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Returning home for a friend's memorial service, 59 year old Jimmy is reunited with a former girlfriend.
I first heard about Jerry's passing from an old friend of mine, Greg Jansson. Greg, Jerry and I had grown up together in Brooklyn. It wasn't a great neighborhood. The kind of place you tried to move away from. Most of our group had. Either somewhere else in the NY area or dispersed around the country. I'm James Petillo, I usually go by Jim, but to many of the people I grew up with I'll always be Jimmy. I hadn't seen most of the old group in 40 years. I was one of those who got out. I've lived in a few places around the U.S., and now I happened to be in Phoenix.

"Hello, Jimmy?"

"Yes, this is Jim Petillo, who's this?"

"Greg, Greg Jansson."

"Oh hey Greg, it's been years."

"Yeah, too long. I got some bad news. Jerry's passed." He could only mean Jerry Ferrone. But I had to be sure.

"Jerry Ferrone?"

"Yeah about a week ago. Heart attack."

"Shit, that sucks."

"So, I've been working with a couple of the guys who still live around here in the city. Brian and Phil. We're putting together a memorial service and a reunion of sorts for the old neighborhood." I quickly went through my calendar in my head.

"I'm in. Just tell me when and where. I'll be there. It's been too long anyway."

"Great, knew I could count on you."

"Who else do you have?"

"Well, me Brian, Phil of course. Kenny, Sal, Josh, Sandy, Carol, you remember Carol Sanders." Remember? How could I forget. Carol and I spent the summer after high school learning all about sex from each other. I hadn't seen her in decades, but I could never forget.

"Uh, yeah, of course. Great that you're able to track down so many."

"Oh, we're working on another ten or so. We think we can get the community room at the church. Phil's place will cater."

"Sounds like a blast. Unfortunate that it took losing Jerry to get us together."

"Maybe we can all get together more often. We'll see how it goes. Good to know you'll be there."

"Oh sure. Of course. Thanks for calling." We hung up. I'd barely been paying attention to the details. I was thinking about Carol. I wondered how she looked. I KNEW what she used to look like. Ah Carol. 18 years old. Cutest girl around. Dark hair, dark brown eyes. Medium height, nice butt, mmm, and her tits. Full, ripe, a teen's wet dream. We started by going to the movies. Then after a couple movies she let me start touching her breasts. I was in heaven. Then she let a hand slip inside. So close. Just a bra in the way. We made out, I held her close, my hand wandering to her butt, firm, round. We advance to my car. Finding the usual lovers' spots, known and passed down over generations. Places just private enough to allow a young man to get to know his girl. There was the day Carol reached back and unclasped her bra. Then slid it down her shoulders. Almost embarrassed. By what? Maybe her nudity. It couldn't be concern over what she was about to share with me. I was 18, horny and inexperienced. And she was going to let me see real live tits. Oh god, what tits. Large, hanging proudly, large areola, with prominent nipples begging for attention. If she had doubts I quickly let her know that I admired her assets. To touch them, to taste them, to suckle and nibble and squeeze, a dream come true. We were inexperienced, but willing to learn. And this was just the beginning.

I was used to living alone. 20 years of marriage, then she'd decided she wanted someone who was home more often. But sales was what I did well and travel was a large part of that. And honestly, I wasn't getting any on the side. But she had her doubts, or at least used that to help her make up her mind. That was over ten years ago. I never really met someone else I wanted or needed. I got used to being alone. I travelled freely, had casual affairs, but that was all. So the condo was empty except for me.

So here I was, almost 60 with a hardon for someone I hadn't seen in nearly 40 years. I figured it would pass. At my age they usually did pass quickly enough. Then five minutes later I realized I still had that tight tingling in my shorts. I went into the bathroom and stripped down. Yeah I'd put on some weight around the middle. Surely more than I should. At 18 I was 6 feet and about 175. Now I was somewhere north of 200. I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair gone mostly grey. At least I still had my hair. I wondered how many would be showing up mostly bare up there. I looked down. I was STILL hard. Ah what the hell, I took it in hand, closed my eyes and..

Carol, the first time she let me take off her pants. Then her thin white panties. And there is was. Dark hair forming a V leading to the mysterious promised land. Touching her, my hand sliding down through that hair until, the slit that divided her, my finger pressing between her lips, down, feeling wetness. Desire? We were kissing as my hand roamed. Maybe I was trying to distract her from what I was doing. Maybe she didn't mind. This was my first real pussy. Real in that I'd wined and dined (Ok, pizza and cokes) and took my time, treating her with respect. The "easy" girls who got passed around kind of didn't count. Carol, Carol with the cute face, the bouncy full breasts, the shapely hips, the magical dark haired pussy. Carol was a real girlfriend. And my hand had reached the promised land...

I came in spurts, splattering the sink, even onto the mirror. Silly in some ways, but the most forceful in ages.

Relaxing on my patio, cool drink in my hand I thought about the old neighborhood. We'd had the usual city fun, got in low level trouble, had endless laughs. We'd gotten our first blowjobs from local girls who wanted some attention. From the perspective of my current age I realized how we were taking advantage of someone, but at the time, hey I was getting my dick sucked. But...

The first time Carol went down on the back seat of my old Chevy. I didn't need to coerce her. We seemed to do things, to take next steps by mutual unspoken agreement. So when she took my cock out and instead of just stroking it as she had before, when she put her soft lips on the head, I nearly shot my load on the spot. With a great amount of self control that I barely had I held on, and watched as my cock entered her mouth, inch by inch. When she had the top half wet she began bobbing her head, licking and sucking at me. She looked up at me with her sexy dark eyes, looking for approval. Between gasps and moans I assured her I couldn't be more pleased. When the inevitable arrived, I warned her. She pulled off and watch as my cum spurted onto my stomach...

It was a few days later when I received the email, sent to 15 of us. We had a date and time. This was going to happen. Good work Greg. I made flight plans and booked a hotel in the city a short subway ride to the old neighborhood. I didn't see an email address that was certain to be Carol's. I really didn't know her story over the past 40 years. Was she married? Kids? I figured I'd just wait until the memorial. She'd remember who I was, of course, but would she remember me like I remembered her? Would she want to if she was there with a husband?

Laying in bed that night I thought back to...

Our first time. We decided we would, then waited for an opportunity. The car wasn't an option. Not for her first time. At the risk of making it a general announcement we checked with friends until we found someone whose apartment would be free one afternoon. It was shortly after graduation. I'd like to remember it as an amazing unforgettable experience. But what I remember more was the fumbling, getting the condom pack open, then on, then trying to go easy but maybe being too enthusiastic and she winced, she cried, I was fast, she assured me it was ok. Then we promised each other it would be better next time. I was thankful there would be a next time.

And there were many next times. We became less concerned with where as we focused on how soon. She now felt pleasure instead of pain, I lasted longer and I think added to her pleasure. I surely was feeling great...

The time for my trip back east was finally here. I set out my clothes, checked myself in the mirror. Not too bad for my age, some lines, some extra weight, grey hair. I wondered how the other guys had fared. Sure some s.o.b. was going to look 20 years younger, but what can you do. You live life and live with your decisions. I'd left home for college. Not everyone from our neighborhood went to college. It just wasn't the expected thing then. But I went to a school in the Midwest and really never went back. I met my future wife in my senior year. I was more experienced by then and the relationship was much deeper. There was definitely love. There was passion. There was a lot of the great things in life. And there was for a long time.

I was settled into my seat on the plane, flipping through the airline magazine. I looked up to see a somewhat familiar face coming towards me. It had to be Ken McGraw. I looked, waiting. He was trying to find his row when his eyes found mind. I could see the recognition on his face,

"Jimmy?" I nodded. I had no idea he lived out this way. His seat was three rows behind mine, but not being shy he soon was sitting in the aisle seat by me. After handshakes and pats on the shoulder we settled in.

"Ken, I had no idea you live out this way."

"Not exactly around here. I'm in California, but had to switch planes here. How are you?"

"I'm good, very good. Looking forward to seeing everyone."

"I'm sure. Especially Carol?" He said that with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, it'll be great to see her. You ever see any of the old crew?"

"I've seen Phil over the years when I go back to see my parents. But not too many others." I looked at Ken, he could generously be described as stocky. Balding too I noticed. Getting old sucks, but it beats the alternative. I imagined I'd hear that one more than once the next few days. We caught up on our lives during the next few hours. When we got to LaGuardia I got a ride into the city. Ken was heading to the old neighborhood. His parents still lived there.

Relaxing in my hotel room, thinking about seeing everyone, I of course went back to the summer of Carol. We'd been introduced to the glories of sex. We were young, looking as good as we ever would and feeling that way. One memory came back to me. Mid summer, maybe late July. It was over 90. We'd snuck up to the roof of her apartment building. We weren't supposed to be there, but then that meant no one else would be there. We'd brought towels to protect us from the hot tar. We stripped down to our underwear to soak up some sun. Feeling, and looking, sexy, Carol removed her bra to smooth out the tan lines. She laid there next to me, her white breasts in sharp contract to her otherwise tanned skin. I kissed her shoulder and worked my way from her bronzed skin, to the white breast, to the large dark nipple. She moaned as I lavished praise on her delicious body, using my tongue. Reaching down she found a very hard cock in my shorts. Still moaning, she let her hand slide up and down my covered cock.

"Do you think we can?"

"I don't know Jimmy, someone could come up here." I did my best to convince her. Continuing my attentions, now on her other breast. My free hand, touching her hot skin across her stomach, then into her underwear. I moved my kisses up to her neck, while feeling the wetness between her legs. Just as I was about to bring my kisses to her mouth, "Oh Jimmy, I need you." I looked down at her, into her dark inviting eyes.

"OK, let me get a rubber." I had my underwear off in seconds and had fished a packet out of my shorts. I was ready in record time. I rolled up my towel, having to pull it up off the sticky hot tarred roof. And used it for a pillow as Carol lay back positioning herself to allow me in. The hot summer sun, the open public location, the very daring of it all added to our excitement. We fucked liked we never had before. It had to be a little uncomfortable for Carol, I could feel the pebbly tiles under my knees, as I pushed her butt into the towel. But she never complained; rather she seemed encouraged to let her moans and sighs and encouraging words to ring out.

"Come on Jimmy, yeah, fuck me hard Jimmy, oh shit, yes, yes go hard, gimme that cock..." And on she went as I buried myself endlessly into her wet inviting pussy. Her head hung back, her mouth open, eyes squeezed against the sun as she came hard, pushing herself up to meet me, "OOOOh fuck Jimmy, fuck meeeee, ooooh, oh." I felt like i could go all day, the hot sun burning my pale ass as it pushed me into Carol. Then with a final push and exhale, I filled the condom with what felt like a huge load. Collapsing against Carol, I kissed her in appreciation. I was truly spent.

"Jimmy, that was amazing, but pull out." I wanted to stay attached to her all day, but acknowledged the unfortunate reality and sat back letting my cock fall from her. I stayed there sitting on my legs admiring her beautiful body. Her tits, now slightly reddened, shaking as she reached her hand to touch my cock, my stomach. We stayed that way a couple minutes, until our moment was broken by the sound of someone opening the door on the other side of the roof. Shit, if we'd decided to lay out on that side we'd have been seen already.

We scrambled up grabbing our clothes, her towel now hopelessly stuck to the roof. We ran to the back side of the small shed. Carol got her t shirt on but that didn't even cover her butt. She whispered,

"Jimmy what are we gonna do?"

"I can give myself up and distract him while you go down the stairs."

"No, you don't live here you'll get in more trouble."

"You can't do it, your, um, is showing." She looked down, her bush in clear view. "How about the fire escape, it's right over there?"

We could see the metal bars hooking over the edge of the roof. Carol looked unsure, but we had few options. We could hear what must have been the superintendent from across the roof,

"OK, who's up here? No one allowed on the roof. Someone heard you up here." We looked at each other, nodded, and ran for the edge. Carol looked over. When I looked I saw why she'd hesitated. It was a metal ladder leading to the first landing. Then down the stairs two levels until we reached her apartment.

"Go, Carol, go!"

"It's hot."

"Just go!" Trying to whisper but also urge her to move. She swung her leg over the edge. Yes I did notice her glistening pussy as her legs separated. She began going down the ladder. What a view that would have been for anyone looking. I followed, wearing only a full condom. As we worked our way down from the fourth to the third floor we heard a voice from somewhere,

"Woo, looking good. Damn."

"Keep going Carol." We reached her apartment, opened the window. Fortunately no one was home. As I slipped in behind her I heard a voice from above,

"I don't know where you went, but don't come up here again!" Looks like we made it. We stood in Carol's kitchen. She looked at me and laughed.

"You have no idea how silly you looked standing there with just that thing hanging on your dick." I looked down. The excitement of the escape and watching Carol move around with no pants had gotten me hard again, but the cum filled condom still hung off me. I slid it off wiped myself with a paper towel. Carol looked at me still smiling. "Thanks for getting us out of there. I would have frozen and not gone over the side. Here bring that to me." I stepped towards Carol, in her kitchen, she got to her knees. Carol took my hard cock in hand and smiled up at me again, then took me into her mouth.

"Is this ok, safe, Carol?" She looked up,

"Ssh, we have time. I want your cum inside me." Then she took my cock again and sucked long and hard. Licking, sucking, stroking me. She held my balls as she bobbed on my cock. She licked my length, flicked her tongue on my balls, on the underside of my cockhead. I held onto the sink to hold myself upright. She sucked and sucked. When I told her I was going to cum, she hummed, "MMM, hmm" and continued. When I could wait no longer I came, and came, filling her mouth, feeling her swallow. When finished I looked at her with appreciation, and surprise.

"You never let me before."

"You earned it. And lucky for you, I liked it."

"Wow, that was the best ever." She smiled again. Then stood to hold me.

"OK, I think we've take enough chances for one day. Let's get dressed and out of here. I'm not supposed to have boys over when Mom's not home." We dressed. We were hot, sweaty, sunburned in places, private places, and a bit disheveled. But we were also happy, and satisfied and full of excitement. We left her apartment, doing our best not to been seen so that no one could make assumptions. Yes, it was quite the summer...

Needless to say, these memories provided perfect inducement to relieve myself. I rested well afterwards and was up and ready to go back home on Saturday. I'd decided to go over early and walk what were once familiar streets. Much was familiar, a lot had changed. What were formerly apartment buildings with long time renters were now "condos". But with rent control there were still a handful of old timers, like Phil's parents. Granted most people who were older when we roamed the streets were now long gone. Even the younger adults then are well into their 80's. I barely recognized Phil when I stopped in the deli. Years of sampling the family's famous sandwiches and hot trays had added a bit around the middle. We caught up for awhile and had a peppers and egg sandwich for breakfast. The public school looked the same, but at least the old ballfield had been updated. No more balls hitting rocks for these kids. At 12 I made my way to the Catholic church that had served our neighborhood for over 100 years. Behind the church was the community hall. When I walked inside it was like stepping back in time. The same statues, the same style curtains and the familiar stage on the right side. A few of the guys where there already. The handshakes and hugs were genuine and continued as each new person entered after me. About 20 minutes after I had arrived a familiar face, changed but still familiar, entered the hall.

Carol Sanders, older, heavier, graying just a little, but unmistakably, Carol. I walked towards her, wondering if she would be as excited to see me as I was to see her.

"Carol." I said it as fact rather than a question.

"Jimmy! Greg told me you were coming. So good to see you." I awkwardly waited a moment then drew her in for a hug. When we separated there was a tear in her eye. "Jimmy, it's been so long. I only hope you remember me as fondly as I remember you."

"Carol, you have no idea." We hugged again, then went to join the others.

At 12:30 we started the memorial. Mostly it was each of us taking turns remembering our past times and adventures we had with Jerry. We laughed, and cried. Father Delillo offered a prayer, then we broke into a great mob of talking, laughing, crying older men and women. Phil's guys set-up the luncheon and we added eating to the talking and laughing. I looked around the room. Sure enough it was Greg Jansson, the s.o.b. who looked more 40 than 60. Although I had to admit Sandy Connors was still an attractive woman. Always tall and thin, time hadn't changed that. I mingled but often found myself sitting with Carol. I learned that her husband of over 20 years had passed away a decade back. She had one grown son who lived down south. She was a grandmother.

"Oh so that make you a gilf." I said it to be funny, not thinking of the implication.

"Hmmm, so would you?"

"Would I what?" She leaned in, and with her library voice,

"Like to fuck me."

"Oh I, didn't mean. Sorry." I was flustered when I realized how bold I'd been.

"Oh stop being silly. We have too much history to be embarrassed."

"Ok, yeah. I just didn't want you thinking I assumed anything."

"No, we're good. It really is wonderful to see you." She held my hand in hers. We were two different people than we had been, but of course we were still Carol and Jimmy. I put my other hand over hers. She looked me in the eyes.

"So, would you?" I paused just a moment.

"Yes, I would. I've been thinking about that summer ever since Greg mentioned your name on the phone. And it wasn't the pizza and Cokes."

"If I were younger I'd blush. Now I'm happy a man finds me desirable."

"Why wouldn't I? You're still Carol Sanders, who rocked my world like no one else."

"Was it more a shooting star that burned hot for a short time?"

"It was, but now, who knows." We were interrupted by others joining our table and we turned to other topics. Music started up and of course I asked Carol to dance. Since there were many more men than women, she took turns dancing with some of our other old friends. Still she came back to me often.

When the gathering was breaking up I asked if she'd join me for dinner. To my delight she agreed. We took an Uber back into Manhattan and made our way to a restaurant in Little Italy. When we were settled over glasses of wine we picked up the conversation from earlier in the day. More details of our lives, where we were now, and our future plans as seniors.

I had a crazy idea. Perhaps it was well too soon. Then again we weren't exactly kids. So I let it out,

"I have a place near Phoenix. No one else living there. Plenty to do in the area for people of our age. Would you consider moving out there, with me?"

"Oh Jimmy. I don't know. It's so soon. We've just met again. Jeez. Maybe a visit?"

"Of course! Whatever works for you. I, well seeing you has been the best thing in years." She took my hand again,

"Jimmy, this has been the most enjoyable day since Fred passed. Truly, you're the same Jimmy in many ways."

"There's just more of me?"

"Both of us to be fair. But at our age we don't obsess over such things."

When dinner was over I asked Carol if she'd like to stay over at my hotel.

"Are you trying to seduce me James?"

"I believe I've forgotten how that works. So I go for straight forward."

"Then yes."

When we got into my room, we'd just put down our jackets when we were in a clench, kissing passionately and testing where our hands could safely touch. Apparently there were no restrictions. We broke our kiss for a moment, then Carol looked at me,

"Yes Jimmy, I want to. Be kind. When this dress comes off I'm not the Carol you remember."

We kissed our way to the bed. Clothes were lost along the way. Now fully into the moment I didn't concern myself with exposing my more than middle aged body. Carol paused, then submitted to the inevitable. The once large firm breasts were soft, hanging, her nipples no longer perched high. I held one and smiled at her, letting her know I appreciated her body. She reached down around my soft middle finding my stiffening cock. Her still dark eyes searched mine, finding desire and anticipation. Watching me all the way she slowly got to her knees, eye level with my cock, emerging from a small pouch under my gut. Looking up again,

"I hope I remember how you liked it." I moaned as she took my cock into her mouth sucking me deep, licking around and to the tip. When she had me good and hard, I helped her up, "Make love to me Jimmy. Or fuck me as hard as you can manage."

Carol lay back on the bed, I looked at her body, touched her and let my hand find the soft cleft between her lips, letting my fingers explore an area I knew by heart at one time. Her moans of approval told me my memory was pretty good too. But now giving in to the realities of age, I didn't waste the erection I had and soon had my cock sliding up into her pussy for the first time in 40 some years. She bent her knees and gave me room to work. I held myself up and began slowly sinking my cock into Carol. Where once I would have vigorously plowed into her, rocking her and bouncing her on the bed, I now let our older flesh, crash and jiggle as we met.

"Oh Jimmy, am I ok, am..."

"Shh, you're perfect Carol. You feel amazing." With a tear in the corner of her eye,

"You feel nice too. I haven't done this in years. I didn't know if I'd ever...oh, oh god, yes Jimmy, like that, mmm."

I leaned against Carol, as much as I could. Kissed her, waiting. I wanted to finish, but I was tiring from the effort. It hadn't been quite as long for me, but I wasn't a young man. I pushed and pushed, then felt the familiar feeling.

"I'm safe Carol, if you want."

"Oh no worries about that, yes, yes, finally you can." So I let the feeling build and for the first time ever, I came in Carol, letting my cum spill into her. When I'd finished I rolled to the side and held her. Now I was near a tear or two myself.

"Carol, thank you. Back then I always wished we could do it like this." She put her hand to my face, held it there looking at me.

"Would you keep loving me like this?"

"Well I take a lot longer to be ready again. Maybe tomorrow?"

"No silly. I don't need 'always ready' Jimmy any more. Would you hold me and kiss me and be my best friend? And have sex whenever we can manage?"

"That would be easy. I realized this afternoon that I love you. I guess I always have."

"So that summer wasn't just wild crazy sex because it was available?"

"All honesty? Yeah that was a large part of it. I think I was too young to know the difference." Carol seemed satisfied by my answer. The next morning I woke to Carol running her nails along my cock, watching it stiffen.

"Morning lover. Does this still get like this in the morning?"

"MMM, hmm. More often than not."

"Hmm, that's promising. Mind if I?"

"Oh please, be my guest." Carol quickly took my cock most of the way into her mouth, ensuring it was good and wet. Then she swung her leg over me and adjust herself until I was entering her. As she moved back to allow me to enter, Carol leaned over me allowing her pendulous breasts to swing above me. Once I was properly enveloped she leaned on me as we both rocked and thrust while allowing our heavier bodies to rest together. "Sit up, I'd like to look at you."

"Oh please, my young body is a long gone memory."

"No, I want to see you. Watch you, enjoy who you are." She sat back and rocked her hips letting my cock explore her. "That feels so good. MMM, like that."

"Oh Jimmy you make me fell so good. In all ways." We continued in that way, pleasuring each other. Carol found the right spot for her and came as I held out hoping for just that. Releasing myself into her was a treat again.

We showered, then went for breakfast. We had one more event that evening with the group. A dinner over in Brooklyn. As I looked over my coffee cup I asked again,

"So, what are you going to do after tonight?"

"Hopefully spend another night with my good friend Jimmy?"

"Ooh, promising. Then tomorrow?"

"I'll go home and give serious consideration to an exciting suggestion."

"So moving, or visiting Phoenix is a possibility?" She smiled over her cup.

"It's the best offer I'm likely to receive. My heart says, jump at it GO! But, my brain says to think about everything else."

"Sure, take your time, I'm not going anywhere. Decide what you want."

"What DO you want Jimmy?" I thought a moment. To give her an honest answer and to word it correctly.

"Carol, I'm looking to retire once I'm past 60. I'm not rich, but I'm well off. I don't need extra money. I'd suggest you keep your assets to yourself. So that's the boring money part. What I'm looking for is a companion to share my remaining years. Someone who knows me and has feelings for me. I'd like to travel and have someone to be there with me. I've been lonely, I don't want to be lonely. What I offer is a place to live and someone who will be there with you every day. To help fill the rest of your days, or as many as I last. And if we both enjoy some good old fashioned sex along the way, well that's an extra. We've had our youthful memories together, now let's enjoy the time we have left."

Carol looked at me. I could see her working through what I'd said. I doubt she was surprised. She sat with her chin in her hands looking at me. Her dark eyes studying me.

"Then this isn't a marriage proposal?"

"If I thought for a second that that's what you wanted or needed, I'd be on my knee in moments. We've both been married. I don't know that it's necessary, and may actually be less complicated long term."

She nodded her head. "You've become a wise old man. Although watching you get down on a knee might be entertaining." We laughed, which broke the seriousness. "Let me get home, have a couple of days to make plans, then I'll see you in Arizona. I'll stay until I think I need to go home. That day may never come." The smile on my face told her all she needed to know.

When we arrived for the group dinner it was likely obvious to everyone that something had changed. Carol arrived on my arm, unembarrassed, unconcerned what anyone would think. As I looked around I saw more than a few nods. Greg spoke for many as he leaned to us,

"Seems some have really renewed their old friendships?" I looked at Carol, letting her decide on a response. But these were friends from the days when we'd borrow anyone's available room to satisfy our needs. Carol replied without blushing,

"Let's just say, sometimes you can pick up where you left off." Greg and the others at our table hooted and applauded. Carol added,

"I'll be visiting Jimmy in Phoenix in a few weeks." Now Greg patted me on the back,

"That's so great. You two were quite a couple." A few others came around to congratulate us. It felt great, natural to be out with Carol as my partner. I could tell she felt the same. After dinner we walked the old neighborhood one more time, hand in hand. We laughed and pointed out old landmarks, often places where we had enjoyed each other's company. When we came to Carol's old apartment building I pointed to the roof.


"Oh god Jimmy, how could I forget. Running down the fire escape practically naked. So close to being caught."

"One of my favorite memories."

"I'm sure. Making love under the hot summer sun. It was both romantic and risky. Such a turn on."

"I have a fenced in yard back home."

"Oh you and your dirty mind. I like it."

That night I reacquainted myself to the taste of Carol's pussy. She was shy at first about me seeing her so up close.

"Carol, if we're going to spend our lives together there are no secrets. I'd like to be able to give you all the pleasure I can."

"So you won't be bothered that I'm graying and...."

"Stop. There will be no more talk of our age and our bodies being anything negative. We are who we are. People get older. No need to stop having fun." She laid back on the bed and let me do my thing. I nibbled and teased and licked as I had in the past. When my tongue began working over her clit, I could tell she was into it,

"Oh god Jimmy, oh I haven' long...keep ooooo going." Now I was fully into it my tongue lashing her clit and licking her slit and teasing at her open pussy. She grasped my hair, held me in place and told me firmly not to stop. When she arched her back and pushed her pussy into my face I knew she was cumming. I kept going until she relaxed and begged me to stop. When I joined her at the top of the bed I asked,

"Now is that something we should stop doing?"

"Never. You were a good pussy licker and still are." I accepted the compliment, then we toasted our rekindled relationship with champagne. I snuggled Carol from behind and slid my cock into her. She sighed as I caressed her and slowly filled her wet pussy. I took my time, enjoyed touching her as I rocked into her. When I had cum, I stayed holding Carol with my softening cock inside her. Still amazed that I was really feeling Carol inside after all this time. And now it seemed like this might be something we'd do until we just couldn't. But we were older, not old. We had years to enjoy ourselves.

I returned home to the warm sunshine, and my empty house. I looked around wondering what changes we'd make. Surely a woman's touch. This wasn't just going to be somewhere Carol was visiting, a guest. When, if, she moved in permanently it would be her home too. Everything seemed to go as planned. Carol visited, and stayed a month. She enjoyed the warm sun, the small pool, even my cooking. We made love and enjoyed each other's company. Laying out by the pool one day I brought up the summer day, nearly as hot, when we had carefree sex on her roof. Naked to the world, not concerned, in the moment, that we'd be caught.

"When was the last time you had sex outside?"

"Oh Jimmy, it had to have been on the roof."

"Want to do it outside again?" Carol looked around, noting that the high fence allowed a good measure of privacy.

"Can I have more cushion than my towel on that tar roof?"

"Sure. You can stay right on that lounger." To show I wasn't kidding I stood and removed my swim trunks. My rising cock was soon pointing at Carol as she slipped off her suit. Sitting back on the lounger, she opened her legs to allow me access. I noticed that she had trimmed herself as she had in the past. I settled in between her legs and offered my cock to her. When she had rubbed me up and down her slit and place me at her opening I pushed in and reveled in our closeness. As was our new found habit we made love slowly, casually, enjoying our intimacy, remembering our early days of lustful, youthful vigor. I was so very happy to have Carol back in my life. She'd assured me that she felt the same. Now her moans of pleasure assured me that she was enjoying our mating.

Perhaps it was where we were doing it, reminding her of past times, or one time in particular, but she put her mouth to my ear and low enough not to be heard by neighbors, "Oooh, oh fuck me Jimmy. Fuck me hard. Oooo, aaaaah, Uh, uh, mmmmm, yes , yes hard, fuuuuck me." I tried. I gave her what I had. Our bodies slapping together, my cock plunging in with each thrust, with the lust of years apart and now rejoined. I forgot my age and fucked like I hadn't in years. Then it came upon me, from deep inside, building, until, rushing forward I let loose a series of spurts, into my love, then collapsing against her, holding myself on my knees and elbows as the strength left me with the pulsing orgasm.

"Jimmy, you old beast you, that was just what I needed now."

"Just don't expect that too often. Whew." Carol held me and we stayed together until I need to lay back on my chair.

Carol went home to make arrangements, alert her family, then sent out her necessary belongings. We now share my house in Arizona, travel frequently, and enjoy each other's company as much as ever.


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mm.. great story! Look at the photos and videos of sexy girls -

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