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leeping in on Sunday mornings has always been one of my favorite things. I get the house to myself for at least three hours as my wife, Eve, goes off to church. I would go with her except she has to teach Sunday school and attends various parish meetings and all of that is just too much for me.

Now, Eve is one of the most erotic women I know and certainly treats me right sexually. Having sex is her idea at least as often as it is mine and almost nothing is off limits. Now, I wouldn't say she is the most gorgeous woman in the world but her looks do turn heads. She stands 5'6" weighing about 140 pounds with very dark brown hair and green eyes.

Her boobs are truly small which I decided has it's own advantage in that I can suck almost an entire breast into my mouth and work it over sensually. She shaves her pussy on a regular basis as she believes it makes her cunt more sensitive. Her ass is big but not too big as each cheek is a perfect handful of her sweet soft flesh.

This particular Sunday morning started off no different than most. Eve's alarm went off at 7:30 and I almost rolled back over to go to sleep. But, then I accidentally touched her ass which was covered by a pair of sexy silky pink panties. As she laid there waiting for the alarm to ring a second time I began running my hand all over those sexy panties paying close attention to the crotch.

Eve just laid there as my caresses got her crotch wetter and wetter As my cock stiffened I knew that I would have to speed things up a bit if I had any hope of getting fucked before she left. Rolling over to her and placing my hand on her boob I whispered, "Hey there sexy, how about having a good time before you leave?"

We kissed deeply then she softly responded, "We don't have time right now. I promise I'll fuck your brains out tonight. But, to show you I'm not heartless I'll suck that big cock of yours while I let you caress and kiss me through my panties."

I was both disappointed and excited as I rolled back onto my back. It was obvious that she didn't think she had much time as her mouth quickly enveloped my prick. She worked her hand feverishly up and down the base of my seven inches as she sucked and licked me as hard as she could. As my cock was being swallowed she plopped her crotch in my face treating me to her heavenly aroma and the magical feeling of her silky panties against my face. I knew she wasn't allowing me to sixty-nine because she thought that it would create too big of a mess. The rule had become that when she did me a favor like this I could play around with her ass and pussy but I shouldn't try to make her cum as she said that she would make sure she got her turn later.

So, I laid there gently caressing her butt wishing I could taste her sweet pussy. Eve's pace quickened and I could feel myself approaching the point of no return and began grunting a****listically. Expert at sucking cock Eve had me totally under her control as she had me cumming in no time. She opened her throat and managed to swallow every drop. Meanwhile the crotch of her panties was soaked in her honey.

Satisfied that she had sufficiently emptied my balls of their contents Eve suddenly got off me and put on her deodorant. I reached for her trying to get her to come back to bed. She did a fancy dance step to get away from me. Sympathetically she smiled and told me as she pulled off her panties, "Jim, I just don't have any time now but, don't forget about tonight. Here is a bonus sniff these while you think about what you will get tonight."

With that, my sexy wife handed the damp panties to me and proceeded to put on even sexier undergarments before covering up with church clothes. I heard her in the other room rushing around and in just a few minutes she was gone. As horny as I was just sniffing her panties was not going to be good enough. I decided to have a little off beat fun that I tried about once a month when she was gone. Opening up her dresser I looked around and first found a sexy black bra. Then I found matching thigh high stockings and two pairs of panties. One of the panties was silky yellow briefs and the other was a silky brown pair. Next, I got in another drawer and found her nightgowns. I found a knee length black gown that had a slit up the side to the waist and a plunging neckline.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I put the stockings on first followed by the panties Eve had been wearing that morning. Next came the bra which I knew wouldn't look right so I stuffed the other two pair of panties into it; one pair per cup. I finished the ensemble off by putting on the gown. I went to the kitchen to get a drink while I decided how to get myself off. I couldn't decide whether to watch a porno movie, read a magazine, or call for phone sex.

As I drank my soda I decided something was missing and went back to the bedroom and squeezed my feet into a pair of Eve's stiletto high heels. I laid back on the bed for a little foreplay. But, I must have been more tired than I thought as I dozed off. About a half an hour later I suddenly was awakened by a loud noise. Looking at the clock I knew it wasn't Eve and was relieved and happy that I still had time to get some good phone sex.

But, at that very moment I just had to go pee. Since I wasn't used to walking in high heels I walked slowly to the bathroom not wanting to trip. Women are amazing as they don't kill themselves in those things! When I got to the bathroom door I thought it was strange that it was closed; but I knew no one was in there as Eve was at church.

So, without a moment's hesitation I turned the knob and started to go in. The bathroom, like many in small houses, consists of a vanity with a sink on your right when you first enter. Then next to the vanity is the toilet with the bathtub lining the entire far wall. As I opened the door I saw some movement and then heard, "Jim, what the fuck?"

It was my sister in law with her panties pulled halfway down her thigh just beginning to squat to sit on the toilet. Eve's sister, Ivy, was actually sexier than Eve. They looked a lot alike but Eve was not in Ivy's league at all when it came to breast size. Ivy's tits were the size of very large g****fruits and she loved to show them off.

"How did you get in here, and what are you doing?" I asked horrified. She pointed to the key Eve had given her. Then blushing she rapidly pulled up her underwear and let her skirt fall back over her knees without having used the toilet. Our house was halfway between Ivy's home and her church.

"Well, I just have to go pee so bad I didn't think you would mind if I used a little of your water and, I figured you would still be asleep." I stood there frozen just staring at her with a bulge growing in the silky panties I was wearing. My eyes were popping out of my head as Ivy took a step toward me wearing a light summer blouse that didn't really even cover her massive boobs.

I didn't know what to say so I just stupidly blurted out, "No, I wasn't asleep."

"I can see that; you look good in black," she said laughing as she walked closer. I had forgotten that she could see me in my wife's clothes even though she was now only two feet away. My face turned every shade of red you can imagine from the embarrassment of being caught cross dressing in front of my wife's sister.

Continuing my pattern of utter stupid ness all I could think of to say was, "Ivy, please don't tell Eve."

A smile brightened her face as she totally ignored my plea. Then she reached over and cupped one of my home made boobs. A shudder ran through me as she quipped, "These aren't real."

Summoning up my courage and realizing I had absolutely nothing to lose I reached over and grasped one of her large melons and retorted, "But these are."

We just stood there for several seconds not knowing what to do next. Then, Ivy broke the ice saying, "Be right back, I really do have to go piss, Jim."

For some inexplicable reason I was now hornier than ever. I released her breast and threw my arms around her drawing her into my body. Our lips locked instantly and mouths opened wide as our tongues danced an amazing jig. We melted into each other and before I knew it my hands were resting on the beautiful curves of her ass. Squeezing her butt cheeks and drawing her tighter to me I groaned, "Oh my God, Ivy you are fucking sexy I've got to kiss you again."

I had her in a vice like grip as I hungrily kissed her again. She was into the kiss but was beginning to squirm due to her need to piss. She pleaded, "Just let me piss and I promise you that my body is yours. I want you to fill up all of my holes."

"Let me help you off with this skirt then; it is just in our way." I pulled her skirt down over her hips and let it fall to the floor revealing her hot red bikini panties. As she kicked the skirt aside I began nibbling on her neck and ran my hands down to her crotch. Cruelly I played with her clit through the panties which only caused her to have to piss more.

"Jim, stop that or I'll pee on your hand," she shrieked. Nibbling even more lustily on her neck I frigged her clit faster while my other hand caressed her ass. She was squirming so much it reminded me of a belly dance. I have never been into water sports but suddenly found myself wanting to try it with Ivy at any cost.

"Fuck yes, Ivy piss in your pants and on my hand. Come on and least give me just a little trickle," I replied out of breath. At first, a look of disgust came over her face which was followed by a look of resignation and then she smiled seemingly wondering what it would be like to play this way. The next thing I know the crotch of her panties is getting warm and then I feel the wetness of her piss spread to cover the area of her underwear between her thighs and drizzle just a little on my waiting hand.

It was a small trickle of her golden fluid but, enough. Moving my hand from her panties I lifted it to my face and licked it off of two of my fingers before Ivy stopped me asking, "Let me try it."

But, I continued to lick until the fingers were clean. Then I lifted up my nightie exposing Eve's pink panties to Ivy. Gently I took her hand and placed it on my penis, as I kicked off the high heels, and told her, "No, you should try mine."

Immediately I let loose a small stream of my own covering the panties with urine and allowing Ivy to collect a sample in her hand. When she was sure I had stopped urinating she brought her hand to her mouth and she licked her fingers clean even more earnestly than I had licked mine.

But, the basic problem still remained. We both had to piss very badly. Ivy kissed me again passionately and begging me insisted, "Let's go over there and pee, please, I don't want to make a mess on the floor."

Allowing her to turn around to walk toward the toilet I rested my cock against her ass and grabbed a boob in each hand as I let her lead us toward it. But as she started to turn to sit down I grabbed her and pointed her toward the bathtub. Firmly I whispered in her ear, "Let's climb into the bathtub. It is either there or right here on the floor."

She was too desperate to argue and turned in the direction of the tub. I released my grip on her to let her climb over the side. Quickly I followed her in. She asked, "Can I fucking piss yet?"

Turning her to face me I began pulling her top off over her head and told her, "Not until, at least, this nightgown is with your skirt."

You never saw anything like it the nightgown was flung across the room almost as soon as I finished the sentence. I made sure the blouse quickly followed. As I pulled her back into my arms she asked, "Now please?"

"Oh God, yes, but save me a big drink." I excitedly replied as I pulled her tight against me as we kissed. At the same time we released a flood of piss. I had never felt anything quite so sensual as the hot liquid washed over our crotches, down to our thighs, and then ran down our calves on its way to the drain. I thought wet underwear would be disgusting but surprisingly it felt so cozy against my skin.

Ivy reached around me and unclasped my bra and threw it and the panty stuffers in the pile on the floor. Spinning her around so her ass was against my cock I let another stream cover her ass as I freed her tits from her bra. Falling against me Ivy ground her ass against my prick. Obviously still needing relief she questioned me, "When can I finish?"

"In just a minute, I just have to get things ready." I dropped to my knees and buried my face in the urine soaked panties covering her ass and began sucking the piss from them. Ivy forcibly turned herself around and placed her hands on my head urging me to suck the front side of the panties. Then grabbing the sides of her panties I yanked them all the way down and off of her.

Do you like my wet, hairy bush?" I nodded my head yes as I pushed her legs apart so that her feet were braced against each side of the tub. Using my fingers to explore her thick pubic forest I pulled apart her lips and got close to her little pee hole.

"Ok, sweet thing, give me all you got!" Quickly I attached my mouth to her pisser and drank down all I could. It tasted surprisingly sweet and only a little dribbled out the sides of my mouth. This seemed more intimate to me than fucking.

"Oh fuck, I can't believe how much you are drinking," she exclaimed. Just then I stopped drinking and positioned myself so her piss was pouring onto my chest and stomach.

"Oh fuck, cover me with that stuff," I yelled. Her spray only lasted another couple of seconds but it was enough to coat me from neck to toe with her glorious piss. Rebounding quickly, I stood up yanking off my panties and backed away from her as far as I could and aimed my penis at her. Starting at her tits I pissed up and down her body paying particular attention to her boobs and pussy.

"Jim, oh shit yes that is great but let me drink some." She had read my mind as I stopped the flowing pee and motioned for her to come over. Taking the cue her mouth was wrapped around my cock in a flash with my remaining urine flowing into her throat. I could hear her deeply swallowing every bit of my piss. Once my bladder was empty her drinking turned into cock sucking. It felt fantastic but I wasn't quite ready yet as there were some things that should come first.

"Ivy, stop that right now, it ain't time for that yet," I coolly said wrapping my hand in her hair and pulling her away. She looked up at me like a little kitty that had been caught taking more than her share of cat nip. After helping her stand back up we kissed wildly as we rubbed our piss soaked bodies together. Then, reaching behind her I turned on the shower and let the warm jets of water wash the urine away as we passionately caressed each other from head to ass. Once I was convinced we were thoroughly rinsed off I stopped the water. We each grabbed a towel and dried one another off paying special attention to our genitals. I grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom. Standing beside the bed we kissed as if in heat. Then, I gently pushed her back onto the bed. She kind of bounced when she landed.

Quickly I dove on top of her. I was now totally out of control. I grabbed her boobs and commenced to kiss all over her chest. Savagely I sucked one of her tits into my mouth causing Ivy to wiggle underneath me.

She ran her nails sharply up and down my back as I took turns sucking on each of her huge titties. Her pussy was lightly grinding against my stomach. Moving on, I pelted her tummy with kisses before turning her over onto her stomach so that I could kiss her ass.

At first, I just covered her sweet ass with what seemed hundreds of little butterfly kisses. Then, settling in, I pulled her ass cheeks and licked and sucked for everything I had in me. My tongue quickly found her smelly crack and licked it from top to bottom. As I reached her puckering hole Ivy began playing footsie with my rigid manhood.

Her ass cheeks seemed to fall away from her rectum as I continued my assault. I stuck my tongue in deeper and deeper and deeper. Ivy was now actively pushing her rump hard against my lips as I enjoyed the forbidden taste of her bowels.

Although Eve was a great lover it had been a long time since I was this turned on as I was ready to fuck my sister in law right now. But, we just had to do one more thing first. I swung my body around so my cock was in her face. Taking the hint Ivy slid on top of me.

She wrapped her hands around my hard member as I pulled her hips into position above my face. Ivy's legs fell to the side causing her pussy to open up before my eyes. Simultaneously we dove into each other. Ivy's head bobbed up and down on my erection as my tongue found every millimeter of her honey pot. She moaned loudly when I flicked my tongue across her hard clit.

As she squeezed my balls between her fingers I pinched and twisted her ass cheeks. Our mouths continued working furiously on each other. The taste and the feeling she was giving me was truly out of this world. Just as I thought I was going to shoot a load of my cum down her throat she stopped sucking me off.

Lifting herself off of my face Ivy swirled around and sat on my stomach. Clasping my prick in her hand she flicked it against her little nub. Then positioning it her opening she purred, "I want every drop in my pussy."

"Go for it," was all I could say breathlessly. It was then I found out another difference between my wife and her sister. As Ivy pushed me slowly inside of her I discovered that she had to have one of the world's tightest pussys. It was as tight as many assholes I had been in. I grunted hard as her twat swallowed my dick into it.

"Fuck, you have a big cock," she yelped as she proceeded to begin moving up and on me.

"Oh shit, you are so god damn fucking tight; I can't fucking believe it." As her juices coated my cock and her pussy got used to my member she began riding me faster and faster. As some of her juice ran down onto my balls I decided to have a little fun of my own and gave her ass a hard swat causing a small yelp to come from her.

"God, Jim, do it again!" So, I smacked her ass repeatedly as her riding became more and more hurried. I was quickly losing it. Ivy's face was turning red from the workout we were giving each other and her eyes had closed in ecstasy. From deep inside my nuts I could feel my eruption building. Then I let loose in Ivy's hot twat. She didn't stop riding me as she was cumming over and over again which caused me to let loose a second and third load deep inside of my sister in law.

Totally spent she collapsed on top of me and laid there for a couple of minutes before looking at the bedside clock. She certainly didn't want Eve to catch us like this so she ran into the bathroom and collected her clothing and put it on. Since her panties were urine soaked she grabbed Eve's silky brown ones from the stack on the floor and put them on.

Then she helped me put Eve's nightgown and bra neatly away. I took off the wet stockings and we stuffed them and the soaked panties into bag. Ivy said she would wash the stuff and bring it back when her family came over for dinner later that evening. She gave me a quick kiss and just like that she was out the door.

Realizing what time it was I panicked and rushed around making sure that any sign of our nasty session was gone. Luckily I spotted her high heels at the doorway to the bathroom and put them away. Hurriedly I took a shower and got dressed just as Eve walked in the door. That afternoon went on as usual without any problems.

y, her husband, and their k**s arrived right on time at 5:00 and Ivy was carrying a shopping bag. Carefully she pulled out some soda for her k**s and a salad bowl she had wrapped in towels. After handing Eve the food and drink she put the towels back in the bag and carried them back to Eve's and my bedroom. Of course, I found a reason to follow her. When we got there I showed her where the two pair of panties and stockings went. Then we turned toward each other and kissed passionately. Then she blew me away as she told me, "Jim, I'll be back next Sunday morning for more of that great fucking."

Flabbergasted I just nodded my head in agreement. We had a good time that evening. Ivy disturbed me a bit as whenever no one was around she would give me a quick caress or put my hand on her sensually. After playing a few hands of cards they left at about 9:00.

I helped Eve clean up and get things ready for Monday morning. By the time this was all done it was bedtime. I was greeted in bed with Eve wearing the same gown I had been wearing earlier that day. As I walked in she lifted it up revealing her yellow briefs to me. She sweetly quipped, "Someone has been a naughty boy again. I found these on the bathroom floor this morning when I got home from church."

My face turned every shade of red imaginable. But, Eve just smiled and held out a hand to me to join her. I climbed into bed beside her and before my head hit the pillow she was all over me. After kissing me voraciously several times she suddenly stood up beside the bed and flung off the gown and panties. The next thing I know she has climbed back into bed and is sitting on my face urging, "Eat it! Jim, eat my fucking pussy, I have been waiting all damn day!"

We spent the next hour and a half in steamy lust. Before she was done with me I had kissed her ass, feet, armpits, pussy, and most of the rest of her beautiful body. I had no complaints either as I cannot think of a single spot on my body that did not receive her attention. And fuck, boy did we fuck; I managed to cum in her mouth, her pussy, her asshole and on her tits. As you can probably tell there was nothing slow and no foreplay.

It was all hard core lustful sex. We slept like babies that night. Over the course of the next week Eve and I had sex many more times. Sometimes we had nice gentle romantic sex and other times we would get right to the hard core stuff. There was no reason sexually to cheat on her but it had just sort of happened and I admit I was looking forward to it happening again.

Saturday night Eve and I had nice romantic sex. So, on Sunday morning I slept right through her alarm and her leaving. I was awakened by Ivy's bra covered titties being rubbed in my face. You have never lived until a hot woman wakes you up by grinding her black silk and lace covered boobs against your head. As I put my arms around her she groaned, "Oh, Jim, suck the fuckers right through the bra it feels so hot!"

She had me suck and nibble on her breasts several minutes this way until her bra was literally soaked with my saliva. Finally, she reached behind her unclasping the bra letting it drop between us. I helped her fling it on the floor as we rolled over so that she was now on her back asking her, "My God, Ivy, where in the fuck did you get such monster jugs."

"I take it you like them then. Then, prove it and make me cum by playing, biting and kissing the fuckers." Of course, like most men, I didn't have to be asked twice. My mouth and hands were all over those wonderful g****fruits. As one hand caressed one tit lightly the other might be twisting the hell out of the second one while I sucked and bit wildly from one boob to the other boob.

"Hey, let's go to the other room and I'll show you what those great titties really need."

"What do they really need?" I didn't answer her question I just helped her to her feet. Then she removed my pajama shirt and pants as I pushed her pants off of her leaving us in just our underpants. Walking tightly behind her with my hands roughly playing with her orbs as I nipped her neck we walked to the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator door I pulled out a jar of Strawberry Preserves

"Everyone knows that everything tastes better with jelly on it, especially for breakfast," I told her. She giggled nervously as I led her to the living room. Laying her down on the carpet I scooped out several hunks of the sweet treat and liberally applied it to both of her mountains. Then I dove back kissing back and forth all over her chest as she helped direct my head so that I would get every drop.

"Oh shit, I'm cumming," she yelled out.

"See, I told you everything is better with jelly," I smirked. A broad mischievous smile came to Ivy's face as she got up onto one elbow.

"Let me see if that is true or not." With that she pushed me onto my back and reached in the jelly jar and spread the sticky stuff on my erection. In no time the vacuum action of her mouth on my cock was driving me crazy. My hand was gripping her ass for dear life. Suddenly, she threw her panties in my face and straddled my hips. She lowered herself to the head of my cock.

Shouldn't I be the one to fuck him first, after all, he is my husband." I looked up and to my horror and excitement I saw nothing but Eve's pussy as she had her feet on both sides of my face. She had snuck in and stripped while Ivy was sucking my cock. It turned out there was no Sunday school or church meetings for a change so she had come straight home after services expecting to wake me with some more good sex.

The three of us were frozen for a second as Eve waited to see our reaction. Being underneath both of them and at their mercy I just laid and waited for Ivy's move. Climbing off of me she said, "You're right you fuck his big cock first."

She took a step toward Eve and the sisters kissed passionately as my eyes popped out of their head. Ivy quickly took Eve's former position and straddled my head with her cunt coming closer and closer to my mouth. Her pussy landed on me just as I felt my wife flick my cock against her clit for the first time. The sisters kissed again and Eve moaned, "Ivy, it has been too damn long since we have done this."

"Oh shit, you're telling me; now, fuck kiss me again pussy cat, Ivy responded. As shocked as I was that I had both sisters on top of me I was stunned to hear that they had had sex with each other before. Eve had never mentioned that her and Ivy had gotten together as all she told me was she had experimented with other women. While I was stunned I was even more turned on by the turn of events.

I began giving Ivy's twat a workout with my tongue and lips as she ground it all over my face. For her part, Eve was sliding her juicy cunt down little by little over my hard on. Reaching up to caress someone's boobs I found that the two ladies already were having fun playing with each other. So, instead, I took turns playing with their asses. As Eve rode my cock I soon found myself bringing my hips up to meet her thrusts. Just as I was getting into it Eve called out, "time to change."

Instantly both pussys disappeared. But, just as quickly the ladies were back in position having traded so that now I was kissing Eve's tasty ass and pussy while being fucked by Ivy's tight twat. The sisters did this over and over again. Anytime the one who was being fucked in the pussy felt like I was about to cum they would change places. They must have traded positions ten times until Eve was surprised by receiving a huge load of my spunk in her twat.

The sisters weren't done with me yet as they traded positions yet again. Ivy climbed onto my cock riding it harder than ever. Her cunt muscles clamped hard against the sides of my member. She was determined to make me cum in her tightest of twats. As Ivy rode me I devoured the combined juices from Eve's cunt

It didn't take long for me to shoot my second load deep into my sister in law's pussy. As this happened Eve and Ivy were kissing passionately, grinding their tits together as their hands caressed one another's backs. As Eve gushed more of her fluid onto my face she cooed to her sister, "Oh Ivy, it's been too fucking long since I've tasted your pussy; let's sixty-nine. Jim can kiss or play with anything he can reach!"

"Oh yes, hot damn let's do it right now," Eve quickly replied. And with that, suddenly, both ladies were off of me and eating each other out right beside me. Eve was on top of Ivy so that her ass was inches from my mouth. Straddling her legs I dove into her ass kissing her sweet cheeks and tonguing her bowels. As I ate my wife's ass I reached between them and squeezed the hell out of her sister's big titties.

Without warning the ladies rolled over so that now Ivy was on top. Taking the cue I moved to Ivy's ass and plastered it with kissing and sucking as I squeezed Eve's little titties harder than I remember doing ever before. The sisters were truly into it and I felt them cum several times. I had just begun finger fucking Ivy's ass and gotten into position to butt fuck her when the phone rang. Ivy urged me not to answer it but I had to because it might be my job calling.

Out of breath I answered the phone. It was for Ivy it was her husband calling to see where she was. She explained to him that she had stopped to piss and that she and Eve had lost track of time because they were having so much fun. She hung up after telling him she would be right home.

"Sorry, guys I really have to go," Ivy moaned. Eve and I were now both standing up in case the call had been for us. Ivy came over and put an arm around each of us and we hugged. Quickly we lick the various sex juices off each other's faces hen gave one another deep soulful kisses.

"God, that was fun, we must do it again real fucking soon," Eve said much to my surprise. As we all got dressed and played a little sexually we talked about when we could get together again. There would be no Sunday school or church meetings the next week so Eve invited Ivy into our bed then. With Sunday church activities picking back up the next week we got more creative in making time for each other.

The only pitfall came when Ivy and her husband decided to try and have another c***d and she went off of the pill. It was a bit of a drag having to put on a condom but the reward of her tight pussy was well worth it. For two decades we have been going at it strong. I am not sure why Ivy's husband never joined us but the subject never came up. I guess, it is possible; the ladies are doing the same with him as they are with me.

If they are I couldn't say anything about it, it is their right as I can't tell Eve she can't do to Ivy's husband what I am enjoying Ivy doing for me. Well, Ivy should be here any second and I want to make out with her alone for the few minutes that we have before Eve gets home from the grocery store.

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