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David needs to figure out how to win Shawna back.
"Shit," I whined, hitting my hand. "Why did I break up with Shawna? She wanted to be with me, and I wanted her. I just let the fear of our parents finding rule out the possibility. How do I win her back?" I questioned, walking back and forth.

I couldn't figure it out to save my life, but I tortured myself frequently. I had her on my mind as if she plagued it. I just pictured her naked with me making sweet love to her.

I moaned and even placed my hand on my cock. I scrubbed it right through my shorts and had my hand feel like it had a knife wedged in there. My schlong was as hard as a rock, and I loved that she made it that way.

Although, I brought my hand off it a minute later. "Damn it; I want my sister back. Masturbating thinking about her will never be a good substitute; it just won't. I have to have her, no matter what it means for us. Maybe our parents will kick us out, or just me, but whatever happens, I'll have her in one way or another, maybe I'll buy her some flowers. It is old-fashioned, so maybe she'll like that."

I wasn't sure what else to do, but I did that. I brought them to Shawna's room and knocked on the door. The whole time, my heart felt like it was about to escape from my chest.

"I hope she takes me back; I haven't even seen her since we broke up. It was only a day ago, but who knows what could happen," I muttered before the door opened.

My eyes immediately landed on her. 'Crap, she is still upset, she has her arms crossed,' I thought, peeking at her face.

I wasn't sure what to say right off the bat, but I saw her glancing at her gift I held in my right arm.

"So are those roses for me, David?"

"Yes," I answered before I handed them to her.

She took them and brought them into her room.

I just stood there in the doorway. 'I don't know if I'm invited in though. I certainly don't want to overstep my bounds here.'

"Come in if you want, David."

I grinned slightly and calmly stepped into her room. She closed the door and immediately came to me, but stopped a foot away. Neither of us said a word, but I just wanted to tread very carefully.

"So, are those supposed to win me back then, David?" she pondered, crossing her arms.

I licked my lips for a couple of seconds and shed a few tears too. "How do I win you back, Shawna? I'll do anything because these past twenty-four hours have been horrible. I had you, but I just freaked out and broke up with you. I've come to terms that I made a huge mistake. I want you, and no one else," I explained before I took her hands in mine. "Please, bring us together again. I'll do anything you want; I'll even get you pregnant if you desire it. Literally, anything you want, I'll do it. You are worth it to me, I swear," I pleaded, tightening my grip. "Let's us be together please, sis."

"Are you crying?" she giggled.

"Yes, I'm at your mercy, Shawna. There is no other way to put it."

"You'll even have your baby grow inside me, and raise it with me."

"Yes, I just want to share the bed with you, sis."

She slowly kissed me. "While we're naked?"

"I'll never think of you as a slut, but yes."

"Tell me you want me down on my knees right now with your huge cock in my mouth. Command me to give you the best blow job you could imagine then, David. You have to accept me like the horny bitch I am."

"Sis, you are not a bitch."

"Aren't you sweet?" she pondered before she slowly closed the gap between us entirely and placed her hands on my butt.

I still had clothes on, but I felt her grasp on my cheeks as if they were nude. I saw her begin to grind her teeth a bit and eyeball me like never before.

My cock was fully erect and ready for her, but the odd thing was that I didn't know what to do. I knew I wanted her, but it was not just a cut and dry situation. I loved her to no end, as a lover and a sister, but exclusively fucking her was something huge.

I just stared into her eyes for a moment, but of course, she calmly brought her hands come to my crotch. "It is hard, big brother. Now, would you like me to put it in my mouth? So you can caress my head as I suck on it for you and we keep eye contact? We can go over in our heads just how wrong it is, but both love how good it feels? Did you know, feeling your sister's lips on your cock can be quite life-affirming?"

"Why do you want me so bad now?"

"Well, you gave me a taste, and I loved it, that's why. Besides, siblings should be having sex. Even if it doesn't work out, we can still be fuck buddies, if you like," she proposed, undoing my shorts.

They fell, and my rod popped out instantly. She immediately wrapped her right hand around it and rubbed it slowly.

She kissed me once. "Now put your hands on my butt and bring me closer to you, horndog."

I followed her instructions, and she stroked my dick a little faster. It felt terrific, but I found myself having an internal battle. Nothing and no one seemed to stand in my way, but my head disagreed with the whole situation.

I squeezed her butt somewhat hard, but didn't hurt her. Although, my manhood felt so high, that is hurt a bit. I just went along with the incestuous flow for the time being, because I saw her emotionally invested.

"How many times have you masturbated thinking about me in the past day, David?"

"Too many to count, sis. I'm almost drained now though. You are a wickedly sexy witch, Celcia."

"You love me though," she reminded me before she kissed me and calmly lowered herself down to her knees. "And I'm sure you can still locate some cum to spread to me now, can't you?"

My mouth opened up wide as she just smiled at me. Neither of us said a word, but she did lick my cock somewhat. She made me twitch a bit, but I stayed in place. I never felt more love for her than right at that moment.

She loved me, and I loved her, but it was so much more than that. Sex wasn't just something two siblings could start doing, there needed to be some real spark there too. Needless to say, we had it, but we had to use it wisely.

"Would you like to me give you a sloppy blow job, David?"

"Yes, but where may I cum? I don't want to upset you, so I need to know now."

She calmly brought her hands down to her pink top, and she took it off herself. "I'm not wearing a bra, so why don't you drench these boobs?" she wondered, prior to grabbing my rod and rubbing the head all over her rack. "Don't you love the idea of that? I'm not legal yet, but you can splatter your little sister's melons with your hot and sticky load. I'm sure you'll masturbate thinking about it for years to come, won't you?"

"Yes, sis."

"Although," she said before she stood up with me. "If we're sharing the bed, you'll wake me up if you want to have sex, right?"

"Yes, of course, sis."

"I wonder what mom and dad would say if they saw us right now."

"I don't know."

"You can admit it; you still loved it when I sucked your wood while mom was talking to you. You shot a shit load of your seed into my mouth, but I swallowed every last drop, just for you. It was the sexiest thing I've ever done, but I'm delighted that we did it together, big brother. This time, I want you to shoot all over my breasts, you can do that for me, can't you?"

I nodded multiple times, and she immediately smooched my cheek. Then she dropped back down to her knees and took my schlong in both hands.

She glanced up at me as she stroked it. "I love you, David," she said before she lazily opened her mouth and let my manhood slide right in there.

Her left hand dropped, and she started thrusting her lips.

"Holy shit, Shawna, you are some special woman, that's for sure," I moaned, pacing myself.

I looked right into her eyes and clenched my fists not to give her my seed too early. I could really imagine this was more of an audition, considering this time we were alone. I was confident that she wanted to test the waters when asked me to cum on her hooters.

'She is only sixteen, but she seems very sexually experienced. She knows how to suck my pecker: going slow, but not too slow and while keeping her eyes on mine. As if she is already a pro, but I know that isn't true. Maybe this just comes to her naturally, who knows? I do know that she is a beyond sexy young woman that wants my cock in her mouth and her pussy too. Damn, I'm speechless, and she seems only to have sexy things to say without saying it,' I thought, caressing her head.

I breathed quite heavily and tried to contain myself, but with the emotional and physical spikes, it wasn't easy.

"Shit, for the most damn reason, you are pleasuring me more with your eyes than with your mouth, sis."

She nodded and even shed a tear. I knew she loved my words, so I blew her a couple of kisses. She already knew I adored her, but I let her know it again. She never stopped moving her lips on my dick or eye fucking me.

"Shit, my johnson feels so damn good, sis," I moaned, grabbing onto her dresser drawers.

I held onto them tightly and fought the pleasure a little more. I knew it was inevitable: my sister was going to make me give her one hell of a pop shot, but I certainly wanted to make sure it was the best I could offer her.

With every pass of her lips, I felt myself getting a little closer to cumming. Nothing and no one was gonna fuck up my chances to make her love me a little more, but I had the help of my seed. I was more than willing to give her all the cum she desired, but she was working for it.

She seemed to give me the perfect storm of pleasure, and I loved it. I bit down on my bottom lip nonstop and felt drops of sweat going down just about every inch of my body. My heart seemed like it wanted to die, come back and die again just show her the love.

"Be honest, sis, how many cocks have you sucked on, sis?"

As she kept thrusting her lips, she lifted up her right hand and pointed at my dick.

"Really, I'm the only one? You are this good with no experience?"

She nodded and angled her head up somewhat. I caressed her head again which included her forehead. She was just so cute and stunning at the same time. I saw her as my little sister, but as a sexy lady too. One that knew she was doing in the bedroom.

Using everything she could to give me perfect oral sex, which also made her a superior sister too. Even if we didn't like each other like that, who else would be so willing to give her older brother a great BJ?

"Shit," I cried slightly, moving my body back and forth. "Anytime you want to have sex; I'll be ready for you, sis. You are dynamite and eager to please too. I can't think of a better sister than you at the moment. I'm just one lucky bastard."

Her lips calmly came off my rod. "I know, even luckier that I took you back, fucker," she branded me, rubbing the head on her cheek. "I'm a hot chick, and I don't always take guys back after they break up, so consider yourself extremely lucky, David."

"You are sixteen, how many guys have you been with, Shawna?"

"I've only had sex with Bobby and you, but other guys have wanted me back after they broke up with me. A couple I didn't fuck, David," she informed me, stroking my junk.

"Good to know, Shawna."

She slowly stood up with me and made eye contact, but didn't say anything. I knew she was thinking something, but I let her just eyeball me. Her eyes went up and down numerous times, and my cock stayed rather hard for her pleasure too.

She snatched my hands and brought them to her shorts. "Don't you want to see my illegal pussy? I'll let you stick your dick in it, and I promise I won't turn you in either, David."

"May I kiss you first, sis?"

"I won't deny you that," she muttered before her lips came onto mine.

Both of us let our hands come onto one another's butts, and we caressed them as we made out.

"Tell me you love me, David."

"I love you, Shawna."

We kissed each other for another moment before my lips parted from hers and I lazily dropped down to my knees.

I placed my hands on her shorts and glanced back up at her. "I swear, I will always love you, sis."

"Damn, you sound like you are in love with me now, bro."

I shed a single tear as I gently tugged her shorts down. She stepped out of them and stood just in her panties. She angled her head up to mine and kissed me again as I was taller than her. I grabbed her butt again, but I scrubbed it through her dark blue bikini undergarments.

"I love you a hell of a lot, stud, so you better get my underwear off me now."

I immediately leaned down again and made sure they were down, so I could see my little sister completely nude once again. I soaked it in for a moment, but she cut the rest of the time short as she dropped back down to her knees. She snagged my dick and took it back into her mouth.

"And you still want my cum on your melons, right?"

She nodded and winked once too. I couldn't help, but to place my hands back on her head. I fondled it again, but I couldn't keep eye contact that time. I knew I was closer to the edge than ever and her lips were fire on my lighter fluid drenched wood.

"You suck, both literally and metaphorically speaking, Shawna. How can I resist you now?"

She failed to make any kind of reply, but my eyes were off hers. As time went by, I let out more tears and felt more pain from trying to keep my cum from spurting into her mouth.

"Fuck, sis, I have to let my seed out now."

She let my cock out, and she wrapped her right hand around it. "So, give your sweet little sister all you have you give then, horndog," she suggested, stroking it.

"You are as sweet as a candy bar packed with sugar, sis," I moaned, vibrating nonstop.

We both managed to stare at each other and it everything seemed to be going in slow motion. Everything else seemed to fade out; it was just Shawna and me having fun that siblings typically shouldn't have.

My entire body felt that it just got out of a sweat pool, but considering the kind of feeling I had right then, it was worth it. I felt my load coming, and it was gonna be fierce too. Shawna just smiled at me, but nothing needed to be said.

"For my favorite sister," I whispered before the first stream of my seed came firing out.

"Yes, give these titties that cum, big brother. Give your sister what she wants."

I gave her at least four more shots all over her hooters. Each one was a little bigger than the last, and I seemed to love her just a little bit more with each one too. I saw it all attack my rack or over thirty seconds, and it was one hell of a sight also.

Her hand stayed on my member the whole time, but once I needed to shoot, she didn't need to stroke it anymore. All she had to do was aim it so she could ensure that my cum got every single square inch of her tits.

"Holy shit, sis, I love you. I've never shot a load like that before," I mentioned, breathing heavily.

"Good," she said, standing up with me. "I would certainly hope you save the best for me, David. Your little sister definitely deserves the best, don't you think?" she pondered, rubbing my schlong.

"Yes," I let out, placing my hands on her butt. "Sis, are you mine now?"

"Yes, if you really want me, bro. You have to accept me for me though, are you up for that?"

"I think so."

I kissed her, and she slowly went backward to bed. She sat down and played with her boobs for a moment. She rubbed it every single drop of my cum that she could.

She blew a kiss a moment later. "Just because I'm your little sister, that doesn't mean I can't take your big cock, David. In my mouth, pussy, or even my asshole if you'd fancy."

"No," I moaned, coming towards her. "Those other two holes should work for me."

We kissed again and then she gently lied down. I scanned her body again, and I mean every single inch of her beauty I could see on the front half of her body. I took my pecker in my hand and calmly got on the bed with her.

I smooched her forehead and peeked at her eyes. "You are drop dead gorgeous, sis."

"I know, now quit complimenting me and make love to me. You already won me back, now let's celebrate."

"Sorry," I mentioned, grabbing my rod.

I calmly aligned it with her slit, and then we kissed one more time. I couldn't help, but to savor the moment. I was sure I'd be doing it with her many more times in the future, but this was just different. I realized I wanted her, damn the consequences.

"Come on, can't you hear my pussy begging your cock to take a dip inside it. Let it venture inside your little sister's cherry."

I licked my lips and looked right into her eyes. I couldn't help, but to eyefuck her one last time. Then my schlong slowly, but directly went inside her twat.

"Holy shit, David," she moaned, bringing her hands to my back. "Yes, stick the whole thing in there for me, please. Tell me you love me."

"I love you, Shawna," I whispered, laying my body on hers. "You are a fox, and the sexiest one I've ever set my eyes on too."

My arms came up to her face, and I moved some hair out of her eyes. I felt my johnson pumping hard inside her, but I didn't push it. We just soaked in one another's souls so to speak. She rubbed my back going up and down with each hand.

"I feel your extremely soft body on mine, and it feels even better than just your lips on my dick, sis."

"Good to know, now make sweet love to me, buster."

I put a small gap between us and then brought my hands to her thighs too. To top things off, I looked right into her eyes for a moment before my cock actually began sliding in and out of her twat.

"Just don't let your seed loose in my pussy just yet, bro. I'm not ready for a big belly."

"Okay, sis," I muttered before I began thrusting my rod. "Holy shit, we're having sex now, Shawna."

"I know, now shut up, I want to enjoy the silence while you fuck me."

I indeed made sweet love to her and felt her juice drench my dick. I immediately felt those enormous physical and emotional spikes and then she brought her hands to my hips. She rubbed them nicely as she smiled back at me.

I desired to smile, but my face felt paralyzed due to the intense pleasure I got from the whole situation. Every time I felt my pecker slide in or out, I had to twitch just a little bit. I had no choice, but to do so.

I wanted to peek down at her boobs as well, but I was plagued with the fact that I was screwing my sister. For the worst or best reason, it was happening, and I loved it. I saw her slathering her lips, so I knew she was having fun too.

She was breathing rather heavily and seemed to be pacing herself as well. Afterall, she did have me with her, making her feel like a whole new woman. Even as she was only sixteen, I just saw her as a mature woman, considering she could handle us having sex.

"Holding my load is proving to be an issue, but I'll make sure I don't cum inside you, sis. I'd never want to upset you."

"Get down here and kiss me."

I did that and pasted our lips together again. The sexual level skyrocketed when we started making out. It definitely established a major level of chemistry and love. Regardless that it was incest, I never felt so much love while I fucked someone.

As we made out, I moaned a bit and heard some from her too. Both of us encased our arms around one another tightly and brought each other even closer. Her breasts felt amazing on my chest already, but when I felt them pressing on it, I swear I fell in love with a little more.

My lips abruptly leaped off hers. "Why don't you tell me you love me, sis?"

"I love you, David, but I'm in love with your cock, so you better not lose it."

"I won't."

"Good, and you better not use it on another woman either, stud. My holes are the only ones it may pass into, got it?"

"Yes, you better be faithful to me too then."

"I will unless we have sex with mom and dad. I wouldn't mind seeing mom down on her knees with your cock in her mouth."

"You want to watch me with mom?"

"Maybe, you'd fuck her if she asked, wouldn't you?"

My eyebrows rose. "Is this a test?"

"No, you can be honest with me. If our mom came to you and she wanted you to fuck her, I'd certainly want you to do it. She has big titties and a large mouth too, so she could fit the whole thing in there too. Then you could submerge her rack in your seed, and if you'd let me, I'd love to lick it all off her."

My eyes widened as I listened to her and then just from one second to the next, I let loose.

She stayed silent for a moment, but raised her eyebrows. "David, did you just shoot?"

"Yes, I'm sorry, sis," I fretted before I got off her and pulled out.

I sat down and felt my schlong veins going off. Shawna failed to lean up towards me, but I was sure she was upset. My whole body was shaking, and I suddenly felt like I violated her. I knew that wasn't the case, but I still shed a couple of tears.

'Shit, why couldn't I control myself? I had my cock in there, and it was solid, but as soon as she started talking about me getting with mom, I just lost it.'

Just as quickly as I shot my load, she got up on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Would you like to have a baby with your little sister?"

"I guess, but I promise I'll support all three of us. I'll get a job so I can, I swear."

"Whoa, what about my ring? I'm not gonna let you put a bun in my oven without a ring on my finger. If you want your little sister, you have to have your little sister happy."

My eyes suddenly widened, I bit my bottom lip and backed away somewhat. "This is moving a little fast now, sis."

"Don't worry," she said, rising somewhat and grabbing my rod. "We don't even know if I'm pregnant yet, so just have some fun with me now," she proposed before she let it inside her slit. "I will want you to propose to me though," she said before she kissed me. "It may not be legal, but it'll be quite important to me."

"Okay, sis," I muttered before I snatched her butt cheeks. "You are crazy."

"Well, you know what they say about people who are nuts: they will rock your world in bed," she reminded me before kissing me again.

"That's you?"

"Yes, don't you think so?" she wondered, placing her hands on my neck. "Everyone knows the younger sibling is better in bed than the older one. I'm fucking you with my pussy right now, David," she moaned, swinging back and forth. "Don't you want to feel so good that you accidentally shoot your load inside me? It is crazy when siblings fuck, but you love it, don't you? You can admit it, big brother."

She indeed screwed me with her slit, and she did it all on her own. She seemed to be covered in sweat and going nuts, but I had never thought of her as being sexier than at that moment.

"I love how you are letting your breasts swing around and jerking me around a bit too. Shit, I love you, sis. You are insane, but I love you more that way. I want to fuck you every single day for the rest of our lives, Shawna. I want to kiss you too, and tell you how much I love you."

"Really?" she asked, stopping her movements. "You love me that much that you want to be with me forever?"

"Yes, if you'll have me, sis."

"So, are we gonna come out to mom and dad then?"

"Yes, how else will you get to see mom giving me head?"

"So, you are attracted to her then?"

"Mom has big boobs, a pretty face, and a great body. She is dazzling, sis."

"If you had to pick between us, who would you want?"

"I'm not falling for that; I'd pick you, Shawna."

"Give me a kiss."

I stared at her for a few seconds, but then I leaned towards her and pasted my lips onto hers. Her melons came onto my chest, and I rubbed her butt ever so softly. I felt both of us shedding tears, and the intimacy seemed to be at an all-time high.

We made out for over five minutes as my cock remained inside her. I fought trying not to reshoot my load because she drove me crazy. I couldn't help it, what once was just a little crush turned into something great.

"Tell me we won't ever break up, I love you too much to lose you now, sis."

"Never, bro," she moaned before leaning back. "Our sick love shall last forever. You already have me hooked, so I want to keep your cock around."

"So, we can keep sharing the bed then?"

"Yes, and you better get used to sleeping nude because you are putting out."

"Anything else?"

"Yes, you have to quit masturbating, David. I want to be the one who makes you cum, either with my hand, mouth or pussy. I want to be that one who pleasures you, is that okay?"

"May I jack off if I think of you?"

She stayed quiet and eye contact for a moment.

'And she is thinking what?'

"No," she answered, peeking at me. "Now I know you want to have sex with mom, so she could somehow wind up in your imagination as you are playing with yourself. An ex-girlfriend could come in, or just some other chick you wanted to fuck could pop out of nowhere. Your imagination could just run wild, and I don't want to be replaced by that."

"No," I said, bringing her down to her back on the bed. "I won't let that happen."


"Yes," I moaned as I began making love to her.

"Don't leave me either, I've never had such intimate sex before."

"It is the incest, sis."

"You are fucking your underage sister, that's a second felony, pal. For me not to tell, I want you to shoot your cum all over my hooters. Do you accept these conditions?"

"Yes, I'll shoot it all over your tits, Shawna. Just for you, and no one else," I said before I kissed her.

"Unless mom wants it though."

"Okay," I muttered, leaning up and placing my hands on her thighs.

"Put your legs up here, sis. I want to fuck you as hard as I can."

"I like that, hung man," she whispered, letting her legs up.

I fucked her as hard as I could in that position and made the bed shake frequently. We had the legs coming off the ground many times, and it also hit the wall. I had no idea what happened to me, but I just wanted to make her feel really good suddenly.

Feeling my cock slide in and out of her cherry like that was the single most significant feeling I felt up until then. Despite all the fantastic feelings we felt before, then we beat them together after we said all those things to each other and then I just fucked her like nobody's business.

"I'll fuck you real good, sis. I'll do it when we're in our fifties too, do you like the sound of that?"

"Yes, we can have kids who have sex when they are adults, and they can get pregnant. They can give us incestuous kids too."

"That's hot, Shawna. You are nuts though, fuck," I moaned before I leaned my head back. "I have to cum now."

"Pull out then, horndog."

I did just that and got right over her as she put her legs down. I stroked my wood as it hovered over her melons, and I just stared at her eyes. Neither of us muttered a word, but everything was being shouted so to speak.

After a few seconds, my schlong unleashed the mighty force of my seed. It fired out and attacked her stomach and melons. I doled it all out for her tits and her belly to be drenched them all within thirty seconds or so.

I felt to be in a sauna with a space heater beating down on me. It was uncomfortable for me, but considering what the whole event was, I found myself still loving it. Shawna was intoxicating, and I relished that about her.

It was incest, and it astounding. Regardless of what anyone thought of the subject, we found ourselves in sexual nirvana, where it all seemed to be a giant dream. Nothing and no one could fuck it up for us; we just needed each other.

The icing on the cake was she loved to have me shoot my load all over her. It was her idea, and she just smiled the whole time. Even as a little bit managed to splash over on her face, she still cheesed and even blew me a kiss.

"Holy shit, sis," I moaned before I calmly climbed up on top of her. "You might be sixteen, but you appear to be a solid eighteen-year-old."

"If you want to have sex again, then stick your dick inside me. You don't have to butter me up."

"Good to know," I whispered before I reached down and aligned my johnson with her cherry. "I love you," I reminded me before I let it inside her.

"I love you too, so make me feel good now," she ordered me, placing her hands on my shoulders. "And remember, my pussy is the only that is allowed to pleasure you unless it is mom's and I know about it."

"I understand," I said before I began making love to her.


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