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Arrangements have been made for the group to meet that night at Kenny’s, a gloryhole and sex cinema in London later that day to discuss the porn film to be made the next day at the house in Dorking where we will somehow get Kylie’s paintings back.
Building a Dream: Part Fourteen

Follows on from part thirteen. Arrangements have been made for the group to meet that night at Kenny’s, a gloryhole and sex cinema in London later that day to discuss the porn film to be made the next day at the house in Dorking where we will somehow get Kylie’s paintings back. Steve and Jay are going out around London for the day where Jay has every intention of being very, very naughty.

We took the lift down to the lobby and strolled out of the hotel. I could feel eyes watching us as we left; not on me, but Jay. She looked very sexy in her shirt dress that showed off her long legs, firm arse and the tightness of the dress around her tits making her nipples point firmly out. The nice line of cleavage on show was an added attraction. We walked hand in hand past Waterloo Station and onto Waterloo Bridge. The familiar gusts of wind gently brushed us as we crossed. Jay’s short dress was being blown up as before, exposing her G-string and almost bare arse with the jewelled head of the butt-plug snug in her arse cheeks, but she paid it no attention and didn’t try to hold the hem down. She carried on walking; ignoring the looks, smiles and comments she got from admirers approaching and those behind. She looked at me and grinned, enjoying this small show of exhibitionism.

We reached the Strand and headed towards Trafalgar Square where the familiar crowds of tourists posed for pictures by the lions and Nelsons Column. Again I noticed people, men and women, throwing Jay appreciative glances. I could only imagine what was going through their minds as this sexy woman in a very short dress and low cut top with hardened nipples walked past. What I really wanted to know was what was going through Jay’s mind. We hadn’t actually discussed what we were going to do today. I fancied the Bus Museum but that was in Covent Garden and we were heading towards…Soho.

She held my hand and was soon leading us up Haymarket and into Soho where she finally stopped in Great Windmill Street and looked around the busy streets while I used a cashpoint.

“What now?” I asked putting the small bundle of notes in my wallet.

“I don’t know.” She replied looking uncertain. “I was feeling very excited at the hotel. After fucking Kylie again this morning and what you told me about Sara and Katy followed by what I subsequently did with your wee, I was hot and turned on and felt like being very naughty and wicked. I felt drawn to come back to Soho but it doesn’t seem to have that seedy feeling like it did before. It feels touristy with the crowds and families milling about and somehow innocent.

“So, what do you really want to do?” I asked fanning myself and really wanting to get out of the heat. “What were you thinking of doing? Teasing someone? Fucking someone? If that’s what you want to do then all you have to do is bend over in front of someone by a discrete alley and, bang, you’re in.”

“There’s no need to make it sound so sordid. I’m not a complete slut, just highly sexually charged at the moment. I’ve had a few days of almost constant excitement and I think I need to make the most of our time here by keeping it going. I don’t want to just shag a stranger up against some bins in an alley somewhere, despite the fact that, since you mentioned it, I can feel myself getting, well, a bit moist.”

“Let’s look for an alley somewhere then.” I said taking her by the hand and leading her along the street.

“No,” she said stopping by a newsagents. “I said, I was getting turned on by the thought, not that it would happen. Besides, I’m too hot to stay out in this sun. I need a drink and somewhere cool. Back in a sec.” She went into the newsagents and returned with two cold cans of coke. We opened them and glugged them down as we carried on walking. We reached Brewer Street and tried to stay in the shade of the buildings as we slowly made our way along. At Wardour Street Jay stopped and said to me,

“Hang on; Kenny’s is around the corner.”

“It is, but do you really want to go there? I said, hoping she would.

“No,” she said dragging me along faster. “I want to see what the peep show next door is all about.” Well, I wasn’t expecting that, but I dreaded to think of how much that would cost. Jay led the way until a few minutes later we were stood outside the peep show. The window dressing was just a pair of curtains with the words, ‘Soho Peep Show-Live girls,’ painted on the window. It was open for business and I was surprised to see Jason sat just inside the open doorway at the counter.

“Hello there.” He said as Jay pulled me inside, the air conditioning instantly bringing relief from the hot atmosphere outside. “Nice to see you both again. What are you up to? You’re a bit early for your meeting tonight, aren’t you?”

“Just a bit early,” I said jokingly back. “We thought we’d see some different sites that we haven’t been to before. Do you work here part-time as well?”

“Nah,” he replied. “Sheila who runs this place has had to travel to Kent today to do a couple of quotes for her garden design business. I said I’d hold the fort until her assistant starts in a couple of hours. You both coming in here then?”

Before I could reply Jay said, “That’s right. I fancied seeing how this works. I’ve never been to one before.”

“You go into a booth and put a quid in the slot. A curtain opens and you get to see the girls perform. It’s a quid for a minute. For twenty quid the girls will offer you a 15 minute private show in the VIP room, or rather, a small room with a chair.”

“And what do you get for your twenty quid?” Jay asked. I could see by how her eyes had widened that this was definitely the kind of excitement she was after.

“They’ll give you a lap dance while you, or rather the blokes who normally come here, have a wank, sorry, masturbate. They won’t shag anyone-none of them are prostitutes and Sheila would never put up for it. She doesn’t want any scandal that could affect her social status. She’s the president of her local horticulture society and doesn’t want to lose that. She waited fifteen years to be elected.” Jason held out a small silver token, about the size and shape of a pound coin. “These are normally given out when there’s a private party booking and payment has been up front. Put that in the slot and it will run straight through the mechanism and come out again, but it will give you 10 minutes of uninterrupted viewing. Take it, it’s my treat.”

“Thanks Jason,” Jay said taking the token and reaching over to give him a hug. “I’ll bring it out once I’m done, I mean, we’re done.”

“Okay,” he said winking at me. “You guys have fun.”

We walked a little further down a corridor and came to a row of ten booths set slightly circular as it faced, what I assumed at the time to be, a semi-circular stage. Two of the booths to the far left had the doors shut while the others were open. Jay led us into one near the middle and shut the door behind us. We could hear music playing from the other side of the glass before us which got louder as we shut the door. There was a dim light in the booth but we were able to make out the coin slot and a small shelf with a couple of rolls of toilet paper with a wastepaper bin on the floor. Jay inserted the token and picked it up again when it came out the coin slot below. A curtain the other side of the glass opened to reveal what looked like to be a very big, round bed with cushions scattered around.

To our left I could see an attractive naked girl in her twenties lay in front of the two occupied booths and I could just make out the occupants reflected in the light of the stage. There was a man who looked to be in his thirties in one and an older man in the other who looked about sixty-odd. The girl in front of them ran her hands over her tits and pinched the nipples while the two voyeurs in the booths watched and, I assumed, had a wank. She ran a hand down to her pussy and played with the lips, parting them and rubbing a finger just at the edge of the hole and I could hear a voice from the booth with the younger man in shout, “shove it in,” to which she ignored the request and carried on teasing and with the rubbing and pinching of nipples. As she carried out her display I could hear coins dropping through slots as the curtains started to close only to reopen again. Sheila is certainly on to a money spinner.

A door opened at the back of the stage and another naked girl appeared. She was a very attractive brunette around the same age and, seeing us, came over and knelt directly in front of our window. She leaned back and parted her legs giving us a full view of her bald naked pussy to which she teasingly ran a finger along the outer edge of the lips. She had huge tits with firm erect nipples which she used a hand to lift a tit to her mouth and suck the nipple. Jay watched, wide-eyed and started to breathe more audibly, clearly getting excited by the beautiful woman just a few inches in front of us who was posing for our pleasure. The girl could clearly see us and winked to each of us in turn as she sucked her nipple before turning around on all fours and parting her legs wide to give us a clear view of her small, tight, puckered arsehole.

“Shove something in,” the voice at the far booth shouted again at the girl laid before them and again it was ignored. The girl carried on posing between the two booths allowing both men to see her body all over as she laid on her back and lifted one leg high in the air exposing her pussy and arse to the pair of them. More coins were inserted and the shouting continued. The woman posing in front of us looked over to her colleague and raised her eyebrows and shook her head. They probably hear this sort of thing all the time and may well be used to it.

“Oi,” the voice shouted again, “Kiss her,” obviously meaning the girl posing in front of us. I saw the woman shake her head to which the voice shouted, “This is crap. I’ve put almost thirty quid in here and you’re doing fuck all. Go and kiss her or shove something up there. How about you shove this up there.” The man must have had his cock out and was displaying it to the girl who looked down and judging by the look on her face, must have seen a large cock.

She looked over to the girl in front of us and mouthed, ‘big,’ before looking back at the man and with a smile, shook her head. The man carried on protesting yet continued on putting money in the slot. The girl in front of us mouthed ‘private show? Twenty pounds.’ I looked at Jay and found that she had her hand under the front of her dress and had started to slowly wank over the girl. Before I got the chance to ask her she nodded to which the girl smiled and pointed to her left, indicating us to leave the booth and go in that direction before standing up and leaving through the door at the back of the stage.

We left the booth and turned left as a door opened in the corner and the girl was stood before us in a small room with another door at the back in which the girl had entered. It had a chair for one person to sit so I shut the door behind us, handed over two tenner’s and let Jay sit in the chair and get comfortable.

The girl looked at me and I indicated that this was for Jay so she proceeded to give her a lap dance. She moved around in time with the music from the stage that was playing through a small speaker and leaned in close so that her nipples were inches away from Jay’s mouth as she moved her legs either side of Jay’s, close enough to tease but not to touch. She bent over in front of Jay giving her a clear view of her pussy and arse and then backed right up to her leaving a small gap between them, pretending to bounce up and down as if she was being fucked by her. Jay had moved her hand back under her dress to her pussy and was wanking as she watched this beauty tease and exhibit her intimate body parts from a series of different poses. Jay began to breathe heavier again and let out a couple of little yelps as the girl carried on her provocative movements. By the quickening of Jay’s breathing and the louder panting, the girl could see that Jay was getting close to coming and knelt on the floor in front of her and moved her face between Jay’s wide-open legs just inches from where Jay’s fingers were now frantically rubbing her clit.

Jay started to pant louder and began to moan, “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” as her orgasm built up resulting in her shouting, “FUCK YES, YES, YES,” as she came, a small jet of cum shooting out and splashing on the girls chin. The girl smiled and rubbed the ejaculate from her chin and sucked the residue from each finger as Jay shouted out one final time and slowed her fingers before stopping. The girl reached behind her and picked up a tub of moist wipes and wiped her chin before offering the tub to Jay who accepted and wiped her fingers clean.

Jay sat getting her breath back and puffed, “Thank you,” to the girl who sat on the floor crossed legged in front of her.

“That’s alright,” she said smiling. “It’s nice to have a girl in here for a change instead of some bloke who tries to fuck you all the time.” She looked at a clock on the wall and said, “You’ve got five minutes left. Would you like me to dance a bit more?”

“No, it’s fine,” Jay said. “Have a break for a bit.”

“Okay,” she said and took a swig from a bottle of water she produced from behind her.

“Do you get a lot of shouting in here?” I asked, meaning the man in the booth.

The girl nodded and replied, “All the time. Every day we get told to shove things in or lez it up with the other girls. You get used to it after a while and learn to ignore it. That chap is no different to the others we get in here. Some just come in and watch without saying a word, others quietly have a wank, some shout as they wank describing in full detail what they want to do to you. We’ve heard it all, nothing shocks us nowadays.”

She took another swig from her bottle and continued. “Sometimes they can get a bit threatening and start banging on the glass. If that happens then the bouncer will drag them out the booth and ‘politely’ ask them to leave. In a way I can understand their frustration. They’re paying a pound a minute and expect more for their money. They have a naked girl just inches in front of them that they can’t touch and their frustration turns to anger as they realise that the only release they’re going to get here is if they have a wank.”

“What if they want a ‘private show’ in here? Isn’t that a bit risky?” I asked. “

“If someone is gobbing off out there they won’t be invited in here, Sheila, that’s the boss, won’t take any chances that the girls could get raped or abused. We only offer it to people who we think will be okay.”

“Do you often get couples come in here?” Jay asked having got her breath back and now fully recovered from her orgasm.

“Sometimes,” the girl answered. “Like you, they come in to watch and occasionally, want a private show. It’s normally for the bloke though; a Christmas or Birthday present from the wife or an anniversary gift. It’s very rare that it’s for a sexy woman like yourself. On the odd occasion they’ll have shag in the booth. Always with the girl bent over and facing us so they can both watch us as they fuck.”

“And that’s okay?” asked Kay.

“Sure, why not. Depending on how long they take, the more money they’ll put in the slot or buy a silver token for fifty quid. A lot of couples get a real kick out of it.”

As she said this we could hear the man in the booth carry on his shouting at the girl on the stage; ordering her to shove her fingers in her pussy or arsehole and I imagined the girl ignoring him, teasing him and keeping him on edge as he put more money in the slot. The girl looked towards the door and, shaking her head said, “He could be here for hours with all that shouting. It can put the other punters off if he carries on like that. He needs to have a wank and relieve himself so he can fuck off out of here and let other punters enjoy the show in silence. It can be very off-putting. On the other hand, all the time he’s here, he’s putting money in the slot and that’s what pays our wages and is putting me and Marie, that’s my colleague being shouted at, through Open University. We’re both studying Art History”

“Do you know Katy, the makeup girl?” Jay asked.

“Sure, she’s great. She pops in here from time to time to make us up and she’s very good. How do you know her?”

“We met the other day and have become friends with her. We’re seeing her tonight actually.”

“Cool,” the girl said standing up as she looked at the clock and seeing that our time was up. “She’s so, so sexy. I’ve never been with another girl but if I did, it would be her.” She held her hand out and shook our hands, “Names Julie, by the way.”

“Steve and Jay,” I said, returning the introduction.

“Well, Steve and Jay, it’s been very nice to meet you. I had better get back in there and give Marie a break from Mr Shouty. I hope he has a wank and leaves soon. It’s starting to get annoying.” She held open the door for us to leave, gave a little wave and shut it behind us as we stepped out. The shouting was louder in the small corridor and hadn’t relented in its volume nor in the actions he wanted Marie to do to herself. The booth next to ‘shouty man’ was now free and instead of leaving the peep show as I expected us to do, Jay took my hand and led us into the empty booth, inserting the silver token in the slot. The curtain opened and we saw a very pissed off Marie who had a face like thunder as she lay on her back in front of the booth next to us. Seeing us, she adjusted her position and shuffled along so both booths had a clear view of her naked body.

Jay smiled and gave her a wave which I think surprised Marie as she smiled and gave a small wave back. She laid fully back and carried on rubbing her fingers either side of the lips of her pussy, trying to ignore the shouting next door which continued, telling her to put her fingers in and lick them or to shove something up her arse. He started to get more abusive with his shouting; calling her a dirty slut and a slag who probably fucks whole football teams in anal gangbangs.

“Poor girl,” Jay said as Marie raised her eyebrows at us and pretended not to hear the man as he kept up his tirade. “That’s very disrespectful. No woman should have to put up with that bullshit. He should be kicked out”

“You’re right,” I said. “But all the while he’s shouting, he’s paying for the pleasure to do so. They’ll probably let him carry on until he has a wank or runs out of money.”

“Well Marie is certainly not enjoying it. She looks very fed up. I might tell him to shut the fuck up myself.”

“Careful,” I said. “He may be some nutter. Don’t do anything rash.” But Jay had already raised her fist and as I finished my sentence she gave three hard bangs on the adjoining wall. The man went silent for a few moments then shouted, “FUCK OFF,” to us before shouting at Marie to shove a couple of fingers in her arse.

Jay banged on the wall again and again the man told us to fuck off. Julie entered the stage and came over to Marie, whispered something in her ear and helped her to her feet. Marie left the stage by the same door that Julie had used before while Julie got on her hands and knees in front of our booths and shook her arse from left to right.

“Oh look,” the man said in a loud voice. “Another slut who probably takes it up the arse every night. Come on darling, shove some fingers in their you filthy slag.” Julie ignored him, turned her head to us and winked. She stopped moving her arse and stayed still, not moving. She remained like that for a couple of minutes which pissed the man right off.

“OI, SLUT, FUCKING MOVE,” The man shouted louder while Julie ignored him. She stayed on her hands and knees, keeping the position and I realised that she was doing this on purpose, hoping he would get bored and leave. The man realised what she was doing and carried on shouting. “I’VE GOT A FUCKLOAD OF MONEY HERE. I CAN STAY ALL DAY. IF YOU WANT ME GONE, SHOVE SOMETHING IN. I’M GOING NOWHEWHERE DARLING.”

Jay banged on the wall again which bought another mouthful of abuse in our direction. “YOU CAN FUCK OFF TOO. IF I’M PUTTING YOU OFF WANKING, TOUGH!”

Jay had had enough. She pushed me out the booth and stood in front of the door next to us and banged on it loud while I stood to one side behind her. “FUCK OFF” the man shouted as the door was pushed open towards us to reveal a fairly good looking man dressed in what looked like to be an expensive business suit with his trousers and boxes down around his ankles. He had his hand wrapped around a long and quite thick cock which was semi-hard with a condom on for the purpose of a ‘posh wank.’

He looked surprised to see Jay stood before him and went to say something but she beat him to it.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing calling the girls in there all those names?” she said loudly and sternly, waving her finger in front of his face. “That’s a woman in there. She’s at work and providing a service. She’s not a ‘slag’ or a ‘slut,’ she’s a living and breathing human being like your mum or girlfriend.” Jay looked down and seeing the ring on his wedding finger added, “Or wife. Do you think its right that you should be so fucking disrespectful with what you’re saying? No, it isn’t. So treat these girls with respect you complete and utter fucktard and keep the noise down.”

The man was clearly shocked into silence and looked berated. Jay put her hands on her hips and waited for an answer. He looked at me then back at Jay and tried to find something to say but nothing came out of his mouth. He was still in shock at being told off. I think he expected some bloke to come and shout at him when Jay banged on his door.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled looking at Jay stood before him, sexily dressed with her pert nipples poking out and her short dress showing her long legs to their extreme. “I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“Well, you did.” Jay said still in a stern voice. “But it’s not me you should be apologising to. It’s the girls. So, go on, apologise.” The man nodded, turned back to the glass where we could see that Julie had joined Marie and was sitting next to her, having heard Jay’s rant at the man and returned to the stage to see what the noise was all about.

“I’m sorry,” the man shouted with sincerity at the glass and, judging by the tone, I think he meant it. He had got an unexpected bollocking from a woman and was now feeling belittled. The girls nodded in acceptance of his apology and stayed seated to watch if the telling off would continue. He turned back to Jay and apologised again. He looked like he now wanted to leave but Jay hadn’t finished yet.

“Why are you here anyway shouting those vulgar things?” She nodded to the wedding ring on his finger. “Married?” The man nodded but said nothing. The realisation that a very attractive and sexy woman was stood before him had sunk in and he was looking at Jay up and down, checking her out. Jay knew it but didn’t say anything. Instead she continued with her bollocking.

“So, since you’re married, you should know that woman should be treated with respect and not be a target for the sort of abuse that you’ve been spouting out. Does your wife know you come here?”

The man shook his head and said, “No, she doesn’t know. I’ve never been here before. This is my first time. I noticed it when I was on my way back to my office after going to a meeting earlier.”

“Why did you come in?”

The man looked down at his feet, or rather, his trousers and boxes wrapped around his ankles. He hadn’t made a move to pull them up and still had his hand on his cock. The shock of Jay berating him had stunned him into not moving.

“I don’t want to say. Can I go now?”

“No you can’t,” Jay said a bit sterner. “Explain yourself.”

The man kept avoiding eye contact and carried on looking at the floor. He took a deep breath and said, “Curiosity, I suppose. Me and the wife haven’t had sex in a long time. She went off it nearly a year ago. I don’t know why. She just said she’s not interested anymore. I normally satisfy myself in the shower but I was taking a short cut earlier, saw this place and, in the spur of the moment, came in.”

“Why be so rude to the girls?” Jay asked as she put one hand on the frame of the door, keeping the other on her hip. In that position she looked damn sexy, her dress having ridden up a bit on one side as she leaned on the frame. The man looked up at Jay and said,

“I think I was taking out my frustration on the girls for what my wife used to do before she lost interest. I watch porn to see those sort of things but here it’s ‘in the flesh’ in front of you, I just wanted to see it real and close up. When we first got married my wife was up for anything. There was nothing out of bounds but now, nothing. I idolise my wife. She’s the prettiest girl in the world with an amazing body and I love her more that life itself and I would never, ever want to hurt her. I just needed to see someone naked, doing the things that used to give us both so much pleasure, so to speak.”

As he spoke I could see him staring at Jay. He was trying to maintain eye contact but they kept falling to her tits and the nipples poking out through the thin material. His hand was making very slight movements on his cock and he was getting hard. Whether it was done purposely or absentmindedly, I wasn’t sure. But, having Jay standing so close and looking like she did had definitely had an effect on him.

“What you’re trying to say then is that you’ve come here to have a wank over some naked girls?” Jay asked and it was then that I saw her head slightly move down and she looked at his large hard cock.

“Sort of. I’ve heard that these places offer a ‘private show’ and I thought I might get shag, just a once-off.” He replied noticing that Jay had glanced down at his cock. He kept making slight movements with his hand to stay hard, I assumed so that he could continue his wanking when we left.

“No,” Jay said shaking her head. “They don’t offer that sort of service here.” She then blatantly looked down at his cock and made it obvious that she was admiring it. “That’s a big cock.”

“Thanks,” the man said looking down at it then back at Jay. “It is one of my best qualities. I’m quite proud of it.”

“So you should be,” Jay said. “And you say it hasn’t been used in nearly a year?”

“Only for wanking,” the man replied. His grip had tightened on his cock and was now moving up and down its length. He knew that Jay was staring at it and had begun to show it off to her. She turned to me, winked then moved into the booth, pulling me in with her. I shut the door behind us and leaned back against it. The booth was only about six feet deep which gave the three of us plenty of room. The man backed up until he was against the window of the stage.

“Tell you what,” Jay said moving the man away from the window and leaning back against it herself. “If you promise not to shout at me, I’ll play with myself while you pull one off. Deal?”

The man looked at me and I said, “It’s fine, carry on.” He looked back to Jay and said, “Okay.”

Jay reached under her dress and slowly pulled the G-string down and put it in her shoulder bag she had placed by her feet. Me and the man watched as she lifted the hem of her dress and parted her legs. She ran a hand down and started to rub her pussy while holding the hem up with her other. The man stepped back a bit so he could watch in the dim light. The light of the stage was silhouetting Jay and I could just make out Jay’s hand as she rubbed her pussy lips and inserted a finger. The man started wanking in front of me as he tried to see Jay’s hand in the gloom of the booth.

In the gloom of the booth, I could just make out Jay insert another finger as her hand cupped under her pussy and forced her fingers upwards while she rubbed her clit with her thumb. Realising that in the dim light, the man couldn’t clearly see what Jay was doing; she moved her body so that the light from the stage would reflect on her and show her actions. She reached up with her other hand to caress her tits and caused the dress to drop down, blocking the view of her masturbation. She held it back against her again as the man said, “It’s a bit dark in here. I can’t see much.” He continued to wank as he moved a bit closer and bent down to try and watch Jay but the dim light wasn’t showing too much of what she was doing.

Jay reached up again to pinch a nipple through her dress and the hem, which she had tried to hold with her elbow against her body, dropped and covered her up again. The curtain behind Jay then closed plunging the room into even more darkness.

“For fucks sake!” Jay said frustrated at the lack of light and unease of her position. She reached down into her shoulder bag and retrieved the silver token. She placed it in the slot and the curtains opened showing Marie and Julie sat cross-legged next to each other close to the glass to watch what was happening. The added light from the stage gave a bit more light on Jay but not much. Both me and the man were struggling to see Jay’s hands from where she was fingering her pussy down below the level of the window.

The man moved closer and said, “Can I touch your tits?”

“Sure,” Jay said. “Help yourself.” The man moved closer and reached up with his right hand and started to caress and squeeze her tits, rubbing the nipples in a circular motion through the dress fabric. Jay started to pant a little as she masturbated herself while the man groped her tits and wanked, getting closer as he touched her.

Jay looked down at the man’s cock with his hand firmly gripped and rubbing up and down the helmet encased in the condom. She moved her fingers faster and continued to look at the man as he wanked, his own actions getting faster.

“Oh fuck,” Jay said as she panted. “Oh fuck, oh fuck it.” She stopped wanking herself and gripped at the dress hem and pulled it off completely over her head. The man stared at her free tits and at the nipples, erect and very hard from the frantic masturbation. Jay, now completely naked except her shoes, pushed the man against the side wall and dropped to her knees and took his cock helmet in her mouth. She moved her head back and forth a couple of times before stopping and saying, “Sorry, that condom tastes disgusting,” and pulled it off, discarding it in the waste bin. She took the helmet back into her mouth and sucked him for a little while before slowing moving forward to deep throat him.

“Ah, fuck!” the man said as she took him fully into her mouth and throat. His girth was wide and I could see Jay stretching her mouth to take him all in. The man held his palms flat against the wall behind him and let Jay blow him, who gagged a few times on the length of the cock and pulling him out so she could take a breath before continuing.

Both the girls the other side of the glass were pressed up against it trying to get a good view before there was a sound of doors being shut as a couple of punters arrived. The girls looked fed up at having to leave the exhibition on our side of the glass and moved across to pose in front of the new customers.

Jay blew the man, gripping onto the shaft and just taking the helmet in her mouth to suck and rub with her tongue which made the man exclaim out loud, “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” as she pressed it against the inner walls of her cheeks.

The man looked at me, the willing cuckold, and I gave him a thumbs up. The man nodded and returned to looking down at Jay as she sucked his big cock. The man moved his hands either side of Jay’s head and held her as she moved her mouth up and down his cock, her cheeks sucking in and she gave him the best head he’s probably had in a long time.

A door shut in the booth next to us causing Julie to move along and lay in front of the window. She tried to concentrate on the person in the booth next to us but kept glancing through our glass, trying to see what was going on.

Jay pulled the big cock from her mouth and wanked it a few times as she looked up at the man who was panting and breathing heavily, clearly enjoying the action. She rose to her feet and turned to face the glass, giving Julie a wave as she bent over and put both hands on the glass. The man didn’t waste time in standing behind and lined his cock to her pussy lips before slowly inserting it. Jay gave a yelp as he slid into her an inch at a time, pulling back and going in a little deeper with each slow thrust. Once he was fully in he started to fuck her slowly, holding on to her shoulders to pull him into her which made Jay gasp out loud as the length and thickness of his cock filled her pussy. He slowly fucked her for a couple of minutes then put his hands on her arse cheeks and parted them.

“You’ve got a butt-plug in!” the man said, clearly surprised. ”I thought I could feel something.”

“Yes, please don’t touch it.” Jay panted, “Just fuck me. This feels fucking great!” The man, now clearly excited began to speed up and fuck her faster, moving his hands back to her shoulders so he could fully bring her onto his cock as he pushed it as deep as he could into her.

I heard the door of the booth next to us open allowing Julie to sit in front of our window. She looked at Jay getting fucked and leaned back on one elbow, spread her legs wide and began to rub her pussy lips, not in a teasing way, but fully masturbating. She inserted a finger then another and began to wank at the sight of Jay getting fucked before her. She was wet and I could see her fingers start to quickly glide in and out of her pussy as more of her juices built up. She rubbed her clit with her thumb as she finger fucked herself and above the music, I could hear her start to moan loudly along with Jay who was getting more audible as the man fucked her quicker and quicker. Julie looked directly at Jay and then through her head back and yelled as her orgasm hit and her legs tightened as the sensation ran through her body.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK!” Jay shouted as her own orgasm hit her body. She screamed at the glass and her legs began to shake, the man having to move his hands to her hips to hold her up as her legs started to give way and not support her. Jay shouted out a couple of times and then her body began to stop shaking as the orgasm subsided. I could hear the squelching of the man’s cock in her pussy as Jay had squirted, drops of her ejaculate dripping on to the floor between her feet.

“I’m going to cum,” the man said as he carried on fucking Jay hard and with a fast rhythm.

“No,” Jay said pushing behind her to move him out of her. “Not like this.” The man stood back and Jay dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. Gripping his shaft with one hand wrapped around it, she sucked the helmet as the man shouted, “YES,YES,” and I saw Jay’s throat contract as the man filled her mouth with cum which she swallowed down, mouthful after mouthful. Keeping the helmet fully enclosed, her lips tight around the shaft, she let none of the warm, sticky cum escape and swallowed it all.

After about a minute the man panted and said to her, “That’s it, I’m done, I’ve got no more.” Jay pulled the cock out of her mouth and licked around the helmet, a couple of drops coming out which she lapped up as he finished cumming. Jay looked through the glass at Julie who was lying flat on her back and panting, her legs wide open showing us her very wet pussy. Julie looked at Jay and gave her a thumbs up before moving along the booths at the sound of a door shutting.

Jay put her dress and G-string back on and the man pulled his trousers up, straightened his tie and made himself look like the smart office worker he obviously gave the impression of being. I opened the door and we stepped out, allowing Jay the extra room to smooth down her dress and run a brush through her hair. Placing the brush back in her shoulder bag she retrieved the silver token and we walked back to the entrance and returned the token to Jason. The man walked past us without a word and left. We gave the token back to Jason and thanked him for his generosity.

“Have fun?” he asked with a smile which told me he had a rough idea what went on, judging by the shouting of Jay’s orgasm.

“Absolutely,” Jay said giving him a hug.

“Will we be seeing you again soon?” Jason asked, meaning upstairs at Kenny’s. Knowing that we would be doing the film tomorrow and going home the next day, I knew it was doubtful.

“Probably not, at least, not soon. Another time, definitely.” I said shaking his hand.

“Well look after yourselves and take care.” He said as we left and walked out into the shock of the outside heat. The man was stood a few feet away and had been waiting for us. He approached and shook our hands, apologising again for the shouting and thanking Jay for the shag.

“You’re more than welcome,” Jay said with a smile. “That cock of yours is marvellous. Your wife must be crazy not to want it.”

“I know,” he replied. “I love my wife and would never leave her but I can’t do without sex. You’re the only person I have ever fucked during our entire marriage. It was great and I won’t forget it in a hurry. I just hope I don’t have to wait another year before my next shag.”

“What’s your name?” Jay asked as we moved into the shade to avoid the annoying heat.

“Mike,” he replied

“What do you do, Mike? Do you live local?” she asked pulling her phone out of her shoulder bag.

“I’m a marketing director in a firm not far from here. We have a lot of important and well known clients that I personally deal with. It holds a lot of responsibility and can be stressful at times. Although at this moment at time, I feel totally stress free, thanks to you.” He smiled at Jay who smiled back, understanding his meaning. “I don’t live too far either. We live in Lambeth so quite often I’ll stroll into work.”

I could see Jay was thinking of something as she went silent for a few moments having taken this information in.

“Could you be free all day tomorrow? We have an important project that you might be interested in taking part in.”

I watched as Mike considered the question who then asked, “What is this project? It’s nothing illegal, is it|?”

“Oh no, no,” Jay replied trying to reassure him. “It’s nothing dodgy, if anything, it might solve a problem you have in relating to ‘not having to wait another year.’

Mike’s eyebrows lifted and I reckon he was imagining fucking Jay again.

“That sounds, interesting.” He said with a slight smile.

“Cool. Would you possibly be free tonight also? Could you be here, right here to meet us and others tonight at seven?”

Mike looked up thinking about the proposition before replying, “Yes, I can do that. Patty, that’s my wife, she’ll be out until at least ten as she has her life drawing class tonight. It’s her turn to pose.”

“Great.” Jay said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “See you here at seven then.” I shook his hand and we watched him walk away with, and it was probably my imagination, a spring in his step.

“Do you think he’ll be willing to take part tomorrow once he finds out what it is?” I asked Jay as we carried on walking through Soho.

“I hope so,” she replied. “No offence, but his cock was huge and will be very popular in the film.” I put on an exaggerated hurt look when she mentioned his big cock to which she laughed, held my hand and said, “Yours is my favourite though.”

“Lunch?” I said to which she nodded and we found a small café, used the facilities and had a sandwich and a refreshing cold drink. Having satisfied our hunger and thirst I said,

“So, what do you want to do now? Have you had enough ‘excitement’ for one day?” I was hoping she would say yes so we could get to the bus museum.

Jay looked at her watch. It was just gone 1:00. “I think there’s still some time for a bit more fun.” She said standing up. “Come on, let’s go and find some.”

She held her hand out to me and we left the cafe hand in hand. She walked in the opposite direction of the peep show and Kenny’s so I knew that she didn’t want to go back there. We went in some sex shops and hade a browse; Jay commenting on some of the goods on display including some larger butt-plugs.

“That one looks like fun.” She said pointing to one that was at least twice the length and girth of her current one. “Probably a bit too big for me…at the moment.” She giggled. “I’ve taken mine out for now. It’s in my bag. If I keep walking around with it in I reckon I’ll start cumming all over the pavements.”

She was still giggling when we walked out the shop and carried on walking, although we both stopped immediately when we came face-to-face with Phil and Cheryl who had just come out of a clothes shop.

Cheryl flung her arm around Jay and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “Hi you two.” She said, also kissing me after I had shaken Phil’s hand. “What are you up to?”

“Just a bit of browsing around the shops.” I replied.

“Amongst other things,” Jay added giving Cheryl a wink. Cheryl looked at both of us but didn’t ask exactly what the ‘other things’ were. Since Jay had told her all about her sexual exploits of the past few days, I could imagine both Cheryl and Phil were now thinking that Jay had already had some fun that morning and they would have been right.

“How about you?” I asked. “How’s your morning been?”

“Oh, we’re more or less doing the same.” Cheryl replied. I looked at Phil and judging by the way he raised his eyebrows; I reckon they had been walking around for a while. “But, even for me,” she continued, “there’s only so many shops you can go into before getting bored and we’ve still got another five hours to kill. Shall we do something together to kill the time? We could then go to the meeting together. What do you think?”

I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea, spending time with Phil and Cheryl for the afternoon, realising the potential awkwardness of the situation considering that both the persons stood before us had both fucked Jay.

To my surprise Jay said, “Fine by me. Is there anything in particular you fancy doing?”

“Go somewhere cool. This heat is atrocious.” Cheryl replied as she looked Jay up and down and leaving her eyes lingering on Jay’s tits a little moment longer

Phil nodded along with his wife’s suggestion. “It’s too hot to be walking around outside. I’m melting already and we’ve only strolled around about a thousand shops. Let’s find a pub or somewhere cool”

“I know just the place to go,” Jay said which was a surprise to me. She put her arm through Cheryl’s and led the way to Charing Cross Road; the girls walking in front and chatting while me and Phil walked behind.

“Do you know where we’re going?” Phil asked and I must admit, I didn’t. Not until we reached the main road and Jay put her hand out to stop a black cab. She opened the door and told everyone to get in.

Once we were all in and belted up Jay leant forward to the driver and said, “Do you know the North and South health Spa?” The driver turned around, looked at the four of us and said with a smile and a wink, “I know it,” and then turned and pulled the cab away from the kerb.

To be continued in Part Fifteen when fun is made at the spa before the group meeting to discuss the ‘porn shoot.’


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