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Abby William's life changed drastically when she falls for the new guy.
He started by gently panting kisses randomly all over Abby’s upper body. This way she couldn’t defend against any of them. Eventually, she was able to get ahold of his head and lock his lips to her nipples while she undid Bryan’s pants and pushed them down along with his boxers. Now Bryan started kissing and caressing Abby with purpose. When he started on her nipples, she had her first orgasm of the evening. It was a small but pleasant one. Within minutes she was wracked by a much larger one that caused her to shake uncontrollably and he was still on her nipples. He would kiss, lick, flick, twist, and blow across them in random patterns that Abby just couldn’t defend against. Finally, he started moving down her body again using his random method to keep her on her toes. Her third orgasm hit her when Bryan was nibbling on her skin just above her panties. When he got there, he used his teeth to pull them off, giving Abby mini-orgasms the entire time. After her panties came off, Bryan started working his way back up her long legs. By now, Abby was covered in a sheen of sweat the glistened in the moonlight coming through the window. When Bryan reached Abby’s soaking wet pussy, she had her first loud orgasm of her life when she screamed like a banshee. From then on, she was extremely vocal. Within minutes, Bryan had eaten her to another powerful orgasm. Abby had enough of this but she couldn’t grab hold of Bryan’s hair anymore so she got ahold of his shoulders and pulled him up.

“GOD BRYAN FUCK ME! PUT THAT BIG BEAUTIFUL COCK INSIDE ME! PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU, RAM THAT COCK INSIDE ME AND MAKE ME YOURS!” Abby screamed into the night. Bryan far from being stupid did just what Abby had begged him to do. He slipped is cock deep inside her causing her the chirp when he bottomed out. He had to be careful at first for she was extremely tight and Abby felt like she was losing her virginity all over again. Now her vocals changed and she howled as Bryan slide in and out of her. Louder and louder, she got. On and on this went. Bryan fucked her through one orgasm after another. After having orgasms for almost an hour, Abby was exhausted, her jaw was slack, her eyes were completely glazed over, her muscles refused to work anymore. For all purposes she was now a ragdoll for Bryan and still he didn’t let up and if anything, he was pounding her harder. He loved watching her firm breast bounce in front of him and he would often latch on to one of her nipples. Every time he did this, Abby would cum again. Somehow through the fog that was now in Abby’s brain, she managed to cry out for Bryan to finish.


Bryan shifted his stroke and pushed even deeper into Abby. This caused the tip of his cock to enter her cervix and unleased the biggest orgasm that Abby had ever had and she sprayed all over Bryan and the bed. This was another first for Abby had never ever sprayed before. This finally caused Bryan to release his load into Abby’s teen cunt. In feeling Bryan’s hot jet of cum enter her, Abby was wracked by yet another orgasm but this one caused her to black out completely. Bryan pulled the cover up over them and without pulling out his cock out of Abby, snuggled up with her and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, Bryan was up early as usual. He gently untangled himself and got dressed for the day. He made some coffee and sat down to read the news. The smell of coffee woke everyone else up. If Bryan thought that Abby looked like shit this morning, Sally was much worse. When Abby seen her mom, she rushed to her:

“Mom what’s wrong? It looks you didn’t sleep at all last night.”

“Mom what’s wrong? It looks you didn’t sleep at all last night.” Her mom mocked. “It’s really hard to sleep when someone” she looked right at Abby “is screaming all night long.”

“I didn’t do that!” her mom just gave her a fish-eyed look. Bryan just had a smug smile and thought ‘Yep when you’re good, you’re good!’

“Bryan I wasn’t screaming last night, was I?”

“What was that sweetheart? I’m a bit hard of hearing this morning because someone was screaming next to my ear last night.”

“Oh god!!” Abby exclaimed as she buried her face in her hands and blushed bright red.

Sally had to laugh at her daughter’s obvious embarrassment. “Don’t worry sweetie, most women would love to have a night like yours.” Now she just couldn’t stop herself “Actually the sounds of your love making got your dad and I worked up and we had a very good night as well.”

“GOD MOM!! I don’t want to hear about you and dad!”

“Why not sweetie? After all I heard everything about yours last night.”

Bryan was standing far enough behind Abby to be out of her sight and he was trying to keep from laughing out loud. Eventually everyone was able to calm down and Bryan made breakfast for everyone. After breakfast Bryan and Dan took off to go get clothes. This left the girls home alone and this gave them the perfect opportunity to engage in some girl talk.

“So, Abby, how was he?”

“Oh god mom, I don’t think that I could survive if we did that every night. I mean it felt like he could go on for hours and furthermore he had me cumming long before he entered me.”

“Wait. WHAT????”

“Yep. He was causing me to have orgasms just by nibbling on me. Hell, he gave me a massive orgasm the other day when we went shopping just by nibbling and kissing my neck. I tell you this mom; I’ve had a sex with a few boyfriends and never ever have I had a lover like Bryan and before you ask, Yes, I’m on the pill; Daddy got me on it, years ago.”

“Oh good. I was worried. Look Abby, I’m so sorry that I was never there for you when you were growing up and I know that we haven’t had the best relationship, but if possible, I would like to change that. I now know that you are no longer my little girl but you are now a young woman who might had made the catch of the century.”

Abby ran up to her mom and threw her arms around her and hugged her tightly. Both of them started crying but didn’t say anything. They just held on to each other and cried.

“You know mom, the guys are out shopping, how bout we go out shopping too?” Sally thought about for all of two seconds.

“Fuck yes!! Just let me get a shower first and you definitely need one too for you smell like sex.”

“Oh god mom! Seriously?” Again, Abby blushed.

“Yep, seriously. Now let’s get going.”

The ladies went to their bathrooms and got their showers. They met back in the kitchen when they were done and they took off to the mall for a girl’s day out. In the meantime, the guys were having a typical guy’s time. They were talking sports, booze, and girls. Dan was at first amazed at how much Bryan knew about different types of booze but then again, he wasn’t surprised. During their day, they passed a small fishing shop and Bryan just had to go in.

“At one time long ago, my dad would take me fishing. Honestly that’s the only good memories I have of my childhood.”

Dan didn’t know anything about fishing but he went in anyway. Bryan ended up with a self-made starter box and a small spinning rod combo. Their next stop was to look at a car for Bryan. Since he was eighteen and was loaded, he could afford a car. Here like in so many areas, Bryan was very knowledgeable and he schooled several sales people. It took a while but eventually he settled on Toyota Tacoma truck that he was able to talk the salesguy down to almost five thousand under sticker price. It was small enough to be able to get into tight spaces and yet he could still take it off-road for Bryan hoped to be able to buy a decent size piece of land. Bryan would be able to pick it up on Tuesday for the dealership wanted to detail the inside and they had to fix a recall on it. Their last stop was to Dan’s office for Bryan wanted to make a will. Bryan knew what kind of people his parents used to deal with and he knew that he was a loose end. Yes, Bryan had an insurance policy hidden in case he was targeted but it’s best to be prepared. It was there that Dan learned just how loaded Bryan was. Part of his money would go to several charities that offered help for sexual assault victims. Part went to wildlife groups. The rest would go to Abby. Bryan had split his fortune in about thirds between the three parties, and Abby would still get low seven figures. Bryan also left Dan with strict instructions on how to handle Bryan’s assets in case he was killed and if anything happened to him for Dan to get his family out of town without hesitation and get new identities. The last thing was that Abby was not to know about the will or Bryan’s money. He wanted her to fall in love with him, not his money and he defiantly didn’t want money to get between them.

Back out in Dan’s car, he just couldn’t stop himself from asking:

“Bryan, how the hell did you get all that money? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“What; do you think my parents could make all that illegal money without some of it “being redirected”. After all what are they going to do? Go to the police and tell them that their illegally made money was stolen.”

“So, you robbed the robbers.”

“Yep. At first. After I had a large amount of their money, I sent it around the world a few times to clean it up and then invested the clean money in stocks and bonds. This way I would at least get something of value from them. Now my investments supply all the capital I need and actually I haven’t diverted any of their money into my accounts for several years now. For the last couple of years, I was stealing their loot, cleaning it up, and giving it to charities that help sexual assault victims. Please don’t tell anyone about the charities either for I don’t believe in bragging about giving to charities for if you brag about then you are no longer giving them the help they need. You are promoting yourself. I just hope all this doesn’t change your opinion of me.”

“No, it doesn’t. If anything, it strengthens it. You didn’t try to hide the source of your money from me and you have helped people that need the help along the way. You do know that eventually you’ll have to tell Abby. Right?”

“I know. Just like eventually I’ll have to show her what is on that flash drive.”

The men nodded to each other, showing their understanding and approval. The rest of the trip home was silent but relaxed. Since they beat the ladies’ home, Bryan and Dan got some beer and watched some sports after they had put their new clothes away.

The ladies also had a fun filled day. They both got manicures and pedicures. Sure, both of them regularly did this, but this was the first time they had even went together. Abby then wanted to go get a bikini wax and she more or less forced Sally to get one as well. Something about her mom being nervous was really entertaining for Abby, for this was something that Sally had never done before and she had a full bush. After she was done, Sally did have to admit that she felt much cleaner down there although she wasn’t sure about the pain of having all that hair ripped out.

“Just wait until dad sees you mom” Abby teased “You’ll have to beat him off of you!!”


“What’s wrong. Mom? Tease me about my sex life, you had better expect revenge!”

The ladies continued like that for the rest of the day. They made sure to visit Victoria’s Secret where they thoroughly embarrassed each other. Sally got the ultimate revenge though, when she pulled Abby into a sex shop. Being that this was Abby’s first time inside such a place, she was already embarrassed and more than a bit aroused. Sally convinced Abby to get a school girl costume and since they were the same size, and Sally got a maid outfit. Sally teased about her being able to wear it too so that she could tease Dan. Eventually it was time for the ladies to head home and they found both guys napping in the den.

Abby was going to tell them that they were home, but Sally had a better idea. She quietly pulled Abby into her room where they changed into their sexy costumes. They flipped a coin and Sally would be the schoolgirl while Abby was the maid. Abby did have to admit that her mom really did look good naked and she hoped that when she got as old as her mom that she looked at least half as good. Finally, it was time to drive their men wild. Sally went out and climbed right onto Dan’s lap with Abby copying with Bryan. As the guys were woke up from their naps, they got the surprise of their lives with their ladies straddling them and in very skimpy outfits. They were both hard as steel within microseconds, and their hands started exploring. Dan got another surprise when he found that Sally had a bikini wax done and his cock got harder still. This was something that he had always wanted her to get done but she had always refused. He loved the way her now short pubic hair felt as it went between his fingers and Sally loved it because now, she had much greater skin to skin contact.

Abby managed to put on some sexy dance music and she began to give Bryan one hell of a lap dance. Not to be outdone by her daughter, Sally also started giving Dan a lap dance. Both of them were leaking profusely and this left wet spots on the guy’s crotches, not that anyone cared. Eventually the ladies got off and began to pole dance around an invisible pole in the room.

“Hey Dan” croaked Bryan.


“How bout for a project we get a real stripper pole for the den?”

“Oh, hell ya!” agreed Dan. “But we have to split the cost.”

“Agreed” and both guys returned their complete attention to the ladies. As the ladies were dancing, they looked at each other and had the same idea. They started making out in the middle of the room and neither Bryan or Dan could believe what they were seeing. Dan unconsciously started to rub his rock-hard cock through his pants and Sally put a stop to that by slapping his hand before she went back to making out with her daughter. Sally did have to admit that making out with Abby was a lot of fun and actually hoped that they would do this again in the future. For Abby’s part she felt the same way. As the ladies were making out Sally whispered something to Abby and she agreed. They broke up their make-out session and the ladies returned their attention to the men only this time Abby went to Dan and Sally went to Bryan. This time the ladies really worked their magic on the guys. Dan was thrown for a loop because Abby’s youthful enthusiasm made him remember Sally doing this same thing when they were dating. Plus, he had never viewed his daughter in a sexual way before but had to admit that his daughter was fucking hot as hell. While Bryan was thrown for a loop because of Sally’s experience. The race was on between the ladies to see which guy would cum first. In the end it was too close to call, but both guys had such powerful orgasms that neither could move from their seats for almost an hour. While the guys were recovering, the ladies dressed in regular clothes and started doing house chores. When the guys finally could get up, they both headed toward the showers. After they got out, Bryan fixed dinner with Abby’s help. She was finding the she enjoyed learning to cook with Bryan although she still had a long way to go before, she would be able to cook high end meals by herself. After dinner it was movie time. At least this time, Bryan and Abby were able to stay awake for the whole thing.

That night, Bryan was having a nasty case of insomnia. Usually when this happened, Bryan would be up all night. This was when he took care of his money while he was at home but now, he didn’t have to hide it. Abby had a better idea. She got Bryan to lay down in bed and then she started working his cock with her mouth. At first, she couldn’t deep throat him because he was much bigger than her previous boyfriends. After working him for about ten minutes, Abby was able to deep throat him and Bryan was reduced to babbling. Abby had some serious skills and she was eager to prove it. As her mouth and tongue was working Bryan’s shaft and head, one of Abby’s hands were massaging his ball sack while with the other one; she was using her nails to lightly go across his chest. With her doing this, Bryan was having a very hard time breathing but somehow his mind fought through the fog just for a second and he got Abby to spin around so the he could show off his oral skills as well. Using his tongue, he worked Abby like a fine violin. He would suck her clit between his teeth and blow cool air across her lips. Bryan blew first, since Abby had a head start. He barely stayed conscious but he was able to finish Abby off as well. She really wasn’t use to this for none of her previous boyfriends would help her cum; she always had to do it herself. After she cum, she spun around and settled into Bryan’s arms. There they both fell asleep and remained sound asleep until late Sunday morning.

Monday morning Bryan learned that he had detention from his political science teacher because he had made her cry. When he was told, he burst out laughing. He laughed so hard that he had problems standing up. All this time, Abby was horrified while Bryan figured that it was game on. If he was going to get a detention for something then he was determined to make the crime fit the punishment. He just had to wait for the right moment, but knowing this teacher, that wouldn’t be long. Sure enough, they were in class no more than five minutes when the teacher made the mistake of going after Abby and calling her a racist because she didn’t think of herself as privileged because she was white. She knew that she was privileged but by having a stable home life, with two loving parents, and the resources for her to be successful. Bryan blew a gasket and unloaded on the teacher again only this time he didn’t hold back on bit. Nothing pissed Bryan off more than someone going after his girlfriend. He called her out for what she was; just a worthless racist hypocrite that was mad because she was too dumb to work a real job. That’s why she had to teach political science.

“Now listen here you dumb cunt” Bryan went on “I know the realities of life: Number one, humans are not equal. Some are athletes, some are bookworms, some are leaders, and some like you are just dumb. Fact number two is that life is not fair and never has been and never will be. Number three reality doesn’t care about you or your fucked up ideas. Number four is that the world is a cruel, cold place and if you can’t accept that then you will be chewed up and spit out.”

This time the teacher wasn’t going to back off either:

“And what does a young, white, privileged, punk like you know about life?”

Bryan just took his shirt off, stood up and showed the entire class the scars that he had collected over the years, and got a collective gasp. They all had heard about Bryan’s scars but this was the first time many of them had seen them.

“I know much more then you do.” Bryan stated dryly “And be warned right now, next time you try talking down to anyone, you won’t be able to talk anymore. For proof of this try talking to that Sean idiot from the football team. I’m the reason that he can’t talk. Now how bout you actually do your job for once and teach instead of standing up there and preaching leftist propaganda, or are you incapable of even thinking for yourself. There’s no such thing as “white privilege” and I think deep down you know that. When some of these kids start committing suicide because of your bullying are you going to take responsibility or are you just going to do the “progressive” thing and blame it on something else when you and your fucked up ideas are the reason behind their suicide. In fact, there’s no such thing as being privileged for everyone is their own person and what you do with your life is ultimately up to you.”

With this Bryan sat down, put his shirt back on, and reached across the aisle and gave Abby’s hand a little squeeze. Through this the teacher was stunned for she had never had anyone unload on her like Bryan had. Furthermore, he had the scars and reputation to back up his side of things. To say that she was thoroughly scared was an understatement for she had also seen the look of death in his eyes. Just before Abby and Bryan were going to leave for the day, Bryan got a message from the office. It was short and to the point:

“Detention cancelled”

‘Hey cool’ thought Bryan. This would be the last time that he would ever have problems with teachers. The next day his political science teacher apologized to the class and informed them that she would be leaving effective at the end of the week. Again, Bryan spoke up:

“Seriously, so instead of trying to actually fix your screw ups, you just abandon your students? Typical socialist. Fuck shit up and run or blame it on someone else. Can’t you just teach the material the way it’s supposed to be taught, without bias and without bullying your students? I mean what is it with you people? You bully some students into believing that they are beyond worthless while lowering standards to keep the rest of them uneducated.”

With this he cocked his head and looked right into her eyes. Something in his eyes seemed to hypnotize the teacher and she just stared. She couldn’t even have looked away if she had wanted to. Eventually she was able to break away.

“Alright, I’ll stay and work on teaching correctly.”

“That’s all I’m asking.”

Looking at Abby, Bryan’s composer was almost completely undone for she had fire in her eyes and was running her tongue along her lips. All Bryan could do was swallow, whimper, and blush as red as his hair for Abby was giving him the almost universal signal for, I’m horny as hell right now. Bryan of course wasn’t the only one to spot Abby but everyone knew that Abby’s looks were for Bryan only.

Sure enough, Abby and Bryan were barely in the door that afternoon when Abby jumped up and wrapped her legs around Bryan.

“GOD BRYAN I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE BEDROOM, TAKE ME HERE!!! FUCK MY BRAINS OUT!!!!” she shouted and Bryan was only too happy to make Abby’s command come true. He put her up on the kitchen counter and pulled off her jeans and panties. Just as he thought, she was soaked and was leaking profusely. There was definitely no need for foreplay this time. He quickly undid his pants and pushed them down. He didn’t even take the time to step out of them before he sank his rock-hard cock deep into Abby’s pussy. Almost immediately, Bryan started pounding her as hard as he could and Abby was screaming like a banshee. She had her first orgasm within a minute and it had hit her without any warning causing her to spray all over. This only made Bryan harder and he was amazed for he didn’t even know that he could get that hard without his cock splitting open. As Abby recovered from her orgasm, she began to egg Bryan on. She started massaging his cock with her Kegel muscles and licking his ear. For some reason, this was all that was needed and Bryan thrust so hard into her that Abby was lifted up off the counter as he fired off his load. Abby felt Bryan’s cock swell even more and even felt his cum work its way up his shaft. As the first jets washed the inside of her pussy, Abby exploded again only this time she screamed so hard that she screamed all the air out of her lungs to the point where she was no longer making any sound. By the time they had finished, they were both ragdolls and it was a struggle to keep upright. Abby figured that as hard as Bryan had fucked her that she would probably have a bruised vagina and she would be limping but she didn’t care for she had just had two mind-blowing orgasms.

In their haste, they had forgotten that Sally was home. She had heard them come in and then was stunned by Abby demanding that Bryan screw her right in the kitchen. From the kitchen, she could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex and to her surprise was getting turned on by listening to her only daughter getting her brains fucked out. So, she quietly snuck out to where she could watch and flick her bean at the same time. Sally looked in just as Abby started spraying and just seeing this gave Sally a fast orgasm. From her spot, she could hear Abby encouraging Bryan to fill her up and Sally watched as Abby licked Bryan’s ear. Then it happened. Sally watched as Bryan’s ball tightened up and he picked Abby up off the counter. She knew what that meant; her little girl was getting a load of cum shot into her pussy. As Sally watched, Abby was hit with the mother of all orgasms and this actually made Sally a bit jealous for it had been a long time since she had one of those orgasms. But then again, it had been a very long time since her and Dan had the enthusiasm for each other like what Bryan and Abby had. This was something that Sally was now determined to change. She slipped out of sight before either Bryan or Abby were able to recover for Sally had some serious thinking to do.

It took a couple of minutes for both Abby and Bryan to recover. Bryan grabbed a paper towel to clean up their mess a little bit. Abby was the first to look around the rest of the house and realize that her mom was home. This thought now gave Abby a smug smile where before she would have been horrified. Bryan noticed the smile and was confused. His face must have shown it for Abby explained:

“I just realized that mom’s home and we just fucked in the kitchen.”

“And you weren’t very quiet.” Added Bryan

“BRYAN!!” exclaimed Abby as she swatted his arm. “I was quiet until you corrupted me!!”

Bryan smiled as he put his arm around her and they went to take a shower before dinner. Tonight’s dinner was planned to be leftovers so Bryan didn’t need to do too much for supper. Sally in the meantime was trying to figure out how her and Dan could heat things back up again, but nothing that she could come up with sounded right. She just couldn’t figure out how Abby and Bryan did it. How on Earth were two teens happier with their love life then her and Dan when the teens only made love a couple of times a week. After all they had been married for a long time and knew what made the other one tick. Then it hit her like a load of bricks. Her and Dan knew each other too well and there was no mystery between them, no surprises, no learning. With no need to learn more they lost their desire to try new things. It wasn’t much but at least she now had a place to start. She heard Abby’s shower start and Sally had another idea; why not just ask the lovebirds? So, she waited until she was sure that Bryan and Abby were out of the shower before she went to knock on Abby’s door.

“Abby? Bryan? Can I talk to you two for a minute, please?”

“Doors open mom.” Abby called out.

Sally found them under the covers on Abby’s bed and it was blindingly obvious that neither of them had a stitch of clothing on. Doing he best to ignore the teen’s state of undress, Sally started:

“I have a rather personal question for you two that’s actually really embarrassing for me to ask.”

“What’s that Sally?” Bryan had only started calling Sally by her first name after she had banned him from calling her Mrs. Williams.

“How can you two seem to have such satisfying sex lives? I mean it seems like you two are always happy together and yet you don’t seem to get tangled up like most young lovers do.”

‘God’ Sally thought ‘that was beyond uncomfortable.’ And judging from the look on Abby’s face, she had no clue how to answer.

“You know that you answered your own question, don’t you Sally? We’re young lovers and we’re still learning about each other. Plus, we don’t feel the need to be fucking each other during every waking moment. I for one have been inside more pussies than I can count but Abby’s the only one that I actually feel a connection with.”

“Why are you asking mom? You and dad having troubles?” the concern in Abby’s face was obvious.

“No, we’re not having trouble. It’s just, I don’t know? I saw you two tangled up in the kitchen and I got jealous for it’s been so long since your dad and I have done anything like that.”

“Why do you think that is mom?”

“I don’t know.”

“Could it be Sally that between the pressures of both of your careers and trying to raise an intelligent, beautiful daughter that both of you kind of fell out of love with each other.” Sally just looked at him like she had seen a ghost. “I mean just look at how many hours you two worked. How many times did you two barely notice the other one? How many times did one of you give the other one signals that you wanted to be intimate only for the other to ignore you or worse shoot you down because of some work thing, or a headache, or something else? People can only handle rejection for so long before they start avoiding the questions that were getting them rejected. I really think, Sally, that you need to think about these questions and then you and Dan need to have a heart-to-heart talk and don’t hold back during the talk.”

Sally just continued to stare at him and she could feel emotions that she had long ago buried start rising up to the surface again. Finally, she just couldn’t take it anymore and ran out of the room crying. When Abby started to get up, Bryan put his hand on her shoulder and shook his head. This was something that Dan and Sally would have to do for themselves.

Eventually, they heard Dan come home and enter the house. They could hear Sally crying from the living room and they heard Dan ask what was wrong. They heard Sally pour her heart out to Dan and both of them held their breath for if Dan fucked up here then they would be on the path for divorce. Suddenly Sally squealed and Abby and Bryan looked at each other with questioning looks. The questioning looks for even more confused when they heard the door to the garage opening and then closing. Now curious, they got up and threw some clothes on. The raced to the door and listened. At first, they couldn’t hear anything but then they started hearing slight squishing noises. They listened until Abby suddenly remembered the garage window so they raced outside to peak in. What they seen changed Abby’s mind about her parents forever for Dan had Sally bent over the hood of his Porsche and was pounding her from behind while one of his hands was massaging a tit while the other was rubbing Sally’s clit. Sally was using the hood as leverage so that she could push back into Dan. Abby and Bryan snickered as they watched. After all Sally had watched them so it was only fair. Suddenly Sally started screaming at the tops of her lungs as Dan started picking her up off the ground with his thrust and before long, they watched as Sally exploded and sprayed cum all over Dan and the floor. Then it was Dan’s turn to stiffen up. Bryan then tapped Abby on the shoulder and signaled to her that they had better get back inside. They raced back inside and hurried back to Abby’s room to start on homework and to make it look like they had been working on their homework the entire time.

For the next few of weeks, everything was going well. Dan and Sally got their spark back, and Sally found another job. This time she was a corporate attorney and she was now only working forty hours a week with regular hours. Abby and Bryan continued to get closer but now Abby’s friends were starting to find out just how good of a man Bryan really was and they were stunned and really happy for Abby while they were also jealous of her. When they heard about Abby’s love life, none of her friends would believe her for no high school boy was that mature.

“Boy?” Abby asked them “No Bryan is no boy. He’s a man’ and he always makes sure that I have an enjoyable experience. After all, making love is all about balance. You need to be willing to give what you receive.”

It was the first week in March when the time that Bryan had not been looking forward to, arrived. It was time for his parents’ trial and he was one of the witnesses. He had been hoping that they would plead guilty so he could avoid the trial but they pleaded not guilty. Bryan knew that it was now time that he would have to tell Abby everything for it was far better he figured for her to learn about everything before the trial then during the trial. The Saturday before the trial started, Bryan sat down with Abby and told her:

“Well honey, I was hoping that I would never have to do this but I think that I should show you my past for you will see it in the courtroom and I want to be able to comfort you through it.”

“Do you think that I’m really ready?”

“No, but the reality is that you are now going to learn no matter what. At least this way we can take our time so that everything doesn’t hit you at once.”

With that, Bryan took Abby to the bathroom and plugged the flash drive into his new laptop. It had only played three minutes of video before Abby had to pause to vomit but she was determined to finish so they continued. As Abby watched, she was amazed that Bryan even made it out alive, never mind the fact that for the most part he was normal. She made it through the rest of the material on the flash drive without vomiting. When it was over, Abby turned and hugged Bryan fiercely with tears streaming out of her eyes.

“Abby, there’s more and this part you won’t hear in court.” He took a deep breath “For years I have been diverting some of my parents loot. When I started, almost all of it went into my own accounts so that I would be able to survive when my parents were caught. I moved the money around the world to clean it up and then invested it. For the last couple of years through, the money I stole from them was donated to groups for sexual assault victims. Now I will not tell you what exactly I’m worth, but I will tell you that it’s in the multi-million-dollar range.”

Abby just sat there, stunned. She never imagined Bryan a being a rich person and the more she thought about it the more she didn’t care. It didn’t take a genius to figure out why Bryan hid the fact that he was rich. One it protected him from his parents and two it ensured that Abby fell in love with Bryan and not Bryan’s money. She wrapped her arms and legs around Bryan and held him tightly.

“Bryan, I don’t care about money and contrary to what everyone thinks of me, I never have. All I have ever wanted was someone to love me and treat me as a person and not as a piece of meat or worse a trophy. You are the only person to do that. Even my parents didn’t treat me as a person until you came on the scene.”

They spent the rest of the weekend in Abby’s bedroom and in her bed. Between making love and napping, they talked and nothing was off limits. By the time Monday rolled around; Abby and Bryan were deeper in love then most couples. It now seemed like they could read each other’s minds and with their talk, many of their viewpoints on life shifted a bit. Abby found that on many subjects, she had shifted to a more conversative stance while Bryan shifted to a more liberal one. This shifting brought them much closer to the middle where they could easily talk things over and agree on topics that many people would never agree on.

Finally, it was time for Bryan to head to court and he wasn’t surprised when Abby was right next to him and this gave him much greater strength. He wouldn’t have to face his demons alone but with Abby at his side, he felt like he could take on the world. When he first seen his parents, it took him every ouch of his strength not to burst into laughter for they looked terrible. Both of them had black eyes and his mom had even lost some teeth. As far as Bryan was concerned that was only a tiny taste of what they had done to him throughout his entire life. Bryan had been warned by Dan though that his parents’ lawyer was a real snake and you had to be extremely careful with him for he would do anything to win. That much was evident through the first days of the trial when their lawyer objected to everything that went against his clients. It didn’t matter what it was, their lawyer was determined to not let any damaging evidence see the light of day. For the most part the judge denied his objections but as time went on this started to become rarer. Now Bryan knew that he was going to have to testify so that his parents would never be able to get see the light of day again. On the last day, Bryan took the stand. From the looks on his parent’s faces this completely surprised them and their lawyer wasn’t ready for this development. His parents had thought that they had beaten Bryan down so much that he would never be able to stand against them. He tried to object, but this time the judge wasn’t having it for he was also surprised but more importantly he wanted to hear what all Bryan had to tell.

It took Bryan almost three hours to get through his story and it was so graphic that most of the people in the room vomited, including the judge. When his parents’ lawyer tried to question if Bryan really knew what he was talking about; Bryan stood up and stripped. He showed the court all of his numerous injuries that had been inflicted on him over the years. The deep scars across his back from the numerous whippings. The ligature marks on his ankles where he had been hung upside down. And finally, the burn marks on his penis and testicles where both of his parents put out their cigars and cigarettes.

The last person on the stand surprised even Bryan for it was Abby. She had purposely not told him for she didn’t want him to worry. Abby then told of how she had hidden in his closet and had listened to his parents beat and verbally abuse him for hours. She told of how she had slipped out the window and stood behind a tree and watched as Bryan’s parents beat him. She also told of how Bryan looked at the start of the school year; of how he had no life left in his eyes and to further make her case, she shared one of her earliest photos of him with the court. Many people were shaken by the look in Bryan’s eyes.

Eventually it was time for the jury to deliberate. Bryan’s parent’s lawyer had even tried to paint a picture with Bryan actually framing his parents. Within ten minutes the jury returned with a guilty on all counts verdict and recommended the death penalty for both of the parents. The judge was only too happy to accept the verdict. Abby and Bryan broke in tears for they were now so happy that Bryan would be finally free of his parents. To add to their happiness; the defending lawyer was disbarred three days later when it came to light that he had tried to manipulate evidence and was involved with witness intimidation. A week later he was arrested when it came to light that he was one of their customers and the police found two sex slaves chained in his basement.

The trial had taken two weeks to conclude and by the end of it, both Addy and Bryan were mentally drained. Abby’s parents both told them that they should go on vacation somewhere exotic so that they could relax and unwind with each other. Bryan put his foot down to this for he was now more determined not to miss one more day of school. He wanted to finish and rub his parents’ nose in the fact that they couldn’t keep him down. Furthermore, Abby completely agreed with him.

When they returned to school, Abby and Bryan found that they now had hero status for everyone had followed the trial closely and everyone knew just what kind of hell Bryan had been through and the strength that he had to report his own parents to the FBI after being tormented for his entire life. For the most part everyone thought that it was Abby’s and especially Bryan’s testimony that sealed the case against his parents for his parents’ lawyer was coming up with all kind of reasons to discredit other witnesses and evidence. Every jock in the school came up to him and apologized for treating him so badly. Bryan accepted everyone’s apology meekly for he was not one for petty revenge.

With the trial behind them, Bryan and Abby were now able to get on with their lives. They were both looking forward to spring break for Bryan had made reservations for them in a cabin deep in the Smokey Mountains. This was somewhere that Abby had always wanted to go and now she was going to be going with her boyfriend. Spring break that year was the first week of April.

When they got home on the Friday that started spring break; they packed the truck with their luggage. This only took them about fifteen minutes for they had packed the night before and they didn’t have much luggage anyway. The plan was to go right to bed and nap until very early in the morning and then take off. This way they would be able to miss almost all the traffic and would be able to make the ten-hour trip without stopping to sleep. They had decided to take Bryan’s truck in case they wanted to travel roads that were unimproved. Also, by taking his truck, they could put more stuff in it and it rode better then Abby’s car. Both of them only had one duffel bag a piece for luggage and Bryan took his fishing gear in case they found a good place to fish.

They left a little after one am on Saturday morning. Before they left, Bryan made both of them breakfast so that they wouldn’t have to stop and eat. The plan was for them to drive for two hours at a time and then switch. This way they wouldn’t get fatigued and both of them would be fresh when they got to their cabin.

Before they were even out of the driveway, Abby had Bryan’s cock out and was gently licking it. He didn’t really like being distracted while driving but when Abby started on his cock, he lost the ability to tell her no or even to reason with her. Using her tongue, she would work him until he was almost at an orgasm and then she would back off until Bryan was able to cool down and then she would start again. For each cycle she would change technique. One time it might be just her tongue and then the next time she would deepthroat Bryan. She also would use her finger tips to lightly massage his sack while she would take Bryan deep in her mouth and then pull back while pulling a vacuum on his cock. Every time she did this, she would feel Bryan’s cock get extra hard and she wouldn’t be able to do this very long before she had to stop to let him cool down. Her objective was to keep him hard until they got to their first stop and then get him to blow his load. Abby hoped that this would make Bryan get some sleep while she drove for Bryan had an insomnia attack the night before and he had problems sleeping in moving vehicles.

Just according to her plans, as they pulled into their first stop, Abby made Bryan cum. The amount of cum that he produced surprised even her and she was use to the large amounts of cum that Bryan made. He filled her mouth up and a large amount of it dripped out and down her chin but she didn’t care. Hell, she was going to leave that cum right where it was at as proof of how good she was. Bryan was barely able to scoot across to the passenger seat before he passed out. Abby in the meantime was fresh as a daisy as she went into the convenance store that they stopped at to get herself a snack and a drink. She really enjoyed the looks that she was getting for her chin was covered with Bryan’s cum. It was really funny the looks that she got from an older couple that was in there and she could almost hear their thoughts ‘She has to be a slut’. The best look that she got was from the cashier though. The cashier was a young guy and as Abby walked up to the counter, she could see the bulge in the guy’s pants. As she was paying, she ran a finger through the cum on her chin and put it into her mouth and very slowly pulled her finger out:

“Yum! Good to the last drop.” She purred in a sultry tone as she gave the poor guy a wink. She watched as the guy stiffened up and she watched as a wet spot formed over the guy’s bulge. His next reaction really made Abby’s morning as his cheeks turned bright red.

Back in the truck, Abby was happy to see that Bryan was out cold. She buckled his seatbelt and resumed their trip. She didn’t even bother to wake him up until they got to the cabin. Because she drove straight through, they made really good time and made the trip in only nine hours and got there at about ten in the morning. At first Bryan was confused as to where they were at until Abby explained:

“You just looked so peaceful that I couldn’t bear to wake you up and since you couldn’t sleep last night, I figured that if you slept good then you might actually be able to keep up with me today.”

“Oh, challenge accepted!!” Both of them laughed as they got out of the truck and grabbed their bags. When they got into the cabin, Abby was stunned for it was beautiful. She hadn’t seen the pictures beforehand because Bryan hid them from her saying:

“This is my way of saying thank you for all the support that you have given me over the last few months”

“Oh Bryan, you don’t need to say thank you.”

“Yes, I do because over the last few months something has happened to me that I didn’t think was possible… I’ve fallen in love and I fallen hard for you Abby.” Abby looked like she was ready to start crying and she shook her head. “Yes, Abby, I love you.” This was actually the first time that they had ever said “I love you” to each other. Bryan wrapped her in his arms and looked right into her eyes with his nose touching hers. Neither was sure how long they stood there and stared into each other’s eyes and neither cared. Eventually Abby broke contact and turned her head slightly; Bryan taking the hint cocked his head in the other direction and their lips locked. Into that kiss they poured every ouch of passion that they contained. As they broke the kiss, they could see that the other’s eyes and they were dilated.

“I love you, Bryan.” Abby said while she buried her head into Bryan’s chest.

Bryan gently picked Abby up and carried her into the bedroom. There Abby seen the next surprise that Bryan had for her and it was in the shape of a massive bouquet of Abby’s favorite flowers, lilies. As Abby was looking through the flowers a glint in among the flowers caught her eye. Now curious she weaved her fingers through the flowers to find a ring.

“Hey Bryan, what’s this?” Looking at it:

“Well, it kind of looks like an engagement ring to me, Abby.” Now it only took her a second to figure out what Bryan was saying and she looked at him with wide eyes before she stopped him from kneeling. She handed him the ring and before he could react, she held out her left hand so that he could put it on her finger.

“So, I’m guessing that it’s a, yes?”

“Ahhh duh. I love you so much Bryan. Like you I never thought that I would find love. Guys have lusted after me since I hit puberty but you are the first man ever to treat me like a person instead of a trophy or a prize. You’re brave, selfless, funny, and very smart. I know that I absolutely could do no better than you and I will be so happy to be your wife.”

With the ring slid on her finger, she jumped up into his arms and wrapped her legs around him. If the kisses before were breathtaking then the ones they were sharing now were lethal. Every gram of passion and love that they had for each other; they poured into their kisses. Finally, Bryan’s body was starting to give out so he gently laid Abby down on the bed and crawled up next to her and she took her usual place with her head laying on Bryan’s shoulder. There they lay content with themselves and each other. No words were spoken for no words needed spoken. Eventually though, their stomachs began to protest being that they hadn’t eaten since early that morning and they were hungry. Since they didn’t have any food to make on the cabin’s grill, they went into the closest town to eat. They managed to find a small mom and pop place that although it was old and run down had some outstanding food. In fact, it was almost as good as Bryan’s cooking. When it came time for the bill, Abby swiped the bill for her parents had given her a pre-paid credit card and told them to make sure that they spent every penny. Abby made sure the leave a massive tip for the service had been spectacular and the owners looked like they could use the money. They of course tried to refuse, but Abby wasn’t having it. Their next stop was the local store to get food for the week. They didn’t bring any with them for they didn’t know if the cabin had a fridge and since it did, they bought food for the week.

After getting back and putting away the groceries, Abby’s libido was in full force. Bryan could tell just by the way she was acting that she was horny as hell so he started turning the heat up on her. He started lightly kissing her neck and one of his hands started tracing the outline of her breast. As intended, this caused Abby to moan softly as she leaned back into Bryan’s body. He wasn’t ready quite yet to be tangled up with her so he continued to kiss and caress her. Abby began to feel like she was melting into Bryan she was so relaxed. Eventually Bryan wrapped her up in his arms and held her tightly. Abby just loved when he did this for, she felt safe and loved. Abby knew why Bryan didn’t want to be tangled up of course. He had been forced to fuck so many girls when he was younger that he didn’t really like sex. He was after the emotional connection much more than the physical one. Sure, he would pound Abby’s brains out once in a while but he always defaulted to actual love making rather than just sex. Eventually she was able to calm down a bit and Bryan managed to get her to agree to go hiking with him. He said it was to use up some of her excessive energy; he had other plans however.

As the two of them walked through the woods and over hills, Bryan was looking for the right spot and time. Finally, he found it next to a waterfall. This is where he struck. He rushed and snatched up Abby in his arms and spun them around. She was a bit confused but was laughing anyway. Her eyes got wide when she felt Bryan’s hand rubbing her crotch and this caused her moisture levels to skyrocket.

“So, this was why you didn’t want to fuck at the cabin?” He nodded. “You should have told me.”

“Why? This is much more fun! Too bad it’s not summertime though for I would throw you in the water! I don’t want you getting sick on me so most of your body gets to stay dry.”

With this, Bryan’s fingers made short work of the buttons on Abby’s pants.

“Bryan! What if someone sees us?!?!”

“Where’s your sense of adventure, Abby? You’re not going to chicken out on, me are?”

` “Well, no.” She was now nervous for she had never done it outside. It had always been in bed or at least in a house away from prying eyes. Slowly Bryan slid her pants down to her ankles and helped her kick them off. He looked around and quickly found a rock to put Abby up on so that he could continue to slowly strip her clothes off. Her shirt was next and quickly she was sitting there in just her bra and panties. Using his teeth only, Bryan slowly pulled Abby’s soaking wet panties off, exposing her pussy to natural sunlight for the first time. She did have to admit that the warmth of the sun felt good. Bryan was an expert with bras, so he had hers undone faster than she was even able to. Again, he used his teeth to pull it off of her. Now nude, Abby had never felt so exposed before. Oddly she was extremely aroused at the possibility of being found and with the sun shining on her body. Bryan could tell that she was afraid of being seen.

“Embrace the fear, Abby. Let it spread through your entire body and I promise you that the rewards will be great.”

Abby began to do what Bryan suggested and found that as her fear increased, so did her arousal and her pussy was leaking like crazy. Almost as soon as Bryan began to caress her body, she had good orgasm. As she was recovering, Bryan softly blew into her ear and whispered:

“And to think that we are only beginning.” Abby wasn’t sure what all Bryan had planned but she trusted him completely and with his experience and ingenuity she could only guess at what all he intended to do to her but she had to get his clothes off of him. She moved to where she could make quick work of Bryan’s belt and pants button. With his pants undone, she pushed them and his boxers down his legs and he kicked them off. His shirt followed closely and Bryan joined Abby on the rock. He pinned her hands down and began to nibble on Abby’s neck and jaw causing her to start shrieking and giggling for she couldn’t defend herself. Slowly he worked his way down her body to her breast and the giggles became moans of pleasure. He worked her breast like an artist and within minutes, Abby screamed at the top of her lungs as another orgasm swept over her. Bryan then paused to allow Abby to recover some for she was a wreck and was at best semi-conscious. As Bryan waiting for Abby to recover, he slowly rubbed her stomach and thighs. He so enjoyed looking at her curves and watching her breathing as she recovered from her orgasm. Slowly she did recover and now it was her turn to play. She pushed Bryan onto his back before she began to kiss and caress his body as well. He didn’t really need the foreplay for he was had hard as the rock that they were displayed on but Abby felt that his body deserved to be given attention as well. She worked her way down until Bryan wasn’t able to form words. This was her signal and she mounted him in one motion slowly sliding down his cock until their hair had intertwined. Bryan didn’t like the idea of shaving down there because it reminded him too much of the girls from his past. Abby did insist though that they at least trim so they wouldn’t get hair in each other’s mouths. This was an acceptable compromise for Bryan and they kept each other trimmed up neatly.

After Abby had finished sliding down Bryan’s rod, they looked into each other’s eyes and they froze for the amount of love that they were communicating to each other just couldn’t be done any other way. Eventually as of one mind, Bryan and Abby started moving at one time. Bryan made sure to protect Abby’s legs from the rock while Abby made sure that she didn’t slam down too hard so that she wouldn’t hurt Bryan. Slowly they started the climb to their mutual orgasm together with neither of them in any hurry at all. Abby used her Kegel muscles while rotating her hips to give them maximum friction. Bryan for his part was using his fingers to play with Abby’s nipples and clit. It took the teens almost half an hour to reach their orgasm but when they did, it was explosive. Abby started when she started breathing harder. Bryan took this chance to start thrusting up into her so that they could go together. She started to shake violently as it was all Bryan could do to keep her safe, but the problem with this was that with his hands occupied he couldn’t muffle the banshee screams that were coming from Abby and she screams of pleasure echoed through the forest. Finally, she started to cum and it felt like every muscle in her body was trying to contract at the same time. This contracting set Bryan off and his muscles contracted as well while he forced his cock into Abby as deep as he could and shot load after load into her waiting pussy. As Bryan’s cock gave up its load, Abby’s pussy started flooding Bryan with her juices while she continued to convulse. She continued to shake for almost a minute before she collapsed on to her fiancé’s chest and started to relax and if she had been a cat, she would have been purring. Together they stretched out and absorbed the warm sunlight that was hitting them. Abby was using Bryan’s shoulder as her pillow and Bryan was using some of their clothes for his. The arm that Abby was using cradled in; Bryan was using that hand to gently caress Abby’s side while use used her nails on one of her hands to do the same to Bryan.

They were almost ready to go to sleep when they heard voices coming down the path. They quickly gathered their clothes and hide in the rocks so that they could get dressed. The hardest thing for them was trying to stay quiet for both of them wanted to start giggling. By the time the people got to where Abby and Bryan were at, they had their clothes back on and organized and walked right past the people who had interrupted them without the people ever knowing. When the teens were out of earshot, they burst into laughter.

It was late afternoon by the time they got back to their cabin and they made themselves supper. By this time, Abby was quite at home in the kitchen and she always helped Bryan with the cooking. After dinner, they seen that rain was forecasted for the next couple of days, but that was fine with them for they could stay in the cabin and make love. That is exactly what they did too. They would nap between love making, eating, or dreaming of their future together. Even though Bryan was rich, Abby was determined to have a career for herself and Bryan was so proud of her for wanting this. Bryan for his part wasn’t going to college. He would use some of his money to day trade. This way it didn’t matter where he went, he would have a job and he could stay home with their children. It rained for four days and during that time, either of them left the cabin for anything, hell they didn’t even bother to put clothes on. Abby hadn’t told anyone about the ring yet because she wanted to surprise everyone when they got back.

During their time talking, they had decided on a June wedding and Abby was able to use the Wi-fi in the cabin to find them somewhere to get married. They would be married in the town park and if it was raining then they would be able to use the community building for the wedding. The reception would be held in there anyway. Neither Bryan or Abby wanted an expensive wedding and Abby didn’t even want a wedding dress. She wanted to wear the dress that she wore when her and Bryan had their first date night for that had been the best night of her life.

Finally, the rain ended and both Abby and Bryan wanted to get out of the cabin for a little while so they went to town and did some shopping. They got a few small things but they didn’t really find much to interest them. The rain had caused some flooding so that put an end to Bryan wanting to go fishing on this trip. They did go to a mining museum which Abby was thrilled with for stuff like that was right up her alley. There they learned about the history of mining in the area and what the future might hold. They also visited a couple of historic battlefields and in all had a really nice day just being together. Friday morning would be their last in the smokeys before they went back home. They figured to that they would get home about eight or nine and that way they could relax over the weekend and be ready for school.

Before they left, they made love one last time in the cabin and this time they did it in the kitchen and made it so that it was obvious to however had to clean the cabin just what they were doing. They did this by leaving one hell of a puddle of juices on the counter.

This time Bryan drove all the way home and while they went home, they talked, listened to music, and sang along. Abby’s parents noticed he ring on her finger almost as soon as she had stepped back into the house and Sally began to cry. She was so happy that Abby had found someone that she loved completely and one that loved her completely as well. Dan shook Bryan’s hand and congratulated him while welcoming him to the family. While Dan and Sally were surprised by the timing of the engagement, they were not surprised by the engagement itself. It had been obvious for months that Abby and Bryan were deeply in love and since they were both really mature for their age there was no doubt that they were serious about each other. After they put their dirty laundry in the washer, they sat down with Dan and Sally to show off pictures from their trip.

“So, Abby, did you use all of that pre-paid credit card?” Sally asked.

“Of course not. It rained for four days and we didn’t get out of the cabin the entire time. I do feel bad for whoever has to clean that cabin…not!”

“ABBY! No details please.”

“What’s wrong mom? You can’t tell me that you didn’t expect us to spend time in that cabin without making love. And with a ring like this” Abby held up her hand “you would have to expect that the old libido was running at full blast.”

At this Bryan almost choked on the water that he was drinking, earning laughter from everyone in the room. As soon as Bryan got the water out of his nose, he turned and attacked Abby. He pinned her down and began to nibble on her in a way that tickled her like crazy. She was laughing so hard that she had to throw Bryan off of her so that she could run to the bathroom. Bryan in the meantime settled back with a smug smile on his face.

For the most part they spent the weekend just relaxing for they didn’t have too much to do. Homework had been done Friday before they left school and their laundry had been done Friday evening when they got back. Saturday afternoon though, Bryan did get a chance to go fishing for the first time in years. He just fished from shore at the local river and caught a few small ones before leaving. He really enjoyed fishing and Abby found to her surprise that she did too.

Monday morning, Abby was able to get to her locker before anyone seen the ring. She was glad that they had come in early for every girl in the class wanted to see it and hear the story of how Bryan proposed. Abby skipped over the personal details of their week for she knew that Bryan was really sensitive when it came to telling what all they did behind closed doors. Personally, Abby didn’t care if others knew about her sex life but Bryan had been exposed so many times in his past that now when it came to intimate details, he was extremely private and Abby respected that. This frustrated some of her friends but she wasn’t planning on spending the rest of her life with her high school friends. The most surprising part of the day was when their political science teacher congratulated them. In the time since Bryan had reamed her, she had become much more of a teacher and was actually starting to get some of the students to like her for now she was fair and did her best to respect other’s viewpoints. She would still argue with students but now it was more of an academic debate where each side would make their case and present their supporting evidence to try and change the other side’s mind. She was actually surprised at how many of her views that she had held since middle school were changed by her students.

The rest of the school year flew by for Bryan and Abby. She had been accepted to Purdue University for metallurgy so they started looking for a small house that they could buy so that they wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of moving every damn semester. Abby had another reason for wanting a house. She planned on going off her birth control as soon as they were married for, she wanted children and by having them young, they would be able to keep up with them. Since Abby was a straight A student, she was able to either test out of or had enough credits to get out of the entire freshman year. She would go into college as a sophomore and she would pay her way through college so that she would graduate with no debt. Dan and Sally offered to help Bryan and Abby but they refused. This not only meant that she would graduate a year earlier, but that she wouldn’t have to live on campus either. They had spent some time on their vacation, talking about what type of home they wanted to buy and by the time they got back; they had a good idea of what they wanted. Both of them wanted a ranch style home with a full basement under it. They wanted at least twenty acres of land with most of it being wooded and at least one pond. Bryan loved to fish and he loved photographing wildlife. Also figuring in was that with the forest, he could go hunting once in a while to get fresh, unmodified meat that he knew was lean and had no hormones in it. Abby wanted the pond so she could swim, fish, and tan.

The week after they had got back from their vacation, they called a realtor from the area and explained their situation and what they were looking for. Since it was spring time there was several properties that they might like so Bryan and Abby got the list from the realtor. From almost a dozen properties, they narrowed the list down to two. Both were about half an hour from campus and in rural areas. The one they picked didn’t have a house on it but was almost eighty acres of woods and had a small private lake on the property. The owner was an elderly lady whose late husband had bought the property as an investment opportunity and then ran out of money but refused to sell the property. When Bryan and Abby made their offer and the old lady heard their story, she instantly accepted their offer even though she had gotten better offers. Bryan paid cash and the sale cleared the first week of May. They spent the rest of the month planning their wedding and working on designing their home.

By the end of the school year, everything was ready. Bryan and Abby were married the day before they graduated. The weather outside was prefect being sunny and mid 70’s. Bryan was nervous as hell. He knew how to fight and take punishment but getting married was scaring him shitless. He was nervous right up till he seen Abby in her dress and Bryan was no longer nervous for his jaw about fell off. Abby had her hair all done up and had light make-up on. Her eyes shimmered and her hair reflected light like gold. What really floored Bryan was her dress for she was in an actual wedding dress. The last he had heard; she was going to get married in the same dress that she wore during their first date.

During the service, Bryan had happened to look past the pastor and seen a glint of light in a nearby tree line. Bryan knew what that glint was and he knew what it meant. Although he was now on high alert, he didn’t let it show for he didn’t want to ruin Abby’s special day. Now that he knew where to look, he could see the outline of someone in the trees and he knew that he was now under observation. At least with Bryan and Abby now married, she would get his money if he got killed. He was at least thankful for that. For the rest of the day, Bryan was on high alert with only Dan noticing. During the reception, Dan asked Bryan about it and Bryan pulled Dan into a secluded spot in the building before he told his father-in-law what he had seen. After Bryan told Dan what he seen; Dan handed him the handgun that Dan had been carrying at the time. It was a Smith & Wesson 40 caliber and Dan smiled when Bryan showed that he knew exactly how to handle it. Bryan stored it away in his suit and they returned to the party without anyone knowing that they were gone. The rest of the party went off without a hitch, but now Dan was also on high alert and was constantly scanning as well. He knew how to fight because had had been special forces before becoming a lawyer.

Finally, the partying was over and Abby and Bryan were alone in their hotel room. Only now they were husband and wife. For their first night Abby’s parents had rented them a very nice hotel room and Abby just loved it. Bryan however was nervous as hell. He knew that Abby had stopped taking her birth control and he didn’t know if he was ready to be a dad. But then again is anyone really ready to be a dad. While Abby was getting herself ready in the bathroom, Bryan was looking for hidden cameras and other ways out. This time he did find hidden cameras. Now what to do about them? As he was working on the problem, the door to the bathroom opened and Abby came out of it. She was wearing a semi-transparent red teddy and when Bryan first seen her, his blood started boiling and his jaw hung slack for she was hotter than hell. That solved the problem of the cameras; to hell with them. Bryan did make sure to put his suit jacket where he could get to it for his new handgun was in it. Abby pranced around the room giving Bryan one hell of a show. His eyes were fully dilated and were locked on Abby for this was the most erotic show that she had ever put on. Abby finally stopped where she was standing right in front of Bryan who hadn’t moved since she came out of the bathroom.

She slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pants which promptly fell off. As Abby pushed his shirt off, she ran her finger tips along his scars. While she did this, she shed a single tear for Bryan and her had come such a long way since they first met. Truth be told, Abby was more then a little ashamed of her previous behavior but then again if she hadn’t picked Bryan to pick on then she would have never got together with him. She understood this but she was still ashamed. As she finished pushing Bryan’s shirt off, Bryan suddenly swung into action and she swept her off her feet causing her to start laughing. Bryan spun her around for he knew that he was targeted so he wanted to make positively sure that Abby could enjoy whatever time they still had together. As Bryan stopped spinning, Abby wrapped her strong legs around his waist and she looked right into his eyes. Bryan was thankful that she didn’t see the fear or anger that he was feeling. As Bryan inhaled Abby’s scent; his fear calmed down some, his cock was hard as steel and it was straining at his boxers to be let out. Abby of course could feel this and she decided to torment Bryan some. She started grinding her hips against Bryan’s crotch and Bryan’s cock got even harder to Abby’s amusement. She could see the fire building in Bryan’s eyes as she did this.

Bryan had to really restrain himself as he laid Abby down on the bed for part of him wanted to fuck her senseless but the rest of him wanted to go slow and do everything that he could to show his love for his wife. Abby wasn’t sure which Bryan would show up, but she was ready for both; at least she thought she was. After Bryan laid her down, he started kissing her feet and worked his way up. As he got to the hem of her teddy, he used his teeth and chin to slowly push it up Abby’s body. He kissed the fabric of her G-string but he was careful not to move it. Higher and higher he went until he got to her breast. Here Abby sat up and Bryan finished pushing her teddy up and over her head. Now that he had unlimited access to Abby’s breast, he made full use of it. He slowly worked his way around each of her perfect breast while gently nibbling on them and softly kissing them. Abby was now humming with bliss as her new husband showed his love for her. As he started sucking on her nipples, an orgasm hit Abby out of nowhere. Her back arched so that the only parts of her still on the bed was her head and her toes. Not only that but she let out a feral scream take echoed in the room and was heard throughout the hotel. Her body froze for almost thirty seconds before it started to shake. All through this Bryan kept sucking her nipple and playing with the other one. Eventually after almost a minute her shaking finally stopped and she collapsed. Abby was covered with sweat as she pushed Bryan away from her breast for, she couldn’t take anymore and he stretched out on his back next to her. It didn’t take too long for her to put her head up on his shoulder and start lightly snoring. When she did this, Bryan had to chuckle to himself but he didn’t go to sleep for he knew that they were being watched. All night he laid there and dozed off for only a minute or so before waking back up again. He would carefully look the room over and doze back off again.

The next morning, Bryan was up early as usual and quietly got dressed so that he wouldn’t wake Abby up. He opened his laptop and started working for he wanted to see who was watching the video feed from his room. With his skills this didn’t take long before he found the feed and backtracked it. It was being recorded by the CIA, but this didn’t really surprise him any for many of his parents’ former customers were high up in the government and would do anything to cover their tracks. Looking at the feeds from his room, he found the locations of the remaining cameras and wasn’t surprised that he had missed a couple. He was even able to go back through the footage to see who had planted the cameras and was unsurprised to see it was a team dressed as hotel employees, but Bryan was willing to bet that they didn’t know why the government was interested in Bryan.

Bryan had just logged off when Abby started to wake up.

“Good morning, Mrs. Thompson” chirped Bryan.

“Mmm morning, Mr. Thompson” purred Abby as she stretched. She sat up and almost flopped back on the bed earning a laugh from Bryan. After she made sure that she could sit up she felt her body:

“I need a shower. You wouldn’t be interested in sharing it with me, would you?”

“Oh, hell ya!” and Bryan stripped back down so he could join Abby in the shower. They didn’t have much time this morning for they had graduation at noon and it was already eight in the morning so they had to hurry a bit so they could eat and get to the school. Once Abby and Bryan got into the shower, Abby looked a bit sad

“What’s wrong Abby?”

“I passed out without taking care of you last night” Bryan just chuckled a bit.

“Why are you worried when we have the rest of our lives?” He still didn’t want to tell her about the cameras.

“Because, Bryan I have a feeling that something bad is about to happen.” At this Bryan froze and paled a bit. ‘did she know about the people looking for me?’ Abby latched on to Bryan and started crying:

“I spent all my life looking for you and I don’t want to lose you Bryan for you mean everything to me.” Bryan just held her tight for he didn’t want her to know that he was being hunted for he hoped that if she didn’t know then they might leave her alone. He held her tight until she had cried herself out, and once she had he turned the water off and climbed out of the shower with her. Bryan then realized how long they had been in the shower and if they didn’t hurry, they would be running late. They rushed to get dressed and as they were leaving room service showed up with complementary food. Bryan recognized the man pushing the cart as one of those who had planted the cameras so he hurried Abby up so that she didn’t have time to get any food for he was sure the food was poisoned or at the very least drugged.

The two of them rushed and got to the school with only minutes to spare before they had to get ready. Dan and Sally were waiting for them and Dan gave Bryan a hug.

“Did you tell her?” he whispered in Bryan’s ear.

“No, but I did find cameras in our room and I didn’t tell her about those either.”

“Good. The house is being watched too.”

“I figured. I tracked the cameras to the CIA.” Dan wasn’t shocked at all and the broke their hug. Sally then came up and hugged Bryan as well but she didn’t say anything. Since Abby was the Valedictorian, she had a speech to get ready for so her and Bryan went to get their gowns so they could get this over with.

During her speech, Abby spoke of how the greatest people had often went through great trials before they became great. These trials she said burnt away everything that wasn’t necessary in the person’s personality and what was left was much greater than what was there before. She also talked about never judging anyone for if she had continued to judge people then she wouldn’t have got together with Bryan. During the ceremony Bryan was carefully scanning the crowd, looking for people who might be looking for him. Thankfully he didn’t see anyone and so he could relax a bit and actually dozed off a bit until it was time for him to get his diploma.

After everything had finally wrapped up, Bryan and Abby went around to people’s open houses mostly so that Abby could say bye to everyone for they were leaving for their land that week. Bryan and Abby were planning on building most of their new home themselves and they wanted to get started. While they were building, they would live in a tent and would do their laundry at the closest laundromat. For showers they had a solar heated portable shower so they could at least wash the worst of the grim off of them. It was almost six pm when they got home and were able to finally put their clothes away. Since they had eaten at all those open houses, they had a couple of hours before bed time so they spent that time making the sweetest love possible. Both of them lost count how many times they had cum but by nine they were both satisfied and tired so they curled up and went to sleep.

Bryan wasn’t sure what time it was but something woke him up. At first, he wasn’t sure what it was but it didn’t take him long to place the sound. Someone was picking the lock on the house door. He heard the door open and quick footsteps enter. He put his hand over Abby’s mouth and woke her up. As soon as she was awake enough, he told her that someone was in the house and she should call 911. As she was dialing, he grabbed Dan’s old handgun and Abby was scared for she didn’t know there was any guns even in the house. Bryan told Abby to get under the bed and stay there; this time she did exactly as he told her. She had to watch was Bryan slipped out her bedroom door with the gun drawn.

Within thirty seconds a firefight broke out in the house and it was all Abby could do to stay quiet. Her cell phone wasn’t working and she didn’t know why but she did figure that they were in serous trouble. Finally, there was three evenly spaced shots. The next sound caused her heart to stop for it was Bryan moaning in pain. She darted out from under the bed and raced out of her room. There on the floor was Bryan with two gunshot wounds to his chest. Looking into the dinning room, Abby could see three bodies lying on the floor. She raced to his side and picked his head up so he could look at her:


In the faint light coming in, she could see Bryan barely open his eyes

“Abby” he said weakly “I love you more then life itself and you have shown me that life is truly worth living. In the strap of my duffel bag, there is a small piece of plastic wrapped paper sown into it. That has the location of my insurance policy on it. Whoever killed me will be in there.” With that he reached his hand up and cupped Abby’s tear-stained check. She bent down and they kissed that last kiss before Bryan died in her arms.


Abby found the piece of paper the day after they buried Bryan and with that, her and her dad went and found the insurance policy. Reading through it, they were amazed at how many very powerful people were on the list and just how much they spent on sex slaves. Dan taught Abby everything that he could remember from his special forces’ days and within a year of Bryan’s death, Abby made her first kill. The person she targeted was one of the bigwigs in the CIA and the person most likely responsible for Bryan’s death. In his basement, Abby was horrified to find ten sex slaves of varied ages from not even having begun puberty to almost forty years old. After that first kill, Abby rapidly went through the list and when she was done five years later; she had killed almost three hundred people and released almost eight hundred slaves. What surprised her the most was how many of the guilty were women and how many of the slaves were male. She had travelled the world and killed people on every continent except Antarctica. All through this, her parents knew what she was doing and they supported her 100% for the FBI had the same information for months and had only captured low level perverts for many on the list had large amount of wealth and power.

Finally, Abby killed the last one on the list. She was done. She had finally got revenge for her husband who had been killed years before and now she found that she had nothing more to live for. So, she made out her will and mailed it to her parents along with a letter and a video telling them that she could no longer go on without Bryan and by the time they got the letter, she would be dead for she was going to kill herself. She told them that she wanted to be cremated and buried next to her husband. She also told them that she didn’t regret meeting or falling in love with Bryan for that was the happiest time of her life, and she also didn’t regret the death that she had been dealing out for the last five years for all those that she killed had earned it. She went on to say that she had really died six years ago and now she was disposing of the rest of her. Another reason she was going to kill herself was that she knew the authorities were closing in on her although they didn’t realize it, and Abby knew that if she was caught alive that she would be killed in prison anyway. This way she could die on her terms.

The next day was the sixth anniversary of Bryan’s death. Abby put on the same dress that she had worn during their first date and went to the cemetery where Bryan was buried. She parked her truck, which had been Bryan’s, and walked to where he was buried. This was the first time she had visited since he had been buried and for that she felt a bit guilty. There standing in front of his stone, she stood without moving for almost an hour. Finally, she was ready and she pulled out the same handgun that Bryan had defended her with.

Dan and Sally were walking in the same cemetery on their way to put flowers on Bryan’s grave. They hadn’t heard from Abby for years but they knew what she had been up to for they were following her body count although they never told anyone about her. They just said that she had ran off after Bryan’s funeral. Today at least it was a bright and sunny day and the birds were singing. They walked over the last hill and they saw someone tall, in a long black dress, with short black hair standing in front of Bryan’s grave. Suddenly there was a single gunshot and the person fell. Dan and Sally ran up and discovered that the person was none other then Abby and she had shot herself.

The day after Abby’s death, Dan and Sally got her will in the mail. They discovered that she had almost one billion dollars and she instructed them to give it all to charity. Half would go to groups that dealt with sexual abuse victims and half would go to wildlife groups. In her letter and video, Abby explained that she had changed so much that she was no longer anywhere near the girl that they had known and she preferred if her parents would remember her as she was when she had Bryan for that was the best time of her life.


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Bryan took a little right-wing detour while screaming at his teacher


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Damn, not the ending I was expecting but damn good story.


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