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This is a work of fiction loosely based on the novel "The Running Man" by Stephen King, and the 1987 movie of the same name. I do not claim rights to either, nor do I make any money from this fiction. Warning: wanton violence
A silvery blimp with mounted cameras overflies a suburb in ruins. The area is large, and at the edges, a barbed wire prevents access to a brick wall. The blimp had searchlights as well, while the flashing logo of the show revealed the nature of the place.

” Escape from Death” featured 8 contestants in search of a single bar of solid gold. Whoever could claim it before being caught by the Annihilator, would leave the hunting grounds alive, and quite a bit richer than before entering the twisted contest.

The entry itself was not completely voluntary. Most were convicted criminals, even for political crimes against the Corporate Dominion States, and instead of a certain death, some thought a slim chance at life was good enough. With the tyrannical nature of the ruling elite and their semi-mercenary security forces, there was never enough room in prisons.

The Annihilators were also picked from the ranks of the militarized police force, but also, certain criminals lucky enough to be offered special deals for exposing associates. Very rarely, sportsmen or talented high-school students would be recruited, on the basis of their impressive ability.

Such was the case with Tanner, who was an 18-year-old with ideas of a wrestling or football career. His rise came about as a consequence of an incident where he utterly destroyed an opponent after he found out the people in his corner were giving him stimulants, and were even trying to influence the referee with bribes. The shocking murder of 4 people actually propelled Tanner to media fame in a country fed on action-overloaded media content.

Thus, he was offered to work in the Escape from Death show, and became the youngest Annihilator to appear, as he was still 17 at the time of signing a contract. What differentiated the young dark-haired Annihilator from others was his simplicity. He didn’t wear special outfits or act in accordance with a certain theme, unlike the Vampire, or Chiller. He was just a teenager fueled by hormones, a thrill to use moves “for real”- amazed by the damage they could actually do, and a desire to put on a show.

There was also his sex drive. Introducing more sexual content into the show was the intention of the producers, in order to up the ratings, and refresh the show. Thus, the open secret of Tanner’s wild, brazen experiences with girls and teachers at his school helped him land the job with the Dominion Entertainment Network, creators of the Escape from Death.

And he would have opportunity to indulge in just that. Before being sent out into the Hunting Grounds, Tanner was given brief profiles of his soon-to-be targets, along with photos. There were definitely some victims that got Tanner’s dick hard.

” Ladies and gentlemennnnn! The Annihilator is here! Let’s give a big applause to Tanner the Man-Boulder! He looks very much worked up for today’s round of Escape from Death!”

The show host, Carl Stockwell used his elegant, yet impactful voice to make every action more exciting. He worked together with cameramen, who directed cameras on the blimp, and those surrounding the Hunting Grounds, to cover everything important that happens.

Jebediah was a seasoned bank robber and weapons smuggler. Even though he didn't have access to firearms, he felt himself confident in being able to ambush the Annihilator with the heavy iron rod ripped out of a chunk of concrete. He waited, hidden behind a burned-out car. Soon, footsteps were audible.

Tanner was indeed coming, looking for his first victim. Wearing nothing but blue wrestling briefs, fingerless gloves, shoulder and shin pads, he seemed plainer, and less intimidating at first sight than some other Annihilators. This is what made Jebediah too cocky, and he decided to come out of his hiding place, once he realized his pursuer was too far for a simple ambush attack.

Tanner made his way through the streets seemingly casually before he heard footsteps from behind. He turned his head, and saw Jebediah, brutish club in hand. He cracked his knuckles in plain view of the convict not a care in the world. His neck cracked next before rolling his shoulders. “Ready to die, scum?”

The reply was scornful and derisory.

"No, you get ready to die, airhead!" the balding man with thick moustache spoke, walking forward with the iron bar in his hand. It looked like he could swing it at any moment.

”Aaaaannnddd, here we go! Tanner the Man-Boulder coming head-to-head with the seasoned convict Jebediah! There’s a swing with that iron bar!”

The show host called the action, as Tanner had to grip the bar with his left hand, in order to prevent the strike from connecting with his body. However, he was also able to use the fact that Jebediah gripped the blunt weapon with both hands, to his advantage.

Tanner struck Jebediah with the right knee, causing the older man to groan in pain, and double over. This was all the plan of the Annihilator, who wrapped his right arm around the neck of his foe, and leapt back, slamming the victim’s head into the ground.

” What a devastating DDT! Jebediah is bleeding, and barely moving! Our first kill of the night is coming!”

And indeed, just as Carl predicted, the young male went for it. He sat on the back of Jebediah, bent his left arm to secure his legs, while the right arm locked around Jebediah’s neck. The pulling started slow, but soon, Tanner’s victim was groaning, as his body was forced into a U-shape.

As soon as the first cracks of vertebrae came, Tanner pushed downwards on Jebediah’s spine as much as he could, while violently pulling up on his legs and neck. The result was a chain of pops and crunching sounds mixed in with early screams that abruptly stopped. The bank robber was dead, his limbs completely limp.

Another male was watching from behind a rubble pile. His gasp was only partially muffled, as fear skyrocketed once Tanner broke the while spinal column of the rugged convict.

” What a creative, powerful kill by Tanner! Those pops were SICK!”, Carl spoke with exhilaration through the loud noise of the fans, both in the show studio, and in front of wide screens placed at every major square.

” Fuck yeah, that was good...”, Tanner agreed, feeling a rush of pleasure not just from his finisher, but also, the reaction of the crowd. Also, a very noticeable bulge had formed in his underwear. He soon moved on, looking around for potential traps set by other participants.

The scared man in a suit tried to crawl away as quietly as possible. However, he was not quiet enough. Tanner went in his direction, and soon realized he had come upon Frank, a slick drug dealer, who even had a fancy suit on him, but it had already become dirty from the debris in this area.

Once spotted, Frank had tried to run away, but he had no chance. Tanner smiled, and broke into a sprint, lowering his body as he sought to spear Frank into rubble. The drug dealer’s panicked cries conveyed the fear he had for his life.

In the end, Frank found himself beside a plywood board, and got rammed through it. A groan was all that escaped his lips, as he lost consciousness. The impact of the spear, and the fall to the ground caused injuries to internal organs, but also- the spine. Tanner had to simply finish the job.

To do so, he pulled the unconscious man’s head into a grounded dragon sleeper. This man didn’t deserve a clean death but with his idiotic ass not being awake to be brutalized, the audience wouldn’t care as much. He yanked up on the man’s neck hard, his neck breaking in spectacular fashion. He dropped the man’s twitching body, letting his body shut down slowly instead of making it a completely clean break. However, as he watched Frank sputter out, Tanner began to touch the bulge in his briefs.

Some of the audience's reaction were beginning to border on sexual infatuation with this youthful stud, as a result of this escalation in sexual content. The usual cheers were now intermixed with erotically charged moans

The footage of the kill shown on the several screens in the Hunting Grounds had a numbing effect on those who had already resigned themselves to death, such as Cindy, a secretary wo had been sexually harassed by her boss, fired, and the jailed on ridiculous charges. Her life was in ruins. This show offered a rare opportunity to find a supposed gold bar, which one could claim as prize, while also granting the finder safety from death.

Cindy had entered an abandoned jewelry store, thinking it would be ironically clever, if the coveted bar of gold was hidden somewhere inside. She constantly looked around, both to search for the item, and to make sure she wasn't being stalked. However, she was already in trouble.

Tanner had picked up a lovely scent of floral perfume and knew it wasn’t a convict. That was for sure. He found Cindy rummaging through the trashes store and slowly made his way behind her. “Hello there, sexy.” He said as he wrapped his arms around her in a loose bear hug.

Cindy froze at the words of the Annihilator. Yes, she knew what she was doing by entering this "contest", but it made the situation no less unsettling- being caught all of a sudden. Biting her lip, she asked the muscular male a question after a few moments.

” How...long will this take?”, Cindy asked, quite anxious, as these Annihilators were known to be rather sadistic in their conduct.

Tanner was rather interested in something more than just an easy kill, right now. Thus, he answered with a question of his own.

” Do want to go quick? Or, would you like to enjoy it?” He said as he massaged her left breast through the white shirt.

Cindy blinked at the question, before the breast groping caused her to moan, at first involuntarily.

” I...didn't expect...that.”

She indeed did not, as Escape from Death was not on the list of the shows she watched regularly. She was not the type to enjoy wanton violence, and struggled to function within an increasingly cruel, militarized society.

” Oh, yeah...first action of the night...”, Tanner’s voice was typical of a cocky teen whose head was turned off, in favor of his penis.

Tanner easily ripped her clothes off leaving her gorgeous curvy body, the one that drew her boss’ attention. He laid her down on a showing table and slid down his blue briefs, revealing a large erect cock that put to shame so many men. He let the head of his cock rest against her pussy entrance as he kissed her deeply.

” Whoa…Tanner's getting it on with a sexy blonde. I am having a hard-on, myself… “, Carl admitted, even as he was supposed to be professional as a show host.

He was almost masturbating, driven by the reactions of the crowd to the live sex act unfolding on the screens. As Cindy tongued with her future executioner, the audience reactions were through the roof. Many were seeing sex in this show for the first time ever.

Tanner slowly pushed his massive cock inside Cindy’s quivering pussy as he massaged her heavy breasts while his kisses muffled her ever louder moans. Her legs were opening as the young stud railed her pussy with power and pace.

“ Oh, yeah, Cindy. I'm gonna make you cum so hard! Unf! Fuck, yeah!”

Cindy thought those words would be fitting of a pretentious asshole in almost all circumstances. Except...the young stud was doing it. Ravaging her, and making her come closer to an orgasm. However, as the show host awkwardly pointed out, the Annihilator risked his prospective victims finding the gold bar. Even though the blimp played not only the voice of the host, but also the horny crowd. Ratings were through the roof!

As Cindy’s breath was signaling an imminent orgasm, Tanner wrapped her head and arm up in an arm triangle choke as he continues brutally fucking her sopping wet pussy. He would choke her until she came and then break her thin neck.

Cindy experienced a powerful, squirting orgasm from the combination of the arm triangle choke, Tanner's kisses and thrusts into her pussy. Her body convulsed, before she rapidly started to lose muscle tone, looking oddly sleepy.

Tanner kissed her one last time, as he yanked upwards and broke her neck with a loud SNAP! His climax is potent, followed by loud groans, as cum overflows out of the secretary's pussy.

The neck snap, as well as the ejaculation of the Annihilator, caused many masturbating people to finally cum. Cameras showing crowd reactions showed wet clothes as a result of that.

The remaining seven targets had thought they better find the bar of solid gold, or some weapons. That is, all six. Jan was not strongly built, but in his bouts of insane violence, he could be stronger than two bodybuilders. In his mind, there was a conspiracy that had to be uncovered. He would kill the imposter human and expose his true skin. For that, he diligently sharpened a shard of glass, and headed in the opposite direction of where most others went.

” It seems that the insane Jan has chosen the unthinkable. He is heading for Tanner!”, the show host conveyed the dramatic nature of the situation. Jan was cautious enough to advance silently, sounding out the area for footsteps. He hoped to slay the Annihilator with his improvised blade.

He almost succeeded, too. Tanner had been caught by surprise. He only smelled the intense sweat of the attacker from up close. One turn of the head, and the Man-Boulder was faced with the psychotic convict, who lunged forward, trying to stab the Annihilator in the eye.

” Die, imposter!”, he hissed in a noticeable East-European accent.

The Annihilator caught the wrist of the man just barely in time, rather surprised at his strength and speed but he didn’t let it show on his face. He managed to use his training in judo to redirect the momentum of the attacker, and flip him over- onto the ground, dislocating his left wrist with the toss.

He followed up with a hard punch aimed at the solar plexus, but it had far less effect that anticipated. It seemed he had grown resistant to stun-inducing equipment, such as electroshock machines. He attacked furiously, by lunging at the youth male, with a biting intent!

Tanner could only retreat and kick at the crazy man, whose defense were his flailing arms. The reinforced boot ended up knocking out a tooth out of Jan's mouth, while making him bleed. However, Jan opened his mouth, and spat the blood at the eyes of his foe.

The shocked host was narrating the fight as if it were a wrestling match. "And there's blood spitting! The crazy Jan is fighting to the last ounce of life! Annihilator Tanner has been challenged!"

Tanner was angry, and performed an axe kick, which floored Jan, causing his skull to crack. The psychotic man was unconscious, and finally unable to resist.

The lesson Tanner was going to teach Jan, and everyone else, was rather sadistic. Placing Jan's bodz on his shoulders, head facing up, he began pulling down on the back and neck of the man. It was a torture rack backbreaker.

The pulling on the spine started to cause soft cracks quickly, followed by groans of Jan, who was still not fully awake. However, the mentally ill man shrieked once Tanner pulled hard on his body from two sides.

The spine snapped, the man's legs flopped, while the Annihilator groaned in triumph.

” How do you like that, punk?”, he taunted the broken victim.

However, all he would receive were crazed, unintelligible cries and screams, which quickly became annoying. Thus, he released Jan's floppy legs, while gripping his head with both hands. Tanner chose to finish Jan off in a hangman’s neckbreaker, by straining his neck across the toned back and shoulders.

The show host and the audience approved, deeming the finish quite original. It took time, but a series of cracks did come from the neck of Jan, after which he was all floppy.

As the crowd cheered Tanner on following the kill, he felt so elated, so powerful, and so horny, seeing all the people who were already naked on screen.
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