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A plagiaristic take on a newsgroup story from the early days of the internet
I'm 65 now and I have a VERY loving wife. That said, I read an excellent story here the other day that reminded me of one from the early days of the Internet. I've searched for that old story a few times over the years, but never found it, so what follows is a plagiaristic take on a distant memory. All I could really recall was the basic plot, so I've taken quite a few liberties with the details. I hope the original author wouldn't mind. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


My Little Sister's Boobs


"What's wrong, Susie?"

My sister was obviously distressed. I can't say we were close or that I even normally paid her much attention, but I could tell that she'd been feeling bad about something lately, and because we were in private, in my room with the door closed, I took the opportunity to be a good big brother.

"Oh nothing," she replied in a forlorn voice.

"You can tell me, Susie. I know you've been feeling down. I'm your brother, and I can tell when something's wrong."

She looked me in the eyes for a few seconds, and her expression made me sad.

"I don't want to get into it, Mark. I appreciate your concern, I really do, but you wouldn't understand."

Well, I never had to be much of a brother before that day, but after seeing the obvious pain she was in I couldn't simply drop it.

"Susie, it's just you, me and Mom now. Neither of us has a father to talk to anymore, so I'm the closest thing you have to a man who loves you, and I want you to tell me what's bothering you."

Just then, a tear ran down her cheek and her lower lip trembled.

"I have no boobs!" she blurted out.

And with that, Susie began to sob.

The way she said it made me so sad, I stifled a sob of my own and sat next to her on the bed, putting my arm around her and gently pulling her close.

"Girl, you don't need big boobs. And anyway, you're too young for boobs!"

"No I'm not!" she shot back with a quick turn of her head, looking up at me. "Giselle has boobs. She's had them for almost six months, and they're getting bigger and bigger. Yet I can't even wear a training bra!"

Susie's lip was still trembling, but I couldn't argue with her about Giselle. That girl was a budding knockout. You could just tell she was going to be a major babe in a few short years.

"Well, everyone matures at different rates," I said as soothingly as I could. "You'll grow boobs, I promise. It's just a matter of when and how big, and so *what* if they don't grow as big as Giselle's? Maybe you're meant to have *small* boobs. If so, that's no big deal, many guys like small ones."

None of what I said seemed to make Susie feel any better.

"Mark, do you think I don't know that boys like girls with boobs? All the guys in school want to be with Giselle, and no guy has even tried to be with me. She already has a boyfriend, and as a matter of fact she's had him as a boyfriend since right when her boobs started growing."

I admit it, my dick stirred a little at the thought of hooking up with a girl right when her breasts started developing and then getting to watch them grow. Especially a girl as pretty as Giselle...

Susie was pretty, too, by the way. Actually very pretty, I thought, but maybe I was biased since she's my sister. She had a fresh happy face - well, happy until recently - with a few freckles, big brown eyes, a beautiful smile, super pretty teeth, and a nice slim young body. She just didn't have "curves" like Giselle.

"Mark, Giselle has been having sex with her boyfriend for all this time. I've never even kissed a boy!"

"Oh, you'll get a boyfriend someday. Don't rush things!" was all I could think to say.

She sat there staring at the floor. I could tell she was holding something in. Something pretty important.

"Mark, when I said Giselle has 'sex' with her boyfriend, it's not exactly that. She's still a virgin, but she gives him blowjobs."

I was in shock that Susie even knew what a blowjob was. Where did she learn that? I hadn't even had a blowjob yet! Oh well, I guess I knew some things about sex when I was her age. I tried to console my sister, but the thought of Giselle giving blowjobs pierced my mind, and an image of her sucking *my* cock soon followed.

"And Mark? She swallows his cum."


Whoa. [Give me a second to catch my breath.]

Giselle swallows...

Oh my God!

But my little sister knows about this kind of stuff already?

"And I think that's what's making her boobs grow."


I was in the shower the next day, stroking my morning wood as usual. With my eyes closed, the water spraying my face and chest, I was thinking about Giselle and imagining her on her knees with my dick in her mouth. It didn't take long before a wave of pleasure overcame me and a spasming ejaculation ensued, my cum literally gushing as I pictured Giselle sucking it out of me and drinking it down. I came so hard I had to steady myself against the glass door until I was able to recover. I finished my shower as usual, wiping the cum off the wall before turning off the water and opening the door.

"Susie! What are you doing in here???"

She was sitting on the closed toilet seat, facing the shower door, and I caught her staring at my cock before quickly looking away.

"I'm sorry, Mark! Please forgive me!"

I could see her face turning redder by the second. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist to cover myself.

"Well, answer the question. What the heck are you doing in here?"

Susie and I shared a bathroom with doors adjoining each of our bedrooms, but she had never come in while I was in it, and she certainly never snuck in to watch me in the shower!

"I wanted to see you jack off," she softly responded, her face still turned away.

"What??? You saw that?"

Her eyes met mine and in a quiet voice, almost a whisper, she replied.


How embarrassing! My own sister saw me beat my meat and squirt cum all over the shower wall!

It took me a few seconds to compose myself.

"But what made you think I'd be doing that in the shower?"

"Well, you always take long showers and I kind of guessed that was the reason," was her sheepish response.

That hit me like a ton of bricks. My little sister *guessed* that I was jerking off in the shower, and actually saw me do it!

"I don't know what to say, Susie. I'm sorry you had to see that."

"I didn't *have* to see it, Mark. I wanted to, and I'm glad I did."

"Why?" I asked. "Why would you want to see your own brother jacking off?"

This was getting really weird.

"Mark, when I told you that Giselle gives her boyfriend blowjobs and swallows his cum, and that I think that's what's causing her boobs to grow, I was serious. I've read that semen has many sorts of proteins and hormones and other unique ingredients, and I want to try some to see if it'll help mine grow."

I was dumbstruck.

"You read about semen?"

"Yes, and I want to try some. I don't have a boyfriend, obviously, and I don't really even want a boyfriend, so you're the only person I can think of who'd be able to give me some. Would you, Mark? Please?"

My sister was staring intently into my eyes, pleading with me to provide her with cum...

"Well, how could I possibly do that, Susie? You're my sister!"

"Maybe you could jack off into a cup instead of spraying it on the wall. Then you could leave the cup for me here in the bathroom and I could try it like that. Would that be okay?"

There I was, in nothing but a towel, dripping water on the floor and discussing the sharing of my cum with my sister! It was almost too bizarre, but the innocent look on her face and her begging puppy dog eyes were melting my resistance. I needed to put an end to the conversation before I might do something really stupid.

"I'll have to think about it, Susie. Don't come in here and watch me tomorrow, but if I decide to do it, I'll leave the cup right here on the sink."


I spent all day considering Susie's request. Could I do it? Sure. I jerked off several times a day anyway, and it would be easy enough to do it in a cup. But should I? Should I let my sister taste my cum? How weird is that!

That night, as I lay in bed after masturbating to my last orgasm of the day, I drifted off to sleep, still unsure about what to do.


I woke up early the next morning and, as usual, my dick was hard. I could feel the pulse throbbing in my balls and a wet stain had already formed in my underwear. Without a second thought, I pulled it out and wrapped my fingers around it, stroking lightly at first, then gradually picking up the pace. Visions of girls sucking me off were drifting in my head. Giselle, girls from school, girls from magazines. My orgasm was building and my balls were tightening, and just as I was about to cum I grabbed the paper cup from my nightstand, stood up, aimed my cock, closed my eyes, and shot rope after rope into the cup before my spasms subsided. By that point, my knees were weak and I was leaning against the bed, so I put the cup on the nightstand and laid back down.

When it was time to get ready for school, I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and left the cup on the sink...


Susie and I went to different schools, and my classes started before hers, so we rarely saw each other in the morning, and that day was no exception. When I got home from school, I went to my room and started on my homework. A little while later, I heard a soft knock on the door.

"Mark, can I come in?"

"Sure, Susie."

She came in and shut the door.

"Thank you for leaving me the cup."

She was standing with her back to the door, watching my expression.

I really had no idea what to say. My sister was thanking me for leaving her some of my cum...

After a bit of awkward silence, I gave in to my curiosity.

"Did you try it?"

"Yes!" she gasped. She was staring into my eyes with kind of a blank look. I couldn't tell what she was thinking.

"Well, how was it?" I asked.

"I liked it. It tasted good, and it was kind of warm and slippery going down my throat."

"So, did you grow giant boobs?"

We both laughed like hyenas.

"I don't think it works that fast!" she said, still cracking up.

"No, I imagine it takes more than one little taste," I offered, chuckling some more at our private joke.

But Susie stopped laughing...

"Can I have some more?"


One day, Susie burst into my room.

"It's working!" she exclaimed with a look of pure delight on her sweet little face.

"Oh really," I deadpanned, not believing her for a second.

"I'll show you!"

And with that, Susie lifted her shirt, exposing two tiny tit buds.

"Thank you so much for helping me, Mark. I know it's probably no fun cumming into a cup, and I'd like to show my appreciation."

"Oh, and how do you propose to do that?"

"Well, I was thinking. I always lose some because it sticks to the sides of the cup. What if I let you just shoot it into my mouth? Would that be better for you?"

It's a good thing I was sitting down for that because I almost fainted.

These past few weeks had warped my mind into a state of, well, not confusion so much as focus. I no longer thought about Giselle or other girls while masturbating. Instead, I only thought of Susie drinking my cum. I was focused on it, and could hardly think of anything else. Just the idea of it was all I needed to let loose with stream after stream up to four or five times a day.

I realized that this whole situation was highly improper. Perverted, even. But I couldn't help it, and didn't want to. I would get hard at just the thought of it, even mere minutes after cumming. I had the best orgasms I had ever had, imagining my sister swallowing my cum, day after day, in the hope that she would grow boobs.

"Well, Susie, that's actually a good idea, and I think it's worth a try. If we both like it better, that would be a good alternative. Why don't you come over here and sit between my legs."

And with that, I whipped out my dick and Susie sat nice and close, watching intently as I began to stroke it. The look in her eyes was highly arousing, and I worked myself up to what promised to be a powerful orgasm. Pre-cum had started to ooze out, some seeping onto my hand, and she was staring at my cock with such wonder, such an expression of devotion, even respect, that it was all I could do to stand up.

"Okay, Susie, close your eyes and open your mouth."

No sooner had I finished croaking out that sentence than the first blast shot out of my cock, splashing onto her chin, lower lip and tongue. I fixed my aim and was then able to deliver spurt after spurt right into her mouth. Like a good girl, she took it all, a look of pure gratitude on her angelic little face. Finally I was spent, and she opened her eyes, staring at the dripping tip of my cock while she closed her mouth and easily swallowed it down before licking her lips and using her fingers to get what was still on her chin. At the sight of that, I was just about overcome with a shiver that felt like an electric shock. I was barely able to sit back down without falling.

"Wow, Susie, that was much better than the cup. Did you like it?"

"Yes, I did!" she breathlessly replied. "It was warmer, and I liked the feel of it hitting the insides of my mouth. I'm sorry I missed that first bit, but I'd like to do it that way from now on if you don't mind, and I promise I'll get better at catching it all."

"No, I don't mind, Susie. Now go do your homework. You can come back when you're done."


One Saturday morning, Susie asked if she could try stroking me so I wouldn't have so much to do and could relax better.

"I don't know if I'll be able to make you cum, but I'd like to try. And if I do, I'd like to aim it and keep my eyes open while you shoot into my mouth. Would that be okay with you?"

"Uh, sure, Susie. I'm willing to let you try that. Your little hand might feel even better than mine, actually. Let's find out. Here, get up on your knees."

I pulled my shorts down, spread my legs, and let Susie grip my throbbing cock while I sat and watched.

"Is this okay?" she asked while gently moving the skin up and down and staring at my meat.

"Yeah, Susie, you're doing great. Would you like to hold my balls, too, with your other hand?"

"Yes, I would. I'll be very gentle."

"Thank you, they're quite sensitive, but your soft warm hand will feel nice cupping and rubbing them while you stroke my dick with the other. Okay, I'll be quiet while you get used to it. If you do anything wrong I'll let you know. I'm sure you'll do great, though."

Well, Susie did better than I expected. She had the perfect touch. Not too hard, not too soft, not too fast or slow. In fact, she seemed to know exactly when to speed things up, I guess from watching me do it so many times.

"Oh, Susie, that's good. Don't stop."

And with a determined look of sisterly love, Susie milked me to what at that point was the best cum of my life.

"Oh, yeah... Oh... Get ready Susie!"

Actually, she was already holding her mouth open right near the tip of my cock, apparently knowing just how close I was.

"Oh... Ohhhhh.... Ohhhhhhhhhh!"

I fed Susie a copious load that day, and she didn't miss a drop. She even moaned a bit while I came, and murmured softly while she drank it down.

"Wow, Susie, that was great. Thank you!"

"No, Mark. Thank *you*! You are such a good brother to help me like this. Here, would you like to see my titties?"


She pulled up her shirt to show me, and wow, she really *was* growing boobs! I couldn't believe it! They were still very small, but they were starting to look like real tits!

"Susie, next time you give me a handjob I'd like you to take your shirt off so I could look at them. In fact, from now on, I always want you to take your titties out so I can see how you're progressing. You sure are starting to grow nice ones."

"Thank you for saying that, Mark! It's all thanks to you. And yes, I will show them to you whenever we do it from now on."

"Great! Okay, get going. You have chores to do."


"Would it be okay if I close my mouth around it while you cum?" Susie asked me one night. "This way I'd be sure to get it all and won't have to concentrate so much on aiming, and I could focus on getting better at jacking you off."

She asked this while staring mesmerized at my drooling cock as she massaged it and gently fondled my balls.

"Sure, Susie, that's a good idea."

By this time, Susie was an expert. She always knew how close I was, and had learned just how to get me to cum long and hard, every time. She'd been practicing for quite a while now, and was an excellent student, always doing exactly what I told her to.

"By the way, your titties are beautiful, Susie. Would you mind if I touch them?"

"No, Mark, I think I'd like that. Besides, you've been so good to me, I couldn't possibly refuse a request from you."

And with that, I softly squeezed her little tits and nipples, eliciting quiet sighs of pleasure while she jerked me off.

Next thing I knew, I felt a strange sensation and looked down just in time to see her pretty little mouth engulf the head of my dick.

"Oh, Susie! Ohhhhhhhh.........."

I don't know if I can fully describe how it felt to cum with Susie sucking my cockhead that day, but let me tell you, it was amazing. She was so good, used such an absolutely perfect amount of suction and swirled her tongue around so sweetly, I was afraid I'd just about choked her with gusher after gusher of hot cum, but she effortlessly swallowed it down in repeated gulps until she was done.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds and when I opened them again, my little sister was looking up at me with an expression of deep reverence, her mouth still gently sucking me.

"I love you, Susie."

I don't know why I said it at that time, but I sure meant it. I'm not the type to get all sappy about stuff like that, but she was such a little angel.

"I love you, too, Mark," she replied after sliding her lips from my cock as we gazed into each other's eyes.

"Okay, get going on your homework and study for that test. You can come back before bedtime if all your work is done."

"Yes, sir!" she joked, bounding up and putting her t-shirt back on before shimmying her little butt out of my room.


One day, after weeks of finishing me in her mouth, Susie had a request.

"Mark, can I give you a blowjob?"

"A blowjob?"

"Yeah. I think I'd be good at it, and I'd really like to try."

"Well, okay. Take your shirt off and come over here."

I put the pillow down between my legs for her to kneel on, and over she came, her little boobs looking so cute. She had a beautiful flat stomach, too. Not muscular, but not an ounce of fat. Just perfect. Before she got down, I had a request of my own.

"Susie, would you take your shorts off and just kneel here in your panties?"

"Okay, Mark, if you think you'd like that."

"Yes, I think I would. Thank you."

After a few seconds of struggling with her button and zipper, she slid the shorts down, bending at the waist, and pulled them off her feet. Her panties were a pale pink. Not bikinis, but more of a brief design. Very nice, though...

I was sitting with my hardon pointing straight up at her as usual, my hands folded behind my head, waiting for the first blowjob of my life. Not wasting a second, Susie knelt down and gently put her mouth on my cock, sucking the head like she always did when I came.

Then she went down further...

"That's a good girl," I whispered. "Just like that. Nice and soft, up and down. Good girl. Hold my balls."

She had two free hands now, so she was able to cradle one in each, and she held them softly while she sucked and slowly bobbed on my shaft.

"Oh, Susie, that feels great. You are such a good girl. Just keep doing it like that until you're done."

She closed her eyes and sucked me, kneeling between my legs in her pretty panties with her little titties pointing down. I reached out and gently squeezed one, rubbing my fingers along her hardening nipple while she made quiet mewling sounds, sliding her lips up and down on the slickened shaft of my cock. I could see her cheeks sucking in on the up-strokes and could feel her tongue sliding along the underside on the way down as she went deeper and deeper until my cockhead was just barely hitting the back of her throat.

When she knew I was ready, I noticed her nostrils flaring a bit as she pumped me faster and faster, waiting to gulp down my cum.

"Oh, Susie! Oh... Ohhhh... Ohhhhhhhh!"

She didn't stop bobbing up and down when I came, and I came harder than I ever had in my life. I was delirious, my hips thrusting my cock up into her sucking mouth as she moaned and swallowed. I never took my eyes off her face as she drained my balls. Wow, I couldn't believe how great it felt.

Finally, she opened her eyes and looked into mine, still gently sucking as much of my cock as she could fit in her mouth and holding my deflated testicles.

"Come up here, Susie."

She slid her mouth off my cock, sucking softly until her lips closed and she downed the last remnants of my orgasm. I took her into my arms and hugged her like I never had before, my wet cock pressing against her soft belly and between her tits as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

"I love you, Susie," I whispered.

"I love you, too, Mark."


"Rub your clit, Susie."

Susie was giving me my third blowjob of the day when I decided to see if she could also give herself an orgasm. She was already an expert at sucking me off and had been practicing diligently for over a month, always getting me to cum like a racehorse. I had wondered if she ever masturbated, especially after swallowing my hot loads and going back to her room, but for some reason we had never discussed it.

At my direction, she instantly slid her hand down between her legs and rubbed herself through her panties, still cupping my balls with her other hand and slurping my shaft without hesitation. I had a hand on her head, guiding her with a light touch, but as I watched her fingers work her clit, I began to push her down a little harder.

She was really moaning now, sucking my dick with abandon. I moved my hand to one of her beautiful tits and held it as she worked herself to a shuddering orgasm, never pausing her bobbing head.

"Keep rubbing it, Susie, but I want you to hold off cumming again until I do."

This seemed to excite Susie even more as she began throating me faster and faster. I could feel the cum welling up in my balls, getting ready to boil over and coat her tonsils.

"That's a good girl. Don't stop."

Susie sucked harder and harder, trying to swallow my whole dick, even gagging a little, but she never slowed down. As always, she was completely focused on finishing me off, and this time, she'd be finishing us both off at once. She was so hot, worshipping my cock and working her clit, I couldn't hold it any longer.

I put my hand back on her head and held her down while I shot my load into her swallowing throat.

"Mmmmmmm..... Mmmmmmmmmm.... Mmmmmmmmm...." Susie moaned around my shaft as she convulsed in ecstasy while gulping it down.

"That's a good girl," I finally cooed, gently petting her head as she sucked the last drops up through my softening shaft.


Several weeks later...

"Lick my balls."

At my command, she immediately nuzzled her nose under my scrotum and began lapping with quite arousing slurping sounds. While slowly stroking my shaft, she licked, kissed and gently sucked my balls, making my entire nutsack slick with her saliva and rubbing her now-glistening face on it, exactly as I had trained her to do.

"That’s a good girl," I said after a minute or so. "Okay, put your mouth back on it."

I no sooner got the words out when she was back to throating my meat.

Susie had learned that I liked it when she masturbated while sucking my dick, and she always waited until I was ready to cum before bringing us both to orgasm. She was doing so today, eagerly servicing me, and I could tell that she was quite aroused.

"Mmmmmmmng... Mmmmmmmng..." Susie gurgled around my cock, her eyes closed in rapture as she focused on extracting my seed.

"That’s good, Susie," I whispered, working her head up and down while gripping her ponytail.

Her hand was in her panties and, as usual, I could see her fingers moving from my view in the mirror behind her.

[By the way, that mirror was one of the greatest home improvement ideas I have ever had.]

Looking back down, I watched her gorgeous tits jiggle as she sucked me faster and faster.

"Oh, Susie... Uhhhhhh..."

I was close and she knew it. Over and over, I pushed her head down on my cock, and each time I could feel myself penetrating her throat.

Her fingers worked her clit faster and faster.

"Suck it harder," I instructed, and she immediately complied.

"That's it, Susie. I want you to cum now with my cock deep."

And with that, I held her down while she madly rubbed her clit and sucked me until we both came loudly, my creamy load gushing into her throat while she moaned and swallowed before coming up for a quick breath.


"Whew, that was great, Susie. Thank you for being such a good girl," I said softly as we held each other's gaze, her mouth still gently suckling my dick and a beautiful loving look in her eyes.


"You sure have a pretty butt, Susie."

Susie was lying face down on my bed with her panties pulled down to her knees while giving me my afternoon blowjob. She knew not to speak during a blowjob, and besides, I was holding the back of her head, so all she could do was make cute sounds to thank me for the compliment, but I sure was serious. She had the nicest little bottom. In fact, it wasn't just her tits and buns that were appealing. Her whole body had developed quite alluringly in the time we'd been working on it. And I say we'd been "working" on it because I had been giving Susie exercise instructions in addition to her cum doses, and between running and doing calisthenics such as jumping jacks and sit-ups, Susie used some light dumbbells during her workouts, and her body had really responded. She was simply beautiful in every way, and I'm not just saying that because she's my sister.

"That's it, Susie, rub your clit on the pillow. I like to watch your little butt squirm."

Susie had a pillow between her legs so she could use both hands on my balls. She had become adept at caressing them, both with her hands and with her mouth, and I often found that to be helpful in building up a big cumload. Watching her writhing buttocks while she humped a pillow also helped in that regard.

Susie had taken to putting her hair in a top-knot for my blowjobs so that I could hold her by the ponytail on top of her head if I wanted to, and as she became more aroused by the combination of sucking my cock and grinding into the pillow, I took a firm grip and began to fuck her mouth.

"That's a good girl. Relax your throat. Good girl."

I was getting deeper and deeper into Susie's throat in those days. I never tried to force her to take more than she could comfortably handle, but she had continued to improve in that area, as she had in all areas.

"Oh, Susie, you're gonna get a big load this time. Get ready."

Of course Susie always knew when I was close and was always prepared for whatever I could shoot into her mouth, but I guess it felt good to say stuff like that sometimes.

"Uhhh! Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhh!" I grunted as I blasted her tonsils with cum, holding her head steady while she bucked in orgasm, humping the pillow with abandon and moaning right along with me as she drank it down.

After a minute or so, I took my cock out of her mouth and laid down next to her on the bed, my head near her hip. I reached over, pulled up her panties, and rubbed and patted each cheek a few times.

"Okay, go do your homework now and come back when you're done."


Susie's boobs had grown to a respectable size, I'd guess somewhere between a B- and a C-cup, and they were exquisite. They weren't what you'd call "torpedoes," exactly, but they did have kind of a point to them, and her slightly puffy areolas and protruding nipples contributed to that.

I know what you're probably thinking by now. Were they growing because of the semen consumption or simply as a natural result of her age? As much as I loved supplying her with all the cum I possibly could, I did think about that and realized that I couldn't honestly say. It wasn't as if I knew if the cum loads had an effect or not. There was no way to actually know. So what should I have done? She'd have been heartbroken if I ended our routine, and as much as I realized it was kind of perverted to be feeding my little sister the output of my every orgasm, she seemed to enjoy it and I wouldn't have wanted to risk stunting her development if that really was the reason she was growing such gorgeous tits.

"Susie, would you mind if I lick your clit while you blow me today?"

"Of course not, Mark. You've been so kind to me, I couldn't possibly refuse any request you might have. Besides, I think I might like it."

"Okay, great. How about you take your panties off and climb right on top of me."

And with that, Susie pulled her panties off and we got into a 69 position.

You might assume that I'd seen her pussy before, but actually I hadn't. Up until that day, there was never a reason to, but now that it was just inches from my face, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful it was. I'd seen plenty of pussies in magazines and online, but none as nice as Susie's, and that's no lie. She had a sparse and soft looking bush with a curly wisp of hair directly above her clit, a few little beauty marks around her vulva, and such lovely pink lips. Just perfect. Like a flower. It was the prettiest thing I had ever seen, and to this day I can't imagine anything prettier in the whole world.

After a moment I realized that I'd been breathing in the scent of Susie's nether regions, and it was such a heavenly and arousing fragrance that I felt like my cock might have grown an inch or two. Even though I had orgasmed only a couple of hours earlier, I was so rock hard that I could barely stand it. And when I felt Susie's mouth slide onto it, my eyes rolled back in my head.

I reached up and held my hands on Susie's butt cheeks and gently coaxed her down to where I could get my lips and tongue on her pussy, and I have to say, it was the greatest moment of my life to that point. Her taste, combined with her scent, combined with my hands on her ass, combined with her loving mouth on my cock, was enough to cause a gusher of cum to instantly shoot down her throat. I don't think I had ever cum so fast, and all I could feel for a minute was the pulse throbbing in my head.

I held her there and licked her clit until she moaned around my cock and came hard.

Whew! That was some day, folks. Seriously, even all these years later, my dick gets hard at the memory of it, and I can still remember every detail including how her thighs muffled my ears to the point that I could hardly hear her moans.

I think I need to take a break from writing right now... Whew.


"That's good, Susie."

Susie had continued to develop physically and was almost ready to graduate to a C-cup by this point.

"Lick it when your titties get down to my balls."

She was naked, kneeling between my legs, her soft full breasts pressed around my spit-slickened cock, and was earnestly using them to stroke it. Now she began to lick the head when she got close enough to do so.

"Oh, that's nice," I added, which brought a pleasant smile to her face.

Susie continued like this for some time, sliding her magnificent mounds along the length of my shaft, and had begun to pop it into her mouth and tongue it for a second on each stroke. I let her keep doing that for as long as I was able, watching my pretty little sister so pleasingly tit-fuck my meat, but it was all I could take before I was ready to give her her evening cum dose.

"Okay, you can suck it now."

Susie immediately wrapped her mouth around my cock and slid it all the way down, still squeezing her moistened tits and now rubbing her nipples on my balls.

"Oh... Ohhh!" I exclaimed, holding her down with one hand, and shot a copious load of cum into the back of her throat.

After watching her swallow it down and taking a minute to recover, I decided to try something new.

"Get up on the bed, close your eyes, and spread your legs," I directed, and Susie immediately obeyed.

Wow, what a beautiful pussy. Really, my writing skills aren't worthy of doing it justice. Just so perfect...

I slid on my stomach between her legs and took another moment to gaze at her. Such a pretty thing...

Then I wrapped my arms under her thighs and rested my hands on her belly while I took her clit into my mouth and began to softly suck and lick it.

Susie let out a sexy sigh, causing my fully drained cock to stir. Damn, she was fine.

I kept working her clit and took some of her soft belly meat between the thumb and fingers of one of my hands while I gently grasped the tuft of hair above her clit with the other, pulling back her hood with it and randomly sliding my tongue all along her tasty slit, sometimes down to her little pink butthole. This elicited an immediate humping response, with Susie's hips lifting right off the bed whenever I did that.

She was breathing harder and I knew she was close, so I went back to her clit and stayed on it while holding her down with my arms. No longer teasing, I wanted to make Susie cum, and I knew just how hard to suck and how lightly to lick.

In a few seconds, I was rewarded with the sight and feel of a writhing, heaving, moaning girl whose contractions I could actually feel in my hands and on my chin.

By this point in our lives, I knew how Susie liked to cum and I slowed down at just the right time, still softly sucking but without licking her sensitive clit any further. Soon I could feel her whole body relax, and I slowly released my grip on her belly and pubic hair, sliding my lips off of her clit.

"You can open your eyes now," I whispered.

We gazed at each other for a few delicious seconds...

"Okay, get dressed and go finish the rest of your homework," I said with a happy smile, and of course she wasted no time complying.


I was going to write about the first time I held Susie by her earlobes or about the first time I spanked her, but I think I should wrap this story up now. The authorities are probably using artificial intelligence to sift through this website, and I may have already disclosed too much.

In summary, Susie and I kept up our routine for quite some time. I continued to feed her every drop of cum that I could produce, and we always found ways to make it more interesting. Her boobs ended up growing slightly larger, and we were both very pleased with them.

I suppose you're wondering if I ever fucked Susie, and I can certainly understand that. Let me just say that I never fucked a woman until I was married.

I should probably also mention that Susie is my wife.


2021-05-08 20:20:58
I remember reading the story you mentioned that this was based on. It had to have been back when the internet as we know it was new, lol. I think you did a better job than the story i remember.


2021-05-04 15:03:10
mm.. A beautiful story! Look at the photos and videos of sexy girls -


2021-05-02 20:54:00
Amazing story, loved the progression and ending.

Trib FanReport

2021-05-02 13:34:51
A hot read, but I found it rather predictable as the story progressed.
It was fun to read though.


2021-04-29 18:28:04
my big sister has smaller boobs than mine, she wanted hers to grow bigger, i conned her into thinking hers would grow if she sucked cock and swallowed a lot of cum, i then got my fiancee to agree to let my sister suck his cock every day and he readily agreed. so every night before he went home, my sister sucked his cock and swallowed his huge load and this went on even after i married him. by then my sister wanted to live with us also as a second wife and continue to suck his cock and swallow loads of his cum. how could we refuse her, i loved watching her suck his big eight inch cock.

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