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I was 18 and lived with my Mom in a small southern city. My parents had been divorced several years so, it was just my Mom who took care of me and my siblings. She wouldn't let us see him. We talked by phone a couple of times a year and he sent us gifts at Christmas and Birthdays.

But, the divorce had been brutal and they didn't want to live anywhere near each other. My dad had taken this to an extreme as he moved to the Midwest when I was ten. Dad always seemed lonely when I talked with him, but he always reassured us that he was fine.

I was a very horny girl and had plenty of dates but hadn't connected with any special guy. And, I wouldn't go out just to go out. I had to be interested in a guy to date him. I don't believe in stringing a guy along or using him for my own purposes. As a result I spent about half of my weekend nights at home. As horny as I was I would spend my time reading erotic stories on the internet.

One night I was reading story after story and was getting really hot. Then I came across the hottest story of a girl who seduces her daddy by flashing her panties at him. It was an amazing story and I had to let him know it.

So I sent him the following e-mail:

"Oh My God that was one hot fucking great story. I dearly love those Daddy and His baby girl kind of stories. You dam sure know how to make a lady's pussy wet without even touching it. When is the next story coming? I gave you a 5 when i voted but that was no were near enough for that hot story. Keep them

Cumming * one very hot sexy story."

About a day later I receive an e-mail from an address I don't recognize. It is a very suggestive e-mail that asks me if I want to cum again. A bit confused I write back and ask this guy where he got my address. After a couple of exchanges the writer convinces me that he is the author of the story. Relieved that I now know who it is and feeling like I know him some, even though it is just his sexual side, I begin a correspondence with him.

I find out he is 48 and is about5'10" and weighs 175 pounds with salt and pepper hair, hazel eyes and a eight inch cock. I tell him that I am 5'5" and weigh 150 pounds with long black hair and green eyes. He wants more details so I give in and tell him that I have an innie belly button, my breasts are DD cups, my ass is too big but probably what most guys like, and that I am a horny southern slut.

He writes back and tells me to prove that last statement by writing back describing how I would give him a blow job. I can't let this challenge go unmet. I carefully describe how I would unzip his fly and unfasten his pants then shove his clothing to the floor. Gently I would stroke his cock before kissing the tip with my very full lips. My tongue would swirl around the tip catching that little drop of pre cum. Then he would gasp for his breath as I vacuum the whole eight inches into my hungry mouth. He would wrap his hands in my hair as I continued to piston up and down on his hot poker while my tongue continued its assault on the sensitive underside. My sucking would get harder and faster as his moans got louder.

In no time, he would be dumping load after load of his sticky hot seed into my ravenous mouth. He wrote back and was evidently very turned on. He told me what he would do to me in return. After laying me out on my bed he would yank off my panties and then spread my legs very wide.

He first licked all around my outer pussy lips before taking his tongue all the way from the bottom to the top of my slit scooping up the juice that was escaping my twat. Then, he used one hand to stick a finger just inside my asshole while he used the other hand to stick two fingers deep inside my cunt. All the while his mouth was working furiously on my clit licking, nibbling and sucking on my little button. His description turned me on so much I couldn't help myself and frigged my clit until I had a wonderful orgasm.

I wrote him back thanking him for the great orgasm and asked him if he was into Instant Messaging. He had not tried it but was interested. I told him if he signed up we could have even more fun and gave him my user name. The very next day I receive a request from someone I don't recognize to chat. Thinking it was possibly him I accept the inquiry and to my delight it was indeed my sexy older man. We wasted no time and got straight into driving each other crazy.

After we had both cum we discussed some of our likes and dislikes. I quickly found out that he was game for just about anything. He wasn't into heavy bondage or water sports but everything else he would be willing to try. I replied that I liked a man's cock in any of my 3 holes and liked spanking especially pussy spanking. I told him that I was against water sports and found it disgusting to have my pussy eaten during my flow.

Things got interesting when we exchanged the mundane information. Right after we exchanged first names and states of residence neither of us messaged the other for well over five minutes. Neither of us believed it was possible, it just couldn't be. Finally, I messaged him, "What is your last name?"

Quickly he sent back a one word answer, it was my last name. My god, I think I have been having cyber sex with my own dad! So, I wrote back and asked if he were divorced giving him my Mom's name. This response was not as quick as he hesitated briefly typing simply, "yes"

In shock I wrote back, "Daddy, it is me your daughter, oh my god."

Daddy responded, "I know little girl."

"But, daddy we just, we just. You are my dad."

"It's ok; we didn't actually do anything together. We are 600 miles apart."

"But, daddy, we made each other cum."

"But we didn't know who we were fooling around with so no harm done."

"Are you sure?"

Daddy finally got me calmed down and believing we hadn't done anything wrong. We agreed to use the IM to chat in a couple of days. We decided we needed to get our heads back on straight. As the time went by I found that instead of putting my Trist with my father behind me I was thinking more and more of him sexually.

I sat in my room imagining really sucking his cock or having it inside of my pussy. Not to mention, he was the kind of man I fantasized about older and sure of himself.

I couldn't wait for our two days to pass to chat with him again. But, I was a little scared. I was scared that he might want to continue sexual adventures with me but even more scared that he would put a stop to it. Finally, I was playing a computer game when I heard a knock coming from my Instant Messenger, it was dad. Our talk started innocently enough. We talked about all of the boring stuff weather, sports, my school, and his job. I couldn't take it anymore and just had to ask, "What about the sex?"

"What about it?"

"Is it wrong? Should we do it anymore?"

After a long pause he typed, "We really weren't doing anything but telling each other our fantasies, so, I don't see anything wrong with it. I guess we can continue but I'll leave it up to you little girl."

My cunt flooded with my juices as I knew I wanted to have every type of cyber sex with my daddy that we could think of and replied, "Oh, daddy, you have a naughty baby girl my pussy is juicy and my nipples are hard. Daddy, I feel tingly all over, tell me what to do daddy."

"Let me see, baby girl, oh my you are wet down there aren't you?"

"Yes, daddy, you've made me very wet," I told my now obviously turned on father. He instructed me to strip and then we kissed passionately as he felt up his baby girl's body. I gasped when he said that he had pulled my nipple into his mouth. He just typed an exclamation mark when I told him I was taking his cock in my hand and lovingly caressing it. I said that I loved his great big cock in my hand. He gently ran his mouth down to my belly button.

He licked around the rim of my innate before sticking his tongue inside it and swirling all around the inside. Looking up smiling at me he took me in his arms and carried me to the bed. He laid me face down and I wiggled my big ass at him. Instantly I felt the smack of his hand on my ass. With each smack I saw his cock bounce as I looked toward it. I had never actually had a sexual spanking before but was truly enjoying this one even if it was only over the computer.

It was almost as if I could really feel it and I begged for more. Once he was satisfied that my cheeks must be pink enough he rolled me over and reached for the crop that lay beside the bed. Spreading my legs wide he stuck a finger into my pussy and licked it and then used the crop on my pussy and clit to give me quite the whipping. The mixture of pain and pleasure was unbelievable. I found myself sitting at the keyboard smacking my cunt with my hand as we typed back and forth. Once he was convinced that I had cum he laid beside me on the bed.

Quickly he pulled me into the 69 position. I was hungry for his cock and swallowed it whole while he devoured my cunt. In no time we were rolling from one side of the bed to the other. I told him I was grinding my pussy against his face and that load after load of pussy juice would be soaking his face. I told him how his entire cock would be in my mouth giving him the sucking of a lifetime. He wrote back and said he was flooding my mouth with his creamy spunk. I couldn't take it anymore and rolled on top of him telling him I had to have his fat rod inside of my hot pussy right now.

I was now naked in front of my keyboard as our correspondence slowed down some. It is hard to type and play with yourself at the same time. While daddy typed I frigged my clit and would from time to time stick my fingers inside of myself and would have to lick them off or wipe them on my clothes next to me on the floor. Needless to say I was hot as I told him that I was climbing on to his big prick.

He said that he was slamming at my little twat and loved watching my boobs bounce as I rode him hard and fast. Meanwhile, the chair I was sitting in was soaked with cunt juice as I told him, "Oh daddy, this feels so good, Damn it I am cumming, daddy."

"Oh shit, baby girl you are fucking fantastic," he responded. After we had both obviously cum at our own keyboards we continued to chat for awhile including dreaming out loud about how wonderful it would be to actually meet and try it all for real.

We continued to chat on line for several weeks and periodically the subject of doing our nasty stuff in person came up. But, two things were stopping us. First, we were after all father and daughter. But, secondly the distance made it a fruitless idea. It would be hard for me to travel 600 miles without my mom getting wise that something was going on. As for my dad, the travel time would require him to be gone from his job too long. But, opportunity soon knocked as a college in the northwest corner of my state sent me an invitation to visit for a weekend.

As luck would have it the school is almost exactly halfway to my dad's home. I showed the mailing to my mom and she agreed that I could go. I wasn't sure yet if I wanted to go through with really fucking my dad but thought I could at least explore my options. The next day I told my dad about the college weekend.

At first, he did not get what I was hoping to do. When he did he was very cautious. It took three days of messaging him before he agreed to even think about it. Finally, on the fourth day he agreed to meet me and by my lover for a weekend. Whereupon I told him, "Now, daddy, I want to spend the whole weekend with you not even leaving the hotel room. Big daddy please make love to me without stopping except for eating room service and a little sleep."

"Baby girl, daddy will be very nice to you all weekend long, I promise. And, if my baby girl wants to back out daddy will understand." It was nice to hear daddy say he would understand if I changed my mind, but, I didn't believe he meant it. The plans were all made and I was nervous as I drove to the medium size state university.

The plan was that I was to get all of the real business of meeting with school officials over with before dad got there then meet him in the lobby at 7:00. When I got to the hotel I went to the public restroom and straightened up the best I could and put perfume behind my ears. I looked at myself in the mirror trying to decide whether I really should do this. I answered myself with a smile that said yes you really want to fuck your daddy more than anything you have ever wanted in your life.

I sat on a couch near the registration desk watching all of the people. Suddenly, through the door here came my soon to be lover daddy. He didn't see me and walked to the front desk and checked in requesting a King Suite. As he turned around I was standing next to him and said, "Hi, daddy."

"Hi there, baby girl," he responded nonchalantly although I could already see the bulge in his trousers. We both picked up our over night bags and walked to the elevator.

As the doors closed leaving us alone on the elevator I asked, "What floor are we on?"

"We're on 43," was his simple reply. I dropped my bag and threw my arms around his neck.

"Oh daddy, I want to be yours all weekend long." Our lips met at first tenderly then hot and passionate. I ground my pelvis against his boner while he pulled me tight against his chest. His hands had slipped to the top of my rump as we heard the elevator doors open. It was practically a sprint to the room.

As dad tried to make the key card open the Dorr I fondled his little sexy ass. When we got in, the door was barely closed behind us, as I practically attacked him As I threw down my bag and kicked off my high heels I again kissed daddy hard while again grinding against him as my hands kneaded his ass cheeks. I wasn't going to give him a chance to have second thoughts. Coming up for air I purred like a pussycat, "Oh daddy, I want to be your baby girl slut all weekend long, starting now, daddy, ok daddy?"

I didn't give him a chance to answer as I reached for his belt and undid it and his pants, shoving both the pants and his boxers to his knees. I fell to my knees in front of the most glorious prick I had ever seen and wrapping my hand around his massive member gently stroking it several times. Dad was gasping for air as I gave the head a small kiss. But, he almost doubled over when I slid most of it into my mouth in one gulp. I could tell he was already enjoying this i****tuous weekend as he grabbed my long hair and wrapped it in his fingers. He moaned, "Oh fucking god baby girl this fucking wonderful. Oh you little cock sucker, oh, yes, suck daddy's cock."

It was not long before I felt his cock pulsate as it approached eruption. He shot three big loads of his sticky wonder into my very hungry mouth. I smiled up at him and asked, "How was that daddy?"

"I loved it baby girl." I stood back up as daddy took off his clothes and I was surprised that he was as sexy naked as he was dressed. I walked the six feet to the bed and sat on the edge of it. My naked father came over and sat beside me and we began lovingly smooching kissing each other's mouth, neck and ears as our hands got to know one another's bodies. My shirt seemed to melt off of me as he pulled it off over my head so that I barely noticed he was taking it off revealing my black bra with red lace accents.

He deftly unclasped the bra and pulled it off. My nipples immediately stiffened in the cold of the heavily air conditioned room. I caress his back and shoulders as he pushed me back gently onto the bed all the while kissing down my chest and up the sides of my tits. I thought it would take him forever to reach a nipple. He worked his tongue like magic all around my tiny erection and then flicked it with the tip of his tongue several times before sucking it into his mouth. It was amazing to see how much he could get in as I thought he would choke. As he switched from one tit to the other he exclaimed, "Baby girl, you have the biggest and sexiest boobs I have ever seen in my life."

"Thank you daddy; Oh shit daddy that feels so good Oh yes," I replied as I put a hand on his head sort of holding him in place. The juices in my cunt were now flowing freely and I wondered when he would move down there. I didn't have to wait long as I felt him undoing my pants as he continued sucking my boobs. Almost automatically I lifted my ass off of the bed as he sat up just long enough to tug my pants off. When he saw the black stockings and sexy black silk panties with red lace I heard him gulp loudly as he exclaimed, "My fucking god, baby girl that is the sexiest thing I've ever seen!"

"You like my panties, daddy. I wore them just for you. They are like the ones in your hot story."

"Oh yes, my baby slut, I love them very much, oh fucking fantastic." There was no doubt that he liked how they looked as his hands and lips were all over them in a flash paying particular attention to my wet crotch. While the panties and stockings had clearly turned him on it was clear that he had a need to move along as his kissing and caressing became more and more urgent. I didn't have to say a thing as soon my panties were being pulled down my legs

Knowing just what to do I spread my legs apart and pulled up knees displaying the full view of my hairy pussy for my daddy. My cunt felt as if it were on fire as my dad's face got near. I shivered as I felt his hot breath on my twat lips. Suddenly his tongue was bathing the entire area. He worked all over me and then found my hard little clit and sucked it into his mouth. Out of control I ground my crotch against his face and hollered, "Damn it, daddy, oh shit, Oh yes, Fuck me, fuck your baby girl, come on fuck my virgin pussy now, please daddy. I need you inside of me right now, daddy."

Daddy's attention only became more intense as he realized that I was a virgin. Later, I would explain that I had done everything imaginable, even had taken it up the ass, but hadn't found anyone that I had wanted to let in my pussy until him. I pulled on his hair and kicked him in the back letting him know that it was time for him to get busy and fuck me. My pussy gushed another wave of juice which he quickly cleaned up and moved up my body. His dick was poking my bush as he replied, "Oh baby girl, I've wanted your sweet pussy ever since your first e-mail. I want to fuck the hell out of you!" With that, he pulled back and pushed halfway into my waiting cunt.

"Oh god, yes daddy, fuck the shit out of your little baby girl slut." Putting my hands firmly on his ass cheeks I pulled him toward me causing him to go in the rest of the way and breaking my barrier. It hurt for a moment but soon I was urging him on. His pounding was hard and steady but controlled just enough not to hurt me. I rubbed my hands all over his back and ass and wrapped my legs around him. Each stroke he made into my steamy pussy was met with a counter stroke from me. It didn't take long for me to have the best orgasm of my young life.

The way dad was gasping for breath I could tell he was cumming, too. My hands and legs fell to the bed as dad collapsed on top of me and then rolled just to the side. I was ready for more right then and there but it was clear that dad needed a short rest. We fell asleep in each other's arms for a few hours.

When I wok up it was dark in the room except for the light from one bedside lamp. The clock radio showed that it was 1:14 in the morning. Laying there, I watched my father sleep and as I looked over his perfect body my juices began to flow again. Without thinking I softly ran my fingertips over his chest. When I reached his crotch I grabbed his balls and played with them between my fingers before reaching up and teasing his limp dick. I laid there and continued to fondle it and slowly it came to life ever expanding in my hand. This was a wonderful feeling and thrilled me beyond

Now his cock was as stiff as ever and dad was breathing funny. I loved the effect I was having on him. The beginnings of moaning were coming from his mouth. Looking at his face I saw his eyes blink open. It took a minute or two for him to remember where he was. Then with a start he said, "You are a bad baby girl for waking daddy. What should we do about it?"

I continued to rub his prick responding, "I don't know daddy. I couldn't help myself you have such a pretty dick daddy." He gave my boob a hard squeeze and got up and walked over to his bag and got something out. On his way back he turned on all of the lights in the room and instructed me to lay in the middle of the bed with my legs and knees up. I couldn't quite see what he was carrying as he kneeled on the bed beside me all I knew is my pussy tingled with anticipation.

"You're going to pay for waking daddy, baby girl. It's time to teach that sweet hot little pussy of yours a lesson." Then without further warning I felt the sting of the paddle hitting me between the legs striking me all the way from my bush to my wide open pussy lips.

"Ouch, daddy, please do it again. I'll do anything you want."

Are you my sex slut bitch?" he asked as he smacked my pussy three more times.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch; oh yes daddy I wanna to be your fucking slut." I was more turned on than I had ever been as daddy was bringing my pussy to life in a way that it never had been before. His last couple of hits had grazed my clit as it was peeking out more and more.

"Ok, my sweet bitch suck your own tits for daddy my little fucking bitch take this, cunt." I sucked my nipples into my mouth in turn as daddy smacked my cunt and clit several more times. My hips were now bouncing all over the bed making it a little harder for daddy to aim his strikes. But, daddy never missed. By the time daddy had finished I had been smacked 50 times and had cum at least twice.

In gratitude I grabbed his massive erection and gave it a hard yank as daddy settled back onto the bed. I yanked him hard a couple of more times as daddy reached down to my cunt and stuck his finger in and scooped out a little of my cum and tasted it. I asked him to give me some. He scooped out my pussy once more and I sucked his finger clean of my juice. Then I sweetly asked, "Oh daddy, can I fuck you, please daddy?"

Not waiting for a verbal answer I got into position on my knees and daddy seeing what I was up to laid flat on the bed. Quickly, I straddled his hips. After rubbing the head of his cock against my clit several times I guided his manhood inside of me. I looked in his eyes and saw nothing but pure lust and his hands were all over me as he couldn't make up his mind whether he wanted to play with my tits or ass. I had no such trouble as I frigged my clit while I rode his member like a wild woman. Oh god, his cock felt so good inside of me as his hips came up to meet each of my downward thrusts. I decided to help daddy with his dilemma and leaned over his face so he could use his mouth on my titties freeing his hands to work over my ass.

This worked very well and before long I felt the beginnings of an orgasm sweep over my lusty body. Dad's face now had a very intense look on it and I knew he was close, too. Suddenly, he let out a loud growl and I could actually feel his seed hit the deepest recesses of my pussy. Almost at the same instant I came flooding his cock with more juice than I could imagine coming out of me.

We never did leave the room the entire weekend as we found ways of making each other feel good. On Saturday evening dad wanted to fuck me up the ass. As I said, I had done this before but hadn't really enjoyed it. Dad promised to take it easy and stop if it was too awful. Reluctantly, I agreed to give it a try. Dad got out the lube he had brought and after kissing my asshole for nearly 15 minutes and getting me very horny began smearing his cock with it. Then he gently applied the cream to my asshole shoving it inside with his fingers. I think he must have used half a tube as I felt greased up down there. Then he ran his hands down my back very gently and said, "Just relax baby girl."

I took a deep breath as I felt his cock head at my rim. He popped it without a problem. But, as he pushed it deeper suddenly pain shot through my ass. I screeched and he stopped allowing me time to get use to the huge invader. Then he pushed a little further in and it still hurt but not nearly as much.

He rested again and then pushed again. I still felt a bit of pain but there was also something that felt right and good about this. After a half a dozen pushes he told me he was all the way in. He began to slowly thrust in and out and before long there was no sign of pain at all. In fact, his cock felt wonderful pistoning in and out of me. I couldn't help myself and found that my ass was pushing back to meet his cock. For his part, daddy was moaning and cussing wildly as his hands were on my boobs squeezing the hell out of them. It didn't take long for him to shoot his load in my bowels while my cunt juices dripped on to his balls and thighs.

After we finished dad complained that he didn't know how much more of this his cock could take. It worried me for a bit that he would give out on me before the weekend ended. But, I needed have worried as one of the highlights came on Sunday morning. Daddy was fulfilling my fantasy of fucking him in every possible position as we were fucking doggie style when there came a knock at the door. Dad gasped, "Oh shit, that must be room service. I forgot that I ordered it last night when you were in the bathroom. Stay right there. Don't move a muscle."

All I could think is that dad wanted to give the room service attendant a cheap thrill as my ass and pussy were facing directly at the door to the room. Dad strolled over to the door wearing nothing with his cock still hard and covered with my pussy juice. He motioned for the guy to come in. I looked over my shoulder and when the guy saw me and looked back at dad his face turned white and he was having trouble breathing. Dad asked him matter of fact, "What do you think of baby girl?"

"Ah, she's fantastic," was all the guy could muster.

As dad signed the check I asked, "Daddy please can I suck his cock while you fuck me, please daddy?"

"How about it, son. Do you want a blow job from baby girl?"

"Oh yes, sir."

"Then come here," dad demanded. He handed the guy the ticket which he stuffed into his pocket. Then dad put his arms around the guy and kissed him and immediately unzipped his pants and pushed both his pants and underwear to his knees. He grabbed the guy's seven inch cock and gave it a couple of strokes. Swatting the guy on the fanny he motioned him to come over to me.

I quickly swallowed his cock as I felt my dad thrust back into me. My head bobbed up and down the length of this stranger's cock in perfect timing with the fucking dad was giving me. Dad was playing with my ass and clit as the waiter was feeling up my boobies. It didn't take long for the young man to shoot load after load into my hungry mouth. As soon as he fell out of my mouth we thanked him and told him to shut the door behind him. He scurried out of the room with a memory to last a lifetime but hoping his boss wouldn't wonder what had taken so long.

My dad didn't skip a beat as we were both soon cumming yet again. We paused long enough to eat our steak and eggs before they got cold but picked things up where we had left off until it was check out time. I lost track of how many times he fucked my pussy and asshole not to mention all of the oral sex. I do know as we parted ways dad told me his prick was sore and needed a rest. I told him that it just needed more workouts. We both laughed. Daddy says that he can come and visit me as often as I want when school starts but that it will be up to me. I have the funny feeling we will be seeing a lot of each other!

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Good read made me hard as a rock
7 months ago
so hottttttttttt
10 months ago
excellent. I think Dad should move to the college town
7 years ago
what a great story got me very hard great job
7 years ago
If ur stories ever went to print. Id buy every damn volume
8 years ago
OMG it sure made me cum so good
8 years ago
I can see you have a real passion for incest and imagined or real?...your story was very sexually arousing. More to the point , I will help people to accept family love and stop treating people who partake in it as anti social for giving each other pleasure of the erotic kind.

Here is a real Russian mom and her two offspring enjoying a good time in and out of the shower.

Its not enough to tell your kids you love them , you need to them in no uncertain way as mom here did Luv
8 years ago
Good story
"oh yes daddy I wanna to be your fucking slut."
the secret fantasy so many daddy's want to hear.
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Fantastic story
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