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Mary's boyfriend dumps her right before they were supposed to go camping but luckily her Father is their to comfort her.
Their car rambled along as John and his daughter Mary made their way to the Golden Lake trailhead one Saturday in spring. Mary had wanted to do something special for turning eighteen and even though it was technically a couple days after her birthday this was going to be the real celebration. She had already celebrated with her family, but now she and her boyfriend were going camping, mostly alone, for a night. Mary had wanted it to be just her and Tommy but her dad had convinced her that the area was big enough that he could camp far from them but still be around in case of an emergency. Mary had always heard her Mom and Dad talk about this campsite. John often reminisce about Golden Lake and when his wife and he used to spend the occasional weekend exploring the remote area, swimming in the freezing lake, and spending the nights fucking under the stars. He had asked his wife to come with them but she had tons of excuses and John was actually relieved that she wouldn’t be there. John knew that his wife was probably cheating again, and they’d already talked about splitting but were staying together to make sure Mary had an easier time getting through school.

John saw a familiar sign on the side of the road. “Hey, honey. We’re coming up on the last store till we get to the trailhead. You should use the restroom and make sure you have everything you need for the weekend.”

Mary nodded, “Yeah, yeah” and she went back to fidgeting with her phone, Tommy hadn’t texted her in the last day and Mary wasn’t sure what that meant. She’d seen him earlier that Friday and he seemed distant but he’d said he’d see her later. As the car came out of the foothills onto a slight plateau her phone finally buzzed. She was surprised though cause it wasn’t Tommy who had texted her but her best friend Emily. “OMG! I thought Tommy was going camping with you this weekend but he just invited Stacy to his cousin’s place for a party tonight :(“ Mary started to tremble. Her father hadn’t noticed and pulled into the little general store’s parking lot. Mary got out and practically ran to the store’s bathroom. John figured she just really needed to pee and he went about filling up the gas tank and picking up a couple last minute supplies. He didn’t need much but as he walked the aisle he saw a display for a “Local” vodka that he and his wife used to buy every time they came up here. It was god awful stuff but it did add to some fun nights. He figured since he hadn’t brought any alcohol he might as well get this little memento. He brought his items to the counter and checked out. He headed back to the car and sat for a couple minutes before he realized that something must be wrong with Mary.

John headed back into the store, he turned to the cashier, “Has the young woman with the dark brown hair come out of the bathroom yet?” The cashier didn’t pry his eyes from his phone and just shook his head no. John headed back to the bathrooms and knocked on the women’s door. He didn’t get a response but thought he heard muffled crying. “Hey hom, you in there?” No response. “Hey, I’m coming in, ok?” Still no response, so he pushed open the door. He was surprised that the women’s room was as dirty as the men’s room, the only difference between the two was that this one had two stalls instead of a stall and a urinal. It was obvious which stall Mary was in, and now that he was in the little room her crying was pretty obvious. Great, he thought, I’ve made it eighteen years without having to deal with this sort of stuff, where is her mother when I need her? He then remembered, oh yeah, probably sleeping around again, that bitch. John knocked on the occupied stall, “Hey honey, what wrong? Do you want to talk about it?”

Mary responded but all John could decipher through her tears was “Tha, tha, that bitch Stacy, can’t believe it” John didn’t really know what to say to that. He was vaguely aware of who the Stacy in her class was. She was on the volleyball team with Mary, and easily had the biggest tits out of Mary’s classmates. With that as context he guessed Tommy wasn’t coming. John was actually a little relieved. He was pretty sure his daughter was a virgin and had figured that she was planning on losing it to Tommy this weekend. It wasn’t a bad idea, just a terrible choice in guys. John couldn’t think of a more annoying little douche than that fuck. “Hey honey, can you open up and come out here?” She sobbed a bit more but eventually she opened the door and came out. John looked her up and down. She may have turned eighteen a couple days ago but she still had some developing to do before guys would really consider her womanly. She stood at 5’9” but was built like a beanstalk. It was cute in middle school when she was all knees and elbows, but John knew that it must have started to get harder for her as the other girls developed tits and Mary still seemed almost completely flat. He wasn’t much of a hugger but figured now was as good a time as any to show his daughter affection. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to his chest and embraced her. Mary slowly stopped crying and he held her in his arms. Eventually she stuttered out, “Tommy’s not coming. He’s fucking that bitch Stacy.” John moved one of his hands to her head and began scratching her scalp a little. It was one of his default comforting moves and he knew Mary always loved it. After a minute Mary stepped back and looked at her dad. Her makeup was smeared behind her big round glasses, turning her plane face into a bit of a mess. “Dad, I don’t want to go camping, I just want to go home” John knew that they were three and a half hours into a four hour drive and the thought of driving home sounded pretty shitty. He also really needed a night away from his wife and what better place to spend it. “Mary, what you need is to be away from your phone and all that bullshit for a bit. You don’t need to spend it with me, but you should still spend it in nature.” Mary nodded okay, much to John’s surprise. He was expecting a fight but maybe Mary was really that crushed. Soon enough they were back in the car headed to the trail head.

John unloaded the two backpacks. He had two tents and knew that his daughter probably didn’t want the extra weight in her pack. The weather was supposed to be nice so he turned to Mary who was putting on her boots. “Hey hun, the weather should be good. Do you want to plan on sleeping under the stars and just bringing the tent if we need it?” She nodded yes and John left the second tent in the car. In a couple minutes they were on the trail.

It was a four mile hike to the campsite and John knew the trail by heart. He was fine in walking in silence but eventually Mary broke the peace, “Hey dad, did you and mom ever have problems like this?” Good god that was an open ended question with no great answer. Yes they did have problems with Mary’s mom fucking around behind John’s back. He chuckled a little. “Yes honey, honestly wearing going through some problems now, if you couldn’t tell.” Mary realized that she hadn’t really talked to her dad in ages. He always was busy with something and so it was mostly just Mary and her Mom around the house. Worried that this might be her father telling her that he was cheating Mary asked him what he meant. He thought for a moment, then responded “I don’t want you to take sides in this, but your Mom cheated on me a little while back and I’m pretty sure she’s still doing it.” Several things snapped for Mary all at once. How friendly Mom’s walking buddy was, her hunky gym partner, and the “yoga retreats” she’d go to. Mary hadn’t put it together before but she was suddenly confident that her Mom was fucking a bunch of guys behind her Dad’s back. She started to cry again. John was worried that he’d gone too far. He and his wife had decided that they’d revisit the topic of divorce once Mary had gone away to college, and now he had started to spill the beans. He heard Mary stop walking and he turned around. Once more he looked into her teary eyes. She had wiped away her makeup back in the bathroom and now she just looked sad and pathetic. John went to her again. He grabbed her hands. “Don’t worry Mary, we both love you a lot. We wouldn't do anything to hurt you.” Mary knew though that her mom was probably getting fucked this very moment. Mary straightened up and cleared her throat. “Why do people do this to us?” She started crying again and John didn’t have a response. If he’d known why his wife was cheating he might have tried to fix it, but he honestly didn’t care. He’d fallen out of love with her ages ago, and he knew that with his salary and what remained of his looks he’d do fine if he could get through the divorce cleanly. The more the bitch cheated the easier it’d be to not give her a fucking dime. “I don’t know honey, but we need to keep going. Don’t want to get stuck out here in the dark.”

An hour later they were at the first camp. There were a string of campgrounds along the edge of the lake and John always liked to get one a little further around. He came to the woods to be away from people and the first two spots usually had some traffic during the weekend. It was only a couple more minutes of hiking when they came upon his favorite spot. They hadn’t seen anyone on the trail, and there weren’t any other cars at the trailhead, but John still liked this camp the best. It was nestled between two boulders that blocked the camp from the trail but opened up for a beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Despite all that had happened so far both father and daughter were filled with warmth from the view. John pushed through the rush of nostalgia and beauty and started setting up their camp. He took the perishables and vodka down to the lake and weighted them down in the shallows. Since the lake was from snow melt it never got above 40 degrees. With the food taken care of he pitched the tent and settled in again with his daughter, who almost hadn’t moved the whole time. She was sitting on a rock near the tent looking out at the lake. John sat next to her and put his arm around her. She leaned into him and rested her head on his chest. They sat there for a bit before Mary finally asked, "How did you and Mom meet?" John chuckled and explained how his senior year of college he and her Mom were in the same friend group. At some point they had gotten drunk and slept with each other. They kept sleeping together and eventually started dating. They got along well enough and eventually they got married and had Mary. John was pretty blunt with his explanation and when he was done he turned his head towards his daughter, "storybook love story, right?"

Mary chuckled, "See I just want to get to that point but I can't even get a good guy interested in me." John could hear her tone start to tremble "I mean Tommy is off fucking that whore, and I was going to give it up to him tonight." She started crying again.

John held her tight, "Mary, you're a beautiful woman. Guys are all assholes at that age, you can't take it to heart." Mary kept crying. John really didn't know how to handle this situation, "I know there are plenty of guys out there who probably want to be with you."

The crying turned to whimpering. "Would you have slept with me when you were my age?" It was a weird question but John didn't want to miss an opportunity to raise her self-worth, "Of course I would have. I mean look at your Mom, you have her legs and grace, but more of my height" Mary started crying again, "but Mom has breasts, I don't, why don't I?" Jesus fucking Christ. John needed to get away from this conversation, "Your Mom was built like you until she became pregnant. If you see pictures of her from college you'd see." Mary's crying stopped for a minute but she was still hiccupping a little. John took this window to move past this line of questions. "I'm going to start dinner, we probably only have another hour of light." Mary learned back from John and he stood up. He set up the stove and went to get water and the food. Knowing that he would probably have to answer some more uncomfortable questions after dinner he decided to make himself a drink. Mixing the cheap vodka with water and fruit punch powder he created something drinkable. He came back to the camp and got cooking. Mary didn't move from her rock until it was time to eat. She finally came over and sat next to her dad by the camp stove and served herself dinner. They ate in relative silence, and before he knew it John had packed up the store and cleaned all the cooking gear. Mary was back on the rock as the sun set and it started to get dark. With the sun gone the temperature started to drop with it. Even in the fading light John could see his daughter start to shiver. He shook his head and grabbed his sleeping bag from the tent. He unzipped it so it was almost like a blanket. Grabbing his drink he approached Mary and sat next to her. Wrapping her in the blanket he settled in next to her. He took a long swig of his drink and offered it to his daughter, "only a sip, and don't tell your mother" they both chuckled and Mary took a long sip. She had drunk alcohol before but nothing that tasted this bad. It took a lot of self-control not to spit it out. She couldn't hide her disgust though and John chuckled. "Yup, it's pretty terrible" he leaned over and kissed her forehead. Taking the drink back he had another sip. They continued to sit in silence when Mary asked her Dad, "Is it really that good? Having sex? Everyone makes it out to be so important." John was silent for a moment, "I can only speak to my experience but yes, it is pretty damn amazing." He sat a moment longer, "when your Mom and I were in love there was literally nothing better in the world then being with her." Mary started crying again. How much could this girl cry, he just wanted to tell her to stop, but he knew that was a terrible idea. He squeezed her tight and leaned over again to kiss her forehead. At the last moment though, Mary turned her head towards his and locked lips with him. John didn't immediately break away but as soon as Mary tried to use tongue he pulled back and took a drink. He knew she did that on purpose but he also knew that between her hormones, her breakup, and finding out about her parent's loveless marriage she had too much going on to make rational decisions. However, he also felt blood rush to his cock. Even though he knew his wife was cheating on him he still fucked her as needed to keep his urges in check. The passionless sex was just a step up from masturbation at this point. The rush he got from that one kiss was more than he'd felt in years with his wife. John was struggling with his own feelings when he felt a drop of rain hit his head, he knew that in the spring there were sometimes surprise showers and he immediately snapped into action mode and got up. He told Mary to go into the tent and he began making sure the backpacks and gear were set up and ready for rain. He was just about done when it really started to come down. John crawled into the tent without a second thought.

What he was welcomed with almost made him jump back out. It was a pretty small two person tent, if John sat in the middle of it, his head would touch the top, and he already knew going into this that his and his daughter’s sleeping bags would probably be touching. He wasn't ready to come in and see his daughter buck naked with her sleeping bag wide open. She was spread apart showing her hairy little pussy and taking up almost the entire tent. As he froze in the entrance he realized his feet were still outside the tent and he was letting water in. He quickly sat and turned to remove his boots and close the flap. "Real funny Mary, get yourself decent and close up your bag." John tried to sound stern. He heard her make a pouting noise, “Okay Daddy” and rustle about behind him. He was a little weirded out by her response, she had never called him daddy before and she wasn’t the playful or pouty type. He took a deep breath and turned around. She was in her bag facing away from him. He laid his bag out next to hers and got it. Once in his bag he removed his shorts and shirt. “Goodnight honey, we can talk about this in the morning.” He turned off his light and they were in silent darkness. The image of his daughter’s spread thighs entranced him though. He couldn’t remember the last time he was this hard. He felt Mary move a little closer to him and stop. John hadn’t zipped his sleeping bag all the way up and he thought he could feel her bare skin on his back. His erection was becoming painful. Once the rain stopped he would go outside and beat off. It would be the only way he’d be able to sleep. Mary moved again, this time her bare back was obviously up against his. She stopped and waited another minute, she started to move again and John rolled onto his back facing up, “Mary you need to stop” Even as he said this she slipped open his bag and was laying on him. The thin fabric of his boxers did nothing to hide his arousal. He felt he settle her thin body on top of him. He didn’t move a muscle as she adjusted herself till her virgin pussy was lined up with his rock hard cock. He cleared his throat but before he could say anything his daughter piped up, “Daddy, I want this. I want this so bad. Please make me a woman.” John’s heart was beating out of his chest, “I can’t Mary.” Even as he said that he helped her remove his boxers. When he felt her delicate lips on his cock he knew there was no turning back. He let her take the lead as she raised her hips and rubbed the head of his dick against her moist hole. Between her excitement and his precum he was ready to penetrate her almost immediately. She slowly lowered herself down onto his dick. It was slow going but John loved every second of it. He couldn’t remember feeling a pussy this tight before. It took some concentration since he didn’t want to cum too quickly for his daughter’s first fuck. When he was fully inside her, Mary laid back down on him and began grinding her clit against him. This wasn’t too arousing for him, but the moist pressure from her velvety slit kept him rock hard. To his surprise Mary started to elicit little cries. John couldn’t stand being passive anymore and brought his hands to his daughter’s ass. He hadn’t noticed how firm it was but it was clear her volleyball practice had paid off in this department. He gave her ass a good squeeze as she continued to grind her hips into him. Her cries were getting louder and her thrusts more erratic, so John started helping out with his own grinding motion and gripping her ass hard. Soon Mary was hyperventilating and seized up. A second later she collapsed on John’s chest panting. John let her catch her breath. He was still in her and rock hard and still intended to get off. Mary raised her head, “That was amazing Daddy, it was everything I could have hoped for.” John chuckled and rolled his daughter over onto her back, “it’s not over just yet.” John pulled his cock out of her a bit and drove it back in hard. Mary squeaked as he continued pounding that virgin pussy. It didn’t take too long for John to become overwhelmed with the grip of his daughter's pussy and he felt the load building in him. He rose up off of Mary as he continued pounding her pussy. “God damn I’m gonna cum in you baby” John couldn’t believe what he was saying. “Cum in me daddy, cum in my pussy” Hearing her daughter talk dirty was too much for John and he began releasing his seed into her. He spazmed into her hips for a couple seconds and then collapsed on top of his bag. Mary crawled back onto him and laid her head on his chest. “Thank you Daddy.” They both fell asleep like this.

The next morning John woke up first, dressed and got out of the tent without disturbing his sleeping daughter. He went down to the lake and splashed some water on his face. What the fuck had he done? He knew the legal and social repercussions of this could be far reaching. When Mary got up he’d have to have a serious talk with her. He fetched the eggs and bacon from the bag in the lake and returned to camp to start cooking breakfast. In order to get home at a reasonable hour they’d have to break camp a little after lunch. This gave them the morning to enjoy the lake. A little after John started cooking Mary emerged from the tent. They exchanged nervous pleasantries as she sat down next to him and ate her breakfast. Both were clearly avoiding the topic of what happened the previous night. When they were both done and John had cleaned up he turned to his daughter, “So we can spend the morning doing a day hike or down by the lake? What are you feeling?” Mary had always been planning on the lake and so that’s what they did. It was sunny out but not quite warm, this however did not stop Mary from putting on her swimming suit and heading down to the lake. John took down the tent and packed up a little more before following her down to the lakeside. There wasn’t so much a beach as there was a gravel patch next to the freezing water. When he got down there he saw Mary sprawled out on a towel face down, tanning buck naked. He felt the blood rush to his cock once more. As he approached Mary made some comment about the weather. John was trying hard not to stare at his daughter’s little ass but he knew at this rate he’d be fucking her again.

Deciding to take action against this he took off his shirt and went for a swim. After five minutes in the freezing water his cock and balls were shriveled up inside him and he was pretty sure he’d be safe from temptation. He swam back to the beach and his daughter. As he neared, Mary rolled over and sat up on her towel. He didn’t feel any blood flow to his cock as he approached the shore. He walked up to his own towel and picked it up, doing his best to ignore her. He was all dried off when Mary broke the silence “Daddy, what if I don’t want to have sex with the boys in my class?” This caught John off guard, “Uh, what do you mean honey? If you don’t want to have sex with them than don’t.” He was trying to see how she was going to trick him into fucking her this time. She piped up, “Well yeah, but I don’t want to be a prude either, I hate how the guys treat me” John thought he saw where this was going and decided he wanted to find out if he was right. He put his towel next to his daughter’s and laid down face up. He was happy that his junk was still too cold to be active because he knew his arousal would otherwise be showing. “Honey, there’s a lot of other stuff you can do with guys. Have you ever tried oral sex” To John’s surprise Mary blushed and looked away. “I tried once but Tommy said I wasn’t good at it.” John could feel his parts warming up. “Mary, are you good at anything you haven’t practiced before?” Mary turned back to her dad, and rested her hand on his thigh. “Can we practice? I promise I’ll do whatever you tell me to.” Her dow eyed stare was too much for John and his erection started showing again. Mary took this as a yes and worked John’s wet bathing suit off of him. John couldn’t believe what was happening as his daughter settled in at the bottom of his towel and began licking his dick. “Like this Daddy?” John knew he was too far gone to play dumb so he might as well help the girl. “No honey, that’s cute and all but you’re gripping too soft. Take your left hand and put it at the bottom of my shaft. Hold it there and squeeze a bit.” Mary obediently did as she was told. She started to bob the head of his dick in and out of her mouth, but she was clumsy and was hitting her teeth against his head. The fourth time he got too much teeth he grabbed her head by her hair and pulled back. Both of them were a little shocked at the violent move. John looked her in the eyes, “No teeth, get the head of the cock all the way in your mouth, better yet learn how to deep throat, but guys don’t like teeth on their cocks.” He didn’t remove his hand from her head but instead brought her head back down to his cock. Without releasing his grip on her hair he pulled her further and further down, she got his head in her mouth but resisted a little as he kept pushing. He released her hair and instead put his hand on the back of her head and began pushing his cock deeper into her mouth he released the pressure and let her come off his dick, he again looked her in the eyes, ”Honey, this is the best way for you to learn.” With that he pushed her head back down. It took a couple minutes but eventually Mary relaxed her mouth and throat more and soon she was gagging on her dad’s cock. She was doing well and so John released his grip on her head. Mary only sucked his dick a couple more times before pulling her mouth off of him and taking a break. John gave her a stern look, “If you’re going to take your mouth off you need to keep something going. If you need to take a break use your right hand and jack me off a bit” Mary obediently gave his shaft a few tugs while maintaining pressure at the base of his cock. John decided she’d had a long enough break and put his hand back on her head. Without him needing to apply force she lowered her face back to his dick and began deep throating him again. After another couple minutes of her gagging deep throating John knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. His daughter wanted to know how to please a guy and she was well on her way, but John knew what would keep them coming back for more. “When I cum, you’re going to keep it in your mouth and swallow it down. It doesn’t matter what a load tastes like, you will always swallow.” Mary didn’t respond but the look in her eye said she understood. In a couple seconds he finally released in her mouth. Mary did her best to keep it all in her mouth, and despite the flavor she swallowed it down. John pointed to a bit of cum that landed on his thigh, and Mary obediently licked it up. “That’s a good girl.”

Mary crawled up and rested her head on her Daddy’s chest. John knew that this couldn’t go on. He knew it was wrong and it jeopardized his plan to cleanly divorce his slut of a wife. He was overwhelmed though, by how nice it was to have his daughter's naked body draped over his. He let her rest there for almost half an hour when he finally nudged her up. The sun was bright and he knew that both of them would get burns at this rate. He was also aware that they should get things together to head back home.

They didn’t say much as they had lunch and got back on the trail. John recognized that even though the hike was silent, the sexual tension was palpable. They got to the car and hit the road. John stopped the car at the general store so they could both use the bathroom and grab a snack. Mary decided to get a popsicle and it wasn’t until they were driving that she unwrapped. John tried to keep his eyes on the road but he saw Mary take the popsicle and trace her lips with it. In a fluid motion she began deep throating the popsicle, gagging every now and then, but she was clearly getting better at it. John finally cleared his throat, “We can’t let this happen again. We both would be in worlds of trouble if anyone found out about what we did.”

Mary removed the popsicle from her throat, “I know Daddy. It’ll be our secret. I love you.”

John turned to his daughter, “I love you too honey."

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2021-05-18 11:39:15
I also enjoyed this story but wish that you would add more paragraphs to break up large blocks of type that make it difficult to read.
The 'taboo' content is arousing though....Not enough de***********ion of how she was enjoying him though.


2021-05-15 01:36:47
While this is a good story, it could be improved with some proofreading for spelling, grammar, and tense changes. I would also suggest breaking up the paragraphs so when the subject changes a new paragraph begins. Lastly, separate the dialogue by speaker and put a line break between the speakers.


2021-05-15 01:36:30
While this is a good story, it could be improved with some proofreading for spelling, grammar, and tense changes. I would also suggest breaking up the paragraphs so when the subject changes a new paragraph begins. Lastly, separate the dialogue by speaker and put a line break between the speakers.

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