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Jenny and the girls enjoy more cum soaked fun in the hot tub.
Once again the hot tub was filled to the brim with hot gooey cum. The five girls slid in and without a word, slid their slippery bodies completely under the bubbling creamy spunk. They came up together in the center of the tub for another gooey five way cum filled kiss. Warm jizz dripped over their faces as cum covered tongues lashed hungrily between the five women. Huge mouthfuls of warm cum were exchanged between lips tongues and mouths. As the gooey dripping kisses intensified, soft moans began to float through the midnight air.

Tory pulled Jenny aside and whispered in her ear: “Dirty…sissy…fuck puppet”. Jenny’s knees buckled when she heard those words. Tory’s filthy mouth was one of the things that Jenny was attracted to when the two of them had first started chatting online. Jenny has lost count of how many times she had creamed herself hands free from their intense cyber sessions. “Filthy…faggot…cum whore”, Tory continued whispering all the while licking globs of sticky cum from Jenny’s ear, hair and cheek. They kissed hard each letting their mouthfuls of creamy goo slide back and forth over their sloppy tongues. Tory did not hold back. “Fucking…nasty…spunk slut”. Jenny’s eyes rolled back and she came hard in her bikini bottoms. Tory had an inkling about how much dirty talk turned Jenny on but did not realize the extent of it until she witnessed Jenny cream herself like that. Both girls knew most like them HATED the word ‘faggot’ however both girls got a lil creamy when they called each other that.

Lizzie, Benita and Joelen were still in the middle of the hot tub exchanging hot wet creamy spunk filled kisses when Tory pulled Joelen over to join them by her tiny bikini top strap. The strap snapped in half letting Joelen’s perfect 38DD breasts fall out. Tory reached back to undo her own strap as Joelen ripped Jenny’s bikini top off. Joelen and Jenny started licking, tonguing and sucking Joelen’s cum soaked breasts their dripping tongues meeting over Joelen’s rapidly hardening nipples. Seeing this, Benita yanked Lizzie’s top off and began dripping handfuls of hot cum over her heaving tits. Benita slid her gooey tongue over Lizzie’s breasts letting the hot cum drip from them on to her already cum covered tongue.

Tory moaned lustily and whispered, “I want you both inside me” to Jenny and Joelen. Tory waded over to the edge of the tub and leaned down on the edge spreading her legs wide. Jenny came up to the right side of her with Joelen on the left. Both reached down under the bubbling cum to spread Tory’s ass. Tory screamed as she felt both girls jizz covered girl cocks slide inside her already creamy lubed cunt. Jenny and Joelen alternated thrusts and began pounding Tory’s gaped pussy.

Meanwhile Benita slid behind Lizzie and with one quick thrust slid her girl dick deep up inside. She slid one hand underneath the tub to stroke Lizzie’s clit as she fucked her mercilessly. Lizzie cried out from the pleasure and reached back to greedily suck lick and kiss Benita’s gooey mouth. Benita picked up the pace and fucked Lizzie harder and harder. Lizzie cried out as she felt Benita hit her spot and shot another huge load under the bubbles of cum as Benita pulled and twisted her rock hard nipples. Seconds later Benita shot her load deep up inside Lizzie’s puckering twat. Benita slid easily out of Lizzie’s pussy after filling her with her own creamy load, then dragged Lizzie down completely under the hot cum, pulled her around and shared a hot wet gooey tongue kiss with Lizzie while the cum boiled and bubbled around their writhing bodies. The two girls emerged from underneath still covered in loads of hot creamy spunk and as Lizzie slid her hands down Benita’s tight ass they once again shared a hot cum kiss with loads of gooey jizz still dripping down their faces.

Jenny bit down hard on her lip as she felt Joelen’s rock hard cock sliding up and down against hers deep inside Tory’s pussy. As her and Joelen continued their assault inside Tory they shared a gooey kiss, their tongues coated in hot cum. Faster and faster they went with each stroke and Tory started to stutter, “F-fuck I can’t believe my former and c-c-current lovers are inside of m-m-eeee!” She let out a lusty moan and begged, “Fuck me! FUCK ME!!! Ohh my gawd FUCK ME!!!!” Joelen and Jenny were more than happy to comply. Each girl grabbed a hold of Tory’s creamy shoulders and began impaling her with their now hard as steel she cocks. “Faster!! Deeper!!! Harder!!!” Tory screamed into the night air as both Jenny and Joelen erupted deep inside her gooey cunt and filled her with not one, but two loads of sweet creamy girly cum so deep up in her she could almost feel it cum up the back of her throat.

Benita and Lizzie were still sharing soft kisses as Joelen, Tory and Jenny came up to them. Hands roamed over creamy bodies, sliding down under fondling slippery asses and still dripping she cocks. Cum was still dripping everywhere as kisses were shared between two, then three and finally five girls shared hot wet passionate dripping gooey cum filled tongue kisses once more.

Joelen stepped back to see the sun starting to peek between the trees behind them. She dragged her cum soaked body out of the tub and flipped the switch to start draining the tub. Lizzie and Benita followed and began refilling the tub and hosing down the area leaving it even cleaner than before. The girls hosed themselves off leaving not a trace of cum. Jenny led them up to the resorts most exclusive suite complete with a King sized bed and the five girls passed out on the bed dreaming of the next cum filled adventure that awaited them….


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