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A new drug turns men into beasts. How can a bound woman hope to survive?
Anne was lying face up on a hard wooden board; a noose around her neck. A thick strap over her hips held her firmly in place; the hard edges of the leather dug into the crease of her thighs. Her legs were held open by coarse ropes, making her feel exposed and vulnerable. Her arms were free though. She liked to be able to touch her executioner; or her victim.

She was playing yet another round of her favorite game. She would live if she could make her executioner cum. The rules were that she had 10 minutes of safety before the lever that would pull the noose tight could be pulled. The executioner could do anything he wanted in that time; including just waiting. The catch was that he was given an injection when the time starts. The drug would give him a painfully erect penis, adrenaline fueled stamina, and made him a slave to his own passions. He could not plan, could not restrain himself. The drug made him a beast.

Anne was absolutely addicted to being abused, ravaged, and completely at the mercy of an animal she knew had no mercy. She had played this game 9 times already and each time it was her would be executioner who spilled his life into her before he could kill her. She was not trying to live though. She wanted to die like this.

The room was bare stone. Across the room there was a guillotine which was used for a different version of this game. A table beside her had all the traditional torture implements. There were various kinds of whips, floggers, and canes. Anne was a hardcore pain-slut and had been into heavy BDSM before it was no longer intense enough for her.

She was alone, and had already been waiting for some time. They always did this to build anticipation. Even though she wanted this there was still fear. She feared her death even while she sought it out. She feared that she might be mutilated even if she survived. The pain she adored but if she was damaged too badly she might loose feeling and not be able to get off in the future. The fear was why she played though. Her pussy was already wet as she dwelt on what might happen to her.

The door opened. She had no idea how long it had been. The man who walked in was an impressive specimen. Only average height but built like a man who has done hard labor his whole life. He had dark hair, a salt and pepper beard, and had thick hair covering his already nude body. She did not even notice the woman who followed him in until they stood before her. They wasted no time. The woman quickly tied his arm and gave him the injection before exiting the room. The lock made a loud clink.

The man only stared at her at first while the drug began to take effect. She had watched the process several times now which only made her arousal grow. First his breathing deepened. Then he actually grew larger as his muscles swelled slightly. Then his cock stiffened. The veins became prominent as the drug caused an unhealthy amount of blood to rush to the organ.

He still stared her. No, she realized. He was staring at her pussy. And at that moment he rushed forward and buried his face in it. He started eating her out like he was starving. Lapping up her juices in long strokes. His front teeth scraped along her vulva as his tongue reach into her. He sucked hard on her engorged clit then dropped down and stuck his tongue in her ass. This was another thing she loved about the drug the men took. They had no reservations, no hint of self consciousness. They did exactly what they wanted and it drove her crazy. He was growing increasingly vigorous and alternating between lapping and biting. Her butterfly wings were swollen from the attention she was receiving and it was not long before he was gnawing on them in earnest. She was reminded sharply that labia are sometimes called meat flaps as he bit down on them and pulled like he wanted to literally eat her. The mix of pain and pleasure as well as the fear that he was about to tear her lips off pushed her into her first orgasm and she cried out in pain and ecstasy.

Unfortunately her orgasm pulled his attention away from his meal and he pulled away while she was still cuming. As he stood his broad shoulder hit the lever and pulled the noose slightly tighter. There was no slack in the noose so even the small movement was enough for the rope to press uncomfortably into her neck and the sensation drove her to cum harder despite the lack of attention her pussy was receiving. The lever had a ratchet design so once moved the tension would not release.

He did not even seem to notice as he grabbed a heavy leather flogger from the table and started beating her as if he were punishing her for her orgasm. The first blows landed hard and fast on her still throbbing pussy and it drove her to even greater heights. He was so strong and her pussy was already so sensitive. He easily could cause her serious harm if he focused only on her pussy but he hit her thighs, breasts, stomach, and feet as well. Soon she was sunburn red and her whole body throbbed.

She thought he might just beat her to death but finally he stopped. Her reprieve was short lived though as he drove his overly hard cock into her. He was about average in size but it felt like a ram rod as he drove it into her abused pussy. The coarse pubic hair felt like sandpaper on her raw vulva and he thrust with such force that she felt the impact though her entire body. The strap holding her down did not allow her to move at all so there was nothing to mitigate each thrust. To add to the brutal fucking he had also pushed the lever three more clicks forward when he mounted her. Still he did not seem aware as he was focused on having his way with her.

The rope bit hard into her neck but did not fully cut off her breathing. She was starting to get light headed and as he continued to pound her minute after minute without slowing she started to worry that she would just slip unconscious. Anne tried rubbing her clit and it was helping but she was not quite able to cum yet and she wanted to go with a bang. She wouldn't just quietly pass out and she would not miss out on a last orgasm so she took matters into her own hands and pulled the lever all the way back. They had geared it to be very easy to pull so she was able to bottom it out in one easy pull.

She had only thought the rope was tight before. Now it completely cut off her breathing. She was already oxygen deprived so as her chest strained futilely to draw in air she started to thrash uncontrollably. For the beast fucking her this was too much. Watching Anne play with her brutalized cunt then deliberately hanging herself triggered his orgasm. As she bucked his cock pulsed his cum into her. Another effect of the drug was hyperspermia. Anne could feel jet after jet spray against her cervix. Sperm was soon being forced from her overflowing pussy with each thrust and as he came he started to fuck her even harder. Once he started cumming she had to survive for about a minute before the drug killed him. She did not think of that though. She wasn't trying to win, she just wanted to cum.

Her mind seemed to really come alive as the full extent of her predicament sank in and she was hyper aware of every sensation. Her pussy burned and throbbed from the flogging. His cum provided lubrication which increased her pleasure and the feel of his rock hard cock pulsing while he tried to breed her dying body was incredibly erotic. This was enough to bring an earth shattering orgasm that consumed her. The pressure in her chest as her body continued to try to save her felt as amazing as it was terrifying. She felt blissful and was able to regain control of her hands. One hand went to her clit while the other caressed her killer's face. He stared down at her. Her face was turning purple, her tongue protruding slightly from her lips as the noose squeezed it from her throat. But her steady gaze was accepting and even seemed loving. He shuddered and with a final thrust fell dead on her chest. She wrapped her arms around him, feeling an intimacy deeper than most married couples ever could, as she faded away.


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