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Trucker Peter helps Emma to go find a towing truck
Trucker Peter and Emma

It was another typical day at the Happyville high school. After a long day of classes, Emma and Emily had the cheerleading practice, and now they were heading home.

They hit the highway, and just before the exit to the rural roads to their farms, they heard a clunking noise from Emily's hand-me-down old Volvo sedan she got from her mom, and they pulled over.

With their nice cheerleader uniforms still on, they get out of the car. There was some smoke coming out of the trunk. Emily opened it and saw a rubber hose spraying hot water making vapors.

"Oh no," Emily said, "what are we going to do?" They checked their phones, and there was no signal.

A big red Peterbilt semi-truck saw them and stopped abruptly just after their car, shaking the trailer up and down with loud air brake puffs as the driver braked on and off not to jackknife the truck on the highway.

Emma and Emily saw the truck driver got off the truck. He had a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, leather vest, denim shirt, and pants.

The trucker stared at the two hot girls in thigh-high cheerleader skirts, one blonde, one redhead, waving at him for help. He always liked to help people in need, and he loved beautiful women.

The trucker walked to them, and when he got close, he realized the girls were possibly underage.

Trying to be polite and avoiding profanity, "well, well, what are those two beautiful young ladies doing here?" Peter asked.

"What a creep!" Emma thought, "young ladies, huh!" but they didn't have a choice.

"Our car is broken, and our cell phone doesn't work here," Emma said, "Can I have a ride in your truck to Greenville town center, so I find a towing truck and a repair place while my friend waits here?"

"Sure, missy," the truck driver replied, "my name is Peter. I am heading in that direction. It's your lucky day."

"You wait here. I will come back with the towing truck," said Emma to Emily.

"OK, hurry up," replied Emily.

Emma climbed into the semi from the passenger side and was surprised to see how big it was inside. There was a bedroom behind the driver seat, with a TV, fridge, and a bed.

"Nice cabin you got back there," said Emma, "it is not called a cabin. It is called a sleeper," Peter replied.

"Sorry," giggled Emma, "You got a nice sleeper back there."

"Yes, missy, I dooo, I doooo," Peter replied with pride of his truck complemented by a nice beautiful girl.

"Can I rest back there until we get to Greenville? I am too tired today," said Emma.

"Yes, missy, make yourself home. I will wake you up when you arrive in Greenville, 30 minutes from here, missy," replied Peter.

Emma went back to the sleeper and squealed, "oh my gosh, this bed is sooooo comfyyyy," bouncing on the bed up and down, causing her pleated thigh-high cheerleader skirt flap, making her pink polka dot panties visible.

Emma noticed Peter had a small mirror on his dash so Peter and his guests in the sleeper can see and talk to each other while Peter was driving. Peter was feasting his eyes looking at Emma's panties, partly stuck in her slit.

Emma enjoyed the attention she was getting from Peter and giggled.

"Oh yeah, I got that bed custom made! Comfy it is, Comfy it is!" Peter said with a smile, his eyes wavering between the road and Emma's perfect legs. Peter’s cock got hard like a steel rod, forcing his pants, trying to set itself free.

Emma was curious because she never saw a sleeper before, so she was all over the place. She opened a cabinet, and there was a duffel bag with a bunch of dildos, lube, a gag, some rope, and handcuffs in it.

"Wow, are you into BDSM," Emma asked, "No," the driver said uncomfortably, "a hitchhiker left that bag, and I saved it in that cabinet."

"Can I play with those while you drive?" Emma chimed.

"Yes, you can, missy," replied the driver, with his hard-on cock now pulsating with increased pressure, barely containing himself.

Emma pulled out a Hitachi vibrator from the bag and inspected it, and it looked brand new. The sleeper had an electrical outlet. Emma plugged the Hitachi and turned it on.

"My mom has the exact same model," Emma giggled, "but she doesn't let me borrow it. Can I have this if you are not using it?"

"All yours, missy," the driver smirked, "is that for a back massage?" as if Peter didn't know what it was used for, playing stupid.

"Nooo," said Emma, "this is to play with my pussy, can I use this to play with my pussy now, pleaseee, pleaseee," Emma said.

Peter got excited, turned his head back, looking into the sleeper area.

Peter saw Emma taking her panties and skirt off, getting ready to give her pussy and clit a nice Hitachi treatment.

Peter was frozen with awe. He was looking at Emma's beautiful shaven pussy with small pink lips, slightly wet and open from her arousal, rather than looking where the truck is going.

All of a sudden, Peter came back to reality. He noticed the truck was heading towards the cornfields instead of staying on the road.

Peter panicked, turned the steering wheel abruptly to correct the course, swerved on the road to the left, then to the right, and almost was going to jackknife the truck, but managed to stop. He was drenched in sweat.

"You distracted me, missy, baaad, baaad, baaad girl!" said Peter, "We were almost going into the cornfields."

"Soooviiii," said Emma, apologizing with a childish voice, as she was holding the buzzing mushroom head of Hitachi on her vagina entrance and clit, ready to squirt. "There is a rest area ahead. If you stop there, I can show you how I use this," Emma continued and unplugged the Hitachi.

Peter’s heartbeat was off the charts from the excitement, as if he was running a 100-meter sprint, "yes, missy," he said, "please wait until we get there. I want to focus on the road."

"OK," said Emma.

Peter drove five more minutes, then pulled into a truck rest area, parked at the last row, so people did not see them.

Peter moved from the driver seat to the single-seater inside the sleeper next to the bed.

Peter’s boner was pushing his pants so much that the front of his pants was looking like a tepee.

Emma looked at his bulging pants and giggled, "someone got excited here!"

"Yes, missy, you are such a fine young woman. You got me excited," Peter smiled while rubbing his cock over his pants.

He was trying to be polite because he was still unsure whether she was of legal age and whether he would get into trouble if something happens between them.

Peter's primal instincts were now in overdrive, and he was trying to control himself.

He was fantasizing about pinning Emma down on the bed and fuck her tight wet pussy ruthlessly like there is no tomorrow. He would push his cock forcefully, slapping his balls on her pussy, until Peter cums deep inside her, inseminating her fertile womb. Then he would own her, tie her down, fuck her again, and again, all day long. Maybe he would marry her if she got pregnant because she was so pretty.

Peter was on the brink of losing control, then Peter thought of consequences, his wife, his kids, his truck business, and calmed his emotions down.

Emma laid on the bed, spreading her pussy lips and lubed the big round head of the Hitachi vibrator, and shoved it in her pussy, burying its head halfway.

She moaned with pleasure while the circumference of the round head stretching her pussy lips.

The vibrator was off and unplugged. "Turn on my vibrator. Push this button, and plug it into the outlet," Emma said to Peter.

"Yes, missy, my pleasure," Peter said, his eyes sparkled with excitement, still not sure whether he can get into trouble. Peter did as Emma said.

When Peter turned the vibrator on, Emma felt the intense vibrations of the big bulbous Hitachi head shaking her clit, pussy, love canal, even womb, and radiate to her whole body.

"A-o—a-o-a-o-ahhhh" moaned Emma and started convulsing with her head pushed back and eyes moved up. Her whole body was shaking as if she was having a seizure or possessed by demons.

Peter panicked, "Is everything OK, missy?" Peter asked, getting his face closer to Emma's pussy, watching in amazement but not touching anything.

"Owww-wooow-woooow-ahhhhh," moaned Emma and started squirting her sweet g-spot juices on Peter’s face.

Peter’s face was completely drenched with Emma's pussy juice, and Peter was about to lose himself, thinking about nothing but cumming deep inside Emma's pussy.

"Can I ask you something, missy?" Peter said, "I got really turned on watching you, and since I gave you a ride, I think it is fair if you give me a blow job, if you are over 18, of course”.

"What!" yelled Emma, "do you think I am a slut or a prostitute! I am just a 16-year-old child!"

"No, no, missy, you misunderstood me," Peter apologized in a panic.

Emma enjoyed herself watching Peter's panicky face and body expressions and burst a laugher.

"Just kidding! I am over 18, and I can do anything I want. I never fucked a trucker before, so why not?" she responded, "plus, you seem to be a nice guy, even though your language is creepy."

Peter was relieved, "thanks, missy, I appreciate it," Peter said, relaxed, but being called creepy disturbed him. "What is wrong with my language, missy?" Peter asked.

"If you call a girl missy, and you are an old guy salivating looking at the girl's boobs or ass when you use those words, it feels creepy, that is all," giggled Emma. "But that is not important now," she added. Peter wasn't satisfied with the answer but didn't want to miss an opportunity to fuck a high school cheerleader.

"I will tell you what we will do, tell me what you think," Emma said to Peter, "if you like it, we will do it, if you don't like it, I will give you a kiss on the cheek to pay for the ride and leave."

"OK, tell me," said Peter.

Emma started explaining.

"Now imagine I put a dildo in your ass. You lay on your back. I sit on you, taking it all inside my love canal, your balls pressing against my pussy. I am squeezing and relaxing my vaginal muscles milking your cock as I move my body in circles and pushing my fingers in your mouth in and out," said Emma.

"I don't like the dildo part," Peter whined.

"All or none, you decide!" Emma said with laughter and a hint of anger and continued.

"Your adrenaline and pleasure levels go off the charts because you feel the texture of my hot wet tight pussy massaging your cock shaft and head. Your prostate is getting a massage from the vibrating dildo in your ass. You suck my fingers, imagining going back to your infancy sucking your mom's nipples. You smell the dizzying scent of me and feel the warmth of my soft skin as you watch my tits shake when my body moves."

As Emma was explaining, Peter took his pants off and was stroking himself.

Emma continued, "This is too much for you. You lost yourself. You unload a huge volume of cum deep inside me, almost blacking out. You never cummed this much before in your life, and this was the most intense orgasm you ever had."

Emma reached out to the sex toy bag. She pulled out a small 6" long vibrating butt plug, "if you agree to play in my trucker fantasy, this is the one that will go up into your ass," Emma said, half-serious, half-laughing.

"I am not gay, missy," Peter said.

"Having a butt plug in your ass doesn't make you gay. It is a fantasy. You are not getting fucked by a man," Emma replied.

Peter was confused. He was anti-gay all his life. Now he had a chance to fuck a hot high school cheerleader and try a butt plug discreetly to satisfy his hidden curiosities. Peter was never going to see her again anyway.

Peter had racing thoughts; "What if we get caught? What if she turns out to be underage? Would I want to fuck guys if I like the butt plug?"

Emma removed the Hitachi vibrator's head from her pussy, and started to put her clothes on. "OK, if you don't like to do it, fine!" she snarled.

"Wait!" Peter said, "I will do it but don't tell anyone, and I want to see your id."

"Who would I tell?" Emma laughed and showed Peter her driver's license showing her age. Peter was relieved.

"Undress and lay on the bed, and call me Mistress, don’t call me missy!" Emma commanded.

Peter obeyed and laid down the bed, naked.

"Now turn sideways and pull your legs up towards your tummy," Emma said. Peter turned sideways.

Emma reached out and grabbed Peter’s shaft with her left hand, pulling down and stroking, "feels nice," Peter commented. He couldn't believe a cheerleader was milking his cock with her soft, manicured hands.

Next, Emma grabbed the vibrating butt plug with her right hand, "You have a nice ass," Emma said and slowly worked in the conical tapered tip of lubed butt plug into his ass hole. "Ahhhh," Peter said, "it hurts!"

"No, it doesn't! You are making it up, and call me Mistress!" said Emma, spanking his ass.

Peter started to like the whole ordeal of being dominated by a cheerleader. "Yes, missy, mmmm, sorry, yes, Mistress!" Peter said.

"Good boy!" Emma said and continued inserting the butt plug deep up in his ass, bulge disappearing in Peter’s rectum, with end stop outside his butt hole. Emma turned the vibration on, setting it to maximum shake.

"Oh my god, fuck, fuck!" moaned Peter with a gaping mouth open with pleasure. He was feeling the vibrations on his prostate, penis shaft, and all his pleasure nerves going through his cock head to his rod, to his prostate was getting stimulated like Peter never had.

"Turn on your back" Emma pushed Peter on his back.

Peter's cock was hard. Emma grabbed and squeezed his shaft from the base and put the rest of his cock in her mouth, wrapping his rod with her soft, warm, wet lips, rolling her tongue around his cock head, locking her eyes in his eyes.

Knowing Emma is over 18, now the trucker felt like he can talk dirty.

"Suck my cock, bitch!" he shouted.

"Heyyy, heyy, mind your manners, cocksucker!" Emma shouted at Peter, at the same intensity, taking his cock out of his mouth.

"As a penalty, I will fuck you and not suck you!" she giggled and mounted him, trapping his cock between her pussy lips and his belly.

Emma started moving her hips, moving back and forth, massaging Peter's cock with her pussy lips, sliding up all the way from his balls to the tip of his cock, and back.

"Ahhhh," Peter moaned, as Peter was feeling the wet warm lips of Emma's pussy engulfing his cock, Emma's baby soft, warm legs straddling his abdomen and hips, and a butt plug vibrating in his ass, multiplying the pleasure Peter is feeling hundred times!

Emma raised her hips, grabbed Peter's cock glistening with her pussy juices. The evening sun was coming through the windshield into the sleeper, making Peter's cock look like a golden scepter.

Emma lowered herself on Peter’s iron rod in one long push with a moan until she felt his balls pressing against her pussy, and her bubble butt was resting on his lap.

"Damn," Peter moaned, feeling the nice texture of Emma's wet and hot vagina, warming up his shaft, ending his cock's lonely feeling, happy to find a new warm home. "You feel so good," Peter said.

Emma felt Peter’s eight-inch cock head was pressing against her hard cervix, elongating and stretching her four-inch long tight, wet, warm teenager vagina.

Emma started running her hips in circles, still pressing her body against Peter's crotch, just the same way she was doing when she played with hula hoops found in the garage when she was little.

Peter was shocked; Emma's pussy was feeling so good, wrapping his cock tightly, lovingly, keeping it lubricated, warm, massaging.

Peter remembered her wife's pussy when she was eighteen. She was tight but loosened after giving birth to two boys.

He fucked some hitchhikers and rest area prostitutes the truckers call lot lizards, but this was different.

"Maybe I am just too horny, and I didn't fuck a woman for a week. That's why it feels so good," Peter thought to himself, playing all the other fucks Peter had in his mind. Peter couldn't think of any better pussy he fucked in the past, "this is definitely the best pussy I ever had," Peter told himself, "I scored big on this one. Good thing I stopped to help them!".

Peter returned to reality from his thoughts and grunted with pleasure. He felt Emma's pussy juices leaking down, lubricating his crotch.

Emma's soft, warm legs and wet pussy lips gliding over his skin, and the base of his cock is pushed and pulled around in circles by the masterful movements of Emma's hips, forcing him to the edge.

Emma pushed her two fingers into his mouth and said, "suck it" Peter started sucking her fingers, "good boy!" Emma said as she moved her fingers deeper towards his throat and rolling around his tongue.

Emma put her left hand on Peter’s shoulder to get leverage, started pushing and pulling her right-hand fingers in and out of Peter’s mouth, finger fucking his mouth, as she started bouncing on Peter's cock buried deep in her pussy.

The buttplug was vibrating at full power in Peter’s rectum, shaking his cock, balls, prostate, and all his internal organs. Emma felt the butt plug's vibrations traveling from through Peter’s shaft into her vagina and clit, which was giving her extra stimulation. It was like having a vibrator inside her, made of human flesh, "best of both worlds!" she thought to herself as she got lost in pleasure.

"Ahhhh, I am coming, I am coming," moaned Peter, sucking Emma's fingers harder, grabbing Emma's soft narrow waist and pushing her towards his cock, and making up and down movements with his hips.

Emma moved her hand from his shoulder to his nipple, squeezing his nipples to give him just enough pain. "Not so fast, cowboy!" she said.

Emma continued bouncing, building up the pleasure, but blocking Peter's release by nipple pain when he was about to come.

All of a sudden, Peter felt a blackout, just like Emma described. He closed his eyes, focusing only on the pleasures and sensations flowing from his mouth sucking Emma's fingers, nipples in pain, prostate shaking violently by the vibrator, shaft massaged end to end in Emma's warm tight wet pussy, and his cock head rubbing against Emma's cervix.

Peter’s whole body stiffened and seized with just the hips moving up and down. He grunted with pleasure, his hands clenched on Emma's hips, toes curled, flooding Emma's pussy with an avalanche of hot sweet cum, over and over and over again.

Peter's cock continued throbbing for about two minutes non-stop, most Peter had in his life, until his balls and prostate is empty and dry.

Emma felt Peter’s hot cum flooding and covering her cervix.

She was ovulating. In the middle of two periods, which meant the maximum possibility of getting pregnant, all her female hormones went on overdrive, making her want a baby.

Her cervix dilated, opening the doors welcoming this fertile baby-making cum deep into her womb to meet Emma's egg.

Emma's vagina spasmed involuntarily to milk and move any remaining cum into her womb, as she pressed her legs together, trapping Peter’s abdomen under her, squeezing his nipple harder, and shoving her fingers deeper in his mouth, "ahhhhh" Emma moaned, "ahhhhh," as she got dizzy from all the body sensations, deep orgasm grunts of Peter, and his manly smell.

"Aahhh," she moaned again, her toes curling, her body shaking from the intensity of her orgasm, "aahhhh."

Both Peter and Emma felt like they were one body, connected by lovemaking.

Emma's primal self felt a deep pleasure and satisfaction from her successful mating. Still, her logical self knew pregnancy was not possible because she was on pills.

Still, her primal body didn't know about the pills. It rewarded her with a massive shot of endorphins, a warm feeling engulfing her completely, making her forgot all her worries.

Emma relaxed her legs and pulled Peter's cock out. His white sweet, warm cum was oozing out of her pussy, running down on her legs, "You had a lot of cum, just like I said," Emma giggled and laid next to him.

Emma locked her big blue eyes into his relaxed brown eyes, which now had the confidence of a man who successfully inseminated a fertile young woman.

Emma commanded, "Eat my pussy, lick it clean."

"Yes, Mistress," said Peter, smiled, take a position between her legs,

and buried his head into Emma's pussy, licking her pussy lips, clit, legs, vagina, thoroughly cleaning her pussy from her own juices and his cum.

"You forgot this spot," Emma said, showing the cum on her legs.

"Yes, Mistress," Peter said, licking cum on her legs. "Can I lick the rest of your legs and feet? You taste wonderful."

"Why not? Hurry up, though. I have to find a towing truck. Emily is waiting!" Emma said.

Peter savored Emma's warm baby soft skin legs for another 10 minutes, kissing, licking, caressing, sucking her toes, worshiping her feet.

"That's enough!" Emma said, pushing his head while Peter was sucking her big toe. She got off the bed and started dressing up.

She grabbed her bag. As she was getting off the truck, she saw three dashcams inside recording everything both in front and the sleeper. "Oh shit," she said to herself. "I hope Peter doesn't publish us on the porn sites or share our videos with his friends."

"Am I going to see you again?" Peter smiled, Emma smiled back, blowing a kiss, and started walking towards the towing truck she just saw, as she was feeling Peter's hot cum still dripping from her pussy into her panties.

Peter watched Emma walk away, mesmerized by her beauty. Emma got into the towing truck a couple of minutes later, and they drove in the direction of Emily's car.

Peter started driving towards his destination, not paying attention to the CB radio where other trackers were warning about a bear trap ahead.

Peter was replaying the experience they just had together in his mind, visualizing Emma's big blue eyes looking into his eyes, her pretty oval face with her tiny baby nose and soft, luscious lips, her silky hair that smells otherworldly, her long, well-defined neck, her soft, gentle shoulders.

Peter then remembered the warmth of her body, the smell of her skin, her taste, her sultry but still innocent voice, her giggles, her faking angry then laughing, and playing with him.

Suddenly, Peter felt a pain in his heart, which grew as the miles between him and Emma grew. "I think I am in love," Peter thought.

Just at that moment, Peter saw a highway patrol with flashing lights behind him. He realized his speedometer was showing 90 miles per hour. "Shit! Shit! Shit! Fucking bear!" he said and pulled over, with the cop still on his tail.

Emma was in the towing truck, getting close to Emily's car. Towing truck driver asked Emma, "You stayed in that semi for half an hour. Is everything OK?", "Yeah, I am fine," replied Emma, with a smile.

"Yeah?" the driver grinned, "was it good?" as he was rubbing his cock. "What was good?" Emma asked. "The whole rest area heard you. The truck driver seemed to forget his CB mic locked in the on position, broadcasting you." replied the towing truck driver with a meaningful smirk.

Emma was embarrassed, "don't tell anyone," she said. "Well, since he gave you a free ride, and you paid him back, can I get you free towing, and you pay me back too?" grinned the towing driver.

In the meantime, a female cop got out of the patrol car, put on her sunglasses, and slowly walked towards Peter, who was in the truck, waiting for her, with his windows rolled down.

"Is everything OK, officer?" Peter asked.

"Logbook, please!" the cop demanded and paused with a mischievous smile. "Where is that buzzing sound coming?".

Peter had an adrenaline rush and embarrassment. The buttplug was still in him, it was on, and he didn't turn it off. "I don't know. I will check later," Peter replied, trying to avoid getting caught.

The female cop pulled her gun and pointed at Peter, "Now I'm going to have to search and frisk you! Get out of your vehicle, turn around and put your hands up against the truck, and spread your legs!"

"OK, officer," Peter said. As he slowly got out of his truck, he noticed a handheld CB radio in the cop's belt.

-- to be continued


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