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Molly learns a lot at school and at home. From her classmates, her teachers, her daddy...
Last year Molly became a bit distracted at school. The short version was that she had struggled to keep up with Maths and failed the class. Her distraction resulted in unforeseen consequences beyond the academic. The long version might be necessary actually.


“Jimmy, I have to get to class.” Molly panted as a clumsy hand worked its way up her shirt and found a taught breast.

“You can be a bit late.” Jimmy whispered in her ear. His hot breath tickled her throat and caused a delicate shiver to flutter down her spine. His lips found her earlobe for a quick nip as his fingers searched for the nipple straining against her cotton bra.

“Mr Gardener can get so mean though.” Molly whimpered, but her arms around Jimmy’s neck didn’t loosen, and her hips wiggled closer to his as they necked under the bleachers. Jimmy gave a frustrated grunt and brought both hands under her bra to wiggle it up under her chin. Her milky breast popped free and his hands each found a breast to mould and fondle.

“God your tits feel so good. Take your top off so I can see them.” Jimmy demanded. Molly was hesitant. These bleachers were isolated enough but the occasional student often ditched class to have a smoke or hang out here.

“No, what if someone see’s us?” Molly’s hips found the rough denim and hard zipper of Jimmy’s pants.

“No one is here.” Jimmy soothed, and pulled back to drag Molly’s shirt over her head. Her young B cup breasts were finally free to his view. They were softly rounded globes of milky white flesh capped with pert pink nipples. He dragged her body properly onto his lap and brought one nipple to his hungry mouth. His unpracticed mouth sucked hard, then slobbered and chewed on that tight nipple like it was his last meal. Molly let out a surprised gasp at the sharp pinch to her sensitive flesh.

“Oh, that stings Jimmy…”

“You taste so good” He moved his attention to her other breast as his hand found her well used wet tit. Molly found herself gyrating her pelvis against the hard ridge growing behind his denims. Her panting felt loud in her ears, the wet sounds of his mouth, the moist heat below her waist, were all making her feel uncomfortable in her skin, like a thousand burning ants were crawling all over her but somehow she liked it.

“Jimmy I feel.. I need… please I….” Molly panted. Jimmy continued to lick and suck her breasts, but one hand moved to cup her ass and the other came down in front of her, found the soft skin of her upper thigh, inched it’s way beneath her short skirt.

“Want me to finger your little pussy Molly?”

“What? Jimmy no that’s… I’ve never…” Molly kept gently pumping her hips. Her hands were stroking his chest now, brushing over nipples, rubbing across his abdomen. Jimmy ignored her words, he brought a hand to cup her pussy over her cotton knickers. His hand on her ass forced her to grind against his fingers.

“Jimmmmmyy” Molly groaned. The feeling of burning ants was centred on her pussy now, growing intense, unfamiliar, uncomfortable. His fingers pushed aside her knickers to find her pussy hot and soaking wet with her juices. They slipped and slid along her folds, catching in the crevice that was the entrance to her vagina.

“Oh Jimmy I’m not supposed to let boy’s touch me there! If daddy knew, he would be so mad. Uh… God.. that feels so good.” Jimmy kept a hand at Molly’s pussy as he pushed her off his lap to lay on her back. She was pumping her hips up against his hand now, searching for more friction. She vaguely heard a rustling to her left but couldn’t concentrate with all the new sensations overtaking her young body. Jimmy covered her body with his to bring his mouth to her ear and whisper in a soothing voice. “Don’t freak out Molly, but David is here.”

“What?” Molly’s eyes sprang open, she turned her head frantically to see Jimmy’s friend David a few paces to her left, watching her with surprise and heat in his eyes. He was rubbing against his crotch with one hand, gaze roaming from the hand under skirt to her pert breasts on display. Molly groaned in dismay, she felt her cheeks heat and shame make her chest burn. Her hands gripped into the ground beneath her but her hips kept pumping, seeking a pinnacle she could not understand.

“Noooo, Jimmy stop…” Jimmy made a soothing hum at the back of his throat, but his hand didn’t stop rubbing her pussy. His other hand found a nipple and kept plucking it. David moved closer until he was kneeling right next to Molly’s body spread out on the grass. Her eye’s caught his, they shined with tears and lust. Jimmy’s finger slipped into her vagina, the wetness making a squelching noise in the quiet under the bleachers.

“You’re so wet Molly, I’m gonna put another finger in” Jimmy warned her. A second finger wedged itself next to the first. Molly felt the burning stretch and gave a distressed moan. Her panting became short and fast but she couldn’t find release. She wanted to tear apart her skin, she wanted to hide her face from David’s lustful gaze, she wanted a cock in her mouth but most of all she just wanted to come.

“Please, please, please… I need…” Molly cried. David’s hand came up to the centre of her chest, it trailed down, between her breasts, to her belly button, to the waistband of her skirt. He brought the heel of his hand against the apex of her pussy and gave beautiful pressure. His heel rubbed in circles against just the right spot Molly didn’t know she needed. She could feel a wave of sensation roll across her body, burning her pussy from the inside out. Her keen of surprised, agonising pleasure broke through the air as her orgasm gave her blessed relief.

Afterward Molly lay limp and replete below the two boys. They were rock hard with desire. Jimmy brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean. Molly found she couldn’t meet either of their eyes. She felt vulnerable and exposed, with her skirt flipped up and her breasts cooling in the soft breeze. Her short make-out with friend and classmate Jimmy had somehow spiralled out of control.



2021-05-06 11:56:04
mm.. A beautiful story! Look at the photos and videos of sexy girls -


2021-05-04 17:28:47
There has to be more chapters.

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