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With the witch’s spell broken, Mark thinks he will return to normal. Little does he know that his experiences under the spell have opened his mind to alternate means of fun.
As she disappeared from the room, I wait to hear the water start. Giving her time to get into the shower, I venture in, slipping in the walk-in just behind her. Enjoying the warm water, we spend many minutes washing each other and some of our own private spots

I ask her what time it is and I am surprised that it is only about 3 in the morning. I must not have been asleep long between the time she slipped her cock into me as my last moments as a woman and I awoke with my cock between her legs.

After kissing me deeply, Tatyana says “Wait here while I get you a towel”

Stepping from the shower, she wraps the lone towel around her torso. I am in awe as to how sexy she looks even now after satiating my lust. She goes to the closet, grabbing another towel and as she returns, I turn off the water. Stepping to the shower door she opens the towel wide for me to step into and then wraps her arms around me playfully. I proceed to dry my body as she dries hers. I turn to the mirror getting my first good view of my restoration as the man I was a week earlier. As I do so, Tatyana steps up behind me and looks over my shoulder so that our eyes meet in the mirror. Leaning against my back she whispers, “I’ve still got a couple things I want you to take care of.”

ME: “Anything you want my dear.”

Tatyana in a sexy breathy tone: “Before you leave, I want to suck your cock. I want to take you in my mouth and bath it with my tongue. I want to suck it until you explode and I taste your seed as it fills my mouth, crosses my tongue and goes down my throat.”

ME: “Baby, you keep talking like that, you’ll make me hard again. You are welcome to take me anyway you wish. But didn’t you say there were a couple things?”

Tatyana steps back away from me without saying anything. I turn around wondering what was happening. Her hypnotic green eyes lock onto mine in a spellbinding way. I am locked on her stare in the total silence.

As she reaches for the knot in the towel bundled just above her breasts, she says, “I need to be taken care of first.”

Releasing the towel, it drops to the floor. I am now looking at a most gorgeous woman in every way except one. She has an eight inch cock protruding from between her legs. It seemed almost as perfect as her with its well-defined head. It was swollen erect and looked to be a couple inches wide. I looked back at her face, my eyes asking what she meant but my mind preventing the words from escaping. As my eyes met hers again, I lost all resistance as she cast another spell on me. Stepping toward her, my eyes still locked on hers, I reach down wrapping my hand around her erection. Amazed at how hot it feels, I start stroking it slowly.

TATYANA: “Yes, just like that. You’re gonna give yourself to me.”

As she lowers her gaze down, it is almost like she has seized my body. Under her spell I move with her eyes unable to break eye contact. Before I know it, I have dropped to my knees and am stoking her cock directly in front of my face. Every thought in my head says I do not wish to do this but her eyes say otherwise. After a few more strokes, I involuntarily guide the head to my mouth, licking the tip. After running my tongue around the crown, I slide several inches into my mouth and start sucking her. Never losing eye contact, I slowly move her in and out of my mouth. Occasionally, I force more into my mouth but am unable to take it entirely inside without gagging because it is so wide. I see pleasure and determination in her eyes as she controls my movements.

TATYANA: “You know what you must do.”

After a few more trips in and out of my mouth with her cock I stand, leaving my towel where I knelt. I finally break free of the eye contact but I no longer control my body. I turn away from Tatyana and bend slightly, leaning against the sink. I then present my ass to her by pulling my cheeks apart. She steps up and places the head of her cock at my hole. As it presses into me, I relax as much as possible allowing her to enter me. I can feel myself being stretched wider than ever before but accept it and even push back against her to take her in deep.

Tatyana taking on a forceful tone: “Yes, you like that don’t you? Are you my anal slut?”

ME: “Yes my love, I’m your anal slut. Punish my ass with your hard cock.”

Tatyana as she withdraws it and then slams it back in hard: “What do you want me to do to you?”

ME: “Oh, oh. Fuck my ass hard, give it to me.”

TATYANA: “Yes, I’m gonna fuck you hard and then I’m gonna fill you with my cum. You want that?”

She develops a rhythm driving her hard cock in and out of me. She is almost pumping her cock into me as I was when I was fucking her from behind. All I can mutter as she penetrates me is “Oh fuck me, fuck me good.”

TATYANA: “Push back onto it slut. I shouldn’t do all the work. Show me you want my cock.”

We develop a motion whereby I am meeting her thrusts to accelerate her stabs. I begin moaning as she pleasures herself in my ass and say, “Please cum for me baby. Your slut wants you to explode inside. Fill my hungry ass with your cum.”

TATYANA: “Oh yes baby, here I cum. You’re gonna get it now.” And with a few more strokes, her seed starts filling me. She continues pumping load after load into my bowels as I feel the warmth spread through my midsection. After a bit, she stops and eases her swollen member out of my ass.

TATYANA: “Go clean yourself up while I do the same. I will wait for you on the bed.”

ME: “Yes my love. Thank you for fucking your slut like you did.”

After I expelled the majority of her seed from my ass and wiped away any remnants I returned to her bedroom. Tatyana is reclined on the bed with her legs crossed, no cock in sight. My erection on the other hand was at full staff and I was looking forward to giving her what she said she wanted. I stop at the foot of the bed wondering what she wanted me to do.

Looking at me she asks, “Are you all cleaned up?”

ME: “Yes my dear. Ready for whatever you wish.”

Tatyana smiling said, “Yes I’m as clean as a whistle too. And what does one do with a whistle?”

ME: “You blow it and it makes noise.”

Uncrossing her legs, her girl-penis springs up from where she had it sandwiched between her legs out of sight. She says, “So why don’t you come over here and blow on my whistle.”

Again, my mind said I didn’t want to perform oral sex on her. I was shaking my head ‘no’ but I found myself walking to the side of the bed where she turned to sit and draped her legs off the side.

TATYANA: “Don’t you want to suck it? Make it happy?”

ME: “No, I don’t want to.”

Much like before, I start stroking her cock with my hand against my will. She takes my hand from the shaft and pulls it downward. Unable to resist, I drop to my knees and guide her cock into my mouth. As my mouth sucks up and down, she says, “Yes, just like that. I won’t take long because I want to get your cock in my mouth.” My eyes are locked on hers as I watch her enjoying my mouth. Placing her hand by my face, she paces how she wants me to do her. My mind is saying stop but the look in her eyes is commanding me on.

In a couple of minutes, her hand moves more to the back of my head and she sighs, “Yes baby, get ready. I’m gonna cum. Come on suck it harder, yes suck it.” Seconds later, the first squirt erupts from the tip splashing cum across my tongue. It is followed closely by a second and third spasm and my mouth is rapidly filling with her warm seed. I start to swallow to accommodate what was still shooting out when she said, “That’s it. Keep sucking, I’m still cumming. Don’t stop.”

It didn’t matter what she said, it was the spell her eyes cast on me that had me continuing. She could have let go of my head, but as long as she had me under her spell, I would keep her cock in my mouth, soliciting more of her seed. After a minute more, her cock stopped almost as quickly as she had started. I held it in my mouth until she released me. As I leaned back on my haunches, she patted the bed and said, “My turn. You might as well get comfortable, ‘cause I’m gonna suck you like you’ve never been sucked before.”

I move up onto the bed. My erection had lost a little of its firmness during my oral session on Tatyana but I trusted she would get me back up in moments. As she joined me on the bed she takes my semi-firm cock in her hand and asked, “What, you don’t want me to please you?”

ME: “Oh no, I want you very much. It just loss something since it wasn’t the center of attention. I’m sure it will be at full staff momentarily.”

TATYANA: “Good, ‘cause I don’t like sucking on a wet noodle. There is one little rule you must follow.”

ME: “What might that be?”

TATYANA: “I’m the one in charge. You will do nothing but wait for me to allow you to cum. Understand?”

ME: “Yes ma’am. Do your best. I’ll just lay here.”

By now my cock had swollen to its intended size. With one hand wrapped tightly around the base and the other stroking up and down the shaft, Tatyana began tonguing the very tip, forcing her tongue into the hole. While it felt very odd, it was sending a shock down through my cock. Slowly she opens her lips taking in the head and bathing it with her tongue. Ever so slowly and deliberately, she takes more and more into her mouth. She did not stop until the entire length was in her mouth and the head was entering her throat. It felt superb. With the same slow motion, she extracts my cock from her mouth. Her head starts bobbing up and down as she sucks the upper half of my dick, sliding her tongue down the underside. Masterfully, she varied her pace and the depth she would take. Occasionally, she would suddenly take the entire length and then resume her sucking. Tatyana would slowly stroke whatever portion not in her mouth. I laid with eyes closed enjoying the feeling, patiently letting my orgasm build. After several minutes, I could feel myself getting close to cumming. Just as I was about to erupt, she stops all action save her tight grasp around the base of my cock. There is a twitching sensation as if I am trying to ejaculate but nothing was travelling up the pipe. Now I am watching her for an indication of what is next. After a short wait in which I lost the pending orgasm, Tatyana loosened her grip and slowly worked short strokes from the basis toward the tip. As she reaches the top, she squeezes out a blob of my seed and licks it from the hole. Stroking the length, squeezing it toward the tip she forces another blob that she laps up and I hear her say, “Mmmm”. I am amazed that I was emitting cum without having an orgasm.

Tatyana resumed her oral administration satisfied that she had started tasting my seed and I had moved away from peaking. To keep me from rushing to ecstasy she would break her pattern of sucking by moving to my balls or biting at the base of the shaft. She continued for many minutes, repeatedly bringing me close and then halting my orgasm. Each time she would milk a little of my cream from deep within my cock but not let me fully ejaculate. Every time she licked the emission from the tip of my dick she would murmur, “Mmmm.”

By now my balls were starting to ache wanting to shoot their contents. I began pleading, “Please make me cum.”

TATYANA: “But you are cumming. Don’t you see your cream oozing out of your beautiful cock?”

ME: “No, I mean yes I see it. But I want to shoot my entire load. Please suck me hard.”

TATYANA: “But then we’ll be finished so quickly. This way I can enjoy your seed more.”

ME: “But I sucked you off as you wanted.”

TATYANA: “You had no control over that. I was in charge and wanted to cum quickly to get at your cock.”

ME: “Please? I want to cum so bad. Just suck me and I’ll cum big for you.”

TATYANA: “But good things come to those who wait.”

ME: “But I ache from wanting to cum. Please let me.”

TATYANA: “We’ll see.”

Tatyana resumes her methodical sucking and stroking that once again starts me toward an orgasm. Almost intuitively she knows when to vary something to alter my course. I am so frustrated, I want to just grab her head and thrust repeatedly into her mouth until I cum, but I know I cannot even touch her else she will stop the pleasuring. As she glances up at me, I can only see mischief in her eyes. Just as before, she builds me up to the point I feel the low twitch and as she stops like the many times before, I groan fearing she will again leave me wanting. As she is working up the shaft she suddenly plunges half my cock into her mouth and starts sucking it hard while rapidly moving it in and out. Shocked by the sudden turn of events, my orgasm rushes from deep within my balls and I can literally feel it progress through my dick. The feeling is extremely intense as I start cumming in her mouth, shooting an enormous load. I scream out, “Aahh, yes. Do it. Yes” as she continues pumping my cock with her hand and mouth. The orgasm is extended beyond the norm and her continued sucking does not let me subside. Swallowing every drop Tatyana milks me until I start to soften. Even then she continues sucking me and working her tongue around my shrinking member in an effort to capture the final amount.

As she lets me fall from her mouth, she raises up smiling and licking her lips. Standing she says, “Now we are finished. It is time for you to go.”

Surprised by the abruptness I ask, “But can’t we sleep together and maybe make love again?”

TATYANA: “No, it is time for you to leave.”

ME: “Was it because I hurried you to make me cum?”

TATYANA: “Don’t be naïve silly boy. I was the one to decide when you got to cum. You’ve had no control of things since our first meeting at the bar. Now go before I decide to change you back into a girl. I may just make you a nympho the next time. Then you’ll be happy to get fucked by that hotel dick.”

After scurrying to dress I asked, “May I at least kiss you ‘good bye’?”

Tatyana still naked stepping close said, “That would be nice.”

Our kiss was deep and passionate as I held her soft body against me and our mouths locked for quite a bit. As I turned to leave, I marveled at how beautiful she was as she stood naked in the doorway.

I made my way back to the hotel and slipped in relatively unnoticed about 5 a.m. I had one more thing planned for my stay so I set the alarm for about 10 and fell onto the bed completely satiated.

At 10, I ordered a hearty breakfast from Room Service. It being Monday, I was confident Bob would be watching for an order and likely seize upon the chance to deliver it. I’m confident he was kicking himself for not having tapped Lily’s ass when he had the chance. To better set him up, I asked that it be delivered at 10:30 and be brought into the suite as I might be finishing in the shower. Of course, I was finished showering well ahead of the delivery time. I was eager to see the look on his face when I walked out of the bathroom.

Mind you I have never tried gay activities but the events of the past week certainly opened a door to me that might indicate I was more bisexual than I had allowed myself to think. Perhaps it was time to test some deeper waters. At this point, my plan was to have the shower running, turning it off just as the breakfast was rolled into the room. I would make Bob wait a nominal time as if drying myself. Then I would walk out clad in a towel to what was likely to be a shocked look on his face.

A couple minutes in advance, I start the water. Right on cue, there is a knock at the door. After a minute, there is a second knock. Suddenly I wondered if the message had not been relayed or it wasn’t Bob delivering. Concern was short lived as I hear the door jiggle open. As I turn off the water, I hear Bob’s whiny voice announce “Room Service. You’re delivery is ready.”

I grin at the pending disappointment to be experienced by Bob. After just a minute and still before I was ready to walk out, I hear Bob call out, “Hey c’mon. Don’t keep me waiting. Get your ass out here, I’ve got something to deliver right here.”

You might say I was a little shocked by his forwardness but I stayed with my plan. After another minute plus, I made some noise in the bathroom to let him know I was getting ready. As I ready myself to go to the other room,

Bob blurts out, “Let’s move it, I’ve got just what you ordered the other day and it’s waiting for you here in bed.”

Now I am not sure who was more shocked when I walked into the other room. There Bob laid with his erection tenting the cover sheet.

I scream out, “What the fuck do you think you are doing? Who the hell are you and what the fuck are you doing in my room?”

Bob was frozen from sheer terror. As he stuttered and stammered, unable to find words, he clambered from the bed trying to cover himself with the sheet. I grabbed the clothes he had laid on the chair so that he couldn’t flee.

I again repeated, “Who the fuck are you and why the hell are your clothes off? And what the hell you mean ‘You got what I ordered the other day’? Are you the SOB that Lily told me about? Are you Bob?”

BOB: “My name is Bob, but I don’t know any Lily. I’m so sorry, I’m room service, but I must have the wrong room.”

ME: “Yeah, you’re the one she told me about. Delivered room service and then threatened to call security.”

BOB: “Oh that girl. It was a complete misunderstanding since you had not indicated you had a guest when you checked in.”

ME: “So you threatened to call security unless she gives you some fun.”

BOB: “I’m sorry. I thought she was a hooker taking advantage of you.”

ME: “Even if she was a hooker, and she wasn’t, she would have been my hooker and that doesn’t give you the right to force her to pleasure you. I need to call your boss and get them up here to see how you treat the guests. Let you explain how you made her suck your cock. And how you fucked her. And how you returned intending to have more sex both the other day and today.”

BOB: “No, please don’t. I’ll make it up to you. I’ll get your entire stay comp’d as well as all the food.”

ME: “To hell with that, you need to be taught a lesson and taken down a notch.”

BOB: “Please don’t call my boss. If I got canned for this, I’d never get another hotel job around here. And truth be known, servicing some of the guests is the only sex I get.”

ME: “What? You do guests frequently?”

BOB: “Not frequently, but sometimes there are older women that have had a few and want to hop into bed for a quickie.”

ME: “So you service the guests do you? Well maybe what’s good for the gander is good for the goose.”

BOB: “Oh no, I don’t do it with guys.”

Moving to pick up the phone by the bed I say: “Have it your way.”

BOB: “No! Wait! There’s got to be another way.”

ME: “The way I see it, you threatened and took advantage of a young lady in my room by fucking her and making her suck you off, you came back a second time to screw her ass but popped your cork before it went anywhere and then returned today for a third time planning to fuck her. Am I seeing something incorrectly?

BOB: “No but there’s gotta be something else we can work out.”

ME: “I see a bit of poetic justice and I’m giving about a minute more to decide if you want me to call or not.”

Bob hemmed and hawed a moment before asking: “What are you going to make me do?”

ME: “Nothing more than you did to Lily.”

BOB: “Oh no, I’ve never…”

Picking up the phone: “Okay, then call it is.”

BOB: “Wait. Just one and promise you won’t cum.”

ME: “Seriously? Did you cum in Lily’s mouth? If you had fucked her ass, were you gonna cum? Was your erection today for show and you had no intention of cumming today? No, it’s simple. I will cum where and when I want.”

BOB: “But…”

ME: “I’m tired of your stalling, I’m gonna make the call.”

BOB: “No! Shit! I don’t want to do this, but I will.”

ME: “Then get over here on your knees bitch. Time is wasting.”

Bob walks around the bed, losing the sheet he used to cover himself. His cock had shrunk to a short couple of inches of soft tissue. As he gets past the corner in front of me, he lowers slowly to his knees. In the time it took him to walk to me, I could feel my cock start to swell. While this was going to be the first time I let a guy suck me, there was something arousing about it. As I dropped the towel, my semi-rigid cock pushed out. Bob’s eyes got big and you could see fear cross his face. While still not fully erect, my cock was of decent size, 6-plus inches and almost 2 inches wide.

ME: “Get over here and suck bitch. I want it good and hard. No hands, just your mouth and tongue.”

As Bob got closer, one could see a grimace on his face. Because it was still not erect, he had to lower his mouth down beneath the head to capture it in his mouth. At first, he held only the head between his lips applying minimal suction. That was fine by me as it gave me a chance to get hard. Once it was standing at attention, I decided I was gonna enjoy a guy sucking me as much as I did girls.

Recalling what Bob had said to me: “Wrap your lips around it and start sucking. Take it into your mouth and use that tongue of yours.”

Bob looked up at me almost as if he recognized the line. About then, I thrust forward and four inches fill his mouth and rock him back a little. He starts to reach up for my cock and I blurt out, “I said ‘No hands’.” Stopping short, he places them on my thighs and I say, “Not even there. Just put then in your lap or play with yourself.”

I started a rhythm sliding my cock in and out of his mouth. He tried remaining passive in his action but to keep him on edge, I would sometimes push it deeper into his throat, holding his head from pulling back or other times pull it from his mouth and order him to lick it up and down.

To truly unnerve him, I would murmur things like “Ohhh, that feels so good” or “Keep that up and I’m just liable to explode.” At one point, I grabbed his head with both hands and started pushing him on and off my dick rapidly. It was like I was fucking his face and you could hear the slurping noise as his saliva escaped his lips. He tried opening his mouth so that there was less contact and I growled “Don’t stop sucking or I’m gonna shove it all the way down your throat.”

After he closed his lips and I face-fucked him a little more, I pulled out of his mouth. It was never my intent to cum during his oral punishment, although I could easily let it happen. As my dick dances before his face and he wipes the excess saliva from around his mouth while looking up at me like a whipped puppy, I ask, “Ready for me to cum in your mouth?”

BOB: “Please don’t. I don’t want that. Didn’t you do enough?”

ME: “It’ll be enough when I cum. Since you don’t want to finish me in your mouth, turn around and bend over.”

BOB: “What? I didn’t think you would do that.”

ME: “What? You were gonna fuck Lily’s ass. It’s only fair I do the same.”

BOB: “But I’ve never done it and your too big to fit. Let me just stroke you and you can shoot it on my face.”

ME: “Turn around bitch. I’ll be gentle and I’ll even use some of the lube Lily had.”

Bob slowly turns and assuming a position with his head on the floor, his asshole is pointed right at me. I grab the lube I had placed by the phone in anticipation of this possibility and quickly coated my cock. Kneeling down behind Bob, I dribbled a little in his crack, allowing it to slowly slide down to his hole. Moving closer, I capture the dribble as it passes his hole and Bob flinches a little at the touch of my dickhead on his ass. While I have done anal with several girls, this will be my first male. I guess you would consider both Bob and I virgins. However, the pleasure I had when Jerry and Tatyana had fucked me as Lily and when Olivia dominated me with the toys, I figured if Bob relaxed, he might enjoy it. Hell, if Tim had been more gentlemanly and we worked together, he would probably got me off while in my ass too. I slide the head up and down his crack smearing the lube and readying myself for the plunge. As I center the tip on his hole and push forward slightly, I say, “Just relax and push back against me. It will fit so just let it in. As it starts into his rear portal, the head, once fat, is squeezed down from the tightness. As I advance, Bob is groaning softly and I repeat “Just relax.”

Looking back he exclaims, “It’s too big. You’re tearing me apart.”

As the widest girth start to enter, I give a quick thrust to get inside. Once in, I sink until my waist hits his butt cheeks. It is amazingly hot and wet feeling with my entire dick buried in his ass. I don’t know why I would think it would feel any different than inside a girl’s ass. As expected, Bob just groans. I slowly extract about half way and then push back in. As I start doing this repeatedly at a nice slow pace, Bob grunts every time I reach maximum penetration. As I fuck his ass, I decide there and then, I’m gonna deposit a full load of my seed in him.

I grab his hips and pull back telling him to get up on all fours. As he does so, the angle improves and I am able to quicken the pace. I look down and watch my shiny, lube-covered cock penetrating his hole as my thighs slap against his butt cheeks with every thrust. Feeling the start of an orgasm, I pull out momentarily to allow it to wane. Before he can react, I shove every inch back into the gaped opening and resume humping. Tiring a little, I stop the full length thrusts and resort to short stabs deep inside him. Bob stops grunting and goes into a slight moan.

After about a minute more, I hear Bob exclaim, “Oh fuck. You’re making me cum. It’s just squirting out.” I can feel his spasms inside and his muscles tighten around my cock. After he relaxes his sphincters he groans, “Oh fuck; that felt so good. I wasn’t supposed to enjoy it.”

As I pick up the pace again, intent on shooting my load, I say, “Let’s see if you enjoy this.” I’m fucking his ass fast and hard when I feel the orgasm rising up and my jizz rockets out my balls, up the shaft and spills into his rectum. I let out an animalistic groan as I shove deep into him with each squirt of my seed. Satisfied that I have emptied myself in his bowels, I extract my now softening cock. As he lays over onto his side, I spy the splotches of cream he shot when I made him cum. I get up and return to the bathroom to clean up. I am deep in thought about my stepping into the world of gay sex. I guess technically, I was only a half-step in since I had not taken a guy inside except as Lily. Bob walks in gingerly and sits on the toilet to allow things to right themselves.

ME: “Maybe next time you coerce someone to have sex with threats, you’ll remember this.”

BOB: “I will never force someone again.”

ME: “Good. Keep it to shagging drunk cougars.”

BOB: “I’m not gay or anything but if you return and want to hook up, you really made me cum big doing that.”

ME; “We’ll see. Now get cleaned up and get out of here.”

Bob scrambles from the room. I didn’t care one iota about getting him canned, as I still had one more kick in his crotch to administer.

Given the events of the past week, Monday was rather mundane walking around the French Quarter. I thought about looking in on Olivia but by the time I strolled by the shop, she was off work. Who knows if she would have even been interested in me as a potential slave? I wondered what would happen if I encountered any of the others with whom I had sex. Since they would not know me, it would be my little secret. While I would have loved taking Vickie to bed and experiencing her pussy from the male perspective, I would hate like the devil if Steve caught us. As evening set in, I even made a point to swing by the bar Tatyana tended. I don’t know whether it was a good or bad thing that she wasn’t there. While I would have enjoyed another night with her, her threat to turn me into a nymphomaniac was none too appealing. So it was back to the hotel I went.

As I headed through the lobby, one of the desk clerks picking up discarded newspaper and tourist guides smiled and asked how my day was going and if I was having a nice visit. Slightly emboldened by the promiscuity of the past days, I quipped, “Last day here, but it looks like I’ll spend the evening alone.” I wasn’t sure if I was just a little horny and hoping to have some female company or feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t try and score at a club.

The clerk said, “Oh, so you’ll be leaving us tomorrow? What room number? I’ll see that a copy of your bill is slipped under your door before morning.”

Giving her my room number, I thanked her and bid good night. For a brief moment, my heart had jumped when she asked for my room number thinking she might be interested in providing some company. When she promised a bill, my heart sank back down immediately. I headed to my room resigned to the probability any action this evening would likely need to be self-administered. I was a little anxious to see the bill. It was going to be the second half of the embarrassment of Bob.

I went about packing up everything except what I would wear the next day. I deliberated showering this evening or first thing tomorrow. Laziness prevailed and I opted to wait. Donning nothing more than the hotel robe, I lounged on the bed, thumbing through the TV guide. Since there was little on worth watching, I started scrolling through the pay movies. Even those did not seem to hold my attention. I started thinking about all that I had experienced this magical week and as each memory, be they as a girl or guy, raced through my head, I found myself slightly aroused. I was particularly fond of the several times Tatyana and I had hooked up. I was still baffled by her abrupt dismissal the last time together. All these sexual memories did cause my cock to start growing. While it had not gotten to be a full erection, it was up enough that if I wanted to stroke it, I would achieve both a full erection and climax. As it was approaching midnight and I had been going most the day, I had pretty much resigned myself to a little ‘self-service’ and then crashing.

Before I could even start, there was a light knock on the door. Pulling the robe closed and tying it, I scampered to answer it. As I opened the door a crack, I could see it was the desk clerk from earlier. Opening the door more, I asked, “Yes, can I help you?” I could see by her name tag her name was Dawn.

DAWN: “Well Mr. Simon, I was delivering the hotel bills like I said and noticed your light still on and thought I would give it to you personally. I’m not interrupting anything am I?”

ME: “No, I was just fixing to call it a night.”

Dawn smiling and stepping inside my room: “Oh. Well my boss said I can get off once I am done with the bills. Since yours was the last one would you like to help?”

Doing a double take at what she said I say: “Sure, how can I help?”

Dawn steps up to me and starts kissing me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. As I reciprocate, her hand snakes into my robe and grabs my semi-erect penis.

Breaking the kiss a moment she says, “This will come in handy,” as she starts stroking it.

Rejoining our lips, I am franticly unbuttoning her blouse. This is no easy task as Dawn has very big breasts. Once successful at releasing all the buttons, I guide the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms. She seemed perturbed when she had to release my cock from her hand to allow the blouse to fall to the floor. Once kissing again, I fumbled with her bra hooks and once undone, her massive tits sprang forward against my chest. These large pillows felt good against my skin and I could feel the little bumps of her nipples. Before removing her skirt, I led her into the bedroom where we resumed kissing and her hand returned to stroking my now solid erection. As we stood adjacent to the bed, she stopped long enough to push the robe from my shoulders whereupon it fell to the floor. She leaned forward and sucked the head of my dick into her mouth, running her tongue across it.

Standing back up she smiles saying, “Mmmm, I’m gonna love sucking that.”

As we kissed again, my hand moved down to the zipper on her skirt. As I slid it down the several inches necessary for the skirt to slide off her hips, I positioned her by the bed. I figured to lay her down on the bed as I pulled her skirt and panties off. As she reclines on the bed, I tug at the skirt as it slides off her hips and down her legs. That’s when my plan changed. Dropping her skirt to the floor, I turn anticipating doing the same with her panties. Instead of dealing with panties, I am staring at her naked vagina, completely shaven, as she spread her legs slightly.

DAWN: “I came prepared. Like I said, I was gonna get off with or without your help.”

Kneeling between her legs I utter, “By all means, let me help,” and I pass my tongue up her crack.

Dawn pulling at my head whispers, “Not yet, there’ll be plenty of time for that.”

As I move to lie atop her, we are kissing passionately and my left hand begins fondling her big breast. My cock is sandwiched between our bodies. I move my mouth to the other breast and as I am about to start teasing it, I see how huge her areola is. It must have been several inches across. As I start tonguing and sucking it, her nipple starts tightening. Before long, the areola had shrunk in diameter by forming a mound that protruded more than an inch. Beyond that mound was the tip of her nipple, almost another half-inch. I filled my mouth with her nipple and breast, lavishing it with my tongue. Feeling a similar mound on her other breast, I moved to it providing similar attention. Dawn softly murmured, resting her hand on the back of my head. After what I considered sufficient teasing of her nipples, I moved back up kissing her on the lips, cheeks, neck and shoulders, all the while pressing my hips into hers. She now seemed ready to progress in our little foreplay as she placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down the bed toward her pussy. I offered little resistance as I always love eating pussy. As I moved between her legs, Dawn spread them wide pulling her knees up some, spreading her lips slightly so I would have easy access. Admittedly, this was the first time I had gone down on a girl that was completely shaved. The skin surrounding her vagina was soft and smooth and when I started sucking her clit, the feeling was unique. As my tongue worked around her juicy spot, probing the various folds and extracting some wetness, I would look to her face for an indication of pleasure. While her eyes were closed, the heaving of her breasts as she breathed indicated her enjoyment. After a few minutes of vigorously sucking her clit, her legs suddenly clamp my head. I knew she was orgasming but the leg lock she had on me prevented me from getting my tongue down to her hole. Instead, I kept up the clitoral stimulation to keep her in ecstasy. After her peak she relaxed her legs and I immediately lapped up the cum at the entrance to her pussy.

As she beckoned me back next to her, I kissed my way up her tummy and breasts, savoring each nipple. I lie down next to her and she leans over me, kissing me deeply. Since my penis was not the center of attention while I was going down on her, it had digressed to a semi-rigid state. When she ran her hand across it, she stopped and said, “This will not do. I want something hard inside me.” Without another word between us, she bent down and took the entire cock into her mouth. Between the suction she was applying and the tongue working the underside, I could literally feel my cock getting harder and growing, but she did not release any of it. Instead, she let it push into the back of her throat a little. It only took a few seconds before it was ready for her pussy. Sliding me out of her mouth, she lies down and says, “Now it’s ready to go inside.”

I roll over atop her into the valley created by her welcoming legs. I gently glide my erection into her hole, settling inside her and letting us both get accustom. I begin rocking into her and she is moving her hips to meet me. We proceed for several minutes, altering the depth or the angle to incite pleasure. My mouth is also busy kissing all her neck and shoulders.

Pausing a moment, I lean to one side, encouraging her to roll on top. She obliges and the rhythmic penetrations resume. With her propped above me, I now have complete access to her tits and alternate sucking or nibbling on her nipples. I can feel her wetness although I do not think she had cum again. Grabbing her ass stopping her as she pushed down onto my cock, I whisper, “Let me eat your pussy some more.”

She grinned and proceeded to move up such that her wet pussy was over my mouth. I proceeded to lick and suck everything my mouth could access. After a few enjoyable minutes with me tongue-deep in her honeypot, Dawn proclaims, “I need you back inside. I want you hard and deep.”

As Dawn returned to the prone position next to me, I positioned myself kneeling between her legs. For a cruel moment I would insert no more than the tip or the head into her pussy. She would flex her back as if asking for the entire shaft but I would withdraw from her. After several teases, she grumbled, “Just give it to me. I want it inside. Fuck me with that cock.” That was all the encouragement I needed and on the next time I inserted the head, I drove the entire length into her. Laying on her, I began thrusting hard with long strokes.

As her breathing deepened, she started moaning. I could feel my orgasm building as well and hoped to hold out for her to cum first. Such was not to be my luck. As her moaning increased, it became intoxicating and I was on the verge of losing control.

I groan, “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum.”

She moaned back, “Yes, baby. Give it to me. Cum for me baby.”

That was all it took and on the next deep thrust, I could feel my seed rocketing up from my balls, through my cock and shooting out the tip into her hot pussy. In throes of ecstasy I kept humping, squirting everything I could. She suddenly wrapped her legs around me, holding me hard against her pelvic bone while pushing upward against me and letting out a low moan. I could feel her sudden discharge of cream washing against my twitching cock. I press hard until she finally relaxes and then fall onto her heaving chest. We lay like that for a few minutes catching our breath and enjoying the sexual releases.

Snuggling against my chest, Dawn looks up into my eyes and whispers, “I want to give your cock a treat in the morning. I promise it will be special.”

ME: “Sure. How can a guy turn down such an offer from a sexy girl like you?” From there we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

I noticed when Dawn woke as I felt her moving on the bed. I laid quietly anticipating her to initiate something since she had promised. The next thing I hear is the shower starting. Perplexed as to why Dawn was opting to shower rather than extend our tryst, I headed to the bathroom. She had already stepped into the shower and the water glistening on her big breasts was arousing. I step into the shower behind her and as I cup her tits in my hands, gently kneading them, she looks over her shoulder at me and says, “I hope I didn’t disturb you. I was gonna let you sleep.”

As I am lifting her tits toward the water: “How could I sleep when you took these two pillows from the bed?”

Dawn giggling, “I like it when you play with my titties.”

We spend almost ten minutes soaping each other, rubbing our bodies together and rinsing. She was very adept at washing my erection and balls. At one point we were kissing deeply as the water sprayed down. I had one breast in my hand as I was playing with the nipple and she had my cock between her legs, rubbing against her slit. I decide to take things further so I lifted her slightly, pinning her against the wall for balance and slid my dick into her slick hole. She groaned as it sank in completely. I slowly start rocking into her. After the third or fourth penetration, Dawn whispers, “Do you want to do it here or do you want your surprise? You only get one.”

As I push in again feeling her warm wetness, my mind is debating the known versus the unknown.

Dawn sensing my mental debate: “Don’t worry, you’ll cum either way. Besides, I really want you to go down on me again.”

That’s all it took. I knew I wouldn’t eat her out after I cum inside her and I love tasting a woman’s pussy, so I opted to take a chance. I slowly extract myself and lower her back to her feet. Before the water has a chance to rinse my cock, Dawn bends over and taking the head into her mouth tongues it clean. We rinse one last time and step out to dry. My cock was so hard now you could have hung one of the towels from it. Wrapped in a towel, Dawn heads back into the bedroom first. I am a few moments behind her.

When I get in the room, Dawn has taken a position on her back in the bed with her butt at the edge. As I move toward her, she spreads her legs and pulls her knees up toward her chest, smiles and says “Breakfast is served.”

Dropping to my knees, I let my tongue start at the top of her slit and slide down, pressing into her as I go. Her vaginal opening was wet with her arousal so I gave it extra attention while gently rubbing her button with my thumb. From there I continued down allowing my tongue to reach her asshole. The sudden surprise caused her squeeze her sphincter, retracting and tightening her anus. As I tickled the opening more, she relaxed allowing her rosebud to open and me to stab my tongue in a little. In the back of my mind I wondered if her surprise for me was going to be a dip in her ass so I gave her a good long tonguing of the hole. Truth be known, it was her pussy that I wanted to bury my tongue in so I made my way back up and started penetrating her with my tongue. I alternated sucking her pussy while rubbing her clit and sucking that clit. As she relaxed and enjoyed my cunnilingus, Dawn lowered her legs, draping them over my shoulders. I took my time savoring her wetness and driving her toward an orgasm. After a couple minutes, while flicking her clit with my tongue, I gently slide a finger into her pussy. She is so wet inside I am able to pump it much like a small cock. As she starts wiggling to the new pleasure I up the game by easing a second finger into her. As I suck on her clit and finger-fuck her, she starts bouncing around. I know her orgasm is imminent so I increase pressure at both points. As she moans, her body grows rigid in ecstasy and juices flood from her vaginal. I feel them trickle down my fingers onto the palm of my hand and arm. I slowly withdraw my fingers, replacing them with my mouth and tongue to capture her cum. After cleaning her pussy, I lick her sticky cream from my fingers. Spreading her legs, she allows me to move away from her pussy.

Smiling she says, “Ooh that felt good. I hope you enjoyed it as much as me.”

ME: “Oh yeah. I could eat that for breakfast every day.”

DAWN: “Well one good deed deserves another.”

Dawn rolls over onto her tummy and starts to crawl up on the bed. With her ass up in the air and pointed toward me, my mind immediately races to the potential of doing her anally. As she gets centered on the king-size bed, she lies down on her back with a pillow propping up her head.

Extending her hand toward me she says, “Come straddle my tummy.”

I scramble onto the bed, swing a leg over allowing my cock to hover over her midsection and rest my buttocks against her up-raised thighs.

As she slowly starts stroking my hard-on, she says, “I want to do something special for you, but you got to trust me and let me direct you.”

ME: “I’m putty in your hands. Although some of that putty is pretty solid right now.”

DAWN: “I like it that way. But I know I can relieve some of that pressure. Just follow wherever I lead.”

As she stokes my cock up and down, Dawn applies a little pressure with her thumb on the underside. The result is a big bead of pre-cum emitting from the tip. She brings that tip to her left nipple, smearing it around the little mound and tip. She repeats the stroking and puts a similar bead on her right nipple. Releasing my cock from her grasp, she cups both her breasts and pulls them toward her mouth. Very seductively, she uses her tongue to lick the bead off her nipple and then suck her own tit. Watching her take the little brown mound into her mouth was super erotic. I knew whatever she had planned would definitely be a treat.

After her fantastic tongue show, Dawn guided my cock between her tits pressing it against her chest bone. Taking her tits between her hands, she wrapped them over my dick and started moving them up and down her chest, stroking my erection. The soft tissue pressed against my cock, accented by her body heat was setting my cock on fire. Every once in a while, she would lean her head forward and lick the tip of my dick as it appeared from between her tits. As her rhythm built, I started rocking forward reducing her need to move her tits. Releasing her breasts from around my cock on one of my thrusts, I went forward to her open mouth where she took a couple inches in. After sucking it briefly she used her hands to push me back to between her breasts. She took my hands and placed them holding her tits as I resumed titty-fucking her. Placing her hands on my hips or butt cheeks, she controlled the tempo, stroke and occasional oral penetration. Each time she took me in her mouth it was deeper and for a longer period; yet she knew when to pull me out preventing me from getting to excited.

Dawn looking up at me as I slide between her tits: “Do you like this?”

ME: “You know it babe. I can’t wait to spray cum all over your tits.”

DAWN: “Oh that’s not gonna happen. I got better plans for when you’re ready.”

ME: “I’m ready when you are babe. I’ve got a monster load built up from all your play.”

I continue sliding my cock between her luscious breasts and letting her tongue tickle the tip. After a half dozen more or so strokes, Dawn moves her hands to my buttocks. As I make my next stroke forward she looks up at me and says, “fuck my mouth,” and pushes me forward. The force causes me to lean over her face as her open mouth captures my cock. The pushing she is doing on my butt cheeks forces me to insert several inches into her mouth. Simultaneously, she is raising her head toward my cock taking nearly the entire shaft in. Holding me forward, she raises and lowers her head with her lips wrapped around my shaft. I quickly realize that she wants me to use her mouth as if it were her pussy so I start pushing forward with my hips. Comfortable with my response, Dawn slowly lowers her head to the pillow it was previously propped against and lets me start thrusting into her mouth. I am cautious not to shove my member too far down her throat but she occasionally pushes me in further herself. The entire time, she has a strong suction on my member and her hot wet mouth and gripping lips feel wonderful.

I know I’m not going to last much longer so as a warning to her I start saying things like, “Oh yeah baby, I’m fixing to explode. Baby I can feel it getting close. Suck it baby, I’m fixing to cum.”

No matter what was said, the vacuum she was applying did not relinquish. I maintained the mouth fucking a few more times and then I started to cum. As I felt the cum shoot up and out my shaft, I groaned with pleasure and kept humping her mouth. The only thing I hear was an occasional gulp as she swallowed my discharge. After several squirts I figured I was finished and started to withdraw. Her hands clasp my butt cheeks prohibiting me from pulling out and she continued sucking my cock hard as she bobbed her head. This action seemed to extend the pleasure far longer than an orgasm in a pussy. It wasn’t until my cock had started to deflate that she released me from her mouth. I swung my leg over from above her and sat there a moment. She looked up at me licking her lips and asked, “Ever have something like that?”

ME: “No, but that was wonderful. I loved titty-fucking you but your mouth was a true delight.”

DAWN: “I always like sucking a guy first thing in the morning ‘cause his load is bigger.”

Sitting up she smiled and said, “I guess I better get going, you need to check out soon and I need to run home and get another uniform.”

ME: “It’s a shame we didn’t meet the day I arrived; we could’ve screwed our brains out the whole week.”

DAWN: “Just remember that if you come back to town. I’ll give you some personal service.”

She dressed as I just sat there staring at her voluptuous body. As she slipped on her shoes and readied to leave, I sprang up and took her in my arms, kissing her deeply. As we broke the kiss, she grabbed my semi-erect cock and said, “I better get out of here before this attacks me again or I attack it.” She scooted out the door and was gone.

I checked the time and had plenty enough to catch breakfast and make my flight. It was about time for the final shot at Bob. Secretly I hoped he would visit Olivia and she would rip him apart. Regardless, I decided to punish him for how he treated me. I finished the last bit of packing and perused the itemized statement Dawn had left. I smiled at both what was on the statement as well as what wasn’t. The two meals delivered to Lily totaled well over $300 as the wine was a nice touch. However, in his haste the day he was caught pant-less Bob had failed to get a signed receipt so he had already eaten that cost.

As I arrive at the front desk, I see Bob slinking away in hopes of avoiding me. The cheerful little girl asked how my stay was and if everything was in order. As I stared at her name, Eve, on the tag proudly mounted over her perky left tit, I hesitated a moment as my mind wandered briefly. This girl was definitely good looking and the image of a threesome with her and Dawn ran through my mind to my crotch.

Snapping back to reality I said, “Well Eve, I think there is a little problem with my bill.”

EVE: “What might that be and I’ll see if we can fix it?”

ME: “Well there are two room service charges that I do not recognize.”

EVE: “Let me pull those up. We have scanned receipts in the system.”

As she looked at the screen, a puzzled look crossed her face. She asked, “Do you know a Lily Smith?”

ME: “No, not anyone I know. Is she another guest? Different room maybe?”

EVE: “Let me check.”

More key punching, matched with bewilderment on her face.

EVE: “This doesn’t make sense. Are you sure you don’t know a ‘Lily Smith’?”

ME: “No. Why?”

EVE: “She’s the one that signed both tickets.”

ME: “I can tell you; I don’t know her. Are you sure the room number is right?”

EVE: “Let me get the manager. Maybe he can help.”

She buzzed someone on the phone and within a few seconds an older gentleman steps from an office door to behind the counter.

The pleasantries start all over. “Hi I’m Sam Mail, was your stay satisfactory?”

ME: “Well Sam, it was until I discovered to rather pricey room service charges on my bill.”

Taking the bill, Sam starts repeating the process Eve had followed and very shortly asked, “Do you know a Lily Smith?”

ME: “Like I told Eve, I don’t know her and if you need, I can probably verify that I wasn’t at the hotel during the times the room service was delivered.”

SAM: “Give me just a minute and I’ll see if the person who delivered the carts is available.”

Turning to Eve, Sam asks, “Is Bob on today?”

EVE: “Oh yes, he was here just a few minutes ago.”

Sam picks up the phone, dials in a number and hangs up. Within a few minutes, Bob appears and steps behind the counter. You can see the sheer terror on his face as he looks at me. I think he was afraid I was reporting his last mistake.

SAM looking at Bob: “Bob, can you verify these deliveries? Mr. Simons said he didn’t order them and doesn’t know this Lily person.”

Bob stuttering fumbling says, “Let me look at those a second and see.”

His face turns pale when he realized that the charges are as much as they are and he has no explanation. He looks up at me and knows doing anything short of eating the charges puts him at risk of me revealing his other visit. Trying to buy time, he says, “Give me a minute, I got to remember what the deal was and those were last week.”

Sam looking perturbed says, “Let’s be quick, I’m sure Mr. Simons has more important things to do than discuss his bill.”

BOB: “Oh I remember now. That was a wrong room number.”

EVE: “But I looked and there was nobody by that name at the hotel.”

Bob stuttering again as he was backed into a proverbial corner, “Well yeah, it wasn’t a guest. You might say it was a ‘lady friend’ of a guest that was ‘visiting’ him.”

Sam “So you didn’t get the guest to sign?

BOB: “She said he had stepped out and I was being slammed with deliveries at those times.”

Sam in a scolding tone: “You know you’re never to let anyone but the guest sign for room service unless he or she has left expressed permission. Has that guest checked out?”

BOB: “I think he left over the weekend.”

SAM: “So you know what that means?”

BOB: “Yes, I am responsible for the charges.”

Sam looking at me with a smile, “It looks as if there was a mistake and these will be removed from your room. In fact for your troubles, we will comp you a night and hope you will come back and visit us again soon.”

ME: “Why thank you very much. I am certainly hoping to get back down here. This has been a truly unique trip and I met many friendly people.” Taking the reprinted statement, I bid them and New Orleans ‘adieu’.


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well i liked this story but was really hoping for a much better bit since he earned the right to her bed but was still treated like nothing :(

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