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Mrs. Thompson

Mrs. Thompson

It was a friday morning and beautifully sunny too without a cloud in the sky. I pulled into Mrs. Thompson's drive-way ready for what should of been half a days work flooring out a loft space. I parked up and rang the doorbell thinking about getting this job done quick so I could have the rest of the day off.
A beautiful lady who I assumed was Mrs. Thompson because I had only spoke to her over the phone, answered the door. Now Mrs. Thompson was at a guess, early thirties and around 5'8" tall with long legs, a nice lean body and shiny dark hair that fell just below her shoulders. She had the most beautiful red lips, full and smiling and I felt a little burst of sexual excitement as i thought about what I would love those lipstick covered lips to do to me. She had bright blue eyes full cheeks and a petite little nose and politely said "Good morning you must be Dave?"
"Yes, pleased to meet you Mrs. Thompson, thanks for giving me a call"
"Well thank you for fitting me in a such short notice. And it's Jessica" she replied.
"Ok. That's fine, It has been a bitty week for me so moving a few little jobs around wasn't a problem" I said as she motioned for me to come in.
"I have all the boards and screws up stairs already, would you like to have a look?"
"yes, I can see what tools and wot not to take up" I said as I followed her beautifully round behind wiggle up the stairs while thinking more lusty thoughts!
Mrs. Thompson was wearing tan coloured knee high heeled boots, a black mid thigh length skirt and red blouse that was open a few buttons helping show off her small pert cleavage, of which I had a problem not to get caught trying to catch a peek.
After having a quick look in the loft I proceeded to get set up for cutting and fixing, while Jessica went back down stairs to make me an offered cup of tea. While flooring out the loft my mind wondered to sexy fantasies of fucking Jessica in all manner of situations and positions which contributed to a few errors in my work that I rectified and scolded my self for not paying attention. But it was hard to with that sexy attractive woman downstairs with her bright red lipstick lips! We had a brief chat when she brought up my tea and it must of been obvious that I found her attractive, I felt like a school boy with a crush helplessly flirting, and probably making a complete fool of myself.
I finished the loft, it didn't take long and so started to pack up. "Done all ready?"
"Yes, nearly all cleaned up I wont be much longer"
"Thanks I thought it would take longer than that" she said with a smile.
" I didn't have to do to much cutting, went quite well actually" I replied.
"What do I owe you? I'll write you a cheque while you finish cleaning up"
"Just call it sixty, if that's ok?" I said as a walked out the front door with the last of my dust sheets.

I came back in and went up stairs just to check that I hadn't missed anything and was about to come back down the stairs when Jessica appeared on the landing and handed me the cheque she had made out for me and said
"Thanks for a good job"
"No problem, glad your pleased" I said politely waiting for her to move so I could leave.
"Your very clean and tidy, and polite. A quick worker" she said with a sexy smile.
"Thank you, my pleasure" I replied.
"You find me attractive don't you?" she said huskily and out of the blue.
"Well yeah" I stammered and then a little more confidently "You are stunning, if you don't mind me saying so?"
"I don't mind at all" she said as she lightly took hold of my work shirt in her manicured hands and started to unbutton it.
My mind started to race and my cock started to rise noticeably. Jessica finished unbuttoning my shirt and rubbed the front of my trousers.
"I would like to give you a bonus for you efficiency!" she said looking me straight in the eye.
Lamely I said "Ermm……ok?"
She unbuttoned my fly and as she bent down pulled my trousers and boxers down in one and my rock hard 6" cock sprang out to greet her. Jessica squatted down and looked up at me and held my cock at its base and licked the head once really slowly and I groaned with pleasure. Then she took me in her mouth and 10 seconds later I came so hard with real raw knee shaking pleasure. (and embarrassment!)
"Sorry" I almost sobbed!
"Wow you were really turned on!" she said after swallowing my entire load. she used her little pinky to wipe the corners of her mouth and smiled at me. "Do you need to be any where else today?"
"I was planning the rest of the day off" i said still glowing red from my embarrassment!
"Please stay for some more playtime Dave?" she said in the most sensual voice.
"I'm surprised you'd be so up for it after my performance just now" i said looking at my shoes!
"It makes me so turned on that I got you that worked up" She replied as she led me to the bedroom by my still rock hard cock, hopping and skipping with my trousers still around my ankles.

Once in the bedroom Jessica suggested I take the rest of my clothes off, while she went into her en-suite I guessed to undress herself. Jessica re-entered the bedroom and I stood mouth agape with my rock hard erection, and took in the view of her pert little tits and fine fit body. She was still wearing her boots and skimpy little lace panties that seemed to bulge out. I though she must have one hell of a hairy bush!
"You like what you see by the reaction of your cock!" she said
"are you k**ding, you look amazing" I replied.
"I have a surprise for you though, and If you don't like my surprise we will stop right now with no hard feelings, OK?" she said sheepishly.
"What kind of surprise?" I asked.
She walked up close to me and took my hand and drew it to her bulge in her panties and said "about 8 inches of surprise".
My heart skipped a beat and i though this is going to be interesting. My reply was to slowly pull her panties aside and stroke her hardening cock.
"Wow, you really like my surprise?"
"yeah" I replied. " Always wanted to get involved with a gurl like you, its' like a dream come true"
"Oh baby" she said and lent forward and we kissed passionately for what seemed like an age, all the while I was stroking her now fully erect monster!
We broke our kiss and she led me over to the bed and she sat on the edge. I went to me knees and slowly licked the head of her massive cock. I had never sucked a cock before so was really nervous and hoping I was doing it right. By Jessica's moans of pleasure I guessed I was doing ok, so I took the her head in my mouth and started sucking. She leaned back and lay on the bed while feeling her beautiful breasts.
" Oh baby that feels amazing" she purred.
I felt spurred on by this and started to wank her shaft whiling her to cum into my mouth. Her gasps and moans grew loader until she unloaded her cum, thrusting lightly up into my mouth with spurt after spurt. I swallowed all she gave me, and it turned me on like nothing before!
"That was just what I needed Dave, Have you done that before?" She said as she sat up and looked at me hovering over her lap.
"No I haven't" I said licking my lips. "you taste nice" I said
"Do you want t fuck me" she asked
I was silent for a few second and replied" I was hoping you would fuck me, I would love to try that!" I said expectantly.
"Really?. Give me a minute" she replied. She got up from the bed and went to her bedside draw and produced a pack of condoms and a bottle of lube.
I was so excited at the prospect of getting my arse fucked and Jessica was looking at me, smiled and tore open a condom and started to roll it onto her still rock hard penis.
" You are gonna love this" she said knowingly.
She walked back over to me as I stood up and she kissed me again. She then told me to bend over on the bed towards the edge and spread my cheeks. Which I did and she started to apply lube on my arse hole and slowly finger me. It felt amazing and the building excitement was driving me nuts!
Her finger slid in and out of my arse a few more times before she removed it and I waited in anticipation until she started to press the head of her cock against my rosebud!
"I will go slow, so just relax and don't fight it ok?" she said
I felt very relaxed as if this was the natural thing for me, and my cock was aching from how stiff it had gotten waiting to be stimulated by her monster!
Her head broke into my hole to a big sigh from me and a low moan from her, and I grasped at the bedsheets waiting for more of her cock to fill me up. Slowly inch by inch, gently in and out she worked her cock right in until I felt her pelvis touch my bum cheeks. "You took all of me babe" she panted and began to fuck me gentle and smooth, slowly gaining speed until she was sliding in and out with ease.
The feeling in my arse was superb, my prostate sending waves of pleasure to the tip of my cock that was aching to be touched, which I resisted with great effort savouring it to its fullest!
Between thrusts Jessica asked " Turn over babe so I can look at you as I fuck you?". So she withdrew her cock from my arse to my disappointment so I could do just that. I turned over onto my back as she asked and she pushed my knees up towards my chest and positioned her cock against my arse again, but this time she slid in right up to the hilt in one go. My cock jumping around from the feeling."You like that don't you!" It was a statement not a question, and she started to really pound my arse this time, all the while looking me right in the eye, her sighing and me grunting with abandon.
The feeling in my arse was amazing and I realised that was about to cum without even touching my super excited cock. I was holding my breath without realising it, and Jessica must of sensed I was about to cum, so she started fucking me with long, deep hard strokes and the wave of my orgasm made me tense up and cry " your gonna make me CUM!" as spurt after spurt exploded from my cock streaking across my belly an chest, some even splattering my chin as I groaned in absolute pleasure.
As my orgasm subsided I noticed I was shaking and Jessica breathlessly whispered
"That was so hot! I've never made anyone cum like that before"
I couldn't say a word as I was still recovering from the most amazing feeling I had ever had, all the while Jessica was fucking me faster and faster and harder, her moaning building to her own release that exploded from her cock as she buried herself right up to my arse cheeks, trying to go deeper. Her cock pulsing with every spurt. My mind wondered to a thought of what her cum would feel like actually spurting into my arse without a condom, and wishing that was the case!
Jessica collapsed onto my chest panting, I stroked her hair until she lifted her beautiful face and looked me in the eyes and said " that was soooo good!".
She smiled then we kissed with her cock still in my arse and I felt awesome!

After we lay in bed in each others arms dozing in and out of sleep. Later jessica said I could shower, I did, got dressed and went downstairs where Jessica was making some coffee." Hey handsome" she said. I walked up behind her and kissed her neck and stroked her arse through her skirt. "You are amazing Jessica!"
She turned around with a sexy grin on her face and glimpsed down towards her crotch which was starting to tent her skirt. I new then I had fallen for this gurl.
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That would be a DREAM CUM True:-) You LUCKY MAN:-)
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A lovely experience I have longed for but never achieved.
2 years ago
think I would fall for her too
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Excellent story, lucky lucky guy!
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lucky man, smile
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hot, believable story. Lucky guy to get such a big bonus. this one got me in the mood, so were even...O-)
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Great story. One of the better ones that I've read recently.
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Beautiful !
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wow I guess so I would and I'm a tranny
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beautiful story
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wow, that was hot
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My golly gosh that was one amazing story
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WOW! One of the hottest stories I have read here in recent months. Great job.
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