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Uncle Mike and his son have been tasked with entertaining his three nieces while their parents are on a trip. He begins with a basketball game called "horse" which soon changes to "strip" with all of the trimmings.
Making Preparations- Scene 1

Spring was quickly becoming summer and the Memorial Day weekend had finally arrived. Uncle Mike and his son Brad looked forward to this long weekend, because it was going to be their responsibility to watch over their nieces. Uncle Mike's sister finally believed her children were old enough to stay by themselves with their uncle as she and her husband were taking a long awaited mini-trip to Las Vegas. Goodbyes were said and the couple sped off to the airport.

Uncle Mike lived on a large piece of property that had a lake out in front, across the road, a trout pond in the back fed by an artesian well and a river that surrounded the property on two sides. Brad had taken an interest in basketball, so his dad had poured a 20' x 20' slab of concrete and created a miniature basketball court in a secluded area up from the pond.

One of their favorite basketball games was h-o-r-s-e, which has been around for a very long time. Basically one person sinks a shot and then the next person must match it exactly or gain a letter. If there are more people playing, the same shot must be matched until someone misses and then the next person can shoot some different way.

Uncle Mike had fond memories about his nieces, now in high school, since they were really the only family he had except for their parents. He had divorced early and had raised his son on his own. He had bought the wooded property ten years earlier as part of a divorce settlement.

After their parents left, the three girls sat in the living room somewhat lost for words. Secretly each of them had a crush on Brad who had begun to develop physically since Christmas. His chest and biceps had begun to bulge and as he talked, the girls fantasized about him as a prospective boyfriend, even though they knew he was just their cousin.

As Uncle Mike discussed some possible activities, it was Brad's turn to examine the girls. Jessie and Julie were identical twins who were dressed in matching pink shorts, flowered unbuttoned over blouses that hung outside their shorts and spaghetti strap white camisoles underneath.

Brad hadn't remembered them with tits . . . but he was soon surprised to sneak peaks at apple sized titties that appeared to be unrestrained and poking outwards under their blouses. Without getting caught staring, he kept trying to watch their titties when they moved slightly. But the biggest surprise of all was Jenny who was a senior and had curves in all the right places. Her titties while still small . . . almost like ripe oranges, but her ass had begun to push backwards and looked great in her light blue shorts.

She was wearing a white ribbed tank top with a teen formed crop top with tiny straps underneath acting like a mini-bra. All three girls had long naturally blonde hair that was down to their shoulders and almost matching seductive blue eyes. What Brad didn't know was that his dad noticed all of these features and was sporting a huge woody to boot! He pointed outside at the basketball court and while the others were watching, adjusted his stiff boner so that it wouldn't protrude so lewdly. The girls suddenly lit up with excitement.

"Can we play basketball Uncle Mike?" asked Jessie enthusiastically. Uncle Mike loved the thought of their outfits becoming damp with sweat and showcasing their hidden treasures underneath.

"Sure. Brad's been practicing this spring in hopes of making the basketball team next fall."

"So have we!" chimed in Julie. "And Jenny is already on a team at the racquet ball club by our house".

"Don't overdo it, you two. I'm not that good," said Jenny, suddenly embarrassed.

"Fine, I have a couple of balls . . . we could use," said Uncle Mike, deliberately pausing to see if anyone reacted to his words. If he could read their minds, only Julie picked up on his double meaning . . . suddenly interested in boys and how they are physically different than she was. She smiled at Uncle Mike and silently they knew they had a secret.

"Let's go," said Brad as he began walking through the house to the door to the garage. Jenny and Jessie followed him immediately but Julie deliberately stayed close to her uncle. As the others entered the garage, he placed his arm around her and then let it drop down to her tight little ass.

"Were going to have a lot of fun this weekend, aren't we?" asked Uncle Mike probingly, as he quickly cupped her teen ass cheek and squeezed it suggestively . . . allowing a few fingers to move into her crack and almost underneath . . . just missing her young twat.

"Uh huh . . . and I can't wait to see these balls," she said looking at his crotch and the protruding organ that was poking out the front of his shorts. Her statement stunned him as he opened the door and walked towards the others. This hot nymph was far more aware then he remembered, which opened up numerous titillating thoughts in his warped mind.

"You may get your chance real soon," he teased as he caught a quick glimpse of the girl's titties as she turned sideways. Her budding nipples were actually behaving similar to his long cock who he wished was rubbing up against her pink nips right now. They both realized things were moving too fast and separated as everyone ended up on the court.

"Let's play horse" suggested Brad, hoping the girls knew how to play.

"Jenny always wins at that game," said Jessie as she began to dribble the ball, surprisingly well.

"Well, we'll just have to

see about that. Let's go in reverse order age wise when it comes to shooting. Which of you two girls were born last?" asked Uncle Mike.

"Me!" said Julie winking at Uncle Mike. "Here you go Jessie . . . make one like this," she said as she stood about five feet away from the basket, turned around so that her back was facing it, bent backwards . . . waited a few minutes and then threw up the ball. Miraculously it banked off the backboard and went right in. Everyone applauded, but it was Uncle Mike who was truly amazed.

He had been standing by her and as she tilted her body backwards, he was able to briefly look down her camisole top with the spaghetti straps and almost catch a full view of two mouthwatering titties. He realized at that moment he had to have those stiff buds inside his mouth . . . before the weekend was over. Jenny tried to match her twin sister's shot, but the ball flew over the top of the backboard and down towards the pond. Uncle Mike began to run down towards the ball, but Jenny followed close by . . . leaving the others up at the court. The ball kept rolling down the somewhat steep incline almost going into the water.

"I like your outfit Jenny. You have begun to blossom underneath, haven’t you?" he teased as he reached down for the ball.

"I guess so . . ." she said quickly looking down at her firm apple-shaped breasts. It was her turn to have her nipples give her thoughts away . . . as she looked over at her uncle's strong body. He was "checking her out" and it was strangely exciting. Some of the boys at school did the same thing, which sometimes bothered her, but an adult man was looking at her body and this created a naughty twitch between her legs, which she wanted to rub, but knew she shouldn't. . . or should she?

"Do you think your sisters are too young . . . to play a more adult game than "horse"? he asked as they walked up the hill towards the trio waiting. "Or maybe you're too young as well," he teased.

"I'll play whatever you want . . . you dirty old man!" she teased back. As they joined the others, they noticed the twins flirting with Brad. It was Jenny who quickly noticed the boy's cock . . . as it was poking out his thin nylon Nike shorts, which was adding to her excitement. She knew what that meant . . . and had even snuck her hand up a boy's leg recently at a party on a dare and touched his firm shaft underneath. She wondered whether that opportunity would lend itself this afternoon.

Several games of "horse" took place over the next hour or so and since it was almost 85 degrees, everyone was getting rather sweaty. What Brad liked was that the twin's inner white tops were getting damp and the shapes of their bare titties underneath were protruding outwards . . . leaving nothing to the imagination. As they finished the game, everyone was laughing and recapping various shots when Uncle Mike made a suggestion.

"Anyone interested in a different version of this game?" he asked innocently.

"Like what?" asked Julie suspiciously.

"Well . . . if we play this new version . . . you girls will have to promise not to say anything to your parents . . . or I might get in trouble."

"We won't tell," said Jessie. "What are the rules?"

"Well, I played it a long time ago in my neighborhood with a couple of girls when I was your age . . . but I can't have anyone chickening out or squealing to anyone ever. It will be our secret." He knew with this buildup he had captured everyone interest.

"Tell us!" said Julie eagerly, walking over to Uncle Mike.

"Alright . . . same rules . . .except if you miss, you not only get a letter, but you must take off a piece of clothing . . . and instead of “horse” we will spell out the word S-T-R-I-P!" There was suddenly silence as Uncle Mike examined their faces.

"That's alright . . . I guess it wasn't such a good idea after all," he said.

"I would LOVE to play . . . Uncle Mike, but let me suggest one more rule . . . if I make a shot, and you miss . . . I get to decide what you take off!" she offered mischievously. That seemed to ignite the group as everyone began to whoop and holler.

"Alright . . . let's see who goes first . . . or should we just keep the same order?" he asked as the others had circled around him somewhat anxious to start.

"Let me go get a deck of cards and we will go in the order that is dealt," said Brad as he ran into the garage, with a big boner poking out the front of his thin shorts into a cabinet with games and came back with the deck.

"Great idea Brad. Go ahead and deal them out on the court face down. If there is a tie, those people get another card. Ace is high by the way," he said as he sat down in the shade. The others followed and Brad began dealing. Uncle Mike loved watching the expression on the girls' faces . . . knowing they were somewhat anticipating being embarrassed if they had to strip naked in front of the guys. Brad dealt a final card in front of him and looked up as he placed the other cards aside.

"Jenny you are first . . . go ahead and show us your card," said Uncle Mike. Her face turned scarlet as she turned over the card showing a 3.

"Looks like you might be starting out our little orgy," teased Brad. "Jessie . . . you're next." Her twin turned over a jack. Julie flipped over a 7 and Uncle Mike flipped over a 9 almost at the same time. Brad was last and he turned over the ace of spades. Everyone cracked up. So . . . Jenny started, followed by Julie, Uncle Mike, Jessie and finally Brad.

"Let's take a quick potty break," said Uncle Mike, "and no fair adding or subtracting any clothes either," he warned.

Girls Enjoy Seeing Cocks- Scene 2

After almost 20 minutes, Uncle Mike got annoyed and yelled out, "Come on girls. I hope you aren't chickening out!" Brad and his dad were soon truly surprised as the girls opened the door from the bathroom and walked towards them. Jenny had put her hair back in a ponytail, actually making her look younger.

She had also put on make-up on her face and eyes, making her look very hot to trot. Not to be outdone, the twins had braided their hair into pigtails and they too had on makeup . . . featuring slippery pink shiny lipstick that made both Brad and his dad's cocks begin to rise. This game was soon to be a very memorable one.

"How do we look?" asked Julie as she let her little pink tongue roll back and forth across her lower lip.

"Good enough to EAT," said Uncle Mike making no attempt to cover his growing erection. "Go ahead Jenny . . . let's start off." Jenny grabbed the ball and dribbled in and made a routine lay-up. She tossed the ball to Julie and joined the group.

"That's too simple," said Julie as she raced off and duplicated the previous shot.

"Guess I'm next," said Uncle Mike as he carefully dribbled towards the basket and took his shot. The ball circled the rim and somehow rolled outside the cylinder and on to the court. He wasn't trying to miss . . . but was very anxious to see what she wanted him to take off. " Hmmm that means I have an "S" . . . and let's see . . . Jenny what do I take off . . . for you?" he asked going to the group.

"How about your jockstrap?" teased Julie.

"I'm not wearing one," said Uncle Mike retorting back and then laughing.

"Hey guys, it’s my decision . . . let's see . . . I'll let you off easy . . . Uncle Mike. Take off your shirt." Mike reached down, placed his fingers under the bottom of his muscle shirt and pulled it over his head, making his chest suddenly bare. The girls looked at the man's chest and shivered at how good he looked. He had a thick bush of chest hair which made him appear even more masculine. "Alright . . . let's keep going. Jessie you are next."

Jessie stopped examining her uncle's chest and moved closer and placing both hands on the ball directed a jump shot right into the basket. This stunned Brad as he moved to exactly where she shot it and let a similar shot go. It hit the back of the rim and bounced in the air.

"Looks like the girls are out for blood, Brad. Ok Jessie, what should Brad take off?"

"I want to see him without any shorts on!" Everyone hooted and hollered except Brad.

"Are you sure?" he asked looking at the blonde twin with the twinkle in her eyes.

"Yup . . . pull those Nike's off Mr. Stiff Man." Brad knew he had no choice but was somewhat embarrassed at what he had on underneath. As he slipped down the shorts, a very thin pair of white boxers appeared. He stepped out of the shorts and threw them aside. Eight eyes traveled to the boy's crotch and because he had been aroused earlier, streaks of precum made his throbbing cock almost visible through the fabric. He slowly lost his erection, due to being embarrassed, but the girls could still see the shape and protrusion of his cock.

Jenny was next and tried one of those over her head shots and miraculously it went right in, never touching the rim. Julie tried to duplicate her shot, but missed badly.

"Hmmm my turn to get back at you . . . get rid of your blouse sis!" said Jenny.

"My pleasure," said Julie as she shed her over blouse. What appeared quickly . . . caught everyone's attention. The girl's young chest was almost visible as the white camisole top, with the spaghetti straps did little to camouflage her bare titties underneath, especially since she was all sweaty. Julie was actually excited about showing off her recent tittie development, even though she knew her older sister had bigger boobs.

Uncle Mike's cock was now at full size as he moved to the foul shot line and made a free throw. The girls giggled as they watched his huge cock swing back and forth inside his shorts. He handed the ball to Jessie who lined up to shoot a similar shot but she wasn't quite strong enough to make it that distance. Her body tingled as she rescued the ball and gave it to Brad.

"Be nice Uncle Mike . . .what should I take off?" she asked as she looked downward at his bulging boner . . . in the front of his shorts.

"Alright . . . take off your pink shorts young lady . . . this minute!" he said deciding to get things moving more quickly.

"Really?" she asked turning crimson.

"Uh huh . . . and quit looking at this gadget . . . in my shorts!" he teased rubbing his cock as the rest hollered. She looked up at him, found the zipper on her shorts and pulled it down. Underneath was a thin pair of silk-like panties that were surprisingly tight. Again all eyes were trained on the intersection between her legs and it was noted that this area had become rather damp.

The material had pulled upwards and the girl's pussy lips were outlined. Her flowered top somewhat gave her protection from everyone's glances as she tossed the ball to Brad, but she still looked sexy as hell jumping around in her panties. Brad was interested in seeing more of the curves of Jenny's body, so he expertly rolled a hook shot from his left hand and gave it to the stunned girl.

She smiled, knowing she would miss but wondering what he would make her take off. She attempted the shot but the ball went down the hill and she chased after it. She came back up the incline and walked right up to Brad.

"And what do you . . . want me to take off?" she teased looking at the handsome boy.

"Your panties!" he said.

"No way!" she said. "My shorts aren't even off yet. Is that fair Uncle Mike?" she asked with some concern in her voice.

"I guess so . . . I mean we didn't say that couldn't happen. Give the boy your panties and pull back on your shorts," he said with a tone almost like an order. The twins were eager to see their sister's twat as they looked on, almost as closely as the guys. Jenny looked around . . . unsnapped her shorts and let them fall down her hips. What came into view shocked everyone.

An almost see-through white laced thong appeared under the shorts. The twins gasped . . . wondering where she had gotten the garment, knowing her parents would not have approved. Uncle Mike and Brad stared in excitement as the girl quickly shed her thong, found her shorts and pulled them back up covering her bare pussy. Brad was fortunate to see a tiny tuff of blonde hair above her pink hole, causing his erection to grow even more.

This was like a long awaited appetizer for both guys. Flustered but feeling much more comfortable, Jenny handed the ball over to Julie. All was silent as Julie pumped in a short jump shot and gave the ball to Uncle Mike. He was tempted to miss on purpose, but shot the ball carefully but it bounced off to the side. He retrieved the ball and looked at Jenny who had a huge grin on her face.

"Well?" he asked.

"I want you to take off your underpants Mr." she said, knowing his huge cock would soon be on display for everyone to see. Secretly Brad was even anxious to see his dad's cock. Uncle Mike took two steps backwards away from the group and slipped off his shorts. Underneath was a black satin pair of boxers, which were stretched to the gills by the huge organ underneath. He secretly was an exhibitionist at heart and loved the thought of exposing himself to the young kids.

Very deliberately he slipped his hands into the elastic at the top and very slowly pulled his boxers down. About halfway, his big stalk got tangled into the fabric and he carefully moved it out of the way and let the garment drop to his feet. Instantly his 8" cock sprang upwards and then moved back and forth to the sides now free to the warm air and his horny audience. The twins gasped almost simultaneously staring at his long cock.

He smiled as he watched the slight terror in their eyes and then looked at Jenny who was equally mesmerized by the long stallion.

"Here you go Jenny. Enjoy them," he said as he tossed the boxers to the girl. She grinned as she caught them and inspected the area where his juices had dampened the boxers . . . igniting lewd thoughts inside her body. Uncle Mike made no attempt at putting on his shorts and just allowed everyone to admire his almost shiny dark purple cock.

A lewd thought entered his mind as he grasped the base of his cock and began to slowly work his organ up and down, continuing the exhibition in front of everyone. Even Brad was aroused as he watched his dad circle his fingers around the shaft of his cock and move it up and down.

"Girls . . . this is what boys like you to do to them . . . am I right Brad?" The question caught him off guard as he suddenly gulped "We sure do!" The three girls had circled around the masturbating uncle wondering how long he would continue his actions. Jenny marveled at the size and thickness and wondered how girls would get a cock that size in their mouth as her friends had bragged about giving their boyfriends blowjobs.

She got hotter and hotter as she watched her uncle deliberately manipulate his cock a foot away from her. He even moved towards her slightly . . . offering his stiff organ for her inspection. Meanwhile, Jessie was wondering how that bulging cock would fit up in her pussy . . . or any girl's pussy for that matter.

Suddenly he let go, bent down and pulled his shorts back up towards his waist.

"Let's keep going . . . Jessie you are up!" said Uncle Mike, pretending nothing had just happened. Jessie shook off the image of the huge cock and went to the side of the basket and pushed up a shot which swished. Her eyes gleamed as she gave the ball to Brad.

"I don't believe how good you guys are," he said. He followed her steps over to the side, aimed and shot. It went too far past the rim and bounced on the other side.

"YES!" said Jessie. "I want you to take off your underpants and show us your thingie too!" she said.

"Call it by the right name Jessie. It's called a cock. Go ahead . . . tell him what you want to see", said Uncle Mike urging the girl to talk naughty, which he loved. Looking at her closely, he realized her pigtails made her seem even younger as she walked over to Brad and said . . .

"Alright . . . Brad, take off your shorts and show us your big long cock!" The girls all cracked up but eagerly waited. Brad somehow knew it was coming and much like his father, he secretly suddenly liked showing these girls his long rod and was not embarrassed at all.

"Tell you what Jessie . . . since you want to see my cock . . . pull off my shorts for me, right now!" This caught Jessie by surprise, but determined not to show any hesitation, she knelt in front of the boy, placed her fingers inside his shorts and yanked them down to his knees and then to his ankles. She was so close that when she brought her head up, it touched the underside of his bouncing cock and rubbed against her forehead.

"Gross!" she said moving backwards, but watching the dangling cock that would now be free to look at by everyone.

"Wait a minute . . . before we continue . . . I want to see if Jessie learned anything from my little peep show. Move back down in front of Brad on your knees Jessie and take off your blouse." She followed his instructions, shedding the blouse and kneeling in front of the boy with only her panties and her tight white revealing camisole on.

"Perfect! Now we are going to stop for a second to learn some things. First of all . . . I am going to ask Brad two things . . . with Jessie on her knees in front of you . . . what would you like her to do to you . . . to get you excited?"

"TO Me . . . or FOR Me?" asked the boy as he looked down at the blonde haired pixie with her pigtails showing.

"Great question . . . BOTH."

"This is kinda weird . . . but I like looking at girl's titties and right now I would love to see her tits . . . I mean without her top on . . . AND I would love to have HER do to ME what you were doing to yourself a few seconds ago."

Jessie heard the words and suddenly she realized it was her turn to become an exhibitionist as well. She knew how excited Uncle Mike made her just a few minutes ago when he was playing with his cock and realized she could do the same thing to everyone else . . . if she followed Brad's wishes.

"Jessie . . .would you be willing to do that for Brad?" She thought for a moment as the others gathered around.

"Uh huh . . . but you guys will need to do favors for me too, BEFORE I begin!" Everyone looked at each other somewhat puzzled.

"Alright . . . that seems fair. What would you like to SEE us do?"

"I want you guys to stand around me . . .and . . . take off ALL your clothes AND rub your bodies or someone else's bodies while I do Brad . . . but I get to keep on my panties . . . so that means I win!" There was suddenly silence . . . which was followed by big smiles from the two guys. Without any further encouragement, the three girls watched Brad take off his remaining clothes and return to his position standing over the blonde little nymphet on her knees in front of him.

She looked up and closely inspected the big cock that was still dangling almost directly across from her lips. She had heard about cock sucking and momentarily opened her lips into a tiny "O" and fantasized about moving forward and sticking this boy's cock into her watering mouth. Her thoughts were interrupted as Uncle Mike pulled off his shorts again and slipped off his shoes. Suddenly three young girls were looking at two long cocks which made nipples begin to poke out the fronts of their tops.

"Come on Jenny AND Julie, strip naked for us so that your sister can show us how to jack off your cousin. And don't forget Jessie, we need to see your bare titties before we begin!" All three girls blushed . . . realizing for the first time in their lives they would be naked in front of guys. But slowly they began . . . as shorts were dropped and Julie's panties fell to the ground.

Julie was on fire inside and she immediately lifted her white top over her head, pulled back her shoulders and let everyone look at her young breasts. Her titties were like half-apples but it was her light pink nipples that poked outwards from her chest almost like small hard candies that drew everyone's attention.

"Very nice," said Uncle Mike standing next to her, as he reached across and placed his fingers over her right tittie. The others were somewhat shocked as he allowed the stiff bud to poke through his opening fingers for a few moments and then he closed them gently pinching her nipple in between. Julie looked down at the man's hand, closed her eyes and just whispered . . . "Wow . . . that feels so hot!" Uncle Mike couldn't have planned it better if he tried.

"Let me keep touching these titties, Julie while the others get naked. But I want you to rub your little pussy for us at the same time, understand?" The girl nodded her head and the others watched her small hand drop down past her waist towards her dripping pussy.

"Spread open your legs Julie so that you can finger that pussy really well so that we can all see!" Julie followed his instructions as her right leg moved to the side opening up full view of her hairless twitching twat. Soon her fingers were moving back and forth, like she did late at night under the covers.

Almost like they were hypnotized . . . both Jenny and a very horny kneeling Jessie reached under their tops and pulled them over their heads. Jessie's exposed chest was identical to her sisters and soon she was cupping and feeling her stiff nipples and titties just like Uncle Mike was doing to her twin sister. Brad's attention was turned towards Jenny who had stepped out of the rest of her clothes and was now totally nude as well. Her breasts were literally perfect . . . at least in his mind. They were firm and apple-shaped with somewhat larger nipples in length, not unlike jellybeans.

"Your tits are awesome!" said Brad as he continued to stare at her entire nude body in front of him.

"They sure are," said Uncle Mike, “just right for SUCKING!" And with that, he kept his one hand on Julie's titties, pinching and twisting both nipples but leaned over and quickly engulfed Jenny's breast in his mouth.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes," was all that left the teenagers mouth . . . as she felt her uncle suck her nipple inside his mouth and then immediately lash it back and forth inside by an out of control tongue. It was Jenny's turn to thrust her fingers in between her legs and begin to bring herself off as Uncle Mike wildly manipulated her titties with his eager mouth.

"Bring me off!" shouted Brad looking down at his cousin at his feet, now topless and pulling on her developing titties. The timing must have been perfect, because Jessie reached out and grasped the boy's cock in her hand, and began to gently squeeze on it and move it up and down just like Uncle Mike had done earlier. This continued for a few minutes . . . but her earlier fantasy took over her thoughts and to Brad's surprise, he looked down and watched Jessie lean across and stick the first few inches of his stiff cock into her warm mouth.

Instinctively she curled her inside cheeks over her teeth and began to bob her head up and down as her fingers kept jacking off his throbbing cock. Uncle Mike opened his eyes, still keeping Jenny's tittie in his mouth as he watched Jessie begin to suck his son's cock. He glanced over at Julie who had begun to shake with orgasm as her little fingers thrust deep inside her pussy.

Jenny was also watching the actions on either side of her and decided she would reward Uncle Mike for what he had started. She placed her hand on his cheek and gently moved his mouth and lips off her breast.

"It's my turn to make you happy now," said Jenny as she slipped down into a kneeling position directly in front of the 32-year-old man. Uncle Mike gained his composure and then said, "And exactly what are you going to do to me?" Jenny smiled up at him with a twinkle in her eye.

"I'm going to play with my body in front of you and SUCK ON YOUR COCK UNTIL YOU SHOOT YOUR CUM INTO MY MOUTH AND THEN SPRAY WHAT’S LEFT . . . ALL OVER MY BODY and my sister’s as well". (But that scene and numerous others will have to wait until next time.)


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