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I like getting laid once in a while, but I don’t like the baggage. If I could find a guy who understood I have a family I’m not going to leave, if he is looking for sexual satisfaction, not just a piece of ass, then he and I could get along.”
My sister and I both started having extramarital affairs about the same time. She was 31, me 28. Misha had been married 8 years; I’d been married six. It all started when I was talking to my sister at her birthday party.

Misha just turned 31, had three kids, and a husband that works far more than he earns. She was telling me his boss was taking advantage of Bert’s work ethic, ‘do the job until it’s done’. I thought she was hinting for an influx of cash but I couldn’t help, not much anyway, “Ah, sorry Misha, I don’t have a lot of spare cash right now, with Connie furloughed.”

My sister looked at me surprised, “Oh, no, Pat, I didn’t mean it like that. We are fine that way, I just don’t like how he is with his boss more than me. I feel like an afterthought most of the time.”

I understood my sister, I’d also been feeling a bit lonesome lately. My wife Connie, was in a funk because she had lost her job and was too busy looking for another to enjoy the downtime. For her, the two kids and I were definitely second-string; she had been focused on herself for months. I tried to get her to understand she didn’t have to have a job just then, our budget was flexible, not too flexible, but enough she didn’t have to find work right away. I confessed to Misha, “Yeah, it’s been a while since Connie has looked at me as a lover too.”

Misha paused, she studied my eyes carefully then said, “I’ve been looking online, at a dating site Pat, a website where a woman can find a date once in a while.”

“A date? Online?”

My sister blossomed red, “I want to find someone to have an affair with, I’m spending too many nights with my own fingers, I want somebody else’s fingers in me.”

I stepped back and stared at my sister. She’s a married soccer mom, homemaker, housewife, devoted to living the American Dream. What the hell did she just say? “What?”

“I’m going to meet a man later today. Pat, I need to ask you a favor.”

Still dumbfounded I repeated, “What?”

“Can you go with me tonight, not really with me, but stay close in case this guy is not what he says he is? I’m kind of nervous.”

“Is this a date, are you going to fuck him?”

“Not a long date, we are still exploring possibilities.” She challenged me to say no more with her eyes as she continued, “But if there is a possibility, I’ll take it.”

“Okay Misha, how long? I need to tell Connie.”

Her eyes grew large with alarm, “What I just told you? God, don’t tell Connie!”

“No, not that, I’ll tell her I’m helping you so she won’t wonder where I am. And I promise, you told me in good faith, so I’ll keep the faith, and your secret. You can fuck your ass off and I won’t say a word, I won’t be judgmental, I won’t be critical; go for it. What do you want me to do?”

I stayed near Misha while she met with her online boyfriend. They sat and talked over drinks in a bar then he got up to go to the restroom. Misha hurried to where I was sitting, “I’m going with him Pat, you don’t have to wait anymore.”

“You’re going somewhere to screw him?”

My sister nodded, looked over her shoulder for him, she didn’t see him so she turned back to me, “I told you, I’m horny, I need to get laid. Go home, I’ll be fine.”

“Well, okay, if you’re sure, enjoy yourself,” I got up and left.

My sister said no more about her stepping out of her bedroom and I didn’t ask. I was curious for sure, and what she was doing caused me to begin thinking outside of my bedroom too. I mean I loved Connie, but I was getting a little tired of hearing her mourn her career. I wouldn’t mind some time in casual conversation with a woman so I went to Misha, “Hey, what was the website you used to meet your boyfriend?”


“Well, I think I would like to hook up with a woman who can hold a conversation without complaining ‘woe is me’, and ‘my life sucks’ every five minutes.”

“So, do you want a companion or just someone to fuck?”

I grinned at Misha, “How about a companion who fucks.”

Two weeks after sending out feelers on the dating site, I got an intriguing invitation to a chat room. The first chat started a daily session, sometimes as long as two hours. She and I both sent out feelers of intimacy, we both sent back ‘message received’. I went to my sister, “The same as we did, but you sit at my back and watch while I get acquainted with Carmen.”

“Carmen, her name is Carmen?”

Misha smiled when I offered, “Yeah, and if she is nice, and you are nicer, I’ll introduce you.”

Misha and her younger brother Pat carried on affairs for several months. Misha had problems with her first boyfriend and found another, Pat felt like his extramarital girlfriend, Carmen, was getting too clingy, she wanted to run away from her husband with him. Pat wasn’t ready to take on a second wife, so he backed away from the affair.

Eight months after brother and sister started having affairs, they were standing in the back yard of his house with yellow plastic mugs of warming beer, talking about the pros and cons of fucking someone you’re not married to. They had to be careful about what they said because they were surrounded by five kids, her husband, and his wife. “It wasn’t hard keeping Connie in the dark, most of the time she’s content to sit alone and read or watch a favorite movie. She’s fine when I tell her I’m going to the bar or to play cards with someone. I go out and get laid while she enjoys that I’m not nagging her to relax and join the family.”

“Well, Bert just works too fucking many hours, he easily does 70 a week, often more. I’m in the prime of my life Pat, and my husband is sleeping through it. I needed to get laid, that’s why I did what I did. It was good for a while, getting out of the house isn’t a problem, the kids are in school, Bert is either working or sleeping. I have a lot of free time so I put it to good use. But then he started getting greedy, he wanted more than two or three fucks a month. The first time he called me at home, I dropped him like he was venomous. I tried again, another date last month, but as soon as he stuffed his dick in, I didn’t exist for him. In the five minutes he fucked me, he clung to my ass and held as tight as he could then screwed me until he came. He pulled out, got off, mumbled about how great I was, then left. Pat, the motherfucker walked out seven minutes after I pulled my pants off for him.”

I teased her, “Well, at least one of you didn’t go home frustrated.” Misha slapped my arm, grinned, then cautioned me, “Here comes Connie.”

Three weeks after that conversation I called my sister, “Hey, can you get out? Meet me for lunch?”

Misha replied with a growl, “Goddamn it Pat, I can get out anytime I want, for anything I want. Where?”

She was sitting across from me squeezing the life out of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I took a bite of my lunch and asked, “Why did you growl on the phone, who pissed you off?”

My sister pushed the mutilated sandwich to the side, laced her fingers together, “It’s Bert.” She took a breath then began, “It had been a while since Bert last screwed me so I tried to seduce him, get him interested in me. I demanded he take a day off work then we go to the zoo or something, just to get out. He grumbled but agreed. Connie let me dump my kids at your house, that’s why my kids stayed the night. When most people in the world enjoy a day off from work, my husband snarled and gnashed his teeth at not being at work. I put up with him, sometimes even agreeing with him just to keep him mollified. Finally, I took him home and to bed, he didn’t resist me, he got a good hard erection and screwed me.” She paused to take a breath and I just stared quietly; she set her teacup directly in the middle of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich then asked, “What are you thinking?”

“I’m waiting for you to tell me why you’re mad at him.”

Her eyes turned flinty, her brows knitted together, “Because the selfish fucker got off in less than four minutes. He used me just like the other guy did. Bert emptied his balls, rolled off, and was asleep before I grasped what the hell just happened.” My sister looked at me with sad eyes, “He used me, Pat. He fucking used me.”

“And now you think it’s time to find another boyfriend?”

“I don’t know. I mean, I like getting laid once in a while, but I don’t like the baggage. If I could find a guy who understood I have a family I’m not going to leave, if he was just looking for sexual satisfaction, not a piece of ass, then he and I could get along.”

“Well, when you find him, let me know, I could hope he has a sister.” My sister smiled, kissed my cheek, blew a soft pfft of air in my ear, then left for home.

Misha called me a week later, “Hey, are you seeing anyone right now?”

I hadn’t told her what I was doing so I admitted, “Yeah, I’ve been seeing a woman for a couple of weeks. We are planning our first long date tonight.”

“Good for you, you think she might want to double date?”


“Double date,” said my sister, “I want to meet some guy but I don’t want to do it alone, we could meet him together while he and I feel each other out.”


“Up what?”

“Feel each other up, not out.”

Misha barked a quick upbeat laugh, “Fuck you.” She finished the call with when and where.

We met at a bar both of us were familiar with but far enough out we probably wouldn’t be seen by knowing eyes. For about an hour my sister felt out her date, then suddenly ended it, she turned to me, “I have to go home, right now.” She was serious, something was bothering her. I took her to her car but she was shaking, still afraid of something, “I can’t drive Pat, take me home.” I was driving my little two-seat sports car so I didn’t have room for the woman with me. I made my apologies to my date then took my sister; she was panicked about something and I needed to get her away fast. Neither Misha nor I ever saw those two again.

Misha sat straight up in the seat and took a deep breath, “God, that scared me.”

“What the fuck happened? You have a guilt trip or something?”

She didn’t answer but turned to look out the window. I pulled out to the street when she turned back and asked, “Did you have something in mind with her?”

“Uh, yeah, we were on our first long date.”

“You never screwed her before?”

“Tonight would be the first.”

“Sorry Pat. Sorry I fucked up your night, but all of a sudden, I got a serious case of the creeps, that guy’s eyes went completely flat and he just stared at me like I was prey. I could read his thoughts, what he intended to do, I wouldn’t have lasted a half-hour alone with him, I had to go, thanks for being there.”

“Glad I could be there.”

Misha leaned back on the seat, turned her head to me, “Did you have a room, or a backseat lined up?”

“A room.”

She sat up, looked into the passing street lights then said, “Take me there, I’m not ready to go home yet, Bert thinks I’m at your house, he won’t get concerned if I call to say I’m a little late.”

In the room my sister took my hand then led me to the bed, she sat on the edge then pulled me to sit with her. “Pat, I have something to say, or propose, and I want you to listen but not comment or ask questions. Can you do that?”

“Uh, yeah, I can try, what’s up?”

“I think you and I should have an affair.”

“We are.”

“No, not with them tonight, or someone else. With each other, you and me; a mutually beneficial affair.”

“Uh, Misha …?”

“Shss, let me talk, just listen.” She rubbed my hand with her fingers then tried to justify her blunt statement, “We both need something outside of our beds; we’ve talked about it, we’ve done it, we’ve even supported the other’s flings. I don’t want to damage my marriage, but if I keep fucking strangers, I might very well fuck up my whole life. You’re doing the same, you don’t want to leave Connie, but you crave more companionship. If we start screwing each other, we won’t have to worry about someone, a boyfriend or girlfriend, calling Bert or Connie and creating a scene. You and I have always been close and our spouses understand that, they long ago found out we spend a lot of time together, more like friends than brother and sister. They never got jealous or concerned about us being alone before so that works for us now. We can meet, party, give you a blow job, and never raise suspicions. I know you had the vasectomy, I’m on the pill, so we are doubly insured, we never have to worry that I will sneak up behind you in the dark and whisper, ‘You son-of-a-bitch, you knocked me up’.” My sister paused, grinned playfully then asked, “What do you think?”

It took me about two seconds to find no fault with her logic and formulate an answer, a non-verbal answer. I stood from the bed, pulled her up then put my arms around her. She stepped into me then we stood quiet and absorbed the feeling our bodies bonded like that. My cock quickly achieved full manhood, so I nudged her with it. Misha looked into my eyes, smiled, then stepped back and started taking off her skirt. We stood apart and quietly disrobed, watching the other as we shed clothes. When we were naked my sister reached for my erection then pulled me to her. She put a hand on my chest and caressed me with fingertips while tugging gently on my cock; she smiled bashfully into my eyes. The was an air of modesty around us because we had never been nude together before; but even though we may have felt slightly uncertain, we didn’t hesitate, I pushed Misha to her back on the bed, stepped between her legs then penetrated her as she gasped. I fucked her a minute or so then she rolled from under me and got on the bed right. I fell to the mattress beside her then slid a hand between her legs. I quickly found the hot button then concentrated on turning my sister into an overheated, horny woman. I was lying between her legs fingering her pussy with my right hand, playing with her clit with the other. She started rolling her back, her thighs were vibrating, she was hammering heel dents in the mattress. Misha convulsed almost in half with the first cramp of the orgasm. She groaned and panted for a few seconds then fell quiet. I shifted my position then pushed my erection as far into Misha as I could then didn’t move, savoring the feel of her warm, wet pussy. My cock cramped twice then I began spewing into her, neither of us moved a muscle while my sister and I focused on what I was doing. When our groundwork fuck was done, I pulled out then we twisted around and I took her into my arms.

Misha and I cuddled and talked for a while then she encouraged me to fuck her again. The second time I screwed my sister, we didn’t hold back. She got fevered hot, was panting and yelping jolts of pleasure until she orgasmed. Her climax avalanched through her, gaining speed and strength until it crashed against mine in an explosive fury of clashing bodies and raging hormones. She was long overdue for a night of strong orgasms; her body was basking in rapture, her passion flowed freely.

The third time my sister and I had sex that first night, we were having a conversation while fucking slowly, softly. We paused so she could leave Bert a message, she’d be an hour or so late. We changed positions often, we experimented with oral sex, we were ‘feeling each other out’ as she might say. Misha was having spasms, each one gaining in sensual strength, I could feel her next one cresting so I set myself to cum. Her stomach was rolling in waves when she pushed me out then seized my erection. I started streaming ropes of cum across her belly and left tit. Misha was watching, laughing as I creamed her. She dropped my cock then smeared the mess into her skin like a lotion while smiling up at me, “Oh my god I needed this Pat,” she stretched like a contented cat then continued, “This is great, I will never get paranoid being with you, I don’t have to be afraid to screw you.” She smiled at me like a lover, not my sister.

She massaged her nipples with the cum smeared hand, “And you? You didn’t hold back, god I’m glad I asked you to fuck me,” she pressed her fingers to my lips then to her mouth and licked them clean, Misha grinned then ended the night by informing me, “We are definitely going to have a mutually beneficial affair.” She took a quick shower, got dressed then kissed me softly on the lips, our open eyes were evaluating the kiss.

It was a good kiss, so I gave her one back, one that let her know I would be there for her. I put my lips against her neck then assured her, “I will be there for you, any fucking time you want to fuck.”

She put her lips next to my ear, “Not now. Take me back to my car.”

Months later Misha tired of her workaholic husband and separated, then divorced. Connie didn’t last as long; she found her dream job but would have to move to Italy to get it. When the kids and I refused to leave our home, she went to live in Europe. She comes back for a couple of weeks every six months, but just to spend time with the kids, she never bothered fuck me again, or to divorce me. My sister and I continued our affair and to this day we are still sex partners, our children eventually caught on to what Misha and I were doing, once in a while her daughter or my son might mention the impropriety of sleeping with a relative, but none of the five openly criticize us.

We’d been living alone for years and screwing in one place or the other. One night the whole silly situation became pillow talk, I asked my sister, “Why don’t you move in with me, I mean we act married every time we get together, let’s just drop this worn-out old pretense of being single and having an affair. I’m tired of living in two places.” We agreed to tell the kids, and maybe to get their permission. We invited our five adult children to a meeting and proposed that Misha and I make a home together.

Misha told the kids what we wanted, they murmured, asked a couple of nonjudgmental questions then I asked, “What about your families? What will your wife or husband say, what can you tell your kids, why are aunt and uncle living together?”

My son looked at me, “Dad, everybody knows what you and Aunt Misha are doing, we’ve known almost as long as you’ve been screwing her. After mom and Uncle Bert left, we wondered why you and Misha never dated. Eventually, we got smart enough to follow you around for a while and found out why you never dated. You didn’t need to. We, your children accepted you two fucking around years ago, and when each of us got married, we made sure there wasn’t going to be some kind of issue, so, our spouses all know too. Don’t worry about living in separate houses just to maintain an image of propriety. Fuck propriety, we won’t have a problem with you two living together.” There were four other heads nodding agreement. So, it was settled, Misha and I immediately reduced our housing costs.

My sister and I are nowhere near as active as we were in the beginning, but we still manage to get cozy once in a while. Just last night, we celebrated her 66th birthday and the 35th year of our Mutually Beneficial Affair


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I got 'too many votes' too when I tried to vote a thumbs up...Pretty good story, and not so unbelievable as most that I read on this website!


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Too much votes; sorry/

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I liked it. Sounds like my aunt and step dad before my mom married him. He lived with his sister. In a new house he built I only saw 1 bed in a bedroom. I was only 5 yrs. Old and I kinda knew.

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Wonderful story and very believable!

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