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Alexander Terrance awoke slowly, his head ringing and pain radiating throughout his entire body. Before he even opened his eyes, he was aware of several sensations. The first of which was that the bottom half of his body was soaking wet; the second was that the feeling of sand pressing against his face; and third was that the sun was beating down on him with unrelenting intensity.

With a groan, he slowly opened his eyes and pushed his body up into a kneeling position. His eyes darted around, taking in everything around him. He was on a beach, an unfamiliar stretch of sand that ran directly into the ocean. After only a short distance, he could see that the sand gave way to grass covered soil that disappeared among a jungle of trees.

"Where in the hell am I", he wondered as he pushed himself to a standing position, his body protesting vociferously. The last thing he remembered, he had been on a small plane, on his way back to America. As he thought back, he remembered that the pilot had come over the intercom, alerting him and the other five passengers of some possible upcoming turbulence. After that, there was nothing; just a dark void where his memories should be, until the moment he regained consciousness here.

Alex turned and looked out toward the ocean, looking for any sign of wreckage or debris, anything that might explain why he wasn't on the plane any longer. To his disappointment, the sea was the picture of serenity, with nothing artificial or man-made floating on its surface. "Well, shit", he said, after scanning the surface of the lapping waves once more.

Turning away from the ocean, he looked down the beach, first to the left, then to the right. There was nothing but sand and water as far as he could see in either direction. With a resigned sigh, he turned his gaze toward the jungle. A primal survival instinct, buried deep within him, said that he would be most likely to survive if he stayed away from the trees. There were too many unknown dangers within the darkness that lurked there. And yet, years of watching a countless number of movies, that took place in settings just like this, told him that he'd be able to find everything he needed within the shadows of foliage.

He stood there for several moments, indecision keeping him rooted in place. "If I stay here, I'll starve or die from exposure. Buy if I go in there, I might get eaten or killed by whatever creatures lurk there." Finally, after almost two full minutes, he made his decision. He was in relatively good shape, having kept up his athletic body since college, so he was sure that he could outrun all but the fastest of dangerous animals.

"Into the jungle I go", he said and began walking toward the trees. As he neared the darkened area beneath the green mantle, a sense of foreboding gripped him, sending a jolt of fear throughout his entire being. A moment of panic gripped him, as if a malevolent presence were trying to invade his mind. However, Alex had never been one to give in to fear, so he took a deep breath and steeled himself as he crossed the threshold of the forest.

The moment he was beneath the trees, all fear vanished from within him. To his surprise, all negative feelings, including the pain that he had felt throughout his joints since awakening, vanished. The only sensation he felt was one of pleasantness, as if the air was diffused with pure happiness. The aroma that suddenly wafted around him smelled of honey and something else that he couldn't name. Altogether, it was a much better feeling that he had been experiencing moments before.

As he wandered further into the sheltered depths of the wooded landscape, he suddenly heard a sound. It was quiet, as if it originated a great distance away, but, at the same time, it was sharp and distinct; a melody that made him remember happy times from his life. A sudden desire welled up inside him to find the  source of the music, so he pointed himself in the direction the sound was coming from.

He walked for a long while, having lost track of time as he delved deeper into the darkness beneath the trees, when the sound changed. The melody was still there, but now he also heard the sound of voices; laughter and happy speaking filled the air, accentuating the joyful song. "I'm not alone", Alex thought, a burst of joy exploding within him, as he let go of the fear that he hadn't realized was there. A moment later, another fear began to grip him. "What if these people aren't friendly", he wondered, but the thought was quickly pushed aside. The sound of the laughter, the song that filled the air, along with pleasant aroma that surrounded him, drove all of Alex's fears away.

With a confidence that he couldn't explain, Alex strode through the trees and emerged onto the outskirts of a village. Huts made from various woods and bamboo, covered with thatch and palm fronds, dotted the landscape as far as he could see. Some looked big enough to house several people, while some seemed barely large enough for a single individual.

What immediately drew Alex's attention wasn't the buildings, but the people. For starters, there wasn't a man in sight. Females of varying ages, from those just on the cusp of womanhood to women who looked to be in their mid-forties, were the only beings he saw. And, much to his surprise, not a single one of the women wore a shred of clothing. His eyes grew wide as he took in as many of the nude bodies that he could.

They were in good shape too, although that was the only common denominator that he could see. Blonde hair, brunette, redheads, all could be seen; breasts ranging from little more than bumps on the chest all the way up to tits that looked like they would make a woman topple over; last but not least, the asses, varied and as different as the breasts, all of them looked amazing.

Alex couldn't believe his eyes as he looked over the veritable see of beautiful, naked females. As he stepped out into the open, one of the girls, a young blonde, noticed him standing there. She giggled and called out to several of the women around her, then ran toward Alex. He couldn't stop his dick from growing rock hard as he saw the petite beauty, so young and sexy, bounding toward him.

She quickly reached him, looking him up and down with an appraising eye, as if she were deciding his worth. As several of the other women approached, they spoke in a language that Alex didn't recognize, a string of unbroken noises that didn't sound like anything he had ever heard of. However, one of the women, a brunette with large breasts, that looked to be in her mid-thirties, took him by the hand and led him toward the village.

Before he knew what was happening, Alex found himself surrounded by a crowd of naked females, their hands touching every square inch of his body. Several of them grabbed his dick, through his slacks, giving a squeal of delight when they felt his hard rod. "I've died and gone to heaven", Alex thought as he let the women lead him toward a small hut. "That's the only thing that makes sense."

As the throng of nude bodies approached the small shelter, one of the women pulled back the cloth curtain that hung across the open doorway. He was then pushed inside, once again alone, although he heard the sounds of the girls speaking and laughing, just outside the building. After giving his eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness inside the hut, Alex surveyed the room, taking in his surroundings.

A pole stood in the middle of the small building, supporting the pointed roof, like the inside of a tent. Against one wall was a one person cot that looked extremely uncomfortable; a small wooden stool sat against another wall; and, next to the doorway, sat a large, smooth rock with an empty bowl on top of it. All in all, it was rather austere when compared to anything that Alex was used to. But, he supposed, this was probably normal accommodations for the people of this village.

As he sat on the cot, Alex let out a breath that he hadn't realized he had been holding. "What a strange place this is", he thought, leaning back against the hard wall of the hut. "Although", he thought with a smile, "it definitely has it's perks." As if some part of the universe had heard his thoughts, a young woman entered the hut, holding a pitcher of water.

She didn't say a word, but poured the water into the bowl that sat on the rock. As she moved, Alex looked her over, his fully erect cock appreciating the show. The girl's skin was the color of coffee mixed with cream, a smooth caramel that can only be attained from living one's entire life in an island climate; her hair was long and curly, flowing halfway down her back. When standing, she was probably just over five feet tall, a foot shorter than Alex himself. Her breasts, firm and perky, were at least a full C cup; her nipples, hard and pert, were a few shades darker than her skin. When she bent over, Alex could see that she had a firm, but plump, bubble butt that made him want to give it a good spanking. As she stood and faced him, he could see a perfectly flat stomach, leading down to a smooth groin, with a bright pink pussy peeking out from between her legs; the girl's slit glistened with moisture as she looked at him.

Still not saying a word, the girl picked up the bowl of water and brought it over to Alex. She sat it down on the ground, just to the left of his feet, then she knelt before him and began to untie his shoes. Alex's dick strained against the restricting fabric of his pants as the girl took off first one shoe and then the other, followed quickly by his socks. His feet were coated in sand, dirt, and sweat from his time on the beach and trek through the jungle.

The girl obviously expected this, because she pulled a small cloth from the pitcher she had brought in and began washing his feet. Every few seconds, she dipped the cloth in water and then continued, until his feet were completely clean. Then she looked up at him, a fierce determination in her dark eyes, and motioned for him to stand up, which he immediately did.

She deftly undid his belt and slid it through the loops of his pants, then set it on the ground next to his shoes. Next, she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulling them down and revealing the tent in his boxers. He saw a smile cross her lips, then quickly fade as she focused on what she was doing. She pulled his pants down and then, as he stepped out of them, she set them aside with his other clothes.

She picked up the cloth once more and began washing his legs, much the same way she had with his feet, cleansing the dirt from his limbs. The warm water felt good and slowly began to relax his muscles, although his cock stayed fully erect, as would be expected with a dark beauty kneeling naked before him. After several minutes, she once again set the cloth down and her hands moved, this time to the waistband of his boxers. Without any pretense, she pulled the underwear down and off his body, freeing his aching shaft.

He watched her reaction as his dick came into view, pleased by the smile on her lips and the hunger he saw in her eyes. He knew his dick wasn't the most impressive in the world, being only seven inches in length. But it was girthy and, as several girlfriends had told him, that was more important than length.

She didn't do as he wished she would, however; instead, she dumped the water out of the bowl, poured more in from the pitcher, and then proceeded to clean his dick and groin. She washed him with extreme care, obviously not wanting to excite him too much. Her touch was gentle and not sexual in the slightest, even though he couldn't help but be aroused by her nude body. As a result, he didn't orgasm the entire time her hands were on his cock, a feat which both impressed and annoyed him.

Finally, she lifted his shirt over his head, revealing his toned abdomen and chest. The warm, wet cloth moved over every inch of his torso, washing the dirt from his entire being. He watched her face during the entire bath, amazed by the look in her eyes. It almost seemed as if she took pleasure from this act of caring for him, serving him.

After she washed his arms, she dumped the water from the bowl, then took the bowl, along with the cloth and pitcher, and left the tent, much to his disappointment. However, she reappeared moments later, this time carrying nothing in her hands. "What now", Alex asked and, to his surprise, she pointed at his erection. Then she walked over to him and put a hand on his chest, pushing gently.

Alex allowed her to push him back into a sitting position on the stool, then she once more knelt in front of him. This time was different than the last, for she made no attempt to hide the hunger and fire in her eyes, gripping his shaft with both hands. A moan escaped Alex's lips as the girl's hands stroked up and down his rod, squeezing and twisting in just the right way, as if to maximize his pleasure.

Then, to his pleasant surprise, she leaned forward and began licking the head of his shaft. Her pink tongue slid over the mushroom head of his cock, lapping up the precum that was already oozing out from all the stimulation of the day. After several moments, she began sucking on the head and one of her hands moved to his balls, playing with them and massaging them with a perfect amount of pressure.

As she sucked, her tongue still moving over the sensitive flesh of his dickhead, Alex felt his orgasm quickly building. He wasn't surprised, after everything that had happened today; still, he didn't want it to end so soon. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't hold back the tidal wave of pleasure that was crashing though him. As the girl moved her mouth further down his cock, his shaft disappearing inside her oral cavity, he let out a loud groan and exploded.

His cock twitched as he unloaded spurt after spurt of cum into the girl's mouth. She happily swallowed it all, even as several more ropes of jizz shot out of his shaft. Alex couldn't believe how good it felt to unload in her mouth, but it didn't matter. It was happening, whether it was believable or not.

Finally, he finished and he slumped back, his cock beginning to soften against the girl's tongue. She licked his shaft clean, not leaving even a drop of cum on his dick, then she leaned back on her knees. After several moments, she stood, grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet, leading him over to the cot. With little trouble, she helped him into a laying position and then she covered him with a thin sheet, although he didn't know where she had gotten it. Exhaustion threatened to overwhelm him now, as the full extent of the day's events settled on his mind. "Thank you", he said to the girl as he drifted off into a deep and dreamless sleep.


Alex was awoken the next morning as the curtain that served as the door to his hut was pulled back and two of the native females entered the dwelling. One of them was the blonde who had first approached him yesterday, her petite form practically bouncing with excitement as she walked into the building and gazed at him; the other was the girl from the previous evening, the one who had cleaned and then pleasured him.

"This is Mia", the older girl said to him, her hands on the blonde girl's shoulders. Alex's jaw almost dropped as he heard her speak. "You speak English", he asked, standing quickly and staring at the older girl. She simply nodded in response, but that only left Alex with more questions. "Why didn't you speak to me yesterday", he demanded. "Because, it was more important to tend to you, than to satisfy your curiosity", she answered.

"Where am I? What is this place", Alex asked, excited to have someone who could explain things to him. "The answers will be given in time, by someone wiser than myself", the girl said. She gently pushed the blonde girl forward, the younger female falling to her knees in front of Alex. "What's going on", he asked, confused as to why the women of this village were doing this for him.

"Mia has been chosen to satiate your fire this morning", the older girl said, motioning at Alex's fully erect shaft. Alex nodded and looked down at the girl before him. Her long, blonde hair hung down her back; her pale skin a stark contrast to the older girl's caramel complexion. Mia was young, although she would have been just starting her journey to womanhood if she lived in America.

Alex couldn't help but moan as the girl took his dick in her hand and began stroking it, even as she leaned forward and licked the head. Her tongue ran over the mushroom head of his cock while she slowly stroked up and down his shaft. Then she leaned her head forward and, starting from the base of his ballsack, ran her tongue up the entire length of his rod.

As her mouth enveloped the head of his cock, a sudden urge gripped Alex. He reached down and grabbed the girl's blonde hair; much to his surprise, she didn't resist. To the contrary, she relaxed and allowed him to hold her in place. A quick glance at the older girl confirmed for Alex that this was alright. Then he started thrusting back and forth, sliding his dick in and out of the girl's mouth. With each forward thrust, he pushed forward a little more. Before long, he was burying his girthy shaft in her throat. Mia seemed to have no gag reflex, which allowed him to fuck all the way down her throat without hesitation.

Alex moaned as he rammed his cock down her throat again and again. Soon, he could feel his orgasm building and he sped up his thrusts. With a loud, primal grunt, he erupted; cum spurted from his dickhead, going straight down into the girl's stomach. She moaned around his twitching cock, almost as if she derived nearly as much pleasure as he did from what was happening. Finally, with a final twitch of his rod, Alex's orgasm ended and he pulled his softening dick from Mia's lips.

As he stepped back from the kneeling girl, the older girl tapped her on the shoulder. Mia stood, smiled at Alex, then turned and left the hut. Alex's eyes were glued to her small but firm looking ass. "She pleases you", the other girl asked and Alex nodded. "Not that you didn't please me as well", he said awkwardly, not wanting to offend the girl. "It is alright", she said with a laugh. "Every man has their preferences. It does not detract from my worth is you find her more appealing than myself."

Alex breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that she at least hadn't gotten her feelings hurt. Alex had never really had a type of woman that he preferred, but, if things continued as they had gone for the last twenty-four hours, he assumed that he would find out what appealed to him. "So, what now", he asked and the girl giggled. "First, you need to dress", she said and Alex looked toward where she had piled his clothes the previous night. Not seeing a scrap of clothing, he gave her a questioning look. She giggled and snapped her fingers; within moments, another girl entered the hut, carrying a bundle of cloth.

She bowed and handed it to him, then quickly left the hut. Alex unfolded the cloth, to find a long robe that would hang down to his ankles. "I'm surprised you have clothing here", Alex said and the girl laughed. "Of course we do. Our leader has decreed that all females should be naked at all times. However, it is only appropriate that you, a man, should be covered." With a smirk, she continued. "This is more for your protection than anything. You may have noticed a lack of men among our village. Most of the women are hungry for the touch of a man and, if your body were on display, there would likely be no way to protect you."

Alex smiled as he donned the robe, thinking that being mobbed by a large group of naked women wouldn't really be so bad. However, he decided to abide by the rules, at least for now. As the robe dropped over his form, the girl smiled at him. "Now, it's time for you to meet the leader of our people." As she spoke, she took his hand and led him out of the hut.

The bright sunshine blinded Alex for a few moments, but he let the girl lead him between the various dwellings. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he looked around and saw that a large cluster of women was surrounding him, yet not quite invading his personal space. One of them pressed a large, purple fruit into his hand, saying words in a language he didn't understand. He held up the fruit and gave a questioning look to the girl leading him.

"Eat it", she said simply. "It is very good and has many helpful properties." He looked at the strange fruit doubtfully, but, so far, she hadn't done anything to harm him. He hesitantly lifted the fruit to his mouth and took a bite. An explosion of flavor overwhelmed his senses as the meat and juices of the fruit filled his mouth. He eagerly consumed the entirety of the fruit, pleasantly surprised at the lack of seeds he encountered.

Suddenly, he could feel something strange happening in his mind and, as he looked around, he found that he could suddenly understand the words the women were speaking. It was as if a switch had been flipped in his brain and their language sounded as normal to him as his own native tongue. "How is this possible", he asked his guide and she smiled. "One of the many positive effects of the Minerva fruit is that it grants understanding", she said and he returned her smile as they continued to walk.

Soon it became clear that the girl was leading him to what appeared to be the largest dwelling in the village, perched atop a small hill. It was large enough that it looked as if it could house the entire village within it's walls. Alex felt a sense of nervousness grip him as they neared the structure. Whoever this leader was, he felt sure that she would be impressive.

To be continued...


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mm.. nice story! Look at the photos and videos of sexy girls -

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Great start to an interesting story, keep up the good work and thank you.

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Great start! Interesting story so far.


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a most intriguing little adventure


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a most intriguing little adventure. A delightful fantasy.

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