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Mark meets Tatyana and despite having some great sex has no clue how his entire world will be turned upside down by the spell she casts.
Until about six months ago, I never put much stock in witchcraft or spells. I always envisioned them two ways: the Hollywood portrayal of good or bad and the kind of strange bunch that form covens and dance around fires in the forest. I never considered either representation as legitimate. Let’s face it, Hollywood depicted witches as evil green-faced hags flying on brooms or elegant beauties floating in air. The 60’ and 70’s didn’t alter the pattern much with a housewife good witch with a semi-hag mother or the sexy Elvira. The covens still roamed the forest and gained little image improvement with the movie, “The Blair Witch Project”.

Now I consider myself a relatively intelligent guy. I have run my own business for several years providing research and documentation as a logistic expert. I have built a steady clientele that pays the bills and lets me enjoy life. Every once and again I will pick up a bonus contract from a referral that will fill in open space on my calendar. Having just come off one such payday and not having anything slated for the next two weeks, I decided to treat myself by flying down to New Orleans for a 10-day getaway. I figured between the sights, the nightlife on Bourbon Street and the casinos, I could probably find something fun. Two days later I was on an afternoon flight with a hotel booked near Bourbon Street.

The evening I arrived, I didn’t figure to do much more than catch dinner at one of the Cajun joints, maybe get a beer at some dive and then crash back at the hotel. Dinner was nice as I always love that style food. I decided I would pop into a little bar I had passed in route to the restaurant for a cold one when heading back to the hotel. It was a little dead inside, probably because it was a Monday so I had no trouble getting a table or a waitress to take my order. She introduced herself as Tatyana and asked what she could bring me. I asked if they had any good local stouts and she said “sure, let me bring you our Voodoo Stout.” She returned minutes later with a pint glass of very dark beer with a small brown head of foam. Setting it down she smiled and said, “Enjoy, I’ll be back to check on you in a few.” As I started to sip the beer, I could pick up on the heavy notes of chocolate and coffee and found it quite enjoyable. After cleaning a couple tables and serving another customer, Tatyana returned to my table. Since there was little on the television, I had been watching her move around. She had quite a nice figure to go with her very attractive face. Her breasts were not huge but were well defined in her tight t-shirt. Her figure flowed nicely down to her hips and a tight, round ass was framed well in a pair of tight jeans. Standing in front of me she struck up a conversation.

TATYANA: “Since I haven’t seen you in here before, I’m guessing you’re a tourist.”

ME: “You could say that, I just flew in from Atlanta. I’m Mark, Mark Simons.”

TATYANA: “Business or pleasure?”

ME: “Strictly pleasure. Hoping to catch some nightlife and maybe a casino or two. You want to sit down?”

TATYANA: “Let me check on that other guy and maybe I will.”

She wandered over to the only other patron in the bar and after a brief discourse went and pulled his tab from the bar. Meanwhile, I was thinking ‘woo-hoo maybe I’ll get lucky the first night in town.’ As she dropped the receipt on the guest’s table, she thanked him for stopping in and invited him back anytime. Walking over to my table, she sat in the chair to my right. It was the first time I truly saw her face well and she was strikingly beautiful. I could not tell her eye color in the dimly lit bar but her eyes were mesmerizing. We chatted for quite a while about virtually everything but nothing of importance. Ironically or perhaps intentionally, through the over-an-hour-and-another-beer conversation, we avoided the three big items: politics, religion and sex. I did learn that Tatyana was from the bayou country near New Orleans and that she was named after her great-grandmother who was a powerful woman in their town. As the travel and beers started wearing on me, I told Tatyana it was about time for me to head out.

Frowning, she said, “Gee, you’re going to leave me here all by my lonesome? Where are you staying?”

ME: “I’m at the Crowne Plaza,” and then I rolled the dice. “Maybe you could swing by after work for a night cap?”

TATYANA: “Naw, I’m exhausted by the time I get outta here. I would show and just crash on you. How long are you here for?”

ME: “I’ve got 10 uncommitted days. Maybe you can show me some sites.”

TATYANA: “I’ll show you more than sites, if your game. I get off for a couple days, maybe we can get together,” and she winked at me.

Maybe it was the beer or maybe fatigue as I missed her insinuation of getting off together and said, “Uh, yeah, sure. What time you wanna meet?”

As she scribbled on a napkin, Tatyana said “come by my place 2-ish,” and handed me the paper.

As I threw $30 on the table and headed for the door, she smiled and said “Thanks for the tip, hope I get another one tomorrow.”

I didn’t miss that line and quipped, “I’ll hold up my end, just hope you do the same.”

I slept in the next day figuring I had nowhere to be before 2 and hoping to be out late that evening. Once awake and showered, I milled around the room. Time seemed to drag through the late-morning/early afternoon. I had checked the address and since the weather was mild and her place wasn’t far, I planned to walk. I left in sufficient time as not to arrive right at 2 as I didn’t want to seem over eager. It was about 2:20 when I knocked.

Tatyana answered the door in a halter top and tiny little blue jean shorts. I was taken aback now that I could see her in natural light. The eyes I was mesmerized with the night before were even more captivating. They were a gorgeous green and just seemed to hypnotize you. She said, “I had hoped you hadn’t chickened out” and stepped up to hug me. She pressed against me and my arm wrapped around her to squeeze her close. Feeling her breasts press against me, it didn’t take a sleuth to realize she was braless, which only raised my hopes of some action. She quickly retreated back into her place and gave me a view of her absolutely perfect ass scarcely contained in the shorts. “Come on in for a minute, then we’ll get going,” she said, followed with “I hope you got lots of rest ‘cause I’m gonna wear you out today. I hope you can keep up with me.”

I stepped in and pushed the door closed behind me, not sure how quick her minute would be. I assured her, “Give it your best shot; I think I can hang with just about anything.”

As she reached the raised bar that divided the living room from the kitchen, Tatyana turned toward me and said, “Before we go, there’s something I must tell you. And after you hear it, if you leave, I’ll understand. And if you start with jokes or crass comments, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.”

By now my mind was reeling, ‘What could she possibly tell me that would make me bolt or generate crass comments? What she really a he? Did she have some weird disease that meant sex was off the agenda? What?’

TATYANA: “I am a witch.”

ME: pausing a second, “Oh, okay. Does that mean our date’s off?”

TATYANA: “No, but some guys automatically think I’m nuts or start making fun of me or tell stale jokes I’ve heard too many times and I would hate for either of us to be surprised later.”

I blurt out, “I’m cool with it,” while the whole time my mind ran the gambit of nuts to a host of stupid witch comments. Ultimately, I think my lust overpowered any fear or stupidity. “Where we goin’ first?”

We spent several hours strolling through various parts of the French Quarter, checking out shops, her explaining some of the history and otherwise having a good time. On multiple occasions she would brush up against me with various parts of her body and one time backed her sweet little ass into my crotch as she bent over under the premise of looking at something on a shelf. Far be it from me to discourage her flirtatious overtures. I too took opportunities to press against her body or put my arm around her and pat her butt cheek. I think a blind man could see where all this was headed. If I was wrong, I would surely return to the hotel with a case of ‘blue balls’.

As the evening started to shade the area, I asked if she was hungry and wanted to stop somewhere. She smiled with a twinkle in her eyes and said, “No, I think we should head back to my place. I’m sure we can find something to eat there.” Pleased at the prospects that were unfolding, I laced my arm around her waist and said. “Lead on.” Fifteen minutes later we were opening the door to her place. As she goes into another room, she calls out, “There’s glasses in the cabinet by the fridge, ice in the freezer and liquor on the cart. Why don’t you pour us up something?”

“What’s your poison?” I ask as I gathered the glassware.

“Bourbon on the rocks,” she announced.

By the time I finish pouring up a pair of drinks, she is emerging from the other room having exchanged her halter top for a light, wispy blouse with a deep plunging neckline and only a couple buttons holding the front closed. As I handed her the drink, I quipped, “I thought you were going to wear me out today?” Tatyana led the way to her couch and motioned for me to sit and replied with a grin, “The day isn’t over yet.” I took a spot more or less in the middle to guarantee she would be close on one side or the other. She dropped onto one end and immediately plopped her long, lovely legs across my lap, crossing her ankles. As we sipped our cocktail and chatted, I took the liberty of slowly massaging Tatyana’s feet, first one then the other, working from the heel to the toes.

“That feels good,” she murmured.

ME: “I figured someone who’s on their feet all the time needs an occasional relief.”

As we talked about what we had done and seen that day or what was going on in town, I moved my attention from her feet to her calves. Her skin was remarkably soft and smooth. Initially, I only could rub the side of the calves while her legs were crossed. Whether it was to accommodate me or avail herself to more touching, Tatyana uncrossed her legs and gave me access to the complete calves. She must have been enjoying it some as her nipples became visible points beneath the thin fabric of her blouse.

As I gently kneaded the muscle she asked, “Are you trying to endear yourself to me?”

Grinning I retorted, “Is it working?”

I slowly moved my massage to just above her knee. I didn’t want to be so bold as to just slide my hand up Tatyana’s thigh but I did have hopes of reaching her prize. While not fully relinquishing control, she parted her legs just enough that I could squeeze the lower thighs. Her legs were soft but taut with the muscles and either imagined or real, seemed to get warmer closer to her torso. Suddenly, she swings her legs off me, sitting up quickly. The swiftness of her move made me think I had gone too far. Rather, she snatched up the empty glasses and said, “my turn to get the drinks. Same for you?”

“Sure,” I stammered.

As she returned with fresh drinks, Tatyana set them on the table before the couch and sat down right next to me. As I leaned forward to retrieve my glass, Tatyana framed my face with her hands turning me toward her and began kissing me. It was a long, deep, wet kiss where our tongues tangled together in their own little mating dance.

Breaking from the kiss after a few minutes, Tatyana says, “I have a little test for you.”

ME: “A test? What kinda test?”

Reaching for a thin magazine laying on the table near our drinks, she picked it up and handed it to me. I looked at the cover and then at her rather curiously. Putting her hand on it so as to prevent me from opening it she proceeded, “There are 2 pictures each of 8 models, a facial and a full body. I want you to pick the model you like best and tell me why you picked her.”

ME: “If you aren’t in there, then I can’t pick the one I like best.”

TATYANA: “That’s so sweet. And no I am not in there. Now get busy you only have a few minutes.”

As she grabbed her drink and lounged back on the couch I opened the magazine. There on the first pages was a very attractive young lady. On the left side was a close-up face picture and on the right she was posed in a bikini such that one could see many of her features. I wasn’t sure whether to take Tatyana serious or what the purpose was, so I flipped through all the pages briefly to see about narrowing down the pool of candidates. Each model had different attributes that a man might find attractive, long hair, short hair, big breasts or more average, long shapely legs, different size derrieres. The faces were also unique in that some had fuller lips, others beautiful eyes and others, dimples. While 4 were Anglo, 2 were Black, 1 Hispanic and 1 Asian. After pouring over them a few minutes, I picked one. Sitting up Tatyana looked at my ***********ion and said, “Yes, she is very nice. Why did you pick her?” I knew I would be put on the spot so I started some generalities.

“Well, I like her breasts as they are not too big, well-shaped. Her medium-length hair is attractive. I like her nice, shapely legs and her tight little butt. I like her dimples as they make her look wholesome, almost the ‘girl next door’ type, but you can see a hint of mischief in her eyes. She strikes me as the girl you might take home to meet your parents, but she going to go down on you while driving over.”

“Interesting,” said Tatyana. “I think she was a good pick and your reasons legit.”

ME: “So did I pass?”

TATYANA: “You would only fail if you couldn’t pick one. But you scored better because of your reasons.”

ME: “Scored? What did I win?”

TATYANA: “You’ll see.”

Tossing the magazine back on the table, Tatyana stands and reaching out her hand said, “Come on, I’ll show you the rest of my place.”

The place was not huge, basically a hall running from the living room toward what I assumed were bedrooms. The first door we came to was a rather large bathroom that had a walk-in shower at one end and in the center a big claw-foot bathtub like you would see a century ago.

I commented, “Wow, this is bigger than I would’ve imagined. Where did you find such an exquisite bathtub?

TATYANA: “That has been handed down in my family for generations. I absolutely love soaking in it, imagining all my grandmothers and great-grandmothers having soaked in it before.”

ME: “It looks almost big enough for two.”

TATYANA: “Oh yes, two can have quite a nice time in it.”

Moving across the hall, we stepped into a bedroom. The room looked a little small but that could have been the result of the rather large antique four-post bed that consumed much of the floor space.

Thinking she would have a master bedroom, I asked, “Whose bedroom is this?”

“Why mine, of course,” replied Tatyana. “That bed too has been passed down for many generations. I can envision many of the matriarchs of the family having seduced many a lover in it.”

ME: “So is there any chance you try to seduce me and add to the legacy?”

Tatyana snapped back, “You haven’t earned the privilege of sleeping in my bed.”

Her tone was so sharp it caught me off guard a moment and I knew not to question the topic again. She took my hand and we proceeded further down the hall. As we reached the door at the end, she smiled and said, “This room is my play room. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

As she opened the door and entered, I followed closely. Once inside, it was sensory overload. This room was much larger than the bedroom, almost as if this was meant to be the master bedroom. The air was slightly perfumed and there was soft music playing. The lighting was soft but not dim. Strewn around on the floor were various cushions of different sizes and shapes, mats and small mattresses. The walls were adorned with erotic art of lovers in various sexual positions or performing sensual acts together. In the center of the room was what looked to be a narrow table or raised bed. As I looked around and moved toward the table, I neglected to notice Tatyana dropping her tiny shorts near the door. Standing adjacent to the table, I noticed it had about a 6 inch hole in the center.

Curious, I asked, “What’s the table for?”

Tatyana, stepping up behind me and wrapping her arms around my chest, said “If a lover gets fatigued, I have been known to give a very erotic massage that tends to rejuvenate them.”

ME: “Oh? And what purpose does the hole in the middle serve?”

Letting her left hand drift down to my crotch, Tatyana cupped my manhood and said “If you’re up, you certainly wouldn’t want to be laying on it, would you? Besides, I give a very deep, penetrating rub that has been known to cause some lovers to explode. You wouldn’t want to be lying in a puddle would you?” The entire time she was replying, she gently squeezed my cock, causing it to begin swelling.

I turned around and began kissing her deeply. It was when I reached down to pull her closer and felt nothing but lace panties that I realized her shorts were gone. I kneaded the fleshy mound of her butt cheek and pulled her against me pressing her crotch to mine.

Breaking from the kiss after a bit, Tatyana leaned back and started unbuttoning my shirt. Staring intently into my eyes, she softly said “Now we’re going to have some fun. Have you ever had sex with a witch?”

ME: “No, can’t say that I have.’

TATYANA: “Ah, a virgin.”

ME: “Not hardly, I’ve had my share of lovers.”

TATYANA: “Mere mortal women. You are in for an entirely new experience. Understand this, you will not cum unless I tell you you can.” At that she put her index finger against my forehead and as she pressed it, she repeated, “Remember, you will not cum unless I say you can.”

For a brief moment, a shiver ran through me but I just smiled and said “Whatever you want my dear.”

I hastily unbuttoned the two holding her blouse closed and revealed her beautiful rounded breasts with erect nipples jutting out half an inch as she completed releasing my buttons and pushed my shirt off my shoulders. I leaned forward and started kissing her neck and shoulder with the intent of moving to her breast. Placing her hand on the back of my head, Tatyana guided me at the pace she wanted as I worked down her soft skin. As my lips grazed the nipple, my mouth opened to welcome it in and my tongue started bathing it. I dawdled over it for some time, sucking and licking it. My tongue touched and teased every bit of her areola. After a bit, Tatyana gently moved my mouth to the valley between her titties as I kissed my way down the side of the first and up the other breast. I then committed as much attention to this nipple as the first.

As she stepped away from my oral expressions, Tatyana took my hand and led me to a particular mat and cushion where she sat such that she leaned against the cushion with her legs slightly spread and knees raised. Pulling me down to her, I positioned myself between her legs and met her mouth for another long kiss. Tatyana started pressuring my body to move down toward her breasts. But as I paused to try and suck one of her nipples, she maintained pressure moving me passed them. In a heavy throaty voice, she whispered, “I have something sweet for you.” As I kissed my way past her navel and moved my body further down the mat, I knew where she was directing me and was more than willing to go there. As my face passed her waist I encountered her black lace panties. I pressed my mouth against her womanhood through the fabric, and inhaled the fragrance of her growing arousal. Not wishing to wait any longer, I pulled the sides of her panties down as I raised her legs in front of me. As she lowered her legs spreading them to each side of me, I saw her neatly trimmed bush leading to a luscious pair of vaginal lips that glistened slightly from the dampness that had developed.

I lowered my head back between her legs and my first pass was a broad sweeping lick with my tongue from the bottom to the top. Tatyana tasted wonderful, with a light sweetness to the moisture I captured. As my tongue reached the top of her slit, I could feel the bump of her hidden clitoris. I heard a quiet little moan indicating her approval. I wrapped my arms around each of her legs to permit my hands to pull her open slightly. In doing so, her clit peeked out of its little hood. I figured I had plenty of time to play with it so I dropped my tongue down and began pushing it into her vaginal opening. I tasted more wetness and knew I was going to enjoy eating her out. From that point on I worked my tongue all over her pussy. I alternated between tonguing her hole to flicking or sucking her clit. As an occasional surprise, I would run my tongue down to her asshole and tickle that opening.

After a while, she was moving her hips to coincide with my tongue licks and her moans were increasing. Next thing I heard was “Oh yes! Make me cum with that tongue!! Stick in it me. Oohh suck me.” As her excitement built, I was glad I had my arms wrapped around her legs as her hips were bucking and it was the only way I could keep my mouth on task. Then suddenly she grabbed the back of my head and held it firmly against her crotch as she orgasmed, blurting out repeatedly, “Oh that’s so fuckin’ good. Eat me! Eat me! Eat me!” As she came, her cream started dribbling out of her pussy which I gladly lapped up. While her juices did not flood out like a girl squirting, her cum was different from other women as it just kept dribbling out in a little stream. The taste was sweet like it contained honey or sugar and was not only addictive but somewhat intoxicating. I continued licking all she gave to a chorus of “eat it up. Eat it all up. Make me cum again.”

Intent on giving her what she wanted, I resumed my oral assault by sucking her clit between my lips and battering it with my tongue. I was so focused on getting Tatyana off again, I didn’t notice that she pussy was still flowing cream and what didn’t smear on my chin ran down her ass crack and pooled on the mat. As her hips again began humping against my mouth and tongue I knew another orgasm was approaching. When she grabbed my hair pulling me tight into her crotch and squeezed me between her thighs, all I could hear was, “Oh yes. Oh yes. That’s it. Yes. Mmmm. Yes.” Tatyana held me with my tongue pressed into her pussy as the ecstasy subsided. When finished and the liquid flow eased, she pushed my head away using the fistful of hair she had grabbed.

“Roll over onto your back,” she demanded.

As I moved from between her legs, I spied the rather copious amount of her cum on the mat that had escaped my best efforts at sucking it up. I laid on the adjacent mat and Tatyana rose from the inclined position she had previously taken to kneeling next to me.

“Now it’s my turn to play around,” she said; followed by, “But I’m not gonna let you sit by idle.”

As she shifted her left leg to the far side of my head, I suddenly had her wet pussy mere inches above my face. And when she laid down on my body, it lowered nicely to my mouth. I did not need any urging to resume eating her out. Looping my arms around her legs, my hands gently kneaded her butt cheeks and pulled her down to allow greater penetration with my tongue.

Meanwhile, I could feel her pursuing my manhood. First the button on the pants then the zipper, she was peeling the jeans down. I raised my ass slightly to allow them from beneath my butt. While I could feel my erection sticking above the elastic band of my underwear, Tatyana still slid her hand into the briefs and wrapped her fingers around it. As she raised it up, the briefs slid down such that it was now completely free. With a firm grip and a slow, deliberate movement, she stroked my cock. My mind bounced back and forth from the sensation she was giving my erection to the pussy I was busy tonguing.

When I felt her start bathing the head of my cock with her tongue, my tongue and lips went on autopilot as I focused on the exquisite feeling she was giving. After several trips up and down the shaft with her tongue and an occasional lap around the head, I felt her take several inches of my cock into her mouth, wrapping her lips around its girth. As she proceeded to suck up and down on it, I started to raise my hips to meet her oral descend down the shaft. Not pleased by my movement, Tatyana quickly grabbed my balls and pulled down. The sudden pain was all I needed to understand that was not allowed. As her pattern of sucking and licking grew consistent, I returned my focus on her pussy and clit. I was determined to make her cum again and this time be in a position to drink all her love juice. I noticed just above my face, tucked between her cheeks was her tight little asshole, that seemed to be winking as it puckered and unpuckered with our movements. Feeling emboldened by the acceleration of movement both in my crotch and in my face I decided to play a little with the hole. I started, first just sliding my finger over it both to judge Tatyana’s reaction and to coat my finger with the stickiness that had drained through her crack earlier. I wasn’t sure where her focus was, her approaching orgasm or the oral talents she was displaying on my cock, but she seemed unfazed by my toying with her rosebud. I decided to take her to the limits and on one of the slides, I crooked my finger slightly and it slid unrestricted into her anal opening. Moments later, Tatyana was spiraling into a major orgasm. Much to my surprise, to muffle her screams of ecstasy, she pushed my entire dick into her mouth and throat while letting out a muffled cry. I was totally absorbed in trying to lap up the steady stream of juice now flowing again from her pussy while pumping my finger in and out of her ass. Tatyana’s vaginal lips seemed to be flexing in an effort to push more juice from deep within.

As the orgasm subsided, I extracted my digit from her ass and she removed my cock from her mouth. As she rose up from her position over my face, she rotated so as to straddle my cock. Lowering down onto my member she looks straight into my eyes and with a throaty voice said, “Now you’re gonna fuck me until you can’t fuck any more. We’re gonna do it like wild rabbits and you’re gonna make me cum many more times.”

As my cock sank into her pussy, I could feel all of her cum that had built up inside coating me and squishing out. At first, Tatyana lifted and lowered, going from scarcely having the tip held by her lips to taking my full length deep inside her. As she bounced up and down on me, there seemed to be no end to her juices as a trickle would accumulate and run down my crotch. Building up a rhythm her speed intensified and as she was clutching her breast and throwing her head back, she blurts, “Yes, there it is. Oh yes. Hmmm. Oh it feels good.”

As her orgasm subsided, she laid across my chest a little breathless. My erection was still buried deep within her vagina as she started to rock up and down. Needing no encouragement, I raised my legs a little spreading Tatyana wide and started thrusting into her. It was slow, deliberate thrusts so as to keep her near an orgasm. This lasted about five minutes before she started pushing back against my thrusts and grinding her clit against my cock. I tried to maintain a steady pace but as wet as Tatyana had become, I would occasionally slip out and thrust between her ass cheeks before realigning to her pussy. She was again humping at a frenzied pace and I felt as if my load was near to exploding inside her. As she came again, she held her clit hard against my cock and while stopping the motion, shuddered as ecstasy ran through her.

Satisfied at this point, Tatyana rolled off me. I looked down toward my cock and saw the swollen erection standing up like a flagpole. I was both amazed at the fact that I had lasted so long while enjoying some wonderful sex and a little worried that I could get that close and not finish. I looked over at Tatyana just in time to see her run two of her fingers between her pussy lips, bring the glistening digits to her mouth and lick the cream from them.

As she savored the taste of her own cum I hear her say, “Mmmm, so sweet. Why don’t you go down and clean me up until I’m ready for you again.” One could sense from the tone that she was ordering more than requesting me to eat her. As I moved between her legs, I could see my work was cut out for me. Completely encircling her pussy and extending onto her thighs and butt cheeks was an accumulation of the sticky cream her orgasms had produced. As I lowered my mouth and started scooping up the goo with my tongue, I thought that this must be what it is like to be a cuckhold. I was a little grateful that I had not cum in her as I am sure she would have me cleaning my cream out of her. Despite the lengthy sex we had enjoyed, the cum was still quite sweet and tasty like her earlier orgasms. After quite a bit of licking, I determined I was done and laid down next to her.

She looked at me and asked, “What do you think you’re doing.”

ME: “I thought I’d lay here with you until you’re ready to do some more.”

TATYANA: “You’re not done. There’s still something more for you to eat.”

ME: looking puzzled, “But I got all that I could see.”

Tatyana sat up and pulled a cloth-covered rectangular cushion to her. Leaning against it with her ass now pointed toward me she said, “You didn’t get any of what ran down my crack. I think you need to use that little tongue of yours to eat my ass. And I’m sure some might have snuck inside.”

Taking a cheek in each hand, I spread them apart. Sure enough there was the telltale sign of the cum that had run down her ass. I started licking it gently just passing over her tight little hole. After a couple minutes, she growls, “Stick that tongue in there. Push it in.”

I stiffen it the best I could and started probing her opening. I could taste the sweet cum that had clung to the puckered skin. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed it into her butt ordering me, “C’mon, stick it way in there. Wiggle it around. Mmmm that’s right, just like that. Mmmm, yes. Tongue fuck my ass.”

After several minutes with my tongue sliding in and out her tight hole, she released her grip. I lingered a moment longer to insure she was satisfied before I moved away from her hole.

Looking over her shoulders she says, “Don’t just kneel there; I’ve got a pussy waiting for more of your cock.” I looked down and realized that my erection was still in full form. Positioning myself behind her, I slid into with no resistance. She was just as wet as she had been when she first sat on my cock. I grabbed her hips and began a nice patterned thrusting. Sometime I would almost withdraw my cock completely only to drive its full length deep into her. After many minutes, I noticed her hand was now between her legs playing with her clit. As her hand increased its rubbing, she ordered me, ”Faster. C’mon faster. Fuck me hard. Raise up some.”

Without losing much momentum, I stood in such a way as to be pushing down into her and was better able to increase the speed. That familiar feel of a pending orgasm returned but I just kept humping. I only hoped I would cum soon as I was growing tired. I can’t recall ever having had this much sex at one time.

Then totally unexpectedly, Tatyana said, “Stop. Stop. Stop,” at which I immediately froze with my dick buried completely inside her. Looking back over her shoulder, Tatyana had a slightly wild, crazed look on her face when she said, “I want you in my ass.”

I was both a little surprised because most women don’t ask for anal and only give it after extensive convincing and pleased because I thought the tightness would finally make me cum. I was starting to hurt from the prolonged erection and the built-up pressure in my balls. I slowly slid my cock out of her pussy and used the tip to rub some of the juice covering it into Tatyana’s asshole. As I aligned with her opening and started to push in, I anticipated some resistance. Quite the contrary, it was as if her ass sucked my cock in. As my thighs met her ass cheeks, Tatyana let out a low groan and I could hear her saying, “Yes. Give it all to me. Fuck my ass with that hard cock. C’mon, give it to me.” I started sliding in and out slowly fearing I would hurt her when she growled, “I said fuck my ass, not play around back there.” I increased the speed and depth of each thrust until I was fucking her like a wild animal. I was amazed at how easily her ass accepted my cock. Soon her hand was between her legs again as she strummed her clit rapidly. I could see a pleased look on her face as she enjoyed her hand motion and my assault on her ass. A minute or two later, I felt her sphincter tighten around my cock as she reached yet another orgasm. Hoping to capitalize on the tight grip, I focused hard on reaching an orgasm myself but to no avail. As the peak of her orgasm subsided, I could feel her relaxing her muscles and I knew my opportunity was waning. While she brought her cum-covered hand to her mouth, I slowed my pace but continued fucking her ass. By now fatigue was setting in and my legs were getting weak.

Leaning into her I whispered, “I can’t go much longer, I am beat.”

TATYANA: “That’s okay. Maybe you just need a little rest. Why don’t you clean up and lay down on the table. There’s some wet towels over there.”

ME: “Can I get you one?”

TATYANA: “No, I’ll take care of it.” She stood and walked out of the room.

I wiped the stickiness from around my crotch and off my legs. As I leaned against the table, I was shocked that my cock was still near full staff. I could feel a little discomfort from having maintained an erection for what seemed like hours and my balls felt heavy from lack of discharge. As Tatyana returned I was struck by the beautiful glow around her naked body. When she stepped near me, I pulled her close and gave her a deep, passionate kiss.

At the conclusion she quipped, “You must not be too tired if you’re trying to arouse the flame again.” Patting the table she said, “Why don’t you lie down and I’ll give you my deep muscle massage. I think you’ll particularly like it when I lie on top rubbing my tits against you.”

ME: “That sounds fun. Do I get to roll over when you start doing that?”

TATYANA: “We’ll see,” grinning.

I lumbered up onto the table and rolled to be face down.

TATYANA: “Make sure you hit the hole right. I wouldn’t want you to bend it.”

Tatyana started first at my feet, rubbing and squeezing her way up one leg then the other. Her touch was firm but very relaxing to my tired legs. Eventually she worked her way up both legs to my buttocks. As she squeezed each cheek, sometime individually and sometime simultaneously, she would gently spread them apart. Eventually she started tracing her finger up and down my crack scraping the back of her fingernails across my hole.

TATYANA: “You won’t mind if I massage your asshole, would you?”

ME: “Mmmm. No, not at all. That might be fun.”

After another pass or two, I could feel her position her finger at the opening and slowly start pressing into me. “Now just relax. You don’t want to be a tight ass do you?” And has her finger went further in. she would wiggle it, twist it and pump it in and out. It was obvious that Tatyana had applied a lube to her finger as it slid effortlessly into me.

Upon withdrawing her finger, much too soon in my opinion, Tatyana said, “Enough of that, we don’t want you getting too aroused. Do you like ass play?’

ME: “Mmmm, absolutely, and you do it so well. And yes you were arousing me, not so you could tell with my continued hard-on.”

TATYANA: “Maybe there will be more later. We’ll see. And I’ll be relieving the pressure on your cock in a little while. Right now, you just want to relax and enjoy.”

Now Tatyana climbed up onto the table from where my feet were. As she straddled my midsection, her hands began working up my back, pushing all the stress out. As she would work her hands up to my shoulders, I could feel her body heat as she leaned over mine. After working the muscles in my shoulders and neck, she laid down on me and I could feel her body pressing against me and her hardened nipples tickling my back. As she gently kissed my back and neck, her hands slowly moved up and down my arms. As she rubbed them, she extended them above my head. After a minute, she moved up so as to be close to my ear and whispered, “I need you to grab those handles and pull yourself further up a little.”

Oblivious to anything but the pleasure she was bestowing on me, I obeyed and grabbed a handle in each hand. Giving it a hard pull, I didn’t move much. More shocking was the sudden snap of a pair of bands, cuffing my hands to the table. As I turned to look at Tatyana, I realized my ankles were also restricted. I scream out, “What the fuck?”

Tatyana laid back down on me and said, “Shh, It’s just a precaution, I don’t want you fighting me.”

ME, as I wiggled hoping to free myself: “Precaution, from what. I haven’t done anything to you all day that you didn’t want.”

TATYANA, lying squarely atop me with her legs between mine: “Shh, just relax. I promise you’re gonna get off in a little bit. And when you do, you’ll cum more than you ever imagined.” Her hands continued to glide up and down my arms.

ME: “You don’t have to tie me to the bed to get me off, I’ll cum any way you want, just say the word.”

TATYANA: “All in good time, now just relax.”

As I am laying there, my mind racing for a solution to my predicament, I suddenly felt something moving between my butt cheeks. It wasn’t very big initially but as it grew, it inched further between my cheeks. Since both Tatyana’s hands were on my arms, I squawked, “What is that between my legs? What are you doing?”

TATYANA: “Shh, just relax, that’s just me. You’re gonna feel a little pressure, just relax and let it go.”

ME: “What do you mean ‘Just you’? What the hell are you doing?”

Since Tatyana was just lying atop me, the advancement of this foreign object between my cheeks was solely as it grew in size and length. It wasn’t fast, rather steady, but very apparently cylindrical. It was obvious where it was targeting and seemed to know exactly where to go.

As it nudged against my asshole, I protested, “What is that? Don’t you dare put that thing in me. What the hell are you doing?”

TATYANA, in a terser tone: “Don’t fight it, just relax and let it in. It’s just my cock. I’m gonna put my seed in your ass. You said you liked ass play, I’m just playing with your ass.”

ME: “No! I don’t want this kind of play. Aw fuck, don’t do it.”

The bulbous head maintained a steady pressure on my asshole despite the fact that Tatyana was not moving at all. It was as if it was advancing from its growth. I clinched my hole closed but with the steady pressure and the lube Tatyana had discretely applied when she was fingering my ass, the cock was starting to open me.

TATYANA, whispering in my ear: “You need to quit resisting. It will swell bigger until it pushes through and then you will be stretched more. It won’t stop until it succeeds and if you persist, I will help it along.”

ME: “But I don’t want this.”

TATYANA: “It’s not about what you want, it’s what I want. And you will give it to me. Besides, you didn’t seem to have qualms when you were balls deep in my ass. Just relax, the worst is almost over.”

I realized then that resistance was futile as the cock had already advanced to my second set of muscles and was penetrating them with ease. I tried relaxing my ass to take in the invader as I groaned in surrender. I could not believe that as Tatyana laid on me it continued to grow extending several more inches into my anus.

TATYANA: “Much better. See, anal isn’t so bad. It’s almost as if your ass is sucking on my cock. And as horny as I am, it won’t take me long to cum.”

At that she started to move. Slowly she extracted the majority and then returned it to its fully inserted length. As she did, my muscles clinched the shaft as if wanting to hold it in. After a few minutes my ass had grown accustom to the size and Tatyana’s pace was beginning to quicken. Sometimes it was a series of short stabs while other times it was forceful full length penetrations.

At first Tatyana was quiet but as the sex progressed she started moaning a little. The moans then turned into a form of proclamations.

TATYANA: “Oh yes. You have such a tight ass. I’m gonna fuck it ‘til I explode. Oh baby, I want to fill your ass with my cock. I want to cum deep inside. Oh it feels so good in you.”

I could only groan as her shaft pumped in and out. I could feel my erection hanging below the table swing back and forth with every thrust. I wished I could reach around a stroke it to relief but I was at her mercy.

Then Tatyana thrust in as deeply as possible and squealed, “Oh fuck. Yes. Right there.”

With that I could feel her warm juices begin to squirt into my ass as her cock spasmed. After the initial couple of squirts, she started humping my ass fast saying, “Mmmm, take it, take it all. Yes, take my cum in your ass.” Each thrust sent more cum into me, but unlike the average guy that is spent after a half dozen blasts, every penetration shot another load. It was like when I was eating her pussy, the cum just kept flowing. It was almost like I was getting a jism enema.

As the thrusting slowed, Tatyana laid back down on me. Despite the lack of her movement, I could feel the cock still twitch and shoot more into me. Relief came when the cock slowly started retracting much like it had penetrated. Even after vacating my ass, Tatyana remained atop me.

Whispering in my ear again, “Don’t let any leak out. While I might enjoy fucking you again, I’d hate to have wasted my time.”

ME: “But how could you do that?”

TATYANA: “I told you, I’m a witch. I can do many things.”

Once her cock had fully retracted from between my cheeks, Tatyana crawled off the end of the table. As she moved to the side of the table to my right, she asked, “Do you think you’re ready to cum.”

ME: “Yes, please, I’ve been so close for so long I’m about to explode.”

Tatyana reached beneath the table, grasp my cock and slowly started stroking it as she said, “Ah yes, hot and hard. The way a dick should be. I hope you’re ready to cum like never before. When I let you start, you’re gonna wonder where it’s all cumming from. Now just relax.”

ME: “The last time you told me to relax, I got my ass fucked. How am I supposed to relax now?”

As I feel her slowly stroking my dick, it is as if her hand is slippery. I dawns on me that she is lubing me up so I ask, “What the hell are you gonna do? “

Moments later I feel something slowly encasing my erection. As she slides whatever it is to the point my entire member is contained, I start to squirm and ask, “What is that? What are you doing now? I didn’t sign up for this weird shit.” Before she even spoke, I felt a unique sensation through the entire length of my cock. I couldn’t truly distinguish what it was. It felt like a mouth sucking on my dick but at the same time there was the sensation of me pumping my cock in and out of a pussy, but I wasn’t moving and nothing was pushing up against me. The thing felt wet and warm, much like a mouth or pussy. As she flipped on some audio of a woman being pleasured and verbally encouraging her partner, Tatyana stepped to the head of the table and said, “You’re gonna cum so many times you’ll be exhausted and that’s gonna suck every drop out of you. And girlfriend is synched to it so you can enjoy.”

ME: “But what if I’m finished and it keeps going?”

TATYANA: “It will know when you are drained and let go, but not until then.” Bending over she kissed my cheek. “See you in a while.”

ME: “Wait, you can’t leave me laying here hooked up to a vacuum cleaner.”

Tatyana walked out closing the door behind her and I’m left with a machine pleasuring my cock and talking dirty to me. Initially, while the sensation was pleasant, I was having a difficult time reaching an orgasm as I concentrated on the aspect that a tube was attached to my cock. Fearing I would bust a nut from not cumming, I closed my eyes and listening to the voice imagined I was really fucking a girl. Hearing, “Yes, that cock feels so good. Pump it in me hard. Come on, give it to me. Mmmm, that feels so good. You’re gonna make me cum. Give me your cream,” definitely started me down the road to ecstasy. The feeling around my cock mirrored her voice. When she begged for it harder or faster, it felt as if I was slamming deep into her or pumping madly at a faster pace. Yet the machine was as cruel a mistress as Tatyana. Just as I was nearing orgasm, the voice groaned and said, “Put it in my ass. I want you to fuck my backdoor. Oh, it hurts so good. You’re stretching me wide open.” The grip around the base of my cock emulated the tight sphincters one penetrates when first entering. It was remarkable how similar the feeling was to reality. It again pumped at various speeds, first slow and then with wild abandon. Then almost on cue, when the voice screamed out, “yes, yes, cum in ass. Fill me with your juice,” I started cumming. It was huge, I just kept squirting all that built up sperm and the tube continued the motion as if I was still fucking her ass. After several minutes it slowed. I anticipated it to decouple but it didn’t. I was basking in the euphoria of my orgasm when I heard the machine say, “That felt good. Now I want to suck your cock. I want you to shove it all the way into my throat. I’m gonna slurp your load down and swallow every drop.”

Surprising to me, as the suction changed to that similar to a mouth, my cock became erect again. The voice had changed from that of someone talking through sex to one of a girl taking pleasure in sucking a dick, lots of slurping and murmuring. Occasionally, there was a gagging noise matched with the feeling of my cock going into her throat, holding there and then being pushed out as if needing air. After many minutes, I could feel the eruption building again, starting low in my balls and working up the shaft. One more time down her throat and I was ready to explode. Just as I started cumming, the mouth switched to the fast pumping of a few inches in and sucking hard to elicit my load. Groaning, I discharged yet another large amount that the tube milked from me. After completely draining my cock of any remnants, the pressure of the tube lessened and the voice said, “Mmmm, that was sweet. Got anymore?”

I almost responded as I was in somewhat a stupor from the two huge orgasms. After regaining a little composure, I tried wiggling my cock loose but the tube held on. I figured in time I would soften and it would drop off. As I laid there, my mind drifted to a semi-conscious state as I was tired from the course of the day and more specifically from the events while on the table.

I was jerked awake when the woman announced, “C’mon big boy, my pussy needs to be fucked again. I gotta have a nice, hard cock filling me up. I know you can do me again, just put it in.” As I try to catch my bearings, I feel the tube pulling my cock as if I was inserting it into a hungry vagina. I could not believe I was erect again already. As it started the pumping sensation, the voice said, “There you go, nice and slow. I don’t want you cumming too quick. I want you to make me cum several times. I am so horny I just want your dick inside me.”

The action and the sex talk continued for quite some time. Every time she announced she was cumming, there was a warm rush of what seemed like liquid around my cock as the tube squeezed it as if she was having an orgasm. However, before I could build up my own orgasm, the pace would change and I would lose the progress. When she was calling for me to fuck her faster or harder, the tube did an incredible job of simulating what it would normally feel like. While I was not actually moving like I had been when having sex with Tatyana, this sex was exhausting me just the same. Sometime after the third simulated orgasm the voice said, “I want you to cum for me. Give me your hot seed. Fill my hungry little pussy with you hot cream. C’mon, fuck me.” The pace started to increase and I felt the approaching wave of pleasure. As I started to cum, I could feel there was very little juice left in my tank but the orgasmic sensation was still strong. After the tube drained me of the little amount, the voice squealed, “Oh yeah, there you go. Give me more, give it all to me.” The tube did not slow its action and I was being forced to ejaculate despite nothing cumming out. After about a minute, the tube stopped and dropped from my cock. In sheer exhaustion I could not feel my cock but knew the weight of the tube was gone. I drift off to sleep.

I don’t know how long I was unconscious as time was no longer relevant. I was startled awake when I felt my cock being inserted back into the tube. Looking back as best as I could, I spied Tatyana.

TATYANA: “Well hello lover. Did you have a good nap?”

ME: “Please don’t put that thing back on me. What time is it?”

TATYANA: “Midnight. It’s the witching hour and I am going to finish my spell on you tonight.”

ME: What are you going to do? Can’t you do it without that suction thing?”

TATYANA: “I just want you to eat me again until I cum. Can you do that? And my toy here will make you cum one more time. If you didn’t have something left, your cock would not have gotten hard when I played with it.

Tatyana sat on the edge of the table directly in front of me with her legs spread and her pussy glistening. She slid right up to my face and draped her legs over my shoulders. Still being restricted on the table by the cuffs, I could do little more than raise my head as she pressed her vagina against my mouth.

TATYANA: “It’s very simple, make me cum and you get to cum. But there’s a catch, you must swallow every drop and you know how I cum. So don’t let me down.”

As she pulled her lips apart, I could only mumble as my tongue started its work. I had just enough head movement to lap from her vaginal opening to her clitoris. I pushed my tongue as deep into her as it would go and relished the sweet taste of her wetness. Tatyana had me right where she wanted me and could control my mouth. With her legs holding me centered on her sex and me unable to move back from her, there was nothing I could do but provide her the stimulation she desired.

Shifting slightly, Tatyana in a throaty voice commanded “Suck my clit. Make me cum.”

My attention turned to her little button that I had played with hours earlier. Taking it between my lips, I bathed it with my tongue as I gently sucked on it. As I worked to excite it, Tatyana placed both her hands on the back of my head pulling me as hard against her as possible. Suddenly her clit started to swell until it was about an inch across. I was mystified as that had never happened with a lover before. The mystery disappeared when it started advancing into my mouth like she had done to my ass earlier. I tried to pull away and protest but Tatyana had anticipated the reaction and had a firm grip on my head. It was now extended into my mouth about 3 inches and my tongue was forced to touch it in various places as it took over my mouth. I could clearly discern the penis-like head and crown, as well as the opening at the tip.

TATYANA: “Now start sucking me off. I’m gonna cum in your mouth and you’re going to swallow every drop. If you don’t suck it, it will start fucking your mouth to get off.”

I was panicked at what she was doing to me but even as she released her grip on my head, I couldn’t and didn’t pull off her. Rather, I started the slow sucking and moving what I could of her in and out of my mouth. Tatyana started flexing her hips to coordinate the movements. I could not understand why I was so willing to continue sucking her, having never done or wanted to do something like that before. It was like grabbing an electric wire. You knew you should let go but just couldn’t.

TATYANA: “Mmmm, yes, that’s a good boy. Suck it all in. Ohh it’s getting closer.”

I continued sliding it in and out, swirling my tongue across the head and back and forth below it while sucking it. It was at that point I realized the tube on my cock was duplicating my mouth on her.

As she placed her hand back behind my head, I sensed Tatyana was getting close as was my own cock. While I wanted badly to pull off before she cums, I was somehow compelled to suck her faster.

As she tensed, she started screaming, “Fuck yeah! Here it cums! Suck my cock, suck it hard! Come on bitch, make me cum.” With that her first blast coated the back of my throat almost causing me to gag. I was barely able to swallow when the next blast squirted out and across my tongue. I gulped as fast as I could out of mere survival as each ejaculation was as big as the previous. Each was thick, warm and strangely sweet.

Almost completely unnoticed because I was focused on her cum, I was orgasming. While I know I did not have scarcely any cum to shoot, the tube was again forcing me into an extended orgasm. Tatyana’s discharge had greatly reduced but as her cock remained in my mouth, it continued to spasm releasing a steady stream of her milky cum. Following orders, I continued to swallow her seed. Slowly her cock retracted from my mouth, returning to be the clitoris I had seen. About that same time, I feel the weight of the tube fall from me and once again I could not feel my dick.

Tatyana slid off the table and as I stared at her pussy trying to see the cock that had just filled me with cum, she patted me on the cheek and said, “Sleep, I will let you up in the morning.” As uncomfortable as I was in that position, I was also exhausted. I do not know how long I laid there but I eventually fell into a slumber laden with weird sexual dreams.

To be continued


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