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David has a threesome, but with who?
Melanie and I made our way down to dinner and all the tables were full except for two seats at Melanie’s table. As we walked in together Mary Adams looked up with a frown so I stopped by their table to say hello.

“Good afternoon everyone,” I said. “I guess the move tired me out a bit because when I got back to my room I fell fast asleep and almost missed dinner. Thankfully Mrs. Blaine stopped by to check on me.”

“Judging by the look on her face she’s quite pleased about something,” Mary said cooly. “It seems like you make friends easily.”

“I don’t know about that,” I said, “but I guess you can never have too many friends at our age. I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone better.”

Roger piped in, “Never mind her David. Go and enjoy dinner. It’s Chef’s specialty tonight and I know you’ll love it.”

“Thanks, Roger,” I replied. “Perhaps we could all catch up after dinner.”

With that I made my way to Melanie’s table where she introduced me to Edna Smith, Jerry Wright and Jane Williams. The three of them looked to be on the upper end of the age range but were very welcoming. The Chef’s special was better than average and I devoured everything on my plate as did Melanie.

Edna noticed and said, “My Melanie, I can’t remember the last time you ate like that. Are you doing something to build your appetite?”

“Not really Edna,” she said. “I didn’t care much for the lunch so I was absolutely famished by dinner time.”

Jane said, “I don’t know Melanie. It seems like there’s something different about you this evening. You are glowing.”

“It must be my new make-up,” Melanie replied, “or perhaps it’s the company of our handsome new friend here.”

Edna said, “He is quite handsome.”

“And a bit shy too judging by the way he’s blushing,” joked Jane.

Having had enough of this particular conversation, Jerry said, “Would you three biddies leave the poor fellow alone? You act like Paul Newman just sat down at the table. You’re likely to scare him off!”

I said, “That’s quite OK Jerry. I have to say that I’ve never dealt with compliments all that well but thank you ladies. It does my old heart good to hear that from such charming ladies.”

“Oh be still me poor heart,” swooned Edna, “you’re quite the charmer yourself.”

We all had a good laugh and since dinner was wrapping up I excused myself. “It was very nice meeting all of you but I promised Mary I’d spend some time with her gang after dinner if you’ll excuse me.”

I made my way to Mary’s table and said, “So what goes on here after dinner? I’m feeling quite refreshed after that great meal.”

“It’s really nice out so why don’t we go out to the courtyard and sit for a spell,” Roger said. “I just happen to have a nice bottle of wine in my room that I’ve been saving for a special occasion. I’d be happy to bring it along to give you a proper welcome to our little commune.”

I said, “That sounds perfect to me. Mary would you mind leading the way?”

“Of course David, follow me.” Mary wrapped her arm in mine as we made our way out of the dining room and I saw her give Melanie a look out of the corner of my eye. Melanie did not look very happy so I wished her and her table a pleasant evening.

“Well thank you David,” Melanie said, “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” and she gave me a quick wink.

Mary quickened her pace and said, “We’d better hurry before the cat lady sinks her claws into you.” I chose to ignore that comment and we made our way out to the courtyard which was impressive. The furniture was very comfortable and positioned around a nice table that was perfect for our little get together.

After a few minutes Roger showed up with the wine and also had Melanie in tow. “Melanie was kind enough to stop by my room and offered to help me with the provisions.”

Melanie said, “I didn’t want to intrude but I had this nice cheese tray in my fridge that I thought would go perfectly with this exquisite bottle of wine. Enjoy!”

She turned to leave and I said, “Please join us Melanie. I think there’s room for one more and I wouldn’t feel right enjoying your gift without you.”

“If you insist David. OK with you Mary?”

“That’s fine Melanie. Hurry up and crack that bottle Roger. I need a stiff one.”

“I can help you with that later as well,” Roger joked as he poured the wine.

Susan said, “Good luck with that you old pervert. I don’t think Mary would let you within 10 feet of her. I on the other hand could use a good romp once in a while.”

We all had a good laugh which helped lighten the mood. Melanie had taken the seat to my right with Mary on my left and it was fun sitting between the two rivals. We polished off the bottle and Melanie excused herself to use the facilities. When she came back she had another unopened bottle of wine.

“I don’t know about you but I think this party is just getting started,” she said.

“No more for me,” said Roger. “After all of that I don’t think I’d make it back to my room.”

Susan agreed, “I’m bushed myself. Would you be a dear and help me back to my room Roger”

“It would be my pleasure.” he said, “See you all at breakfast.”

As they left Melanie said, “Those two seem to be getting pretty chummy lately.”

“Get your mind out of the gutter Melanie.” Mary said. “They’re just friends.”

Melanie filled our glasses and I said, “Now, now ladies, I’d like to propose a toast. I want to thank both of you for making me feel so welcome and I really hope the three of us can become good friends.”

“I agree.” said Melanie. “You and I have been chirping at each other for long enough Mary. I’d really appreciate it if we could be friends. We wouldn’t want to put Mr. Swane in the uncomfortable position of choosing sides now would we?”

“I suppose you’re right,” Mary said cooly . Life’s too short to hold grudges so cheers.”

“To new friendships then,” I said.

The ladies responded in kind, “To new friendships.”

As we drank the second bottle I wondered about my chances of getting both women into bed with me. Frankly I couldn’t quite believe I was even thinking of it but the two of them were certainly sending off some smoke signals. Maybe I was just letting my imagination get the better of me but I had never been with two ladies at once and they were both great looking for their age. The thought of being surrounded by their voluminous tits started to create a stir in my pants.

Ever the bold one Melanie said, “A penny for your thoughts Mr. Swane.”

“Sorry I was just thinking about all the great things that happened today as well as the wonderful people I met so far. If someone would have told me a week ago I’d be sitting in the company of two beautiful women, sipping wine in such a nice setting I’d have said they were nuts.

Mary said, “Well David, I realize we just met but you seem like such a sweet man. You definitely deserve everything you want in life.”

“Be careful what you promise him Mary,” Melanie said. “He might just sweep you off your feet.”

Mary blushed and said, “Yeah right. Who would want an old lady like me.”

“Don’t sell yourself short Mary,” I said. I for one feel that any man would be lucky to have you. That goes for you too Melanie.”

Melanie said “I’ll drink to that. To a couple of hot old biddies!”

“Don’t forget the old geezer,” I said.

We all had a good laugh and finished another glass. After the second bottle was empty I said, “Well ladies this has been wonderful but I think it’s time to make my way back to my room. Would you allow me to escort you home?”

“Why certainly good sir,” Mary said.

A plan had begun to form in my mind and as I stood I feigned that I was unsteady on my feet. “Whoa there David,” Melanie said. “I think it should be us to escort you home.”

“I’m sorry but I think you may be right,” I said. “I guess I’m a little out of practice.”

“We can leave the mess for the staff to pick up tomorrow,” she said. “Come now Mary, grab an arm and let’s get this man home and tucked in for the night.”

Each woman took an arm and we made our way back to my room. After entering they sat me on the bed and I said, “Thank you ladies but I think I can take it from h…,” and I pretended to pass out.

Mary said, “Oh my Melanie, he appears to be out cold. What should we do now?”

“We undress him of course,” she said. “You wouldn’t want to sleep in your clothes would you?”

“I wouldn’t but I also don’t want to get in trouble. Let me close and lock the door first.” The thought of what was about to potentially happen caused my cock to start to get hard. Melanie started with my shoes and socks then undid my belt and slid my pants off.

“Oh my,” Mary whispered. “He’s got an erection. Maybe we’d better leave.”

“You can if you want but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a nice hard cock.”

“Melanie Blaine that’s a very crude thing to say. I never!”

“Oh no? How many kids did you say you have?”

“Never mind Melanie I’ll just get his shirt.” As Mary removed my shirt Melanie slid my boxers off so I was left completely naked on the bed with my hard cock standing at attention.

“My goodness. Now that’s a sight for sore eyes,” Mary said. “We should probably get him into bed and get out of here.”

“No way. When was the last time we had something like this happen?” With that Melanie reached down and started to feel my cock. “Mr. Swane certainly has a nice dick Mary. Go ahead and feel it.”

Mary hesitantly reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock. “Lord in heaven, it feels so nice. It’s been so long since I’ve touched a man like this.”

As Mary continued to stroke my cock Melanie said, “Time for us to get a bit more comfortable,” and she started removing her clothes.

“What do you think you’re doing Melanie?”

“Well you said you wanted us to be friends didn’t you? I can’t think of a better way to start than this.” She then came up behind Mary and unzipped her dress letting it fall to the floor.

Mary covered her breasts and said, “I don’t think this is right.”

“How will you know if you don’t try Mary? In my opinion if something feels good and makes you happy how can it be wrong?” With that she released the clasp on Mary’s bra unleashing her massive tits then slowly peeled her panties off. “You know you are quite stunning don’t you?”

She turned to face Melanie and said, “I am?”

“You are. I think that’s probably why the two of us have clashed in the past. We’re definitely the hottest old broads in this place,” as she took Mary’s face in her hands and gave her a sensuous kiss.

“But I don’t think I’m that way Melanie,” she said as her breathing got heavier.

“What way is that Mary? The way that won’t allow you to feel good when someone does this?” She took Mary’s engorged nipple in her mouth, reached down to feel her ass with one hand and her clit with the other.

“Oh it does feel good. I haven’t been touched like this in so long.” Mary tentatively reached out and felt Melanie’s tits and they continued to fondle each other.

After several minutes of this I had enough of waiting in the wings so I slowly got out of bed and quietly walked up behind Mary positioning my cock between her ass cheeks and embraced both women.

Mary jumped in surprise, turned and said, “David! We’re so sorry! I thought you were passed out and then we got you undressed, and well, one thing led to another and…”

“No need to apologize Mary,” I said. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want something like this to happen. You caught my eye the moment I saw you and I can’t wait to ravish both of your bodies.”

Mary covered her breast and looking at me warily she said, “It sounds like you had this planned.”

I laughed and said, “I don’t think I’m that smart or that lucky Mary but now that we’re all here and naked why don’t we all get into bed and see what happens. We don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

“Come on you old prude,” Melanie said. “You know you told me you liked his cock so get into bed already. I for one am ready for a good fucking!”

“Well I never,” Mary said but she allowed me to take her hand and lead her to bed. She was on her side with me on my back and Melanie on my other side. “I honestly don’t know what to do.”

“Just follow my lead then do what comes natural,” Melanie said as she moved down and took my cock in her mouth. “I bet you haven’t sucked a cock like this in a while,” she said.

“Make that never,” Mary responded. “What does it taste like?”

“It tastes like heaven. Why don’t you give it a try?” Mary slid down and tentatively slid the tip of my cock into her mouth. “You’re never going to get a man off like that, here let me show you again.” Melanie pushed her out of the way then eagerly swallowed my cock and used her hand to jack me off.

“Fuck that feels so good Melanie,” I said. “I love how you suck me.”

Not to be outdone Mary pushed her aside and this time took more of my cock into her mouth and like Melanie, jacked me off with her hand. “You’re right, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. I love sucking cock.”

“Look who’s learning David,” Melanie said.

“Oh yes Mary, your mouth feels really good.”

The two women then took turns sucking my cock and jacking me off. Given the fact that I’d already cum twice, coupled with the wine and my age I wasn’t going to cum any time soon but I relished the cock sucking senior citizens regardless.

After some time I said, “It’s time for you to feel some pleasure Mary,” and I laid her on the bed and started to suck her tits.

“Oh it feels so good,” Mary cried. I then made my way down her body with my tongue until I was at her pussy. I spread her lips apart and kissed around her labia as her legs began to tremble. “This is so exciting, give me more please David.” I started to flick my tongue on her clit and she cried out, “Oh sweet Jesus, I’ve only heard people talk about doing this. Oh it feels so good David. You’re so good at that.” Melanie moved next to her and started to suck her tits as I licked her pussy. “I don’t think I can take much more of this. Oh what’s happening to me? MMMM!”

I’d only been licking her pussy for a couple of minutes but because she had been without sex for so long she already started to cum. “My God David, I think I’m going to explode. Oh it feels so good. Yes, yes, oh give it to me pleeeeeaase!”

Her orgasm shook her entire body as wave after wave emanated from her cunt. Melanie sucked her tits and pinched her nipples through the entire thing until her orgasm ended. She lay panting on the bed with her eyes closed then she finally said, “I’m not sure what just happened or if I should even be doing any of this. All I do know is I want more.”

“Well you’ll just have to wait your turn you old slut,” Melanie said. “Come and fuck me Mr. Swane.” I didn’t need to be told twice so I positioned my raging cock at Melanie’s pussy and shoved it balls deep with one quick thrust. Taking care of Mary had gotten her nice and wet so I had no trouble. “Fuck yes David, give me that big fucking cock like you did this afternoon.”

Mary said “What did I just hear you say?”

“Don’t be mad Mary. It’s just that I came to wake him up and kind of forced myself on him.”

“I don’t think I put up much of a fight,” I said as I leaned over and gave Mary a sensuous kiss while I pounded Melanie’s pussy. “Now don’t you worry Mary, there’s plenty to go around and I feel like I could fuck all night long. If you help me then Melanie will cum and I’ll be able to give you more as well.”

With that Mary leaned over and started to suck on Melanie’s tits. “Oh yes Mary that feels good. Feel my clit for me while David fucks me. I never had a chance to see what that feels like.” Mary slid her hand down and started to rub Melanie’s clit as she sucked her tits and I pounded her pussy. “Oh fuck yes, that’s so good. Oh fuck me harder David. I need it as hard as you can give it to me.”

Melanie’s pussy felt so good as I pounded my cock in and out of her. Mary was a quick learner and she alternated grabbing my cock as it slid out and playing with Melanie’s pussy.

“Get your hand out of the way Mary,” Melanie said. “I need to cum all over this big fucking cock. Keep licking my tits and flick my clit for me.” Mary did as asked and Melanie’s own orgasm started to build. “Of yes, fuck, just like that. Oh my fucking pussy is going to cum right now. “Fuck me David! MMMMMM!”

As I did earlier, when she started to cum I buried my cock deep into her pussy as her body convulsed with her orgasm. Every muscle seemed to tense as waves of pleasure and desire spread through her until her climax was finally finished.

After, she lay panting on the bed and said, “Now that’s how a real man fucks Mary.”

“I should say,” Mary said. “Do you think you could do that to me David?”

“I have something better planned for you Mary. Get on your hands and knees.”

She did as I asked without question and I slid my cock into her from behind. She too had a nice big ass and I relished the sight of watching my cock slide in and out of her.

“My God David! This is so amazing. Your dick feels so big inside of me I don’t ever want it to stop! MMMMMM!”

I looked at Melanie and simply said, “Lick her pussy.” She had recovered from her orgasm so got up and started licking Mary’s pussy.

“Oh no, not that,” cried Mary. It’s too much pleasure! I don’t think I can stand it!”

I knew she was minutes from coming again so I would pull my cock out of her pussy and shove it in Melanie’s mouth until Mary cried for more.

“Oh please, I need your dick back in me again David. I’ll do whatever you say just give it to me please.” I jammed the length of my cock all the way in her pussy which caused her to cry out, “Oh yes David, just like that. Lick my pussy Mel while David fucks me with his wonderful dick.” She started bucking her ass back into my cock as her second orgasm overtook her. “Yes, yes, yes, push it all the way into me. I’m cumming right now. Yeeeesssss!”

She whimpered as her body shook in pleasure until she was finally spent then collapsed on the bed. “Don’t get too comfortable just yet Mary. Your hot fucking pussy has me ready to cum as well and I want to spray both of you with my load.”

“You want to do what?” She said but it was too late. Melanie pushed her over onto her back as I pulled my cock from her pussy just as cum started to erupt in massive waves and I moved up so I could spray both women with my cum. Mary could only watch in shock and wonder as my cum covered her and Melanie from their massive tits to their faces.

Since Melanie seemed to have more experience she had opened her mouth to receive my cum and eagerly lapped up the spray from her tits.

Looking on, Mary said, “Wait Melanie, why are you swallowing his sperm?”

“Because it tastes delicious,” she replied. “Why don’t you try some?”

Mary had her mouth closed when I came but she tentatively took some of my cum on her finger and put it in her mouth. She said, “My God, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this my whole life. I’m going to need to do more of this.”

I said, “I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out but right now I’m quite ready to go to sleep. You ladies gave me quite a workout.”

“Of course,” Mary said. “I can’t thank the two of you enough for what you did for me tonight even though I’m a little jealous that Melanie had you first.”

“No need to think like that Mary,” I said. “I’ll be sure and treat both of you with the same amount of tender loving care as I did tonight.”

“Is that what you call it?” Melanie joked.

“You can call it whatever you want, just don’t call me late to bed,” I replied.

“Alright then,” Mary said. “We’ll just collect our things and be going so you can get some rest.”

“Really?” I said. “I was hoping to spend the night sleeping between two beautiful naked women.”

“You are such a dumb ass sometimes Mary,” Melanie said. Before an argument could start I pulled both women close, kissed them both and wished them pleasant dreams.

Mary said, “Dreams he says. I thought that’s what I just had.”

“I know I did,” Melanie said.

“OK, time for sleep you two before I change my mind,” I said and within a few minutes we all fell fast asleep.

To be continued….


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