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Diana encourages the other ladies at her job to join in the fun and games
Chapter 10

Storage Room

One sultry day, Brad asked Betty to help Tony in the store room locating some lost inventory.

Diana chuckled to herself thinking this is going to make Tony’s day; Debby is in heat and wearing painted on jeans and going braless under a company polo shirt and her huge boobs are in full swing.

“Diana, is Betty done with the assignment in the shop, yet?”

“I haven’t seen her, so I suppose she’s still out on the floor.”

“Wow, would you do a me a favor and check on them?” “Mark needs that info and I thought they would be done by now and I have to go over to development to check on something else.”

“Sure, Diana said,” thinking she could use a little walk to stretch her legs. Normally she drew plenty of attention form the guys on the plant floor, but today the floor workers were off because they were short on material.

She walked through the deserted production area to the storage room. She let herself in quietly just to see if they were up to something and boy were they up to something. Betty was on her knees in front of Tony, who was standing with his pants down around his ankles and he had half of his huge, thick, cock in Betty’s mouth and the other half in her hand. He was so big around that she could barely close her fingers around his cock, and her mouth was stretched to the limit. She was bobbing her head in and out like a doll while stroking him at the same time.

He moaned something about deeper and she removed his cock from her mouth.

“Ok, I’ll try to take more but you have to go slow and don’t grab my head and try to push it down my throat.” “This thing is huge and is going to be hard to swallow.” With that she put her hands on his thighs and her lips round his cockhead and slowly began going down on it. She would go as far as she could and then pull out and go down again, trying to get even more in her throat.

Diana was mesmerized watching Betty suck cock; she would lean in and stop, then slowly try to take more into her throat until it choked her and then she would push off of Tony’s legs until she was at the head again and swallow, then go back down for another try. She was certainly an accomplished cock sucker for a girl her age. In and out, in and out, all the time going deeper and deeper down her throat. She was making those nasty slurping noises one makes when trying to swallow a monster cock and Diana admired her dedication to getting it all down.

Diana’s hand instinctively went to her the hem on her dress and she pulled it up, and her fingers quickly found her pussy. Fortunately, she knew it was going to be a hot, sticky day, so she wore a dress without panties. Her kitty was already wet from not wearing any panties and watching the action in front of her. Not to mention flashing Brad several times today while working.

Tony was offering lots of encouragement to Debby but it was clear that he was just too big for her to get all of it in her mouth. God, I would like to try it Diana thought!

Debby pulled his cock out and like a woman with far more experience she looked up at him and said, “enough of this, my knees hurt.” “How about you fuck me instead of me giving you head?” She stood up and unbuttoned her jeans and then struggled to pull them down over her hips and ass. When she had them down past her ass, she backed up to some boxes and Tony lifted her up onto a box. Sticking her legs out he pulled her pants off and then moved into position with his cock posed at pussy lips, which were clean shaven with a runway patch of black hair above.

He held his cock in his hand while he ran it around in circles at her pussy to get it even wetter and then slid just the big, thick mushroom head into her cunt.

“OOOOHHHH yeah,” Betty moaned. Tony smiled and slid about half of his big, thick cock into her cunt.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s it, fuck me,” she whimpered while leaning back on the top of the box so she could trust her pelvis up towards his cock.

“Come on baby, fuck me, fuck me good,” Betty hissed. Diana was right, she was a woman in heat today and Tony was her stud!

Tony rammed his entire cock into her gaping cunt and Debby let out a grunt as though she had been impaled on something, then a huge sigh escaped her lips as her legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him deeper. He pulled out most of his cock and jammed it in again, over and over. Each time she grunted her approval at his invasion into her love tunnel.

He increased his pace and shorten his strokes stretching her out simultaneously driving deeper and deeper into her sex. And judging by the way Debby was moaning loudly and her ass was being pushed back on the slick carboard box every time Tony drove into her, she was enjoying her afternoon delight immensely! He grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders and then took her by her waist so she wouldn’t slide backward. Now he was fucking with short, hard, deep strokes and she was not only taking every inch of that monster she was loving every inch of his big, thick cock.

Whoa, she is an experienced girl her age, Diana thought to herself as her hand was busy working her own clit, rubbing up and down and all around, then sticking her fingers into her wet, wanton cunt. She was mesmerized watching them fuck; his big round cock pounding into Betty’s tight little pussy, stretching it wider and wider. Betty’s head was thrown back with her beautiful shiny back hair hanging down the other side of the box and her beautiful ass was bouncing on every stroke all the while urging him to fuck her even harder.

Diana was fingering herself as fast as she could and alternating between fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit. She switched to a two-handed approach so she could do both at the same time. Her breath was coming in short quick bursts as she neared her own orgasm.

She felt the first wave overtake her and she moaned out loud but didn’t care at this point if they knew she was there. She was cummminnng!!!! And it felt wonderful!!! She kept stroking her pussy and fingering her cunt as the second and bigger wave came up and swallowed her.

Through half open eyes she saw Tony arch his back and jam his cock balls deep into Betty’s cunt and she knew he was spewing hot gooey man cum into her and that only heighten Diana’s orgasm.

Betty arched her back as her own orgasm began and was reaching for his arms to pull herself in even more. Tony began stroking again and his cock slipped out and sprayed Betty with hot cum on her belly and pussy. He quickly put it back in and continue to fuck her as deep as it would go into her tight cunt.

Diana’s knees buckled with the third wave of her orgasm and somewhere in the back of her mind she could hear Betty panting like a dog and yelling, “yes, yes, yes, I’m cummmmmmmmmming!” “FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!”

As Diana’s orgasm reached its pinnacle, she released her own “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.”

Diana pressed her hand hard against her kitty as she came down from her climax and opening her eyes, she looked straight into Tony’s eyes who was slow fucking Debby now but staring at Diana. She realized she still had her dress up and he could see what she had been doing. She removed her fingers from her cunt and dropped her dress as walked over to them.

Tony stopped fucking Debby and just stood there staring at her with fear in his eyes and his cock in his boss’s assistant.

“Brad is looking for you Tony. he said Mark needs the information you were to gather, right now.”

“Oh, ok, Tony stammered, I better go,” he said withdrawing his monster cock from Debby.

Diana looked at him and then at his cock. “Not like that, you don’t.” She bent down and took his still swollen cock into her mouth and sucked it clean. She was surprised it started to come back to attention with her sucking so she continued to suck the big, fat cum coated cock. In just within just a few minutes it was back to full erection. She stood up, turned around and pulled her dress up over her hips and leaned over offering him her pussy from behind. “Fuck me!” “Fuck me hard, like you did Debby!”

She said it more like an order than a request and Tony must have taken it that way because he said yes ma’am and inserted the head of his cock into her waiting cunt and began stroking anew.

She pushed her ass back against him as his big thick cock invaded her wet cunt. “Oh, fuck yeah, that's it, oh, oh yes, oh FUCK ME, LIKE YOU DID DEBBY, FUCK ME HARD!” “THAT'S IT, MAKE ME CUM ON THAT FAT COCK OF YOURS"!

Debby had not said a word, she was reclining on the top of the box with her legs spread and her cummy pussy inches from Diana face. Diana leaned in a little and tried to lick Debby’s cummy pussy but she could just get the tip of her tongue on her pussy. Instinctively Debby quickly moved forward on the box and pulled her knees up and back making her cum covered pussy available for Diana to eat.

“Do you want to eat my messy pussy, Debby asked?”

Without answering Diana just looked at her with lust in her eyes and then leaned down and licked a big gob of goo off of Debby’s pussy lips and swallowed it and then attacked her pussy directly. Debby reached down and spread her beautiful pussy lips so Diana could lick inside her.

Diana was lapping up cum like a dog laps up water while Tony was enjoying his second fuck of the day. The pure nastiness of the whole act was causing a heighten level of arousal in all three, but none more than Diana. God, she couldn’t get enough of Debby’s luscious cunt and Tony’s sweet cum and the feeling of his big thick cock filling her cunt was beyond de***********ion. She could feel her orgasm rising higher and higher until the wave crested and came crashing down on her causing her cunt to begin convulsing.

Tony could feel her cunt convulsing and her legs shaking as she climaxed and he quicken his strokes driving into her incredibly tight, wet cunt as hard as he could so he could not only please her but get his own nut off. Diana switched from Debby’s cunt to her clit and Debby soon joined the other two in her own orgasm spewing cunt juice and cum onto Diana’s face and thereby igniting another orgasm.

Tony stood motionless with his dick jammed deep in Diana’s cunt spewing his own seed and holding her hips tight against him. Diana was whimpering, oh God, oh God over and over and Debby was panting like a dog after a run on a hot day.

Tony began stroking again to completely milk his balls of cum and to please Diana hoping he wouldn’t get in trouble. When Diana’s orgasm finally ebbed, she asked Tony if he was done?

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Then please pull out and let go of me.”

“Yes ma’am, of course ma’am.” Tony withdrew he drippy cock from Diana and stepped back standing somewhat unsteady. Diana took one more lick at a glob of cum on Debby’s thigh and pushed herself up straight. She lowered her dress before turning around and glancing down at Tony’s cummy dick. She leaned over and sucked it clean for the second time. This time it didn’t come back to life. When she had it clean, she stood up.

“Tony, Brad is waiting for you, and he needs the info you were supposed to get.”

“Uh, yes ma’am he said and pulled up his pants, should I go now?”

“Yes, go now and hurry.” “And Tony, not a word of this to anyone or it will be the last time you ever get any from either of us; and they may just fire all of us for what we just did, so let’s keep this between us, and maybe we can do this again, OK?

“Yes ma’am, I understand and I won’t tell anyone!” Tony said smiling!

She watched until the door shut and then she turned to Betty who was still laying on the top of the box where she had been fucked and eaten.

“Good God girl, you’re still a mess,” she said and then bent down and licked cum off of Debby’s belly and licked her ass crack to get what was leaking out of her delicious cunt. “Hmm, she murmured, you are tasty, she commented as she went back for more.

She licked several clumps out of Betty’s pubic hair and then raised up and removed a pubic hair from her tongue, and Debby put her feet down and leaned down kissed Diana on the lips swirling her tongue around in her mouth so she could taste the cum.

“Want to trade places and let me get some of that cum in you?”

Diana got a sly smile and said sure and moved so Debby could jump down and then she boosted herself up on the box and spread her legs and pulled up her dress. Debby looked at her still gaping cunt and giggled, “talk about a mess.” She then parted Diana’s cunt lips more and began licking it clean.

Betty moaned out loud, and the sensation caused Diana to moan also. Diana took Debby’s head in her hands and guided her to her most sensitive spot.

“God, girl, you lick cunt well,” she moaned as Debby licked her clean and to another orgasm, although a smaller, softer one this time, still one that was every bit as fulfilling.

Debby raised up from licking and after wiping some cum and saliva off of her chin said, “you’re kinky for a boss.”

Diana laughed and said, “me?” “I can’t leave you for a minute and you’re fucking the help.”

“No, he was fucking me,” Betty giggled and he was really good at it, as you now know.” “If that isn’t kinky for a day at work, I don’t know what is.”

“Good point,” Diana said. “Come on, put your pants on if you can and let’s go the lady’s room and get cleaned up.”

“Cleaned up?” “I thought that’s what we just did,” she said giggling again.

Diana gave her one of those looks, smiled and said, “come on you little slut, but first, put your pants on if you can get back into them.”

Betty picked them up and struggled to pull them over her beautiful ass but didn’t try to zip them.

“Good thing you don’t have much hair or you would never get them zipped,” Diana said.

“Yeah, they are a little tight, even for teasing and now I’m going to have a big wet camel toe she giggled, now that’s nasty and I hope Brad sees it!”

I would bet it was the big dry camel-toe that probably got you a big wet one, but we can stop the wet one with a pantyliner so everyone doesn’t know what you did.

“But I want Brad to see! Hopefully, he would get the message.”

“Don’t worry he will get the message, and loud and clear, come on.”

Diana went to her desk first and got something out and then joined Debby in the restroom. When they had Debby as presentable as they could they returned to their desks.

“Everything all right,” Brad asked when Diana came in the office?

“Oh yeah, Diana said smiling, just a girl stuff, but we are good now.”

“Oh, ok, I was wondering, because everyone was gone so long and when Tony brought me the information he was as nervous as cat in a room full of rockers.”

Oh, well there may have been a little fraternizing between the help but nothing to worry about I gave them both a tongue lashing.”

“Brad smiled and said lucky bastard!”

“Oh, you think fraternizing with Debby would be fun, do you?”

“OH YEAH, especially if it was you and her!!!”

Diana laughed and said, “now that’s ambitious.”

“A guy has got to think big if wants to achieve big!”

That got Diana thinking about the possibility of a threesome or foursome with Debby.


Chapter 11

Causal Fridays

Since Friday’s were casual Diana and Betty normally wore jeans but after the talk with Diana about teasing, all the ladies were wearing jeans that were a lot tighter and lower on their hips.

Today, Debby was wearing a pair that must have fit in high school they were so tight. She was small to begin with and Diana doubted she had put much weight on since high school, but these jeans were thin, painted on jeans. She also was wearing a lacy, semi-sheer top over what looked to Diana to be either a half-bra that held her boobs up but didn’t restrict them. Debby’s boobs bounced and swayed with every step, and her nipples were on high beams with the air conditioning.

She was sure to catch everyone’s eye and although there wasn’t much left to the imagination as she walked around the office Diana was sure many were wondering just what she was hunting. Brad couldn’t keep his eyes from following her every step but he didn’t say anything.

Diana wore jeans today as well, but nowhere near as tight as Debby’s. However, they still outlined her amble pussy lips and eventually displayed a perfect camel-toe. This had been Diana’s trademark at Luxury when they wore jeans. Her favorite back then was an old thin brown bell-bottomed pair that showed off her ass and camel-toe.

That afternoon she asked Brad if they could check the rear area storage later in the day and he agreed. She figured that with the way he was watching Betty she would wait until the plant workers left for the day at 3:30. Then she would take Brad back for a little storage room romp.

Most of the people left work a little early on Friday unless they were behind and since all Brad had left to do was show Diana the storage room out back, he told Betty she could take off early if she wanted to. Then he and Diana headed to the back.

Once they were in the storage area she went to the rear and asked Brad to boost her up on some boxes so she could write down the part numbers

He gladly obliged her and she was thrilled to feel his big strong hands on her again. Once on top of the box she bent down in the classic doggy position giving him a perfect view of her ass and the camel toe between her legs.

After a few moments she looked back and smiled at him and asked, “what are you staring at?”

“Your ass,” he said smiling that bright-eyed smile.

“Hmm, and what is it about my ass that is so interesting?”

“Oh, I was just wondering if you had panties on under those jeans.”

“Why would you wonder that, don’t all women wear panties?”

“I have it on good authority that some skip panties now and then, especially on causal Friday because they don’t want their panty line to show.”

“Oh, and you think I may have skipped wearing panties today?”

“Yep, guys always wonder, and in your case, there appears to be something trying to eat your jeans from the inside, which might be caused by the lack of panties.”

Oh, she said as she turned around and sat down in front of him with her feet planted on the top of the box and her legs spread. “Now, do you still see something trying to eat my jeans from this vantage point?”

“Oh yeah,” he said staring right at her crotch. “I think it might be hungry.”

“Hmm,” she said as she sucked in her tummy and undid her pants. “Maybe we better check that out, I wouldn’t want my pants to get eaten at work.” “What would I wear home?”

Brad was totally engrossed in looking at her camel toe, “I don’t think that would be so bad, being eaten at work I mean.”

“She laughed, oh so that is your motive here, eating me, not saving my jeans. Hmmm, can you help me with these, she asked?”

“Uh, sure, but just a second let’s see if there isn’t something over here you can put under you, you don’t want to get that magnificent butt of yours dirty.” He went to a closet and returned with a big fluffy shipping blanket and he slipped that under her and then pulled off her jeans.

“Oh, there, see?” “It’s already eaten your panties, he joked.”

“Hmm, she said scooting closer keeping her feet planted, I can’t see, can you check closer and see if they are in there somewhere?”

He took the bait and swallowed the hook, line and sinker when he parted her legs a little wider and bent down close and got a whiff of her pussy, he had to eat it. He licked her tentatively at first but as she spread her legs wider and pulled his head into her pussy he licked more aggressively and used his hands to spread her lips even farther apart and gain better access to her cunt.

“Oh yeah, that’s it baby, lick it, suck on my pussy lips – aaaagggggggg, YES!”

He kept at her and she was so horny from her jeans rubbing on her clit all day that she was cuming in just a matter of minutes. Brad didn’t care if she drenched his face with pussy juice, he kept licking until she had come three times and was begging him to stop.

He looked up, “stop, I thought you wanted me to check for those panties?”

“Oh, I don’t think you’re going to find them there with your tongue maybe you should stick something long and straight in there to see if that can find them.” “Here, help me down and I’ll show you.”

He helped her down onto the floor and she went straight to her knees in front of him and deftly undid his pants and pulled his shorts down exposing his already hard cock. She went to sucking him as she played with his big ball sack. She was sucking like a woman possessed and would have gladly sucked him off but her cunt was aching for a cock so she stood up and turned around and leaned against the crate, spreading her legs and pushed her ass back.

He rubbed his big, thick cock along her slit and then took her in one smooth motion.

“Oh God, she moaned, oh, oh fuck yes, fuck me, fuck me long and deep.”

Brad didn’t waste any time on going slow he fucked her hard, deep and fast and she moaned and grunted the whole time until her orgasm when she got so loud, he had to put a hand over her mouth and say shhh someone will hear you.

“Oh sorry, please don’t stop!” “Please keep fucking me, fill me with your cum!”

Brad continued to fuck her through two more orgasms, each bigger than the last holding his hand over her mouth and then he lost his load deep in her womb.

“Oh God, he moaned, you are one incredibly hot woman!”

Hmm, she purred as he slowly continued to fuck her even with his shrinking cock. As his cock slipped from her pussy, she stood up straight but was weaving and her knees felt weak so he held her.

“Mister you are an incredible lover,” she whispered as she leaned back against him feeling his warmth and hearing his rapid heartbeat. Once recovered, she leaned against the crate as she pulled her pants on and then leaned over and cleaned the cum and pussy juice form his cock. When she was done cleaning him, she raised up and kissed him passionately and putting her arms around his neck and pulling him to her. When the kiss ended, she whispered in his ear, thank you for helping me check inventory!

He laughed, “I have never met anyone like you.”

“Good, she replied, that may keep you interested longer.”

They kissed a little and then returned to the office. She looked down at her crotch in the light of the office and said I better get going before this wet spot becomes too visible, do you mind if I take off?

Not at all, but if you like, Mark and I usually stay and have a drink on Fridays and we would love to have you join us, wet spot and all?

She thought for a minute and then smiled, OK, maybe just one drink, but let me go to the lady’s room and I’ll join you.

OK, I’ll be in Mark’s office.

When she left the restroom, she stopped at her office to call John and tell him she would be late then she walked down to Mark’s office and what she saw wasn’t what she was expecting to see. Mark, Brad and Tony were sitting on the sofa with their drinks and they were all naked as a Jay bird.

She started laughing so hard she couldn’t speak.

When she regained some composure, Mark said won’t you join us and nodded to the drink on the coffee table.

Certainly, she said in her best office voice. She removed her blouse and bra and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down over her butt and off and said, “I just hope I don’t leak on you chair, hand me one of your towels.”

“Oh, and why would be leaking Mark asked?”

She placed a towel on the chair and said, “we were checking inventory earlier and Brad thought something was eating my pants from the inside, but it is OK, he checked it.”

“Oh, I’ve had a little experience with that recently as well,” Tony chimed in.

“Oh, I see; so, does that mean that Diana is working well with the two of you?” Mark asked.

“Oh, working well with everyone I think, Brad said.”

“Tony,” Mark asked?

“Oh absolutely, she and Betty work exceptionally well with me!”

“And all is going well with you Diana, you’re getting what you need from everyone?”

She was trying not to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. She took a breath and nodded adamantly and then added, “it’s going well, but I may need just a bit more “input” from the three of you, if that’s not too much trouble?”

“No trouble at all Mark stated, whatever you need we are here to provide.” Brad and Tony agreed.

“Oh good,” Diana took a long pull off of her drink, set it down and then went to the sofa and pushed the coffee table back and knelt down in front of Mark. I think we can start right here, she said placing his cock in her mouth.

When Diana came into the office, she noticed the clock on the wall said 5:15 and as she pulled her pants up, she saw it now said 9:35. Wow, time sure flies when you’re having fun, or in her case sex, she thought. She put her blouse on forgetting her bra again and then stepped into her shoes. She kissed each of them long and passionately and thanked each for their “input”. “Ok, guys I know I shouldn’t fuck and run, but I do have to get home, see you all Monday!”

“Good night, they all replied!”

As she drove home, she thought back to the past five hours. Wow, Brad and then Mark, then Tony and then all three again and lastly, a foursome. Wowie, wow, she wondered if there was a position you could do it in an office that they didn’t just do it in. And now she was on her way home to show her husband just how much cum was in her pussy!

“You are such a SULT!” She said out loud.

She walked in the house, “hi honey, I’m home.”

He was in the family room watching TV and came to great her. “Sooo, stayed late huh?”

“Yes, and I have a prize just for you.”

“Oh, I see you forgot your bra today, he said as he pinched an erect nipple.”

“Shit,” I left another one in the office. “That will cost me she said.”

“Huh,” John asked?

“Never mind, I’ll tell you later, do you want your surprise?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“There is something on my breasts that may interest you along with some other places.” “Shall we go to the bedroom?”

“Certainly, my dear.”

As she walked down the hall, she made sure to wiggle her ass just for show. She walked straight to the bed and turned around and unbuttoned her blouse and opened it.

“See, here and here and here, there’s something on it, maybe I dripped pizza cheese what do you think?”

Walking up to her he looked closely, “no, I don’t’ think it’s cheese, looks more creamy than cheesy.” “Hmm, you know what it reminds me of?”

“No, what?” She giggled.

“Sperm, it looks just like what comes out of a guy’s dick when he is having sex.” “And there appears to be a large wet spot on your jeans also.”

“Sperm, goodness how on earth could that get on there?”

John undid her jeans and carefully pulled them down over her butt and then down past her thighs. Hmm, looks like there is quite a bit of the stuff here too, your jeans are a mess! “How do you explain getting pizza cheese down here?”

“Oh, well we were eating pizza naked.” she giggled, as if that was an everyday occurrence at work.

John gently pushed her back and she fell on the bed and pulled her cummy jeans off of her legs, then he raised her legs and spread them a little and licked her bare cummy pussy.

“Oh, yeah baby, that’s it, lick me, lick my messy pussy,” she moaned as she spread her legs further apart and reached between her legs for his head to pull him into her cummy cunt. “Get all baby!”

John began licking her slowly using the flat of his tongue and then he tickled her clit with the tip of his tongue before parting her pussy lips and licking her cunt. He knew how much she enjoyed having him lick her after she fucked the guys at work but what he really wanted was the prize she promised him, and that was fucking her sloppy seconds so he intended to only licked the cunt a little but she forgot about his present and wanted her own present.

“That’s if baby, get all of that gooey cum out of there, oh yeah, lick my sloppy, sluty cunt!” She held his head fixed to her cunt with both hands while he licked her until her orgasm over took her and she began spraying cum and cunt juice all over his face.

He didn’t need any direct stimulation to get hard, just the thought of fucking her sloppy seconds did it. He rose up from his where he was and positioned his cock at her well used fuck hole and inserted it to the balls in one motion.

“Oh, God, you are a sloppy slut tonight, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I know, and I hurried home so you could have it all!”

“How many guys did you fuck tonight?”

“Three, and believe me, they worked it hard!” “They must have deposited several loads each and at least one in my ass and then on my boobs and the outside of my pussy!”

John raised her legs and put her heels over his shoulders and pulled her ass up close so he could get as deep as possible, which wasn’t hard as she had never been more open or sloppier than she was now! As he pushed in and pulled out cum oozed out around his cock.

“Oh, this is nasty, you should see the goo oozing out around my dick, it’s so much it’s coating my balls.”

“Oh, let me see, pull out and let me lick your balls!”

John complied by scooting up so his ball sack was in her face. Oh God, yeah, she moaned as she attacked his balls with her mouth and tongue. But as good as it felt to John, his real desire was to finish fucking his slutty wife, so he pulled his swollen balls out of her mouth and scooted back down and went back to fucking her as hard as he could!

“You like fucking my sloppy cunt, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah, I do, and you like me to be a nasty little cum slut, don’t you?”

“Yea, yes and YES!” “I admit it, but you like fucking office whores who are full of cum because you’re a nasty cum fucking man!”

“I must be, because you’re a hot sloppy fuck tonight!” “I’ll bet you enjoyed fucking three guys at once didn’t you, you little slut?”

“Yes, I did, I fucking loved it.” “They took me every way you can in an office.” They fucked me from behind, they fucked me from the front, they made me suck their cummy cocks and ass fucked me while I did!” “They came in me and then fucked me again and again until they were out of cum!”

“But this is the best fuck of the night baby!” “OH, FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR LITTLE FUCK SLUT!”

“AAAAGGGG” John groaned as he released his load into her over used and well lubricated cunt! He continued to stroke as he came and slipped out shooting hot gooey cum onto her stomach and pussy before reinserting his cock to finish in her cunt. When he stopped fucking her, he leaned back to look at her was amazed at the amount of cum that was running out of her cunt.

He looked up at her smiling face, “Oh God that was intense!” “But you’re leaking all over the bed.”

She looked at him and saw the gratification in his face. “Don’t worry about that, come here and let me hold you sweetheart she purred.”

John laid down on her cummy tummy and they cuddled in one another's arms, each in their own thoughts while their breathing and pulse return to normal.

Finally, John commented, “whew, you were really full tonight.”

“Yeah, tonight was really nasty, do you want me to tell you about it?”

“Sure, if you want to.”

“First, I did Brad in one of the store rooms.” “I got him to go there with me near the end of the day so no one would interrupt us and I had him lift me up onto a big box so I could get the numbers off of boxes behind the one I was on, but what I was really doing was showing him my ass and camel-toe in my jeans.” “He started making sly comments about something eating my pants form the inside.” “I could tell he was up to some hanky-panky.” “So, I had him remove my pants and once they were off my pussy was right there in front of his face and I know he could smell it, because I could.” “God, I was in heat, I swear, like a mare in heat needing a stud to mount her! Well, he just leaned in and ate me until I came all over his face.”

“Then I got down and blew him a little but I needed fucking since you haven’t’ been home much this week, so I turned around and told him to take me from behind and he filled my cunt with cum.”

“Then we went back to the office and I was going to come home and give you your prize, but he convinced me to stay for a drink.” “So, after I called you to tell you I was staying, I walked into Mark’s office and Mark, Brad and Tony are sitting there naked, so I joined them for a drink and then one thing led to another and we started fucking and sucking.”

“Who’s Tony?”

“Tony is the assistant production manager and is in charge of supplies for the plant.” Betty and I work with him a lot, and most of the women who work there are vying for his attention!” “I was a little surprised when I saw him there because I didn’t think he told anyone about our little adventure in the store room last week, but he must of or maybe they just invited him to join them sitting around naked, I don’t know and didn’t think to ask.”

“What little adventure, John asked sleepily?”

“It’s not important, I’ll tell you tomorrow,” she could see he was drifting off to sleep. She looked at him and smiled to herself. What a lucky girl I am to have a husband that is ok with me fucking other men. She closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder. After all, she had been a very busy girl this evening and needed some rest herself!


Chapter 12

Pool Man to the Rescue

The flowing day was Saturday and John had to work so she slept late and didn’t get started on housework until afternoon. It was around two in the afternoon when she finally made the bed and as she was smoothing the comforter, she noticed the big cum spot. It had dried, of course, but it was plainly visible. She ran her hand over it again feeling it and remembering her evening yesterday.

She went to the hamper and removed her jeans and checked the dried cum on them. She was surprised by the amount; holly shit she said to herself as she took the jeans back to the bed and then compared the two together. That is one hell of a lot of cum for one girl to receive in one evening, but then it was from three men she thought smiling.

She unconsciously reached for her crouch and squeezed her pussy, pressing her fingers against it firmly. She undid the button on her jeans and pulled them down with her underwear and her fingers found her hungry pussy. She rubbed it for a few minutes while she played back last night in her mind. She allowed herself to get just to the edge before she stopped, removed her jeans and reached for the KY and her dildo.

Once lubed she began rubbing it on the outside of her pussy just as Mark had done the night before; she then inserted just the head, savoring the delicious anticipation of receiving the entire cock. She put one foot up on the night stand as she had put one on the coffee table and then shoved the big thick rubber cock into her juicy cunt just as Mark had done with his very real, hard cock. She shuddered as the dildo hit bottom with the memory of Mark fast fucking her. Oh God, she moaned.

She fucked herself for a few minutes and then stopped and lubed a smaller vibrating dildo and pulling the larger one form her love tunnel she inserted the vibrator in her hungry cunt setting it on low. She then reached behind her and bending over she gently inserted the bigger dildo in her asshole.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, God that’s tight,” she moaned out loud, but it was tight last night also when Tony took her ass and Brad took her from the front standing up. Of course, last night she had 6’ 2” Brad to hold onto to keep her balance, now she needed both hands to fuck herself.

She could feel the two toys in her separated by only a thin layer of flesh and with the front toy vibrating she knew this would be a good orgasm. She turned the vibrator up while she used her other hand to short stroke her ass and when she felt the fireworks in her womb go off, she put her foot down thereby making both holes even tighter around her toys and tried to stay upright as her orgasm rocked her world!

“OH FUCK! OH, FUCK OH FUCK,” she screamed several times not thinking that she had not taken any precautions before masturbating as she normally did and close the window. It was open and the blinds were pulled partially back.

“Everything alright ma’am?”

Her hand froze at the sound of the male voice, it sounded so close. She opened her eyes and looked to the window. There stood a man looking in the window. She was frozen in place not recognizing him at first but the realization that there was a buzzing sound was overwhelming!

“I didn’t mean to interrupt or voyeur you ma’am, but I heard you screaming and was concerned that something might be wrong.”

Then it suddenly dawned on her who he was. “Oh, uh, hi James; um, give me a minute if you would, please.”

“Certainly ma’am, take all the time you need, I won’t bother you anymore now that I know you are not in trouble.” He turned and went back to the pool and picked up his brush.

“Oh shit, oh shit, what do I do,” she wondered. She slowly pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and then she gently removed the bigger dildo from her ass and put them in the sink. She took a couple of big breaths and told herself to think before she did anything but try as she might she couldn’t think of anything to do so she looked out the smaller window and watched James while trying to come up with what she should say or do and the only thing that came into her mind was what always did when she saw him and that was that he was a total hunk. God girl, you are turning into a total slut. Think!

But again, the only thing to come into her head was that he was probably in his mid-twenties, tall, tanned with a football player’s build. In fact, John had said he recognized James’s name from years ago when he was in high school here in town and he was the all-league player and went to college on a football scholarship.

Without thinking she called to him. “James, can I speak with you for a moment?”

“Sure ma’am,” he said as he put his tool down.

“Please come to the door,” she said and then she turned and went to unlock the back door forgetting to put on her jeans or even panties.

He was waiting for her when she got there so she unlocked the door and slid it open and stepped back so he could enter. Once he was in, she closed it again. “Please, come in, can I get you a drink or anything she asked walking to the refrigerator.”

“Oh sure, just a water is fine or a soda.”

She had to bend down to get the soda giving him a great view of her ass and pussy still glistening with her juices and the KY jelly. When she turned to offer him the soda, she saw he was staring at her crotch and that’s when it dawned on her she was naked from the waist down.

She looked to confirm her suspicion and then she looked up at his face, “oh shit, this is only getting worse, isn’t?”

“Oh, uh, no ma’am, it’s not worse or even bad from where I stand.”

She had to laugh, and then she looked at his crotch and saw that he had tented his surfer shorts. “Ah, yes, well thank you for being kind.”

“No ma’am, thank you.” “It’s not every day you see such a beautiful woman half naked. This makes a bad week, good.”

“Then it dawned on her, he was supposed to be here on Thursdays not Saturday. Why are you here today?”

“Oh, I guess your husband didn’t tell you but my mom was sick Thursday and I had to take her to the doctors, so I cancel my rounds and I am trying to make them up today.” “Your husband said it would be ok.”

“Oh, OK, well thanks a lot hubby.” “Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about what you saw through the window but now I have lost track of what I wanted to say so can we agree this will be just between you and me?”

He suddenly got a sly little smile on his lips, “oh, yeah, sure, no problem.”

“Ah, why do I have the distinct impression you are not being completely honest in your answer, James?”

“Well, a thought did cross my mind but never mind, but never mind.”

“Oh, and what were you thinking James?”

“Ah, nothing ma’am, honest.” “Your secret is safe with me.”

She looked at him carefully now wondering if he would say anything to any one or if he was just thinking out loud. She looked down at his crotch again and saw it was still tented.

A small smile now crossed her lips, “James, were you thinking that perhaps you could somehow blackmail me in the future?”

No, honest, I wouldn’t do that to you, I was just thinking that if you’re horny I sure wouldn’t mind helping you out so you didn’t need your toy. I have never had sex with a hot woman like you, but it was just a thought.

“Thank you, do you really think I’m attractive?”

“More like beautiful.”

“Hmm, well it appears you are just about ready, judging by the tent in your shorts.” “How would you like a blow job, James?”

“Yes, ma’am that would be great!”

“Ok, would you like to see all of me naked first?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Ok, but please stop calling me ma’am, it makes me feel older than I am, or at least older than I want to be.” She raised the t-shirt she was wearing and tossed it on the back of chair. Next, she unhooked her bra and put it with her shirt. “Here I am James, now let me see you.”


She giggled, “your shorts, James, I can’t blow you while you’re wearing them.” She stepped closer, “here let me and she pulled his tank top up over his wide smooth chest and head, running her hands over his chest she pinched his nipple then sucked it. She enjoyed seeing men’s nipples stand up just as they enjoyed seeing a woman’s. Her hands moved down to his slim waist and up to his shoulders and biceps which were huge!

“God your arms are big, I’ll bet you’re strong.”

She reached for his shorts and untied them and then pulled them down over his erect cock while she went to her knees. “That’s what I want to see, I want to see you the way you can see me.” “Hmm, very impressive!” She took his cock in her hand and stroked it lightly, tickling his balls with her other hand. She then placed her mouth over his incredibly hard cock, thinking, God it feels like iron. She sucked his fat cock in as far as she could but he was very thick so it was hard to get it all down. But as she continued to suck him her jaw loosen up a little more and before long she had her nose on his pubic hair and the head of his cock in her throat.

“AAAAGGGGGGGGG, GOD, he groaned.”

She smiled to herself and let out a “MMMMMMMMMM” which she knew vibrated a guy’s cock like a vibrator did her clit. She began sucking him quickly to see if he went off too quick, but after about 5 minutes of some of her best sucking, he was still urging her on.

Hmm, she thought, perhaps we should switch and try something else, my knees are sore from last night and now this. She raised up off of his cock and sucked his big balls into her mouth and tongued them good. Then she looked up at him and asked, “did you like watching me masturbate?”

“Yeah, I did, it was hot, you’re hot.”

“Ok, let me see you do it.”

“Huh, what?”

“Go ahead and jack your cock for me.”

He started jacking himself off and Diana reached for her pussy and began to finger herself, playing with her clit and then sticking fingers into her pussy. As her pussy still had the KY in it and that combined with her natural lubricant made her very wet. She suddenly decided that today was James lucky day because a blow job wasn’t all James was going to get this afternoon.

“When was the last time you fucked a woman, James?”

“Uh, it’s been a while and I have never fucked a woman as hot as you.”

Damn the kid knew all the right things to say. “Do you want to fuck me?

“Yes, very much!”

“Ok, but we can only do it this one time.” “Do you understand?”


“Ok, come with me,” and she led him to the bedroom. “What would like to do first?”

“I would like to see you doing what you were doing a little while ago.”

“Ok, we can do that she said,” retrieving her toys from the sink.

Forty minutes later she lay on her back with her feet over James’ shoulders panting as he continued a steady in and out rhythm that was about to cause another orgasm. “Oh God yes, oh fuck, fuck,” she whined for the umpteenth time that afternoon. “OH FUCK!!!!”

This time instead of just continuing to fuck her James increased his assault on her very tired cunt and soon joined her in orgasmic delight! “OH AAAAAHHHHHHHHH,” he groaned as he unloaded another load of creamy white cum into her.

As her senses began to return, she opened her eyes to leaning over her panting like he had just run for a touchdown!

“Wow, that was really fun Mrs. Johnson!”

“She had to laugh, yeah, I thought so too but I am not sure I will ever be able to walk again, James.” “God, you are the energizer bunny when it comes to sex.” “Do you always perform like that?”

“Sorry if I was a little rough, it has been a while since I had any and I have never had anyone like you before!” “Wow, you’re not only beautiful but you seem to like all positions.”

“This made her laugh again, yeah, I guess you could say that, she laughed.” “I hope I didn’t make a fool of myself acting like a horny housewife who never gets any cock!”

“Oh no ma’am, anyone who looks like you and likes sex as much as you do, must be getting all she wants, but if you ever need a little more, please feel free to call me!”

“James you are certainly one hell of a good lover,” she said as he slid his now slightly wilted cock out of her over flowing cunt. She could feel the flood begin immediately; a flood of warm, sticky, gooey cum seeping out of her cunt and running down her crack, over her asshole and spreading to her ass cheeks, finally, pooling on the comforter.

She leaned up and looked at her pussy, “and you sure come a lot she giggled.”

“This made him chuckle, sorry about that, like I said it has been a while, I guess it just stored up!”

“That’s ok, its just cum and it will come out in the wash!”

“Thank you, Ma’am; I think you are probably the best lover in the world.” “You matched me stroke for stroke and were sure willing to do different positions.”

“Oh gosh, when you say it like that it sounds terrible, I sound like an dirty old whore!”

“Oh no ma’am, you are not terrible, just the opposite!” “You’re beautiful and sexy and wonderful!” I just meant that you seem to like sex as much as guys do and you fuck back like you like sex twice as much as we do.

“Ok, I guess you mean it as a complement so I’ll accept it that way.” “I take it most of the women you have sex with are not too much into it?”

“No, girls my age just lay back wondering when it will be over or if they do get into it a little, it’s just until they climax and then that’s it; they don’t care that the guy hasn’t come yet, but you want to keep going and going and you even sucked me after I came in you so we could go again!” “Man, your husband is a lucky man.”

She smiled at him, “thank you James, and don’t give up on women your age.” “We woman are all wired differently and someday you will find the girl who wants to fuck your brains out and then you can settle down and raise a family.”

“Oh, thank ma’am, but I don’t think anyone could do it better than you just did it!”

“Ahh, thank you James, that’s sweet. They lay there trying to regain their strength quietly talking about his football career, college and how he wound up being a pool man. He eventually revealed that there were several ladies on his route that like to tease with topless sun bathing and sometimes nude too, but only one who liked to have sex now and again and he sure hoped she would want to again.

“Oh, so you have perks so to speak with this job.” “What sort of things do you do with this other woman?”

“Oh, just straight sex or oral.” “Nothing like we just did and certainly none of them have let me take them anally.”

“Oh, you like anal?”

“Uh, I don’t know, I only did it once in college and she cried a lot so we stopped.”

“You are pretty big, and if you are not careful that thing could really hurt a girl.” “You probably didn’t give her time to loosen up and you need plenty of lube, especially if she isn’t use to it and doesn’t know how to relax her sphincter.”

“Do you do anal?”

Diana laughed, so that’s where this is going, she thought. She looked him in the eye. “Do you want to find out?”

“Oh, hell yeah, I want to find out.”

Ok, she said with a little smile and then she went down on him to see is she could get him up after the marathon fucking she had just received a short while ago, which was really two fuckings or back-to-back fuckings however you want to look at it. Sure enough, he responded. She lubed his cock and her asshole really well and then got up on her knees on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs wide so her butt wouldn’t be too high and told James to positioned himself behind her standing on the floor.

With her giving him instructions on how to go slow and allow the lady to become accustom to his cock he successfully got his cock in her without much difficulty.

“Ok, now just start out nice and slow to lube everything up good.” “Aaahhh, yeah, there you go, that’s good, she moaned as his long thick cock invaded her ass!” “Oh, fuck yeah, you’re doing very good James!”

Once he was completely inside of her and began a long, slow ass fuck that included fucking on her doggy through an orgasm, then face down on the bed where it felt like his big cock was in so deep it was hitting her stomach and finally laying on her back with him fucking her ass from the front and filling it with the last of his young cum as she reached yet another orgasm! Damn he could fuck!

Later, she kissed him softly at the back door and reminded him that this wouldn’t be a regular thing, but if he kept her secret there very well may be repeats.

“Thank you, ma’am, I sure hope so.” “I better finish up and get going, I am late to my next appointment?”

“I hope it’s not the lady who likes sex, you may be tapped out!” She laughed.

“No, it’s not, and you're right, I am tapped out" "Thank you again, I really enjoyed today!”

As she made her way back to the bedroom, she couldn’t help thinking that when it rains it pours. Just a few months ago she was getting laid by John once or twice a week and on occasions they swapped with some friends. Now she was getting laid more than she had ever been in her life and she was in her forties. In the last 24 hours she had sex with four different men and three of had taken her ass! What a strange, yet wonderful turn of events.

She showered and then looked out the window but James was gone. Good, she thought, as much as she was enjoying her new sex life there are limits! She dressed and then looked at the bed, or more specifically at her poor comforter. There were more cum spots and one was so big she was almost embarrassed to take it in to the cleaners but she knew she needed to. She wiped up what she could of the cum off of it and dried it a bit with a hair dryer so it didn’t look like she had just been fucked on it and took it to the cleaners.

She couldn’t help smiling all the way home from the cleaners because she doubted, the man at the cleaners bought the story about the cat. The little Asian man just smiled at her and said “we see all the time, we’ll get it all clean, no worry.” He probably sees a lot more comforters with big wet stains than she could imagine she thought.

Later that night when she talked to John about the day she just said, “oh, that good-looking young pool man was here today.”

“Oh yeah, James, he called on Thursday and said someone was sick and he had to help them but would make up the visit.” “Did he take care of everything or was it just the old dash in and dash out that the last pool guy used to do when he was behind?”

“No, he was slow, deliberate and took care of everything quite thoroughly, I think.”

“Good.” They chatted a bit and she mentioned that she had to take the comforter to the cleaners and he laughed, “yeah, I’ll bet the little Asian guy is wondering why it’s back so soon?”

“Oh, I told him the cat threw up on it but I doubt he believed me she laughed.” Thinking that last night’s cum spot was nothing compared to what she and James made today!

As she hung up and got ready for bed, she thought about what she had done over the last two days and wondered if perhaps she had gone too far with regard to her new-found sexual freedom. Specifically, the way she was ready to do it at the drop of a hat, any hat. As she thought about it, she realized she was now the pursuer rather than the one guys pursued, which had always been the case in the past. Traditionally, guys hunt pussy, not the other way around, but she realized that with only the original contact from Mark she was pursuing the guys, or at least making it painfully obvious she wanted them to pursue her for sex. The last thing she wanted was to become a easy slut who would do it anytime a guy unzipped his fly!

The following day was Sunday and John came home around 9am and she was in the kitchen making breakfast.

“Wow, what’s going on, you’re up early?”

“Yeah, got to bed early last night so I thought I would make you breakfast like I used to.”


During breakfast John sensed that she was bothered by something. Everything all right? he asked.

“Uh, oh, I don’t know, just thinking I guess, she replied.”

“Seems something is eating at you and if you want to talk about it, I’m all ears.”

That obvious, she asked?

“Yeah, pretty obvious.”

“Ok, I suppose I should because I’m not getting anywhere with just rehashing it in my brain.” “So, my dilemma is whether I am becoming a whore who will do anyone any time they want me to or if I still have sex outside our marriage in the proper perspective!”

“Ok, why do you think that may be going too far?”

“Because of how quickly I jumped back into bed with Mark, then was completely fine with doing Bran and now Tony, and then just doing all there just because they were horny.”

“Ok, I know you had sex the other night but I don’t know the details and I sense that it is the details that have you wondering, right?”

“Yes, ok, let me back up and be completely honest.” “Friday night wasn’t the first time I did it with Tony.” “I let him take me, or rather I ordered him to take me in the storeroom one day last week when I caught him and Debby doing it and then after I sucked him, I told him to fuck me.” “Then Friday, I was trying to seduce Brad and then come home and have you do me too.” “But it turned into a mini orgy and I let them do anything they wanted to me.”

“What do you mean, anything they wanted to do?”

“Oh, nothing really kinky or hurtful, but I let them fuck me as much as they wanted to.” “I let the them face fuck me, fuck me in the ass, hell I may have stood on my head and let them fuck me, and then I came home and begged you to do me too.” “And what’s bothering me is that I LOVE IT!”

“I loved every minute of it, every cock, every thrust and especially every time they came in or on me.” “In fact, each time they did it only made me want to do it more!” “And not just last Friday, I loved them doing me, you doing me, me eating Debby in the storeroom after Tony took me.” “I love fucking Mark in the motel, in his office, anywhere.” “And, then yesterday I was masturbating while thinking about Friday night and I made too much noise and the pool guy was here and he heard me and came to check and saw me through the window and I ended up fucking and sucking him until he was drained of cum.” “I even let him take my ass after fucking me senseless!” “And I loved that too! I came twice while he did my ass and I don’t know how many times when he was in my pussy!”

“It’s like I can’t say no, or control myself.” “What do you think, do you think I have become a whore?” “Because you called me one the other night.”

“Oh, did I?”

“Yes, you did, did you mean it in a negative way?”

“Oh no, of course not and if I offended you I am truly sorry.” “I was just caught up in the nastiness of you doing three men and then coming home to me oozing cum and us doing it and both of us enjoying it!” “But I don’t think you are a whore or that you would do it with just anyone you meet.”

“You don’t think I have gone a little crazy lately?”

“I don’t know about crazy, but you certainly have released your inter slut.” “But you are not trading sex for money or a job or jewelry or anything other than pleasure.” “I would say you are enjoying a rather robust sex life right now.” “You said you love the sex you are you having, right, and you are orgasming more than ever, correct?”

She blushed slightly, which she normally didn’t do. “Yes, to both, and I guess that is what is worrying me.” “What if I’m addicted to sex?”

“I don’t think you’re addicted to sex, necessarily, but you are sure fonder of it than you have ever been, but you also said you read about a woman hitting her sexual peak in her late thirties or early forties.” “I guess this is just you in high gear, but if this opportunity hadn’t offered itself, I don’t think you would be acting this way.” “It appears that stars were aligned and you found both men and opportunity to do what you’re doing.”

“Do you think the guys look at me as easy?”

“I’m sure they do, because you are pretty easy.” “So, if you’re guilty of anything its being an easy piece of ass.” “Now that may sound bad because you were brought up not to be one of “those girls” that are easy, but those girls had a hell of a lot more fun in the sex department than you and the other good girls had in high school and after.”

“She laughed, yeah, just how many bad girls did you know in high school?”

“None, unfortunately, or rather one, but seriously, if you think they are taking you for granted than just say no one time and set them straight.” “But if you are pursuing sex then and they are falling for into your traps, then they are the easy piece of cock – man sluts!” John laughed.

She laughed too, “ok, as long as you don’t think I am risking our marriage, then I guess I’m ok; thanks for talking that though and you’re ok with me doing the pool man?”

“Well, it’s done now, so I guess so; after all I have seen the way you drool when you watch him work.”

She blushed a little again. “Yeah, he has great big muscles and not just in his arms and chest and they are really hard, too, all of them!” “I think he is going to be back looking for a little more in the not-too-distant future.” “I told him it was a one-time thing but I doubt he got the message and I doubt he is getting much, judging by the way he came and what he told me.”

“What did he tell you?”

“Oh, just that girls his age don’t much like sex and there is only one MILF on his route that lets him do her now and then but it is just straight missionary sex.” “But I do it all!” Doggy, me on top, 69, I even let him take my ass and he said that was his first real anal!”

“So, I suppose you’re going to corrupt this poor man before he is old enough to vote.”

Oh, stop, he is in 24 or 25 and I think he gets a little more than he says, he just has a big cock and a big appetite for sex and probably wants it every day. But now that we are talking about it, do you mind if I do him again?

“No, but just keep it sane and not too often, I wouldn’t want him cleaning the pool every day and if he does become a regular see if we can get a discount! John laughed.

“She looked at him, but then I would be trading sex for something, wouldn’t that make me a whore?”

“Yeah, but I would be your pimp and I always wanted to be a pimp and run a stable of women!”

“She laughed, yeah, like you could handle more than one of me!”

He took her in his arms and kissed her, and she melted!

“I love you, she whispered in his ear, now come with me, while we discus how much I should charge.” She led him down the hall!


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