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I am raped by my sister's dog.
My sister, Angie, rang me and said she and her husband were going away for the weekend and could I come and stay in the house while they were away. There had been break-ins in the neighbourhood and they were worried. Also they needed someone to look after their dog, Monty. I was still living at home so I said yes. It was a chance to at least be on my own, if only for a weekend. I packed a few things and arrived at the house Friday evening. They were ready to leave so a few last minute instructions and they departed.

I had bought some take-away and sat down to eat. Monty was outside in the backyard. He was a handsome dog. I wasn’t even sure what breed he was. I just knew he was large and appeared friendly. As I finished my dinner there was a huge clap of thunder and Monty started howling. Obviously he was frightened. I didn’t blame him as it made me jump. I opened the back door and let him inside. I also brought his bed in of the rear deck and set it up in the corner of the lounge. Then I went and had a shower. The water felt so nice and the house was quiet. Very different with my parents back home with the TV turned up loud. I guess the atmosphere got to me and after my shower I lay on the bed and fingered myself to a delicious orgasm.

I decided to go and get a drink of water before turning in. Not bothering to put anything on I wandered through the house naked. I walked into the lounge on the way to the kitchen and Monty, who had been lying quietly, suddenly jumped up. “Hello boy” I said “sorry to wake you” and I went into the kitchen. I had my drink and was walking back to the bedroom when Monty came running up jumped and making strange noises. I patted him and he reared up and put his front paws on my chest. I got quite a shock. I pushed him away and he tried it again. This time he was more vigorous.

“Down Monty, you crazy dog” I said and again pushed him down. He sat there with his head on the side staring at me. I went to move past him but he sort of snarled. “Monty, stop that” I said, a bit more forcibly. He didn’t move. I stepped around him and headed for the doorway. I heard him growl and he came up behind me and pushed me down. I landed on my hands and knees and the next second he was on top of me. “No” I screamed but he began thrusting at me. “My God” I thought “is he….”. I never got a chance to finish that thought. I felt his now expanding cock against my pussy and then inside me. I was being raped by my sister’s dog.

I tried to escape him but he had his front paws wrapped around my waist and he would not be denied. I screamed as I felt him growing inside me. I had been with men in the past but Monty put them all to shame. “Oh fuck” I yelled as I was filled with the biggest cock even. Then I felt something else. It stretched me and I felt pain. Then whatever it was slipped inside me and Monty stopped moving. I tried again to escape but couldn’t. He seemed stuck. I felt his cock twitching. I realised that he was cumming. Several times it happened and I could feel his hot cum welling up inside me. It was several minutes before he pulled away. I turned and looked. His cock was huge and there was this lump near the base. His knot, as I found out later.

I could feel his cum oozing out of my pussy. I hurried to the bedroom and cleaned myself up. I sat on the bed not believing what had happened. I had been raped by a dog. What made it worse was that I began to realise I had enjoyed it.

I climbed into bed and tried to sleep. The enormity of what had happened burned in my brain. What had I done to make it happen? Was it my fault? Then I wondered how he had known what to do. After all, I was not a dog. Was it normal for a dog to just fuck anything? So many questions. I did finally fall asleep. Saturday morning I wondered if it was the storm that set Monty off. I wandered out into the lounge and he looked up. I was still naked and he jumped up and wagged his tail. “Ok Monty, time for you to go outside” I said and led him out the back door. I decided I needed coffee and some breakfast. I sat there watching Monty sitting there looking at me. I started to have thoughts. Dark, very strange thoughts.

I had to get answers to my questions. I opened the back door and let Monty back inside. He was jumping up on me again. “You want to fuck me again?” I asked and patted him “come on then you randy dog. Take my again”. I got down on hands and knees and he didn’t hesitate. His cock again found my pussy and this liquid sprayed me and he slipped inside. “Oh yes” I moaned as I decided to enjoy it this time. Again he humped my frantically. I slipped one hand under me and began to run my clit. I often did this doing it doggy with guys. It worked even better with Monty and I came quickly. Then I again felt that lump as he tried to push it inside me. I squealed as he succeeded. “Oh Monty” I groaned as he again filled me with his juice.

Finished with me he again pulled away and began to lick my pussy which was leaking what he had deposited. It felt so weird but so nice. I rolled over in my back and rubbed myself again and Monty joined in. His tongue was so wide and was sort of rough. It sent tremors though my whole body. “Yes my darling boy” I moaned “don’t stop”. But he did. He went and lay in his bed and licked his cock clean. I watched spellbound. It was such a turn-on. I went and had a shower and walked back out into the lounge. I was so enjoying being naked. I could tell Monty was also enjoying it. He stood up again, wagging his tail. “Later boy” I said “later”.

I remained naked all day. I was driving Monty crazy. But I did let him have his way with me several times that day. Once more before we had our lunch and once more before dinner. I was so into it that between times I was masturbating. After dinner I again approached Monty. He seemed to have endless energy. I sat on the couch and encouraged him to get me off with his tongue. I tried to resist letting his fuck me but couldn’t. “Come Monty. Come and take me” I moaned and he did what came naturally. Afterwards I watched him licking himself. I had given oral sex to guys so why would a dog be any different. I crawled over to his, grabbed his cock and licked and sucked it. I don’t think it mattered much to him but I was loving the absolute kinkiness of it. I felt like such a slut.

I slept soundly that night even though my pussy felt a bit tender. Sunday morning I realised my “holiday” was coming to an end. I feed Monty and myself and gave myself to him once again, cleaning up his cock for him afterwards. I had a lovely hot shower and got dressed. Just before lunchtime Angie and Rob returned and brought lunch. “Hi Nell, everything go ok?” she asked. I assured her that all was well. No attempted break-ins and Monty was fine. She looked over at Monty. “I hope you were not naughty” she said. He rushed over and she patted him. I noticed she kept him apart from her. Then it struck me. My sister was the reason for his behaviour. My God she was using him and letting him fuck her. I didn’t say anything. But I did say that anything they wanted a break I was only too happy to help out. I hope it will be soon.


2021-05-05 12:02:39
Great story, my first cock was a dogs.


2021-05-04 14:50:22
mm.. great story! Look at the photos and videos of sexy girls -


2021-05-03 13:30:17
Hi Story Teller 101,

I see you recently updated your profile page so that your stories are now listed alphabetically which I find so much more useful.

I note that some of your stories I had started to read, and which you had been adding chapters to earlier in the year are no longer listed.

Will those missing stories return?

Keep up the good work.



2021-05-01 18:41:34
I'd love to let Monty have me like that. All weekend long!

Story Teller 101Report

2021-04-30 07:00:25
Wow, that would have been so hot. Have you also given yourself to the dog. I am sure, from what you said, that you also enjoy being a bitch. Good luck my dear.

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