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“I love your pussy, baby girl. You always taste so sweet.”
This is part 3 of a series from Cindy's POV. It is best that your start with Little Olivia to start at the beginning and get a good understanding of the characters.

Enjoy and share your thoughts. Thanks.


The workload was not heavy and so I decided to stay stay late at the office on Monday night to be able to fly home on Tuesday. Normally I would not fly back home until Wednesday night. I decided not to tell my family, thinking it would be a nice surprise for Tom and Olivia, not knowing the surprise would be on me.

When I walked into the house, most of the lights were off with soft moaning coming from down the hall. At first I assumed it was Olivia with her boyfriend in her room. I knew she was sexually active, after all it was me that put her on the pill after a recent scare. However, I was not happy with her bringing her boyfriend home to her bedroom. What would Tom say?

As I approached her door, I noticed it was slightly ajar. The moaning I had heard was actually turning me on. I couldn't wait to be in Tom's arms. I quietly pushed her door open and realized the room was completely empty. I immediately realized the noise was coming from my bedroom. I looked over and noticed the lights were on and my door was wide open. What the fuck?!? Had Tom brought some skank home? Worse yet, with Olivia at home? I held back from barging in and decided to get it on video. I wanted proof for my lawyer. I pulled out my phone and started video recording as I quietly approached the door. What I saw was the shock of my life.

My husband was standing in front of the bed completely naked with his head tilted back and his eyes closed. My beautiful baby girl was on her knees directly in front of him bobbing her head while taking his big beautiful cock down her throat. She was on her knees, completely naked, with his cock totally engulfed in her mouth. We have all heard the phrase “worshiping his cock”. That is the exact phrase to describe her at that very moment. I did not know what to do. I was shocked, confused and aroused with what was happening between the two people I loved the most in this world. I couldn't help but admire her gorgeous naked body with her tight ass and perky breasts. She was certainly enjoying herself, humming loudly as she bobbed her head. Tom has a larger than average cock that is quite thick It took me several months to be able to finally deep throat him. I was completely shocked to see my young daughter deep-throating him. His big thick cock had completely disappeared into her mouth.

I must have walked in at the beginning as she was starting off slow. My husband finally brought his head down and they looked at each with lust in their eyes as he lovingly reached down and caressed her face. Her eyes were speaking to him, she was telling him how much she loved pleasuring him. I finally heard him speak for the first “Do you like sucking on daddy's cock, baby girl? Does daddy's cock feel good in your mouth?”


“Keep sucking baby. Daddy loves fucking and cumming in your mouth.”

She continued sucking on his cock, grabbing his ass and pulling him deeper into her mouth. She was now bobbing faster and bringing him all the way down her throat. I knew that deep-throating was his weakness. He would soon be cumming and knowing Tom, he would be cumming a lot. He started grunting and encouraging her to keep going and begging her not to stop, telling her that she was a good girl and that she was making daddy happy. He did not bother pulling out and she kept taking him down her throat. I saw the look on my husband's face and I knew the moment he came when he once again tilted his head back and he pushed his pelvis towards her.

“Oh fuck, baby. I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Swallow it baby, swallow daddy's cum”

She pushed her head forward and kept his cock in her mouth and started swallowing. I could see her neck move as she swallowed load and load of his delicious cum, allowing him to finish before letting him go. I have swallowed my husband's cum many times and I know how delicious it can be. I was so tempted to go over and demand some of it, but obviously I couldn't reveal myself.

After cumming, Tom had trouble standing. He went to lay down on the bed and Olivia laid down next to him. She allowed him to rest for a bit before they started kissing. After finding his cock in her mouth, I should not have been surprised with them kissing, but I was. The way they kissed was another display of the tender love they had for each other as he caressed her naked body. His hand was all over her, caressing her thighs, tummy, breasts and finally his hand landing on her face. He was tenderly caressing her cheek and I felt jealousy as I thought it was only me that he kissed with such tenderness.

“I love you daddy. You make me feel soooo good.” Olivia said when they separated. He started making his way down her body. He started by spending some time kissing and sucking on her neck. I could see the pleasure on her face with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. After a while, he continued going down as he latched on to her nice and firm breasts. My jealousy kicked in once again. I was wanting it to be me that was enjoying her breasts in my mouth. I had recently come to accept the fact that my daughter was a sexy girl with a succulent tits. Obviously, I would never act on my attraction to her, but that did not change the fact that she looked great with her new daddy devouring her tits.

After enjoying both her breasts and nipples, giving her tits the pleasure they deserved, he moved from her tummy to between her legs. The way they moved and the way she sucked his cock, it was obvious this was not the first time. They were very familiar with each other. As he made his way to her pussy, I noticed that her pussy was completely bald. She was so smooth, it looked like a little-girl's pussy. Just the way I had envisioned it to be. Her little hairless pussy looked so cute and invitingly delicious. She automatically spread her legs for him and gave him complete access to her cunt. How could I blame her. Tom is a very skilled lover. From the first time we made love, it was clear to me that he was an unselfish and very giving lover. He always told me that taking his time and making me cum was his way of showing his love. Now he was showing Olivia the same love, with his tongue all over her smooth slit. He was eating out my little girl's pussy and it had my panties completely drenched. I so much wanted to have my head between her legs and licking her pussy. Tasting her as she came in mommy's mouth.

“I love your pussy, baby girl. You always taste so sweet.”

“Fuck, keep doing it. Keep licking me. I'm so close.”

His tongue started licking her harder and faster. I could see him pushing his face harder against her little cunt and his tongue was obviously on warp speed. I knew what his specialty was. At that very moment, his tongue was completely focused on her clit. He was most likely flicking it hard with his tongue and determined not to stop until he was reward with a flood of her juices from her orgasm. After continuing his assault on her cunt, he was reward with a loud “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” from Olivia as she came hard, humping her pussy into his mouth. I could actually hear hear him slurping everything that she gave him. She embraced him as he came up, tasting her own juices on his lips.

He allowed her to rest for maybe two minutes before telling her to turn around. She knew what he wanted. She turned around and her head was now on the bed with her hair splayed out Her ass up in the air and my husband got behind her, as he slowly started fucking her with his beautiful cock, slowly sliding in and out. He was slowly making love to her. My husband actually had his cock in my little girl's pussy. He was fucking her. They made such a beautiful couple – an older man slowly fucking a youg teenage girl, my own daughter, wih a smooth gorgeous tight body. Her breasts swung to the tempo he had set and he smoothly entered her from behind.

“Oh daddy, I love it when you fuck me like this. Your big fucking cock makes me feel so full..”

It was obviously not their first time. I couldn't help but admire their gorgeous bodies as they made beautiful love. My husband was fucking her on the same bed he had made love to me hundreds of times before and it did not bother me one bit. I knew exactly what joy she was feeling from his big hard cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt. Who was I to deny my daughter that pleasure? A mother will do anything for her child. I was willing to do anything for her, even if that meant sharing my husband so she could continue experiencing the pleasures of his big cock slowly penetrating her delicious looking little pussy.

Their lovemaking was beautiful. It was like a very well orchestrated ballet as he slowly entered and exited her cunt.

Not knowing what to do, I decided not to do anything. After witnessing their lovemaking for a few more minutes, I left and decided to spend the night in a hotel room. It would give me time to sort out my thoughts and figure how to handle the situation.

I sat in my room watching their lovemaking on my phone, not realizing that my hand had made its way into my panties and I was fingering myself. I couldn't help but admit to myself that not only was I turned on by my husband's gorgeous cock, but also by my daughter's cute little cunt as it stretched out to receive his cock. I realized I was not at all upset with the situation. Who was I to be upset? After all, I too was enjoying my own affair.

Six months prior, while away on a four-day Conference, after a long day, I found myself at the hotel bar with the rest of the people on my team. Little by little they all excused themselves until I found myself alone with Sheri, the beautiful and outgoing young receptionist from our satellite office that I visited every other week. They had brought her to the Conference to help with the set-up and tear-down and to give her more exposure to what the business was all about. She was young, beautiful and reminded me so much of Olivia. She had graduated from high school two year prior and was working to pay for school.

I had known her for some time now, saying hello to each other at the office, but never in a social setting. The more we talked the more I realized that she was very smart and funny. Girls being girls, we started talking about our family, me about my husband and daughter and she about her boyfriend, friends, parents and her older brother.

This went on the rest of the week; we would purposely wait until everyone else made their departure so that we could spend time alone to enjoy each other's company. On Sunday, the last night, the bar closed early. Instead of calling it a night, I invited Sheri to my room to finish our drinks and and whatever else we might find in my mini-fridge.

In college, I had experienced a nine-month tumultuous lesbian relationship girlfriend that left me with a broken-heart. The love I felt for her was stronger that the love I ever felt for any man, my husband included. One of the main reasons I chose to write women off and only be with men was that I didn't think I could survive another break up like that. I dearly love my husband with all my heart, but not to the intensity I felt for those nine-months.

With Sheri in my room, I realized my attraction to her had been growing for the past several nights. She had the attributes I most admired. She was beautiful, smart, funny with a smoking hot body. Perky B cup breast, slim waist and a nice firm bubble butt, It was obvious she worked out to keep her body looking good.

She was standing at my window, looking out to the city lights, admiring the view. She was going on and on how awesome the city looked all lit up, telling me her view was of the parking lot on the first floor. I couldn't help myself, admiring her beautiful silhouette as she stood there with the lights behind her. I slowly walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her, telling her how gorgeous she looked standing there. When I first brought my arms around her, I could feel her body tense up. However, she very quickly relaxed when I told her how she reminded me of my daughter. We continued admiring the different buildings while I embraced her from behind, refusing to let her go.

I reached over the right side of her head with my left hand as I move her hair out of the way and slowly brought my lips down to her neck. As I started kissing her, she tilted her head and gave out a soft moan. She was a couple of inches shorter than me, making it easier to kiss her neck. She whispered, telling me she had never been with a woman before, but wanted me to teach her. I instantly knew she was mine to exploit. I continued kissing her neck as I slowly brought my hands up to her firm breasts. She brought her hands over mine as I softly squeezed them as I continued kissing her neck.

She turned herself around and we embraced each other in our first kiss. Wow! It had been years since I last kissed a woman, but the memories came back quickly to me. I remembered how different it is to kiss a woman with soft lips and a no stubble on their face. Or how soft their hands are when they caress your face with their hands. We were alone in my room and there was no hurry. It was a very sensual kiss as we explored each other's mouth as our tongues played with each other, going from my mouth to hers. She was a great kisser. I did not feel any hesitation from her for this being her first time kissing another woman.

Sheri had changed before going down to the bar. She was wearing a cute tight fitting blouse with jeans that made her ass look great. Those jeans looked like they were painted on her, showing off her perfect figure. After a long day, I would have opted for sneakers. Not her. She was wearing high heels that made her legs and ass look spectacular. Tom has told me many times how he likes how I look wearing high heels with form fitting jeans. I quietly agreed with him as I started unbuttoning Sheri's blouse. She too was unbuttoning my blouse. We quickly undid each other's bra. I lowered my mouth and started licking and kissing her entire breasts, taking my time before sucking on her nipples. Most men will go straight for the nipple, not realizing how good it feels for a woman when you kiss her entire breast. As my mouth was working on her breasts, my hands were unzipping her jeans and helping her free herself from them.

I worked my way down, kissing my way to her navel and then I started pushing down her jeans, with Sheri lifting her hips to make it easier for me. She looked so sexy in her pink lacey thongs. I removed her jeans and mine before starting to make my way to her pussy. I was taking my time with her as I wanted to make her first time with a woman as special as possible.

She was a modern young lady, with a landing strip leading the way to her pussy. It looked so cute. It was my first pussy since college and I was getting reacquainted with a woman's body, most especially her cunt. She tasted as delicious as my college girlfriend. I made love to Sheri the entire night. Giving her several orgasms before she begged me to stop. She was also eager to eat her first pussy. I guided her along the way, mainly telling her to do what she likes done to her. She was a natural. Her tongue was all over my cunt, kissing and sucking and teasing my clit. She knew what she was doing and she did it so well, first time or not. As much as I enjoy making love with my husband, it felt so nice having her soft cheeks between my thighs.

She had me going in no time. I started feeling my orgasm coming on and it felt like it was going to be a big one.

Suddenly, I started cumming and screaming out Olivia's name, telling her to suck on mommy's pussy. Telling her not to stop until mommy finished. It felt so intense. I realized what I was saying, but I couldn't stop myself. “Baby girl, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop. Keeping eating mommy's pussy!”

I came as hard as I remember cumming with my girlfriend. It's a different intensity than when I cum with my husband. Not better, not worse, just different. It's hard to explain unless you have experienced both.

After that,whenever I was in town, we would get together and she would always be waiting for me at my hotel room at the end of the day. We would often role-play where she was the receptionist and I was the boss that was taking advantage of her by having her lick my pussy for a raise. Other times, she would pretend to be my sex slave, always giving me a bath, making sure every crack and crevice was clean before taking me to bed and licking and kissing me all over my body. She had become very good at licking pussy and her tongue in my ass felt divine.

However, my favorite game of all, knowing it was taboo, was when she would be waiting for me, laying on the bed dressed in the same crop top and short shorts that Olivia likes wearing. She would right away greet me with a “Hi mommy.” as I entered my room. It would always get my pussy wet in an instant. She would insist that I call her Olivia while she ate my pussy or as I cradled her while I breast fed her. Her boyfriend was ok with her staying with me during my visits, after all he was also her brother and understood my daughter fantasies.

Now, sitting here in my room, knowing Olivia and Tom were having an affair, I was feeling jealous of him. I needed to figure out what I wanted to do. Was I really ready to make my fantasies a reality?


2021-05-04 12:49:08
mm.. A beautiful story! Look at the photos and videos of sexy girls -


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Now the introduction of the bisexual wife is good, very nicely done. Almost real.

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2021-04-16 19:15:19
Can't wait for chapter 4.


2021-04-15 01:04:30
Damn, I didn't think this story could get better, but it has. I can't wait to see where you go from here.

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