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There is no bigger or better surprise than a young, respectful and secret keeping neighbor.
The Best Fucking


There is no bigger or better surprise than a young, respectful and secret keeping neighbor. Alice was sure, Mark was a God sent for her. The next door house was for sale, maybe only for a week when one day, Alice noticed a truck full of household furniture, items and all necessary gadgets being unloaded, as she stood in her window behind the curtain.

That evening, she got a chance to say hello to Mark. He was alone, almost 23—24, right out of college as the First Officer of the largest bank in the town. In the next about a month or so, Mark had learnt all about Alice and her husband, who worked for a surgical supply company on a middle management position, spending at least a week away from home after two weeks and she being a house wife. Alice also found out that he was not married yet, loved to enjoy his Gin and tonic while relaxing in the hammock, in his patio after he came back home from work. He did not have a steady girlfriend at that time because the last one had left him, only about 2 months ago after they had known each other for almost 10 years. Elizabeth was more on her career run and wanted to be in a different part of the country and Mark could not stop her with his love only. Alice’s hubby Edward, had very odd times to come back from work and they had devised a method of calling and finding out, if she had to wait for her husband on the dinner table or he was to be late. This gave Alice and Mark a good head start to know each other and get more than the neighbors in need, especially the needs when the clothes came off.

This cool late October evening, Alice was feeling very horny and needy. Edward was away and not coming back until the following Tuesday. The only person she could depend on for properly taking care of her bodily needs was Mark. They had been fucking for almost a year by now and she was very happy to know that Mark was not a type of person, looking for the time to create scenes but he had been keeping the secret, the best so far. They had both decided that their fucking was for the pleasure only, friends taking care of each other’s sexual needs, especially because her husband was not as much available to her as she could use him. She had been dripping from her kitty, she was so horny for the last couple of days and knew what time, Mark would be back home.

They had spoken on the phone and Alice told him about her husband being away again until the coming Tuesday. They had also decided the time to meet in her own bedroom at almost 11:00 PM. She told him that the backyard door shall stay unlocked and he could easily walk through, undetected and come up the stairs to her room. At about 10:00 PM, she got into the shower to get nice and clean and freshly shaved. Her pussy mound looked very smooth as she took time to look delicious for Mark. She came out of the shower, dried herself and came to the bedroom to rub the lotion all over her body, admiring herself, looking in the mirror as she rubbed her pussy and tits especially for Mark. She was really getting wet with anticipation because Mark had not taken her for almost a month since last time. After she had the t-shirt and the thong bikini on, Mark walked into her bedroom after walking into her house through the back door as decided. They walked to the bed after locking the bedroom door. Mark must have been in dire need of good sex as well because she could see his pendulum hanging low in the boxers as he stripped to his boxers and made her naked too. They hopped on the bed and she crawled in next to him, rolling on her side, as they talked a little about the news.

As they talked, her fingers were grazing over his growing cock length, through his boxers. She told him, how deprived she had been since the last time he fucked her and he promised to take good care of her tonight because he also had not fucked someone as delicious and tasty as her for about a month. His cock being at full mast by now, he asked her to change some activity on his member and without any delay, she reached inside his brief and started stroking his lovely 8 inches while pulling on his heavy balls. In response, Mark took off his boxers and she took him in her mouth. She was still on her side with his hands rubbing her back, when she decided that she should deep throat him by being next to him like a bitch on her all fours, providing him a better access as well to her pussy. Finding her pussy available, Mark dug into her and went straight to her clitoris. She kept sucking him and slobbering on his uncut cockhead dome and also massaging his balls.

Alice did some hard sucking and then stopped for a while, thinking of taking some rest, but no rest for her now. Instead Mark, decided to begin the show. Alice had no qualms because she knew Mark could fill her pussy to the hilt and he was the only one who could do it so best. Mark could always find a sensitive spot deep inside her cunt with his big cock to hit it right every time, always bringing her closer. She could not thank him enough for this. After some lusty kisses, once he was on top and had already penetrated her slowly, now ramming that cock in her faster and harder, he could tell when she was about to orgasm because he would stop really deep inside her and she could not do much but to tighten her muscles around his intruder, while he was stopped until he was at it once again in full force and zeal.

She thought and switched position to be like a bitch in front of him, so he could take her from behind. Mark always liked this position because this way, he had a full access to her ass, which somehow got very wet from her last orgasm. Mark also noted, her being so wet in her ass and started thrusting a finger in her ready ass. Oh Lord! It felt so good to make her cum instantly, with great intensity. Mark slowed down with his finger wagging inside her ass to keep her from going overboard. While his finger slid in and out of her ass, his other hand stayed busy on her breast, giving some nice firm squeezes, before grabbing her hip and making his cock slide in and out of her super wet pussy once again, making her enjoy another powerful orgasm. Getting back from heavens, Alice told Mark to surprise her while he contemplated to change the position once again. For a surprise, Mark very gently poked his cock tip at her back den entry to slightly open her tight little hole and started to increase the pressure until the cock helmet slid inside her. Mark stopped to give her a moment to relax and adjust to his size.

Slowly she opened up more and Mark went in until he was in all the way in and he stopped once again to feel, enjoy and also let Alice enjoy the depth of his reach. The feeling was so extreme that Alice could cum once again and she relaxed much more. The moment Mark’s cock felt the grip loosen a bit and asshole expanding, he started the sawing action to start in and out of her without pulling fully out of her ass. As his tempo increased, the jiggling balls started slapping against her pussy and the erect clitoris, making her ready to discharge once again. She informed Mark because this time, she wanted him to cum as well with her.

It took him couple of minutes and some very harsh pushes in her ass to build the friction while petting her naked back and now he whispered for her to know that he was ready to explode with her and they did into an extremely deep orgasm together. Alice got her pussy filled up with his juices making her feel wonderful.

Now, they were totally spent. After they came back from the euphoria, Mark pulled out of her tender ass and dried himself with the towel. Alice dried herself after him. Mark felt as if Alice had robbed her and kicked his ass and Alice laughed as she admitted the same like feelings of being worn out completely by Mark. Thankfully they both felt completely satisfied. Alice told him that she had not been fucked anally since he did it to her last month because Edward did not like anything other than pure vanilla.

Surprising that next morning her ass was not sore at all but her pussy was even bruised a bit, she been fucked so hard in her kitty but it was well worth it. The little pain with each movement reminding her of the best fucking by the young neighbor.

The End. Kindly vote and please comment as well. Thank you. AWC……… May 2, 2021.


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