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This story is entirely a work of fiction and contains disturbing content that may offend some readers. It in no way reflects my own personal desires or experiences. So if content relating to incest or sex with a teen offends you, please choose a different story. Constructive comments are very welcome.
At 55, I had just remarried following a lengthy and messy divorce. I guess neither of us were really to blame, just after 30 years of marriage and the kids having flown the nest, we had found those irreconcilable differences that precipitate many divorces. I had subsequently found and married a wonderful and very attractive 36-year-old divorcee, Stella, and embraced her then 14-year-old daughter, Sandy, as my own. Two years later, we were both in pretty good shape for our ages, Stella would and would often work out at the local gym, although Stella was more into aerobics and yoga, and I more into weights, although we often enjoyed a run together and we both naturally enjoyed a healthy sex life. Stella had a great figure, not stick-thin, but a long way from being chubby, with nicely toned muscles and well-shaped 36C breasts. Stella worked as helper at a local day-care center and always enjoyed being surrounded by children, which I considered as a vocation. As much as I loved kids, I didn’t have the endless reserves of patience such a job called for. I was much happier working as a professional photographer. In fact, that’s how we first met, when I was called to do a photo-shoot of the day-care center for some publicity material.

Sandy was adorable, a sweet, caring girl, with a slender figure with chest-length light brown naturally wavy hair and matching light brown eyes. In so many ways, she was a little clone of her mother. I was lucky in that she quickly warmed to me, as her natural father had to all accounts, been a bit of a drunken slob, who was frequently abusive to her mother, so she had evolved to be quite protective of her mother. Fortunately, his abuse had not progressed too far before Stella determined to divorce. Actually, I learned later that my being accepted by Sandy had been a determining factor in whether Stella agreed to marry me or not.

Aside from her former husband’s abusive nature, I had wondered why Stella did not have any other children. It transpired that she had experienced a complication during her pregnancy with Sandy, which meant she could no longer have children. This had been disappointing news and as our relationship progressed, both Stella and I wished we could have had a child together. We discussed adoption, which was a complicated process, and finding a surrogate, was not only complex, with significant risk, but was also prohibitively expensive even given our combined salaries, amounting to over $100,000, taking account of the surrogate, the agency, legal fees, and medical bills, which we both agreed would be better invested in Sandy’s college fund.

We had just finished making love one night and were snuggled together in bed, when Stella broached the subject yet again, of how much she wanted a child as a symbol of our love for each other that would carry forward long after we both left this earth.

I agreed that I would have loved to have a child with her and how much it saddened me that we couldn’t but how it came down to the former discussions that we simply couldn’t afford to go down the surrogacy route.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about how we could have a baby and I’ve got an idea, but it’s not exactly orthodox and it might not even be workable” she said hesitantly and was almost reluctant to expand on her thoughts.

“go on…”, I said, listening attentively and trying to get her to open up about her idea.

“Well… what if I could persuade Sandy to be the surrogate?”

I was shocked and puzzled, curious about exactly what she was meaning.

“But she’s only 16 and she’s got school, what about her studies, what about the medical procedures involved in fertilizing and implanting and egg…?”

A seemingly endless list of impossibilities and impediments filled my head that would make Stella’s suggestion a non-starter aside from the moral implications and impact on Sandy’s life. Stella continued, clearly, she had been expecting my reaction and had already contemplated about these things too.

“well, I could give up my job for now and home-school her, even with the loss of income, that would still work out cheaper over the nine months than I would earn… besides, even if we found a suitable surrogate through an agency, the mother would have nothing to do with the baby later and that’s emotionally risky for her and can be full of complications, but if Sandy carried our baby, she would always have the baby as part of her life, even if only as a sister to it”.

“But what about the medical costs?” I was pretty convinced that Stella was on something and wasn’t thinking clearly.

She paused for the longest time, in silence. I could almost see the wheels turning in her head about how best to broach her answer to this question. Eventually though, she braced herself and continued.

“well, I thought maybe we could help Sandy to conceive naturally” She emphasized the word “naturally”, looking down as she said it.

I puzzled at her answer, unsure whether she actually meant what I was thinking she was meaning.

“Do you mean…”, it was my turn to hesitate “…that I should have sex with Sandy?”

Again, Stella took her time as if thinking about my question and hesitating to answer directly.


I was speechless, dumbfounded. I had never seriously looked at Sandy in that way and my own moral self-control prevented my thoughts from venturing too far, even when I had seen her in a skimpy bikini. She was just 16, still retaining a somewhat boyish figure with small breasts, no bigger than a B-cup and as far as I knew, was still a virgin as I’d never known her to yet have a boyfriend. I think her experience observing the abusive nature of her father had somehow deterred her a bit from getting too close to boys. Yet here was her mother suggesting that I fuck her.

“That’s never going to fly Stella, firstly I am more than three times her age, morally that would be so wrong, and I doubt seriously that she would ever agree to such a thing; it might even alienate her from you or drive a wedge between you”

Even though Sandy was my stepdaughter, my protective parental mind was firing on all cylinders and was quite dismissive of the whole idea, as well as the inappropriate moral aspect of what Stella was suggesting, besides the fact that I was long past the time where I could even be considered remotely attractive to a young 16-year-old.

Stella continued “but what if I could persuade her, would you be willing to?”

“I guess… if that’s something you really want… and she agrees”, I responded, not taking her suggestion seriously. I almost thought it was a trick question designed to see if I was perving her daughter.

“You see, Sandy already mentioned to me that she knew how much i wanted a child and wished she could help… at the time we both recognized there was nothing she could actually do, but I’ve been thinking about this for a while, ever since she mentioned that”

Stella seemed quite focused on her mission and deadly serious about her wish. We settled down ready for sleep, Stella not saying more about it. My mind however was in turmoil with the rights, wrongs, risks, and impracticalities of what she had just proposed. My body though did not miss the prospect of having sex with a 16 year old virgin and I developed an erection, something unusual so soon after having made love with Stella.

Nothing much happened for the next month apart from the usual sporadic outbursts that occur between mother and a teenage girl, often accompanied by slamming doors. I figured that Stella had either had the suggestion rejected or had dismissed the idea herself. One thing did change though, and that is that I now saw Sandy in a different light; no longer innocently and dismissively seeing her as a somewhat boyish teen, instead noticing how attractive she was, with her pretty face and beautiful long hair, her small developing breasts. I found myself wondering what it would be like to be a 17-year-old boy taking her out on a date.

A couple of weeks later, we were nestled in bed together when she broached the subject again.

“She agreed” was all she said, simple, to the point, no introduction necessary. My mind whirled and our family relationship suddenly became a whole lot more complicated.

“I see” was the only response I could muster in that moment

We remained silently together for several more minutes.

“When? … how?” I eventually asked

“She’s going to let us know when she thinks she’s fertile”

“I mean, how am I supposed to do this?”

Stella pondered my question for a several moments before responding

“I have been thinking about this… I wondered whether to just let you spend the night with her, but… I think it would be nice if I could be present, to be part of the conception”

“I see”, I said somewhat dispassionately, still not fully grasping the implications of whatever scenario was going to end up with my stepdaughter getting pregnant with my child.

“What if she doesn’t take the first time?” I asked

“I thought about that too… I think we should repeat this over several nights… to be sure”, Stella responded, gaining more confidence.


My answers were in hindsight, pretty lame, my head was preoccupied with a million thoughts, but my cock was growing hard at the prospect.

The next day, neither Sandy nor I could make eye contact with each other. She was clearly shy and extremely embarrassed, and I found that we kept making excuses to not be in the same room together.

Stella worked alternate Saturdays as some people worked on the weekend, consequently the day-care remained open 7 days a week and staff took turns covering weekends. This left Sandy and I alone in the house. Sandy had remained in her room most of the day, coming down only to grab food before scurrying off to eat it in her room.

I decided to try and break the ice and knocked on her bedroom door.

“Sandy, may I come in, I think we should talk”


I knocked again, “I think it would help us both, I feel awkward about this too”

There was a sound of movement from in the room and the door opened. I took this as an invitation to enter and followed her in. She moved over to her bed and sat down, hands folded in her lap, her gaze focused on the floor. She was dressed in a baggy white t-shirt and pair of loose-fitting soft athletic shorts. There was silence between us, so I decided it was best if I tried to start the conversation. I sat down next to her, making sure that I maintained a sensitive distance.

“Sandy… look… I know this situation is probably really difficult for you, it certainly is for me. You’re my stepdaughter and I love you dearly as if you were my real daughter … and we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation if it wasn’t something your mom really wanted”

Sandy sat motionless and listened.

“I just want you to know that this is extremely brave of you and it can’t be easy for you to accept… I know you told your mom that you agreed but if for any reason, even the slightest reason you change your mind, or if you need more time to think about it, neither your mom nor I would be disappointed in you… we both love you and want what’s best for you”.

Sandy raised her eyes, searching to see if I was being genuine or whether i might just be lying to her.

“I love you Sandy”

“I love you too, daddy”, she said softly.

I loved the way she had so easily embraced calling me “Daddy”. I know I wasn’t her birth father, but it gave me a warm glow inside whenever she used it.

“It’s just…”, she hesitated… “I’ve never even kissed a guy and yet… and yet I’m supposed to let you have sex with me”.

“Would it help if we spent some personal time together, not to make love or anything, but maybe not so strictly as father-daughter”

“Maybe” she said

“How about I take you to a movie, or maybe we have dinner together”

“could we?” she said, her mood lightening a little

“Of course we can, just you and me, I can pretend I’m 20-something again and you pretend you’re 18”

“What if people see us and stare?”

“Well firstly it’s none of their business, but if it concerns you that we might run into someone you know, then I’ll make sure we go to a more remote part of town, so there’ll be less risk”

I decided to change the atmosphere a bit and tried to pretend, as best I could, to act like a younger man.

“Hi Sandy, would you like to go to a movie with me tonight?”

Sandy giggled at my lighthearted nonsense, but gladly accepted.

“Great, I’ll pick you up at 7”

I left her bedroom and went to call her mom. Stella was great, she knew Sandy was nervous and thanked me for being so considerate. She would figure out dinner for herself and was fine.

I went to my bedroom and picked out a smart but comfortable polo short and some slacks, together with some sneakers. I looked at the outfit and considered it suitably date-worthy. A short while later, I heard the shower running, and for the first time in several days, heard Sandy singing. I smiled to myself, fully intending to make the most of this date. I scanned a list of movie theaters and found a movie that I thought she would enjoy at a theater the other side of town.

It got to about 10 minutes before 7 and so I picked up my car keys, snuck out through the garage, and drove around the block. I made a point of revving the engine as I pulled out outside the house and promptly at 7, rang the doorbell.

I heard her voice call out to me to go get the door, but as I was not in the house I couldn’t respond. A few minutes later, she appeared at the front door and opened it. Sandy looked stunning, her freshly washed and brushed hair had a beautiful sheen and she had just the right amount of makeup… nothing too heavy, just enough to highlight the best features of her beautiful face. She wore a white stringy tank-top that revealed a little cleavage emphasizing her boobs with a little white push-up bra, and a red skirt that came to mid-thigh. She seemed taller too, wearing a pair of strappy sandals with what I estimated to be a 2-inch wedge heel. In every respect she had clearly transformed herself from scruffy 16-year-old into a sexy 18-year-old. Had her mom seen her going out on a date dressed like that, she might have had something to say about her outfit, but who was I to complain.

“Wow!” I exclaimed as she gave me a flirty look and a little twirl

The drive to the movie theater took about half an hour, during which time she connected her iPhone to the car’s media system, and she sang along to the songs of Taylor Swift and a few groups that a guy of 20 should have known, but which I didn’t recognize.

I bought the tickets, grabbed some popcorn, and headed for the small screen. I led her towards the rear away from the gaze of others and took our seats. I was right in the movie choice, it had been something she really wanted to see, and we watched, munching our way through the bucket of popcorn.

My phone buzzed softly and I looked at the text message

“How’s the date going?” It was a message from Stella

“Wonderful, she’s enjoying the movie” I texted back

“Good” came the reply. Then I got another message that somewhat surprised me.

“Have you kissed her yet?”

“Lol no, it’s not really that kind of date, just want to make her more comfortable with me”

“Since when does a date not kiss the girl in the back of the movies?”

“How did you know we are at the back?”

“I was young too once, I’m not THAT old”

“if you’re going to make her comfortable having sex with you, you’ll need to step it up”

I was shocked, she was actually suggesting that I make out with our daughter

“LOL” I replied

“Make her horny, maybe we have a practice run tonight?” back came the message

“Are you serious?”


“I’ll see what I can do”

“k… good luck”

We were only a part-way into the movie so I decided first to put my arm around her, my hand feeling her silky hair, rested on her exposed shoulder. She looked at me, smiled, and nestled into my arm.

About 5 minutes later, I moved my hand from her shoulder and turning her head to face me, kissed her on the lips. She kissed back but it wasn’t in a way that could be called serious. It was evident from the way she kissed that Sandy had little experience, so I pressed my tongue to her lips, urging them to open, which she duly did and in a flash, my tongue was inside her mouth, our tongues meeting, and I started to kiss her deeply. Her mouth was exquisite, soft, warm, and so fresh, a slight sweetness of popcorn lingered. A small moan escaped her lips and I took this as a cue to take this a step further. As her stepfather, I was already kissing her beyond any conceivable boundary but in my role as her date, I was every bit the horny 20-year-old and was already getting hard. My other hand slid to her exposed knee and then to the inside of her knee. She froze, clamping her knees together tightly so I started to stroke the top of her knee and thigh with slow deliberate movements, while continuing to kiss her. She seemed to get used to the presence of my hand and I sensed her relax her legs a little, so once again, I slipped my hand between them.

To the casual observer peering into the darkness, they could easily have mistaken us for a typical couple out on a date.

I started to stroke the inside of her thigh, and she purred more deeply, stroking the side of my face with her hand. Her touch was electrifying. I had never before imagined kissing Sandy and touching her in this way.

She parted her legs more as we continued to kiss, and my hand reached dangerous territory, my fingers brushing her panties. She gasped and trembled slightly as my fingers found the outside of her pussy lips and traced it through the soft, stretchy fabric. They were noticeably damp.

I rubbed a little harder aiming for her clitoris and found that it was clearly swollen some. I slid my hand inside the leg of her panties and for the first time, felt her wetness directly, skin on skin. She looked at me with the look of a startled rabbit in her eyes, but I just kept kissing her. As my fingers found her clitoris and started to stimulate it, her eyes closed and she moaned deeply into my kiss, her hips started to instinctively rise to meet my touch.

“Daddyyyyyy” she whispered along with a moan

“Tonight, I am Robin, your date, not your daddy” I replied softly and resumed my kiss with her.

I was surprised to find that she had only a thin patch of hair over her mound, which reminded me of just how young she was, not a thick bush like my first wife’s and not the shaved or waxed baldness that Stella always kept.

I released my arm from around her shoulder and took hold of her hand, guiding it to my throbbing erection that remained constricted inside my pants. She gasped, reluctant to touch it, but I held her hand in place, closing her fingers around my shaft, as my other continued to work on her clitoris, occasionally sliding a finger between her pussy lips. They were sopping wet.

Even in the semi-darkness I could distinctly see how flushed her face was, her pupils flared wide.

I whispered into her ear, “Let’s go home”… she nodded

We left the movie theater hand in hand

Just as we pulled up to the side of my truck, I pulled her to me and kissed her. This time she responded, not as a naïve 16-year-old, but as a horny young woman, wrapping her arms around me to kiss me.

We headed back, the songs of Taylor Swift filled our ears once more.

Once back home, I pulled up into the double garage and led her by the hand again, but instead of letting her go when we passed her bedroom door, I led her to our room. She looked at me quizzically.

Her mom was already in bed, reading a book, wearing a thin cotton nightdress.

“Hello you two, enjoy your date?”

“yes” was Sandy’s simple response, not really sure about elaborating on what had just transpired.

“Why don’t you come sleep in the middle between us tonight, dear?” Stella said, pulling back the covers and inviting her in. We were fortunate enough to live in a reasonably sized house and our king-sized bed afforded plenty of room for the three of us.

I felt Sandy’s hand start to pull back, but I squeezed it tightly as if to reassure her. She looked at me almost scared. I leaned closer to her ear and whispered, “where’s that horny young date of mine”.

Sandy hugged my arm tightly and turned her face to mine, mouthing inaudible words that never transformed into sounds and looked into my eyes, searching for reassurance. Again, I whispered into her ear, “it’s ok, if this gets too much for you, just stop us and we’ll let you go back to your room… don’t worry, we will still love you in the morning… we are all nervous”.

This seemed to reassure her and I turned her to face me and reached around her for the zipper to her skirt, I unfastened it and it slipped to the ground. Tentatively, she stepped out of it and kicked off her shoes. Sandy’s panties were noticeably still damp, but she kept them on. I hoped she was still feeling horny, despite “the moment” having passed over the course of the drive home.

She climbed into bed next to her mom, while I quickly disrobed down to my boxers and climbed in after her. “I.. I don’t think I’m fertile yet” she said, looking first to her mom and then to me as if trying to find a suitable excuse.

“It’s ok Sandy, this is just to help you get comfortable, to help you relax and maybe even enjoy sharing the bed with us” I said, again trying to sound reassuring, just imagine we’re still on our date.

“Did your daddy kiss you, sweetheart?”, Stella asked, somewhat directly, which kind of took both Sandy and me by surprise.


“So did you enjoy that?”

“yes, it was nice, he showed me how to kiss”, Sandy responded

“Yes, he’s definitely a good kisser”, Stella winked at Sandy as if they both shared a secret.

“and did he touch you?”, Stella again explored what happened on our date

Sandy looked at me nervously, not certain whether to answer that or not, I nodded and smiled at her.


“And did you enjoy that too?”

“hmm not at first, I was nervous, but yes, very much”

“where did he touch you?”

“On my leg… at first… and then on my panties”

“and how did that make you feel?”, Stella was really curious about our date and was looking at me with an impressed expression every time Sandy answered.

“It made me all tingly and gave me goosebumps”

“So, he made you feel horny?”


“Perhaps you should kiss daddy and let him do that some more?” she asked Sandy, more as a suggestion than a question.

I leaned over and started to kiss Sandy again, my tongue immediately exploring for hers and my hand slipped down her tummy inside the waistband of her panties. She responded, kissing me back like I expected a teen to do, willing but slightly awkward. I kept kissing her and started to play with her little clitoris again. Sandy moaned at the touch of my fingers and I could start to feel some wetness building again around the lips of her pussy.

Stella had by now turned on her side to face us, her head propped up on one hand, started to softly stroke her hair with the other.

I slid a finger down her lips and into the entrance of Sandy’s pussy. She gasped and trembled, a muffled whimper emanated from her mouth. She was getting wetter by the moment. I pulled my hand back and showed Stella the wetness on my fingers. She grinned, happy that I was making our daughter horny, and reached down before pulling her nightdress off over her head, so she was completely naked. Her hand slipped down between her legs to play with herself.

I grasped the hem of her tank top and tugged at it, but the back was trapped between her body and the mattress.

“Help your daddy see your beautiful titties, sweetheart” Stella voiced, prompting Sandy to raise up a little and allow me to remove her garment. As I did so, Stella’s hand slipped inside Sandy’s panties and started rubbing her. I pulled her tank top off over her head and arms and tossed it to the floor. She was laying there in just her little white push-up bra and panties.

The bra was a front fastening type from Victoria’s Secret that both lifted and pushed together her developing breasts, emphasizing her cleavage. I unclipped it and the two cups fell to the side. Her mother was right, Sandy’s breasts were so perfect, perky, firm, yet beautifully rounded little apples, adorned with small but hard pink nipples.

I broke from our kiss and lowered my head, taking one of her nipples into my mouth to suckle on it. Sandy moaned softly and was breathing more rapidly. To my surprise, Stella also bent forward and simultaneously suckled on her other nipple, while a squelching sound emanated from Sandy’s pussy as Stella’s fingers worked on it.

Sandy was getting increasingly aroused, whimpering and moaning continuously. Her hand was stroking my head, her fingers running through and occasionally grasping my hair. Judging from the sight of Stella’s erect nipples, she was heavily aroused too.

Stella’s hand worked faster and faster, finger fucking Sandy’s virgin pussy and stimulating her clitoris, while Sandy’s cries got louder. Suddenly, Sandy closed her eyes and cried out “oh my god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming”.

With that, her little body convulsed and she started panting for air.

Stella looked at me, highly satisfied. For me it was an astonishing sight to see my young stepdaughter orgasm. It seemed like such an incredibly private and intimate moment to share with her.

Stella withdrew her sopping wet fingers and I took this as a cue to slide Sandy’s panties off over her hips and down her legs. Sandy was still shaking and basking in the near afterglow of her orgasm, her eyes blinking at the intensity of the sensations that had just flooded her body. I slid down between her legs, and hooked one leg over each shoulder. I was staring at her beautiful pussy, the lips swollen and puffy, glistening with her juices, the soft pink of her inner lips clearly visible. Her thin tufts of hair, a light brown, matching her hair and eyebrows. I put my face to her and softly licked at her.

Sandy suddenly grasped my head, trying to push it back and cried out “nooo, stop… too sensitive” but I ignored her and continued to gently lick her folds and clitoris. Sandy was writhing in the excess of sensations that were stimulating her body, rocking her head from side to side. I was determined to entice another orgasm from her.

Stella meanwhile grabbed hold of my boxers, tugging them off and then sank her mouth onto my shaft as my erection popped up, waving around in its new found freedom. Stella was an expert cock-sucker and very capable of making me lose control but fortunately she paced herself, instead gently stimulating it to keep it in a fully hard state.

Sandy had never seen my cock, nor had she actually ever seen anyone suck a cock before and stared at her mother wide-eyed as Stella’s head bobbed up and down. I continued licking and soon Sandy was in heaven again, writhing around in response to the sensations I was stimulating in her. Her hips started bucking, meeting my licks. She was cooing, purring like a cat, whimpering, and moaning in response to different strokes of my tongue, occasionally pushing partly inside her, occasionally sucking her clitoris.

“oh my god, daddy, don’t stop, so wonderful, so good”

I kept up the stimulation for several more minutes before she again erupted in an uncontrolled orgasm., juices flooding into my mouth as her hips bucked frantically and her thighs clamped around my head. Again, it took several minutes for her to regain some semblance of normality and come back down from the high of her orgasm.

Stella called her over to where she was working to keep my cock stimulated and Sandy willingly responded, shuffling down the bed to watch more closely, eyes opened wide.

“oh my god it’s huge mom”

“would you like to try this? To suck your daddy’s cock? Babygirl?”

“it’s not going to fit”, Sandy blurted out, shocked at the size of my cock.

“yes it will, just try it… hold your lips over your teeth so you don’t scratch it and just take the head into your mouth for now”

Sandy looked nervous but as her mom held my shaft, she urged Sandy’s head down pushing my cock to her lips. Gradually, the head of my cock slipped inside and I felt the velvety touch of her tongue against my shaft.

“Now take in a little more, make sure your lips are tight around it and suck on it”

The sight of my stepdaughter taking my cock into her mouth made me almost blow my load right there and then, taking enormous reserves of self-control to hold back. Meanwhile, Stella used her other hand to stimulate Sandy’s pussy again and was soon squelching her fingers in and out of her hole. Sandy moaned deeply making a vibration run through the length of my cock. After a few minutes I signaled to Stella that if she didn’t stop Sandy I was going to blow my load in her mouth.

“Do you like your daddy’s cock, babygirl?”, Stella asked, again in her somewhat direct way.

“hmm” she uttered with her mouth full.

Stella pulled her back from my cock, a trail of saliva and precum glistened between the tip and her lips. Sandy spoke to her again “I can tell you, that your daddy has a nice sized cock and it’s going to feel wonderful inside your pussy”

“Are you ready to try it?”

“Yes” replied Sandy

“Lay back and let Sandy squat on top of you honey”… Stella was clearly the director of this personal porn scene.

I moved up the bed and lay on my back, my head resting on a pillow and Sandy followed, squatting over me, facing me and taking her weight on outstretched forearms. Stella grabbed my shaft and lined it up with Sandy’s virgin pussy.

“Lower yourself down a bit”, she instructed Sandy

Sandy lowered her hips a little and the tip of my cock brushed against the lips of her pussy.

“Now push down just a little more, till you feel some resistance”

Sandy duly complied

“Is this going to hurt, mom?”

“Yes, but only a little, and only the first time… after that it will feel wonderful”

Sandy stared me in the eyes, her expression showed she was still a little scared, but I could tell from her flushed face and protruding nipples that she was incredibly turned on.

“now pull up just a little and push down hard onto your daddy’s cock sweetie”

Sandy lifted her hips and dropped down faster, I felt her hymen yield and she winced in pain, sliding down further. She managed to get about 4 inches inside her. I held her hips, never taking my eyes of hers, holding her in place to let her adjust. Sandy’s pussy was insanely tight and she was finding it difficult to accommodate me. As she lifted one more time, my cock almost popped right out. This time she was going to drop and Stella stood behind her and pushed down on her shoulders as I thrust upwards. Sandy screamed as I bottomed out inside her, her pelvic bone pushed tight against me. She stayed there, motionless for almost a minute, tears welled in her eyes.

“Feel it honey, feel how incredible being filled feels”, Stella said, whispering into her ear. I started a gentle rocking motion in my hips, moving my cock around inside her. Sandy making soft guttural sounds of pleasure. Slowly she started to participate, sliding my cock in and out, spearing herself onto it, whimpering, moaning, her body trembling.

As I looked up at my beautiful 16-year-old daughter riding my shaft, I could not recall ever having such an incredible feeling, her pussy so wet, so soft and warm, gripped my cock like a tightly clenched fist, the lips stretched tightly around the shaft, being pulled and pushed in unison she moved up and down. I felt an orgasm ripple through her body, her walls pulsating and then another.

I put my hands up to her shoulders and rolled her onto her back, without slipping from her, raising her ankles over my shoulders and started to fuck her. Stella flapped down next to her and started to masturbate. Sandy was lost in a world of sensations, unable to focus, unable to concentrate, her eyes closed, her mouth open. I couldn’t believe how sexy and adorable she was, laying there beneath me as I fucked her.

“Enjoy your daddy’s cock in you baby, enjoy those sensations”

“Come for him, come on his big thick cock”

Stella was off in her own world, seemingly enjoying watching me fuck our daughter as much as I was, her hand furiously working on her pussy.

Almost simultaneously, mother and daughter erupted in orgasm, Sandy frantically rocking her head side to side, squirting liberally, spraying my thighs with her juices, her lower abdomen pulsing. The way her pussy forced my cock to share the rippling muscles of her orgasm sent me over the edge. I lost all self-control and erupted inside her in what felt like the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced.

We stayed locked together for several moments, after-shocks both hitting me and Sandy.

She opened her eyes and stared into mine in disbelief that she could have experienced anything so incredible. I collapsed onto her, taking my weight on my forearms and kissed her deeply. She kissed me back with equal passion. I rolled off her and without speaking, we all cuddled together before at some point drifting into an exhausted sleep.

Life changed that night. The next morning both Stella and I woke first, leaving our naked daughter to sleep in. She deserved it. She emerged around 11am, a hungry teen in search of food. She was dressed only in a robe and greeted me, not with the usual peck on the cheek, but a full-fledged and very passionate kiss.


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