating while i fucked her, as I could tell he was still hard, and his fly was not done up

As he turned the key in the engine he smiled and said ‘Nice finish.’

We drove out of the car park as the action continued behind us. I had certainly seen my cousin in a new light, but before the night was over I was going to see one more side to him that I really, really didn’t expect.

By the time we returned to my flat it had begun to rain heavily. I asked Craig if he wanted to come in for a night cap, which he did. I pointed to where the drinks were and he poured himself a large whisky, which he knocked back in one. Realising how much he had drunk through the evening, and having forgotten how he could knock it back, I told him he was quite welcome to stay the night in the spare room if he wanted, which he readily agreed to.

He asked if he could take a quick shower, which he did, but not before filling up his glass with yet more whisky which he took with him. Within 10 minutes he was back in the front room wearing a short dressing gown that he had got off the back of the bedroom door. Craig didn’t seem to notice that his oversized equipment was hanging below the gown, and I tried not to let him see that my eyes kept being drawn to it, which in a matter of seconds had given me another hardon under my jeans. He poured himself some more whisky, and then out of nowhere asked if I had any straight porn. I noticed the emphasis on ‘straight’

I don’t possess that much porn on DVD as most of the stuff I watch is on my pc, but I did have a couple of titles, which I got out of a cupboard and offered him. After examining them both he handed me the one he wanted to watch. I put it in the DVD and turned on the 42” screen. Craig sat down in the middle of the large couch. Bottle of whisky in one hand, glass in the other. By now he did seem to be a little the worse for drink. The movie began. It was about this woman who went to pick up her car, but didn’t have any money on her. So the mechanic let her pay in kind, and before she knew it he was joined by the other 4 greasy mechanics who fucked her every which way.

I pretended to be watching the film, but couldn’t help noticing Craig’s raging hard on that was sticking up out of his dressing gown. He made no excuse for it – neither did he attempt to cover it. I watched out of the corner of my eye as he put down the bottle and glass on the floor and began stroking his extremely large erection.

I wasn’t sure what to do, but when he looked across at me and said ‘I don’t want to drink alone’ I knew what he meant and unzipped my jeans and got my hard cock out..

I was sitting at a right angle to Craig and to look at me he had to look away from the screen, whereas I could pretend to be staring at the screen, but all the time staring at him stroking his meat and two veg.

As I sat there stroking my cock, I thought it would be easier to remove the clothes below my waist, which I did, without Craig even looking over. I was now seated as he was, masturbating. He watching the video. Me watching him.

Occasionally he picked up his glass and took a slug of Whisky, but most of the time he cupped his oversized testicles in one hand and stroked his oversized cock with the other.

I hardly ever watched porn with boyfriends. It was bought to gratify myself when I was alone. I certainly had never watched porn with a straight guy, and I really didn’t know what the rules were. The DVD continued. Neither of us said anything, but just continued watching and wanking.

By Craig’s body language I knew he was open to suggestion. One moment he was holding his cock and balls, the next he would stretch both arms out behind his head, totally exposing himself as if to say come and get it. If he had of been gay, I would probably have had his legs over his head by now.

You have to remember he was my ‘straight’ cousin, and I knew if I was misconstruing the signals I would never be able to look him in the face again. Here we were, two guys, watching porn, masturbating in front of each other but not daring to do anything else. Once again Craig stretched his arms out on the settee, but this time he closed his eyes and rested his head on the cushion behind him.

I sat there in total silence except for the sound of the porn on the TV. I knew it was now or never. So long as he didn’t open his eyes before I was in place. I moved towards him. This fucking Viagra wasn’t giving my cock a rest for a moment (maybe I was just too turned on) as I moved towards him wishing my cock wasn’t pointing straight at him. His eyes didn’t open. I knelt between his legs, which were spread. I was feeling giddy. I was inches away from ‘the object of my desire,’ knowing in a matter of moments it could be mine. His huge cock was three quarters erect laying back on his hairy stomach a couple of inches above his belly button, which reminded me of his size. His beautiful balls hung heavily between his legs resting on the cushion of the settee. I slowly leaned forward and as I reached under his egg like testicles and cupped them in my hand, I felt even more excited by their considerable weight. My tongue began to caress the base of his penis, making its way up the considerable length, to the slightly leaking head. As I reached the top of his pole I held it in my hand, inserting my tongue under his foreskin in a circular motion, making sure I got every last drop of pre-cum that was leaking out of his slit. I then pulled the foreskin back over the swollen head and opened my mouth wide to allow his cock to start its journey down my throat. Craig’s eyes didn’t open, and with his first moan I knew he wasn’t going to stop me.

He arched his hips slightly forward pushing his hardening penis deeper down my throat until my chin was touching his smooth ball sac, which was resting in my hand. I could smell the musk of his freshly showered pubic hair as I began to slide my lips up and down his rock hard cock, making sure I didn’t gag as each thrust went deep. His balls felt so large and heavy and I massaged them gently, enjoying their texture as I continued sucking on his totem pole.

Craig lay back and let me fellate him. I had no idea what he was thinking, but with every thrust I could feel he was getting close to climaxing. His breathing was getting heavier. He had not changed position since I first knelt between his legs, but now his hand held the back of my head pushing me deeper onto his cock. Suddenly his hips lifted off the settee, and he started saying, ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck’ over and over. He tightened his closed eyes, and his grip tightened on my head. I felt a jet of warm cum shooting into my throat. I could feel his balls moving in my hand, slightly lifting and falling with each spurt. I swallowed the first shot as the second stream came, followed by a third and fourth, Craig’s hand still clasped to the back of my head. I kept his cock in my mouth, as deep as I could, as I drained the last few drops of his strangely sweet semen. I had no idea if he was going to suddenly sober up and pull away. Eventually his hand moved from my head and fell on the settee beside him. I could feel his smooth balls relaxing in my hand, and his fleshy cock that had filled my mouth was beginning to let me breathe again as the blood began to drain out of it. I knew this moment was almost over.

It was then I became aware of Craig’s heavy breathing and looking up I realised that he had fallen asleep with his cock in my mouth. I was still rock hard. I hadn’t played with myself while I was sucking him off in case he thought it was a bit ‘too gay’ if you know what I mean. I called his name and there was no reply. I then noticed the three-quarter empty bottle of whiskey on the floor and realised he was probably out for the night.

I stood up and called his name again, a bit louder, but still no reply. I gently shook his shoulder, but he still didn’t stir. I stood there for a moment looking at his almost naked body slumped in the middle of the sofa. My erect cock was virtually pointing at his face, my head filled with endless possibilities. I removed the remainder of my clothes, and continued to watch him all the while stroking my cock. His hand was outstretched on the back of the settee which I now went behind. I stood on my toes so that I could lower my ball sac into the palm of his sleeping hand. The DVD had finished and the room was silent, except for the sound of Craig’s heavy breathing and the continued thumping of my heart, which sounded like it was ready to burst through my chest. I had my balls in my cousins hands and I continued to stroke my cock.

I slid my balls off his hand and replaced it with my cock. I placed his fingers around my girth and began to slide my cock back and forth, holding his fingers in place, as I fucked his large warm hand. He was still slouched upright in the middle of the couch and I came around the front and climbed up so my legs were on either side of his body continuing to masturbate inches from his face. I would have given anything for him to have woken up and taken my bulging dick in his mouth. To have felt his tongue on my balls.

Part of me couldn’t believe what I was doing. I had never done anything like this in my life before. Not even to a ‘drunk’ boyfriend. Let alone a ‘straight’ cousin. By now I was seriously close to cumming. Still wanking in front of his face, I felt even more daring. I moved the mushroom head of my cock right up to his lips. I gently rubbed the tip along his slightly parted lips pushing as hard as I dared, but pulled away quickly when I thought I was about to jism all over his face – as that is something I would have had great difficulty explaining to Craig in the morning. I climbed off the couch and once again knelt between his legs. His cock was now relaxed but still swollen resting over his masculine thigh. It looked used and snake like with the foreskin once again covering the slightly leaking head. I lent forward and retracted his foreskin to reveal the head, which I gently took in my mouth to remove the remaining drops of cum. I then pulled back his foreskin and placed his cock back on his thigh. His balls were resting on the very edge of the couch and by lifting them slightly I was able to let them drop over the edge of the couch where they hung like something out of a porn shoot. I put my tongue under one of his testicles and lifted it until it dropped. I did the same to the other. I knew then where I was going to empty my large swollen balls. I stood in front of Craig, my legs slightly spread looking at the un-conscious rugby player on my couch. He was totally out of it. I was ready to shoot and Craig’s applesack was to be my target.

I continued wanking my 8”, getting faster and faster, until I knew I was at the point of no return. As I felt the surge rising through my groin, I bent my legs towards him, ready for my explosion. My first spurt of white cum hit where I was aiming and splashed against his hanging ball sac The next missed and splattered against his sleeping cock. My third, with less force landed again on his now dripping balls. I came more than I expected.

I can’t remember when I last tasted my cum, but I knew I had a choice of a wet flannel or my tongue and mouth. I opted for the latter. I was surprised at how much I had cum, considering it was the second time this evening. I looked at Craig still unaware of my abuse of him, and knelt between his legs to remove the evidence. My white cum was dripping down Craig’s balls and close to dripping onto the wooden floor.

I put my face up to his sac and began licking my cum. My jism tasted saltier than his and I slowly continued to lick at his wet sac until I could no longer taste my saltiness on his eggs. I next took his cock in my mouth to remove the remainder of the evidence. I then just sat there for a while, between his large spread legs, my head resting on his thigh staring at his sleeping genitalia.

When the moment had passed I decided to get a wet flannel and clean Craig off properly, so at least when he awoke in the morning he wouldn’t be reminded by the smell of sex.

I gently stroked his cock and balls with a white flannel, and watched in surprise as his cock once again sprung to life. I assumed this must have been the Viagra working, as he was still totally u*********s. I continued to rub the flannel from the base of his balls to the head of his cock up and down. Up and down. Up and down. I almost gave into the temptation to try and make him cum again, but I decided I didn’t want to take that final risk. Instead I pulled a chair up in front of the couch facing my cousin, and using just my hand, I brought myself to a climax one more time. My third ejaculation was quick and urgent and the spunk that shot out of my cock was not much more than a trickle, which I ejaculated into the damp white flannel. I sat there for what seemed like an eternity, before I stood up and turned off the TV. I then cleared up the bottle and glasses and put my chair back where it belonged. Next I went into the spare bedroom and got the duvet, which I threw over Craig, after adjusting him so he was lying more comfortably on the couch. I then turned out the light and went to bed. When I awoke the following morning Craig had gone. The duvet was folded and all that was left of the night before was a note that read. ‘Well that was different. Speak soon’

We haven’t yet. But that doesn’t mean that we wont.

It had been a couple of months since I had last seen or heard from Cousin Craig. The last contact I had had with him was a note the morning he left my house saying ‘Well that was different. Speak soon.’ I had thought about that night a lot. It had been so incredibly sexually charged I was still ‘spilling seed’ at the memory of that drunken evening.

Lying in bed at night I often found my hand wandering to my cock, slowly massaging it as I imagined what Craig might be up to. Whose bed he was in. Whose mouth he was in. Whose cunt he was in. I could still visualise his oversized cock and those magnificent heavy, hanging balls. I thought about how much cum must have erupted from his cock since I last saw him. The number of times he must have lay naked in his bed wanking, not realising one phone call would have brought him a willing mouth into which to shoot his cum.

It was a Tuesday evening and I hadn’t been home from work long. I was feeling incredibly horny all day, and wasted no time throwing off my clothes and getting into a hot shower. I soaped myself down under the hot water, gravitating towards my cock and balls. I loved the feeling of the gel between my legs, and I slowly began massaging my large cock with the soapy water gently rubbing back and forth from my arsehole to my wet hanging bollocks. My cock always looked so impressive in the shower. My oversized mushroom head, bulbous and glistening, and my balls hanging heavily as they soaked up the hot water.

Just as I was getting into my rhythm the phone rang. The answer machine was on, but the caller cut off just as the machine kicked in. I was expecting an important call from work, and hoped that wasn’t it. I waited to see if it rang again. The missed call had made me forget I was in the middle of a wank, and I let the water flow over me as the remainder of the soap washed away, and my cock subsided. After a couple of minutes the phone rang again. I jumped out of the shower without grabbing a towel to pick it up.

‘Hello’, I said.

‘Hi cousin I thought you were out, so I was just about to leave you a message.’

It was Cousin Craig. I felt my heart skip a beat, and my mouth go dry.

‘Craig’ I said, trying to sound as cool as I could. ‘Long time no speak. How’s it going?’

As I stood there naked, I didn’t care that I was dripping water onto the bathroom floor.

‘Not to bad mate. I have been meaning to call you, but I’ve just eer been…’

‘It’s really fine’ I said ‘I was beginning to think you might have fled the country’

‘Nah’ he said ‘I’ve just been tied up. One of the reasons I wanted to speak to you was to check you were okay about the other week’

I felt my hear skip a beat again. ‘I’m cool with what happened if you are.’ I said, still trying to talk through a dry mouth.

‘Fuck, that’s a relief, I thought you might be really pissed with me for getting so drunk and leading you astray like that.’

‘I hardly think it was all you’ I said.

‘That bitch was really hot for it wasn’t she’ he said. ‘I still get hard at the thought of you going ten to the dozen on the bonnet of the car after I’d finished with her. I felt my cock stiffen.

‘And then back at your place. It’s years since I’ve watched porn and wanked with another guy like that. It was like being back at school.’

As he talked he made no reference to anything other than wanking back at my house. Did he really have no recollection of me being between his large legs with his hard cock between my lips, my hand holding his massive balls? Did he really have no memory of holding my head on his cock as he shot spurt after spurt of his hot white spunk down my throat? I knew he was drunk, but was he really that drunk? I felt really confused. He was either a better actor than I thought he was, or he had been really drunk and just had no re-collection of the latter goings on of that evening.

Maybe he was just referring to the dogging and wanking when he left me that note.

‘Listen’ he said ‘I don’t know if you’re interested, but I’ve got a slapper coming over to my place tonight who I think might be up for a threesome.’ I felt my heart skip a beat yet again. I was still standing on the wooden floor, and looking down I could see my engorged cock was standing to attention. ‘What time is she coming?’ I heard myself say. ‘I’ve just got out the shower.’ ‘In about half an hour’ he said. ‘But I have to sound her out first. Give me about an hour to get her cunt warmed up, and then just turn up unexpectedly. We can take it as it comes. It will be great if we can fuck her together’

When I put down the phone my dick was still standing at 90 degrees. It just didn’t seem to want to go down. I dried myself off and tucked my still half erect dick into my Calvin Kleins, stepped into a pair of jeans and got dressed as sexily as I could. I didn’t want this woman to turn me down because she didn’t like the look of me. I put a bit of product in my hair and realised I was ready…but still had about forty five minutes to wait before I left the house.

I tried to distract myself. I went online for a while to take my mind off things. Porn seemed to pass the time the quickest. But as I sat there just flipping through clips of couples fucking, I kept thinking about the ‘slapper’ at Craigs flat. Wondering how he would be ‘warming her cunt up.’ My dick was ready to burst through my jeans, and I had to stop myself from whipping out my cock there and then in case I couldn’t stop myself. Eventually it was time to leave the house. I locked my front door, got into my car. I turned on the engine. As I pulled away I noticed how dark it was outside, and how silent it was inside my car. All I could hear was my breathing. All I could feel was the sexual tension that engulfed my body.

‘In thirty minutes’, I thought. ‘In thirty minutes I will be there.’

I stood outside Craigs house listening to the sound of the night traffic rushing by. I rang the bell and waited. A minute passed and there was no answer. I rang the bell again. When eventually the door opened, Craig beckoned me into the dimly lit hallway. ‘Hi mate’ he said. ‘I thought you’d never get here. I’m so fuckin horned up.’ All he wore was a short white T-shirt. My eyes were immediately drawn to his crotch, as my mind flashed back to when I had last seen him like this – passed out on my settee, oblivious to the ‘abuse’ I put him through. From the smile on his face and the glistening of his cock, I knew it had just been withdrawn from cunt. His thick, uncut manhood was semi-erect, larger than limp, but not hanging as it would soft. I noticed his slightly stretched foreskin halfway across his tip, and those magnificent duck eggs hanging heavily in their saggy sack. ‘Pamela’s upstairs’ he said quietly. ‘I’ve told her you are just here to watch. But she’s fucking gagging for it. Let me go upstairs for a couple of minutes and then just come in and wait for my signal.’

I watched as he walked up the stairs. His large muscular arse tightening with every step. I waited about two minutes, which seemed like about an hour, and then followed. The house was deadly silent except for a few sounds coming from the bedroom. As I approached the bedroom door in virtual darkness, inside the room was dimly lit by a few candles s**ttered around the room, adding to the sexual tension that filled the air.

As I stood at the door I could see Pamela on the bed, dressed in black stockings, and a suspender belt…but nothing else. She looked to be in her late thirties. She was voluptuous without being overweight and as the large double bed faced the door the first view I got of her was flat on her back with her thighs spread and her neatly trimmed candlelit cunt staring straight at me. I felt my cock stiffen under my jeans, and had this urge to tear them off and get between her legs and fuck her. Craig had his back to me, his knees on either side of her head as he fed her his cock. Both his hands holding the back of her head as he lunged back and forth sliding his cock in an out of her eager throat. With his legs slightly spread I watched as his balls swang out of control as he thrust his hips back and forth.. As she devoured his cock, so she massaged her cunt with her fingers. I could see the folds of her hairy pussy being parted as her eager fingers explored her wetness. A wetness I wanted to explore…with my tongue, with my fingers, with my cock. Craig looked around and grinned at me, beckoning me into the room.

I stood about a foot away from the base of the bed and watched like a peeping Tom. They carried on as if I was not there.. Craig turned around over her head, allowing her to see me standing there as his balls rested against her head. His erect cock was pointing in my direction, shadowing her face, glistening in the glow of light. I had almost forgotten how big my cousin was fully erect and once again I had an overwhelming urge to rush forward and take him in my mouth. He looked at me as he bent over her body, letting his balls fall onto her mouth, which she began to suck as he stretched forward between her spread legs and began lapping at her wet garden.

As he eat her cunt, Craig would look up to watch my reaction. He must have realised how turned on I was. I could hold back no longer. As I stood in front of them I unzipped my tight jeans to release my aching cock which sprang out of my underwear. My large cut mushroom head was bulging and I started to masturbate, as he continued to eat her pussy. I was only a couple of feet from his face. He then replaced his tongue with his fingers, which allowed him to watch me beating my meat, which seemed to fascinate him as his hands delved in and out of her slit. By now she was writhing about on the bed, appearing to be close to orgasm. Her moans became words. ‘Of fuck me, please fuck me’ she begged. ‘I want you in me. Fuck me now you bastard!’ Cousin Craig didn’t need to be told twice.

He reversed his body so he was kneeling at her open thighs, and I watched as he guided his thick condomless penis towards her gash. He teased her with its head before thrusting deep inside her, as she cried out in pleasure at the sudden intrusion of his battering ram. He grinded away for a few seconds, almost locking his arse in place, before starting to move his hips up and down, his hard thick cock sliding in and out, gaining momentum like a piston on a steam engine. I continued to wank as I continued to watch. It was a****listic the way he overpowered her body. Watching her cunt penetrated as his masculine arse bounced up and down. The swinging motion of his huge hanging bollocks as he totally dominated her

Craig looked around at me, and with his head motioned me to the side of the bed, as he seemed to bring her closer to a climax. I moved closer as she writhed in ecstasy, I placed my rock hard cock a few inches away from her face.. I watched Craigs face as she greedily reached out, taking hold of my balls and pulling my equipment towards her face. I could tell by the look on her face – this was a woman who needed cock, who needed my cock…and needed it badly. And by the look on Craigs face, I was beginning to think he might need cock too…almost as much as her.

Her dainty hand on my balls felt firm and tight, and as the swollen head of my cock reached her lips so her eager tongue protruded and rolled over my mushroom head before allowing me to slide my pole down her throat. I could feel her opening wide to accommodate me as I began slowly to fuck her lips. Her mouth felt good and wet and warm and I was able to slide my whole 8″ into her. I could have happily emptied my semen down her throat there and then but I wasn’t going to waste it.

There was a sense of pure sex in the air, and I was getting as much out of watching Craig pump away between her thighs as I was fucking her throat. He grinned at me ‘She’s good isn’t she? Come on bitch suck his cock. Suck his big fat cock’

I was getting closer to a climax than I wanted to admit. If she had tugged on my smooth bollocks any harder she would have been tasting a mouthful of spunk. Fortunately it was then that Craig pulled his wet cock out of her equally wet slit and motioned me me to take his place.

I didn’t need any encouragement, pulling my cock out of her mouth and kneeling where Craig had been a few seconds before. The only thing that would have been hotter would have been if my cousin had ejaculated his hot white juice in her and my cock had been sliding in and out of his cum.

‘Fuck her hard. She loves it hard’ he said. ’Tell him how you like it’

‘I like it hard.’ She said. As hard as you want. Use me! Fuck me! Hard!’

I looked around for a condom, but Craig said ‘Just fuck her.’

I needed no more encouragement and thrust my condomless cock deep inside her mound. If she wanted it hard she was going to get it hard. I used my thick pole like a battering ram as i slid easily inside her warm wet cunt. With each thrust I felt my pelvic bone crash against her, and with each thrust Pamela moaned loudly. I didn’t care whether it was in pain or in ecstasy.

Kneeling on the bed by us, Craig watched, rubbing his cock against her slightly saggy tits, as I gave her all I had. He was squeezing the tip of his cock against her pink swollen nipple, allowing his pre-cum to drip out of his uncircumcised snake.

‘Is he big enough for you?’ he asked ‘

‘Oh I love it. I love it ‘ she cried. ‘I want you both!

‘Perhaps you could do with a few extra fingers.’ He said, as he moved behind us.

I had no idea what he was going to do, but as he knelt by her thigh I felt his large hand on my left shoulder, as his right hand thrust quickly between my legs and inserted his fingers inside her cunt pummeling against the rhythm of my cock. As his fingers thrust in and out, it almost felt as if I was being wanked by him at the same time.

To make it even better his arm was pressing against my balls, so I had the extra stimulation of what felt like a massive cock against my ready to explode balls.

‘You like that. You like that? ‘ he said

I felt like yelling out, ’Yes!.Yes! I love it’ But I knew he was talking to her. Pamela continued to moan like a bitch on heat. Her body thrashing about beneath me as she embedded her fingernails in my firm arse cheeks.

I could still feel my cock against Craig’s thick fingers as I plunged away. At times it was almost as if they were paying more attention to my cock than her cunt. I wasn’t complaining.

As my bursting cock thrust in and out I felt Craig’s fingers begin to make longer strokes moving towards my testicles. As I continued to bounce between Pamela’s thighs I realized whilst Craig’s left hand was still on my shoulder, his right hand was now fully on my now wet balls, holding and massaging them as I slid in and out.

I knew I could hold back no longer. My cock needed to explode. I was about to shout out ‘I’m cumming’ when Pamela did it for me. She started panting like a dog. ‘I’m cumming, I’m cumming’ I’m cumming’ she repeated over and over, and as her body arched I felt the surge in my cock as my plums tightened in Craig’s hand, as I ejaculated what seemed like gallons of hot cum deep inside her desperate body. Spurt after spurt after spurt. My thrusting got slower as I felt my spunk subside. I collapsed against Pamela’s body, as I felt Craig release my balls from his grasp. I pulled my half-erect cock out of Pamela’s soaking cunt, as Craig almost pushed me aside in his eagerness to slide his massive erection inside her again. I smiled at the idea that maybe he liked the idea of pumping in my cum.

I moved to the top of the bed facing Craig, and knelt with my knees on either side of Pamela’s head. My cock was still fairly stiff and I let it hang heavily over Pamela’s face as Craig started fucking her again. Despite the fact that I had just cum, I knew I would be able to cum again almost immediately. Something I had not done so quickly since my youth. My loose balls rested on her forehead as I started to stroke my cock as I watched Craig’s masculine arse gaining speed between Pamela’s legs. Pamela was still moaning, and it was obvious she was still in the throes of cumming. I’ve never quite understood how it works for a woman, but once they start, some of them just seem to cum forever. And this was the case with Pamela, filled to bursting with his oversized meat Writhing and thrusting in delight beneath his huge torso.

Craig’s arse pounded faster and faster and his breathing got heavier. I knew he didn’t have long to go, and I could feel I was getting close again, as I wanked my cock harder and faster.

‘Cum on my face,’ she cried ‘ soak my face.’

Suddenly Craig started repeating ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck’ a phrase that I remembered from when he was at my house, pissed out of his head on my sofa, and I was kneeling between his legs with his cock in my mouth, erupting down my throat. I knew now he was at the point of no return. I was too.

As I pointed my cock towards Pamela’s face, so Craig withdrew from her cunt, raising his body like a baying wolf. His massive cock pointing towards the end of the bed. As my semen splashed heavily over her face, I never once took my eyes off Craig’s penis. It shone in the candlelight, huge and magnificent, and then, with what seemed like slow motion, the tip of his cock opened like a hose, releasing a gush of thick white semen along the length of Pamela’s body.

It erupted with such force, the first spurt shot above Pamela’s head and splashed against my flat but slightly hairy stomach. His second spurt landed on her forehead and continued down her face. As his third spurt, not travelling so far, landed on her plump tits, so I could feel his hot semen dibbling from my stomach towards the base of my cock. He moved up her body, towards her face as his shots got shorter until he was kneeling below her head, while I kneeled above it. Our cocks were pushed towards her lips from either side so she could drain the last few drops from our tired cocks. I could feel his cock against mine. As she licked away at our shrinking snakes that now hung over her face, my chest was now inches away from Craig’s and our faces were almost touching. He looked so fucking handsome, kneeling in front of me smiling like a cat who had just got the cream, that I was overcome with an uncontrollable urge to kiss my handsome cousin, as he knelt there

But I knew that would definitely be one step to far., and fortunately for me, as soon as she had cleaned the last few drops of cum off the tip of his cock with her mouth climbed off the bed and went into the bathroom.

Pamela looked exhausted. I smiled to myself at the sight of her face covered in our sticky cum. A couple of minutes before it had looked so hot, but now it just looked ridiculous.

I climbed off the bed where she lay without saying a word.. Her legs were still spread., looking like she was waiting for the rest of the ‘rugby team.’ If I hadn’t cum twice already I would have probably fancied another go between her thighs. But my dick was softening quickly and I knew I was spent for the next few hours…at least.

There was a silence in the room as I looked around for my clothes, which were s**ttered on the floor. I used my white Calvins to clean the remains of Craig’s spunk off my stomach and began to get dressed.

Craig returned from the bathroom, his equipment looked even bigger soft than it had hard. He really did posses a set of genitals that would make most porn stars jealous. He threw a damp white flannel at Pamela, where it landed directly on her face.

‘You might want this’ he said to her.

‘How was it for you’ he asked, looking at me.

‘Fucking amazing’ I said. ‘Just what the doctor ordered.’

As we talked she wiped her face removing the mass of cum we had deposited there. She then cleaned her tits, paying attention to her large pink nipples from where the cum had dribbled into the sheets. But as she was about to wipe the flannel over her neatly trimmed pussy, Craig jumped in..

‘Don’t do that Babe I’m coming back in. I’m ready for another round..’

‘I’d thought the party was over, and I’d already pulled on my jeans. But I’d cum twice and was happy to leave them to it. I’ve got to get back’ I said.

‘No problem mate. We can do this again.’ Craig said. As he started tugging at his erecting cock.

‘Anytime you want’ said Pamela. ‘And if you have any friends.’

‘Just pull the door on your way out mate’ he said climbing back onto the bed, kneeling once again between Pamela’s thighs and guiding his stiffening cock with his hand back inside her happy cunt. ‘Speak to you later’

I left the room and walked back down the stairs as listening to the sound of sex.. Part of me would have liked to stay and watch, but my initial sexual desire was flushed so I left them too it, without too much regret.

I pulled the front door shut, returned to my car and drove home. I could still feel the stickiness between my legs of the mixture of Pamela’s juices and Craig’s cum. As I drove I thought of Craig still pounding away between Pamela’s thighs, wondering if Craig and I would ever move that one step further.

Logic told me no, but some nagging voice at the back of my mind assured me that it probably wasn’t going to be too long before my sexy Cousin Craig had his willing lips around my ever-willing cock. But only ime would tell.

It wasn’t until about three weeks later that I heard from cousin Craig.

It was late on a Sunday afternoon. I was sitting in front of my PC watching a video called ‘ The Milkman Makes You Cum Twice’ starring the extremely fuckable Matt Hughes. Matt was dressed as a milkman and was getting his beautiful cock sucked by one of his customers in the front hall. I have been a fan of Matts for a while, but even more so when I first noticed that his cock and balls were very similar to Craigs. Whenever I knocked one out to a Matt Hughes video, I also had the luxury of imagining it was Craig on the video, if ever I wanted a change. (Not that I could ever get bored of Matt Hughes.)

When the doorbell rang, I put the video on pause, re-adjusted my trousers to conceal the erection that a few minutes later would have been pointing at the computer, and made my way downstairs. The doorbell rang again. I could see through the opaque glass that it was someone tall, but at this time of day I assumed it would be a Jehovah’s witness or someone trying to sell something. You can imagine my surprise when I opened it to find Craig standing there.

‘Hi cousin, how you doin?’ he said, smiling from ear to ear, looking as horny as ever.

I could tell he had been drinking, from the faint smell of alcohol on his breath. But he didn’t seem drunk.

‘I just finished a game of rugby with the lads and as it was just around the corner from you I thought I’d pay you a visit.’

If I’d have known I’d have come and watched you play’ I said.

‘What, you and a whole rugby team? I don’t think so’ he laughed.

I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by that comment, but I smiled anyway.

‘Are you going to come in, or are you just going to stand there and make the doorway look untidy?’ I asked.

Craig lumbered past me.

‘I just had a few drinks with the lads after the match’ he said. ‘I thought I could let the alcohol wear off and then perhaps you could drive me back to my car.’

‘That will be no problem’ I said. ‘Come in and I’ll make you a cup of coffee.

Craig followed me into the kitchen, where I turned the kettle on. As I was doing so Craig opened my fridge and took a can of lager out of the door. He opened the can and knocked most of it back in one go. Somehow I had a feeling he wouldn’t be driving today.

‘God you always have such crap lager in your house’ Craig said, crushing the empty can with one hand tossing it into the bin and taking another can out of the fridge.

‘If you don’t like it don’t drink it’ I replied.

‘So what did you think of the other week?’ he suddenly asked. ‘Fuckin’ amazing eh?’ I laughed.

‘She loved your dick mate. She wants us to do it again. Soon. Just thinking about you pounding away between her legs is giving me a stiffy’ he said reaching into his jeans and adjusting himself as if it was the most natural thing on earth.

‘What happened after I left?’ I inquired.

‘I emptied my balls into her one more time, and then showed her the door’ he said.

‘She’s only after cock. Once she’s had her fill she just goes back to her husband as if nothing has happened.’

‘I held back a little’ I said ‘as I didn’t know how dirty she liked it.’

‘She loves being treated like a whore’ he said, I was holding back as well, as I didn’t know what you’d think of me being really vile to her. But she loves it. The dirtier the better.’

‘I think I pulled a muscle in my groin, banging the old slapper. Afterwards I had this fuckin’ terrible pain in one of my bollocks, but after a couple of days it went, and I’ve test driven them quite a few times since and there doesn’t seem to be a problem.’

It was me now who needed re-arranging. I could feel my dick stirring in my jeans, coming to life, but I let it be. My Cousin was really beginning to confuse me. He was a real lad. He was one of the boys. He fucked women senseless. So why was I getting a vibe off him that made me think he was trying to turn me on?

‘I wish I’d filmed us fucking her’ he said suddenly. We could have watched it and knocked one out together.’

‘I’d never let anyone film me fucking’ I said. Those things always get out.

‘So what’ Craig said. ‘I’ve filmed myself loads of times. I don’t give a fuck who sees the, as long as its not family.’

‘Does that include me?’ I asked smiling.

‘Nah mate. I haven’t got anything you’ve not seen before. You can rent out the whole library if you want. Actually I think I’ve got a couple with me now, but they are on tape. A rugby mate said he’d transfer them to DVD for me. I meant to give them to him today but I forgot.’

‘I could probably transfer them for you’ I said, ‘if they fit my machine.’

Craig reached into his bag full of his muddy rugby kit and brought out two VHS videos.

‘These are them’ he said, holding them up.

‘I’ll have to transfer them onto my hard drive and then transfer them to disc.’ I said.

The aroma of sex had begun to fill the air again as Craig had handed me two video.. I tried to act nonchalantly, but it was one of those heart beating faster moments, and I could hardly wait to get them on my machine. I suddenly realised I could only copy them in my bedroom. But when I told them he didn’t blink an eye.

‘Do you want me to do them now’ I asked.

‘Yeah sure’ he said lets grab a few beers and have a look’

He opened the fridge door and took out another two lagers. I had the tapes in my hand and started towards my bedroom. My cousin followed. As we ascended the stairs I tried to make sure he didn’t notice me slipping my hand into my jeans and adjusting my rock hard cock.

My bedroom is a plain room with plain cream walls. It consists of a large bed against one wall and a 32” flat screen TV in the corner opposite. There are bedside tables on either side of the bed, a matching chest of drawers and a chair opposite the bed in the other corner.

As I moved towards the TV Craig immediately kicked off his shoes and sat length ways on my bed, propping himself up with two pillows against the headboard.

‘I can’t remember when I last saw these tapes’ he said, ‘I’m not even sure if I remember what’s on them.’

I put the first tape into the machine and pressed a couple of buttons. I’d copy them onto my hard drive and then transfer them back to DVD later.

‘Well you’re about to find out’ I said as I sat on the floor at the end of the bed, as the tape started.

I heard Craig open another lager as we both watched the screen. I’m not going to go into detail as to what was on those tapes, but believe me when I say I saw every inch of my cousin and the ‘slappers’ he was fucking, and from every conceivable angle. As the first tape played, Craig explained that most of the girls were filmed without them knowing.

He’d hidden the camera on top of a cupboard and shot them without their knowledge. I felt a bit sorry for the girls, as God knows who Craig had showed these tapes to, but as they say ‘all fair in love and fucking.’

From watching the first half hour or so, you really got the feeling that these girls/women were really being used by my cousin. Some of them were in and out in less than ten minutes. But having said that, I was not there to judge, and in truth I was really impressed at how much pussy he actually got.

I remained sitting on the floor with a raging hard on in my tight jeans as I watched the action. I have always been a bit of a voyeur and the amateurishness of the tapes was a massive turn on. It was like watching those short clips on xtube, which I always found much sexier than the professional porn.

Just hearing their voices, and their grunts and groans, and seeing my cousin once again naked and pouncing between a ladies thighs was more than enough. If I had been watching these alone I would have had my trousers down and been wanking my cock a long time ago. But at the moment I was on my best behavior. That all changed when I glanced around to see what my cousin was doing, to find Craig laying on the bed with his trousers and pants almost at his knees playing with himself as he watched the screen.

I felt my stomach turn over. He smiled at me as if it was the most natural thing in the world, while one of his hands stroked his cock as the other payed attention to his pendulous balls.

‘What you doing sitting on the floor? Come up on the bed.’

I didn’t need to be told twice. I stood up, aware that my cock was about to force its way out of my jeans, and also aware that if Craig looked towards my nether regions, he would not miss my obvious bulge.

He grinned as I approached the bed, still keeping his eyes on the screen and still playing with himself. As I got on the bed Craig moved slightly sideways to give me room next to him. The casualness of it all made me feel even more nervous. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I just did as I was told. I sat on the bed by him and he moved over to give me a bit more room.

His penis stood hard and erect in the air, exactly as I remembered it. Exactly as I had wanked over it, time after time after time. I think I could recognize his cock in an identity parade of a thousand cocks. His and Matt Hughes’. I’d recognize them anywhere. Two of the most perfect cocks in the world.

‘Don’t keep those on on my account’ he said, signaling to my trousers.. ‘I don’t want to drink alone.’

I immediately remembered him saying exactly the same phrase when we were alone that first time in my house watching porn together. It was too much of a coincidence, and I began to wonder whether he might have done this sort of thing before.

I couldn’t imagine my straight cousin having had a gay encounter, but maybe wanking with his mates, watching porn was a normal thing they did when they were all together.

The empty cans of lager were on the bedside table.

He continued to watch himself fucking on tape, but also watched me as I undid my jeans and kicked them with my underwear and socks onto the floor. He followed suit, ‘till we were both on the bed in tops but nothing else.

I had a big cock. I knew that. It is 8” long, fairly thick, with a massive cut mushroom head. My balls are a nice size and though not low hangers, they do have a nice hang.

However looking at Craig’s equipment I felt a pang of jealousy. His erect cock is about an inch longer than mine. It is probably a little bit thicker, and not having a foreskin myself, I love the way his his slides back and forth over his cocks swollen head, even though his cock head isn’t as big as mine.

The main difference though is in our balls. My cousin possesses ome of the raunchiest applesacs I have ever seen. His balls are certainly big, but not massive. I have seen bigger balls, but what makes them so perfect is the way these large egg shaped orbs are held in a low hanging hairless sac that lends itself to swinging. The type of balls you know in the real world would be more trouble than they are worth, but the sort coveted by anyone who loves big low hangers. To me these are the perfect balls.

The tape had been playing for about an hour, and I had lost count of the number of cunts he had slipped in to. But now we were watching him and another guy fucking the same girl, Pamela, that I had shagged with him at his place.

‘You didn’t think you were her first threesome’ he laughed.’ She’s the team tart. She once took on five of us at the same time.’

I felt my cock grow even stiffer as he chatted away, while the two of them pounded her in much the same way we had. All I could think of was how I would have loved to have been part of that five guy gang bang.

Unfortunately Craig hadn’t zoomed in when he hid the camera over the cupboard on the threesome, so everything was at a distance, but nonetheless you could still see what was going on, and I wanked away slowly next to my cousin,as I watched him and his mate spill their seed over her ample body.

Craig and I were in almost exactly the same position. Leaning against the headboard our legs slightly bent and slightly spread.

I could tell Craig was pissed. Considering the amount of alcohol he had consumed I wasn’t surprised. Although he was nowhere near as drunk as he had been that evening when I had taken advantage of him, passed out on the settee. I knew I had to make the first move if anything was going to happen. And it was now or never.

‘God I wish I had balls like yours’ I said, waiting for his reaction.

‘The guys in the team call me Cannon because of these’ he said, holding them up in their saggy sac.

‘How do you know they weren’t referring to you cock?’ I said smiling.

‘Because it used to be Cannon Balls he said, before they shortened it.’

‘I’m envious at their size’ I said.

‘I’ll lend them to you for a few days and I’m sure you’ll soon change your mind’ he said. ‘Having knackers this big can be a real fuck up. If I’m free balling and I forget, and I end up sitting on them, it’s fucking agony. And do you know what it’s like getting your balls wet every time you sit on a loo seat? I’d much prefer bollocks your size. So if you ever wanna swap.’

‘Are they as heavy as they look’ I asked, knowing there was no going back.

‘You don’t get many of these to the pound’ he said removing his hand from his sac and allowing his slightly softening cock to fall sideways onto his leg.

His balls just hung there between his large thighs calling me, and although I still had my doubts to the gay factor of Craig, I knew I had to take the chance. As he lay there, legs spread, his eyes once again on the screen, I leaned over and put my right hand under his smooth hanging balls and slowly lifted them. Craig let out a small gasp as my flesh touched his flesh, which I took as a signal to let me know I could continue. As I held his heavy balls in my hand I noticed his fat cock raise slightly off his leg and start to grow again. I was now bent over my cousin. His bull balls in my hand, and my face just a few inches from his erecting penis. I knew now, this was the moment of truth.

I didn’t look at Craig’s face in case he put me off, but just kept my gaze on his rod of steel. I moved my mouth closer to his tip. I noticed a small drop of pre-cum oozing from his slit as I pulled his foreskin down from the head, which glistened as I lowered my lips towards him. I slid my tongue across the head of his cock to remove the drop of sweet juice before taking the whole pulsating head between my lips and slowly lowering my mouth down the length of his pole.

As my lips touch his warm flesh, I could feel Craig freeze. I could feel his whole body tense, and had a feeling he might push me away. But he didn’t. If only he knew that I had had him in my mouth before. That I had already tasted his juice, and all I wanted now was another helping of his elixir. I remembered the taste of his cock so clearly, the size, the girth the musty aroma, the way I had to open my mouth extra wide to get him to the back of my throat.

We must have looked like one of those videoes where you have a straight guy watching porn, when a gay guy comes over to give him a blowjob. The whole time the straight guy remains transfixed on the porn and the only time his facial expression changes is when he shoots his wad. He then just carries on watching the porn as if nothing had happened.

Craig remained silent as I moved my mouth up and down his cock. He remained rock hard in my mouth, so I knew he was still turned on, but nonetheless I wanted to hear him enjoy it. I removed my hand from his balls and reached over to the bedside table and opened the top drawer, feeling inside for a tube of KY. I found it almost immediately and flicked open the top squeezing the cold jelly onto my hand, as I had done so many times before. I put my hand straight back onto Craig’s hot bollocks gently massaging the jel into his balls. It got the reaction I wanted. The big rugby player moaned, lifting his torso slightly off the bed almost as if to give me better access.

With his body slightly arched I was able to move my hand beneath his tightening sac and massage the gel gently towards his virgin arse. This is when I expected my hand to be pushed away, but instead cousin Craig allowed me to play with his hole. I knew I shouldn’t go too fast, but with the first two fingers of my right hand I rubbed just around his arse, slowly probing the virgin territory, as much as I thought he would allow. I continued cupping his balls as I slowly inserted a finger inside his hot arse. It gripped my finger like a clamp.

Craig’s body began to come to life. He pulled his shirt over his head and began moving his hips against my finger and he placed his left hand on the back of my head pushing me up and down. I looked up at my cousin as best I could to see his eyes closed and his face screwed up in pleasure. His mouth was open and he was breathing heavily.

I rolled his heavy balls as I fucked his arse with my finger and his hand continued to push my head up and down, although now he was fucking my face more than I was sucking his massive wet cock. I had only had my mouth around him for a few minutes, but I knew he was close to cumming. I knew the signs that Craig was about to shoot.

‘Oh fuck’ he muttered under his breath, slowly repeating it again and again.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!’

I could feel his body pushing against my lubed finger as he continued sliding his pole in and out of my throat, and I could tell he was enjoying the experience of having something up his arse. His movements were getting faster. He held my head on his cock as his vocal turned to a heavy panting, getting faster and faster until his hand gripped my head hard as his semen exploded in my throat, splashing against the roof of my mouth. I swallowed the slightly sweet liquid as soon as it hit me, followed by at least another three hard spurts of hot cum, which I also greedily took down my throat.

His panting got slower as his spurting subsided. Once his orgasm had finished I slowly slipped my finger out of his arse. I continued to fondle his balls as I kept my mouth on his cock. I wanted every last drop of his juice and he allowed me to do so, as he lay motionless on the bed. As I caressed his cock and balls Craig didn’t move. I had no idea what he was feeling. Whether he was embarrassed, or angry, or regretful. I had no idea. All I knew was I had just sucked off my cousin again. What I also knew was that my cock was still rock hard….and I needed to cum.

I wanted to force his head onto my engorged pole, but I knew he had to do it in his own time. He moved closer, inch by inch, and then when he was close enough to almost touch me with his tongue he parted his lips and moved forward so my cock entered his mouth. I didn’t move as the first couple of inches disappeared between his lips.

‘Congratulations Craig’, I thought to myself, ‘you are the one millionth customer’

His lips were just past my mushroom head, but at last my cock was in his mouth.

Although I wanted to be deeper down his throat, I waited for him to take it at his own pace. Unfortunately after about five seconds he released my cock from his mouth. He was breathing heavily, and looked as if he was on the verge of a panic attack. I had waited too long for this moment, and I wasn’t going to give up now. My cock needed sucking, and I needed his mouth back on my cock.

‘I’m not sure I can do it mate’ he said.

‘You just did I replied. Try again. It won’t bite. Just keep breathing’

Craig once again moved his lips towards my cock, and once again his mouth opened to take me inside. My cock seemed even harder and the excitement was bringing me dangerously close to a climax. If I splashed my cousins face in sticky hot spunk at this point, I knew that would be it. But I wasn’t going to stop. I wasn’t going to let this prick tease get away with an easy way out.

The pulsating head of my cock once again disappeared between his lips as he tentatively allowed my cock inside his mouth. I waited for him to withdraw again, but this time he didn’t. Instead I felt his lips tighten around my erection as his warm mouth engulfed my cock. I was surprised that I didn’t feel any teeth as he began to slide his lips back and forth over my thick pole. He was obviously making an effort to take as much of me down his throat as he could. The man was a natural. As he knelt in front of me on one knee, he reached between his legs taking hold of his erect cock and masturbated himself as he hungrily sucked away. Looking down I could watch his mouth around my cock, while his hand wanked his own massive engorged instrument, sliding his foreskin back and forth over his swollen wet cock head.

Craig’s balls were in a world of their own. Most testicles tend to really tighten during sex, but Craigs seemed to remain low hanging and heavy however close he was to cumming, and so the more he wanked his cock, the more his heavy plum like bollocks swung back and forth.

I put my hand on the back of his head, afraid I might cause him to pull off again, but he continued, all the while improving with each thrust I made. . The longer it went on the hungrier Craig seemed to get. With every thrust he was taking my cock all the way down to my balls. And with every thrust I could feel my balls hitting his chin.

As I fucked his throat loads of thoughts flashed through my mind. I thought of the joke ‘What’s the difference between a straight guy and a gay guy? ‘Five pints.’ Would Craig really be doing this if he were stone cold sober. Would he even want to?

Craig was not a closet gay. I was 100% sure of that, but here I was pumping my fat cock down his throat, and getting dangerously close to a climax, and he seemed to be enjoying it.

If all he had ever done was wank with a few buddies over straight porn, then I suppose I had unleashed a bi side to him, that maybe he didn’t even know existed. I had no idea. But I did know his balls had been milked once today and he was still interested in my cock. So that told me something.

When someone is blowing me, and I’m not sure if they want to swallow my cum, I usually make it obvious that I am close to shooting by vocalising the fact.. This gives them plenty of time to release my cock from their mouth, or if they want to take my load, giving fair warning that the volcano is about to erupt. I had no idea what Craig was going to do. But I was pretty positive he wasn’t going to swallow.

I started moaning loudly, but he just continued bobbing his head back and forth. ’I’m getting close’ I moaned, but he still continued. I didn’t know whether I should pull out in case he didn’t understand the implication. It was then that he reached between my legs and started fondling my bollocks. His large hands rolling them in his hand as I got even closer. This was a trick I had used many times to push a guy over the edge.

‘I’m cumming’ I moaned, and although very surprised, I realised he intended to let me cum down his throat.

He wanted his mouth to be his cunt and I intended to use it as such.

As I felt my sap rising in my balls that lay in his hand, I pumped vigorously away at his throat. Thrusting my arse towards him, giving full force to my rod of steel. At last all those months of waiting and I was about to shoot my hot seed down the throat of my cousin.

I was getting closer and closer as I thrust my arse back and forth, my balls ready to burst. I placed my hands lightly again on the back of Craig’s head, holding him to me, as I fucked away in his hot wet mouth. I wasn’t going to release him now. It was time for him to take the force of me, and I knew there was no turning back..

‘I’m cumming, I’m cumming’ I cried out as Craig continued to allow me to ride his throat. I arched my back and dropped my head back while my body seemed to explode, as my pulsating cock erupted spurt after violent spurt down his hot throat, releasing what felt like a lifetime of hot white semen.

He took it like a professional, without gagging, which I assumed was due to the fact that I had shot so hard I had probably emptied most of my cum down the back of his throat without him noticing. He continued to suck greedily at my spent pole. I continued to thrust until I knew there was no spunk left, while I felt my cock relax in his mouth. He kept working away at it as if he didn’t want to let it go. Making sure he had extracted every last drop of juice from my shaft. When he eventually released my cock it flopped heavily out of his mouth.

Craig looked at me astonished and collapsed backwards on the floor against the bed. He was panting heavily. His legs were bent and spread open. His fat cock relaxed against his large sagging emptied applesacks. I hadn’t realised he had come at the same time, as I was so wound up in my own orgasm. He had in fact shot a massive load straight between my legs splashing a long stream of white jism across the carpet. I sat facing him for a second and then lay back on the floor, feeling his cold stream of spunk against my skin as I lay back exhausted. My mobile rang and I reached into my pocket to answer it.I saw it was Craig.

‘Hi mate, long time no hear.’

‘Don’t ever say I don’t do anything for you’ he said. ‘You remember that guy I was telling you about Tom who likes to be watched?

‘Did I’ I thought to myself. Fuckin’ hell, I’d been waiting for Craig’s call for weeks.

‘Sure’ I said as casually as I could.

‘Well we’ve arranged a session for this Thursday. Can you make it?

Can I make it? I’d fuckin make it if I had to cancel a private meeting with Barrack Obama. Meet me at my place at 6.00 and we can go together. It was Monday and I would have to wait almost three days, but nonetheless Thursday came around faster than I would have imagined, with also more wanks than I would have imagined.

When I rang Craig’s bell he was ready to leave. He came straight out of his house and we got into his car. I could smell alcohol on his breath and I began to wonder if Craig ever got into a car sober. I offered to drive but he said he was fine, but I could probably drive on the way back. It didn’t take long to reach his friends place. In the car he explained again how it was all going to work. We were just there to watch, which we would do in the adjoining room through a two way mirror. He said all the guys were straight so to make sure I didn’t do anything to make them suspicious.

On the way he told me a little bit more about it all and how this was his third time watching. He had also been on the other side of the mirror twice and the more he told me, the harder my dick got.

‘The guy watching with us is called Daniel’ he said. ‘Straight as a die and thick as his dick He’s a builder. He’s an amazing repeater. I’ve never seen anything like it. Once he’s cum he can get hard almost immediately and can shoot again as soon as he’s worked himself up. I’ve seen him spunk six times in an hour. Lucky fucker.’

The drive over took about half an hour and when we got there Craig rang the bell.

A short but beefy guy called Tom answered the door. ‘Where the fuck have you been’ he asked, ‘she’ll be here at any minute.’ ‘This is Neil’ Craig said. ‘Fine ‘Tom said quickly shaking my hand. ‘Now just get upstairs before she gets here. And remember no talking. Daniel is already in there.’

I followed Craig up the stairs and he opened a door allowing me into the room first. I call it a room but it was only about 6ft deep and 9ft long. The wall to our right was black, whilst the opposite wall to the left was the two way mirror which allowed us to see into a dimly lit bedroom which consisted of a large double bed on the wall away from us, two bedside cabinets and not much else.

There were three small armchairs in our room spread along the length of the room, facing the glass. There was a small table next to the left of each chair with a box of tissues, some lube and three cans of lager on each.

In the furthest chair sat Daniel. He lifted his had to say hi as we entered the room. He was a good looking guy with dark hair. He could have done with losing a few pounds, but I suppose the extra weight helped him playing rugby. Craig introduced me and Daniel half got up to shake my hand. His hands were large and rough. I remembered Craig had told me he was a builder. No sooner had we shaken hands so the doorbell rang.

‘We knew that would be her.

We could hear the sound of a woman’s voice on the floor below and what sounded like two guys. The sound of laughter could be heard.

A couple of minutes later the door to the bedroom opened and Tom walked in. He turned the lights up a bit, which made it easier for us to see into the room. He also switched on his ipod which took away that silence, and made us feel that we would at least be able to breathe without being discovered. He looked at the mirror smiling, grabbed his crotch and gave us a thumbs up and left the room closing the door.

We sat there in silence staring through the glass in front of us. Occasionally looking at each other. As I glanced across at Daniel I noticed a bulge in his crotch under his trousers. He was already hard. I looked at Craig sitting to my left. I could see he was hard too. Okay, I was stiff as a rock too. No body said a word. We just waited.

We didn’t have to wait long. The door opened and Tom’s mate Nick. He was a tall guy and thinner than you would expect a guy who played rugby to be. He wore a blue rugby shirt and jeans and had a shaved head. He was closely followed by a girl.

‘Fuckin great’, whispered Daniel. ‘It’s Andrea. I’ve fucked her twice.’

Andrea was slim and pretty with shoulder length brown hair and large tits.. Her short white skirt just covered her white panties, and over her black fish net stockings she wore knee high white boots. She had dressed like a whore, and no doubt was going to behave like one. She had on a tight striped red and white top, and you could tell there was no bra holding up her slightly sagging tits. I could see the outline of her pert nipples through the material. She wore too much make-up, which strangely added to the excitement. She had the look of a porn actresses and fuck, I was ready for a bit of porn.

The music on the ipod made it hard to hear anyone talking on the other side of the glass, which was a shame as I love to vocal noise during sex, but you can’t have everything.

Tom entered the room behind Andrea and immediately grabbed her tits from behind. She didn’t object, but instead writhed her body against Toms, grinding her arse into what must have been a stiffening dick. Tom responded by burying his face in her neck as his hands pulped those fleshy orbs.

Nick moved towards her and wasted no time grabbing between her legs which made her writhe even more. I could imagine what Nick must be feeling. The stretchy material covering her slightly wet cunt lips. The heat emanating from between her thighs.

Nick then knelt in front of her and lifted her skirt, moving his face into her pleasure garden. His face nuzzled into her white panties. He then pulled them aside and began to lap at her pussy. Her arms were now behind her, hanging onto Toms neck as she continued to writhe her hips from Tom’s crotch to Nick’s face.

Nick reached to her hips and pulled her panties down, all the while continuing to eat away at her. Once her silk like knickers had been slipped over her boots she lifted her body so while she still held on to Toms neck she was able to rest her legs on Nicks shoulder, moaning with pleasure as he enjoyed his feast of cunt. . Her striped top had been pulled up to her neck as Tom continued to rub his hands across her ample tits. Because of their size they hung slightly and she moaned loudly as Tom pinched and played with her large, pink cherry like nipples.

Next to me Daniel had unzipped his trousers almost as soon as Andrea had appeared. He wasn’t shy. He took no notice of me or Craig and still seated, lifted his thighs off the chair to pull his trousers down to his knees as he began wanking his meat watching the floor show before him.

Although our chairs were in a straight line, I had moved mine a few inches back which meant I was positioned slightly behind Daniel and Craig and could watch them both without turning my head.

I watched as Daniel got into his stroke and as he did I felt my cock, straining to be released from my combat trousers. Daniel’s cock was about 6 inches long and very thick. His dick sort of suited the stockiness of his body. As he wanked I noticed he had a large pair of egg shaped balls that clung tightly below his pole. He was cut and had a large mushroom head, not dissimilar to mine.

Craig looked over to me and moved his head slightly as if to tell me to get my pants down, so I wasted no time in unzipping the flies of my combats and sliding them to my ankles releasing my hard cock into the air. It was rock solid and stood fully to attention as I spread my legs and took it in my hand.

Next, Craig stood up and removed his suit jacket which he dropped to the floor. He undid his belt, then unzipped his trousers and stepped out of them. He only had a t shirt under his jacket and I could see his massive cock straining to be free of his underwear. As he lowered them his massive cock, like a jack in the box, sprang to attention. It was then that Daniel looked across and seeing Craig’s tool just said, ‘big fuckin cock man’ and looked straight back at the three way. It seemed he was impressed, but not interested.

Cousin Craig stood there allowing his dick to point straight at the mirror . His large saggy balls hung heavily. His body was slightly turned towards me, which I knew was for my benefit. I continued to wank, as Craig got into his stride.

As Craig went to work on his cock, Daniel again looked across at Craig’s ever growing manhood uttering exactly the same words again ‘Big fuckin cock man.’

In fairness, as I have told you before Craig is extremely well hung, with a genuine thick 9″ cock and erect he is indeed a sight to behold.

In just his T-shirt and socks, Craig sat back down in his seat leaning backwards as he stroked away, giving me a full view of his equipment. Any other time I would have been on my knees with his cock in my mouth, but I just made do wanking my own engorged dick as I continued to watch all around me. With Craig on one side, Daniel on the other and the three way in front of me, I was spoilt for choice.

‘Oh fuck, look at those tits’ whispered Daniel as he wanked away, while breathing heavily and making a sort of grunting sound.

If the ipod had not been as loud as it was, I am sure he would have been heard. He sat staring at the action in front of him. Nicks face was buried in Andrea’s cunt and Tom was rubbing those fuckable tits. Daniel just pumped away on that fat cock.

He had this way of wanking where he held his cock in his left hand, and rubbed his circumcised head with the flat palm of the other hand, so the head got maximum friction.. I was glad he was sitting on my right side, otherwise his arm would have totally obscured his cock and I would be missing out on his action. Daniel’s grunting got heavier, and although not much time had passed, I had a feeling he was going to shoot. I looked at Craig who smiled at me as we both turned our heads slightly, to watch him.

Daniel’s hand still rubbed against the top of his cock as he thrust his hips backwards and forwards as his left hand jerked his cock. My god he was cumming, and Andrea hadn’t even got a cock inside her yet! Totally oblivious to anyone else in the room his cannon burst forth. It was truly remarkable. As he arched his hips upwards he removed his right hand from the mushroom head of his cock, as the eye of his penis parted to emit a thick string of hot white cum that shot out in a stream in front of him to splash violently against the glass in front of us in an almighty splat! It immediately started to run down the glass. A second splash followed, hitting the glass and mingling with the creamy jizz that was already on the move.

The power and force was truly amazing. For me to shoot as much as that, I would need to be in a state of foreplay for at least an hour.

I remembered that Craig had said he was a massive repeater and I was interested to find out if he was as good as my cousin had said he was.

Daniel turned to us and gave us a great big grin, and continued to pull at his fat pole until the last drop was expunged. . His eyes remained fixed on the action before us, as he stroked his dick with his left hand and now fondled his balls with his right as if he was trying to milk every last drop of jizz out of those eggs.

I was nowhere near cumming. Sure I could have shot there and then but I knew I was going to make it last as long as I could before I shot my wad. I had a sudden urge to get on my knees between Daniel’s legs and lap at his large balls before taking his fat cock in my mouth to bring it back to life. But I knew that was not on the menu.

But glancing at Daniel I realised he didn’t need any help from me. No sooner had he cum and drained the last drops of semen of his meat he began stroking his cock again which immediately started to get hard. In under two minutes from the point of ejaculation Daniel was hard again and chokin the chicken as he had a couple of minutes earlier.

I think I must have paid a bit to much attention to Daniel, as he caught me looking, but only grinned at me and said ’pretty good party trick eh?’

No, he wasn’t shy and no doubt this was a trick that had been commented on many times before, and he had no problems letting his ‘straight mates’ watch with envy.

Turning my attention once again to the action in the room in front of us, all three of them were now in front of the bed. Andrea’s striped T shirt was now off and she was topless. Her short skirt had also been removed and now all she had on were her white knee length boots over a pair of black fish net stockings, held up by a black suspender belt. If she hadn’t looked like a whore before, she certainly did now.

She knelt between the two guys on her knees.

Nick and Tom were standing on either side of her, their trousers around their ankles and their dicks on either side of her face. Toms dick was rock hard. He wasn’t huge, but had a decent six inches and looked thick. She leant towards him and took him into her mouth. She started to suck his cock, sliding her lips up and down as she rolled his balls in her left hand.

After sucking for a while she then turned to Nick’s cock which was still limp as she went to work on it. She knelt on all fours to take him in her mouth.

Nick had a long foreskin which hung below the tip of his small cock which certainly didn’t look like it was likely to do much damage. He did have a large pair of dangly balls which seemed rather low and rather large for his appendage.

As Andrea began to fellate Nick, so Tom took advantage of the opportunity her pert rear presented to him.

He reached sharply between her legs and inserted a few fingers into her cunt, sliding them in and out. I could almost feel her wetness.

She responded by writhing her arse, and working against his thick fingers. He then removed them and knelt behind her, his hard penis ready to disappear inside her. We watched as his long pink meat slid slowly between her legs.

Her large tits hung heavily as Tom speared her, and once fully plunged inside her body he reached forward and started to play with her large tits.

As Tom started to work up a rhythm Andrea sucked away on Nick’s cock, which I could see at last was slowly getting harder. What I wasn’t prepared for was how big it was going to get. And believe me, I had never seen such a massive increase in a cock.

Nick was a definite grower and I would guess he was now growing close to 10″

Craig’s who by my left side continued to jack away on his oversized equipment, made me wonder what he was thinking, watching a cock that was bigger than his. (He couldn’t have come across many)

Andrea was beginning to gag on Nick’s cock as it grew to monster proportions in her mouth. He made her suffer more by holding her head firmly against his tool as he thrust his length in and out of her throat, occasionally pulling out completely to let her breathe.

Tom continued to pump away inside Andrea. He was bent over her, holding her tits firmly as his thighs moved back and forth against her.

He was making grunting noises as he fucked away, and Nick, who was watching intently, was encouraging him to ‘Fuck her…fuck the bitch hard.’

All of a sudden Tom let out a huge ‘Oh fuck,’ as he shot his load inside her cunt.

Nick kept Andrea’s mouth on his meat as Tom exploded, and she looked like she was going to choke.

Once he had cum, Tom wasted no time in pulling his glistening dick out of Andrea’s cunt. He then collapsed against the end of the bed and sat facing us breathing heavily with his knees up and his shrinking equipment on show between his spread legs.

Nick withdrew from her mouth and sat on the end of the bed facing us.

Andrea climbed onto the bed and knelt on either side of his thighs, her cunt in line with his stiff cock and her arse staring straight at us. She reached behind to get hold of Nick’s massive shaft and started wanking it up and down. Nick spat on his hand and began to roughly massage the wet gash just below her arse that faced us.

As Nick sat on the edge of the bed his large balls sagged heavily, and that small ccck was now more like a towering inferno pointing towards the ceiling which at last matched the size of his bollocks.

Andrea was beginning to act like a real noisy whore, moaning and groaning like a bitch on heat.

‘That’s it baby, oh yes, oh yes. Oh baby that feels so good. Oh baby you’re so big. I want your monster inside me.’

I’m sure you get the general drift.

Andrea then stepped off the bed and stood with her back to us, before bending over Nick to once again take his Eiffel tower down her throat. Her arse looked amazing as she bent over him, like two magnificent ripe peaches clasped together to protect her beautiful shaved gash.

Tom who was still sitting by their feet recovering had begun stroking his limp cock as the action continued without him

As Andrea once again started to suck on Nick’s cock, his right hand fondled her hanging tits, before slapping her arse a couple of times and then reaching between her legs to once again start on her pussy. He rubbed the gash roughly from side to side before inserting his fingers one after the other inside her snatch.

Unable to wait no more she turned herself around so her back was to Nick and faced us as she once again knelt on the bed and we ad a birds eye view as she lowered herself onto his monster.

With her back to him, Nick mugged in our direction, letting us know just what we were missing as their whore bounced up and down.

Her tits jaggled as she cried out in pleasure. ‘Oh my god, oh yes baby oh, oh, oh – that’s what I want, a big fucking cock in my body.’

She continued to ride the length of Nick’s cock, rubbing her hand through her hair and over her tits, letting out a deafening scream as his penis brought her to her first orgasm.

At exactly the same moment, as if perfectly timed Daniel rose out of his chair arching his hips forward to ejaculate for the second time.

It wasn’t as hard or as far as the first climax, but his fat cock had for a second time released a mammoth amount.

It hadn’t hit the glass, but had landed on the carpet in long streams in front of him. I looked at the sticky white stringy globs on the dark blue carpet and wondered how many other guys had spilled their seed in exactly the same way. I was sure there must have been dozens, and the thought of all those virile guys spilling their load made my rock hard cock even harder.

I turned to Craig who I don’t think had even noticed Daniel’s second climax. He was too engrossed by the fucking in front of us. Fortunately he was still angled towards me so I was able to watch his baggy balls slap up and down as he wanked his thick hard meat, that I so desperately wanted to take in my mouth.

His rhythm were very fast now and getting faster. His balls going mad between his thighs. I knew it wouldn’t be long before they were emptied. I could have shot my wad any time in the past few minutes, but I was holding back deliberately. My mushroomed head was truly swollen and ready to explode, as were my balls, but I was determined to wait and empty them at exactly the same time as my cousin emptied his.

I lent back in my chair with my legs spread, cupping my balls with my left hand as I stroked my cock, as I got ever closer. I was still watching the action in front of me, but my real attention was focused on Craig, but making sure Daniel wan’t aware of the fact.

I continued to wank furiously. Daniel had sat back in his chair starting to get his meat hard again as he watched us both. It turned me on to know he was making no attempt to hide it. I suppose being straight he wasn’t getting turned on in a sexual way, but was just enjoying the spectacle of two guys about to shoot. It seemed for a short time his attention was now on us rather than the show in front.

My cousin’s breathing was getting heavier as his fist continued to rise up and down his length. His balls although still jiggling had tightened considerably which told me it would be but a few seconds before he came.

Daniel started whispering under his breath. ‘Come on guys. Shoot it in the bitch. Give her every last fuckin drop. Come on fill her fuckin cunt.’

As Daniel continued to talk dirty, Craig rose out of his chair, bending his legs and arching his hips forward. His manly cock looked amazing between his large thick fingers, pointing forward, big and thick and swollen above his large balls.

‘Let me see it mate’ said Daniel, not wanting to miss any of the show.

Craig, at his point of no return obliged, and turned to angle his body even more towards us so we both had a full view of his money shot. Craig clenched his teeth and closed his eyes as his neck stretched and his head lolled backwards. I watched as his cock expelled the contents of his big balls in our direction.

I am sure Craig had no idea where his cum was going to land, but the force with which it left his cannon sent it splattering over my outstretched legs to land on the carpet between me and Daniel. Daniel winced and moved his body away as it almost hit his thigh. I was not to be so lucky in Daniel’s eyes (although not mine) as the second spurt splashed over my legs and hand, causing Daniel to jump out of his seat to make sure he wasn’t hit by any of the sticky liquid.

Craig’s hot cum splashing over me was too much for me to hold my load any longer and feeling the surge in my balls moving along the shaft of my erect cock, the slit in my mushroom headed pole parted to release my jism in sharp long spurts in front of me. I luxuriated in the moment of my climax, as I spurted three good spurts of hot seed – the first one hitting the glass. It was one of the best climaxes I had experienced for ages. (Probably since I was last with Craig)

As I relaxed I smiled at Craig who was shaking the final drops of cum out of his softening salami. He smiled back, both of us knowing what the other was thinking. Daniel by now was once again fully hard, standing there in just a pair of socks and his pale blue polo shirt. He had a crazed look about him and I had a feeling something was about to happen, though I had no idea what. Daniel looked at us both and then at the fucking in front of us. He then stepped over my outstretched legs and pushed past Craig opening the door. Craig and I both gave each other a look as he disappeared out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Within a couple of seconds he appeared at the door of the room in front of us. Arms outstretched as if to say ‘here I am,’ he stood there with his fat cock fully erect, pointing towards the action before him. Andrea, Tom and Nick all looked round. I had no idea how they were going to react, or if Daniel had blown our cover. But on our side of the glass, I suddenly realised that Craig and I were once again alone. Completely alone.

Craig lay back as I knelt between his legs with the intention of trying to break the world speed record in making him cum. He held onto my head firmly as he thrust his hips back and forth. His thick meat sliding it’s full length in and out of my mouth, and his balls slapping against my chin with every thrust. I was loving the taste and smell of him and was looking forward to tasting his sweet cum when he released it into my mouth.

However, at that point of expectation my cousin had other ideas, that I certainly didn’t expect. He pulled my head off his pulsating cock and placing his hands just below my shoulders made me stand. He turned me around so my back was to him and I was facing the glass, and before I could say ‘oh my god’ I felt his hand cold with lube rub against my arse hole.

I really was not prepared for this.

I had not been fucked for months, and never without a degree of foreplay, as I knew I had a tight arse that was not over keen on entry.

As he stood behind me I could feel the tip of his cock at my arse, and I knew he had no intention of turning back. Add to that he wasn’t wearing a condom, and add to that I had never been fucked by anyone as well endowed as Craig… I knew I was in big trouble.

‘Mate, you’ll never get that inside me‘ I said.

‘I thought it was only women who said that you wimp’ he whispered back.

‘I don’t want you to even try without a condom’ I replied.

‘I had a full test last week and I haven’t fucked since’ he replied. ‘I promise I’m 100% safe.’

To be honest, I would never let anyone fuck me without a condom, but he was my cousin, and I trusted him and after all it was taking it that little bit further, which is exactly what I wanted

‘Okay’ I said ‘but I’m really tight. Please go slowly.’

Craig’s hand again wiped the lube against my tight hole. I knew this was going to hurt and I prepared myself for the worst. I again felt the tip of his hard penis at the entrance to my body and he pushed slowly.

The pain was unbelievable as his meat parted my arse hole. I clenched my eyes and gritted my teeth, telling myself that the pain would subside in a minute. God I wish I had some poppers. At least that would help me a little to relax.

I didn’t want him to know how bad it hurt in case the opportunity never ‘arose’ again.

‘Slower, slower.Please’ I said under my breath, as his hands rested on my shoulders and he slowly pushed his hips towards me.

I realised as Craig had never been fucked (except by his own hands) he had no idea how painful arse fucking with no foreplay and a big cock could be.

I reached behind me and placed a few fingers around his cock so I had some control as he slowly went in utill eventually I felt his body flat against mine. He was fully inside me. Or as they say ‘Balls deep.’ I reached behind him and placed my hands on his two buttock cheeks, gently pushing to stop him from pulling out quite yet.

I knew I needed to get used to his insertion and allow my sphincter muscle to relax before he started banging the hell out of me.

The intense pain subsided quicker than I thought it would, and so I removed my hands from his arse, signalling that he could start fucking.

He waited a couple of seconds before slowly withdrawing his battering ram a few inches and sliding it back in again. He repeated this a few times and as I got used to his rhythm, so I was beginning to like the feeling.

Reaching between my legs I got hold of his pendulous hairless balls which I held in my hand as he slowly started to fuck my tight hole. As he started building up a rhythm I knew it wasn’t going to take long before he came.

As he fucked me we were both watched the orgy in the other room, though I had to be careful not to put my hands on the glass as I had no idea whether or not they could be seen.

Craig kept me upright with his hands placed firmly on my shoulders as he relentlessly kept pounding and pounding, as his lubed cock slid in and out of my lubed arse.

I so wanted to make some noise. I love noisy sex and would have loved to have been able to vocalise just what pleasure I was now experiencing from Craig’s big, fat, thick, long cock.

As he grunted behind me his breathing got heavier. Occasionally his deep thrusting created a stabbing pain, but on the whole, despite him fucking like a bull in a china shop, I was loving the feeling of him inside me.

My cock and balls swung between my legs. The pain had taken away any erection I might have had, and although I was now extremely into it all, the occasional stab of pain kept my dick hanging rather than pointing.

By now I knew the sounds Craig made when he came and I knew the flood gates were ready to open.

I could not remember when I had last been fucked without a condom and now my condom less cousin was about to fire his hot cum deep inside me. As that thought crossed my mind I felt a stirring in my loins and my cock slowly rose to attention as he got closer to his ejaculation.

At the moment of his explosion Craigs left arm wrapped around my chest, as he leant against my back. I reached behind him again and placed my hands on his tightening muscular arse as his cock emptied the contents of his bull like bollocks inside me. I know it was probably my imagination, but I could have sworn I felt the splash of his hot juice inside me.

I was breathing almost as heavily as he was and when his hips stopped thrusting we stood together with his arms around my chest and his cock deep inside me and my hands still clenched on his arse. We were breathing in sync and there was a stillness and closeness between us, I had not felt before as we stood locked together.

The whole incident hadn’t taken more than five minute minutes and before I had the chance to say. ‘Fuck I enjoyed that big boy,’ I felt Craig loosen his muscular grasp on me as he slowly withdrew his cock from inside me. The action beyond the glass continued.

Daniel was now wedged firmly between Pamela’s thighs bouncing his hairy butt up and down, pounding away at her in the missionary position. Her legs wrapped tightly around his back, so as to not let him escape until she was finished with him.

We had a clear view of his thick cock sliding in and out of her wet gash and I wondered just how much cum was left in those balls of death.

Nick knelt on the bed above Andrea’s head, feeding his cock in and out of her throat. She could only take a few inches of his monster but she certainly seemed to be enjoying what she could swallow. She gagged occasionally as Nick slid in more than she seemed to be able to manage.

I stood watching them fuck as Craig reached from behind me to take hold of my cock with his right hand and my balls with his left. As soon as his hands started massaging my equipment I had an overwhelming desire to shoot again. Within a few seconds of his rolling my balls and wanking my dick, my cum stick pointed forward and upward like a loaded gun ready to take down a whole army.

Craig motioned me back into my chair and parted my legs to kneel between them, just like I had for him a few moments before. He moved his warm mouth up and down my cock, and he inserted a finger into my warm hole while he continued to play with my balls. This was the quickest way to make me cum and he knew it. My ‘straight’ cousin was becoming quite an expert at the art of gay sex.

Daniel was really smashing his cock into Andrea’s cunt and at the speed he was going, looked like he was close to another orgasm. As Craig continued between my legs, I watched as Daniel withdrew his cock from her gash. With her legs spread and Daniel on his knees I had a perfect view of her wet minge as he pulled out of her a few seconds before his sticky jism splashed all over her glistening pussy.

I had never before seen anyone shoot so repeatedly or produce so much cum. I watched three squirts hitting her cunt before Nick pulled his massive tool out of her mouth so he was able to also empty his hot juice over her body.

He ejaculated three long strings over her breasts, and then aimed the rest of his ball juice over her face. He then stuffed his cock back in her mouth so she could devour any remaining drops that might still remain. Tom, who had been standing at the end of the bed stroking his cock back to life while watching his mates fuck this ‘slut’ was now once again erect and ready for a bit more of the action. He took Andrea’s hand and pulled her away from the bed standing her directly in front of us, so she was able to see her wet naked torso in the mirror.

For one moment I thought she might have guessed we were on the other side, but she was in such a state of sexual arousal, as the loud music continued to play, even if she had suspected that a few feet away, gazing at her body was a guy sitting in a chair with his legs spread, whilst another knelt with his back to her giving a blow job, she probably wouldn’t have given a fuck anyway.

As I enjoyed the sensation of Craig’s lips around my throbbing cock, I watched as she seductively rubbed the cum, which was dribbling down her body, into her flesh like it was an expensive cream. Tom came up behind her and grabbed her left breast with his left hand and began massaging it while slipping his right hand between her legs from behind and inserting his large fingers into her soaking cum covered cunt. She worked against him and moaned with pleasure as he began forcibly fucking her with his fingers. Tom was now performing for us behind the mirror, smiling straight at us as he continued to push his fingers as far as he could inside her. Andrea was really getting off on it as his large fingers slid roughly in and out of her neatly trimmed bush.

I could see Tom’s hand getting wetter and wetter as she got closer to yet another climax. He then removed his fingers and bent her over to finish her off with his cock.

As he pushed her forward towards us, to insert his cock once again up her cunt, he gave us a wave and a huge grin and made a sort of ‘get a load of this slag’ face as he pushed inside to give her the benefit of his length. Craig, still on his knees between my legs, was totally oblivious to this as he brought me ever nearer to my spunking.

From the noises Andrea made it was obvious she too was close to cumming again, and as she vocally exploded, Tom pulled her head back towards him to give us a good view of her face as she howled like a wolf, while he continued to pump vigorously away toward a climax of his own.

At exactly the same moment, I felt the sap rise in my balls as I shot my load down Craig’s throat, raising my hips and holding onto his head as he had done to me. I knew he swallowed, so I enjoyed the feeling of my cum hitting the back of his throat as he took all I had left to offer. Tom withdrew his cock from Andrea, and without his support she collapsed to her knees, face down on the floor. She looked shattered.

Tom’s slightly softening cock hung heavy with her cunt juices. A thin string of cum still hung from the tip of his cock. As Andrea lay lifeless on the floor, he squeezed the tip of his cock and shook whatever juice was left onto her back. He gave us another thumbs up, before sitting against the mirror with his back to us.

Daniel was unbelievably once again fully erect and being the ram he was, wasn’t prepared to leave good pussy lying about unfilled for long. Bending down to part Andrea’s legs, he knelt between her thighs and lifted her hips towards him, so he could slip his hard cock back up her over used cunt for some more pussy pounding. She was so lifeless as he screwed her, he could have been fucking a corpse. But Daniel was the sort of guy who would be happy to stick his cock in anything so long as it felt good. Craig, who had missed all the action while he had been feasting on my cock, looked at me, wiping his mouth to make sure there were no traces of my cum around his lips. He smiled.

He had cum three times now and looking at the way his equipment hung heavily between his legs it was obvious he had no intention of shooting for a good while. Craig’s equipment is at its best when he has just cum. It just looks so masculine and sexy, all I want to do is to bury my face in it. Craig started to get dressed, hardly taking any notice of Daniel who was now fucking Andrea as if she were a wheel barrow. It’s strange how something that one minute can seem so fucking exciting, can seem so matter of fact once your balls are drained.

‘Fancy getting a pint mate’ he asked, now dressed exactly the same as he was when we arrived.

‘Sure’ I said, as I too got dressed.

I still felt damp and loose from where Craig’s dick had been, but it was a nice feeling that I was very happy to endure for a while longer. Craig opened the door of the room and we snuck out, like two burglars in the night. We crept down the stairs leaving the sounds of music and fucking behind us. Craig opened the front door, playfully grabbing my arse.

‘Your turn next time cuz.’ he said

I knew exactly what he meant. And despite my balls being totally drained I felt a stirring in my loins at the thought of what I would be doing to my Cousin Craig at our next encounter.

It was Friday afternoon at about 3.30. My phone beeped which told me I had a text.

It was Craig. ‘I’m horny as fuck’ it read. ‘What can you suggest for this evening.?’

My return text back read. ‘How adventurous are you feeling?’

‘Surprise me’ was his reply.

I told Craig to meet me at an address in Tooting, South London. It was a house that catered in private ‘sex’ parties on the last Friday of every month, and tonight was one of those nights. I had only been there once before, but was a member and planned to go again. I was sure it would be right up Craig’s street. Craig arrived on time. He was wearing dark jeans, a green T-shirt and a leather jacket.

‘I hope this is truly debauched cousin’ he said jokingly as we walked up the drive of this ordinary looking detached suburban house.

We rang the bell and the door was answered by an attractive, slightly overweight busty blonde lady in her fifties. She wore a revealing short white towelling robe, from which her ample breasts protruded, and a pair of black high heels. Nothing else.

Craig looked at me. I could tell he wasn’t disappointed.

‘Is one of you a member’ she asked as I produced my membership card to let her examine it.

‘Okay. That will be twenty pounds for you and twenty five for your guest.’

I handed her a fifty pound note as Craig reached for his wallet.

‘Think of it as an early birthday present’ I said.

‘Unless of course either of you are over 9 inches’ she added. ‘Single girls and men over 9 inches are half price.’

I knew I wasn’t nine inches. I was eight. But Craig was bigger than me and I was pretty sure he must be a genuine nine incher.

‘He’s nine’ I said.

Craig looked very embarrassed and slightly annoyed at me telling a complete stranger the size of his penis. I’ll need to see it’ she said.

‘Go on mate, get it out’ I said.

‘Nah, don’t worry’ he said. I’m not that big. Really.

‘Don’t be such a wuss’ I said. ‘Get the fucker out. The lady wants to see your trouser snake.’

‘Don’t be shy. Just pretend I’m your doctor’ she said.

Craig sheepishly undid his belt and unbuttoned his trousers lowering them to his knees. He wore no underwear and I felt my cock begin to stiffen as he exposed his beautiful equipment which hung heavily beneath his green t shirt.

‘Very impressive’ she said as her small hand reached out to examine my cousin, making him look even bigger.

She produced a ruler and placed it against his fat uncut cock. ‘Just over five soft’ she said. ’Very impressive. Lets see how big we can make it.’

On saying this she started stroking his cock, which slowly began to fill with blood, before kneeling in front of Craig, to complete the task with her mouth.

As she began to suck on his tool she took one of Craig’s large hands and placed it firmly inside her gown, against one of her tits while she rolled his heavy balls in her hand sucking him to his full length.

Still on her knees, face to face with his oversized ‘fully erected’ instrument she placed the ruler against it again.

‘My goodness, you are a big boy aren’t you. Almost 9.5 inches. That means you save twelve pounds fifty.’

She handed me my change as Craig pulled up his trousers and did up his belt. His cock was still hard and I could see the head of it peering out of the top of his jeans. She handed me my change and our locker keys and a couple of towels each. She was so casual about it, you would have thought that getting on her knees and fellating a customer was an everyday thing for her. Maybe it was. (Nice way to earn a living)

’The lockers and sauna area is through the back, but feel free to do whatever you want wherever you want. Refreshments are free, so enjoy yourselves and no doubt I’ll catch up with you later’ she said.

Craig grinned. ‘I’m sure you will’ he said under his breath.

I assumed by now Craig might have got the general idea of what sort of place he was in, but walking past the front room as a man was openly fucking a woman on the floor in the missionary position, whilst two naked men stood on either side of the couple, watching and wanking and probably waiting for their turn, must have left him in no doubt.

Craig looked at me again. ‘My kind of party’ he said. ‘Lead on Macuff.’
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This is sooo hot I had to cum. Thank you for a great wank xx
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truly epic, more like a porn novel
1 year ago
so long, also so good
1 year ago
Fucking hot, love it, I hope there will be another part. 
1 year ago
that was epic in every sense!
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Love it. Thanks 
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