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Priya: Journey of a Shy Girl

Priya was getting ready for the marriage party of her elder sister Rajani. She was alone in her room and was inspecting her naked body in front of the mirror. She couldn't but help admiring her beauty. She had begun realizing her youthful sexiness by the fact that men had started ogling at her nineteen-year-old-body; especially her firm tits and her broad ass. Her girlfriend in the university had started teasing her on the attention she was getting from the boys of late.

For the evening party today she had taken out a blue chamiya-blouse (blouse and a long skirt) set with the blouse being backless tied only with strings behind. She was not very comfortable with the fact that she had to wear it without a bra. But at the same time she was secretly excited that young guys and even middle-aged men would be attracted towards her. She knew that the sight of her marble-perfect fair complexion will drive the men wild.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was her younger sister Sonali asking whether she had finished dressing-up. Priya shouted back that she would take at least half an hour more. Priya cupped her 32A sized breasts and squeezed her globes lightly. She felt a strange tingle passing her entire body. She pinched her pink nipples and they responded immediately. She liked the feeling when her nipples were hard but at the same time was conscious about going further in her self-pleasure due to her conservative and strict upbringing.

She took the blouse and then covered her breasts with it wanting to see how it looked on her. Immediately she knew she had a problem. Who would tie all the strings behind the backless blouse? Since she had turned 16, even her sisters had not seen her naked. She thought of calling Sonali for help but decided to wear her other clothes first.

She wore her white 36 size panties and checked carefully whether the thick growth of her black pubic hair was fully covered. She checked the reflection of panty-clad ass and blew out a happy whistle. She wore the petticoat slightly below her navel so that her deep bellybutton was clearly visible. Then, she put the blouse carefully on her breasts. She could only manage to tie some strings on the lower part. Thus frustrated, and then she opened the door a little and shouted for Sonali.

Sonali entered the room and helped her tie blouse strings as asked by Priya. Sonali was three years younger and prettier than her but Priya had a better figure and a sensuality which made her more attractive and sexy to the other sex. Sonali was always jealous of the attention Priya used to get from boys. And now when she was tying the knots of her sister's blouse she could see the mirror reflecting her sister's proud bosom. Mentally she compared her own growing breasts and wished them to grow as large as Rajni's.

Soon the two sisters arrived at the party, which had already started. Their parents were at the entrance, greeting and receiving visitors. They proceeded toward their elder sister Rajani.

Rajani, the bride looked absolutely stunning in her bridal make up. She wore an expensive gold-embroidered lehanga-blouse-dupatta (long skirt, blouse and a stole) dress. Rajani was the boldest of all the three sisters. She had a beautiful face and her voluptuous figure of 34b-25-36 enhanced her sex-appeal and raised sundry cocks. Her oozing sensuality made most of the men undress her mentally and fantasize about making love to her.

The three sisters together looked as three beautiful young princesses. They had the full attention of all men in the party hall. Though, Rajani and Priya have blossomed into full grown women, Sonali, being only 17 year old, had an innocent babyish face and her body, though not yet fully blossomed, had the potential to blossom into a sex-queen.

Rakesh, the bridegroom was crowded around with young men of his age, most of them his friends from college. He and his friends looked at the three sisters and started day-dreaming about fucking these beautiful specimens of female sexuality. His friends even joked with him that he is getting a right over three beautiful cunts in a single marriage. "Hey buddy, we had heard about people killing two birds with a single stone, but here you have killed three!"

In a little while the marriage party was in full swing. Priya was busy chatting with other young girls of her age. They were teasing her because she was wearing a backless blouse and her nipples were clearly visible. One of them told her that she was looking very sexy and she would definitely kill many young hearts. Another girl went to the extent of asking her that since she wasn't wearing any bra what was supporting her big heavy tits. Priya blushed as became conscious of her beauty and the effect it was leaving in the party.

Rakesh's own brother-in-law (sister's husband) Sudhir, was also very excited at the sight of these beautiful young ladies especially Priya. He had immediately developed a liking for Priya and the fact that her blouse was backless added to the yearning he developed for her. He tried to remain as close to Priya as possible, watching her naked fair and smooth back and extending his thoughts to her ass, legs and other intimate parts. He had a weakness for young sexy females and he knew that Priya would be one hell of a fuck.

Rakesh's friends, and his other male relatives, all watched Priya with a desire which did not show on their face. His college friends, according to the custom of teasing the bride's sisters, indirectly teased Priya that she has grown up and ready to give sleepless nights to men.

"What would your future husband do Priya? He would have a tough time protecting you from other men!"

"Hey baby, would you like to dance with us. I know many moves that you would like."

"You wouldn't be able to take care of your youth, let us take care of you."

"Who tied your blouse strings? Please call us for help when you need next."

Priya secretly enjoyed the innuendoes directed at her. She knew that after Rajani she would be the next one to get married. She also knew that the attention she was getting gave her a lot of power to control the young men around.

A DJ was arranged along with a dance floor. The dance was about to begin. She knew that young men would be dying to dance with her, but she would choose whomever she liked the best.

The dance started and young men eagerly came close to her for an opportunity to dance but she picked up a guy, Suhail, who was about 24 years old and was very smart and handsome. He was Rajani's college friend and she had intentionally chosen someone from her own side rather than someone from bridegroom's side.

All the three sisters had been brought up in a strictly enforced disciplined environment. As a result, they had gathered a lot of inhibitions which restricted them to live their life to the fullest. That was one of the reasons why Priya liked dancing because in a way it was one activity which always enabled her to shed her inhibitions.

Slowly, the dance party entered full swing. Priya was an expert dancer. Men looked at her from a distance, their hearts beating with every step she took. Since her breasts were heavy and were not supported by a bra, every time she jumped or bent forward to dance her full breasts also made their own erotic motion, causing a flutter in many cocks. Suhail was having a difficult time in controlling his cock, which was responding to the sight of her delicious cleavage. The dance was creating a sexual frustration among the young people dancing as Priya's swaying ass was making them uncomfortable.

They danced close to each other and Priya knew that her partner was trying to feel her charms. He brushed against her boobs and at one point of time also pressed it hard with his chest. Since they were holding each other at waist level with one hand, and the other hand locked up into each other, Suhail caressed her smooth and naked back and tried to move his hand downward. Priya sensed the sexual tension between them and her nipples hardened. At one point of time while dancing Suhail brought her hand towards his hardness and let her feel it as if by accident. After that when the music beat had increased and everyone was dancing fast Suhail dared and took a nice handful of her supple ass.

Immediately, Priya left him and rushed off away from the dance floor. She had liked his coming close to her but she did not expect him to make a move on her like this. Though, she liked what had happened she didn't want to send him the wrong signal. She looked for a restroom because she wanted to smoothen-up her dress. She found one in the corner of the party house and hesitatingly went in. She locked the door and stood in front of the mirror. She was sexually hot and wanted a sort of release. But she did not know how. She had never masturbated before.

Her hands automatically reached out to her nipples and she pinched them hard over her blouse. The pinch shook her entire body with a pleasure she could not define and she knew she wanted it more. She pinched them harder and this time she squeezed her boobs too from above her dress. She wasn't satisfied so she immediately put her hands inside her dress to feel her naked tits and there she found solace. She squeezed her firm tits, and at the same time pinching her hardened nipples. Her were dry and she looked for some kind of lotion. Not finding any, she put some saliva from her mouth and rubbed it against her nipples. Aha, what was this, she thought. How was it that she never found out that such pleasures existed inside her body?

She lifted her embroidered skirt and pulled down her panties as if to pee and sat down on the WC. She took her fingers on her bushy vagina to find out what was causing discomfort to her. She found a strange kind of moistness between her thick hairy vaginal lips and she sc****d out the secretion on her fingers and smelt it. It smelt neutral. She started rubbing her pussy lips a little more and suddenly she felt as if she cannot stop anymore. And there in that dirty little corner bathroom of the party house she discovered masturbation experienced her life's first orgasm.

Thereafter, Priya avoided Suhail throughout the wedding party. But she knew whatever she had just experienced was because of him. Still, she couldn't manage to make an eye contact with him. She suddenly realized that she felt more energetic and maybe more beautiful. She took out the small mirror which she always kept in her purse and when she saw herself she was bit surprised. Her face had a glow which she had never seen. Was it because of sex, she wondered or was this the start of her journey of life as a woman?

* ***********

Though she was tired after all that dancing and activities of the wedding, she couldn't sleep that night. Tossing and turning in her bed, she kept on thinking about her masturbating experience and also about Suhail. He was handsome and had an athletic body. He was a frequent visitor to their house, as he was one from the close circle of friends of her elder sister Rajani. She had never looked at him in 'that manner' earlier, but this wedding party had changed that. She now secretly longed for his touch. She wanted to experience once again his hardness which he had so cunningly managed to make her feel. What would his cock be like, she thought? How would it feel when it enters her cunt? How would his athletic body feel rubbing her naked body? Gosh, what had happened to her, and why was she having such dirty thoughts? No, she would not allow anyone to break her virginity. She would keep it as a gift for her husband whenever she gets married.

On the other hand there was no harm in being little sexually adventurous and enjoying the attention of other boys, she thought. She decided that there is life to be enjoyed as her many friends were doing without crossing the line. Most of her girlfriends masturbated regularly which she experienced only tonight. She admonished herself for denying herself the harmless pleasures of masturbation for so long. She further decided that if like her girlfriends she is more open to enjoy the harmless pleasures she would control the boys in her college. She regarded herself much more attractive and beautiful than her peers. The boys would scramble to be with her.

She then looked at her younger sister Sonali who was sleeping next to her. Sonali was not yet developed as a woman and was not as sensual as Priya thought herself to be. Still, Sonali attracted far more boyfriends and was always invited to several parties. Then, she thought of Rajani, who she considered as her ideal and role model. Rajani too is so popular among boys, she thought. On her wedding, more boys from her class attended the function than girls. She clearly remembered the fact that several of her male classmates were regularly visiting her at home. Rajani used to say, what is the harm in enjoying the life so long as you control the action and not go overboard?

"Priya! How could you be so blind? You have missed the fun for most of your college tenure," she chided herself.

She checked once again to make sure Sonali was really sleeping. She closed her eyes and fantasized of Suhail and his hardness and how he would make love to her. Slowly her hands reached out, one to her boobs and the other to her cunt and she experienced once again the same climax which she had in that small corner bathroom of the party house.

About a week after the marriage, her college re-opened and soon she was busy with her studies. Though in the nights after Sonali had slept, she allowed Suhail and other boys to come in her fantasies and make love to her, experiencing orgasm which she loved. She knew that if she wanted she could make any boy of her college her boyfriend. But she was afraid of herself. What if she couldn't manage to keep herself within limits? What if a boy really made her mad with his cock and really fucked her, took her virginity, made her pregnant? No, she couldn't allow this to happen at any cost.

Nevertheless, Priya was not contented with whatever she was experiencing during nights. With the passage of time she wanted more. It was her last year of college and the Dad will marry her off as soon as she graduated. That will be the end of her harmless sexual exploration and fun with boys. "I can't do all this fun after my marriage. It would also depend on my husband whether he makes my life enjoyable or hell," she thought. "How to go about it," was the big question facing her now. She decided she would discuss this with her classmate Rakhi.

Rakhi was a completely different girl. She was the daughter of an army officer and was open and bubbly. Though, not as beautiful as Priya, she was more daring and adventurous. In a conservative college like hers, she used to wear tight shirt and cut-off jeans. She had had a string of affairs in college. She used to change boys like her clothes. Strangely, Priya was quite friendly with her. They used to share all their thoughts. Till now, Priya used to tease her for her lifestyle and in turn, Rakhi used to tease Priya that she would depart this world with her seal unopened.

So one afternoon during lunch break both the friends met in the secluded corner of the college canteen.

Priya: I want to talk to you about something which is on my mind but first swear in the name of God that it will be totally confidential.

Rakhi: Why do you worry? Say what you want to discuss. For your satisfaction, I swear by God, now out with it.

Priya: You know that boy, Suhail? Well! he was dancing with me in the wedding party. He sort of touched me...

Rakhi: Who, Suhail? Oh, he is the classmate of your elder sister. I know him. He is quite a charmer. What did he do that night? Did he fuck you? (starts laughing)

Priya: You rascal! If you tease me like this then I would not talk to you.

Rakhi: OK, I am sorry, now go on.

Priya: He touched me during the dance.

Rakhi: So what if he touched you. You are a young woman and he is a sexy stud, how can he stop himself from touching you?

Priya: No, No, You didn't understand, he deliberately mauled my boobs and caressed my back. Then he guided my hand to his hardness and mauled my ass. That rascal acted out of his limits.

Rakhi: So what? This happens all the time during the dance. What's the harm in touching, almost all boys do it. Tell me, didn't you enjoy his touch?

Priya: Leave it, you don't want to understand.

Rakhi: Look Priya, now you are a grown up woman. Don't get troubled on these small matters. It is a very trifle matter that he touched you or made you touch his hardness. Look at me, I do everything with my boyfriend and enjoy. I do not have any problems with that. What to talk of myself, take the example of your elder sister Rajani. Do you think she did not enjoy with the boys? Now that we are discussing these things frankly, let me tell you that your elder sister Rajani is quite a girl. She must have dated almost all the handsome boys of her class and has enjoyed a lot. Didn't you observe how popular she was with the boys? I do not know if she had gone beyond the limit of harmless enjoyment to fucking them. Now take your younger sister, my god, she is a bomb. I have come to know that she has lost her virginity to one of my ex-boyfriends after a dance party last week. Out of the three sisters, only you seem to be an ice maiden. Your youth will go waste like this my dear friend. Tell me frankly, which boys do you like or have any boys approached you?

Priya wanted to tell Rakhi that yes she now lusts for boys, from her class, from her sister's class and many other studs she eyed in the wedding party. She fantasizes them making love to her every night. She imagines how their cocks would look and feel in her hands, on her butt and in her cunt. The thought itself made her cunt itch at that very time and her panties started getting wet. But she could not bring herself to trust Rakhi completely in this respect. She decides that she will make her own initiative and not involve Rakhi or any other person in her exploration. She was scared that these friends, who are jealous of her beauty, may spoil her reputation. She kept quite for sometime

Rakhi: Why are you silent? Tell me. Does it mean that you like some boy?

Priya: No dear, I don't like any particular boy, but just was thinking that how does it like to be with the boys?

Rakhi: Don't worry, call him and tell him to do anything with you.

Priya: Shut up. Not everything. I want to save myself for my husband.

Rakhi: Its all right dear, you can still remain virgin while enjoying yourself. You can try many harmless things. Tell me, do you fantasize?

Priya nods her head in affirmative.

Rakhi: Look Priya, this time of your youth is not going to come back. Don't you want to enjoy life? Have you shown any boy your naked body? Has anyone touched you? Has anyone caressed your boobs, mauled them, sucked them? Have you kissed any boy? Has anyone kissed you down there? Have you done anything with a boy's cock? I know you haven't. Look at me, I have done all these things and more. You tell, if you want to do all these things with a boy. You seduce a boy and you can do any of these things with him and still remain virgin for your hubby. Your elder sister Rajani has done all these things. You can ask any boy and he can not refuse a girl like you.

Priya: But I am afraid. How can I propose a boy and ask him to do all these things to me? What will he think of me?

Rakhi: Ok. You don't approach a boy on your own. But do not refuse if anyone approaches you and asks to accompany to a party. And, wear something sexy to the party and enjoy. If you would not object unnecessarily then ay boy will enjoy fully with you. And, if you do not stop him in time, he may not stop before actually fucking you my dear.

Priya: But do not tell anyone about our conversation, otherwise what will they think of me?

Rakhi: Don't worry my dear. Let's go now, its time for the classes.

They finish off on this note. Priya felt light after sharing her anxiety with Rakhi. She resolved that she would try to enjoy life without getting too far. After all her role-model sister has also enjoyed life. Though, this came as a shock to her, but she rationalized that Rajani was the wisest of the three sisters and she did enjoy life without spoiling her own reputation. She could not compare Rajani to Rakhi. Rakhi was too adventurous and did not care for her reputation. But, she would have to warn Sonali, her younger sister. She is going too far, she thought.

Rakhi's mind started working as soon as they broke for the class and she weighed many options on the boys. She wanted a gentle boy to approach Priya first. Suhail was a rascal, if given a slight chance he would not stop short of fucking Priya. Moreover, he was a bit rough and uncouth. Rajani was a strong girl and could handle him but Priya needed gentle persuasion to open her up. So she thought of her ex-boyfriend Ritesh, who was not only handsome but also gentle. She would tell him to approach Priya to accompany him to the Christmas ball dance competition which was coming up next week.


That day when Priya reached home, she sat down alone in her room which she shared with Sonali. She recounted the conversation she had with her friend Rakhi in the college. Was it possible that Rajani went all the way with her boyfriends? Or was she just having a little harmless 'fun' with them? Rajani was popular among boys and she had many of them coming home regularly but she always behaved properly as if the boys were just her friends, nothing more. Moreover, she had a way with the boys so that Rajani didn't have to do any of her assignments or homework herself. But Rakhi claimed that she knew all about what Rajani was doing with her 'male friends' and what made her popular among the boys. Priya wondred what all Rajani might have done with them? Then she remembered several classmates of Rajani at the wedding like Suhail, Shalabh, Rajesh, Vijay etc. One thing was common among all of them: they were all very handsome boys and they all used to visit her after classes. Then, she also remembered that she hardly saw any girl visiting her Rajani . "Was Rajani actually fucking these boys?" she thought again. She could not believe that she could be doing that. She was of the opinion that Rajani is a very intelligent girl must be using the boys to her advantage, and may be having some fun.

Next she thought about Sonali. "Has she lost her virginity? Shit! This girl will get us all into trouble some day. She is not fully developed as a woman yet and she has started indulging in sex at such a young age! Doesn't she give a thought about her own future and the reputation of the family? Couldn't she wait for sometime? What was the compulsion that she had to take a cock up her hole?"

"Let her come and she would ask her about it. She thought it was her duty to protect her little sister from 'all this mess'. What has happened has happened but in future precautions have to be taken and she must be saved from harm's way," she thought.

And now coming to her own, Priya thought how she was the one left out? Has she been too pre-occupied with her studies and has missed on the fun because of it? Was she too timid and shy? Or that she always had the notion that she had to remain pure till her marriage! Pure she would remain. But at the same time she should have some harmless before she is married off, she concluded.

After an hour when Sonali arrived the two sisters had an argument.

Priya: Sonali, we must have a chat.

Sonali: Yes sister, what is it?

Priya: People have been talking about you in college

Sonali: What about? Have I done anything?

Priya: Done anything? You have done everything and now say that you did nothing!!!

Sonali: What have I done?

Priya: Look Sonali, don't pretend with me. I know all what you have done with the boys.

Sonali: I have only done friendship with them, and why are you telling me all this, even the elder sister Rajani has also been friendly with boys....

Priya: Rajani has done nothing.

Sonali: Sister, you don't know anything then, you have always been an aloof and straight girl and will remain like that, but Rajani used to pretend while actually enjoying with the boys.

Priya: How did you know about her? Did anybody say anything to you?

Sonali: How would anyone know what she was doing? She was so clever in her dealings that no body could ever come to know. Only her very close girl friends knew what they all were into. I have seen her through my own eyes....

Priya: What have you seen? Tell me please.

Sonali: I am on oath that I will not disclose what I saw.

Priya: Have it your way then, I will disclose what you have been doing.

Sonali: Ok sis, I will tell everything about Rajani and myself. Don't disclose to Mom-Dad about me, please.

Priya: Ok. I swear.

Sonali:You know Suhail? The same fellow who had asked you for dance but you had refused, the one who used to come to our house regularly to study along with Rajani...he is so handsome sis,....he and Rajani...I saw them together, doing it....a few days before her wedding....when wedding preparations were going on.

Priya: What! You are lying Sonali...what did you see them doing?

Sonali: I am not telling a lie, first listen to me then you decide whether what I am saying is true or not...but don't interrupt me in between.

Priya: Ok, go on. I will not interrupt.

Then Sonali told her what happened that day. The story went on somewhat like this. Around 5-6 days prior to wedding Rajani had called Suhail to get the invitation cards distributed. It was usual for Rajani to offload her sundry work on the boys. Nobody except Sonali was at home when he arrived. Sonali was in the shower in the adjacent bathroom and they both thought that they have the house to themselves. Sonali was not expecting any visitors so she did not take any change of clothes to the shower. When Sonali got out from the bathroom, she was loosely wrapped in just a towel and was rushing to her room. But she stopped abruptly in front of Rajani's room when she heard two voices. The door to the room where Rajani used to study was partly open and Suhail was having an argument with Rajani.

Rajani was neatly dressed in a red bridal embroidered georgette sari. It is the family custom that after the god-bharayi (engagement) ceremony the girl will dress up as a bride till wedding. The dress-up includes the jewelry that she received from her in-laws and mehendi etc. Suhail was teasing her that now she would have to dress up always in saris and she may now say good bye to jeans and skirts forever as Rakesh would not like her to show her body to others. Rajani was uncomfortable in sari as she was not used to being dressed up in a sari.

Rajani wanted Suhail to distribute the wedding invitations to all the classmates and teachers in the college and Suhail asked for a return favour. Suhail said that Rajani is looking like a very attractive bride in her red sari, jewelry and henna on her hands and feet and he would not distribute cards unless she allows him a quick fuck. And that Suhail has always been at her service for three years of college and the least Rajani can do is to oblige him with a fuck before she goes permanently to her husband and in-laws.

Rajani flatly refused to fuck him and told him to get lost. Rajani told him that it is not possible for her to lose her virginity which she has saved for her husband. Had she intended to lose it then she wouldn't have waited for this day. Suhail did not loose his cool and instead asked her to at least hug and kiss him as they were doing before too. Rajani agreed for a quick hug and kiss. She got up from her chair. As she was barefoot, she was almost a foot shorter than tall and muscular Suhail. She stepped higher on her toes and offered her lips to him. Suhail put his arms around her back and hugged her. He closed his eyes and pressed her lips against her lips and soon their tongues started exploring each other's mouths. Sonali inferred from their action that it is not the first time that they are kissing. Suhail now had one of his hands on her ass and was caressing her ass over her red sari while the other hand was pressing her boobs. Rajani's mehndi-patterned hands were pressing down on his head as they were kissing.

After a while they disengaged for a breath. In the ensuing action, Rajani's pallu (upper end of the sari) dropped and her marble boobs were in clear view of Suhail. Suhail could see deep down her cleavage. Suhail got excited by this spectacle and instead of her lips, now his attention was focused on Rajani's boobs. He started kissing the top of her ample breasts and at the same time mauling them with both of his hands. He brought her hand onto his erection and she started groping from above his trousers. Sonali could imagine Rajani's state as she herself had become wet between her legs. Sonali tentatively raised her towel which in any case barely covered her pubic mound and touched her own wet cunt, closed her eyes and started rubbing her clit.

When she opened her eyes after a while, the two lovers lay entwined on the narrow bed and Rajani's blouse and bra had come undone. Suhail was sucking her boobs like a baby and Rajani too was stroking his naked cock. Sonali was anticipating that Rajani is surely going to be fucked before her wedding night if they do not stop now. Sonali's attention was now on Suhail's cock and how Rajani's delicate hand was still squeezing it with the diamonds on her engagement ring shining brilliantly on her finger. She was impressed with the length and thickness of Suhail's cock. Rajani's fist could not cover even half of it and was barely able to encircle it. Her own excitement increased by witnessing this mutual pleasure scene being played out in front of her. Sonali increased the pace of teasing her clitoris with both her hands.

Meanwhile, Rajani's own juices were flowing and Suhail's hot cock was making her lose her self-control. So, when Suhail pushed her head down to his cock, she did not resist and took the red bulbous head of his cock in her mouth. She, while stroking his cock with his hand, teased its head with her tongue. Sonali could see Suhail's cock twitch and become more erect with the sucking and teasing action of her sister. She could easily tell that her elder sister was no stranger to sucking cock and wondered who the lucky guys were to have their cocks sucked by her sexy Rajani . Suhail did not let her boobs go unattended as she was sucking him and was constantly massaging them. They continued the action for quite sometime. Rajani was expertly sucking his cock and Suhail's pleasure was apparent by his facial expression and in the way he was mauling her boobs. He had by now pushed his left hand in her sari from behind and was squeezing her naked ass. Rajani increased the pace of her sucking when Suhail's fingers teased her pussy lips from inside her sari.

The two lovers seemed on the brink of orgasm when suddenly, a mouse crossed the floor almost touching Sonali's foot and Sonali shrieked in terror and her towel fell. The two lovers suddenly stopped and Suhail's cock came out of Rajani's mouth with a popping sound. They both watched with horror as Sonali stood by the half-open door stark naked. Rajani's hand was still on Suhail's tool as they stared at each other. Suhail was mesmerized, his hand still inside Rajani's sari, looking at Sonali, standing there in her naked splendor, her petite boobs with pointed nipples and her delicate pussy sprouting with short pubes. Rajani caught her younger sister's gaze fixed on Suhail's cock and abruptly removed her hand from his tool. Rajani was the first to regain her composure and covered her boobs with her sari. Suhail also zipped up his erection with difficulty. Sonali picked up her towel and ran off to her own room.

Suhail left immediately, disappointed that he could not complete whatever he contemplated. Rajani on the other hand was cool and approached the situation objectively. After rearranging her dress she went to Sonali's room and had a brief chat. Both sisters vowed to keep this event a secret when Rajani hinted that she too knew about her younger sister's shenanigans in the college.

Priya, surprisingly, was not shocked but was getting excited. An itch had started developing in between her legs and she could sense her panties getting wet. She sat down on the bed and squeezed her legs together to control the nascent itch. But squeezing had the opposing effect of increasing the itch manifolds. All this action was not hidden from Sonali who gave a sly smile.

Priya: Are you telling the truth? Was that boy Suhail? Perhaps, that's why he touched me when he was dancing with me that night.

Hearing this, Sonali became confident that she now had Priya under her control.

Sonali: Has he also been able to get into your pants sis?

Priya: No, no. I do not like all this. I had barely started dancing with him when he started touching me. I stopped dancing with him then and there and never danced with him again.

Sonali: (smiles mischievously) hey sis, where did he touch you? Didn't you think about him after that!

Priya: Shut up! And listen carefully. Rajani never overstepped her limits. She never lost her virginity and you have given it all away. You do whatever you want but at least do not allow boys to fuck you. If you get pregnant then there will be a lot of problems.

Sonali: I know sis that I made a mistake. But what could I do. I had got so excited that I could not refuse. Let me tell you sis, it was so enjoyable!

Priya: Ok, forget about it now. But be careful in future.

Sonali: I will be. Tell me sis, I can't understand that you are the most beautiful and sexy of us three sisters. How can you live without making out with the boys?

Priya: This is none of your business. And I am warning you that if I come to hear any adverse thing about you then I will tell our parents. This is your last chance. Understood?

They ended the conversation here and start preparing to sleep.

Sonali didn't know that her Priya was masturbating every night and even now when they had been talking about Rajani and Suhail. When Sonali was describing Suhail's cock, Priya's pussy started leaking in her panties. Priya felt an urgent need to masturbate. She wanted to go to the toilet and release the pent up sexual energy building inside her.

Priya recomposed herself. She did not want Sonali to have any inkling of what was going inside her. She was already wet inside her panties and wanted an immediate relief. So she pretended normal, took her nightwear and went to the attached bathroom to change for the night.

But once inside she leaned against a wall, hurriedly pulled up her skirt and pushed aside her already wet panties. She felt her wet pussy and immediately rubbed it as hard as possible. She thought of Suhail taking a handful of her ass during the dance and then she visualized Rajani sucking Suhail's big cock as Sonali had described it. She rubbed her pussy with two fingers of her right hand but she was not satisfied. She took her left hand on her right boob and squeezed it really hard. Gosh! She was desperate. She started pinching her already hard nipples and the right hand continued its assault on her pussy. She suddenly replaced the characters in her fantasy. She now visualized Rajani sucking her husband Rakesh's cock and increased the pace of her pussy fingering. In a trance, she now replaced Rajani with herself and imagined herself sucking her brother-in-law's supposedly massive cock. These images accelerated her climax and she reached her orgasm with a shudder, spreading from her dripping cunt to all over her sweating body.

She was short of breath after the quick masturbation session. Though, it had lasted only for few minutes but was really fulfilling. She rested for a little while before changing into her night wear. None of the three sisters wore their bra or panties during night. After Priya came back to the room and lay down on her bed Sonali went to the bathroom to change and of course she too wanted a release. But before she started her masturbation session she wanted to know something. She picked up Priya 's panty from the wash bucket and saw that it was fully soaked with her cunt juices. She smelt it. The smell was almost similar to hers, maybe because they were sisters after all. She was happy because she knew she can use this bit of information for her advantage should situation demand. She then started her routine masturbation which she did every night before going to bed.

After about ten days Rakhi called Priya and told her that she has fixed up a date for her for the College fest. Priya wanted to know who the guy was and Rakhi replied that she need not worry because the guy would take 'good care' of her. His name was Ritesh and at once Priya recalled that he was an ex-boyfriend of Rakhi. He was almost 6 feet tall and dark. He was the captain of the college cricket team and was good in studies too. He was generally liked by all for his gentle manners. Even she had liked him, and she could not believe her luck. And finally one day when Ritesh called her to ask her for the college fest she immediately agreed.

The college fest arrived. But now she was worried what would she wear for the fest night? She requested Sonali to help her out. Sonali looked at Priya and asked who the guy was? At first Priya tried to keep that a secret but clever Sonali was able to ferret that information out from her elder sister. Sonali advised her to wear a black top over a long red skirt. Priya was hesitant to go in a skirt but Sonali prevailed over her.

She wore the black top and skirt as advised by Sonali and preened into the mirror looking at her reflection. She thought of Ritesh and what could happen tonight. It was a mix of fear and excitement that she felt. Rakhi had previously advised her to dress suggestively and make her date a success otherwise no boy will ever come near her if she acquired a reputation of an 'ice girl.' So, in the process of her dressing up next came the jewelry and she wanted it to be extra special. She started with items she knew would get Ritesh's attention. First she wore a pendant which rested on her chest, with a thin extension going inside her cleavage. This sure would get his attention, she thought. Then she wore a thin gold waist chain with the pendant resting right below the navel. She put on her rings on her hands, and complimented them with a toe ring on each foot. She was aware that in the old days toe-rings used to be worn by only married women but these days they were more of a fashion accessory. Since her feet were very pretty, she wanted Ritesh to notice her feet; small, dainty and properly manicured. She wore matching earrings and put the finishing touches on her outfit by putting on a small decorative bindi (forehead décor) on her forehead.

They met on the college grounds and it was already dark. The music band had arrived early and the fest had begun. The whole campus was crowded with students. Most of them had come along with a partner. Rakhi was there with a big handsome guy from another college and when they met she winked at Priya. They talked generally and then they parted. Priya and Ritesh roamed around the campus holding hands and they talked about their studies, cricket and future plans etc. Both of them knew that they were brought together by Rakhi and there was already an inexplicable sexual tension between them. As planned, he could not help but notice her ensemble of suggestive clothing and accessories. Ritesh's eyes would subconsciously stare at her feet and bellybutton which were adorned to attract male attention, not to mention her cleavage. Ritesh was getting desperate to get into the action. He was thinking whether he could have a full fuck with this sexy bitch.

A little while later Ritesh told Priya that he wanted to go to the washrooms. Even Priya wanted to go. The washrooms were inside the college building and so both of them went to the respective toilets. When they came out they met in the dimly lit long corridor. As they headed towards the college ground all of a sudden Ritesh pulled Priya to himself and kissed her on her lips. Priya was surprised at this sudden action but did not pull away and kissed him back. He hugged her close to himself and took his two hands to her soft ass and pressed it over her thin skirt. Meanwhile, Priya had put her arms around his neck and closed her eyes when they kissed, oblivious to the world. Then he took one of his hands to her boobs and squeezed it lightly. He came to know that she was wearing a thin bra. Ohhh! All the hell broke loose and soon Ritesh took her hand and placed it on his hard-on. Priya tried to hold it from above his pants. She wanted to feel its hardness, its length and thickness. It was actually the first time she had actually felt a cock and she wanted to make sure that she get the most out of the situation.

When they broke their kiss, they were hungry for more. And so Ritesh took her to a nearby classroom. It was absolutely dark except for the little light coming from the corridor. It was perfect for what they wished to do. Nobody could see them inside. He got behind her and hurriedly pulled her blouse up without opening it. He cupped her boobs from behind her and started kissing the nape of her neck. His erection was poking into her back and she gyrated her ass into his erection as her kisses grew more passionate and his hands more demanding on her boobs. He grew bolder by her acceptance and pushed up her bra. When she did not stop him, he cupped her naked boobs and tweaked her nipples between his fingers. It was the first time when a male hand was touching her boobs and she felt her legs weakening with excitement.

Ritesh was an expert fucker. Though, he had fucked several girls of his college, he did not want to be tied down with a single girl. He knew how to push buttons on the female body. Rakhi had told him to arouse Priya but had forbidden fucking her. He devoted his complete attention to her boobs while at the same time sucking her earlobes, neck and bare shoulders. By now, Priya was playing with his cock over his trousers. She let out a deep moan when Ritesh snaked his tongue into her ear and licked inside. He then turned her around and kissed her again on her lips. He sat her on a desk and brought his lips to her inviting boobs. He could see her marble boobs shining in the corridor light. Ritesh started licking and sucking them. Sometimes, he would tease her nipples with his teeth. Priya would go mad when he did that. His hand had now gone inside the front of her skirt and had found her damp mound. She moaned with pleasure when his fingers touched her oversensitive clitoris. She wanted to feel his naked cock and while Ritesh was busy sucking her boobs she opened the zip of his pants put her hand inside. Since he was wearing a tight under shorts she had to use both her hands to push them and finally she got hold of his naked cock. She felt its warmth and hardness. It was already wet at the tip and she rubbed on its head with her thumb. She wondered how it was possible for such a big thing to enter her small hole. Ritesh was fully excited now and it caused him to finger her sex furiously. Not getting a comfortable position to do that, he made her stand on her feet again and pulled up her skirt and pulled down her wet panties. Priya lifted her legs as he pulled them away from her legs.

He hugged her again and kissed her on her lips. This time their tongues darted together while his hands explored her naked ass beneath her skirt. She liked the feeling of his warm hands on her naked ass. She squeezed his naked cock in appreciation of what he was doing to her. He then got down to sucking her boobs again and also fingering her hungry pussy. He was amazed at the volume of juices her cunt was making. Whole of his hand had become wet. He brought his hand up to her boobs and smeared her juices on to her. He then proceeded to taste her on her own boobs. This action was not lost on Priya, who moaned and started stroking his cock furiously.

Both of them masturbated each other into a climax. It lasted for only a couple of minutes but both of them enjoyed the sensation. Ritesh wanted to kneel down and lick her wet pussy but she refused any form of oral sex. She also refused to suck him, though she had thought of sucking him last night when she was masturbating on her bed. But now she did not have the courage to suck him. She thought she had already gone too far in a single day and decided to stop it at that. When he came on her hands she felt for the first time thick warm fluid coming out of a ripe cock. Since he knew it was her first time he told her that if she wanted she could taste it but she didn't dare. She took out her handkerchief from the little purse she was carrying and wiped herself.

Soon they arranged their dresses but Ritesh refused to handover her panties back. He told her that he wanted to keep it as a souvenir, and also to use it to visualize her when he masturbated. She reluctantly agreed being grateful for whatever he had done to her. They kissed again and came back to the college ground where the band was playing its number. Ritesh was again hard after a while thinking that Priya was naked under her red skirt, and Priya too enjoyed the naked feel of her ass against the material of the skirt and the cool breeze flowing on her naked pussy. Ritesh did not lose any opportunity to touch her over her clothes during the time they were in the fest.

When Ritesh left her home on his motor bike, Priya had regained her usual coy manners and refused to kiss him when he offered to. She ran to her house as if being followed by an apparition.

Sonali watched intently as Priya rushed into the bedroom. Priya sat on the edge of her bed to catch her breath. She could not still get over the fact that she was kissed and touched by Ritesh and she had liked to hold a boy's cock. She was jolted out of her reverie when Sonali addressed her.

Sonali: What happened sis? Are you okay?

Priya: Nothing, I am all right, just a bit tired.

Sonali observes her muddled skirt and blouse and she imagines Priya indulged in a wanton fucking. After a little while she decides to probe her elder sister further.

Sonali: How was it?

Priya: How was what!!!? Mind your own business (she tries to dismiss her)

Sonali: I was just asking about the college fest, what did you think I was asking about.

Priya: Oh, nothing. It was alright, like any other fest.

Sonali was quite but kept looking at her.

Priya: Why are you staring at me like this? I told you that the fest was alright.

Sonali: Its okay sis if you don't want to tell me.

Priya: Ok dear, don't be angry. He kissed me and that was all. Now go off to sleep. Okay?

Sonali: He kissed you and you didn't do anything?

Priya: I told you, I also kissed him. That was all.

Sonali: Listen sis. Rajani and Rakesh Jiju (brother-in-law) is arriving for holi festival.

Priya: Is it true! It will be fun then. We would not spare Jiju on holi.

Sonali: (teasingly) what will you do with Jiju, the same that you did with that boy today?

Priya: Whatever I do, how is it any of your damn business?

Saying this Priya got up and went to the washroom to freshen up and change. She removed all her clothes. Gosh! Her skirt had a wet patch. Was it her own juices or Ritesh's, she was not sure. She crumbled it inside other clothes lest someone saw it. She looked herself in the mirror. Her fully naked body 32A-24-35 touched by male hands and her body responding to their touch, she could not forget the feeling. She felt the need to masturbate thinking about the events at the fest, but she decided that she would do it lying on the bed when Sonali would be fast asleep. They had two separate bachelor beds set on the opposite side of the room and hence it was easier for her to masturbate without Sonali knowing. She changed into her night dress and came back to her bed. She lied down and switched off the bed-side lamp. She started dreaming about what happened in the classroom and then slowly her thoughts drifted to her Jiju and then she could not hold herself anymore

Rakesh and Rajani were scheduled to arrive a day before holi. It was their first visit after the wedding ceremonies. Priya and Sonali both were excited to meet their Jiju first time in an informal setting and get to know more about him. Though, the two sisters used to speak to both Rakesh and Rajani on phone, but the conversation was limited to general well being. The two sisters were attracted towards their Jiju, as he was a handsome man and the first man to come close to their family. He was the favourite subject of their fantasies when they masturbated at night. Both of them had their own secret desires to become the favourite sali (sister-in-law) of their Jiju. While Priya hoped to have some harmless fun with him, Sonali had kept her options open. Her Jiju was much more handsome and macho than any of the boys in her college. She had fantasized her Jiju driving his cock inside her innumerable times and somehow longed for it to become reality. But how could it be accomplished was the big question. She had to be very careful of both her sisters. At the same time she did not want Jiju to think that she is a slut. She decided to wait and watch and catch hold of any opportunity that presented itself. She did not know how her Jiju would behave with her saalis (sisters-in-law), so she kept her fingers crossed.

Both Priya and Sonali had dressed as if their Jiju is visiting his in-laws just to see her saalis (sisters-in-law). They had never dressed up before for any guest. Priya dressed in her new sleeveless salwar-kameez (Indian dress) suit which showed her milky arms. Her pointed boobs were barely concealed beneath her transparent chunni (stole). Sonali had donned a blouse and knee-length skirt. Though she was darker than Priya, her shapely legs were enough to raise a tingle most men's loins. In the evening, Rakesh drove her Honda Accord into the driveway and the whole family came out to greet them. Rajani came out first and was greeted by hugs and kisses by both the sisters and the parents. They took Rajani inside while Rakesh was busy parking the vehicle. The two sisters waited for their Jiju to alight and greeted him. Priya proffered her hand which Rakesh took in her hand and lightly squeezed and then he proceeded to hug her in greeting. Priya blushed and felt her boobs pressed against his chest as her Jiju hugged her. She could sense a masculine perfume on him. Thereafter, Rakesh greeted Sonali in a similar fashion. Sonali was more open and put her arms around her Jiju as they hugged. Rakesh observed that Sonali had put on a feminine perfume. The two sisters helped Jiju in getting the luggage to the house.

After dinner when the parents retired for the night, all the three sisters sat with Jiju and discussed the holi plans for the next day. The three sisters were in their night clothes Rajani and Priya were dressed in a gown type of nightie which covered whole of their bodies. Sonali also wore a decent night robe but it was loosely tied at her waist, so that her cleavage was visible whenever she used to bend. She wanted to check how Jiju was reacting to it, and accordingly devise her plans. She saw Jiju ogling at her cleavage and she made it a point to show it as many times as possible. The two saalis (sisters-in-law) were teasing their Jiju about troubling their sister Rajani and not coming to visit them before. Rakesh too was flirting with them that his saalis (sisters-in-law) never invited him. They always invited their didi.

After almost two hours of bantering, they retired to their respective rooms. Jiju and Rajani occupied the main guest room which was adjacent tot the room occupied by the two sisters. Both the rooms had a common toilet in between with a door each opening into the two rooms. After some time Sonali went to the toilet and heard strange noises. There could but be one source for such noises. It was Jiju and Rajani making love. Out of curiosity she went to the door opening towards their room and put her ear close on the door. She could hear the moaning sounds of two people fucking and she got excited. She tried to look through the keyhole of the door lock but it was dark inside but she could make that Jiju was thrusting into Rajani. She called Priya inside the bathroom and hushed her to keep quiet. She whispered Priya to listen to the moaning sounds and also asked her to look through the key hole. Priya too couldn't see much but could make out that somebody was thrusting up and down. Then the two sisters heard them talking.

Jiju: Ooooh, aaaah, I am enjoying it very much today my darling.

Rajani: Mmmmmm Ohhhh, really! You seem to be full of energy today. What's the matter? There must be something. You are pumping me so hard.

Jiju: I was with my sisters-in-law. That's why. Ohhhh, they are so sexy.

Rajani: Who did you like more? Mmmmm...Ahhhhh....fuck me hard dear.

Jiju: I liked both of them. That youngest one, Sonali, is really something. She was flashing me her boobs. Ohhh, and Priya is so sexy too.

Rajani: When was she showing her boobs? Now?

Jiju: When we were all chatting in their room.

Rajani: No way. She couldn't be doing that with all of us there. I agree that some of her cleavage was visible.

Jiju: Yes. She was bending forward intentionally. She did it several times. I know for sure that she was flashing her boobs to me.

Rajani: May be. She is a fast girl. She has several boyfriends. I don't know what she is upto with them.

Jiju: Priya is no less sexy. She looks innocent but I imagine she must be quite passionate too.

Rajani: You scoundrel! You love to talk dirty. Priya is quite innocent by the way. She is not like Sonali. Fuck me hard Rakesh. Yeah, like this. I will enjoy the fucking today. The brother-in-law is fantasizing about his sisters-in-law and I will reap the rewards of his excitement. (Giggles)

Jiju: I am also very excited today. I would not spare the two sisters tomorrow on holi. I would smear a lot of holi colours on them. Uffff aaahhhh, I am cumming my darling.

Soon they both finished. The two sisters came back to their respective beds and without saying anything to each other pretended to sleep. But sleep was the last thing they had in their minds. Both were shaken by the conversation they just heard.

Sonali was excited to the extent that she wanted to be fucked immediately. Her body was on fire and since she did not have any other option she masturbated. She was happy that Jiju had noticed her display of boobs and now he will be easier to manipulate. Now it was easier for her to seduce Jiju. With visions of love making Sonali went off to sleep.

Meanwhile Priya too was burning with sexual desire. After the experience at the college fest she longed for a hot throbbing cock inside her virgin pussy. But since she had vowed to remain "pure" for her husband she had to be content with whatever maximum pleasure she could derive without loosing her virginity. How could Jiju talk about their saali (sisters-in-law) while fucking didi? Why did they indulge at all in such dirty talking? And why didn't Rajani object to his talking dirty about her sisters? Priya didn't have answers to a lot of questions crossing her mind that time. Anyway she would think about it later she decided. But for now she needed a release and so under her blanket her hands started working. Her left hand reached her left breast and started playing with her nipple, while the other hand was busy fondling her clit which had become sensitive after witnessing the show next door. It was the first time she had heard a couple actually fuck, that too her very own Jiju and sister. With her eyes closed she fantasized about her Jiju fucking her as hard as he was fucking Rajani and soon she reached her heaven. A ripple of ecstasy traveled from her clit to all over her body and she collapsed into her sleep.

Next morning, at the breakfast the two sisters secretly watched Jiju and his actions. After all of them had their breakfast, they decided that they would meet on the terrace after half an hour. Parents were hardly interested in playing holi and they retired to their room to watch a local movie on the television. Rajani had some puja to perform and so she could not participate. After Rajani left the girls went back to their room and Jiju to his room to change into suitable clothes for playing colors.

Priya and Sonali wanted to be on the terrace first so that they can catch Jiju by surprise. They hurried in changing their clothes. Sonali changed into an old t-shirt and a skirt which came to her knee length. Priya went into the toilet to change and soon stripped naked as she wanted to change her bra and panties too. As soon as she bent and was in the process of wearing her panties, the door to her rear opened and walked in Rakesh. Jiju was dumbfounded with the sight that was before him. He was staring into her prim and proper, uptight saali (sister-in-law), all naked, bent down and her milky while ass visible along with her virgin pussy! Priya could not cover herself as her legs were caught in her panties. Jiju took an eyeful and went back through the door without uttering a word.

Priya was shocked but soon the situation was under control. She secretly enjoyed the incident too. She somehow liked to show her body to her Jiju. He was the first man to see her naked. She recollected that she had not allowed Ritesh to remove her clothes during the college fest. She wondered what all Jiju was able to see of her body. Just the imagination caused a shiver to run through her body and her cunt oozed oil into her panties. She forgot that they were due on the terrace and massaged her tits and pussy at the same time. She was on the verge of orgasm when Sonali started banging on the door, demanding her to be fast. She tried to fasten the clasp of the old bra she was about to wear but could not fasten them as Sonali kept her on tenterhooks. Priya then hurriedly put on an old salwar-kameez for playing holi and came out without her bra. She thought she would be careful and not hug Jiju while playing holi.

Sonali remonstrated with Priya for the delay and they both reached the terrace. The terrace was spacious and secured by a high 6 feet wall on all sides. Despite the walls, enough sunlight was received on the rooftop. They had filled a bucket full of red colour to drench Jiju with. But Jiju was more clever than both of them, he had already taken a round of the terrace when his saalis were changing their clothes. He switched the bucket of colour with that of plain water and hid the bucket full of colour on the terrace.

As soon as Jiju arrived on the terrace, Priya and Sonali drenched him with what they thought to be was deep red colour. Jiju was wearing black t-shirt and jeans and the girls could not make out whether he was drenched by colour or just water. Immediately, Rakesh took out the hidden bucket and drenched both the saalis (sisters-in-law) with deep red colour from head to toe. Sonali's t-shirt was tight and the outline of her bra was immediately apparent as she got wet. Priya's nipples started poking from her wet kameez but she covered them with her chunni. The girls then realized what had happened and complained to Jiju that he has been unfair and that they are angry at him.

"Jiju, this is unfair. We are angry at you," Priya said.

"Ha ha ha, my sisters-in-law have become angry at me so soon. Holi hasn't even started. Okay, you may do whatever you want to, I wouldn't object," Rakesh told them, always ready to placate.

Sonali took some coloured powder and come over to Rakesh and started smearing it on his cheeks with both of her hands. Rakesh caught her by waist and hugged her to him so that it became difficult for her to reach his cheeks. Sonali then threw some powder into his hair. His hands were firm on her back, as she started playfully throwing colour at him, he dropped his hands lower and cupped her bottom over her skirt. He could feel the outline of her panties and he could judge that the panties are very brief. Sonali did not protest his touching her bottom, instead she started grinding herself into him and she snaked her hand into his t-shirt from the top and started rubbing the colour on his back.

Priya was watching this spectacle with shock and awe. She felt envious of her younger sister for being so free and playful. Sonali beckoned her to come behind Jiju and smear colour on him. Priya took a handful of red powder and inserted her hand from below his t-shirt and smeared it over his lower back. If the touch of Sonali's ass was not enough, the touch of four soft feminine hands on his back certainly got the attention of Jiju's member and it started making its presence felt to Sonali. Jiju pressed Sonali into his errection and the young teenager enjoyed herself grinding into it. She then took her upper torso away and put her hands inside his t-shirt and started rubbing her hands on his chest. Jiju was in seventh heaven with both of the sisters rubbing their chest and back with their soft and sexy hands. Priya was oblivious to the antics of Sonali and Jiju as her view was blocked. Soon, Rakesh involuntarily started rocking into Sonali and at the same time mauling her ass. Sonali was delighted to see the seduction progress so smoothly.

Their routine was interrupted when Priya announced that it was her turn to colour Jiju now. Sonali reluctantly left Jiju's embrace and Priya approached her Jiju with two fistful of the red powder. Rakesh did not give her the opportunity to reach his face and immediately caught hold of her and hugged her tight in her embrace. Priya's hands were well past Jiju's neck and she was plastered on his wet body. In the melee, her chunni (stole) had got caught up in her foot and when she came in contact with his chest it was her erect nipples which rubbed his chest through her thin and wet kameez (blouse-shirt).

When Jiju wrapped his hands around her back he noticed the absence of bra straps and this realization made his already erect cock jump with anticipation. "So much for an innocent girl," he thought. Meanwhile, Sonali got behind Rakesh and took over rubbing his back like Priya was doing earlier. She tugged at his t-shirt and asked him to remove it so that her task becomes easier. "Jiju, remove it please," she demanded.

Finally, the t-shirt was removed and Jiju lost no time to hug Priya again. This time Priya could feel her nipples against the warm body of her Jiju. This sent a shiver down her body, emanating from her nipples and traveling to her cunt, which by now had started oozing sweet juices. Jiju tried to rub himself on her chest so that he can feel her nipples all over his chest. Priya could also feel his errection poking into her stomach and she enjoyed the sensation, though with a sense of guilt and shame and closed her eyes. She forgot about smearing colour on her Jiju and stood in his embrace, enjoying the sensation of a hot male body.

Sonali was not only rubbing his back but also had resorted to hugging him from behind. Jiju could feel her soft boobs periodically brushing and prodding into his back. She had slowly dropped her hands to his butt and was caressing it. The effect of this action was felt by her elder sister who felt her Jiju's cock twitching into her stomach. Rakesh was delighted to know that the youngest saali (sister-in-law) was really a hot piece as Rajani had said. He envisioned himself fucking Sonali before his first trip to his in-law's place was over.

Meanwhile, Priya's hands and face were somehow come in position over Rakesh's chest and he could feel her hot hands burning into his flesh. He had already wrapped her into his arms; now he slowly started dropping his hands to gauge her reaction. When she did not respond, he got bolder and got hold of her bottom and kept his hands still. He could feel her soft and smooth globes from over her clothes which were totally wet. Priya also enjoyed his touch but her demure nature and caution was returning. He started squeezing her soft ass but before Rakesh could think of taking more liberties with her, she was rescued as Rajani called for her from downstairs.

She disengaged herself abruptly and ran downstairs, her head down. She forgot to take her chunni (stole) with her. Rakesh lifted her chunni from the ground and ran after her, but he had to throw it down the stairs to her as she was already way ahead. When Priya arrived downstairs her cunt was dripping wet with her juices and she felt an urgent need to masturbate,

Back on the terrace, Rakesh now gave undivided attention to Sonali. He grabbed her from behind and cupped her boobs in both of his hands while his crotch was grinding into her back. Sonali gyrated her ass in a mark of approval of what he was doing. Rakesh got bolder and kissed her shoulders and neck. Sonali closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation and her cunt started dripping with juices in the anticipation of fulfillment of her long held fantasy. Jiju was also excited at the prospect of tasting the charms of this young teenaged girl. Jiju reached below her t-shirt and cupped her boobs over her bra. She further pressed her ass into him. Encouraged, Rakesh pulled the bra over her boobs and took hold of naked boobs of her young sister-in-law and started massaging them. He took her nipples between his thumb and index finger and tweaked them, producing a moan from Sonali. She reached back and grabbed his cock from over his wet trousers.

He was so thrilled at his conquest that he could not believe his luck. He thought himself lucky to have two hot saalis (sisters-in-law) like Priya and Sonali. He thought Sonali to be under her control and it should not be difficult now to fuck her. His ambition was suddenly boosted to fuck all the three sisters. He had now started thinking of bringing Priya under his spell as well.

His thought train was rudely interrupted as his father-in-law called for them.

"Son, it's getting late for lunch. Please come down soon."

They remained there for a few more minutes, enjoying the sensation of mutual touch, and then descended to the house. Both, though wet from holi colours, were hot from their actions on the roof.

Downstairs, the household was busy in the preparation of lunch. Rajani was busy with her mother in kitchen. Priya had already bathed and was dressed up in t-shirt and a long skirt. It showed her boobs sticking up, which didn't help Rakesh's state of arousal. He was directed to the courtyard to take bath as Priya held his towel and change of clothes. Sonali took her usual bathroom to get fresh and ready for the lunch.

Priya spied on her Jiju as he was taking bath and strangely felt proud of having such a handsome brother-in-law. Her thoughts went back to the vigorous lovemaking between him and her elder sister Rajani, which she witnessed previous night. None of the boys in her college was as sexy and handsome as her Jiju was. She dreamed lazily whether her future husband will be as handsome and as great a lover as her Jiju was. She had felt his cock poking in her stomach and by the sensation she could felt that it must be huge. She had enjoyed touching his firm chest. And the usual scenario of Jiju thrusting his big cock inside her cunt came over into her dreams as she stood there. She bit her lip and eagerly waited for the afternoon nap to indulge in another round of playing with her now wet pussy.

She was surprised as Rakesh quietly entered and dragged her to the dining room, his hand on the small of her back. Soon, they were all gathered at the dining table and the usual chit chat started. Rajani asked him if he enjoyed the holi.

"I never played such a holi. Both the sisters-in-law are quite enthusiastic about it. I enjoyed it a lot," he said.

Rajani announced the she would be going along with the parents to meet a few relatives and friends in the afternoon, as is customary in their circle. They would return by the evening. Priya, longing for an immediate release, announced that she was going to sleep in the afternoon. Rakesh couldn't be happier. His cock jumped in his pajamas. He had been presented with a golden opportunity to fuck Sonali. He announced that he would better watch a movie on the TV. Sonali mumbled something about finishing her assignment for tomorrow's classes.

The folks were soon off to their afternoon round of socializing. Priya promptly went to her room and asked Sonali if she needed something. Priya told Sonali not to disturb her and locked the door from inside.

Sonali pretended to study in the living room. Rakesh was in his room watching a movie. She got curious when a popular song came and went to just have a look at the song. As she entered the room, she saw the movie 'Murder' on the TV and a hot scene playing along with the song. Jiju was adjusting his cock in his pajamas as she entered. He asked her to sit beside him. She was also wearing a skirt and a short t-shirt which showed her belly-button.

"Sonali, you know that the hero in this film marries his saali (sister-in-law). Look how sexy she is looking," he says suggestively.

"You trouble me a lot," she playfully replies.

He put his arm around her on the couch and started caressing her shoulder to gauge her response. He was not disappointed. She turned towards him and offered him a close view of her melons which were heaving in her tight t-shirt.

"Why? I don't trouble you. Who was being naughty in playing holi?" he asks and drops his hands to her globes and starts rubbing the sides of her boobs.

"I was not being naughty. It was you who had hugged me tightly," she replies.

He then came closer and with her index finger raised her chin and places his hot lips onto hers and kisses. She didn't respond at first but when he persistently licks her lower lip, she starts responding. Encouraged, he pushed his tongue past her lips and started playing with her tongue. She eagerly responded and put her arms around her, one hand pressing his head into her.

When Rakesh came up for breath he realized that the door was open. His cock in full attention, he walked awkwardly to the door and latched it from inside. He also realized that Priya is in the house and he would have to hurry up the whole process. He did not have the time for much foreplay and leisure, so he decided to make the best of the available opportunity.

He approached the couch and stood her up and for the first time watched her body as a fuck toy. She had a nice sexy body for a teenager, not yet fully ripe like Rajani's. He hugged her and glued his lips to hers. As she was barefoot she hardly came upto his chin. He grabbed her ass and started mauling it so mercilessly that Sonali moaned, "Gently, Jiju." This seemed to have egged him on, he dropped her hands lower and raised the hem of her skirts and placed his hands on her naked butt. He was delighted to notice that she had not worn panties and this realization gave his cock a further jerk. She felt it in her stomach.

Part of him wanted to take his time and enjoy the time with this girl, but chiming of an old clock reminded him of the hurry. He stepped back and tugged at her t-shirt. She also stood back temporarily and raised her hands. He took it out and pressed her to him again. This time his hands were also between them and he caressed her petite boobs which were still inside her bra. He reached to her back and unhooked her bra. He was now enjoying playing with her naked boobs.

Sonali had taken hold of his protruding bulge and was weighing his balls in her hand. This caused his cock to swell even more. Her cunt was on fire now. She couldn't but wait to feel the monster inside her.

Her Jiju now stuck his fingers in the waist band of her skirt and pulled it loose and with a jerk pulled it down. There she stood all naked before her own dear Jiju, who was the subject of all her fantasies since many months. She undid the cord of his pajamas. He got out of them. She then and got hold of his cock and stroked it softly. She let her thumb graze the cock-slit smearing slick pre-cum across the cock-head and down the underside. She felt the jerk a man involuntarily sends to his penis when it is first caressed. She looked up and saw Jiju's lust filled eyes looking back.

Rakesh realized that this saali (sister-in-law) of his is no novice. So, without wasting time, he took her hand and took her to bed. She lay down on the bed on her side and he joined soon after removing rest of his clothes. He kissed her again on the lips as they united again, now both their hands exploring each other's backs.

He kissed his way down her neck and halted at her breasts. He took both her breasts in his hands and planted a kiss on each nipple. He then proceeded to suck them like a baby. She ran her fingers in his hair as he sucked on her nipples. This made her cunt even wetter and she started stroking his cock in right earnest. He feared that he would cum soon if she continued stroking him. He got on his knees between her legs and spread her legs. He was mesmerized to see such a thick growth of hair on such a young girl. He touched her clit and she moaned. He pushed a finger at first inside her and spread her juices to make her ready to receive his big cock. But it seems that she was more than ready for it. He took out a pack of condoms from under the pillow and unrolled it over his cock. She watched in amazement as he pulled the foreskin of his cock back and the whole of the bundled condom came undone on his long cock.

"Jiju, please," she grunted.

"Please what?" he teased.

He spread the juices along the length of her pussy with his cock head. She hunched forward to take it in, but he denied her the pleasure yet.

"Please what?" he repeated.

"Jiju, give it to me please," she said eagerly.

"What should I give?" he teased further.

She covered her face with both of her hands when he said that. She was at the peak of her sexual desire and couldn't keep pretences any longer. While still keeping her face covered she said, "Jiju, Jiju, please put your thing inside me and make love to me."

Upon these endearing words, Jiju pushed his throbbing cock into her waiting pussy. He was gentle at first thinking of her as a young girl. At the initial thrust the cock head was lodged between her cunt lips. When she gasped in enjoyment, he realized that his saali (sis-in-law) lying under him was no virgin and he thrust his full length inside her not so virgin pussy. When his cock was buried to the hilt in her cunt, he bent forwards and wrapped his arms around her from under her armpits and started kissing her. He kissed her lips, eyes, ears, face, chin and every available inch of her face. She was squirming under him and was hungrily responding to his kisses by keeping his head pressed down.

"Jiju, now do it Jiju," she demanded.

"What should I do my sweet sister-in-law?" he asked

"You are very naughty. You are teasing me. You are on top of your saali (sis-in-law) and are still asking what to do? If you don't want to do anything then let me go," she egged him.

"My sweet saali (sis-in-law), I have got the opportunity of tasting your youthful charms. This opportunity is not for leaving you but to fuck you]," he replied.

"Then my sweet Jiju, why don't you start fucking your saali (sis-in-law)?" she said on the verge of desperation.

It was more than Rakesh could take. He got on his knees and wrapped Sonali's lithe legs around his butt and started fucking her in gentle strokes. Sonali put her arms around his neck and started caressing his back. Soon, he gathered speed and both could hear the 'phchh phchh' sound of a slick cock fucking a wet pussy. Jiju's engorged balls were making slapping sounds against her cunt lips. While Jiju was an expert fucker, Sonali had only a few experiences; she made for it by her enthusiasm. She was meeting his every stroke by thrusting up her abdomen.

Rakesh's cock was certainly bigger than she had experienced earlier and she was happy to realize her fantasy about her Jiju. Rakesh was also delighted to sample a young pussy like hers.

"Oh Jiju, yes yes faster, harder, fuck me hard," she panted between the thrusts.

Jiju increased his pace. He had now pinned her down and was fucking her like a piston. A few times, he withdrew his cock fully and inserted it all with a single stroke. Sonali was extremely pleased with this technique. While still fucking, he took his index finger to her mouth and asked her to salivate it. He then inserted his finger into her ass and felt his own cock through the thin membrane. Sonali was overwhelmed by the simultaneous sensation in both her holes.

"My sweet Sonali, promise me one thing," he asked her.

"What? My sweet Jiju?" she queried.

"Whenever I visit your house we would fuck like this," he demanded.

"Psst. How can that be possible everytime? We can't get such an opportunity every time you visit," she rationalized.

"Whenever we get the opportunity, we will surely do it," he persisted.

"Okay," she agreed.

Getting this acceptance was surely a feat for Jiju. Sonali was now on the verge of cumming and when Jiju sensed her body stiffen as a precursor to orgasm, he started nibbling at her nipples, one with his fingers and one with his teeth. This action, coupled with athletic ramming of her pussy pushed her over the edge and she came with a shudder and hugged Rakesh tightly. Rakesh did not stop and kept on fucking her at his pace until he also shot his load into the condom.

He collapsed on the top of her and they lay there catching their breath. Both of them were sweating after this bout of adulterous sex. When he caught his breath, he kissed on her lips again. He did not ask her if it was her first time. He already knew the answer; and was happy for it. Otherwise, it might not have been possible to taste her charms himself!

As if out of guilt, no words were exchanged and they got up and dressed. Sonali quietly left the room. Rakesh latched the door behind her and re-arranged the room as others would be coming soon.

Rest of his visit was uneventful except for the fuck he had with Rajani in the night. He was even more excited and Rajani commented on it several times during the fuck. He jokingly hinted which man would not be excited living with three sexy beauties!

Next day, it was time to leave. Goodbyes were exchanged. Priya and Sonali hugged both of them. Rakesh was cautious this time, as everyone was watching. He invited both his saalis (sisters-in-law) to visit their home soon and they promised that they would do so soon. Before departing, he whispered to Sonali, "Remember what you promised me." Sonali blushed, as the car left.


Just after Holi (a festival of colours), Priya got busy in preparation for her annual exams and did not have the time to flirt with the boys. Sonali was her usual carefree self. Her fucking session with Rakesh Jiju had given her altogether new dimension of fantasies to masturbate on. Instead of fantasies, now she started thinking of the ways to fuck her Jiju. For example, how she can fuck him during summer holidays when they planned to visit their sister Rajani. Unfortunately, no such opportunity could arise. Summer holidays were occupied with the activities to get Priya a good match. She would be turning 23 and completing her post-graduation in marketing next March and her parents wanted the match to be fixed soon as Priya can then look for a job, if she wants, depending upon where her prospective husband is settled.

The family came to know of a good match through some family friends. The boy was Rahul, who was working in an MNC with a handsome salary. He was two years older to Priya. When their horoscopes matched, the program was fixed for the groom side to see Priya at her home in Delhi. Priya had seen the boy's photograph and he looked like a sincere and serious boy.

It seemed that the fucking at the time of Holi had made Rajani pregnant. She was well into her pregnancy when the groom-side was to come to see Priya and probably finalize the date of the marriage if every thing went well. Doctors had advised Rajani against traveling. So, she suggested that her classmate Rani may be invited to assist Priya in getting prepared for the event. Incidentally, Rani had married Suhail. If the readers remember, Suhail was the same person who danced with Priya in Rajani's wedding and whose cock Rajani was sucking when Sonali had caught them during the run up to Rajani's wedding. Rani did not know of those incidents.

Rani arrived the night before the groom and his parents were to arrive. Sonali was sent off to some relative's place, as their orthodox parents still believed that younger sisters should not be present during such occasions. Rani was also like an elder sister to Priya and she used to call her didi too. Priya knew of the incident where her Rajani didi has sucked Suhail Jiju's cock. But, that was before Rani was married and she could not hold this incident against Suhail Jiju. Rani shared the room with Priya at night and the talk invariably turned to sex.

Rani: Priya! Now that you shall be married, you can start enjoying soon. You should enjoy a lot with Rahul.

Priya: (blushes) How will that be? The marriage is still several months away. It wont be held before the exams in March, the next year.

Rani: How does it matter? Rahul is based in Delhi itself. You both can enjoy a lot.

Priya: If Dad comes to know that we are enjoying together then he will make life hell for me. You know how orthodox he is. He wouldn't even let me out of the house from tomorrow. You say, how is your married life? How do you feel being married into a Muslim family?

Rani: I am enjoying it a lot. Suhail is a caring husband. Now, his parents have also reconciled to our marriage and have accepted me in their family.

Priya: Sis! May I ask you a question?

Rani: You may ask.

Priya: Sister, why did you marry a Muslim guy?

Rani: Leave it. Just like that. You may say that I liked him.

Priya: Please tell me sis. Why do you conceal? I swear by you.

Rani: Ok. If you insist and swear I will tell you. Now that you are also to be married soon there is no harm in telling you. The most important aspect of marriage is how much fun and enjoyment you husband can give you. What I mean to say is how expert he is in 'sex department'. There is one lady friend of mine, named Zeba. She is quite a carefree soul. She has had sex with a lot of men and found out that Muslim men are able to give maximum enjoyment to women because they can fuck for a longer duration.

Priya: How so?

Rani: This is because, my darling, they are circumcised and have greater tolerance. I can say from personal experience that this is a fact.

Priya: How can you say that from personal experience? You would have had experience only with Suhail Jiju, (laughs) or had you had several experiences like your friend Zeba?

Rani: You have become very naughty and mischevious. You would be sorted out right when Rahul starts taking you to task in bed.

Priya: (Opening up) Who is afraid of the task in bed my darling sis? I am ready to face all that. You say how is Suhail Jiju taking you to task in bed?

Rani: Oh God! Don't ask. My husband is a hard taskmaster in bed. I enjoy it very much. You can also start fucking with Rahul from tomorrow. Let me tell you my darling, it is quite exciting to be fucking your fiance surreptitiously before marriage.

Priya: Ok Ok. You are telling me as if you used to fuck Suhail before marriage.

Rani: I have done my darling. That is how I chose Suhail for a husband. You have a no-risk situation. Your parents are selecting a husband for you. All you have to do is just to fuck him shamelessly and start enjoying life.

Priya dimmed the light and this teasing conversation continued well into the late night. When probed further, Rani described her experiences with Suhail. Priya had pushed her hand in her panties and her fingers were playing with her clit when Rani described how Suhail had first fucked her in the wedding party of their classmate Sujata. When rituals were underway, Suhail had taken Rani to a vacant room in the hotel and had fucked her without removing any of her clothes. Rani described in detail how different and thick his cock felt and how he continued for what seemed to be 'eternity'. After that he had fucked her several times in his own hostel room. Rani told her that she had decided that she could not let this asset slip through her fingers and married him.

Priya was wondering about Suhail Jiju. He had designs on Rajani didi! He tried to have his way with Priya herself. He fucked Rani didi in a wedding party! She wondered if he would have fucked herself in Rajani didi's wedding if she had allowed the matters to proceed as they were. She also wondered if Suhail Jiju still had designs on other friends of Rani.

Next morning was quite busy as many arrangements were to be completed. Rani had done Priya's make-up and had dressed her in a light blue chiffon saree, which showed her sexy figure. With dangling ear-rings and a modest necklace, Priya looked absolutely stunning.

The groom, Rahul and his family arrived in the afternoon. As Priya was beautiful, gracious and shy Rahul's family liked her immediately. As she was doing a course in marketing, it was easy for her to get a good job after marriage. After some discussions, Rahul and Priya were left alone to talk to each other. They talked briefly about their aspirations, hobbies etc. Rahul took her hand in his and pulled her closer. When he tried to kiss her she dropped her head shyly and ran out of the room.

The two families decided to finalize the match. Rahul and Priya exchanged rings as a token of their being engaged. The marriage was fixed for after her exams next March. She and Rahul met a few times in the ensuing months but it was always on family occasions and dinners. They danced, held hands and shared future plans during these times. Priya firmly rejected any action that can be construed to be sexual. She did not want to project an image of an easy and loose girl. She smilingly used to say to Rahul to wait till the marriage.

It was the month of October and the college was looking forward to the Diwali vacation. It was the last year in college for Priya's batch. She was to appear for her final examination in March, the next year. Her class decided to go out on a trip to Shimla. About eleven girls and five boys joined the three-day trip. On the scheduled evening they left in a small deluxe bus with their professor who was also the college sports coach. The journey to Shimla would take them about eight to ten hours and they would reach early morning. Only two persons could sit on either side of the aisle in the bus and Priya was left alone since there were odd number of boys and girls. She had to sit next to a boy in the last row and she told him that she would be occupying the window seat throughout the journey. No one sat next to the Professor on the first row.

So off they started. All of them were excited and were talking in small groups. They argued on what they would do once they reach Shimla. The Professor also joined the discussion and was very friendly to them. The boy sitting next to Priya was Abhishek. He was a tall and handsome guy and better looking than most of the boys of her class. Priya was pleased to have him sit next to her. She was in her low waist tight jeans and a short sleeveless t-shirt which sometimes revealed her bellybutton. Soon, it was time for dinner and they had to stop at a roadside restaurant. While getting down from the bus Abhishek was behind Priya and he cleverly brushed her large buttocks which looked sexy in her tight jeans. He wanted to touch her tits which looked bigger and pointed because of her bra and tight t-shirt. Priya felt his hands on her ass and she knew it was no accident. She was happy to receive the signal and she decided that during the night if Abhishek was bold enough to take initiative, she would have some of her 'harmless-fun' as she had phrased it. She smiled to herself as she remembered how many times she had spurned the advances made by Rahul, her fiancé.

During dinner Abhishek sat opposite Priya and when she wasn't looking, looked for some reaction of the 'incident' on her face but found none. Priya behaved as if nothing had happened. He got emboldened to do something more in the night while the lights would be off. After dinner soon after they boarded the bus the lights were soon shut off and everyone settled down for sleep.

Priya rolled a cotton blanket on herself and closed her eyes. After a few minutes she felt Abhishek's hand on her thighs. She opened her eyes little to find out whether it was just by accident. In the moonlight filtering through the windows, she found him sleeping. She didn't remove his hands and closed her eyes again. Slowly his hand on her thighs moved upwards and rested very close to the place where her pussy and thighs met. Oh! she already felt wet inside her panties. What if he discovered her wet pussy, she thought? But she did nothing to prevent him and pretended to sleep. She had calculated not to interrupt his adventure as he would think she was sleeping and she can have her share of 'harmless fun.'

His hands pressed her upper thighs but he wasn't satisfied with just feeling up her thighs, that too from over her jeans. He then slightly turned towards her and pulled up the blanket. The blanket was large enough for two and he covered himself too with it. He slowly rested his left hand on her upper thighs once again. Seeing no reaction this time too, he became bolder and pressed her soft but taut thighs covered with her tight jeans. He looked at her beautiful face and then looked around to check if everything was ok. Others were asleep and no one was noticing them. He put his right arm around her shoulders and caressed her right upper arms. The touch of her smooth hot flesh excited him and his cock jerked in full attention. He adjusted his cock with his other hand. He wanted to take out his throbbing cock and masturbate but it would be far too dangerous, he thought.

With his right hand, he tentatively touched her boob from over her t-shirt. Not getting any negative reaction, he squeezed it lightly. It sent a wave of excitement down his cock which was yearning to burst out of his jeans. He tried to pull her closer towards himself by the pressure of his hand on her right boob. Priya, in her pretended sleep, understood the signal and collapsed towards him, as if in deep sleep, and put her head on her shoulders. He now had easier access to her boobs. He dropped his right hand and pushed his hand inside her t-shirt and felt her bellybutton. Oh! how long he had wanted to touch it, kiss it and maybe drill his cock into it, but for now he was satisfied to just finger it. He waited for any reaction before he could move further. He proceeded further inside her t-shirt and felt her bra covered boobs. He then pressed her tits lightly being careful lest she should wake up. After caressing her boobs for sometime he squeezed her oranges somewhat more firmly feeling their full weight in his hand. Priya's pussy was dripping with her juices and her panties were all wet by now. Abhishek could feel her breathing become faster.

His other hand was still pressing his thighs. He moved his hand up on her thighs and put it on the junction of her thighs. As her jeans were tight there was no way he could proceed without pushing his hands inside. He removed his left hand from her thighs and fingered the belt of her jeans. Not finding any easy way, he decided to take the next step. He boldly pushed his left hand inside the front of her jeans and pressed her fingers on her pussy from over her wet panties.

Priya could not pretend to be asleep now. She gasped, raised her head and opened her eyes. Their eyes met and she replaced her head on his shoulders. This was all the go ahead he needed. His movement over her pussy became more urgent and demanding. He now inserted his hand inside her wet panties and his fingers started playing with her clitoris and pussy lips. Priya was constantly enjoying the attention her virgin pussy was getting from this handsome classmate of hers.

Abhishek withdrew his right hand from her boobs and opened his zipper and took out his throbbing cock. He tugged at Priya's left hand and placed it on his tool. Priya did not hesitate to wrap her fingers around his hot and pulsating tool. Although, she could not see it, she could feel its thickness under the blanket. It seemed to be thicker than the only cock she had held earlier. She thought that she has stroked two cocks in her life now but has not seen any of them. She moved her fist up and down on his cock. She pulled back the foreskin of his cock and unsheathed the bulbous head. His cock was already leaking with pre-cum. She squeezed the tip of his cock with her thumb and spread his pre-cum on his cock. Thus lubricated, she started slow and deliberate strokes on his cock. Priya felt curiously excited and wicked in what she was doing to this boy but at the same time denied her fiancé the slightest taste of her charms.

Abhishek replaced his right hand on her boobs. This time he pulled down her bra and got hold of her naked tits. They fell into a rhythm soon. His both hands were busy pleasuring her and her hand was stroking his cock. He could not believe his good fortune. Priya was undoubtedly the most beautiful girl of his class but was considered pretty straight and prude. That he would be dipping his fingers in her pussy and would be playing with her naked boobs was beyond imagination to him. He now hoped to fuck her in Shimla.

Both of them masturbated each other and soon Priya came. She pressed her lips into his shoulders to smother any sounds that she may have made. He also could not contain his excitement any longer and ejaculated a big load of cum into the blanket and her hand. She wiped her hand on his jeans and turned away from him. She pulled her blanket free from him and fell asleep.

The group reached Shimla in the morning and checked into a Youth Hostel. The stay arrangements were in two separate dormitories. They all visited all the usual tourist spots in and around Shimla. Abhishek was constantly trying to engage Priya and lost no opportunity to caress her ass and boobs. Their antics were not hidden from the professor cum sports coach Mr. Sharma. Mr. Sharma was in his mid-thirties and had fucked several lady teachers of the college. He was an old hand in the affairs of boys and girls of his college and took keen interest in what went on and around the campus. He knew about the three sisters. He knew that the eldest one Rajani was a hot piece of ass and she was an expert in attracting boys and making them her slave. He also knew that the youngest one was the smartest in these affairs and has fucked a few boys. He had heard nothing of this sort about Priya, who he found the most beautiful and innocent. He was shocked, no, surprised to see Abhishek and Priya flirt. More so, because he knew that she was engaged.

He had deliberately kept himself away from indulging in any 'activities' with students. But, watching Abhishek grabbing Priya's ass on a walking trail has got his motor running. He imagined himself driving his cock into her young pussy and innocent mouth. He started making plans to have his way with Priya. Since, it was their last day in Shimla, he decided to confront Priya directly.

In the evening the group reached the Youth Hostel and the students changed into casual clothes. Mr. Sharma called Abhishek and Priya into his room (he had taken a separate room in the hostel). He was of athletic built and was wearing his tight sports t-shirt and tight trousers. When the duo arrived he admonished Abhishek in front of Priya and warned him to stay clear of Priya. He then dismissed Abhishek from his room. He seated Priya on the sofa beside her. Priya wore a shirt and a long skirt.

He took her hand in his and told her briefly that he admires her family and especially the three sisters, who have been an asset to the college. If her antics are known to her parents, there could be problems. He knew she was engaged and indulging in such activities does not suit a girl of respected family.

Priya had also secretly admired Mr. Sharma. She used to opine amongst her friends that he is the most handsome teacher in the college and that he is much more manly than most of the boys. Now, Mr. Sharma was coming onto her like this and she could not decide how to react. Sharma took both of her hands in his and kissed her fingertips. Seeing no resistance, he pulled her up into standing position and hugged her.

Priya: Sir, what the hell are you doing?

Sharma: Priya! You are the most beautiful girl of our college. I admire you very much.

He moved his hands all over her back. Her hands were still on her sides. He took her hands and put them around his neck and placed his hands on her ass and squeezed. He could feel her pointed boobs pressed into his firm chest. His cock was rock hard by now and was poking in her belly.

Priya: Aaaah! Please leave me, sir! This is not right.

Sharma: What were you doing with Abhishek? Was that right?

Priya: I wasn't doing anything with him. He was after me.

Sharma: It is not his fault that he is after you. You are so sexy that any man would be after you.

Sharma had now put his hands on her breast and started squeezing them. He did not know that her boobs were the most sensitive part of her body. If a law could be made it would say "if you want to have Priya squeeze her boobs, she would go along with you." She moaned and buried her face into his chest. He guided her hand to his erection. Without further guidance she opened his zip and took out his monster cock. She started squeezing and stroking his cock. He hugged her closer and pushed both of his hands into the elastic waistband of her skirt and grabbed her naked ass. He started mauling her ass in rhythm with her stroking.

Sharma: (whispers in her ear) let's go to bed Priya.

Priya: No sir! Let's not go beyond this. I wish to remain a virgin till my marriage.

Sharma: Don't torture me, Priya!

He pushed her down on the sofa. His big naked dark cock stared her in the face. She was mesmerized as she looked at a man's cock for the first time in her life.

Sharma: Suck it, Priya.

Priya: No sir. I can't suck it.

Sharma: Please...

Priya: No sir. Please.

Sharma: Then kiss it at least.

He pushed his pelvis all the way towards her so that the thick head of his cock was almost brushing her lips. Her curiosity got the best of her resolve and she darted out her tongue and flicked it on his cock head. She could taste the salty pre-cum on her tongue.

"Please Priya, kiss it," Sharma implored.

Priya twirled her tongue on his cock head and pressed her lips on it and kissed a cock for the first time in her life. She had the urge to take it all in her mouth but a voice inside her told her to control herself. Instead, she grabbed it in her both the hands and started stroking it furiously.

Sharma had grabbed her boobs in his hands and was paying attention to her boobs when Priya jerked him. He could see Priya's white fingers wrapped around his dark cock and her diamond solitaire engagement ring glittering on her ring finger as she stroked his cock. This sight was too much for him and he shot his load in her hands without any warning. Some of his cum also found its way onto her neck and shirt. It was the first time she was watching a cock spurting cum and found the spectacle quite erotic. At the same time, she got scared when she noticed cum on her shirt and neck. She got up immediately and went to the toilet to clean herself. Sharma collapsed on the sofa, satisfied. Priya came out of the toilet and without speaking a word left the room.

Back home, things continued as usual. Rahul would phone every night and they would have long chats. While he constantly hinted to do something sexual in their next meeting, Priya always used to reply "only after marriage" to his innuendoes. Soon, her exams were over and the day of marriage came near.

The marriage was a hectic affair for the family. Almost every member of the family was occupied with a long list of work. Rakesh and Rajani had arrived a few days before the main function along with their small k**. As the house was full of guests and activities, Jiju could not get enough opportunity to fuck Sonali. Though they had sneaked onto the roof one evening and indulged in heavy petting, but it had only increased their hunger for sex. Priya, in her bridal dresses, was even more delectable and Rakesh's sense of deprivation increased watching his yet un-fucked sister-in-law. Lucky Rahul, he thought.

The wedding was uneventful. Rahul noticed how beautiful his two saalis were. He had not met them before and was soon eager to know them better. Rajani, with her full boobs and filled out ass was looking a classy sexy lady. Sonali was looking quite sensual in her back-less choli and ghaghra (blouse and long skirt). His thoughts were mainly occupied by Priya. She, dressed in a lehenga-choli (wedding dress) as a traditional bride, was the cynosure of all the eyes. He was looking forward to their suhaag raat (first night) with a mixture of excitement, trepidation and satisfaction. Satisfaction was on the account that he would be marrying and fucking the most beautiful of the three sisters.

Soon after the wedding, the newlyweds reached Rahul's apartment. The apartment was appropriately decorated for their first night (suhaag raat). After performing some rituals, other family members soon left them alone. Rahul's sisters and bhabhi stayed back to prepare the bride for her first night. They dressed her up and left her in what was to be their master bedroom. Rahul had also made preparations for their first night in the sense that he had got a full pack of condoms and K-Y jelly a few days earlier.

Rahul dressed in an embroidered kurta-pajama knocked and entered their master bedroom. Priya was waiting for him sitting on the bed. She was dressed in a red-gold saree, bedecked in full jewelry. An expensive gold and diamond necklace adorned her chest, gold bracelets along with a lot of bangles in both the hands, dangling ear-rings, silver anklets (payals) on both her ankles. Her hands and feet were patterned with exquisite designs in red henna. As she stood up to greet Rahul, her bangles and payals (anklets) made a jangling sound. As is the Indian custom, she took a glass full of milk from the bed stand and offered it to him. He smiled and cupped her hand by his hands.

"Now you are my partner for life, so we will have half a glass each," he told her. Keeping both their hands on the glass they drank the milk one after the other. He took out a diamond pendant from his pocket and put it around her neck.

"For you my love," he said.

"Thank you, Rahul," she replied, touched by his gesture.

"You look beautiful darling," he impressed.

He pulled her closer and hugged her, his arms on her back. She wrapped her arms around his back too and placed her head in her chest. They stood without any movement and felt each other's closeness for some time. Rahul was the first to stir. He took her face in both her hands and turned her face towards himself. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin and neck. She closed her eyes in anticipation. He then placed his lips on her lips and kissed her lips. She did not respond at first, but when he started nibbling her lower lip, she responded by reciprocating the action. Encouraged, Rahul pressed her head towards him and his tongue probed her mouth and found hers. The two lovers explored each others mouths for a long time.

In the beginning their hands were stationary. As their kissing became more passionate, hands began their exploration. Priya moved her hands all over Rahul's back. Rahul caressed her back and dropped his hands down on her supple ass began kneading the globes of her ass in slow strokes. She could feel erection on her belly. Their kissing grew more passionate with each passing moment. Rahul put one of his hands on her breast from over her saree and squeezed it lightly. Priya broke the kiss and looked into his eyes and again glued her lips to his, this time more hungrily. This was all the approval Rahul required, he placed both his hands on her breasts and began a persistent squeezing and mauling of her boobs.

While still glued to her lips, he managed to pull the free end of her saree free and dropped it to the floor. Her hands were now in his neck, eyes closed, she was moaning into his mouth. Next, he pulled away her saree from her body and let it drop in a heap on the floor. He hugged her again started his routine of caressing her ass and breasts. He hooked his index finger in the waist band of her petticoat and found the draw-strings and pulled them. Her petticoat dropped and bunched around her ankles. He pulled her away from the dropped cloth and she stepped out of it. Her high heeled sandals making clicking sounds on the floor. His cock gave an appreciative jerk at her choice lingerie for the occasion. Her panties were bright red with a white lace.

Now she was in his embrace, clad only in her panties, blouse and bra and of course her sandals. Rahul turned her towards the full length mirror and hugged her from behind, his erection poking into her panty clad ass. He cupped her breasts from behind and glued his lips on her shoulders. She sighed as he nibbled on her neck, shoulders and earlobes. Her pussy was dripping and a large wet patch could be seen on the front of her panties.

He guided her right hand to his erection and she started squeezing his cock dutifully. He snaked his tongue into her ear and she squeezed his cock hard.

"Mmmm darling, what are you doing to me?" she said. He did not reply, instead he unhooked her blouse and uncovered her boobs which were now in a demi-bra. The top halves were visible as the bra covered only the lower half. His cock throbbed at the erotic spectacle of his wife's boobs.

"Ab tum meri biwi ho, main jo chahe kar sakta hun. Kya aapko koi aitraaz hai? (Now you are my wife, I can do whatever I wish to, do you have any objection?)" he asked. She shook her head in the negative and closed her eyes yet again. He turned her around once again, hugged her and glued his mouth to hers. Priya need not be reminded again and she got hold of his cock on her own and started stroking it. Rahul unhooked her bra and threw it on the bed. He placed both his hands on her naked breasts and squeezed. Priya moaned loudly in his mouth. He dropped his head and sucked one of her nipples in his mouth, while tweaking the other in his thumb and forefinger. After some time he alternated the action on the other nipple.

He took her hand and led her to the bed. She removed her sandals and lay down on the bed, clad only in her red panties. He could see her fair and smooth body, without any trace of hair. Her boobs were pointed, stomach flat and legs shapely. Her hands and feet were very beautiful. He admired her body as he undressed himself. She had her eyes closed while he undressed. He climbed on the bed clad only in his black lycra briefs, from which his cock was ready to burst out.

He joined her on the bed and hugged her. This time their hands explored each others' naked bodies, while their lips glued to each others as before. He caught her naked and silky smooth legs between his legs and pressed her breasts into his hairy chest. She liked the sensation of his hair on her breasts. He put his hands inside her panties and cupped her naked ass. Priya got hold of his cock from over her briefs with both her hands and kept on stroking it. He brought his hand to her mound and discovered a thick bush covering her pussy. He rubbed her clitoris and lightly fingered her pussy lips which were dripping with her juices. He could not wait to get inside her pussy now.

Rahul whispered in her ear to remove his shorts. She didn't need to be asked twice and in an instant Rahul lay sans his briefs with his cock getting Priya's attention with both her hands. Rahul too tugged down her panties and she raised her hips to allow him to remove her panties. Rahul untangled her panties from her ankles and sat on his hunches, observing her naked beauty.

"Beautiful, sexy, lovely," he exclaimed. Priya, feeling utterly shy, covered her face with her henna decorated hands. He took his time to observe her naked form, especially mesmerized by her boobs and pussy. He observed her pubic mound. This was the only patch of hair below her temples. It looked contrastingly beautiful on her fair naked body. Her pussy lips were pink and puffy. He could see them glistening with her juices.

His cock was erect as a rod and he was more than eager to bury it in her pussy. He decided to be gentle on their first night. He had whole life to fuck this pussy in whatever way he wanted, he thought with satisfaction. He started kissing her body starting from her ankles and moved slowly upwards towards her pussy. He repeated this movement on her other leg too. Priya had now removed her hands from her face and was watching Rahul pleasuring her. With each kissing sound, Priya moaned "Mmmm Mmmm" which further encouraged Rahul to prolong his kisses.

He spread her legs and sat between them on his knees. He knelt forward and kissed her pubic mound. She was not ready for this action and covered her pussy with both her hands. She shook her head and said, "Not there." She did not want Rahul to kiss her down there. She was afraid that he may not like the taste and it would repel him and make her love less.

Rahul did not argue with her and continued kissing upwards till her reached her boobs. He now paid his full attention to her boobs. He used both his hands and caressed both her boobs in regular circular motion, drawing appreciative 'aaahs' from his new wife. Priya had put her arms around his shoulders and was massaging his back. She started pulling herself up and kissed his lips a few times as he mauled her tits. Rahul dropped his head and sucked one of her nipple and at the same time pinched the other in his thumb and index finger.

"Slowly," Priya implored. Rahul adjusted his pressure and fell into a rhythm. He repeated his ministration on the other boob and kissed her yet again. Priya had never felt such sensations before, not even when Rohan or Abhishek had touched her body. She felt a sense of security to be in her husband's hands and bed. She felt as if she can surrender her life to this man. Their eyes met and Rahul could see her soft expression of appreciation and love. He asked if she is ready. She nodded her head and closed her eyes.

Rahul took her hand and placed on his throbbing cock. She held it and stroked lightly. He reached below his pillow and took out a pack of condoms and K-Y jelly. He pulled back his foreskin slipped a condom over his cock, his hand shaking with excitement. He applied K-Y jelly on her already dripping pussy and pushed his hips forward. His cock was now knocking at her wet pussy. Rahul asked, "Guide me." She raised her knees so that her feet were flat on the bed and rubbed his cock up and down at the entrance of her pussy. When she felt that his cock is touching at the right place she stopped the movement. She had not been able to see his cock in any great detail till now. Rahul embraced her, his arms under her armpits and bent over her, their faces close to each other.

Very slowly, he increased the pressure of his cock at her virgin pussy. The cock slipped the first time. She placed it again, it slipped again. Rahul held his cock himself and pushed it with some more pressure. Apparently her pussy was very tight and his thick cock-head was not able to push past her hymen. He tried a few more times applying gentle pressure but to no avail. He decided to push it hard and was almost going to push it with his strength when Priya told him to stop.

Priya: Stop Rahul, I am scared that it will hurt. Please listen to my request, please don't do it tonight. Let us try slowly. There is no hurry, is there?

Rahul: As you say, my darling. I love you. I don't want to hurt you. Now you kiss and suck my cock instead.

He slipped the condom off his cock and lay down on his back. Priya took position between his thighs and bent forward and kissed him fully on his lips. They licked and played with their tongues for a while. She had learned from Rahul's technique and repeated what he did to her body. She kissed his nipples, stomach, thighs, legs and ankles. While she was kissing and licking his body, Rahul lay with a smile of satisfaction on his lips, thinking how lucky he is to get such a wife.

Priya kissed over all his body except his cock. She sat on Rahul's left side and held his cock in his hand and started stroking it. She had already jacked off three cocks; the experience came in handy to please her husband. She bent forwards and kept her face on his thighs and flicked her tongue on his cock. Rahul got another pillow under his head and intently watched as her beautiful wife started worshiping his cock. Priya first kissed her hubby's cock and then took its head in her mouth and sucked it like candy. Rahul gasped as her teeth also bore into his cock. She realized her mistake and opened her jaw wider and began sucking his cock. Though she was a novice at sucking cocks but the excitement of doing it the first time was too great for both of them to notice perfection of style. Rahul gently kept his hand on her head as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

She tried to take all of it in her mouth but he was far too long for her unpracticed strokes. She discovered her rhythm and started taking his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and up and down movements of her lips. Since Rahul was anticipating pumping his cock inside her since the evening, he did not take long to come to the edge. His cock was soon pulsating as a precursor to orgasm.

"Oooh, I am cumming darling," he almost shouted. Priya took out his tool out of her mouth in the nick of the time and his cock spurted long ropes of semen which fell on his stomach. Rahul reached for his kurta and wiped his stomach. Priya slid up and kissed Rahul lovingly, giving him a taste of his own cock. They lay down naked and hugged each other again.

"Let me get you off," he asked her and drove his fingers into her honey pot. It did not take long for Priya to cum as the excitement had been building for so long. They kissed and fell into each others' embrace. They covered themselves with a quilt and relaxed in their mutual warmth.

"I love you, Rahul."

"I love you too, my darling."

Priya reached for his cock again and resumed stroking it. His cock soon came to full erection. Priya held it all the night long. None of them could sleep as she kept on gently stroking his cock all night. Next morning, when the alarm bell sounded as usual, Rahul got up and offered his cock to Priya's lips and she eagerly sucked him to another orgasm.

Rahul was very happy the next day despite him not being able to fuck his wife's pussy. He had accomplished a greater task; that of making her suck his cock. He had heard from his friends that their wives are very reluctant to suck their cocks. He felt lucky in the sense that her beautiful wife was quite eager to suck his cock. He felt quite happy that her wife was responsive to sex and this washed away his apprehension on this score. Priya too was happy that her hubby was considerate and did not force himself upon her. She had read horror stories in several magazines. Thus, they started their journey into their marital bliss and exploration......
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