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This is a work of fiction, based loosely on some real life events. If incest upsets or offends you then please read a different story. Please read the story of Marie's Mind Control first, or this second story might not make as much sense. Please feel free to comment, preferably constructively, I'm always open to constructive suggestions of how to improve my writing, improve the story, or ideas for future stories.
This is the continuation of Marie’s mind control, so ideally please read the first chapter to put our situation into context.

My name is Pat aged, 30 and my wife, Marie and I had been married for a little over 10 years. After our weekend together with my best friend Paul, our relationship had taken a whole new direction. Marie was no longer the demure and conservative wife, instead she was more comfortable being naked around me. She continued to not wear a bra, was constantly horny, and invariably came home from work with sopping wet panties. She would tell me how the guys in the office were always chatting her up, much to the disdain of the other women, but fortunately she was programmed to not act on her feelings. Also, she was no longer shy about masturbating in the privacy of the bathroom and instead would openly masturbate in bed, not that she had much need to very often as our sex life had improved no end. So, for the past few weeks I had been enjoying these opportunities to the fullest. Fortunately, Marie’s period came and went, which meant that neither Paul nor I had got her pregnant over that eventful weekend.

Like with all boundaries, a few weeks later, Marie’s constant horniness became the new normal. I loved to watch her masturbating, a whole new level of voyeur for me, enjoyed her lack of shyness as she comfortably dressed or undressed in my presence. Eventually though, I found my imagination wandering and contemplating how to take Marie’s sexual adventures a stage further. I also tried the sleepytime command and had implanted the suggestion that she liked to watch porn with me. This led to us watching porn as a prelude to her masturbating or making love together. Sometimes we would watch together as we made love and I started to notice that she would cum harder whenever the scenario supposedly involved a girl and her brother, or a guy with a large cock. Marie has a brother, Mick, but he is several years younger than her and the last time we met, was at our wedding.

We were lying in bed one night watching porn, when I decided to explore Marie’s secret fantasies more. Based on how her body responded to some of the videos, I rationalized that if I knew more about her past and where her unspoken ideas were, it would be easier to program her. I ruminated over various situations, playing them out in my mind and even wondered if I could get her to fuck a black guy, and even whether I could get her to seduce her brother. The idea of both of those scenarios turned me on incredibly whenever I fantasized about them, but the fear of her falling pregnant held me back, even though the risk of her getting impregnated was still a major turn-on for me.

“Marie, Sleepytime”

Marie almost immediately dozed into a semi trance-like state, her eyes glazing over.

I adopted a deeper, calm, monotone voice and started to ask her questions.

“Marie, can you hear me”

“Yes”, she responded simply

I remembered Paul’s instruction to start by anchoring her to some reality

“you are in a safe place, lying next to your husband, you feel perfectly safe don't you Marie?

“Yes” she replied again

“Tell me how you feel”, I commanded her

“I feel perfectly safe because I am lying in bed with my husband”

“So, you don't mind answering a few questions, do you?”


I slipped my hand onto her pussy and started to gently stimulate her clitoris, augmenting the sensations she would feel while listening to my voice.

“How do you feel right now Marie?”

“I feel horny”

“feeling horny is a good thing, isn’t it Marie”

“Yes” she whispered, her breathing getting deeper

“Now tell me Marie, did you ever see your brother naked”


“When was that, Marie?”

“When we were young”

“Did he see you naked too?”


“What were you doing when you saw each other naked?”

Marie giggled

“We were playing Doctor”

I knew that most young kids played that game, although I guess it was just curiosity at the time, I remembered back when I also played that game with a girl from down the street where I lived at the time.

“Did you enjoy playing Doctor?”

“Yes, it was fun”

“Did you touch his penis?”


“Did you like playing with his Penis?”

“Yes, it was fascinating”

“Why was it fascinating?”

“Because it got stiff when I touched it”, she replied

I rubbed her clitoris a little faster, applying a little more pressure, her breathing getting faster.

“Do you know what that meant, Marie?”

“Not at the time, but I do now”, Marie giggled and moaned softly as I touched her.

“Did you enjoy making his penis stiff?”


“Good girl”, I commended her for playing Doctor with her younger brother.

“did he touch you?”


“Where did he touch you?”

“My pussy”

“Did you mind him touching your pussy?”


“Did you enjoy it when he touched your pussy?”


“Did he put his penis in your pussy?”


“Why not, Marie?”

“Because we didn’t know we could do that”, she replied, confirming their innocence when they played those childhood Doctor games.

“So did you ever play Doctor with him when you were older?”


“Why not Marie?”

“Because it would have been wrong”

“Do you think it is wrong now?”


“Why would it be wrong?”

“Because that would be incest and incest is wrong”

I decided that I’d questioned her enough and I needed to advance to reprogram her memories.

“Now listen to me carefully, everything I tell you is going to be true to you, you are going to remember what I tell you as if it is fact”

“Ok” she responded

“Marie, you’re going to remember that whenever you played Doctor with your little brother, it always turned you on”

“How did it make you feel when you played Doctor with your brother, Marie”

“It turned me on”

“You loved the feeling of him touching you”


“You remember feeling turned on playing Doctor whenever you think about your brother”

“How does thinking about your brother make you feel, Marie?”


“That’s right”

“Whenever you think about your brother, you will feel very horny”

“You remember wanting him to put his penis in your pussy”

“What did you always want your brother to do, when you played Doctor?”

“I always wanted him to put his penis in my pussy”

Marie exhaled fast was starting to shudder as if she was experiencing a small orgasm

“You wanted him to fuck you”

“What did you want him to do, Marie?”

“Fuck me”

“You changed your mind about incest, and you never believed it was wrong, Marie, in fact, it is just a natural way to show love to each other”.

“How do you feel about incest?”

“It is just a way of showing my love”

“Now, whenever you masturbate, you will always fantasize about your brother fucking you”

“What will you do when you masturbate, Marie?”

“Fantasize about my brother”

“From now on when you make love to your husband, you will imagine it is your brother”

“What will you do when you make love to your husband, Marie?”

“I will imagine it is my brother”

“good girl”

“You will want to invite him to visit, because you want him to fuck you”

“What will you do, Marie?”

“I will invite him over to visit”

“Yes, and when your brother visits, you will do your best to seduce him”

“what will you do when your brother visits, Marie?”

“I will try to seduce him”

I had already started to think up a plan of how to make this happen and thought it more likely to succeed if I wasn’t around. I knew I could get some small, high-quality surveillance cameras and audio recording and decided I would set these up around the house.

“Your husband will be away on business out of town when your brother comes to visit”

“Where will your husband be, Marie?”

“Out of town on business”

“Yes, good girl”

“When you invite him, you will tell him you don’t feel safe being alone”

“why are you going to invite him to stay, Marie?”

“to help me feel safe”

“Yes, good girl”

“Now Marie, you might find some hidden cameras when you do the cleaning, these will not shock you, in fact you won’t even notice them and will ignore them”

“What will you do if you see a small camera, Marie”

“Ignore it”

“Now when your brother fucks you, it will be the best experience you’ve ever had and you will orgasm really hard”

“How will your brother make you feel, Marie?”

“like it’s the best sex I have ever had”

I rubbed her clit harder, and Marie cried out, experiencing an orgasm, her whole body pulsating, her breathing fast. I continued to play and talk to her in a calm voice.

“you will become addicted to the feeling of his cock inside you and want to fuck him as often as you can during his visit”

“You will tell your brother that you are on the pill and will encourage him to cum inside you”

“Where will you want him to cum, Marie?”

“Inside me”

“that’s right Marie, you really enjoy the feeling of someone cumming inside you”

I decided to add a twist to my programming.

“During the time when your brother visits you will not find a need to wear panties”

“what will you do while your brother is visiting?”

“not wear panties”

“and after he cums in you, you will not clean yourself, even if the cum leaks out and runs down your thighs”

“what will you do when he cums in your pussy?”

“not clean it out”

“Good girl”

“You will find the feeling of his cum trickling down your leg exciting”

I figured that I had done enough programming for now, knowing that I would have the chance to add more to it later. Besides, I had a raging boner and was aching for release. I was excited by what I had programmed into her and had every intention of fucking her

“Now Marie, after I count down from 3, you will drift into a deeper sleep, but in a few minutes, you will wake up, and when you wake up you will remember nothing except that you fell asleep while lying in bed with your husband. Everything that I have told you will be your new reality”.


“and when you wake up, you will feel relaxed and exceptionally horny”

“how will you feel when you wake up Marie?”

“really horny”

“and you will want to have sex with your husband”


“now I am going to count down from 3 and a few moments later you will start to wake up”

I counted down slowly “3…2…1”

With that, Marie slumped into a deep sleep but as predicted, after a few moments she woke and turned to me with a fuck-me look in her eyes. I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me, driving my cock into her sopping wet pussy with ease. We fucked like crazy, riding me with an indescribable intensity, literally milking my cock. She moaned, and neither of us lasted long. I was incredibly horny from this new project and just before cumming, she closed her eyes and cried out “Mick, omg Mick”. The programming was working, and I emptied myself deep inside her. We both fell asleep in a post-coital haze wrapped in each other’s arms.

The next day, I woke with eager anticipation and started the next phase of my plan. I browsed several websites and found one specializing in surveillance cameras. After browsing several articles and multiple sites, I found I could get small motion activated cameras providing HD quality videos, with audio that could stream via wifi and provide night-vision. Some were built into devices like smoke alarms while others were built into electrical sockets, phone chargers, and other similar everyday items. I had concerns about the battery life of some of the items, but they seemed to have suitable longevity, with some claiming they could record for up to 16 days, which was more than enough time for what I had in mind. It wasn’t going to be cheap to get good ones but based on the negative reviews that some of the cheaper ones had, I decided this was an investment that I could make full use of in the future. So, after settling a somewhat sizeable total with my credit card, the next part of the plan was set in action.

Marie was still actively masturbating herself every day and after Paul’s visit was no longer shy about doing it in my presence. I loved watching her and sometimes she would call out Mick’s name, again confirming that the memories I had replaced were working.

A couple of days later a large parcel arrived for me and I set about unpacking, reading instructions, and deciding where the best positions were in each room to place the cameras. I ran a couple of tests in various light conditions and tested the video quality. They worked perfectly within seconds of me entering the room. The quality was clear and the audio too, quite remarkably. Most of the devices I had streamed to a wifi router, which gave me access from wherever I chose to stay.

I was ready.

I told Marie that I was going to be away over the weekend as I was going to attend a conference out of town. She looked nervous and commented that she didn’t particularly want to be alone in the house and even asked me if it would be ok if she invited her brother to come stay with her. I tried to appear genuine by telling her that it was only a few days and that her fears were unjustified. However, after telling her that there had been a local news report of a home invasion, I finally relented and agreed. Marie was delighted and gave me a big hug. She grabbed her cell phone and disappeared off into the kitchen to call her brother.

She seemed to chat with him for quite some time but when she finally returned to the living room, she seemed more relaxed.

“Mick agreed” she happily informed me.

“Oh, ok, great, at least you won’t feel lonely” I replied, doing my best to sound earnest, my heart racing with the idea that the plan was coming together. My cock got an instant erection, Physically, Marie seemed quite excited too, gauging from her flushed complexion and the way her nipples were poking through her t-shirt.

Although only a few days, time seemed to drag by, waiting for the weekend to come. I told Marie that i had decided to fly out on Friday, given that the conference would start on Saturday morning.

I packed a weekend bag, grabbed my laptop, before going round each camera to set it to activated. Marie was in the kitchen and looked as horny as hell and I had made sure not make some excuses so as not to have sex with her for a couple of days. She was on heat and hornier than ever. I wanted to bend her over right there and then and fuck her, but fortunately, managed to summon up enough self-control to avoid the urge. I said my goodbyes, we kissed and I tore myself away to head out.

I had made a reservation at a decent motel a few miles from where we lived, far enough away to avoid our paths coming across each other accidentally, but close enough to get home should something go wrong. After checking in, I drove over to the room and set up my laptop, connecting to the wifi. I had paid extra for a faster connection that the motel provided as a useful option.

I checked on the connections to the cameras and set the display up so there was a window to each one. Most of them were dark except for the couple of cameras in the kitchen. Marie was busy preparing something, presumably she planned to have a dinner ready for Mick when he arrived. After placing a dish in the oven, she moved through the living room, the cameras in the living room turning on automatically. Marie continued out into the hallway and the next thing I saw was her entering our bedroom, before going into the bathroom. I watched as she removed and discarded her clothes, turned on the shower and stepped in. The view started to get steamy, obscuring the view slightly but I could make out enough to know she was washing her hair. It was quite erotic to watch her actually taking a shower, something I hadn’t done before and felt myself stiffen. After shampooing and conditioning her hair, she took the spray nozzle and washed her pubic area, at one point taking a shaver and trimming her hairs.

After a few more minutes, she seemed satisfied and turned the water off. Grabbing a large fluffy bath-towel, Marie set about drying herself. It was odd to hear her humming happily to herself. She stood for a moment turning this way and that, admiring her figure in the mirror before returning to the bedroom. I was impressed with the clarity of the cameras, so in my book, they were worth every dollar I had spent on them. I watched as Marie sat at her dressing table, naked, and took out the hair drier, her hair started blowing out and cascading around in the warm flow of air, her fingers of her other hand, separating strands that were still clumped together.

After finishing with her hair, she put applied a little makeup. Marie was never big on makeup, not that she really needed it; she still had a fairly healthy and youthful complexion. She finished, spraying some light perfume on herself. I loved watching Marie moving around naked and decided that spending most of her time at home naked was another behavior I would have to program into her. Marie moved over to the closet and looked through her clothes, before picking out a shirt. I recognized the shirt immediately. “Good choice” I thought to myself. It was a white silky shirt, which she kept for special occasions. It looked great on her but was quite a thin fabric and from the right angle, you could clearly see through it to the silhouette of her breasts. Her nipples were clearly discernible as points tenting the fabric. Next, she chose a short, white pleated tennis skirt, another good choice. The skirt was long enough to cover her private parts, but short enough to ride up and reveal her ass if she bent over. Normally she would have donned a pair of panties, but on this occasion, she simply grabbed a pair of wedge sandals that complemented the outfit.

I heard the distant sound of the doorbell Ringing, which immediately caught her attention and she scurried off out the bedroom door.

The screens were all dark as she presumably answered the door. Stupidly I had not thought to position a camera in the hallway and stairs, so I made a mental note to add some additional cameras when I got the chance. A few minutes later though, Mick and Marie entered the living room. I switched to full-screen view and turned the sound up.

“Dinner’s almost ready, Mick” my wife said,

“Great, I’m starving” replied Mick

Marie smiled, “why don’t you take your bag up to the guest room, freshen up, and I’ll pour us both a drink. It’s up the stairs, first door on the left”.

“Great idea”. With that Mick headed back out the door as Marie went into the kitchen. I switched back to multi-screen mode and soon saw Mick entering the gust room, while Marie put the finishing touches to the meal. Mick dropped his bag on the bed and headed into the on suite bathroom. The bathroom camera turned on and turning his back to the camera stood at the toilet, lifting the seat, and took a pee. He flushed, tucked himself back into his pants, and moved over to the wash basin. He washed his hands and splashed some water on his face, before drying and heading back out, presumably heading for the living room again.

Mick was well-built guy, he’d packed on a few pounds since I last saw him, but it looked like muscle instead of flab.

As he walked back into the living room, Marie grabbed a glass and poured him a generous glass of my whisky; a very nice 16-year-old Single Malt from Scotland.

“Ice and no water” she said, handing him the glass

“Just the way I like it Sis” he replied, taking the glass.

“I remembered”, Marie smiled happily, “that’s how you liked it at our wedding”

Mick was impressed that she could remember these things. Strange how women remember details so vividly, I could remember most things, but never in the detail that Marie could.

“Take a seat and relax, put the tv on if you wish and make yourself at home… I’ll just finish up in the kitchen, then we can eat. Oh and I’ve got a bottle of wine in the fridge to have with dinner”.

Mick took his place on the sofa and flicked through the tv channels, occasionally taking a good sip of his whisky. About 10 minutes later, Marie called Mick into the kitchen and gestured him to sit opposite her at the table, which was neatly set out with two place-settings.

Marie scouped food from various dishes onto plates and served him from the side, like he was in a restaurant, before taking her own place.

“Oh almost forgot” she uttered, getting up again and grabbing the wine from the fridge. Removing the cork that was loosely sealing the wine, having opened it earlier and again went over to him pouring a generous glass full for both of them.

“Steady on sis” Mick cautioned, “you’ll have us both drunk”

“Well, we’re not planning on driving anywhere, are we?” she responded with a slight girlish giggle and again took her place opposite him.

“good point” retorted Mick.

“cheers” he said, offering up his glass.

The meal continued, somewhat mundanely, as they both chatted away about the generalities of life, work, and other everyday non-contentious topics. Steadily, they worked their way through the bottle of wine together.

Marie of course was curious to know whether Mick had been dating, to which Mick revealed that he had been dating but that they broke up about a year earlier and he hadn’t been actively looking for a date since. Apparently, he was enjoying his freedom.

Throughout the meal, Marie’s tits had been moving freely under her shirt, the movements obviously unconstrained by any bra, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Mick as his eyes often seemed to be focused on her chest. I found myself wondering whether he had a boner from looking at them and started to wonder how Marie would go about getting him to have sex with her.

As if following a contrived ***********, Marie was taking a sip from her wine, when she accidently spilled some wine down the front of her shirt, which immediately became all but completely see-through.

“Dam” said Marie, not being one for using extreme profanities in any situation and grabbed a napkin to start rubbing the shirt. Her nipples were rock hard, and her darker areolae were clearly visible through the damp fabric.

“Sorry about this Mick, I’ll have to go change this shirt”

Mick laughed

“Don’t mind me sis, not as long as you don’t mind me staring at your tits”

Marie blushed bright red, but seemingly

“I’ve seen you naked before” he added.

“Lol brat, we were kids, and I didn’t have tits then” she countered. “If I’d had tits at that age, your little boner would never have gone down”.

That seemed to break the ice and both started to laugh at the humor of Marie’s situation.

“Sit yourself back down, sis, and stop freaking out just because your tits are more visible; They’ve been jiggling around all night, besides, if it’s any consolation, I think you’ve got great tits”.

Marie again flushed at Mick’s brash remarks, but laughed them off and again took her seat.

“So, you remember playing Doctor all those years ago?” inquired Marie, adopting a joking tone of voice.

“Sure I do, it was fun as I remember it, despite you having a completely flat chest” responded Mick.

“Lol, well what was I supposed to have at that age?” Marie, said as she countered her brother’s remarks, “by the time I grew tits, we were both too old to play Doctor. Mom would have killed us both”.

“Doesn’t mean I didn’t seem them sis” he said, winking.

“what do you mean? How?” Marie was clearly puzzled.

“Don’t you remember, in the old house, the bathroom was separate, not like the on-suite ones they build these days”, Mick said, reminiscing about where they grew up.

“Yes, of course, there was never enough hot water, especially after you took a bath”, Marie countered accusatively.

Mick laughed, “well if you remember it had one of those old-fashion locks, the type with a key-hole and a big key that went missing, so we could never lock the door”.

“yes, that was so annoying” agreed Marie.

“well as a kid, I used to spy on you when you were in the bath”

“OMG, you freak!” explained Marie

“So over time, I saw your boobies develop”

Mick laughed loudly at his revelation, “but they weren’t half as nice as the tits you’ve developed now, sis”.

“You’re a total perv!”, Marie scolded him, but she couldn’t help feeling turned on by that news.

Listening to this conversation unfold was fascinating, private conversations between brother and sister, revelations that he had been a horny young teenager, like most others, spying on his sister when given the chance, just as I was spying on them now. The irony was not lost on me. No doubt if she had been my older sister, I would have spied too. I was rock hard and my cock was demanding attention, so I shed my clothes and sat naked at the table, glued to the screens that linked to the kitchen cameras.

Marie had been doing her best to cover the transparent shirt so that her breasts would not show through too much, but had now relented and her tits were clear to see. She reached forward, picking up the 3/4 empty bottle and topped the wine glasses up with the last of the wine, pondering whether to put another bottle in the fridge. As she did so, her breasts pushed forwards into the fabric more, her swollen nipples pressing hard against the damp spot.

“I confess, I was a total perv in those days, anything to get myself off”, Mick continued further with the conversation.”

“When you were out, I even used to sneak into your room and take a pair of your panties to jack off with. Then I’d put them in the laundry and hope you wouldn’t notice”. He laughed heartily, “we were total pervs back in the day”, somewhat proud of his openness and revelations to his sister.

“Ewwww! that’s disgusting!”, Marie exclaimed, but she couldn’t help feeling even more turned-on, her nipples now fully erect and her wetness seeping out of her pussy onto her skirt. I could tell from the look on her face she was annoyed with herself, but also growing increasingly horny.

“Nonsense! I bet you fantasized about boys when you touched yourself, so don’t try to play miss innocent with me, girls get horny too”. Mick was on the offensive, taking advantage of his sister’s apparent shyness to make her squirm. To him, it was just sibling rivalry, a game of who could shock who. “So who did you fantasize about sis, some pop idol?, some movie star?, some boy at school? Go on, fess up sister, we’re all adults now and it’s just history”

“You” she said quietly

“Me?”, Mick sounded shocked…

“deuce!” I thought to myself and started to pump my aching cock as I listened.

Marie lowered her eyes, averting the possibility of making eye-contact with her brother.

“Dam, sis, I never knew”. Mick appeared to be completely stunned by his sister’s revelation and almost lost for words.

Marie continued

“Ever since that dumb game of Doctor, when your teeny weeny got stiff as I touched it, I wondered what it would feel like inside me… I mean, I know we didn’t know much about sex at that time, but I knew enough that boys put them inside girls, and I always wondered why you never put it inside me”.

Mick laughed again, Marie’s face turning bright red.

“Well, if I’d known much about that at the time, I probably would have, but we were too young to know these things at that time and too embarrassed to try that kind of game later”.

Marie laughed as she nodded her head in agreement. She’d learned a lot tonight and knowing her as I do, could clearly see that she was getting extremely horny.

“I’d better go change this shirt, it’s getting clammy”, Marie started to get up from the chair, making naturally polite excuses to change the subject and leave, but my programming was clearly having an effect on her as she had been able to recount the memory that I had implanted, about her brother being the target of her fantasies whenever she masturbated as a young teen.

“why bother sis, why don’t you just take your shirt off, after all, we’re all adults here. I already saw most of them anyway”.

Marie hesitated, the moment of truth. I sat there riveted, pumping my cock, silently egging her on.

My heart raced as I watched her reach for the top button, unfastening them one by one before tugging her shirt out from her skirt and sliding it off over her shoulders and down her arms. Her tits came into full view.

Mick stared in amazement, unable to believe that his sister was sitting there topless in front of him as he ogled her tits.

“Why don’t we both strip off and play Doctor again?”, he said jokingly, his rhetorical question not seriously expecting agreement.

“You first” replied Marie

“you sure about that sis?” he asked, “I’m not such a… what was it you called it… a teeny weenie anymore”

Marie laughed, “well it was when I last saw it, it was maybe only the size of my finger”. She held up her hand and taunted him by wiggling her little finger.

“Well, I’m game if you are sis” and with that, he stood up, pulled his t-shirt off over his head and after unbuckling his pants, dropped his pants and boxers to the floor.

Marie’s eyes opened wide, followed by her mouth, as her eyes locked on and stared at Mick’s cock. Even on the video camera, it was impressive to say the least; long and thick, even in it’s current semi-flaccid state.

“OMG, Mick, when did you grow that monster, it’s huge, that can’t be the same guy I played doctor with all those years ago, or did you get some kind of a transplant?” Marie couldn’t help but stare.

“Your turn, sis, drop the skirt”

Marie slowly stood up and took hold of the waistband of her skirt, unclipping the fastening from the side and sliding down the short zipper. She let it drop to the floor.

Mick stared at the patch of neatly trimmed dark hair that now covered her pussy as my wife revealed herself totally to her brother.

Before she could say a word, Mick gathered up the dishes from the table and stacked them haphazardly on the countertop. Marie offered to help, but Mick just instructed her to remain where she was.

As soon as the dishes were cleared, Mick came up to her and said “let’s play Doctor, the table is my examination bed”. Marie giggled, and with that, Mick grabbed her waist and lifted her up onto the table, laying her on her back, her legs draped over the edge.

Mick went through the motions of pretending to perform a medical exam, taking her wrist and counting her pulse. “your heartbeat is a bit fast”, he stated as professionally as he could. Then he opened and looked into her eyes, one at a time. “Pupils a bit dilated, face a little flushed” and proceeded to rest his ear on her chest. “Ah your breathing is definitely heavy, “classic symptoms of being horny”. Marie giggled at his diagnosis. He moved on to check her breasts, touching and squeezing them one by one. “no signs of any growths here, in fact they seem pretty wonderful”. “I need to perform a test, if that’s ok with you?” Marie nodded and Mick continued his examination. He lowered his mouth onto one of Marie’s nipples and started sucking them. “I think I missed this test during our previous appointment”.

Mick was certainly fully into character, role-playing his part as a doctor.

He took the nipple into his mouth, sucking hard. Marie closed her eyes and moaned softly, revelling in the sensations she was no doubt experiencing. Her hand went to his head, stroking his hair and holding him there. During his examination, Mick’s cock had grown even thicker, his erection standing out a good 8 inches. Satisfied with the response of the first nipple, he moved over to conduct his test on her other nipple, his lips sealing around it as he sucked.

Marie’s moans got louder and more frequent. She could feel an orgasm building inside her just from Mick suckling on her breasts, but not enough to tip her over the edge; she looked like she was desperate for release.

I watched the screen intently as Mick moved one hand to her pussy and probed with his fingers, finding her folds, he felt for her entrance and hooked two fingers inside her as if giving her an internal examination. This drove Marie wild, her head shaking from side to side, moaning louder. “Extreme wetness” he announced, “this calls for some serious medication. I’m afraid you’re going to need an injection of natural antibiotic”.

Mick repositioned himself between her legs and using his hand guided his cock to her entrance. I switched camera to one with a slightly better view and watched as the head of his cock forced it’s way inside her. Marie seemed almost delirious, as he pushed inside, her pussy walls resisting, stretching and clinging to his substantial girth. Mick pushed harder and slid another inch inside her.

“OMG too big, too big” wailed Marie, uncertain whether to laugh or cry.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have a smaller needle with me, so you might feel a little discomfort”

Had it not been for Marie’s already horny state and her own wetness lubricating the way, his thickness may have been more painful.

“Take a deep breath”, he instructed.

Mick lunged forwards, ramming the length of his cock inside her. Marie shrieked as his thickness forced her pussy walls to expand, his length going far deeper than she was used to, Mick, on the other hand, had imagined this moment ever since the many times that he had used her panties to cum in and started a steady, rhythmical humping, pushing deep and sliding out.

Marie lost it completely as her building orgasm finally found release and crashed through her body. I watched, as she bucked and trembled on the table, her head frantically shaking side to side, her mouth silently mumbling nonsense.

The excitement of the moment was also too much for Mick and after a few strokes, he felt his balls tighten and he released deep inside his sister. Mick’s orgasm seemed to also extend Marie’s, and I watched, my eyes glued, unblinking, as my wife continued to buck and tremble, her walls no doubt milking every drop of cum out of his cock. Mick grunted again and again with a seemingly endless stream of cum squirting from his cock. I started pumping my own cock faster and faster, grabbing a handful of tissues as jets of cum burst out.

Marie reached out and grabbing his shoulders, pulled him down on top of her, his cock remaining inside, as she started kissing him passionately. Mick kissed her back. Years of pent-up desire, forbidden yearnings, now released.

Marie opened her eyes, looking straight into Micks and in all seriousness, said “I love you”

“I love you too, sis”, Mick replied

They returned to their kiss, no longer as brother and sister, but as lovers.

Finally, Mick softened and he slipped from her. Marie stood, glancing round at the kitchen, before taking his hand and leading him out of the kitchen, through the living room, and presumably up the stairs. The cameras positioned in our bedroom illuminated and I saw them enter, naked, still holding hands. Cum was making small rivulets down her thighs, but she didn’t seem to care. She seemed euphoric. She led him to our bed, pulled the covers back and gestured him to join her.

Mick sat on the bed and slid under the covers with her.

Marie turned to face him and they started to kiss him again, the movement of her hand under the covers clearly indicating that she was rubbing his cock. She tossed the covers to the side and started to kiss his chest, then worked her way down his stomach, and then to his cock, taking it into her mouth, she sucked on him, her head bobbing up and down. I switched camera position and could see his ample cock stretching her lips. Mick lay back as she continued to suck him, his hand on her head, encouraging her to go deeper. Mick’s cock was getting noticeably thicker again and within a few minutes he was fully hard. I couldn’t believe that he was ready again so quickly.

Marie bobbed her head a few more times and then released him from her mouth. She straddled him and lowered her pussy over his cock. Mick raised his hands and held her hips as Marie guided his cock to her entrance. As he entered her, she closed her eyes and moaned softly, sliding down his full length. Leaning forward, she kissed him passionately again and started to raise and lower her hips, driving him in and out of her leaking pussy, a white froth forming around the entrance. She was literally masturbating him with her pussy.

Their lovemaking was slower, less frantic, but somehow more loving; my wife was making love to her brother.

His hips found the rhythm, and slowly undulated up and down, pulling out to his head before forcing it upwards to reach as deep as he could. This slow, deliberate love-making lasted loonger than the frenzied sex on the kitchen table. Previously it had been driven by pure lust, but this was different, I could see it was different, I was watching my wife truly make love to someone. In a way, it was beautiful to watch, but I couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealously and concern. Had I opened up something that I couldn’t control Paul had warned me about the risks, but in the heat of the moment our dicks often overrule our thoughts.

Marie was moaning, her breathing starting to become heavier, her moans louder again. She rarely broke the kiss to take in more air, their tongues clearly intertwined. Mick’s hands were now playing with her breasts, squeezing them, pinching the nipples, rolling them between his fingers and thumbs as she kept riding him.

My own cock had hardened again too and I was steadily pumping it as I watched my wife and her brother in action. I had fantasized about this, wanted it, and now I was watching it. Hopefully the video recording would be capturing all the cameras in the room, but for now I was content with the view. The angle from the adapted alarm clock on the bedside table gave me a perfect view and the second camera hidden in a light-fitting above the bed was providing a second angle.

I saw the tell-tale signs that Marie was about to cum, her head threw back and she cried out as her body shook, but Mick was not going to relent this time and kept her there impaled on his dick as he rhythmically stroked in and out. He kept up this steady pace, not fast, but his thickness was more than enough to fill her, stretching her pussy to the limits. He kept going and moments later, Marie orgasmed again, this time more intensely, and still he kept going.

“No more, no more, I can’t take it Mick”, I heard her saying, “too sensitive, no more”.

But Mick didn’t listen, he just kept going. I’d never seen her so satiated, so complete, yet still again, another orgasm crashed through her exhausted body. Mick’s cock was forcing one orgasm after another. Mick broke from their kiss and immediately bit down on her neck, clamping her flesh with his lips, he sucked hard. Marie was in a trance-like state, oblivious to his action, revelling as one orgasm after another crashed through her body. He bit down harder and then grunting, I watched as he forced his cock hard inside her and started to cum. Marie orgasmed hard, her body shaking, and all but passed out, collapsing on top of him.

I too erupted at the thought that her brother was cumming inside her, grabbing even more tissues and holding them to my pulsating cock. My demure, dutiful, conservative wife had just received the fucking of her life by her very own brother.

Mick rolled her carefully off his chest onto her back, still keeping his cock inside her and pulled the covers over to keep her warm. Fortunately for me, they had left the lights on, but they were both too tired to care. Marie cuddled into him and soon they were lost in a deep sleep, their bodies entwined.

I too was exhausted just from watching them, and settled into bed, my head spinning with the visions of what I had observed tonight. I set an alarm for 5am. Sleep came over me.

I was woken by the insistent sound of my alarm. It started like a noise penetrating a dream and it took me a few moments to wake enough to register that it was my alarm clock. I dragged myself out of bed, set up the coffee maker, and went over to check on the camera.

Marie and Mick appeared to still be entwined pretty much in the same position when they had fallen asleep, and it made me wonder whether he was still inside her. I checked for new recordings but there weren’t any. It seemed that they must have slept deeply. The coffee maker started gurgling, indicating that the brew was ready, so I poured a mug, before taking my seat at the desk. I scanned the screens, holding my mug of coffee in both hands, taking occasional sips from it.

I watched for about 30 minutes, making s second cup of coffee and snacking from the meagre ***********ion of items available from the mini bar. I should have thought to buy some snacks. I thought about the events of yesterday, but the concerns seemed to be less important, I was convinced that I could undo the programming I had conditioned Marie to believe. I noticed a movement in the bed covers where Mick was laying. It seemed like his hips were moving slowly in a steady rhythm and he had actually started fucking Marie while she slept. This went on with Marie seemingly blissfully unaware of what he was doing but I was sure that he would be having an effect on her. No doubt his morning wood, like mine was demanding sone attention.

Marie let out a soft and gentle moan and she opened her eyes, blinking at the bright light overhead that still illuminated the room. She turned her head towards Mick, smiled at him, her lips mouthing a kiss, before closing her eyes again, mewing softly. Mick picked up the pace, pumping her harder, using her body.

Marie was moaning louder, and I could discern that her body was responding. Marie’s breasts were swaying and her brown nipples protruding strongly silhouetted on her breasts as they rocked back and forth in unison with the movement of Mick’s hips.

Marie’s moans continued to get louder, and her head was rocking from side to side. Mick quickened his pace and slammed into her, grunting as he unloaded into her pussy again, triggering an almost simultaneous orgasm in Marie. I watched as the couple relaxed and recovered themselves for a few minutes. They turned and kissed lovingly as if Mick was somehow her husband. No doubt, he had managed to claim her body physically and her heart was following.

After a few minutes of post coital petting, Mick threw back the bed cover and climbed out of bed, heading for the bathroom. The bathroom screen lit up and I observed as he took a lengthy pee. Back in the bedroom, Marie had her hand down by her crotch, fingering herself. Was there no satisfying this woman?

As Mick flushed, Marie climbed out of bed and called out to him, “I’ll go put the coffee on” and headed out of the bedroom, still naked. A few moments later, I watched as she passed through the living room and entered the kitchen, where she set about making coffee. I could just make out a glistening from here inner thighs, where thin trails of cum were dripping down her legs from her pussy. She looked so sexy like that.

Mick entered the kitchen a few minutes later, wearing my robe that he must have claimed from the back of the bathroom door and took a seat at the table. Marie brought over two cups of steaming coffee. She leaned over and kissed him lovingly.

“Last night was amazing honey” she said, adding “I’ve never felt an orgasm so strong, or so many”

“yes sis, well overdue, you’re an amazing fuck”, responded Mick, “If I had known you fantasized about me I would have been fucking you every night when we were teens”.

“that would have saved a lot of wear and tear on your panties” he added teasingly and took a sip of his coffee.

Marie punched him with mock annoyance before taking her seat opposite.

“Sis, I have a serious question”

“go on”, she responded, listening attentively while taking a sip of coffee herself.

“I heard you and Pat were trying to have a baby, aren’t you worried that I will get you pregnant, after all, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve cum in you”.

“I’m on the pill”, she responded immediately, adding “Pat and I are just taking a break from trying to have a child just now”.

Mick sat and pondered her reply for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth and stimulation of the coffee.

“Why haven’t you conceived so far, sis?” Mick inquired almost innocently

“I don’t know, I guess we’ve just not been lucky”, replied Marie.

Mick again mulled over his coffee for a few minutes before continuing his line of conversation.

“what if I asked you to stop taking the pill, to stop right now?” Mick looked at his sister with a serious expression.

“why would you want me to do that, I thought you enjoyed making love with me”

“I do” replied Mick, “it’s just… I want to get you pregnant; I want you to have my baby”, he said, emphasizing the words “my baby”

Marie’s mouth fell open, with a look that resembled a mix of shock, concern, and excitement.

I was shocked, I hadn’t expected Mick to actually have any intention like that. I half wondered whether to call home and tell Marie that the conference had been cancelled and that I was flying home shortly, but part of me was excited at the prospect of Mick getting her pregnant and she wasn’t really on the pill after all, it was just a false memory that I had implanted in her mind. It was that risk that had excited me.

Mick continued

“Pat’s had his chances and he’s not been able to make you conceive yet but I’m pretty confident that I can”

“But Pat will know it’s not his” blurted out Marie, sounding distressed.

“Not if you play your cards right sis, tell him you missed him and fuck him the moment he comes home. There’s only a couple of days till he returns, and he will never guess”.

“But what if it turns out, you know… deformed or something, you’re my brother?”

“There’s a slight risk of that, but it’s only slight, it’s not like it will be generations of inbreeding, chances are it would be a perfectly healthy baby. Besides which, he or she will be sure of having a loving mother and father and a devoted uncle. It will be our secret”

Marie looked at Mick in silence for the longest time, I knew the word secret excited her and I held my breath waiting for her response.

“OK” she said finally, “but promise me it will always be our secret, I would die if Pat ever found out the truth”

Mick beamed, “I promise” he said with all seriousness, “Pinky Promise” he added, holding out his little finger. Marie held here hand out and hooked her little finger with Mick’s.

I couldn’t believe my ears and my eyes as my devoted wife just agreed to let her brother get her pregnant, but the thought still excited me in unspeakable ways.

Marie released her little finger and rose from the table, “I guess I should make us some breakfast, you’re going to need the stamina”, she said, winking at him. She went to the fridge and took out some bacon and some eggs and started readying some breakfast, reminding me of how hungry I was. She looked gorgeously sexy standing at the counter-top, totally naked, her dark hair cascading over her shoulders, her breasts swaying naturally as she moved, the rivulets of cum running down her inner thighs had grown bigger.

After setting the bacon on the hob to cook, she made another pot of coffee.

Mick quietly came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, cupping her breasts, pinching her nipples. Marie turned to face him and pulled him to her, kissing him passionately, the kiss continuing for more than a minute.

Breakfast passed surprisingly unremarkably, with the exception of my wife sitting there naked as the day she was born. The Bacon, Eggs, and Coffee were consumed totally.

“You’ll have to excuse me, I need to pee” Maria announced, rising from the table.

“Wait!”, Mick exclaimed.

Marie stopped and took her seat again, looking anxious.

“I really need to go”, she said.

“I know” replied Mark, “but I want to tell you something and then I want you to do something for me”.

Marie looked at him, curiously

“Do you remember, when you were young, you had a problem with peeing yourself, sometimes even as late as in high-school”

Marie’s expression turned to one of absolute embarrassment

“No, no, wait sis, let me finish… I never thought that was bad, in fact the thought of you peeing your panties was one of the things that turned me on to fantasising about you and taking or should I say borrowing your panties. I always used to wonder whether you had peed in them”. Mick continued “sometimes I would search the laundry basket to see if I could find a freshly peed pair of your panties, but somehow there never were any”.

I found myself becoming intently curious about this new revelation, Marie had never disclosed the fact that she used to pee herself, obviously she was very embarrassed about the whole situation from her past and had never mentioned it. She always seemed to have a weak bladder and was always popping to the toilet whenever she drank any quantity of liquid. This revelation explained a lot.

Marie looked at her brother sheepishly, still uncertain about discussing her former problem.

“So what are you saying Mick?”

“What I’m saying sis, or more, what I want you to do, is go upstairs, get fully dressed, put on some panties and a bra, and some pantyhose, then let me know when you’re ready and don’t go pee before I’m there. I’m just going to go to my room and get something”.

Marie looked at him disbelievingly, as if uncertain exactly what her brother had got planned for her but then silently got up from her chair and left the kitchen. I clicked over to the bedroom camera and saw her enter. I watched as Marie went over to her chest of drawers and pulled out a simple, white padded bra and a pair of pale blue panties, which she stepped into hurriedly, before sliding her arms into her bra and reaching behind, fastened it in one go, adjusting the fit of the cups and position of the shoulder straps. Although I had programmed Marie to remain naked the whole time, I figured that she was only dressing because Mick had specifically asked her to. She reached into the drawer again and withdrew a pair of dark pantyhose, sitting on the bed to slide her feet down each leg. She worked them up over her thighs and her but, up to her waist.

Mick meanwhile was back in the guest room, rummaging in his bag. He withdrew a small pill bottle and quickly popped the cap, tipping one into his hand before tossing it in his mouth and washing it down with a mouthful of water from a small bottle he had with him.

Marie by this time was looking in her closet and pulled out a light grey sports hoodie, slipping it on with ease, before taking and wearing a dark mid-length skirt, which came down to just above the knee. She looked cute and very sexy, like an adult version of a high-schooler.

“Ready”, she called out, followed by “hurry Mick, I really need to go”

Mick was still in his room when the sound of her urgent voice carried through to the camera, hidden in the guest room. He grabbed his phone and headed out across the passage.

“Perfect!” he exclaimed as he set eyes on Marie in her impromptu schoolgirl outfit.

“Follow me”, he added, taking her hand before almost dragging here into the bathroom.

I switched the bathroom cam to full-screen and watched as he ushered her into the shower cubicle. Siding his cell phone open, he ***********ed the front camera and turned the video recording on, holding the phone so the lens pointed up under her skirt. I was fascinated and started to pump my already erect cock in eager anticipation of what they were doing.

“Put your legs together”

Marie adjusted her stance, her two legs parallel.

“Now you can pee, I want you to pee your panties”

Marie looked embarrassed, and wriggled about, desperate to pee but reluctant to repeat the unfortunate weakness of her youth. Then it happened, at first just a few drips, then a stream ran down her pantyhose appearing as a dark stream running down the inside of her legs as she finally relented and the need to pee surpassed her reluctance. Her face was a picture of shame and embarrassment, her mind no doubt recalling memories of past accidents.

The stream lasted a good 20 seconds, followed by a short period where the frequency of drips gradually slowed.

Mick withdrew his phone and stopped the video.

Suddenly, Mick called out “Mom, mom, Marie peed her panties again”, suddenly switching into role-play. He grabbed her by the hand and led her into the bedroom. Once again, I clicked on one of the bedroom cams and expanded it to full-screen.

Mick led her over to the bed. “I’m going to have to punish you for being such a bad girl” he said sternly before sitting down and pulling her, face-down over his knees. He pulled up her skirt and lifted above her waist, revealing my wife’s ass, a dark, glistening patch of fabric around her crotch, betraying the wetness of her panties and pantyhose. Mick almost immediately raised his arm and brought his hand down hard on her ass. Marie jumped and shrieked at the force of the slap. Mick raised his hand once more, landing a second blow on her ass. He repeated the spanking time after time, each strike eliciting a squeal of pain.

I switched cam to get a better view of her face and was shocked to see tears streaming down her cheeks. Mick continued to spank here for several more minutes before relenting. He pulled her up and standing before shifting his position, pushed her face-down on the bed.

Marie’s skirt was still up around her waist as Mick used both hands to rip apart her pantyhose. The robe he was wearing had fallen open and he was sporting a boner, that was twitching up and down. He stood behind her and once satisfied that he had torn enough of her pantyhose away, pushed her panties to the side and slid his cock into her pussy in one sharp movement. Marie cried out as he stretched her.

Mick began pumping her furiously, slamming into her with each stroke. Marie started moaning, her body responding to the frantic pounding it was receiving.

Mick continued to pound her pussy from behind, and I was surprised that he could keep up such a pace. Marie, meanwhile, was gibbering away, lost in a sexual euphoria. This was pure animalistic lust and I loved watching the two of them. Marie’s body spasmed as an orgasm flooded over her, but Mick was relentless as if her orgasm had inspired him to keep going.

Marie was repeating “OMG, OMG” over and over as Mick’s sizeable erection pummelled her inner depths, no doubt, stretching her walls, rubbing her g-spot, and continuously bumping into her cervix. Marie, my wife, was lost, floating somewhere in a seemingly endless procession of uncontrollable orgasms. I pumped my eager cock hard watching this scenario unfold on-screen, knowing I would burst at any moment.

Mick grunted and his body spasmed, thrusting one final time pumping his seed deep inside my unprotected wife. Almost simultaneously I released, trying to grab a tissue but failing to catch the squirts in time, resulting in globs of cum splattering the screen and keyboard. I busied myself trying to wipe the screen, more smearing it than cleaning it. I needed a damp cloth, so hurried to the bathroom, returning moments later with one of the hotel’s facecloths soaked under the tap and wrung out and wiped the screen with it, followed by the keyboard. I observed what was happening on the screen, Mick had collapsed across the back of his sister, his cock deep inside her laying across her back, still deeply rooted inside her.

Riveted to the screen, I saw Marie laying there, almost motionless except for signs of her gasping for air, trying to regain control of her breathing, her body twitching occasionally as if experiencing a kind of sexual aftershock that was following an orgasmic earthquake. I had never seen her seem so sexually replete before.

After several minutes locked together, Mick, appeared to recover slightly, rolling off her back and lay at the side of his sister, his cock finally deflating, extracted itself from her pussy, the elastication in her wet panties pushed to the side by his cock finally releasing him.

After a few minutes more, Mick climbed off the bed, and took Marie by the hand, using his strength to pull her up from the bed.

“Come on, we haven’t finished yet” he said encouraging her.

He dragged her into the bathroom and I switched viewpoint, enlarging the view from the bathroom cam as they entered. He directed her into the shower.

“Kneel down facing me”, he commanded and she willingly knelt in front of him, her head bowed.

“Look up at me”

She turned her face upwards and opened her eyes just in time to see him holding his deflated cock, which was still sizeable even when limp. It swelled slightly as he released a stream of yellow urine onto her body, soaking into her hoodie and bra, running down onto her skirt, his hand directing the flow, he aimed higher, splashing her face and hair. His flow lasted a good 20 seconds, leaving her sopping wet from head to toe with his urine. Marie looked mortified but never flinched away, letting her brother do as he pleased with her.

Although some had trickled to the floor, most of it had soaked into her clothes.

Satisfied, he shook the remaining droplets and offered his hand out, which she grasped as he pulled her to her feet, her hair and clothes wet through.

“That was fun!” Mick exclaimed jovially, “my sis has really peed herself”

“I need to get out of these things, Mick”

“No!” he retorted assertively, “leave them on”

“but they’ll stink”, replied Marie, objecting to the notion of wearing piss-soaked clothes.

“Just for now, sis” he said more softly, losing the assertiveness of his former commands

“It’s just for fun” he added, trying to reassure her, “Let’s get some more coffee”.

Marie looked somewhat disgusted with the idea but resigned herself to whatever Mick had planned. Stepping out of the shower together, Mick led her through the bedroom and soon appeared back in the kitchen, where she somewhat uncomfortably readied more coffee.

Handing Mick a coffee, she uncomfortably took a seat opposite him at the table. They sat there for several minutes, sipping coffee without speaking. Mick chuckled looking across at the mess he had made of his sister.

“Ok, take those wet clothes off, I can see that’s not your thing… I guess it’s just one of my kinks and it was hot watching you pee yourself”.

Marie went to the laundry room, another place where I had not installed a camera, and returned to the kitchen a few minutes later, totally naked, clutching the balled up pair of torn pantyhose in her hand. She tossed the torn pantyhose in the trash before joining her brother at the table.

The rest of the day went by relatively quietly, rather boring for me. I ordered Pizza in and sat watching the screens. Presumably Mick was needing to get his strength back, although Marie at one point had gone up to the bedroom and had masturbated on the bed. It was approaching dinner time and Marie once again busied herself in the kitchen preparing dinner. This time she put two bottles of wine in the fridge, just to be sure.

Dinner again passed by smoothly, neither Mick nor Marie brought up the subject of sex where Mick at one point passed a comment how he enjoyed watching his sister roam around naked all the time. After dinner, they moved to the living room and sat cuddling on the sofa. Marie must have been feeling horny again, making the first move, by reaching into Mick’s robe and wrapping her fingers around his cock. I watched as she pumped his cock for several minutes, Mick’s cock again responding to the stimulation, swelling and sticking vertically out of his robe.

Marie crawled off the sofa and kneeling on the floor before him and without prompting, she voluntarily started to lick and suck the bulbous head into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down, she stretched her lips around his engorged shaft. Mick closed his eyes, seemingly enjoying the way she was stimulating him. He reached out his hand, lovingly stroking her hair. Marie kept up the pace, slurping and sucking on his sizable cock, occasionally breaking away to give her aching jaw a break, she would wrap her fingers around it and pump it manually while looking up into Mick’s eyes with an expression of adoration. She kept alternating between sucking and pumping his cock.

Satisfied with her achievement, Mick’s cock was fully engorged, standing up proudly, she climbed up to straddle him, one knee either side of his legs, facing him, never breaking eye contact as she lowered herself onto it, using her hands to guide it into her pussy. As it pressed into her, she closed her eyes and whimpered softly.

“oh Mick”, her voice tender, soft, “you fill me so completely”

“your cock is so perfect for me”

“You make me feel so complete, so big, so deep, you are touching every part of me”

“I love you so much”

“Give me your baby, Mick, I want to have your baby”

This was a very different Marie, from the one I knew before I left for the imaginary conference. As I stared glued to the screen, attentively watching Marie make love to her brother, her every word, her every move, convinced me that she was in love with him.

Mick looked deep into her eyes, smiling, “I love you too, sis”

He rolled her onto her back on the sofa and placing her ankles over his shoulder, either side of his head, started to pump into her; not roughly, not the frantic thrusting from earlier, just the long, steady thrusts of a devoted lover.

Marie’s whimpers and moans grew stronger as her breathing deepened. From the position of the ***********ed camera, I could see that he was pushing deep, and whenever Mick thrust forwards, she was taking his full length, her pussy lips stretched tight around his shaft. Marie’s face show that she was clearly in a euphoric state, her whole body moving with him, responding, surrendering unconditionally to the stimulation she was feeling inside her, a continuous sequence of orgasms causing her body to spasm.

“Do you like your brother’s cock inside you?”, Mick started talking to her

“Yes”, Marie moaned softly, her eyes closed

“Tell me what you want”, he commanded, not aggressively but surprisingly lovingly. Marie tried to focus through the haze she was lost in.

“Do you like your brother’s cock inside your pussy?”

Marie didn’t answer right away, she was too lost in her feelings. Mick repeated his question louder

“Do you like your brother’s cock inside your pussy?”


“Tell me!”, he again commanded, expecting more

“I love my brother’s cock, I love when you fuck me”

“Does your husband make you feel as good as when your brother fucks you?”

“No, he never feels like you, I love your cock inside me”

“Do you love your husband?”


“Do you love me too?”

“Yes, of course Mick”, she panted, “I’m crazy in love with you, Mick”

Marie struggled to get the words out, she was breathless.

My ego took a huge blow in that moment with her denial, feeling sick in my stomach, but my desires, my kink drove my excitement at watching my ecstatic wife, my mind racing, I was just praying that I could undo her experience.

Mick pushed harder and deeper into her, Marie groaned deeply

“do you want to carry my baby?”

“yes” Marie mumbled

“Do you want to carry my baby?... tell me what you want!”

“Yes, Mick, I want to have your baby”

“you mean you want your brother’s baby in your tummy?”, Mick seemed to be pressing hard to get Marie to satisfy his ego.

“Yes, I want my brother’s baby in my tummy”

Mick slid almost completely out of her and then thrust hard as deep as he could, sending a shudder through Marie’s entire body. She wailed loudly.

“Beg me, sis, beg me for what you desire most”

Marie was babbling away incessantly in a torrent of raw desire.

“OMG, I fucking love your cock, I love the feeling of your cock is inside me”

“No one makes me feel like you do, my husband is nothing compared to you”

“I need you, I need this”

“Fuck me little brother, fuck me, cum in me, give me your incestuous baby”

“Fuck me, fuck me, cum in me, make your sister pregnant”

“My body is yours, my cunt is yours, I will do anything for you”

“Anything?” Mick grinned, he knew he now owned his sister, a sister who he had so often fantasized about when younger.

“Even piss your panties?”


“Even let me piss on you?”

“Yes!, yes!, yes!, anything” Marie repeated over and over emphatically.

“Fuck me, fuck me”

Marie seemed to have surrendered her body and soul to her not so little brother and was lost in a bewildering, lust-filled, sexual dreamland. This was finally Marie unleashed, a new Marie, at a level of euphoria I had never experienced in her before. I grabbed for handfuls of tissue and exploded into them, panting for breath, my heart pounding in my chest. I was determined to program her further, exploit her, turn her into a complete slut.

Mick had sped up his pace, his thrusts, no longer long and slow, he was pounding her pussy, Marie’s orgasms seemed to never end, sweat was pouring from them. Her own orgasmic juices flooding from her, her stuffed pussy squelching and farting.

Mick rolled her over and got her onto her knees, his fingers worked around the edge of her pussy, lubricating them on her juices before pointing them at her anus, he worked them inside adding to her sensations as she pushed back against them, and started finger fucking her ass rapidly, simultaneously stimulating her with his cock deep inside her. Marie exploded again, a torrent of liquid squirting from her pussy. Mick could no longer control himself and his body shuddered as he came deep inside her. They collapsed together into a sweaty heap, their bodies heaving hard, before seemingly passing out together. They remained coupled together in the same position for several minutes.

Mick was the first to recover and rolled his sister onto her back. She opened her eyes and kissed him lovingly, wrapping her arms around his neck. It was amazing to see, watching two lovers together. After several minutes of deep kissing, they finally broke away, Mick grabbed her by the hand and led her to bed. I switched camera, and focused on the bedroom. They never switched the main light on, so the camera was operating in night-vision mode. Although it was fairly good at handling a darkened room, it lacked the clarity of when the bedroom light was on.

They made love again under the covers, and fell asleep spooning her, Mick’s cock still inside her. I too was both physically and mentally exhausted and decided to get in bed. My mind poured over what I had watched, replaying visions of their lovemaking. I pondered how to reprogram her. Having united them so strongly it would be hard to undo it completely and I had no idea how Mick would react if I made her forget the events of this weekend completely. I started to formulate a plan in my mind, but sleep won the day and I drifted off.

Sunday morning came too soon and the brash sound of my alarm. I made coffee and sat at my screen, checking to see if anything had unfolded. Aside from Mick getting out of bed in the early hours to go take a piss, nothing much had happened.

Marie was the first to wake at around 9am with light streaming through the bedroom window. Turning onto her back, changes in the shape of the bedcovers revealed a movement as her arm slid down her body, the slight but rapid rise and fall of the covers over the areas between her legs indicating that she was masturbating. I always enjoyed watching her do that, such a deeply personal, intimate act.

After a few minutes she orgasmed, but presumably, still not satisfied, she turned to her brother and ducked under the covers, clearly, she was intent on waking him with a blow job. Mick stirred from his sleep and smiled.

“Good morning Sis”

Marie crawled back up the bed and kissed him lovingly, her hand remaining under the covers, working on his morning erection. It was like watching two newlyweds.

“I don’t think you’ll succeed there, sis, I need to take a piss”

“Me too” she replied reluctantly letting go of his cock.

“Race you to the bathroom”, with that, Marie leapt out of bed and headed for the bathroom, followed quickly by Mick, quickly sitting on the seat as she beat him to the toilet.

“Cheat!” he called out, but immediately stood in front of her, his hand went between her legs, his fingers playing with the stream as she peed, rubbing her fluids into her pussy and clitoris, the stimulation causing Marie to moan. They looked like two kids experimenting for the first time.

Impulsively, she took his semi-erect cock with her hand and placed it in her mouth, holding it with her lips tightly closed around it. Her face cringed, as a stream of urine flooded out of it, but she didn’t let go. Trickles of urine escaped from the corners of her mouth and she gulped trying to swallow.

“Oh wow” exclaimed Mick

I was shocked, and a little disgusted with her for doing it. I had never known Marie to do anything like that before. It wasn’t anything I had even suggested as part of her programming, but it made me extremely horny to watch. This was all Marie’s doing, she seemed to have abandoned all her inhibitions for her lover.

She continued to hold his cock in her mouth long after Mick was done peeing, a satisfied grin in her expression. She sucked him as he fondled her pussy, his erection growing once again. She had him fully hard in no time and was intent on making him cum.

“Whoa there sis, slow down, we don’t want to waste these hungry little swimmers of mine” Mick blurted out as she bobbed her head up and down his engorged cock”

He pulled her to her feet and led her straight to the vanity unit. He bent her forward, letting her stare directly at the large mirror. He grabbed the hand lotion and squirting some on his hand he smeared it over his cock and then rubbed some of the excess onto her anus.

Taking some more lotion he squirted it onto her sphincter, smearing it around her rosebud with his finger. Marie, guessing what he was about to do looked mortified.

“You’re never going to fit that in there” she protested

I tended to agree with her, Marie had never had anything that size in her ass before and I knew that Mick would have quite a challenge ahead.

Mick ignored his sister and slid first one, then another finger through the tightly closed opening. Marie’s eyes closed, the stimulation immediately arousing her. Mick started to finger fuck her and Marie responded, pushing back onto his fingers. The finger fucking continued for several minutes, Marie mewing and becoming increasingly aroused.

Mick withdrew his fingers and squirted some more hand-lotion, coating it over the mushroom-shaped head of his cock before positioning it at his sister’s anus. He pushed forwards, the head making contact, pressuring her rosebud to open.

“Just relax” he said

He grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed his thumbs into her, urging the opening to stretch as eased the head of his cock forward again. Marie’s face cringed, nervous of what Mick was trying to do to her body. He withdrew his thumbs and pressed forward before her muscles had time to contract. The pressure of his cock eased it open a little further and Marie’s body flinched from the pain. Mick pushed forward again, this time the muscles stretched wider allowing part of the head to enter, not yet able to take the full girth of the head. Instead of withdrawing, he applied more pressure. Marie squealed as she felt the pain of his invasion and then cried out as the head plopped inside. I could see the muscles around her ass pulsating, automatically trying to eject the invading object. Mick pushed forward hard as Marie squealed more loudly, tears welling in her eyes from the pain, but still permitting her lover to try. Finally, the head entered fully and his engorged shaft partly slid inside her bowels. He held it there, giving her muscles a moment to relax and then thrust deeper. He pushed again and this time bottomed out inside her before slowly withdrawing and sinking back in. He started slow, sliding out and back in to her. Her anus was stretched beyond belief. His right arm snaked around her hips and his fingers started to rub her clitoris, while simultaneously fucking her ass. Marie moaned.

Satisfied that he had conquered her ass, he picked up the pace, thrusting harder, deeper, and faster, all the time stimulating her clitoris. In the end he was jack-hammering her ass with his large cock. Marie’s tits were swinging back and forth, while moaning loudly. She reached her peak and an orgasm crashed through her body, her legs weakening as she shuddered. Mick meanwhile kept the pace going, her orgasm urging him to fuck her harder.

I thought he was about to cum in her bowels when suddenly he pulled right out, lined up with her pussy and pushed straight in, her anus still gaping open. He groaned, releasing his seed deep inside her pussy sending Marie crashing into yet another orgasm.

Marie’s legs gave way and she collapsed onto the vanity unit with Mick on top of her. As before, Mick stayed coupled inside her making sure every last drop of cum went into her pussy.

They rested a few minutes, physically spent.

“I need coffee” said Mick and as he pulled out from her, globs of cum leaked out of her pussy and seeped down her thighs.

“See, I told you it would fit” Mick laughed

“Brat!” she retorted, punching him playfully on the shoulder.

Marie was still a bit wobbly, but made her way down to the Kitchen and started busying herself making coffee. Mick came up behind her and stuck his hand between her legs, his finger pressing into her used pussy. He pulled it out and held it in front of her face, the cum on glistening on his fingers.

“Messy” he said, teasing her

He offered them to her lips and she sucked them greedily.

“Protein breakfast” she joked back

She handed Mick a coffee and he took his seat at the table. Instead of taking the seat opposite him as she usually did, she went up to Mick and sat naked on his lap. They cuddled and kissed affectionately as they sipped on their coffees.

Mick put his cup down on the table and slid his hand between her legs again, rubbing her clitoris. Marie closed her eyes, snuggled into him, and opened her legs slightly, giving him more access. She was leaking cum, but didn’t care, instead using it to lubricate his fingers, rubbing it on her clitoris. Marie started mewing again.

I noticed Marie’s cell phone was in the camera view close by to where she was sitting, so I decided to spice things up a bit and picked up my phone to call her. The phone in the kitchen rang and I saw Marie’s eyes open startled by the intruding sound.

“It’s Pat”, she said, recognizing the ring tone.

“So, answer it” replied Mick, without interrupting his stimulation of her clitoris.

“I can’t” replied Marie, he might sense something’s wrong.

“All the more fun” replied Mick, “no more fun than secretly fucking a guy’s wife when she’s talking to him on the phone”.

Marie scowled at him but reached out her hand, pressing the button to accept the call.

“Hi honey, how’s the conference going” she answered trying to sound normal

“It’s great, I learned a lot these last 2 days, well worth the cost”, I also tried to sound like everything was normal.

“How’s your weekend with Mick?, lots to catch up on, I imagine”

“Oh, quiet really, we just hung out at home”. I knew Marie was lying but I was enjoying speaking to her when Mick was touching her.

Mick also seemed to be finding the situation stimulating and had was sporting an erection again. I watched the camera as he lifted my wife’s hips and impaled her onto his erect cock. Marie gasped involuntarily.

“Everything ok honey?”

“Yes, yes.. I just dropped something”, she lied.

Mick rocked his hips, undulating, stimulating her pussy and continued to stimulate her clitoris with his fingers.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m leaving soon to catch the flight home, I’ll be home around lunch time”

Marie was distracted by the sensations of Mick’s cock working away in her pussy and his fingers, but she did her best to sound normal.

“Keep him talking” I saw Mick gestured to her, silently mouthing the words.

Marie shrugged, scowling at her brother, trying to focus enough to think what to say.

“How was the food?” was the best she could come up with.

“Oh it was great”, I lied, having lived on pizza and bags of chips and candy for the last 2 days.

Marie was getting close to orgasm

“I need to go honey, I have something in the oven”

“Ok honey, I love you” I said trying to sound affectionately normal

“I love you too” she responded.

She pressed the end button and turned to Mick, kissing him deeply as an orgasm rippled through her body, her pussy pulsating and milking his cock. He erupted inside her.

“I love you so much Mick”

They cuddled and kissed some more.

They made love two more times during the morning, ending up back in bed together. Not wild and kinky sex, just the passionate lovemaking of two hungry lovers. I had lost track of exactly how many times Mick had fucked my wife. I jacked off thinking about it.

Checkout was at 12, so I packed away my laptop and clothes, and after dropping them in the trunk of the car, headed to reception to settle the payment. It still seemed a bit early to return home so I hung out at a nearby Starbucks.

I pulled into the driveway and noticed that Mick’s car had gone; he must have decided to leave before I got there.

I called out “Hi honey, I’m home”

Marie emerged from the kitchen, ”hi honey” she responded quite normally, seemingly happy to see me. The day passed by as if nothing had happened, just our little secret.

That night in bed we made love. Her pussy was unusually loose and slick, presumably from the constant fucking she had received over the last two days, stretched by her brother’s cock.

As we snuggled down together, I whispered “Marie, sleepytime” and watched as she drifted quickly into a receptive state.

“can you hear me Marie?”

“yes”, she acknowledged

“You are safe at home with your husband, where are you?”

“Safe at home with my husband”


“I want you to listen and remember what I am going to tell you, ok?”


“You are going to remember that you love your husband very deeply, you never want to hurt him and you will never leave him”

“yes, I love my husband”

“Marie, you will also remember that you love your brother very much too”

“Yes” she said, “I love my brother very much too”

“You will remember that you’ve been having a secret affair with your brother”

“Secret sex excites you doesn’t it Marie?”


“You will have sex with your brother as often as you can, but you will keep this secret from your husband”

“Yes, it’s a secret”

“You enjoy this incestuous relationship”

“Yes, I will enjoy it”

“But you have to hide it from your husband”.

I knew that she could never really hide it from me, I had the cameras now and I knew her too well, but the idea of her taboo relationship with her brother still turned me on.

“You will also enjoy making love with your husband, you will find he gives you great satisfaction”

“Yes, my husband gives me great satisfaction”

“Marie, you will also find you have started to have bladder problems, like when you were younger, you will have accidents and pee your panties”

“Do you understand Marie?”

“Yes, I will have bladder problems”

“good girl”

Now when I count to 3 you will fall into a deep sleep and not wake until morning.


I counted down, “3… 2… 1” and Marie drifted into a deep restful sleep.

Life went by normally for the next couple of weeks, Marie and I making love almost every single day. She was her normal loving and affectionate self. She would sometimes call her brother but would limit those times to when I she believed I was engrossed in a watching a game on the tv, or busy with my laptop. She would sneak off into the bathroom and then call him but of course, unbeknownst to her, I still had my cameras operating. I knew she wouldn’t notice them and had no idea I was watching her on the laptop downstairs. Sometimes she would get naked and take pictures, sending them to her brother, sometimes she would masturbate while they were on the phone. I found it quite amusing, but I wasn’t worried, I knew I had the power to control her now.

On occasion she would come home from work and dash to the bathroom, having had “an accident” and needing to change her panties.

At the end of the 2 weeks, she came home with a bag from a local pharmacy clutched in her hand. She headed straight from the bathroom and I watched her as she performed a pregnancy test on herself. I watched as her facial expression alternated between shock, joy, and nervousness. She stared at the pregnancy test; she was indeed pregnant.

I decided in that moment to treat her normally, to accept the baby happily, knowing pretty well, that she was carrying her brother’s baby. I also knew that I had to work pretty fast if I was going to exploit her blossoming sexuality and make the most of the time until she was too far gone for these games to be played safely.

Marie straightened her hair, freshened her face, and came down to where I was “working”. As soon as she entered the living room, I knew there was something she wanted to tell me.


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mm.. great story! Look at the photos and videos of sexy girls -


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Fantastic story but it became extremely annoying that almost every sentence her brother said to her she had to be called "sis." Yeah, we already know that they are brother and sister. What's the use in reinforcing the issue to the point of annoyance.

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2021-05-03 15:53:28
This is GREAT! More to come I hope?


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Interesting story...Did Pat install a camera into the laundry room when he got home?

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