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The Neighbours Birthday party P7

My Mothers Birthday was coming soon, and my parents were both busy planning her big birthday bash, however before that weekend I got a text message from Katie, the hot young girlfriend of Tyler one of our neighbours, and it in it she had invited me to another birthday party at a neighbour I didn't know.
"Should I bring my parents?" I text back.
"No. this is strictly just, us party!" she text back.
So, Saturday night I told my parents I was going out to friends, and then strolled off down the road until I came to the house number Katie had given me, and knocking on the door, Katie in tight little t-shirt and short skirt opened the door and smiled at me.
"Come in!" she grinned
So, I stepped inside and found the house full of teenagers like us, drinking and partying and dancing to the loud part music, and then Katie introduce me to a few people, until she pointed out the birthday person, or should I say persons.
"Melisa and Ella, they're twins!" Katie grinned pointing to two tall slim brunettes in little pink dresses dancing in the middle of the main room with everyone "They've just turned 18, and they're parents are away for a few days!"
I stared at those two hot girls with they're light tans and hot little slim bodies and then glanced at Katie and she smiled and replied "I thought you would want to be here!"
Then for the next hour or so I drank and partied with the others, until the music abruptly stopped and Katie stood in the middle of the room with the birthday girls.
"Okay! Everyone listen up!" she then said loudly "It's Melisa and Ella's birthday today!" and everyone cheered, before Katie continued "And so I've arranged a birthday treat for them!" and everyone cheered again.
Then the music began again, and Tyler, Katie's boyfriend strolled up to the girls doing his best strutting and dance moves, before he started to take off his shirt and show off his muscular body, and everyone cheered, and the twins looked a little shocked, and then Tyler began to undo his trousers, and everyone cheered as he dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them, and stood with his mighty big penis half erect already.
The twins stared in disbelief as they looked at Tyler's big semi hard cock, as I've mentioned before it's at least nine or ten inches long and really thick, and was now bobbing about in front of them like it had a life of it's own.
"Touch! Touch! Touch!" cried the other guests as the Tyler stood in front of them jiggling about.
They glanced nervously at Katie who smiled back at them and said "Go on! It's your birthday treat!"
Then looking at each other to be sure, Melisa and Ella stepped forward and both reached out for Tyler's big cock at the same time, and the crowd cheered again as they wrapped their little soft hands around his thick hardening shaft and began stroking his huge cock together.
The crowd cheered again, and urged them on as both birthday girls stroked and tugged his massive member as it grew to it's fullest size, and both of them soon had both of their little hands around his hard erect monster.
Then the chants of "Suck! Suck! Suck!" began and beginning to get into it, and enjoying it slightly, the twins leant forward, and together stuck out their tongues and began licking at Tyler's big round cockhead.
As the crowd cheered again, the girls dropped to their knees and eagerly began running their tongues up and down his big hard shaft, and teasing the tip, and I could see their tongues were almost fighting each other every time they met.
Tyler was soon loving it, and stood in front of them moaning softly as the twins licked his cock, before finally Melisa took the lead and lowered her mouth fully over his huge cockhead and began sucking eagerly on his cock properly.
More cheers then cried out as she did, and then more when after a few seconds she pulled her head away and her sister had a go as well.
I stared in excitement as I watched both twin girls eagerly taking it in turns to suck on that big monster cock, and then I felt a hand touch me, and glancing to my left I saw a petite blonde girl who was called Sally, touching my upper thigh before her hand moved across and then began squeezing my bulge, and smiled at her and she smiled back, before I wrapped a hand around her and began gently cupping her small breasts through her little blue dress.
As we touched each other through our clothes, I watched Katie move up behind Tyler and whisper something, and then Tyler sat down on the floor, and eagerly the twins moved up his legs and continued to lick and suck at his big cock and balls, before Katie got up behind both birthday girls, lifted up their little pink dresses, to reveal their little G-string panties, and then began fondling both their little round arses.
The crowd cheered again as Katie happily rubbed and squeezed the birthday girls buttocks, before her fingers slipped under their G-strings into their little soft wet mounds.
Both girls groaned softly as they felt Katie's fingers rubbing their pussies, and then I felt the Sally squeeze my cock harder, and instantly I moved my hand downwards until I felt her warm mound between her legs, and began rubbing it through her dress.
As we both continued to excite each other, I watch Katie pull her fingers out of the birthday girl's G-strings and hold them up showing how moist they both were, before eagerly Katie licked her fingers clean to more cheers, and then she took hold of the girls little panties, and with a firm tug pulled them down.
Their little knickers quickly fell to their knees but neither birthday girl seem to care, as they were still eagerly sucking on Tyler's big hard cock, then Katie began rubbing their pussies again and now we could all see her fingers playing with those twins smooth mounds.
Then Melisa suddenly stood up, stepped out of her knickers, grabbed hold of her little pink dress, and pulled it off, and we all cheered again as she stood completely naked showing off her slim naked body and little round tits and smooth hairless pussy, before she moved over Tyler's waist and began lowering herself.
Amazingly Ella held his big hard cock up for her sister, and then Melisa lowered herself onto it, and a big cheer went again as her little pussy spread it's self over his big bulbus cockhead and then engulfed it.
Melisa then sank down a few inches, taking some of that mighty big cock inside of her with a groan, before she then began riding him, slowly and steadily, her little body rose and fell and the crowd cheered her on.
As Melisa began riding Tyler's big fat cock, her twin sister eagerly stood up and began stripping off, and was soon as naked as she was, and then with a little encouragement from Katie, Ella moved towards Tyler's face, before squatting over it, and then lowering down that lucky guy began licking her pussy too!
My cock was now fully hard and bursting to be set free as I watched both twin girls completely naked, rising and falling on Tyler, and groaning and moaning happily as they got their birthday treat.
Sally clearly must have been as turned on as me, because she soon was pulling my cock from jeans, and once free, she quickly pulled up her dress, to reveal she didn't have any knickers on, and then bent over slightly in front of me, and seeing that little petite mound with just a whisper of blonde hair above it, waiting for my cock, I quickly moved up behind her, and with a gently thrust slipped into her wet pussy.
With a soft groan she took my cock inside of her, and then holding onto her slim athletic thighs, she remained bent over as I began pumping my cock into her.
As we started to fuck I glanced around to see others doing the same around us, and soon there was half naked or completely naked teenagers all around the room fucking and licking and sucking.
Then I saw Melisa lift up off of Tyler's cock, and eagerly Ella got up off of Tyler's face, and the twins swapped around, and soon Ella was lowering herself onto Tyler's big cock and riding it happily.
For a god few minutes the twins took it in turns to ride Tyler's massive member and his face, until he began to groan loudly as Melisa was riding him hard and fast, and Then Katie encouraged her to jump off, before gesturing to Ella to join her sister next to Tyler's big throbbing cock, and then together both twins began running their tongues up and down his shaft.
After just a minute of this Tyler began to groan loudly, and then with a roar he began spurt cum, his cock pumped it out a like it was fountain, and I saw his white sticky load spray out and then fall and splatter all over Melisa and Ella's faces.
Both twins happily continued to run their tongues up and down his hard shaft, eager for him to keep squirting his load all over their faces, until final he had nothing left to pump out and lay back breathing heavily.
The crowd cheered, and then Katie asked "Who was ready?" and eagerly two more guys with big hard cocks moved to the middle of the room, and standing over the twins they began rubbing their cocks eagerly, and the twins began licking and sucking at their balls, until with a groan the two guys began pumping their wet sticky seed out.
The two guys cried out happily as they unloaded all over the Melisa and Ella's faces, and the birthday girls happily knelt and accepted their loads.
As I continued to pump into Sally's little wet pussy, another couple of guys moved towards the middle of the room, and standing over the birthday twins, began jerking their hard cocks, while the birthday girls eagerly licked and sucked at their balls, and it wasn't long before they too began unloading their white man goo all over them.
I then continued to fuck this hot blonde for another minute or so, and after watching another few guys cumming hard all over the twins, and seeing how wet and sticky they both were, and really enjoying the feeling of fucking this little petite teen, the excitement quickly began to build in me.
Then I felt my balls beginning to tighten, and I knew I couldn't last much longer, and so I quickly pulled out of Sally, and moved towards the birthday girls holding my hard ready to blow cock tight, and as I stepped up to those two kneeling goo covered girls grinning up at me eager for my birthday gift, I began jerking my cock.
They both leant forward and stuck out their tongues, and as they teased my balls I felt them tighten, and the surge began, and with a mighty groan I began unleashing my cum.
My cock spurted big wet sticky wads of white stuff all over Melisa and Ella's faces, and happily both girls just knelt their with their tongues out letting me.
Then after I had spurted my load, adding to big wet mess that was already all over them, the twins took hold of my cock and gave it a good suck, before I stepped away, and other guys took my place.
As I stepped pass Katie, who was now naked and showing off that slim athletic body of hers, as she rode some other guys cock, she winked at me and grinned, before I stepped up to Sally who eagerly took hold of my spent cock, bent over and began sucking it.
I groaned happily as this hot blonde petite teen began to work her magical mouth on my cock, bring it back to life again, and after just a few minutes I was fully hard once more.
Then she moved me to a seat, got me to sit down, and then straddled my lap, before lowering herself onto my cock.
"This time, your all mine until you cum!" she grinned lustfully, and for the next half an hour we fucked hard in several positions until I finally blew my load straight down her throat.
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