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Johnny, 49 years, male, heterosexual
Norwich, United Kingdom
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Anal Sex, Pussy, Fingering, Doggy Style, Double Penetration, Small Tits, Pussy Licking, Cunnilingus, Big Tits, Big Clit, Glasses, Dirty Talk, Moaning, Sex In Public, Hairy Pussy, Fuck Buddy, Female Ejaculation, Mutual Masturbation, Large Labia
High school graduate
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193 cm (6 ft 4 in)
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About me

Ladies, please get in touch, flirt & chat....
Especially love a girl who masturbates and might enjoy a guy masturbating for them. Bit of a thrill for me!
I have a gallery of dick pictures but if it doesn't interest you, don't look, cos nobody is asking you to.

I really like a chat, be it a dirty one to get you off or even just a simple passing-the-time sort, as I'm happy with either.
Would like to exchange pictures too if possible (?)
It would be a nice thing that if I send a message to you & you're not interested, please be polite if you are declining me. Bit pissed off from sending messages, no reply & then being blocked without even showing any courtesy at all. Worse still is a couple of replies then blanked....I only get offended by people time wasters and I AM a patient person if you cannot a reply around quickly enough.
I have also had hetero guys ask for dirty chat & sorry lads, its not of any interest to me, you just get blocked straight off. I'm not a homophobic (I have a few homosexual friends as it goes) & they would never pressure a hetero pal

A little fetish not listed that I like is bare midrift s on girls! Reason is unknown, but happy with pictures not all types!! Ideally, flat ones but don't mind a lot, navel rings are cool and no issues on tattoos either.
Weird fetish but not the worst I've heard of on here

I can use Skype,Hangouts, Gmail & Kik....

As it goes, I read EVERY profile of a new person (hint to newbies, it's a good plan, as some XH users do specify that you take time to).So approaching anyone new, the more info you can provide, the easier it is for myself to chat with you and know what to chat about.

Just a hint, please be patient, as some of us oldies aren't lightning quick at getting out a reply or uploading pictures. Had a right impatient clown to deal with recently who blocked me just because I was messaging someone else, unblocks then blocks again because I'm uploading them a video, thinking they were being ignored!!!!
Another on the list of avoidables.

!!!!!! Legal Disclaimer !!!!!!
I dont give permission for anyone to use share or copy my pics or vids in any way possible !!! and if this happens I will take legal action against you !

NOTICE: All individuals or institutions, studies, etc.. using this site or any of its sites and / or associated for studies or projects do not have any authorization or consent to the use of my profile or my pictures in any form or forum both current and future. The use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution. !!!!

TRIBUTES - I can do tributing of both cock & cum types but PLEASE be patient! Be understanding that I can't just "whop it out", cos I'm a normal guy, not a performing circus sideshow!
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Nice collection in your galleries!
12 days ago
A smart and gentle man, keep on it , cheers up!
13 days ago
Thank you
14 days ago
to randylady: Well I happen to quite like randy women too...
to TheBigStickman: I didn't mean to offend either, I like tall me.
to TheBigStickman: too nice? - never! [silly idiots here]
to randylady: Ahh, sorry about that! You didn't get the "irony". I'm 6' 4" tall, I wasn't suggesting ALL of me was big. My apologies for disappointing/misleading you but I respect your honest comment nonetheless. I would only say that I've not disappointed those who have known me in the past.
Your name is a bit disingenuous, after looking at your pics - sorry a bit disappointed.
16 days ago
Very pragmatic and down-to-Earth message profile. We need more of this.
19 days ago
to scottishstud1: Cool. Glad to read it.
Nice page
25 days ago
to ladypam18: My absolute pleasure, LadyPam. Add any comments you wish on here.
Hello,thank you for all your comments..,)
1 month ago
Hey, love your galleries! Would love to be added
1 month ago
Thank you for your reply. Yes i too hope that video we commented on stays up also. 
1 month ago
to zomman: I've only really got started on there. It will take a few days, but will try adding to every single pic I hope
to kingfisher8123: If you check the "Jane" gallery, there's a link in one of the photo's comments
to TheBigStickman: no I did not know that
to kingfisher8123: You know she has a profile then?
to TheBigStickman: I hope you tell her about my comment. love to meet her
to TheBigStickman: Great comments! Thanks!
to zomman: I will certainly give them a look for you! Thanks for the suggestion ☺
Would love to see what you think of my captions gallery... Some are from personal archives dating back years which I've decided to caption and share, some are other I've been asked to caption and share... Have done a few for Jane (great pics), some of which she posted... She even put a few of mine up in her random collection... :)
1 month ago
to SweetDe: Thank You De...please feel free to put comments on them, as I always try to make sure I give an original reply. I also do personal videos for those I get to know
Amazing content! I love them <3 especially your videos :P
1 month ago
to kingfisher8123: No problems! It was nice of her to suggest me posting her pics up
Love the collection of jane, a very lovely sexy lady
1 month ago
to Venom1924: You're always welcome, Vikki. Love your sweet gallery pics. So damn hot!!


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