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Dr. Johnson decides to bring both of his twin daughter’s under his hypnotic powers and give them lessons on what it is like to be a guy. First he works with Sara and then later both girls at the same time.
Episode 1

Dr. Johnson was 40 years old, and had begun to utilize his two medical specialties psychotherapy and hypnotherapy a great deal in his practice at home. He is married and has three high school aged children, Jason, and his twin girls Sara and Amy. His wife was a real estate salesperson and was away from home a great deal.

It had taken several special permits to allow him to practice inside his home but after some modifications to his basement, he now brought patients downstairs. The basement area had couches, desks, changing areas and a very sophisticated hidden camera system that allowed him to tape sessions and instead of having to take many notes, he was able to play them back afterwards.

As word spread, Aaron Johnson’s practice began to bloom . . . AND he slowly began to develop an adult and teen clientele, using hypnosis to help treat the younger generation cope with issues common to that age group. But it wasn’t until his daughter Amy wandered downstairs one day, that he began using his abilities to feed his appetite for girls her age.

“Hi Daddy. Do you have a minute?” asked his very attractive daughter. She still had on her school uniform, with her blonde hair in a pony tail waving back and forth. He noticed her developing body had begun to show larger bumps through the white blouse she was wearing, which immediately attracted his attention. Looking at his watch he said:

“Let’s see, my next appointment isn’t until 5. Where is your sister?” he asked placing his arm around her shoulders and ushering her to a nearby couch.

“She has glee club practice and Justin (her brother) promised to wait until his basketball practice was over and take her home.” Dr. Johnson quickly estimated he had an hour and a half alone with his daughter . . . if he wanted.

“Sooooo, what’s on your mind pumpkin?” he asked.

“I was wondering whether you could help me . . . uh with boys,” she asked.

“Are some of them . . . bothering you at school?” he asked curiously.

“Noooo, and that’s just it. I am not anywhere as popular as Amy . . . she’s got like tons of boys all over her in the hallways. I was just wondering if what you do down here with your patients might help me. I probably should know, but what exactly is hypnosis and what does it do to you?” Dr. Johnson’s heart began to pump overtime as he began to visualize AND fantasize some up cumming possibilities. Then he began his explanation:

“When my patients are in a hypnotic state, the doorway between the conscious and the subconscious is opened, memories become easily accessible, and new information is stored. A person is “experiencing" without questioning, without critical judgment or analysis, like when you and your sister watch a movie . . . you just watch the movie. When I make suggestions to people, they very likely will "stick" – precisely, because your conscious mind is not getting in the way. You are not "judging" or being "critical" of the suggestions. I know that might be a bit too technical, but does that make any sense at all?” he asked.

“Kinda . . . so if you got me hypnotized you might be able to teach me more about boys . . . and not make me all embarrassed when I am around them . . . right?” she asked looking up at her Daddy.

“Uh, huh. That’s probably how it would work. Do you want to give it a try . . . maybe for a few minutes?” he asked hopefully.

“Alright. Should I go upstairs and change into my after school clothes or are these OK? I know you have people lay out on your couches and stuff.”

“No, you are fine in what you’ve got on right now,” he said standing up and offering her the entire couch to lie on. “Go ahead and lay down, we can put this pillow under your head,” he offered . . . fluffing up a nearby pillow.

“Should I like close my eyes, like they do in the movies?” she asked innocently.

“That would be fine. Now listen carefully to my voice . . .” and for the next five minutes or so, Dr. Johnson utilized his usual procedures for taking patients under and quickly got a hold of his daughter’s mind (subconscious) and finally was satisfied she was fully under his control.

“Yes honey . . . I think we are ready. We are going to play a game called “Let’s Pretend”.

“I like that game . . . Amy and I use to play it all the time, when we were younger.”

“Great . . . well we are going to pretend one of the boys you like . . . comes up to you in the cafeteria. For this exercise, let’s sit up and you can open up your eyes. Don’t worry, when we are through, you won’t remember anything we are about to do . . . so don’t worry about acting different than you would normally. What is the name of the boy you like, right now?” he asked beginning to get aroused at what he was hoping to have happen.

“Greg . . . he is like . . . REALLY handsome,” she said moving her legs off of the couch and back onto the floor.

“Okay . . . I am Greg and I will sit over here and pretend this is the cafeteria table and you come over and join me.” Dr. Johnson sat down and moved a second chair across from him.

“I would never do that Daddy . . . I am like way too shy to do that with a boy,” she volunteered.

“You WERE too shy, but after today, you won’t be. Go ahead and tell me what you might say,” he suggested. And suddenly Sara immediately got into this role play situation . . . he had planned and truly believed she was there with Greg.

“Hi Greg . . . can I sit here with you?” Dr. Johnson gulped and realized it was time to get his plan going and so now . . . he became Greg.

“Sure Sara. I like your outfit,” he said looking directly at her young breasts.

“Thanks . . . whatcha been up to?” she asked.

“Thinking about you most of the time. In fact, I think about those perky tits you have . . . hiding under your blouse a bunch of the time.” Amy looked down at her breasts and then back over at the cute boy.

“Boys like to do that don’t they? And I bet you get a big boner sometimes don’t you . . . thinking about girls like me and stuff?” she asked. Her Daddy was very surprised at her statement and elected to keep it going . . . especially with his own rising erection inside his pants.

“Sure do. I didn’t know girls knew about stuff like that. Hey . . . you wanna see what’s happening down here?” he teased . . . pointing towards his pants.

“If you want to SHOW me . . . that would be AWESOME!” said the suddenly aroused teen girl. She looked across and watched Greg (really her Dad) stand up. He moved aside his doctor’s coat so that the curious girl could see the bulging member up against his pants.

“Whattaya think?” he said . . . as his 7” rod lewdly poked outwards. The girl covered her mouth in amazement as she inspected the growing cock, in the boy’s pants. She began to realize that it was HER . . . that was getting him so aroused.

“WOW. I didn’t know they could get that BIG. I bet it get’s kinda uncomfortable . . . all smashed up and stuff?”

“Uh, huh . . . like almost all day long. Especially in that class we have together”, he suggested . . . hoping they actually had one in common.

“Ya mean science? You must mean when I am your lab partner in 3rd hour?”

“That . . . and really ALL the time. I just look at your breasts and it gets me all STIFF like this?” he said slowly running his fingers across the underside of his cock head, still hidden by his pants. “Could you do me a favor?” he asked.

“Anything . . . just ask,” she said now getting so aroused . . . that her nipples had begun to poke out the front of her blouse. She knew he could tell she was excited, but looking at his current condition, it wasn’t as embarrassing as it could have been.

“No one is going to see anything but me,” he said pretending to look around the cafeteria . . . “but could you unbutton your blouse . . . and show me your titties.”

“Um . . . I guess so,” she said quickly looking down and finding the bottom button, excited that this handsome boy actually WANTED to see her hidden treasures. Soon all four buttons were quickly opened.

“Go ahead and pull back your blouse, so I can see more,” he said eagerly. Her Dad was now running his curved fingers up and down the huge rod that was still hidden underneath his pants as he watched her yank the bottom of the blouse out of her skirt and pulled back the sides. He now was looking at her white cotton bra, zeroing in on her nipples underneath but especially at the tiny clasp that he wanted so badly to be open.

“Tell you what . . . If I pull out my COCK . . . for you to see . . . will you unhook your bra and show me your naked titties?” The girl heard the offer . . . and again looking down at her chest, she suddenly unsnapped the catch and slowly pulled back her 32A cups. Soon the horny father was seeing Sara’s bare breasts with her tiny stiff nipples . . . for the first time in many years.

“Your turn,” she said as she held back both garments so that the horny boy could keep seeing her naked chest. He winked at her and unloosened his belt, unsnapped the button at the top of his pants and then slowly began to pull down the zipper. The horny girl was dying to see the COCK that was still covered. Soon the zipper was at the bottom, and he pulled his pants down to his knees. The dark purple head had worked its way into the opening of his boxers and he worked his hand inside and then pulled out the long shaft . . . and with some trouble . . . his two balls so that they too. . . lewdly displayed themselves to the surprised teen.

“Holy cow! I can’t believe high school guys have such BIG . . . COCKS! That is AWESOME.” She said staring at the 7” organ. Soon the horny man was running his hand up and down the shaft, minutes away from exploding his hot load.

“I am so horny Sara . . . can I do one more thing . . . and then lunch will be over and we will get back to class?” he asked rapidly wanking his organ in front of the girl.

“Sure . . . go ahead,” she said staring at his naked shaft.

“I want to spray your tits with my stuff . . . and here it comes,” said her Dad, without giving her a chance to object. The horny man leaped up on the table and holding his cock so that it would spray straight ahead he worked his prick two more pulls and then the first of five ropes of cum began to belch forward. The first landed on his daughter’s chin and then aiming lower the next several splotched against both of her bare titties. Soon the hot sticky liquid was drooling down past her stiff nipples. Again and again the concentrated spray caused her bare chest to glisten with his excitement. Several minutes later he examined his handy work and her entire chest, fingers and face were covered with his cum.

“Whoa, that was the bell Sara, we need to get going. Let me help you get all cleaned up, before we are late for class,” said her Dad . . . but really he just wanted to touch and manipulate her bare titties.

“Stand up and let me get a towel,” he said reaching into a nearby drawer. Sara followed his instructions, standing right in front of him with her bare titties on display, but looking downwards at the organ that she was now obsessed with. It started to shrink in size, but it was still oozing out the remainder of his cum. Her Daddy kept the towel in his left hand, but immediately captured her nearby tit in his right.

Soon his thumb and first finger were gently pinching her stiff nipple and causing her to moan her appreciation. He half-heartedly rubbed her left breast with the towel but whispered in her ear, ‘I want to ask you out on a date, real soon, and do this to you, and much more, ” he whimpered, as he leaned over and first tongued her erect bud, but then captured it inside his mouth, and began to make love to it with his tongue and teeth. He moved back and forth from breast to breast, truly enjoying having his way with her.

He remembered he had a client coming in very shortly, so he helped his daughter with her bra and blouse, prepared her mind to forget what had happened and watched her go upstairs.

Episode 2

Dr. Johnson is a psychiatrist and he often uses hypnotism in helping his patients. He has 15-year old daughters and has elected to use this tool with them. Earlier in the day he worked with Sara successfully. It was his goal to see if he could bring both of them into a hypnotic state at the same time. He finished up his 5:00 p.m. appointment that afternoon and went back upstairs to test Sara to see if she had any recollection of what had happened in his office in the early afternoon, with a smile on his face.

“Whose getting dinner tonight . . . Are you Sara?” he asked finding her in the den working on her homework.

“Amy’s turn. She is going to make that stir fry you and mom like. Oh and thanks for your help earlier dad. To be honest, I don’t feel I will be as nervous and shy around boys as before.”

“Your welcome, and good luck with Greg,” said Dr. Johnson . . . as he now realized his lewd actions in the basement were not being remembered by his daughter. He left the room and went to change his clothes and relax. But what he didn’t know, was as soon as he said “Greg” Sara immediately pictured the boy’s cock in her mind for some reason and how large she thought it must be. What a strange thing for her to think about . . . she said to herself. Suddenly the front door opened and her cute twin sister Amy and brother came in. The rest of the evening was very normal around the Johnson house as dinner was served and homework completed by the girls.

The next morning saw his wife leave early to drop off their son at his Saturday morning basketball. A sudden cancellation of a morning appointment for the doctor, unexpectedly freed up most of the day with him and his young 15-year-old twin girls. He began to sport a growing erection as Sara passed him in the hallway on her way to the bathroom. She normally wore her pink robe but today her thin T-shirt and panties were all that she had on. They both stopped for a quick conversation, but most of the time, he was focused on her young titties, whose nipples were poking out the front of her T-shirt.

“Hi Daddy,” she said. “Would you have time to maybe hypnotize me and Amy together . . . maybe today?” Dr. Johnson was having trouble not staring at his daughter’s stiff nipples that continued to poke out the front of her white T-shirt. He wondered whether her body chemistry was now somehow different having participated in the “jack off” stunt he had masterminded the day before.

“My appointment was cancelled a few minutes ago, so really anytime today would work,” he said. Soon feet were heard and the door to the twin’s bedroom that had been left open, saw Amy busting out into the hallway, having heard his proposal.

“Awesome!” Amy said. “She (pointing to her sister) learned a bunch about guys yesterday during your session and I want to learn some of that stuff too. Can we maybe do it in our room . . . like right NOW?” she asked suddenly. Dr. Johnson was pleased to see her outfit was similar to her sisters (a well-worn light blue T-shirt and matching panties) and her identical young orange-sized breasts and stiff nipples were equally as visible as her sisters.

“Fine. Why don’t you two get washed up, brush your teeth and I will wait for you here in your room,” he suggested.

“Great!” she said and the girls scampered down the hallways into the bathroom. He couldn’t help watching their tight little asses in the tightly encased panties as they sashayed away from him. He heard giggles coming from their location as he entered their room. It was a bit messy . . . but the clothes on the floor caused him to get even more aroused as he focused on one of the girl’s bras next to the bed along with a pair of French cut panties which were hooked over the hinge to the closet.

The girls had pictures of typical teenage boy singers and actors on the walls along with a rather suggestive picture of a younger man in a pair of white boxers. The angle of the camera indicated that he was rather well endowed down below, with his cock poking up against the slippery material.

Still hearing the girls talking down the hall, he pulled open a drawer and saw some additional underwear, with one pair actually being CROTCH LESS, which was REALLY a surprise. He pulled open the drawer almost all the way and stared at a sex toy that was unusual in design. Instead of just a phallic shaped vibrator which he might have expected, it was small in size with an unusual shape that had a tip on it, that obviously could be placed on a girl’s labia or if it was held correctly and placed inside a tight moist pussy or used outside to titillate her clit.

He picked it up and switched it on and the humming sound filled the room. Holy shit . . . which one of them uses this . . . or do they share? He thought. Not wanting his daughter’s to discover his findings; he switched off the device and placed it in the exact location it was when he found it.

As he looked down he had realized that his stiff shaft had slipped into the opening of his pajama bottoms and was now lewdly on display. He was tempted to give it a couple of quick jerks, but instead he carefully pulled the cotton fabric away from his body and allowed the cock head to go back into hiding. He wondered whether he should find the top to his pajamas back in his bedroom, but as the door to the bathroom suddenly opened down the hall, he elected to just pull tight his thin summer robe and tie it for appearance sake. He didn’t know it yet, but the next hour or so would prove to be VERY exciting for the horny doctor.

We Learned Everything “Naughty” from Daddy

As the girls came prancing back into their room, Dr. Johnson elected to set a serious tone . . . at least in the beginning. He let Amy know that he left a “trigger” with her sister, so that when he wanted to, he could make her become hypnotized in a few moments. She was curious what he meant and suddenly he said “Pandora” out loud and she watched her sister’s eyes become almost trance-like and her body look somewhat more relaxed.

“When she is like this . . . do you like talk to her? Tell her stuff?” she asked somewhat surprised.

“Yes, and that is what I do with my patients as well. A person is no longer inhibited to say and do things.”

“That’s pretty cool,” she said. “Can you get me like that too, so that we can get started?” Dr. Johnson was waiting for that request, and like her sister, he had the girl lay down on her bed and began to plant thoughts into her mind. Satisfied that he had her under as well, he also placed the same trigger “Pandora” in her mind so that he could bring her back to this state whenever he wanted.

“Ok girls . . . where should we begin?” he asked hypothetically. Amy was quick to begin the conversation.

“What makes guys get all excited and get hard-ons?” she asked.

“Well, several things really. Most guys your age are curious about girls and how their bodies are different than theirs. That’s why guys sometimes stare at you in school. They are trying to imagine what you look like . . . UNDER your clothes.

“Mark does that to me all the time,” said Amy. “It’s like he wants to look under my blouse at my boobs.” Sara was silent but nodded her head in agreement.

“That unfortunately is pretty normal,” said Dr. Johnson. “For teen boys and early teenagers.”

“Do older guys do the same thing,” asked Sara, looking at her father.

“Of course. Guys are all guilty of being a voyeur, from time to time,” he admitted.

“Can we see what a “hard-on” looks like on a guy? I mean do you have any pictures?” asked Amy.

“Of course, but seeing the real thing is much more exciting,” he said, trying to keep this as professional as possible. “But in order for that to happen, you girls will need to do something . . . that might excite the doctor.”

“Like what?” asked Sara.

“I know the doctor likes to see young girls kiss ALL over each other’s bodies. How about if you two try doing that for a few minutes?” he suggested, realizing he must try his best to think of something morbid initially, so that his erection does not come up too quickly. . . or maybe looking off to the side instead of following the anticipated actions. He immediately tightened the belt on his robe over his half-hard cock underneath.

“Like do you mean on the lips or like everywhere?” asked Amy, now looking at her sister . . . with passion eagerness.

“I would start with the lips, but if you want to see a really BIG hard-on, let me make some suggestions along the way.”

“Sounds like FUN,” says Sara, as she leans over and places her lips on her sister’s mouth. The horny doctor watched his young twins begin their demonstration. Soon they were using their tongues to good advantage, searching the other girls' mouth. Their arms were wrapped around each other, small breasts pressing against each other, hands roaming and searching for something to feel, something to stroke.

Sara, the more submissive of the two was leaning back slightly on the bed, legs spread apart so that her Daddy could see how her tight panties were being pulled up into the crack of her pussy. He'd never been this close before to two girls kissing (other than in porno flicks) so this was quite an exciting moment for him as well. With the stirrings between his legs starting, he had to be careful not to let his hard-on, which was already building in size, get in the way of him seeing them both nude, which of course was an ultimate goal.

Without being asked, Amy moved her right hand in between Sara's legs and stroked her cotton panties. Sara unconsciously opened her legs wider and licked Amy on her lips and the side of her face. If there was one thing Sara liked to do, it was to use her tongue. Her sister’s hand . . . rubbing her panties . . . was putting firm pressure on her hairless mound . . . and the tingling had already begun inside her body. The more she got into what her sister was doing, the more comfortable she was with it and the faster she reacted to it. On the flip side . . . Amy was no different except that some of her fun came from the knowledge that what she was doing was having a BIG effect on the doctor who was watching them.

“A good start girls, but I think to speed things up . . . because I KNOW you want to see a guy’s FULLY ERECT HARD-ON, I would take off your T-shirts and continue what you have started with your mouths, but on other parts of the body.” During his remarks, the girls stopped their intimacy momentarily. Their faces were red from their actions as they each quickly lifted up and off their tops, leaving their bare teen breasts visible to their horny father. He quickly compared their young titties, and was aroused by two pair of nipples that stood up stiff with excitement in their new topless state.

Seeing the opportunity, Amy’s hand slipped under the elastic of the legs of her sister’s panties and two fingers searched out and found the tiny, but hard, clit. She paused . . . kissing the girl for a moment, and used her mouth to locate the closest nipple and licked and sucked on it. This brought a rise from Sara who watched her sister’s fingers rubbing in small circles over her twat and also smell the aroma of Amy’s sex wafting through the air.

The stirrings under the doctor’s robe became more and more intense and quickly developed into a full-blown erection. He tried not to make visible his bulging organ to his daughter’s, and was pretty certain they were more interested in kissing and feeling each other’s bodies, for the moment, than looking at his hard-on. He couldn’t help orchestrate their lewd shenanigans though, as he offered some suggestions.

“The doctor loves to watch girls kiss and suck each other’s breasts and nipples. Sara, why don’t you try that on your sister for a few minutes?” Amy lay back on the bed, but left her fingers inside her sister’s panties, as she continued to rub her clit and pussy lips. Motivated by these actions, Sara bent down across her body and found her sister’s nearest tittie and enveloped the orb inside her mouth and began to use her teeth and tongue to stimulate her nipples. Knowing what it felt like to have her own buds orally stimulated, she offered Amy the precise treatment that she fantasized about when she masturbated.

Soon Amy was wiggling and moaning, and getting more and more aroused as her sister continued her oral lovemaking. Their father now had to physically hold down his cock for fear they might stop, thinking he had already reached its full extension. Amy now wanted Sara on her back, and keeping her sister’s lips glued to her own bare titties, she lovingly turned the girl over so that she was now on her bottom.

Amy’s hand reaffirmed its position inside of Sara's panties and the aroused man could see the girl's fingers as they made small circles in the area of her small clit. He could also see that Sara's hairless pussy was very wet and suddenly had the urge to lean just a little bit further and begin to finger-fuck his daughter, or better yet drive his cock in and out of her slippery hole. Amy must have loved how Sara was spending 30 or more seconds on each of her breasts, so she slowly began to pull Sara's panties down to her ankles and finally slipped them off.

Suddenly exposing Sara in front of him was pure ecstasy. Then she leaned over and kissed the bald pubic mound, breathing deeply of the musky aroma coming from between Sara's legs. That scent excited her and the pleasurable pulsations coming from her own pussy made her feel aroused all over.

“Let me help you with these,” said their Daddy, as he looped his fingers into Amy’s panties and disrobed her, to match her sister. Now two NAKED sweaty girls were having the time of their lives on the bed in front of him. In reaction to her now being nude, Amy licked the top of Sara’s pussy, opening the slit with her tongue and finding the clit easily. Now she began licking her off more seriously. Her tongue circled her sister's mound, running on both sides of the pussy while her thumbs separated the pussy lips. Then she licked the clit, flicking it with the tip of her tongue, just the way she liked her own clit treated. Suddenly Sara moaned instructions to her sister:

“Move your pussy over my mouth. I want to lick and suck you . . . just like you are doing to me!” Amy needed no more encouragement as she moved her legs on either side of her sister’s face and soon felt Sara’s long tongue stabbing deeply inside her own pussy moving into a 69 position. The girls were now acting as one energetic love machine as they bucked their hips and felt their sister’s mouth; lips and tongue molest their bare pussies in tandem . . . and enjoyed every second of it.

The doctor wasn't able to ignore his own yearnings any longer. The two girls weren't shy about what they were doing and their Daddy wasn't being very modest either, so he sat on the chair across from their twin bed, pulled off his robe and allowed his hard cock, all seven inches of it, to spring to full attention. Watching the girls wiggle and squirm was everything he wanted . . . as he fondled his hard member.

He didn't want to cum . . . only to feel as good as he could for as long as possible. Sara’s body began to shake and quiver first . . . as the experience of ultimate pleasure began to travel throughout her body. She couldn’t help herself from moaning and whimpering as her sister, literally tongue fucked her pussy, just as a boy would have fucked her mouth and lips with his cock. This ignited Amy’s passions and as Sara rapidly licked her clit, she too began to climax. For the next several minutes both girls twisted and turned as their mutual orgasms rocked their room.

In utter exhaustion, they rolled off each other and found their Daddy . . . jerking on his cock.

“Look Sara,” marveled Amy, “the doctor finally has a HUGE HARD-ON! And what a GREAT one it is!” Amy had seen her boyfriend’s cock once out of his pants, but what she was looking at . . . was MUCH bigger.

“Oh goodie . . . I can’t wait to hear what we should do when a boy has one of those out and ready for action,” said Sara.

“Girls, I want you both to go in the bathroom for a few minutes and rinse off. All of this action has made you kinda sweaty with excitement. Don’t worry, now that I have a HARD-ON . . . I promise to keep it UP until you return.” The girls scampered off down the hall, their tight little asses wiggling along the way and the good doctor began to replay in his mind what he had just witnessed.

The girls came back about 5 minutes later, and they had obviously washed up and he could smell the aroma of the soap on their skin. They also had pulled back their hair into pig-tails, and as if they weren’t already intoxicating enough being buck naked, having their hair that way made them seem even a few years younger and even more desirable.

“Okay girls, yesterday Sara found out that boys shoot hot sticky cream out of their cocks . . . when they are excited, right?” he asked.

“Oh yeah . . . and I’ve read that if you rub it all over your titties . . . they can get bigger, quicker too,” recalled the wide-eyed little nymph.

“Really,” said Amy, with a smirk on her face . . . as her sister shook her head up and down.

“With luck, maybe you girls can take advantage of some of my cum all over your bodies in a few minutes. But right now, let’s go back to listening to my instructions. When a guy has a hard-on like this one,” he said standing up and moving in front of the girls faces who were sitting on the edge of the bed in front of them, “guys like to do three things.

First they love to jerk off by giving themselves a hand job . . . kinda like this,” he stated . . . as he lewdly brought up his hand, grasped his 7” cock and jerked it up and down moving within a few inches of Amy’s face and then leaned over to do the same thing in front of Sara’s mouth and lips. “If a guy is excited enough and does this long enough . . . he will shoot hot cream, right out of this little hole right here,” he said pointing to the tip and then moving his organ against Amy’s nose as he watched her eyes grow big as she looked at his shaft, super close.

“What is this stuff here,” said Sara pointing at the slimy pre cum that was drooling out of the tip.

“Before a guy ejaculates or “shoots off” some clear liquid called precum usually begins to come out like mine is doing right now. It’s not the same as semen or “cum or jism” as guys like to call it. It just tells a girl; they are getting ready to ejaculate or shoot off”

“What’s it taste like?” asked Amy suddenly . . . as she took her finger and scooped up the liquid and placed it in her mouth, surprising both Sara and her Dad.

“Nothing bad . . . maybe a little salty. Does a boy’s cum . . . taste like that too?” she asked, now carefully examining her Dad’s cock that he left right in front of her face.

“It does. I have to admit . . . most girls enjoy having boy’s cocks and their cum inside their mouths . . . and that brings us to the second thing that boys like to have happen. The formal word is called “fellatio” . . . and what that means is the sexual stimulation of a man's genitals, which I like to call my big cock here,” he said waving it back and forth in front of the girls, “using the tongue and lips.” Your friends at school probably call it a BLOW JOB. And if you think about it, there is nothing dirty about doing this for a guy . . . in fact you two just used your OWN tongues and lips on your tight little pussies a few minutes ago.” The girls blushed, but nodded their heads.

“Guys love to have their COCKS SUCKED and LICKED, so when you are with them, especially when there is no one around, don’t hesitate to rub their cocks inside their pants, take their organs out and jerk them up and down like this,” and again the man paused and lewdly demonstrated a hand job in front of both their faces, “and then finally still holding their cocks in your hands, lick their shafts, and carefully place them inside your mouths and using your lips and tongues keep sucking on them until they explode inside your mouth. It’s REALLY fun and they will soon be your boyfriend . . . for sure!” he said.

“Sooooo, how do you learn how to “suck cock?” asked Sara, her mouth . . . watering as she glances at her Daddy’s shaft.

“We still have some time, and I thought you both might want to practice using my big cock,” he said enthusiastically.

“Awesome,” said Amy lifting up her hand and gently grasping her Daddy’s cock around the tip. “Can I be first?” she begged.

“No me!” said Sara, grasping the base of the 7” rod in her hand.

“No need to fight girls . . . you are both going to fully share this organ of mine,” he reminded them. He opened up a drawer where he had placed a scented slippery product for lovemaking that he and his wife used, and had the girls open up their hands. He squeezed the solution into their palms and had them rub their hands together. Both of their hands glistened with the red colored liquid.

“Go ahead and taste it,” he suggested. Tentatively both their pink tongues wiggled across the lotion and suddenly smiles widened their faces.

“Raspberry! My favorite,” said Sara, as she let the solution fill up her mouth.

“This tastes great,” said Amy, agreeing with her sister.

“ Ok . . . so we are going to take turns and learn how to jerk off a guy’s cock and at the same time give them a blow job,” he said. For the next few minutes, the girls wrapped their small hands around his shaft and greased it up and then he encouraged them to grasp it somewhat tightly and move it up and down. He had to grit his teeth from shooting off prematurely, as they began to become more proficient. Soon his cock was glistening and very stiff, from their efforts and it was time for them to learn how to give a satisfying blow job.

He demonstrated how to cover their teeth with their lips and how to continually lick his shaft. Next, they sat on their knees, still naked, on either side of his cock and then they went at it. He allowed them to move their mouths up and down his cock . . . 3-5 times each, as they continued to trade off. Both secretly wanted to be the winner in this cock sucking game and get to drink his cum.

“Okay girls . . . I am about to shoot off, so kneel down next to each other in front of me. Push your heads together . . . and I will FUCK YOUR MOUTHES with my big stick here,” he said . . . starting off by holding his shaft at the base and slipping his rod inside Sara’s mouth. In and out he drove his shaft, absolutely enjoying each insertion. With a loud “plop” he withdrew his cock and moved over a couple inches to Amy’s mouth.

“Wrap your lips around it honey. Make it hard for me to get inside your mouth, which makes it feels SO GOOD when I FUCK your lips.! That’s it,” he said noticing the added pressure she was placing on his driving shaft. Again he pulled out of Amy’s loving lips . . . and entered Sara’s. Whether there was a competition going on or not . . . she seemed to learn from her sister and as an added treat . . . elected to rapidly wiggle and twist her tongue at the same time and that finally put him over the edge.

“MOTHER FUCKER . . . HERE IT CUMS!” he yelled as the long awaited spray of HOT cum blasted out of the tip of his cock against the back of her throat. Her eyes bulged wide in a moment of terror as the pulsing shaft emptied a second load down her throat. Not wanting to drown her with his cum he pulled his dick out and yelled to Amy:

“Open your MOUTH!” and as if on cue, she did as he said . . . and moved his shaft over and continued shooting rope after rope of thick hot semen into her oral cavity. Looking back at Sara, who had recovered and looked left out, he now aimed his bombardment of cream at her face and then as the organ continued to pulse in climax . . . he shot again and again towards her young breasts and nipples making sure to rub his cock all over the froth of cream and her stiff buds.

“Me TOO! Me TOO!” insisted Amy as the man rapidly swung his shaft back and he meticulously sprayed his other twins chest with the rest of his load and moving closer . . . rubbed his organ in between and over her titties. Soon both girls’ bodies were saturated with cum as the good doctor slipped back into the chair.

“That was FUN!” yelled Sara, looking at her sister for a similar response.

“Not just FUN it was Awesome! I can’t wait to SUCK OFF a bunch of boys at school . . . maybe even tomorrow!” exclaimed Amy.

“Next time . . . I will demonstrate the last thing guys like to do with their big hard-ons,” he said, still gaining his composure. “And I think we will need Jason, your brother, to help us out.”

“You mean FINALLY we will be able to see his COCK?” asked Sara.

“Uh huh . . . and he has a REALLY big one for his age, and we are going to bury our cocks . . . right in between both of your legs” said their Daddy. But that’s another story.

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