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Disclaimer: I will be naming several porn stars and fictional characters from other media in this series. The porn stars I name are fictional versions and I own none of the fictional characters from other media, they too are fictional versions.
Thomas Evergreen woke up to a text from Mr. Gill. He said that due to the new demand for more androids from all testers, it would take a bit longer for his third android to be available. He added that as an apology, he wouldn’t be requesting any more sex acts from Athena. That last part was fine with Tom since so far, the requests were a bit boring. One day, Mr. Gill asked Tom to put a vibrator in Athena’s pussy and have it run on high all day. Another request was for Athena to be slapped in the face hard in the middle of sex. Yet another was for Tom to force Athena to keep his cum on her face for a few hours. For the last request, Tom flat out told Mr. Gill to ask a different tester. The latest request was for him to pee on Athena. That was a line he would not cross though. That fetish weirded him out and he would never do it.

Two weeks had past since Athena joined him and Chloe. The two weeks Tom had with Chloe was nothing compared to the two weeks with both girls. Athena had a dominate personality in bed towards Chloe, and Chloe was submissive to Athena. Both were, of course, submissive when Tom fucked them, but Chloe’s was to a greater extent. He also set them to fuck even when he wasn’t there. It was insanely hot to watch Athena come up behind Chloe to grope her out of the blue, to walk into the living room and see the girls 69ing on the couch, to come into the bedroom just as Athena fucks Chloe into an orgasm with a big strap-on. Tom hated missing some of the action though, so he set up hidden cameras all over the house and had them set to stream and record onto his laptop. Sometimes he would even watch the live feed of the girls going at it instead of watching them in person. There was something about having the power to watch them whenever he wanted that turned him on.

It wasn’t all constant fucking, though. Tom still liked to read on a daily basis. He encouraged the girls to do the same, but had a funny result. Chloe thought she was supposed to still be doing something sexual while reading, so she masturbated while reading Stephen King’s The Gunslinger. Athena picked out A Game of Thrones and any time a sex scene would happen, she would ask Tom if he wanted to reenact it.

Tom was a big fan of all manner of storytelling. Books, comics, movies, tv shows, anime, Tom loved it all. He would have the girls pick out something at least once a day for them to watch. They started binging Avatar: the Last Airbender and Supernatural. They enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow and Book of Eli. All three of them cried during the “I could have got more” scene of Schindler’s List. They also laughed their asses off at the quirks of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. What they watched most though, was anime. Steins;Gate, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Monster, and Death Note to name a few. And that was just the anime shows; For anime movies, Tom and his girls quickly consumed one Studio Ghibli film after the next.

It wasn’t all indoors activities either. Tom took Chloe and Athena on hikes all over his property. Most of his family’s land was forest. However, there was also a small lake and a system of caves. While he did fuck the girls outdoors too, he mostly just explored with them on these hikes. One weekend, the weather was particularly nice and they camped out at the lake. They spent the whole weekend there. They swam, explored, cooked over a fire, gazed at the stars, and so many wonderful other memories were made there, including sexual ones. Tom had the time of his life. It had been so long since he had anyone to share his land with. It had been so long since even he had been to the lake or walked in the woods because he was always so alone. He didn’t care that Chloe and Athena were androids. He didn’t care that they would like it because they were programed that way. He had fallen in love with them, and he wanted to make lasting memories of the time he spent with them.

About a week after Tom got the text from Mr. Gill, Tom was watching the girls scissor each other while they took turns sucking on this dick. When they got him to his peak, he came on their sweet faces. A few minutes later, both had intense orgasms. Tom was so enthralled by the girls heading off to the shower with his cum on their faces that he almost didn’t hear the proximity alarm.

The car that came up the drive wasn’t Mr. Gill’s. It was a ’67 Chevy Impala. Also, a girl was behind the wheel rather than the business man. She was cute with tanned skin, dark brown long hair, and a slim figure. Her breasts were about the same size as Athena’s and her ass was small like Chloe’s. But she was definitely not the android Tom had ordered.

Tom was dressed and at the front door before she knocked. He could see on the monitor by the door that she was already at the front door, but hesitated to knock. She stood at the threshold, nervous, for a full minute before Tom finally just opened the door. The girl, in her late teens or early twenties, jumped in surprise. She opened and closed her mouth a couple times rapidly before finally stuttering out, “I… I… Hi. I’m Zoe Parker. Are you Tom Evergreen?”

“Let me guess, you’re hoping seduce me and get at my family fortune,” Tom remarked. “You’re not starting off great, kid.”

“What? No. No!”

“Look… Zoe, was it? Zoe, I’m not buying what you’re selling, so move along to your next con job or something.” Tom started to close the door.

Zoe put her hand up to block the door and put her foot in the way of the door. “Wait! Mandy Smith! You knew Mandy Smith twenty years ago.”

Tom recognized the name immediately. “Yeah, she and I were together in college. Why?”

“She’s my mother; my biological mother,” the girl said.

Tom couldn’t believe what was happening. “Are you nineteen?”

“Yes,” she answered, knowing that he was catching on.

“And you think I am…” He trailed off.

“Yes, you are,” Zoe said. “You are my father.”

“Damn,” Tom said taken aback.

“You find out you have a daughter and that’s all you have to say?”

“I didn’t exactly wake up this morning expecting to be in a damn drama series,” he joked.

Zoe shrugged her shoulders. “A few months ago, I didn’t expect to meet my real father, but I was apparently still listed as my mother’s next of kin. When she died, I was notified. When her will was read, she named my father: you.”

Tom sighed. “I’m just… at a loss for words.”

“How about inviting me in?” she suggested with a nervous smile.

Tom chuckled. “Okay. Let’s start with that.”

Tom sat down Zoe in the living room. Just before he opened his mouth to ask Zoe for her story, he remembered Chloe and Athena. He excused himself from her for a moment and ran upstairs. He found them in the middle of their shower.

“Come join us, Daddy,” Chloe said when she noticed him. Athena’s mouth left her sister’s tit and nodded.

“Listen, girls, I don’t know how to say this so I’m just going to come out with it. It turns out I might have a daughter. I don’t know for sure yet, but she is downstairs. She doesn’t know about you two, so I want you girls to pose as housekeepers. That means no sexual stuff to me or each other, no calling me daddy, just call me Tom, and no walking around naked.” He started to leave but turned back and added, “Oh, when you put on clothes, make them normal, not slutty.”

Tom returned downstairs to Zoe. “Sorry, about that. So… why don’t you tell me your story.”

“Well, I don’t know why Mandy gave me up for adoption, or why she didn’t tell you about me. My mom and dad told me when I was still young that I was adopted due to my questions about a genetic heart condition my dad had. I didn’t care to find my real parents since I had a mom and dad and I didn’t need another. I would wonder about you two of course, but I just didn’t feel a need to seek you out.”

“What changed?”

“Curiosity, I guess. My mom and dad died in a car crash two years ago. It was hard without them, but I finished high school and started my adult life. I’m going to college online, but I haven’t decided on a major yet. I worked in fast food for the last couple years of high school and my grades have gotten me good scholarships, so I’m comfortable money-wise. What changed was Mandy died. She had me listed as her next of kin under my adopted name. She apparently had cancer. Did you know she died?”

“No, we didn’t keep in touch after college. Like you said, I didn’t even know you existed. I’m sorry.”

Zoe didn’t reply to him. Instead, she continued her story, “In her will she left a letter for me. She explained who she was and who you were. She apologized too. That led me here. And here I am, so what do you think?”

“I wish I had known. I’m sorry I never got the chance to be your father.”

“I don’t blame you. I just… want to know you.”

Tom was relieved to hear that. He spent the next hour and a half talking with Zoe. They talked about their respective lives. They talked about hobbies. They talked about ambitions. They talked and talked and talked some more. Tom wanted to know everything about the daughter he never knew he had and Zoe wanted to know the same about her biological father.

Eventually it was time to introduce Zoe to Chloe and Athena. Like he told them to, they introduced themselves as housekeepers. Zoe did find it a little odd that Tom had two young attractive women living with him, but she didn’t stay on the subject for long. It was starting to get dark outside so Tom invited Zoe to stay the night. Athena showed her to one of the spare bedrooms down the hall from the master bedroom. Thankfully it was one that still had a mattress. Tom slept in the master bedroom for the first time since Athena joined them and his sex bots slept in the staff rooms on the other side of the house.

At breakfast the next morning, Tom asked, “What would you like to do now?”

Zoe shrugged, “I don’t know to be honest. I would like to come by as often as I can to get to know you more. Maybe we can keep in touch by email or texting.”

“I would like that, but I hate that we would have to drive such a distance to see each other.” An idea crossed Tom’s mind, but he doubted she would go for it. “You said yesterday that your courses in college are online and you left your fast food job.”

“Yes, on both counts,” Zoe replied as she tore into a piece of bacon.

“Would you like to stay here for a little while. I would understand if you say no; after all you barely know me…” Tom trailed off.

“I would like that to be honest,” she replied with a bright smile. “Thank you, Tom.”

“I’ll need to reintroduce you to Chloe and Athena,” he told her. “They are actually androids. They look human, but they obey all my commands and serve me.”

“I was wondering why they were so quick to follow your orders,” she remarked.

For the rest of that day and the next, Tom helped Zoe move her stuff out of her apartment and into the mansion. It took about another two days after that for the awkwardness of suddenly having a daughter and having her live with him to ware off. Picturing the fact that he had a real daughter now wasn’t helped by the fact that Zoe still called him Tom. She said that it would be too awkward to call him father or dad since her adoptive father was always called dad.

On the third day after Zoe moved in, Tom and the three girls were having a movie night. That night would be the catalyst of what was to come. The movie was nothing special, War of the Worlds, but it was still a good time. The four of them were all on an L shaped couch Tom had bought to accommodate the growing number of house members. Chloe was snuggled up to Tom, and Athena was snuggled up with Zoe. The past couple days Zoe and Athena had been spending a lot of time together. So much so that Chloe was the only one he had fucked since Zoe moved in because he never could get Athena alone. That night though, something had changed. Zoe didn’t just cuddle with Athena, she moved her hands up and down the android’s arms and thighs as if studying her body. The movie was in its third act when Zoe, thinking Tom had fallen asleep, made a move on Athena. Tom’s daughter kissed his android on the lips. The two of them made out for about thirty seconds. Then, Athena’s hand slipped under the blanket that was covering them to touch Zoe’s tits. Zoe caught the girl’s hand just after receiving a light squeeze. She whispered something in Athena’s ear, then gave Athena one more kiss on neck before laying her head on Athena’s shoulder.

Tom didn’t stir at all, hoping Zoe and Athena would continue, but nothing happened till the end of the movie. Chloe stayed snuggled up to Tom since she also thought he was asleep. Zoe turned off the tv, took Athena by the hand, and led her upstairs. Tom waited for about ten minutes before getting up. He shushed Chloe before she could say anything and took her upstairs. In his own bedroom, he told Chloe to get on the bed and take off her clothes. Tom then checked his laptop.

When Tom brought up the hidden camera that was in Zoe’s room, which he honestly forgot to take out and didn’t remember until a few minutes ago, he was met with an amazing sight. Athena only had her light blue panties still on. She was on her stomach. Her face was between Zoe’s legs. Zoe’s pajama bottoms and pink panties were discarded, but Athena’s head blocked the view of her sacred hole. Zoe’s flannel shirt was unbuttoned. She had no bra underneath, but the open shirt was still covering her breasts. Zoe’s head was thrown back and she was moaning loud as Athena ate out her pussy.

Tom’s dick was instantly rock hard, despite one of the girls being his daughter. He knew it was wrong, but he felt a bit of jealousy towards Athena. The taboo of Zoe being his real daughter was making it so much hotter, but also so much more shameful. On the screen, Athena raised herself up from his daughter’s pussy. The view was still covered by Athena’s body, but it soon wouldn’t be. Athena put a hand on Zoe’s open shirt and was about to reveal an amazing tit, but Tom could go no further. He slammed the laptop closed before he could actually see Zoe’s nakedness. Chloe was sitting silently on the bed. Tom could faintly hear moaning through the walls. His erection would not subside. He turned to Chloe for release. He ordered her to never tell Zoe or Athena that he had been watching them, then he took off his clothes and went after his fuck toy.

Tom didn’t bother with foreplay except for a few licks to get her pink wet. He spread her legs far apart and took her. His first few thrusts into Chloe were slow, but he quickly picked up the pace as her pussy stretched to accommodate him. Soon, he was going into her balls deep. Then, for a moment Tom pictured Zoe’s face on Chloe. It was only for a moment, but it still happened. The look he pictured on his daughter’s face was the same one of intense pleasure that he saw on the screen as her pussy was being given a tongue bath. Tom stopped thrusting and just stared at Chloe as if expecting it to happen again. What would he do if it happened again? Would it still turn him on? Would he still fuck her if he imagined Zoe’s face instead? If given the chance, would he fuck his real daughter? He didn’t want to consider the answer to the last question. Chloe gave him a wondering look for why he stopped. He dismissed the questions for the time being and went back to fucking Chloe. As he leaned over her and sucked on her tits while fucking her, it happened again. This time it was the moaning, which sounded similar to Zoe’s moan or maybe he just imagined it as similar. Either way, he kept thrusting into Chloe. When it happened for a third time, Tom finally realized the truth. He wanted his daughter. He could never have her of course, but he wanted her all the same. Maybe it was because he barely knew her or maybe it was because of the daddy-daughter roleplays he did with Chloe and Athena. It didn’t matter.

“Chloe, honey, for tonight, I want you to call me daddy.”

Chloe smiled at him warmly. “Okay, Daddy,” she said between moans. “Want to fuck me harder now?”

She sure did love when he thrusted hard into her, even if he slowed down his pace in order to do it. He obliged the girl for a few minutes, but he knew how to get what he really wanted. Chloe loved it. “Ohhhhh, Daddy, right there. Fuck me right there.” Tom left her pussy long enough to flip her over. “Take my pussy, Daddy. Its wet and ready for you and only you.” That did it. He pictured Zoe again as Chloe moaned out those words. He sheathed this cock into her warm pussy with an imagination that saw his daughter being fucked. He imagined his daughter being taken like a bitch and it turned him on so much that he was ready to blow his load in only a few minutes. All the while Chloe kept on going, “Fuuuuck meeee, Daddy! Yes. Yes. Fuck. It feels so deep, Daddy. Fuck yeah! Mmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhh.”

Tom came inside Chloe’s pussy while thinking about his real daughter. It was one of the best climaxes he had ever had. It was kin to cumming in Chloe for the first time or the first time he had both Chloe and Athena or when he rough fucked either of them. Half a dozen other great orgasms came to mind, but none of them had involved him picturing having and fucking a real daughter. Tom went to bed that night groping Chloe’s ass and wondering what the future would hold for him with two sexual androids and a daughter he lusted after.

The next morning, Tom could not hold his tongue. He had to make some kind of comment to get the ball rolling and see what his daughter’s stance on the subject of discussing sex with him would be. As Zoe came into the dining room to eat and they exchange a good morning greeting, Tom commented, “Sounded like you two had fun last night.”

“What? Uh… what do you mean?” she asked taken off guard.

“You and Athena. Did you have a good time with her last night?”

“Yeah, we stayed up late and watched another movie in my room,” Zoe said playing dumb.

“Zoe, I meant when I heard you two having sex it sounded like you were having a good time,” Tom finally said bluntly.

Zoe opened her mouth then closed it again, unsure of how to respond.

“I’m not mad that you had sex with my android, Zoe.” He of course didn’t mention that the two of them having sex turned him on. “I’m just curious as to how you figured out that she would have sex with you.”

Finally, Zoe spoke, “I already kind of thought that you have been having sex with them. I mean, why model them after two hot sexy women if you weren’t having sex with them. I asked Athena and Chloe who they were modeled after yesterday morning.”

“And they told you Chloe Foster and Athena Faris,” Tom finished.

Zoe nodded. “I gotta say, Tom, you chose good. I looked them both up and that is why I spent most of the afternoon in my room.”

Tom’s dick was semi-erect from imagining his daughter masturbating to two of his favorite porn stars. Now, it was time to push for more since sex obviously wasn’t a taboo subject with her. “Would you like for Chloe to come to your bed tonight too?”

Zoe gave a look of disbelief at Tom for offering up his first android to her. “I would like that,” she admitted. “But when I was watching them as porn stars, I got much more enjoyment out of Athena.”

“Well, I don’t mind if you take them both into your bed tonight.”

Zoe bit her lower lip. Tom knew that she was turned on. Now was the time to press his advantage. He wanted to see how for things would go. “Chloe! Athena!” he called. Zoe jumped a little and looked at him wide eyed. The androids came into the dining room with sleepy, obedient looks.

“Yes, Tom?” they both said.

“Girls, from now on I want you to obey Zoe’s commands too. Act as though she was your secondary owner. Also, for today, I want you two to obey the rule I had about clothing before Zoe arrived.”

The girls giggled and immediately began to strip. Chloe had on a white top and sweat pants with no bra and poke-a-dot panties. Athena had on Zoe’s flannel shirt, which was incredibly hot for both father and daughter, jeans shorts, and no bra or panties. It didn’t take long for the two sexy androids to stand before Tom and Zoe completely nude.

Tom turned back towards Zoe. She had one hand between her legs rubbing her slit over the top of her shorts. When Tom looked back, she quickly retreated the hand. Tom was disappointed by that. It meant that talking sexual was as far as she would go with him… for now. Tom could still get enjoyment of his own out of this, though. “Hey, Chloe, Athena, how about you take Zoe upstairs right now instead of waiting till tonight. Show her how much you care for your new owner’s needs.”

The girls gave devilish grins, and Zoe was too horny to object. Athena took one of Zoe’s hands, Chloe took the other, and they headed back for the stairs. Tom whispered in Chloe’s ear before she took Zoe’s hand, “Make sure you grab some toys before you go into her room.”

Tom watched them go upstairs. Hypnotized by their swaying asses, especially Zoe’s, he was rock hard. He had a deep desire to follow them into Zoe’s room and take his daughter. He wanted to claim her pussy as his own as if she was one of his fuck toy androids. But he knew such an act would be rape and it would ruin any chance he had at consensual sex with his daughter. He had to be patient. At least he had an amazing show to watch.

As Tom reached the door to his room, he got a text from Mr. Gill. It said that his next android would be ready tomorrow. Perfect timing Tom thought.

Tom opened up his laptop just in time for the fun to start. Zoe and Athena were laying side by side, making out. Athena was groping at Zoe’s tits over her shirt. Chloe entered the room, which broke the girls’ kissing. Zoe let out a gasp at the half dozen toys Chloe brought in and deposited at the foot of the bed.

“Are you planning on using those on me or me using those on you?” Zoe asked.

“Both,” Chloe said with a giggle.

Zoe looked pleased by the answer.

Athena snaked a hand beneath Zoe’s shirt to continue groping at her tits. “Who do you want first?” she asked Zoe.

Zoe gave Athena’s ass a squeeze, but turned to Chloe to answer. “I didn’t get to have any of you last night, Chloe. Come here.”

Chloe got on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed and crawled over the Zoe. When she was arm’s length away, Zoe reached out and pulled her in for a long, deep, very wet kiss. As the two of them made out, Athena got to work on Zoe’s shirt. She pulled it up far enough to expose Zoe’s breasts, giving Tom his first look at his daughter’s perky tits. They were about the same size as Athena’s, but were not pierced like hers were. Tom started stroking his dick at the sight of them, pushing away the thoughts about how wrong this was. Athena took Zoe’s right breast into her mouth. Zoe responded by moaning into Chloe’s kiss. Zoe’s own hands were busy. One had a grip on the back of Athena’s head. The other was pinching Chloe’s right nipple. After a few more kisses, Chloe moved down to kiss Zoe’s other breast. Zoe moved her left hand onto the back of Chloe’s head. She used her hands to pull the girls into her tits. The way she pulled them in made the girls take as much of her tits as could possible fit in their mouths. Since it wasn’t cock, they didn’t gage on her, but the act still reminded Tom of the rough blowjobs he would sometimes have Chloe and Athena do. Zoe let out several soft moans as she fed the girls her teats like a mother with babes at breast. She took Athena’s cheeks in both hands, and pulled her off her beautiful jugs to assault her mouth instead. Chloe sucked for nonexistent milk a little longer, then moved down. She licked and kissed Zoe’s stomach and waist in her decent till she was blocked by shorts and panties. Chloe unzipped and unbuttoned Zoe’s shorts. She pulled them and her panties off together.

Zoe was now laying on her back in all her naked glory with one girl at her mouth and the other at her pussy, and her body was in full view of the camera this time. In the other room, Tom watched as Chloe spread Zoe’s legs as far a part as they would go. His lust for his daughter was so strong, Tom came right there. He aimed his cock to the side in just enough time that the cum didn’t shoot all over his desk or laptop. His balls emptied onto the floor in one of the greatest climaxes he had every had from jerking off.

When he turned back, Chloe was eating out Zoe. Athena stopped kissing Zoe to watch Chloe for a bit. She said to the other android, “While you lick her clit, put a finger or two inside her. I found out last night she loves it.”

Chloe obliged, starting off with the middle finger of her right hand. Zoe couldn’t get enough. She wiggled and arched her back and incredible sounds escaped her lips. Through it all, she managed to say to Athena, “Sit on my face, sweetheart.” Athena throwing her leg over Zoe’s face brought Tom’s cock back to life.

Zoe grabbed hold of Athena’s ass as Athena braced herself with the headboard. Zoe positioned her where she needed her and dove in. Athena soon brought her head back and moaned to the sky. Meanwhile, Chloe was making Zoe do the same, especially when she added her pointer finger. After several minutes and an orgasm, two fingers wasn’t enough. Chloe pretended to be resting a moment after Zoe’s climax. While Zoe was still occupied with Athena, Chloe put on a strap-on.

Chloe said absolutely nothing. She moved a finger across Zoe’s pussy to make sure she was still soaking wet. She pressed the head of her new dick against the pink spot and pushed. Zoe was so wet it slid right in with minimal resistance. Zoe stopped her feasting to let out a loud gasp then a shudder. She pushed up on Athena’s ass to get a look at what was happening. Athena turned around too. “Oh my… fuck me,” Zoe called out.

“Exactly,” Chloe replied. She pulled the strap-on out and pushed it back in again. She soon picked up a slow thrusting rhythm.

“You like her fake dick in your pussy, baby?” Athena asked.

“Uh-huh,” Zoe said eagerly. “I always prefer the tongue of a pretty girl, but I still enjoy dick in me. I’ve never had a fake one in me before, though.”

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Chloe said keeping up the same pace. “While your pussy is being drilled you can suck on a great pair of titties.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Athena said as she turned all the way around and leaned forward. Her pussy was still close to Zoe’s face, and her own face was able to reach Chloe’s tits or Zoe’s clit. She switched back and forth between the two as Chloe fucked faster and Zoe went back to fingering and licking the pussy in front of her.

“Toss me that vibrator,” Zoe commanded a bit later. The girl then went to work on Athena’s pussy with a vibrator while her own pleasure from being fucked by Chloe caused her to achieve another orgasm a minute later. Zoe brought Athena to an orgasm soon after, leaving Chloe as the only on to not be pleasured and brought to a climax. Zoe put the vibrator aside and said, “Take that off, Chloe, and give it to me. Athena, put the other one on.”

“Is it my turn?” Chloe asked pretending to be innocent.

“Honey, after what you did to me, you’re getting a very special reward. Tell me, do you prefer to be a slut or a princess?”

“Slut, definitely.”

Zoe gave her a quick kiss. “I was hoping you’d say that.” She turned to Athena. “You heard her. We’re going to double team this slut hard and give her exactly what she deserves.”

After both of them had on a strap-on, Zoe commanded Athena to go to the head of the bed. Chloe opened her mouth to ask Zoe where she wanted her, but Zoe grabbed her by the waist first and threw he down on the mattress. “Get on your hands and knees. Face Athena.” Chloe was quick to obey. As soon as she did, Zoe gave her a hard smack on the ass. Chloe let out a glee filled sound. “Athena, get that fake dick in her mouth. I want to hear her gagging on it.” Zoe gave Chloe a couple more spanks, then pushed her strap-on into that sexy bent over pussy. In under a minute, Zoe was fucking Chloe at a fast rate. On the other side, Athena had Chloe bobbing up and down on her strap-on. It wasn’t enough for Zoe, though. “Get your hands on the back of her head and pull her in. I want you to choke her with that thing.”

Tom was amazed at what he was hearing and seeing. Zoe had been practically submissive when she was being eaten and fucked. Now, she was not only dominate, but rough and controlling. When she was doing the fucking, she was almost as dominate as Tom was. The apple doesn’t fall far from the lust tree.

Zoe and Athena handled Chloe roughly for almost ten minutes. During that time, Chloe came at least once. As Chloe neared a second climax, Zoe reached forward and took hold of her tits. She pulled her slut upwards, making Athena’s strap-on exit her mouth. Zoe was now fucking Chloe vertically. Zoe took her right hand off of a tit and placed it on Chloe’s throat. “You like that? You like me taking you like a good whore? You like being my bitch to be mounted and used how I want?” Zoe had such a filthy mouth.

“Yes, Zoe!” Chloe called out. “I’m your bitch. I’m your whore. I’m whatever the fuck you want me to be. You own me, Zoe. Fuck me however you please.” Zoe put some pressure on Chloe’s throat in response. Zoe bit into Chloe’s shoulder and neck too, although not enough to leave marks. Athena took off the strap-on and started to finger herself as she watched the hot display.

Zoe griped Chloe’s throat harder. Her left hand squeezed and pinched her tit. Her strap-on thrusted in and out of Chloe’s wet pussy as fast as Zoe could go. Chloe’s body tensed up. Her breath caught. Her hands clenched. Her peak hit her hard as Zoe wonderfully fucked her without mercy. It was only after her orgasm subsided that Zoe slowed down. She gave the slutty android a few more thrusts then exited her. She released Chloe’s tit and throat. The girl collapsed on the bed. Zoe took off the strap-on and laid beside her. She pulled Chloe up onto her chest so that her head was resting on her left breast. Athena laid down on Zoe’s other side and let her head rest on Zoe’s other breast.

They laid in her bed for about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, Tom put one of his simple machines to the task of cleaning up his cum. He had sprayed across the floor a second time when Zoe put her hand around Chloe’s throat. He went downstairs after and turned on an episode of Supernatural. He went to about the middle of the episode to make it look like he had been downstairs the whole time. After a little bit more time past, Zoe came into the living room in a bath robe. She didn’t say a word to him. She just came up to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“I take that to mean you had a good time?” Tom asked rhetorically.

She hugged him. “It was so good! Thank you so much for letting me do that!”

“Of course, honey,” Tom replied. He could feel her breasts pressing against his chest through the light fabric of the robe. She also smelled heavily of sex. He had to fight to not get erect again. He also had to fight the want to move his hands down to touch her ass. “Just understand that I will be wanting them back every once and a while.”

Zoe giggled. “I don’t know, Tom. Now that I’ve had a taste of them both, I might just stay in my room all day, every day with them.”

When the hug was released, Tom kissed Zoe on the forehead. “Well, I think you will like my two surprises for you.”

She lit up.

“First off, since you enjoyed both girls so much, I’m going to have them stay naked all the time. You can, of course, dress them up if you want to, then take the clothes back off. Its up to you. I, personally, like to dress them up in pajamas.”

Zoe’s mind looked to be racing. “That sounds full of possibilities, and it would explain why they have so many sexual outfits. I cannot wait to try it out.”

Tom didn’t think she had realized his real motive. If Chloe and Athena stayed naked, there was more of a chance that something would go on between them and Zoe outside of her room, which he could “accidently” walk in on. Tom hoped that having the girls always naked would bring him one step closer to being inside his own daughter.

“Second, I have another android ordered. She will finally be ready tomorrow.”

Zoe practically jumped for joy. “Who is she modelled after?”

“I can’t spoil that, but I will tell you she’s a fictional character rather than another porn star.”

Zoe head off toward the bathroom to take a shower with excitement in every step. Tom enjoyed watching every step, waiting with patience for the moment he could put his hands on that ass and more.


2021-05-06 05:34:07
mm.. it is a lovely story! Look at the photos and videos of sexy girls -

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