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I normally masturbate at least once a day. An average nub rub usually begins as soon as Hubby’s truck pulls out of the driveway in the morning, and generally lasts between ten to thirty minutes. But when I have time, and Hubby is not home, I love to have what I call a Naked Play Day.
I normally masturbate at least once a day. An average nub rub usually begins as soon as Hubby’s truck pulls out of the driveway in the morning, and generally lasts between ten to thirty minutes. But when I have time, and Hubby is not home, I love to have what I call a Naked Play Day. These mastrubatory events can be elaborate. I often begin by preparing myself for a hot date: I take a bubble bath, shave my underarms, legs and pussy, then fix my hair and make up before I even break out the toys. I might even get a little drunk and flirt outrageously with strange men online as I lounge naked, touching and teasing myself. I sometimes have theme days, and occasionally stage a naughty photo shoot.

Sometimes my goal is to see how many times I can cum in X number of hours. Other times it's just to have fun and pleasure myself. Most often my goal is to try and squirt. I do not squirt every time I cum, and it's a challenge to do by masturbation alone. (It’s all about the g spot for me.) But when I edge and tease and deny, it makes me cum really hard, and I am sometimes rewarded with a trembling spray or gush of unparalleled ecstasy.

Recently, Hubby was out of town hunting so I planned a Naked Play Day. I woke up horny and hungry that morning, so I decided to multi-task and edge while I made a food run. I took off my t-shirt and panties and slid out my large box of toys from under the bed. I grabbed the lube, and ***********ed a small vibrating butt plug, replacing its batteries. I then moved in front of my full-length closet mirror and admired my naked body while I slapped my thick round ass a few times. At 43 I still look damn good. I am a little chunky now, but still firm and supple. I am tall, busty, have soft smooth skin, and a perpetually wet pussy. Life is good.

I rubbed my breasts and twisted and tugged on my nipples, then lightly rubbed my slick pussy. I hiked my foot up about boob level and rested it on the wall so I could better see and access Miss Puss. I dunked my fingers in and out of my wet vagina for a few moments, spreading my wetness all over my lips and clit until they glistened. I sucked on my coated fingers, savoring the light, slightly salty taste of my juicy core: I love the taste of my pussy. Standing again, I picked up the butt plug and lubricated it with AstroGlide, pointed my ass towards the mirror, and gently pulled back one cheek to expose my anus. I watched my inverted reflection from between my spread legs as I eased the slick plug in and out of my little rosebud. I added more lube and repeated this process until my hole felt all sexy and slippery. I turned the vibe on and let my asshole suck the plug in place.

My plan was to wear the vibrating plug in my ass for a quick run through McDonald’s drive thru and then come right back home to begin my Naked Play Day in earnest. I was just so horny, and feeling all sexy and a little slutty, that I decided to be extra naughty and go braless under a tight vintage t-shirt for my food run: something I rarely do in public because my boobs are huge and my nipples are super prominent. Going commando, I threw on some old yoga pants: snugging them up to give my camel toe a wedgie. Next, I pulled my long chestnut brown hair into a ponytail and threaded it through a Bama ball cap. Lip gloss and sneakers completed my Milfy / upscale trailer park trash look. I knew nobody was gonna see me, but it was thrilling to be so brazen.

I headed out in my old truck for an Egg McMuffin. I started grinding my ass back and forth on the seat to the beat of the music as my butt plug buzzed away. I periodically rubbed my clit through my thin pants and clinched my hungry pussy muscles. The crotch of my pants was getting wet. I was singing along to AC/DC’s “Touch Too Much” when thick, white steam started pouring out from under the front of my hood. I quickly eyed the gages and saw my temp needle was all the way to the right past Hot. Oh fuckkkk. I pulled over and coasted to a stop off of the main road.

I could hear my truck pissing something underneath the engine and the steam kept billowing out from under the hood. This was not good. Hubby was over an hour away and could not quickly ride to my rescue. So I started thinking of who I could call to come and get me, especially considering my current state of naughtiness, when I heard a throaty big block engine coming up fast behind me. The green 1970 Mach 1 with black racing stripes geared way down and I locked eyes with the driver as he passed me. He looked like a guy who had gone to high school with me. He finally stopped, then backed down the road, parked in front of me, and climbed out of his car.

I was pretty sure his name was Travis and it seemed like he used to hang out with all the heads in the smoking area back in the day. I went to a huge high school and we did not run with the same crowd. He got to my window and was assessing me with a slight smile. He was tall, slim, with salt and pepper hair, a scruffy beard, thick sensuous lips, and piercing blue eyes. Damn! I did not remember him being so fine.

Immediately, I crossed my arms to try and cover the twins, then bent awkwardly to try and push the button to roll down the window at the same time. I gave up and lowered my arms so I could open the window and turn off the loud music. I was blushing my ass off. Travis looked highly amused. I could have died.

He was giving me a good long look, lingering on my tits before meeting my glare: “Looks like the homecoming queen needs some help. It's been a while. You sure are looking good Kayla. I think your truck is overheated.”

I rolled my eyes: “Ya think? Hey Travis. Can you give me a ride please?”

He laughed, “ Oh, yes Mam. I've been wanting to give you a ride ever since I first saw you wearing a pink sweater and pigtails back in middle school. Sure hun, I’ll help ya out.”

I sighed and shot him a look as I rolled the window back up, then grabbed my purse and keys. I dreaded letting him see me like this, but better him than my nephew, one of my gossipy friends, or a neighbor. I needed to get my wild ass home!!

He held my door open, and as I moved to slide out, Travis sucked in a quick audible breath as his eyes found my wet spot and visible camel toe. I tried to ignore him and slid on out. He was following me back to his car when he asked, “What is that buzzing sound?”

OMG! My plug!! I forgot about it for a moment. “Umm... I don’t hear anything. It's probably just my stomach growling.”

He helped me into his car and the moment he realized that the buzzing was coming from inside my nether regions, a knowing look crossed his face and he gave me a shit-eating grin. Under his breath, he noted: It sounds like something needs to be fed alright.

His outrageous but apt comment let me know I was in serious trouble. The whole scenario was surreal. My getting caught out ridin’ naughty, coupled with how horny I already was, plus being rescued by a handsome hero in his vintage hot rod was just way too much. It was making me crazy horny. He was seriously fine, sexy as fuck, and I wanted him. Badly.

He was smiling at me and looking like sex on a stick when he said, “I’ll take ya home in a sec, if that’s ok. I was just taking my car out for a little ride to check out the new carb I installed.” He fired it up and the engine was all lopey and bad ass. I could feel the raw power shake the frame as he revved it up a few times.

I agreed and he lit the tires up and off we flew down Crown Road. I love muscle cars and it thrilled me as he goosed it and barked the tires when he changed gears. His Mustang was loud and really quick! We cruised around for a while then he grabbed two Bud Lights out of a small cooler in the back. It was like 6 am but I took one and popped the top. I realized where he was going before he finally stopped. It was where we all used to go parking in high school, down by the lake. I laughed.

He said, “What? Ya know I gotta tell all my friends I took Kayla Markus down to Make Out Point.”

Shaking my finger at him, I said “Don’t you dare! I am married, and Hubby would not think that was too funny.”

Travis smiled. “I was just kidding; besides, what happens at Make Out Point, stays at Make Out Point.” He lit up a doobie and put on some music. I could smell his manly scent as well as the potent weed, and was quickly getting lost in his big blue eyes. I took a few tokes, then he said, real sexy like, “I do think you owe me for helping you. The old rule was gas, grass or ass, but I will settle for a kiss. How about it Kayla?”

I leaned slowly towards him and our lips met. He playfully sucked and nibbled on my lower lip while looking deep into my eyes. I felt an electric charge run from my mouth to my pussy as he sealed his mouth over mine and deepened the kiss. Travis plunged his tongue in and out of my mouth, and swirled it all around my tongue. It got very hot very fast and he pulled me over onto his lap as he devoured my mouth. One of his hands was under my shirt squeezing my boobs and teasing my nipples, while his other was rubbing the wet seam of my thin yoga pants. I was grinding my buzzing ass all over his lap. I could feel his hard cock trapped in his jeans below me. I softly moaned into his mouth and ran my fingers through his thick hair as we made out. My pussy was weeping now.

The faint sound of my butt plug buzzing changed pitch, and started making a funny, off-balance whirring noise. Travis laughed and said,” I think your battery is dying. Come on, let's get out of the car.” With some effort we untangled and got out. He pulled an old sleeping bag out of his trunk and spread it over a nearby picnic table.

He kissed on my neck from behind and led me over to the table. “I wanna see what’s buzzing.”

Travis helped me remove my shoes then slowly peeled off my pants. I pulled my top off and he moaned appreciatively at the sight of my naked body. The dichotomy of him still being dressed made me feel brazen and very feminine. He sat me up on the table, then eased me onto my back as he spread my thighs wide. I grabbed the backs of my knees to secure my position. It was thrilling to be sprawled naked and prone, in broad daylight, before a man, who was basically a stranger. I had not done anything like this since I was in my twenties. I gave a fleeting thought to my sweet husband, but knew I wanted this to happen.

Travis rubbed my inner thighs as he sunk to his knees to worship at my altar. I eased up on my elbows to watch him as he breathed on my core. His blue eyes flashed at me wickedly before he lowered his head and focus. I felt his tongue lick around and under the flange of my vibe, wetting and teasing my slightly stretched and tender asshole which I had been vibing for about an hour now.

I almost came off of the table when he eased the plug out and ran his tongue round and round inside my sensitive anus. I could already feel a few of the sparks that begin to cluster before an orgasm. He worked on my ass licking it and teasing it with the vibe. Travis licked a trail from my anus, slowly over my slightly parted wet pussy lips, to my small, hidden clit. He licked it hard and began to suck it rhythmically while one of his long fingers breached my pussy.

“Ohhhh Kayla. You are soaking wet, Baby.” Travis pulled his finger out and sucked on my juices.

He flattened his tongue and licked me in long broad lapping strokes. He was thorough and canvased my pussy, my ass, and the surrounding area even teasing the crease at the apex of my thighs. I started rubbing my breasts, pulling on my nipples and sucking them as I watched him work. Travis was methodical and went from left to right so there was a level of great anticipation as he neared my clit. He chuckled as I grabbed his head and tried to shove it where I wanted his mouth and tongue to go. He pinned me firmly in place and continued his oral attack.

Travis alternated sucking on each of my labia lips while he slid two fingers, pads up, into my wetness. He started pulling his fingers up and in like a “come here” gesture and was teasing my g spot with increasing pressure. I started trembling and knew I was gonna cum soon. He made his tongue hard and rubbed it back and forth hard and fast across my clit. I was tugging on fistfulls of his hair and gripping his head tightly between my thighs, when I began moaning and crying out, “Pleaseeeee.. Oh please…. Mmmm Ohhhhh”

Travis clamped his mouth down on my clit and started sucking it in hard rhythmic pulls as his fingers squeezed and flexed my g spot in coordinated time. I was getting loud now and bucking like a bronco. With his other hand, he began working the butt plug in and out of my asshole. My body started writhing uncontrollably. “I’m fixin to cum! I’m gonna cum. Oh… OHH… Ohhhh …... fuckkkk.”

I began to cum hard, squirting a small jet of ejaculate across the bridge of his nose and over his eyebrow. The next few pulses sprayed more of a mist onto his face with some beading up on his cheeks and mustache. The last few squirts just gushed out of me as I shook, moaned, and convulsed.

“Fuck Kayla! That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen! I have never been with a woman who squirted before. Dear God! Incredible.”

He stood and pulled his Tough Mudder t-shirt over his head to reveal a smooth chest and wiry physique. I watched as he undid his belt and jeans, then shoved them and his underwear down to his ankles. When he rose again, he arched an eyebrow and grinned as he wagged his impressive cock at me. I licked my lips longing to taste the precum I saw oozing from his large member. He had to be 7 or 8 inches long and was rather girthy. My pussy clenched at the site of him.

“Damn, Travis. You look like a Greek God. I love your sexy body and thick cock.”

“Thank you Baby. You are the Goddess, I just wanna service you.”

Using both hands, he wiped his pussy soaked face down into his beard a few times. Grinning, Travis explained, “I am saving it for later.” I laughed.

He stroked his cock and asked, “So, Miss Kayla. Do you want some of this?”

“Mmm… Yes, I do.”

He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit and ground it across my sensitive clit. “Ask me nicely. What is it that you want, Baby?”

I wrapped my long legs around his waist and pulled him even closer to me. I sat up and trailed my fingers over his chest and abs while I looked up into his handsome face. I responded in a husky voice, “I want you so fucking bad, Travis. I want you to fuck me with that big cock of yours. Please.”

He kissed me while seating his manhood at my pussy’s entrance. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue. He inched his cock in a little and his size coupled with the plug in my ass was just too much. I cried out. It hurt!

He pulled out. “Lean back Kayla. Relax, I am gonna make this good for you. Trust me.”

Travis eased the plug out then started to slowly slide his cock back into my pussy. He felt enormous! He stroked a few inches in and almost out as I began to get accustomed to his circumference. He spread my thighs wider and pushed them back towards my chest. I was a little nervous and he started calming me with his soft tone of voice and assurances, all the while easing a bit more of himself into my snug little puss, as he slid in and out. He hit bottom before too long and I knew he was not all the way in.

He tested and prodded my vagina with each sure stroke, stretching and filling my wet depths. I had never felt so full in my life! My nipples were hard and I was dripping wet. I could feel the quickening start to spark deep inside me as he increased his speed and intensity.

Sweat was pouring off his body and raining down on mine. The strain of holding back was written all over Travis’s ruggedly determined face. Through gritted teeth he said: Your pussy is like a vice. I am not gonna last much longer.

I arched my back and pulled on my nipples as he pinned my knees on either side of me on the table. He was long stroking me now and his balls were slapping my ass every time he stuffed his thick cock in me. The vacuum from our tight, wet union was making loud sucking noises as the air was forced in and out of my pussy. It was painful to take all of his huge cock, but it also felt so damn good! On a primal level, I loved being thoroughly fucked by such a manly, well-hung guy.

I screamed as he started pounding me. I rubbed my clit and felt my orgasm start down inside my vagina, causing it to grasp and contract around his cock. He buried himself all the way to his hilt and bellowed as I felt him cumming deep inside me. My pulsing love muscles milked him as the fading aftershocks rocked my body.

Travis slumped on top of me and I looped my arms and aching legs around his back. His cock was still hard inside me and I could feel the mixture of his cum and my wetness leaking down in between my ass cheeks.

Out of nowhere I announced, “I wanna drive your car.”

Travis started laughing. “I don’t let anyone drive my Baby. It's just too personal. Ha ha Look what you did to your truck! Can you even drive a stick?”

“The truck was not my fault!!! Of course I can drive a stick! I will be gentle with it. I won’t drop the clutch, or do a burnout without asking first.”

Travis leaned down for a kiss and breathed, “It’s gonna cost you.”

We both heard the crunch of gravel at the same time. A car was coming down the lane to where we were parked! FUCKKK!

“Don’t try to get dressed! Just grab your clothes and get in the car. Hurry!!!” Travis was scooping up his clothes and running towards the Mach 1. I wrapped the sleeping bag around me and was trying to gather my stuff when a late model Ram pulled up beside Travis. It was a City Parks vehicle. Travis tooted the horn and motioned for me to come on.

I tried to hold the sleeping bag around me while shielding my face with one hand, and carrying my clothes and one shoe in the other hand. Travis hollered, “ Come Ooooon!,” as I struggled to get in his car. He was naked with his jeans across his lap and the car was in gear and moving before I could even shut the door.

As he was doing a Y turn so we could make our hasty exit, we heard “Hang on! You forgot something,” from outside. The City Parks guy ran up and handed Travis my other shoe and the butt plug. He and his buddy were laughing their asses off.

Travis and I became good friends with benefits after that crazy morning. He kept my butt plug as a souvenir. He lets me drive his Mach 1 sometimes too, but I have to do that special thing he likes first. I like it too.


2021-05-02 11:34:36
Hahahahhahahahahaha, great story.


2021-04-19 23:56:06
I’d love to let you drive my ‘Tang. Nice story, very well told.

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