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This is my first attempt at a story. Please let me know if you have feedback! :) I'm already working on chapter 2.
Slowly, through the fuzziness in her brain, Daisy became aware of the buzzing against her clit. She was able to open her eyes briefly, but her head hurt too much and she had to close them immediately. She slipped back into unconsciousness and became oblivious. The next time Daisy woke up, she felt the buzzing against her clit and a pressure in her pussy. She was kneeling on all 4’s with a table under her for support as her tits hung free. Her hands were restrained to her sides and her legs were tied to the table. Fortunately her head was supported. Daisy realized that with how she was positioned, she could be in this position for an extended amount of time. As she began to panic, she caught sight of a tall man standing to the side of the room staring at her intently. She started to ask who he was, but as soon as she got the first word out, the buzzing stopped and she got a zap in her clit. Daisy settled for glaring at the man out of the corner of her eye.

Finally the man spoke, “I am your owner now. You will now be permitted to ask three questions. Choose them wisely and quickly, if I decide not to answer the questions still counts to your total.” Daisy was silent for a few seconds as she came up with her first question. Timidly, she asked her first question, “How long have I been here?” His response made her worried, “You have been here for three days”. Second, Daisy asked, “What do you want with me?”. She thought that he was going to refuse to answer, but his response came after he thought about it, “Your orgasms, tits, nipples, and holes belong to me. I will use them for my pleasure, you may like it, you may not. Whatever I am doing to you is for my benefit and pleasure, not yours. You are not to orgasm or speak without permission. You have one more, choose wisely, slut”. Finally, Daisy decided to as, “May I please know who you are?” He chuckled before his response, “You may know me as SlutTrainer, but will refer to me as Master”. Daisy’s face went white. She never thought when she signed up for the website that anyone would find out who she was, after all she did not share any pictures of her face and always gave out a fake name when people asked. He said, “It seems you remember who I am and what fantasies you revealed to me during our late-night chat sessions. I have been searching for a sub like you, a submissive who is so blinded by her desire to be controlled that she ignores the warning signs that are directly in front of her. But enough questions for tonight. You may have a small bit of food and water and then it is bedtime for you”. The man held out a straw that was in a glass, she drank but noticed that the water had a funny taste to it. Daisy was go thankful for the water, she said nothing, but smiled as the man held out a sandwich for her to take a bite of. She realized that the tuna sandwich was exactly like the ones that she made at home. About half an hour after Daisy ate, she suddenly felt so tired, she fell into a deep sleep.

The next day Daisy woke up slowly and was extremely groggy. She immediately noticed how excited her pussy was. The man she met yesterday was standing directly in front of her. He again held out the straw and she drank so much water. Daisy recognized that there was a pressing need in her bladder and she tried to speak but as soon as she got one word out, she again felt the zap against her clit! The man explained to her what was happening, “When I train my sluts, I do not not like to see unsightly gags in their mouths, I prefer to see the lips and hear unmuted noises. However, if you do not first whisper Master and then wait for me to acknowledge you, your pussy will experience a sharp zap of electricity to teach you my rules. If you continue to ignore my rules, the zaps will get stronger and longer. Ask properly, slut”. Daisy spoke as quietly as she possibly could, “Master?” He responded, “Yes, my slut?” Daisy asked her embarrassing question as quietly as possible, “Master, may I please use the bathroom?” The man spoke authoritatively, “You can do better, slut. You may not use first person. You must refer to yourself as, ‘this’, ‘this slut’, ‘this whore’, and ‘this cunt’ are all acceptable ways for you to refer to yourself.” Daisy whispered, “Master, may this slut please use the bathroom?” He answered, “Yes you may. If you fight me, I will beat you and I will restrain you for days. You will not be allowed to eat anything other than my cum. Give me your hands.” Daisy waited somewhat impatiently for her new owner to untie her hands. He retied her hands in front of her body. When he designed the basement of his house he thought of everything. He had put a large full bathroom downstairs. There was even a luxurious bathtub which could fit at least three people in it. Daisy sat on the toilet and relieved herself. After she had finished her new Master used a stream of water to clean her pussy. Master said, “Are you finished?” Daisy remembering that if she spoke she may get a zap to her pussy so she just nodded to her owner meekly. He responded with, “Good slut, you are learning well! Back to the table with you.” He walked her back to the table and she willingly resumed her position while he said, “Slut, you haven’t shown any fight. I am impressed with you so far. Many subs fight the first few days of their training. My hopes are that you become a good girl who will satisfy my every whim. You will beg for my cock before I fuck you or allow you to have any form of orgasm.” With that he turned and left the room. Suddenly Daisy saw the glow of a television screen, right in front of her eyes, she was forced to watch women deep-throating cocks and looking so proud of themselves that they were providing this pleasure to the men using them.

To be continued…
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