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Like the name suggests, this is the story the tells what happened before the story previously posted "White Out". I had not planned on continuing this but I who am I to deny inspiration when it appears? This story can stand on its own but for the full picture I would suggest reading "White Out" as well.
Be aware of the story tags, if you do not like one do not read it. Creampie Consensual Sex, Hardcore, Humiliation, Massage, First Time, Non-consensual Sex, Pregnant, Rape, Teen Female/Teen Male, Virginity, Young.

Also note everyone is of age in this story but because certain words kept flagging the story, I have replaced them with tiny human. Context should be enough to figure out what word should have been used even if it does not flow exactly the same.

Lidia rubbed the last bit of lotion onto her cleanly shaven pussy and shivered with delight. She wanted to continue and so did her dripping wet pussy but she had plans. Reluctantly she patted herself dry, it would not stay dry she knew, and started to dress. Another fifteen minutes later she twirled about in the mirror eager for what was to come.

She let her long hair flow and wore tight jeans and a thin shirt but was more eager to show off what she had underneath. Grabbing her coat, she went out to her black car. Forecast had predicted snow but it had predicted snow for the last two weeks and nothing had come of it. As she shivered and started her car Lidia figured it might actually do it this time. She thought about going back in for some more snow clothes but decided against it. She would not be wearing clothes soon enough.

After a few minutes of driving the first flakes of snow could be seen and at the last stop before arriving at her destination the fuel light flicked on. She had forgotten how low it was. She made a mental note to fill up before heading home.

Lidia dashed up the short sidewalk in the now heavy snow to Reece's home, knocking on the door.

"Come in," came the familiar voice of Reece from a distance.

She turned the door knob and entered. The cozy little house would be empty except for the two of them for at least the next few hours. Reece came around the corner and Lidia's smile receded for a moment. He wore an old tank top and stained jeans.

"Why are you dressed like that?" Lidia asked disappointed. She had not dressed up super fancy but had at least put some effort into her attire.

Reece looked down at the shabby clothes, "awe don't worry tiny human, it's not like I will be wearing them for long."

Lidia frowned, she hated that nick name and Reece knew it but used it anyway.

Reece stepped closer and put his hands on her hips and leaned in, giving her a kiss, "have the place to ourselves for a few hours. Why don't we go back to my room?"

Her heart skipped a beat and she had to stop herself from prancing as Reece lead the way to his room. She figured she could forgive him for the nick name and the lack luster clothes for today. She was just too excited to let that get to her.

Reece's room was not a mess but clean would not have been a word to describe it either. The floor had recently been vacuumed and the bed was made, at least Reece had made an attempt at making it with clean sheets. The computer at his desk was running but the dusty monitor and webcam were blank right now making the dust even more apparent. The small book case in the corner of the room however, had recently been dusted, possibly vacuumed at the same time as the floor. The window blinds had some spars cobwebs at the top and were slightly open but not much light came in due to the weather out.

Reece led Lidia to the center of the room, between the computer and the bed. He smiled and sat on the bed. He threw off his tank top and looked up expectantly to Lidia.

She blushed and played with the hem of her shirt, "this is so sudden."

Raising an eye brow, Reece asked, "isn't this what you wanted? Didn't you want to lose your virginity today? Celebration of moving out and all?"

After a moment of hesitation, she closed her eyes, "Yes!" She took the shirt off and threw it to the floor.

She had just started working on her jeans when Reece halted her, "woah wait! Slowly...why don't you twirl about for me?"

She beamed at him and complied spinning on the spot showing off her lacy bra.

"Very nice," said Reece with a growing bulge in his jeans. "What's next?"

For answer she quickly took off her shoes. She giggled to herself thinking how silly it would have been trying to take off her pants earlier before removing the shoes. Thankfully Reece had stopped her. The socks came off next and she wiggle her toes around before once again working on removing the jeans. This time she moved slowly and deliberately.

Lidia opened the front of the jeans revealing the thin strip of fabric covering her most private areas. Reece's eyes bulged and he leaned forward for a better look but she covered back up with a small laugh of embarrassment.

"You tease," he said. "Turn around and take them off."

She did so, pointing her rear at him she wiggled her butt. Hooking her thumbs on the pants, she pulled them over her hips and down her legs. Leaving behind the thong panties concealing her, if it could even be considered concealment. She spun around swaying her hips and playing with her breasts.

"I like what I see, keep going," encouraged Reece.

She needed little encouragement. Although her first time, she had been looking forward to such a moment for too long. Without any further hesitation, she tossed her bra aside while keeping her nipples covered. Smiling and blushing profusely, she played with her tits as Reece's bulge reached its peak. She turned her back once more and wiggled her tush before pulling the thong off and lightly kicking it off her foot. One last time she turned around for Reece. This time she held one arm over her tits and the other over her pussy while blushing and beaming with delight.

"Impressive, you look so cute tiny human," said Reece as he ogled her. "Why don't you come over and help me out of these?" pointing at his pants.

Lidia went to her knees and kept herself covered as best she could while crawling over. Her tits were finally revealed as she lifted her hands and begin to unbutton Reece's jeans. His hands mean while begin to play with her tits and rub the little nipples. She giggled in response but kept her own fingers moving. Soon the hard dick of Reece popped free. She began tugging at the pants and Reece lifted his hips letting her pull them off.

Once completely naked her smile faulted for just an instant when she saw his unshaved neither region. She was not sure why she expected anything different though.

"Why don't you give it a squeeze?" said Reece and her smile quickly returned.

She reached out and with both hands grabbed his cock and began pumping it.

"Woah," Reece put his hand on hers. "Easy does it."

She reluctantly slowed down as she played with her new toy. Reece sighed with pleasure and leaned back. Before he got too excited though he stopped her.

"Give it a little kiss," he said with a wink.

Lidia licked her lips and took a moment before she descended. Much like with her hands she was over eager. This time however Reece enjoyed her enthusiasm. He took his hand placed it on her head and helped her push the cock deeper while he continued to moan. While she bobbed up and down on his dick his head rolled back and he looked to the corner of the room with a delighted smile then straight ahead to the computer. After about a minute of this he turned his attention back to the girl sucking him off.

"Wow, let's have some real fun," he pulled her off his slippery cock, guiding her to the bed."

Lidia laid down on the bed shacking with excitement and anticipation. She was going to finally lose her cherry. Reece got on the bed with her and straddled her legs with his cock pointed at her smooth and wet pussy.

She put her hand up and stopped him a look of concern on her face. "Wait," one of the few times she had spoken since arriving. "Where's the condom?"

Reece rolled his eyes and rolled off the bed. He had hopped she would have forgotten but that was ok he had other plans; in fact this might be better. He picked up a condom off the desk and showed it to her as he unwrapped it and carefully put it on his twitching cock.

He climbed back on the bed, "happy?"

She nodded and he lined up with her pussy once more. This time she did not protest as he pulled closer. When he made contact, she jumped and he had to try again. She was practically hyperventilating as she watched Reece get closer. An electric thrill ran through her body when he made contact with her pussy folds. Her knuckles were white where she gripped the sheets and her body tensed as he slowly rubbed the condom covered penis up and down her slit, teasing her. Satisfied he had done enough Reece grabbed her hips and shoved his cock into the virgin.

She let out a scream and jerked back. Reece held her tight as she tried to pull away. After the thrashing stopped Lidia glared at Reece with tears stinging her eyes, "why'd you do that?"

"Do what?" he feigned innocents.

She curled her lips angrily, "you know what. Why didn't you go slow? You know it's my first time."

"Don't worry about it," he chided. "It always hurts the first time."

Unconvinced she continued to glare at him as he began to slowly thrust in and out. With the pain fading away pleasure started replacing it. Reece gradually picked up the pace of his pumping and Lidia began meeting his thrusts her excitement returning as well. She was a no longer a virgin, she was actually having sex like a real woman.

Reece continued to pound away at the former virgin, approaching his orgasm. Bottoming out time and time again until she began moaning, they went at it for several minutes. Her own hip movements now more eager than Reece's.

He stopped, pulling out leaving Lidia confused and empty as she looked up. "Turn over," he said.

That cock needed to go back in and she did not waste any time getting on her hands a knees for him. Her orgasm had not happened yet due to his rough and painful entrance at the start but it was getting close.

While Lidia changed position and lost sight of Reece's cock his hands reached for the condom. In a single practiced and smooth motion, he pulled the condom off without a sound. Then with his naked cock he plowed it back into the naive girl's pussy. He held the condom up and waved it around with an evil grin on his face for a moment before discarding it.

Something felt different as he rammed her. Slicker? Sleeker? Silkier? She did not know what but she preferred it. She dropped her head while Reece continued to work in and out of her pussy and her hair fell covering her face. Reece only slowed down for a moment to brush her hair to the side. The orgasm grew stronger and any moment it would take her.

Unseen by Lidia, Reece looked to the webcam and gave a thumbs up and broad smile. A few more quick strokes later he grabbed Lidia by the waist and yanked her into his hips. He let out a loud moan as he flooded her unprotected cervix with his sperm.

Her eyes bulged and her moth dropped in horror as she felt the pulses, "What are you doing?! Stop!"

She did not know what happened but even as a virgin there was no mistaking the feeling of his hot cum spraying her insides. The condom was gone. Lidia tried to pull away but Reece held her tight. She struggled in vain as the cum kept flowing. Her screaming protests continued as Reece moaned louder forcing his balls to blast every last drop into the girl.

Tears streamed down her face as she desperately attempted to pull away. It was not until Reece finished pumping, he let her go. Even then he held her several seconds after the last drops of cum had been deposited.

Reece laughed as Lidia cried when she pulled away. Sitting on the bed she spread her labia and inserted her fingers but was unable to reach any of the cum within. He had made sure to deposit his cum deep.

So distraught and focused on removing the cum she ignored Reece until with a cruel laugh he told her to smile for the camera. She saw his naked cock deflating as she looked up. Her horror only grew when she saw the computer monitor, he had turned on. She looked back at herself on the screen, the two screens. One camera feed from the webcam at the computer the other... She turned to the other she had failed to notice on shelf in the corner. She had been recorded the whole time.

"Well, that looks like we're almost at the end of our stream folks," said Reece to the live audience.

How could things get any worse? Bawling Lidia grabbed her clothes and darted from the room, feeling cum sloshing in her vagina. She dressed so fast she did not even get her pants on the correct way before running out into the now howling blizzard and to her black car, leaving her coat behind.

Lidia could hardly tell where she was going, she did not care either as long as it was far away. The snow obscured so much she almost hit the slow semi as she sped past. Unfortunately, a few minutes later she did lose sight of the road and slipped right off.

The snow was soft and did not damage the car but it was completely stuck. She slammed her hand on the steering wheel before leaning forward and weeping, stuck in the snow. All alone except for the millions of sperm swimming in her deflowered pussy.

The sputtering engine pulled her away from her sorrows. How long had she been crying in the snow? She turned off the lights trying to save power knowing full well that would do little. Something pulled in behind her illuminating the cab with its headlights. She wiped away her tears and looked for her coat. She could not find it. Turning the dome light on she got up and looked around frantically. Lidia sniffed back more tears when she confirmed her memory, the coat was back at Reece's house. Turning off the dome light, she sat back down. A minute later the engine stopped. It would not be that cold she hoped.

Lidia hugged her legs into her chest freezing and shivering. Rubbing her legs down trying to bring any warmth back as the snow continued to howl outside. She could not even call for help, her phone had been in her coat pocket. Something did not seem right; she knew she was forgetting something important but what? She rubbed her legs more vigorously pushing the thought away, too cold and traumatized to think clearly.

The blizzard howled more fiercely than ever but something was different. The only thing Lidia could think about was the biting cold but the cold was fading. In fact, it was getting warmer, a lot warmer. She was burning up.

The warmth spread over her body like a blanket, a big soft blanket. The bed was warm too. Although the pillow could use some fluffing and the sheets were a bit coarse but it was... She sat up. It was not her bed, not her home, not her car. Where was she?

She looked around the interior of, a semi? It must be a semi. She stood up and noticed two things. First, she had no pants, they were folded neatly next to her, and second her pussy was wet as hell and soaking her panties. Was that normal hours after sex? Had something else happen?

A door opened and closed. Someone had entered and from the sound perhaps taking their coat off. Panicked about being found naked with her pussy dripping cum, she sat back down and pulled the blanket up. She had just finished adjusting the blanket to fully cover herself when the curtain opened.

A young man stopped, seeing her awake. She stared at him clutching the blanket tightly. The two simply stared before he broke the silence, "before you say anything, it was you who took your clothes off and you would have frozen to death if I hadn't brought you in."

Lidia looked away. This man had saved her life but was that all he did? He pointed to the pants and socks, "they should be dry enough, although probably not warm enough. I also managed to get some gas for your car. Should get you to the next gas station."

She nodded her head. Silence lingered and she wanted to ask for details but dared not.

"Well get dressed and you can be on your way. The road has just been plowed too, would be the best time to get out of here," he closed the curtain.

She hesitated, unsure if he would be opening the curtain again. Looking at the clothes she stood up feeling the stickiness between her legs. She had to confirm it. She found the head lamp and turned it on. With the extra light Lidia peeled back the front of her panties, revealing a gooey wad of cum. Although new to sex, it sure looked like a fresh load to her She had also been unable to get any of Reece's cum to flow out of her earlier, why would it be leaking now? Her fingers trembled as she closed the panties back up. She dressed in silence.

A few minutes later she emerged from the curtain, dressed in what little she had. The young man offered to carry her across the snow to her car. Lidia wanted to refuse but that snow was deep. She shivered in his arms as he carried her to her car. As one last parting gesture, he gave her a few energy bars and a water bottle. She could not even bring herself to thank him and simply nodded her head and got in the car. She looked up to him and opened her mouth to speak but decided against it. Closing the door, she started the car.

She pulled out of the snow. Then slow and carefully Lidia drove down the road. The man followed a few minutes later tailing her for close to ten minutes. The road split up ahead and she turned on her turn light and the truck turned on the opposite one. She would never see him again. Would that be ok? Before she lost sight of him an idea struck. She scrambled for pen and paper but only found a pen. Lidia wrote down the license plate of the truck and the company logo on her arm before they parted and he reseeded into the distance.

Lidia paced in the bathroom waiting for the test strip although she knew what it would say. The problem was she did not know who's it would be. Unable to wait any longer she picked up the test strip again and turned it over with trembling hands. This time however it was confirmed. She swallowed back her tears and threw it away.

Back in her room she held her phone looking at the ten-digit number of the man who saved her life. She had called the company weeks ago and after explaining how she wanted to thank the man who saved her life they tracked down the driver and had given her his name and number. She had yet to call Jax though, what was she going to say? She sighed and dialed the number.

"Hello?" answered Jax on his blue tooth.

"Uh, this Jax Braxton?"

Jax had been expecting the call. A young woman had asked to speak to him and thank him for saving her life in the blizzard and human resources would not give that out without his permission. He dared not refuse after what happened that night, "yes, who's this?"

"It’s me, Lidia."

Jax had never gotten the girl's name so he had to ask, "I don't know a Lidia."

"Oh, right..." she remembered she had never told him her name just like she had never gotten his. "Do you... do you remember the blizzard not long ago?"

Jax immediately turned on the caution lights and began pulling over. He floundered with his words, "Yes, I thought I would be hearing from you soon." He gulped his throat suddenly dry.

"I wanted to thank you for saving my life."

"You're welcome.... you're ok right? Feeling well?"

"I've felt better."

Sweating with panic Jax did not like where this was going, "oh I'm sorry to hear that."

Lidia lowered her voice to a whisper, "actually I called for something else." Jax was silent so she continued, "did...did anything happen that night?"

That was a loaded question if he ever heard one but the fact that she was asking meant she already knew, probably.

"Jax?" she asked as he had still not answered.

He sighed and took a deep breath, "ya, something happened that night." A moment pause, "it was an accident, I swear. I was only trying to keep you from freezing to death."

"What happened?"

"I...I...might have accidentally raped you while we slept," he cringed as he said but he came clean. The worst was yet to come, he was sure. He would be arrested no doubt and he would deserve it. When the silence was finally broken it was not how he would have expected it.

"I would like to meet you," came Lidia's soft voice.

"Wait what?"

"You're a truck driver, right? When do you think you'll be in the area again?"

"Uh... I'm almost done with my current haul. I could probably request another in your area, so probably next week?"

"Alright, I'll send you an address. Let me know when you will be available. I look forward to meeting you. Bye for now."

And just like that she hung up. Jax had no idea what had just happened or what he would be in for. He thought about running but where would he go? What would he do?

"I guess I'll go met her," he told himself minutes later and started down the road again.

That morning Lidia waited in the dinner. Every time a new patron entered, she would look up, her heart would flutter for just a moment. She would then shake her head. Why did she feel this way and why did she ask to meet up with her rapist and alone?

Jax pulled into the truck stop, the location Lidia had given him. It was nothing fancy but for a truck stop it was nice. He looked for her black car but did not see it anywhere. His heart was pounding as he walked to the small dinner. Why did he feel this way and why had she asked to meet him?

Their eyes met instantly when he walked in and each blushed for a moment. Jax walked over and took a seat, "hi Lidia."

"Hi, Jax," she returned.

Awkward silence lingered and the two could not meet each other's eyes. Thankfully the waiter showed up at the moment, "what can I get for you two?"

"Uh, just water for now," said Jax, his throat feeling terribly dry.

"Same," said Lidia.

The waiter left and Jax decided to finally say something, "so... how is it going?"

He cringed as he said, what kind of stupid question was that? It was enough though.

Lidia gave him an awkward smile before answering, "I'm pregnant how do you think it's going?"

Jax looked down at the table and his heart sank, "so it's just as I feared. I'm so sorry."

"It might not be yours though," although the sorrow in her voice caught Jax off guard.

"Wait what? It might not be?" his mind raced for explanations but did not find any satisfactory ones before Lidia continued.

Lidia's mind raced too. She had no idea why she had just told him the unborn tiny human might not be his. What had she been expecting? She tried to refocus by getting some answers of her own, "before I tell you about that, can you tell me what happened that night?"

"Well...what do you remember?"

"All I remember is freezing to death in my car and then it started to get really hot. After that I woke up in the back of your truck."

"Ok, that sounds about right. I can't say I understand but you had left your car and stripped naked. Only reason I found you at all was because of the sound of the car door." Jax paused to wait for Lidia to interject or question him but she remained silent.

"I panicked of course thinking you were going to die, which you would've, so I went and dragged you into my truck, you fought me the whole time. Your skin was so cold I thought it was already too late. I stripped to provide as much surface area to you as possible and hugged you under the blanket. You wouldn't believe how cold you were. We stayed that way for a few hours, I'm not sure, while you warmed up."

"Is that all," asked Lidia raising an eye brow.

She looked so desperate to know more, Jax had to tell her the rest, even if it pained him to do so.

"No...that's not all," he paused again collecting himself. "Please believe me when I say I didn't mean to. I thought it was a dream." After a heavy sigh he continued, "I woke up with... when I woke up you were..."

"Woah, you two ok?" asked the waiter setting the water down and seeing the melancholy at the table.

"We're fine," lied Lidia.

"Well if you say so," said the waiter unconvinced. "Are you ready to order?"

"Not yet," said Lidia dismissing the waiter who left but not before giving them a few backward glances.

"So, you had a bad dream?" asked Lidia prompting Jax to continue.

"Well, it wasn't so bad until I woke up. You were...dripping with cum, my cum. I didn't know what to do. I got your clothes and dressed you best I could but there was too much ice on them. Then I went back to bed."

"Then you woke up and shoveled us out," said Lidia with a sigh, at least she knew what happened now.

"No," replied Jax clenching his fist and slamming the table. Lidia jumped back startled by the outburst.

"It happened again, even with clothes on. I fucking raped you like a monster. Just call the cops already. I deserve what happens," he set his jaw and said no more waiting for Lidia.

She had asked to meet him, she had not known what to expect or what she had hoped to accomplish by speaking with her rapist but this certainly was not it. Perhaps it was his honesty but she did not want to turn him in. She put her hand over his clenched fist, "you're not a monster. Let me tell you a story about a monster."

Jax doubted she could have anything worse at this point but he owned it to Lidia to listen, so he bit his tongue and let her have her say.

"Not the first time I'd been raped," her words took the wind right out of his sail.

"What?" he fell back in his chair as his anger faded.

She rubbed her eyes trying to prevent the tears. "My boyfriend," she laughed, a cold laugh. "A real monster, he set me up. It was supposed to be our first time. My first time and he betrayed me."

She could no longer keep the tears back, and Jax barely managed to hear the next few words. "He stealthed me and filmed me. Then he laughed."

Too much for Lidia she got up to run but was stopped when Jax grabbed her wrist. She tried to pull away but Jax held her firmly. He stood up and pulled her around into a hug. A big strong warm hug. Lidia tried to push him off but after a moment relented and began bawling in his arms.

The others in the room were now watching in hushed voice at the commotion. Jax paid them no mind, this girl was hurt and he was not going to let that happen again.

The waiter returned unsure what to do, "is everything ok?"

Jax looked around the stunned faces of the other customers and back to the waiter, "we're going to be going."

The two left the small dinner without another word. Jax held Lidia in his arms the whole way. They walked in silence around the perimeter of the truck stop for a long time before either of them spoke.

Although Lidia had taken the pill a few days after it had not worked. She hated the idea of abortion but the idea she might be carrying Reece's tiny human revolted her more. Then there were her parents, she had finally been able to move out but was already knocked up. Minutes after Jax had an idea and pulled out his phone.

"What are you doing?" asked Lidia upon seeing the phone.

Jax started a search, "looking for a clinic willing to take a blood sample."

Lidia scrunched her eyebrows, "for what?"

"My DNA of course. Give you something to compare it to. If you're not willing to turn me in, I can at least give you something to test against. Then you can decide what to do from there."

Lidia stopped walking and it took a few steps for Jax to notice, "you'd do that?"

"I don't understand why you would think that would be a question," said Jax as he dialed the first clinic of many. It took a while for him to find one willing to see him that day but his persistence eventually paid off. He even managed to get an appointment for Lidia a few days later. It would be simpler than he expected, a mouth swab for him and blood draw for Lidia. It would however be expensive but it was the least he could do.

A week later Lidia stared at the email from the clinic. The arrangement had been to send the results to her, it would be her to view the results. She continued to stare at the subject line too scared to open it. She jumped when the phone rang.

"Hi Lidia, did you find out yet?" came the fearful but familiar and kind voice of Jax, who had also been waiting anxiously.

Lidia licked her lips several times before responding., "hi Jax. Ya, it's right here...."


"I'm scared Jax, what do I do if it's not yours?" Although Jax had to get back on the road, the two had been talking a lot the last few days. What they would do for either scenario, they had already talked about it but with answers right at her finger tips, she did not know if she could follow through with them.

"We talked about this. I'll help and support you either way."

"But...." she trailed off but had nothing to add.

"But nothing, just take a look."

Her fingers shook as she navigated back to the email on her phone and opened it. She briefly skimmed it until she found what she had been looking for.

There is 98% certainty that Jax Braxton is the father of Lidia Doxon's tiny human.

A wave of relief followed; it was not Reece's. Then anger, how would she prove Reece had raped her now? Then panic, she could not abort the tiny human either. Then joy, she was going to be a mother. Lidia sniffled back tears unsure of how she felt or should feel when she answered, "it's yours."

Jax picked up on the uncertainty in Lidia's voice and was likewise unsure how he felt about being a father. The same emotions running through him also. In the end Jax decided it was the better out come, "congratulation."

"Is that the right word?"

"Probably not, but I think it's better this way."

"You do, why?"

Jax had to stop for a moment, "I don't know, just a feeling I guess."

They were silent as Lidia pondered, "you might be right."

"Do you want to go out?"

Lidia was stunned, considering the circumstance she should be angry at the thought, at least she thought she should be, but instead her heart skipped a beat. "Really? You're asking me out?"

"If you're going to be having my tiny human and if I'm going to be helping you, it seems only natural we should get to know each other. Besides....I like you."

Lidia did not know what to say but eventually managed to say, "ok."

The date would have to wait another month though as Jax was on the other side of the country. Despite the physical distance, the two grew closer as they spoke to each other at least once every night.

Jax double checked the address and nodded in satisfaction before pulling on the black hoodie and face mask. He had been hauling for days to get there a day early and hitch hiked the last hour so he could leave his truck behind. Creeping around the back he found the back door and carefully tried the handle, it opened. He did not know where to go from here but the sounds from down the hall told him he was not the only one awake. Light seeped under the door as he listened. Jax had gather as much information as he could before arriving, although he was sure his target would be alone, he had no way of knowing. No point stopping now. He burst through the door.

"What the hell?" yelled Reece as the dark figure charged in brandishing a knife.

"SHUT UP! YOU WILL SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TOO" yelled the intruder in a robotic voice while he advanced, knife held high.

Reece paled, as he saw the knife, not daring to move.

"You name, give me your name, in fact show me your ID. I wouldn't trust a liar like you," the dark figure said.

Reece, who had been sitting at his computer, slowly opened the desk for his wallet. His eyes flicked over another object in the drawer hidden from the intruder and Reece smiled to himself gaining some confidence. He handed the ID over but did not close the drawer, instead reached his free hand inside.

"Reece Warnken, I thought as much. How long did you think you were going to be able to trick and rape girls on camera before getting caught?"

Reece recoiled in shock. How would this guy know about that and why was he here? It did not mater. He was going to end this intruder's very short crusade. Reece yanked out the gun and pointed it at the figure.

With a sneer and a laugh Reece mocked, "I don't know who you think you are but you're very stupid to come after me with a knife. Now drop it and I might let you go."

The intruder's eyes filled with rage, although unseen behind his hooded face. He did not care about getting shot. He stepped closer panicking Reece.

"Stay back or I'll shoot," warned Reece losing his confidence again seeing the stranger unperturbed by the threat.

"Try it," came the robotic voice as he moved closer.

Reece's hand shook as the stranger took another step. He screamed and pulled the trigger in fear. Nothing happened.

Pain shot through Reece's hand as he cried out. The gun spinning out of his hand hitting the floor and sliding under the bed. He looked down at his bleeding wrist where the intruder had just slashed him. Disarmed and bleeding Reece almost passed out but his attacker would not allow it.

"Try that again and you're dead."

"What do you want," whined Reece holding his bloody wrist.

"You record yourself tricking girls into sex, don't you?"

Reece nodded.

"It's very simple then. All I want you to do is turn yourself in."

Reece's eyes went wide, "what?"

"If you want to get out of this room alive, you're going to give those videos to the police and I'm not leaving until I see it happen," the intruder pointed at the computer screen indicating Reece to get started.

Jax trembled after the adrenalin had worn off. He got what he wanted but not how he planned. Fleeing the premise Jax once again thanked his lucky stars Reece had been too stupid to turn the safety off. By the time Jax made it back to the truck stop he had burned the hoodie and scattered the ashes, got the voice synthesizer smashed and run over on the highway, and washed the blade before snapping it in half and throwing both pieces away in separate trash cans miles apart. All in all, a successful night and he slept late the next morning.

While Jax slept, the police had called Lidia in for some questions. Surprise and shock would have been an understatement when she heard Reece had turned himself in. The police were gathering evidence including testimony from herself and apparently an undisclosed number of other girls. Lidia confirmed the story, humiliated so many others had seen her but at last Reece would get what he deserved.

Only problem was the circumstances behind Reece's confession. The police were evasive about it but she drew enough information from their questions to learn Reece had not turned himself in voluntarily.

While still mulling this over she was interrupted by a knock at the door. Happily changing her focus, she rushed to the door and opened it to for Jax.

Jax beamed at her and pulled out a lovely bouquet of flowers from behind his back.

"Oh, Jax. They're beautiful!" Lidia said as she took the flowers and inhaling their aroma.

"Only half as beautiful as you," he said.

She dropped her smile and stared at him, "did you really say something that cheesy?"

Jax tried to hold a straight face but eventually broke out laughing, "oh come on. I couldn't resist. Do you know I haven't had the chance to say something that cheesy since high school?”

Lidia rolled her eyes but grinned back, "ok fine lover boy, where are we headed?"

"Well, I figured we should go ice skating actually, but it's your neck of the woods. What would you like?"

"No, ice skating sounds good. Let me just put these in a vase and by the way thank you so much for coming."

With the flowers put away the two walked hand in hand out of the house. Jax paused half way to his rig. He had taken the trailer off and left it at a nearby truck stop so he would not be dragging a load around. Problem was the semi was still really big.

"Um...should we take your car instead?" he said looking at the truck.

It only took her a moment to make a decision. With another smile she answered, "no, your truck should do fine. Besides I have never been in one before. Well riding one I should say."

Jax enjoyed hearing how much fun Lidia was having. She kept swiveling in her seat looking at the world through the new prospective. High off the ground in the rig everything looked so different for her.

Minutes later Jax was tested on his poker face when Lidia asked him about Reece. "I don't know and don't care. Today is about you not him."

Lidia dropped the subject for the time but had her own suspicions about Jax's involvement in Reece's surprise confession.

They arrived and went out onto the ice. Both were surprised how well the other did as they each had their own experience. Jax had done rollerblades at the skate park for years and Lidia who had done ice skating since she had been a child. The two danced together on the ice until both were too tired to continue. They ate at the little cafe at the rink before leaving for the night.

Lidia gave Jax a quick kiss on the lips as they walked to the truck, "so have anything else planned for tonight?"

"Not really. That was already more fun that I thought it would be."

"Well, I have plans," she said with a wink.

Jax did not want to get ahead of himself but the way she said it made his cock twitch all the same. They climbed into the truck and after Jax turned it on and before he could put it in gear Lidia interrupted him.

She was taking her shoes off, "my feet are sore after that, would you mind massaging them?"

Although Jax did not have a foot fetish, as he looked over, he could at least appreciate her cute little feet, "sure, we can do that when we get back to your place."

"But that's so far away, why not now?" she sighed. "You have a bed in the back."

Jax could not say no to that. With a broad grin he led her behind the curtain and had her lay down with her feet in his lap. He carefully kneaded them judging her sensitivity before becoming more aggressive.

"Ooh, that feels nice," said Lidia while she closed her eyes letting Jax work on her feet.

He rubbed and massaged her foot for several minutes working the tension out. He pulled on the toes popping them which made Lidia giggle. Once finished he switched to the other foot and repeated the process. There however he changed his focus once he finished with her foot and began working his way up her calves.

"Too bad these pants are in the way," said Jax as he worked her muscles.

Lidia smiled but said nothing as she undid her zipper and pulled the pants off her hips. Jax eagerly helped her out of the pants. He had a brief glimpse of the front of her panties but not enough to see anything before she rolled over. The black hipster panties hide her privates but just barely. The only part of the panties that was not transparent was a small triangle on the back, and Jax guessed the same for the front.

He worked on her legs working closer and closer to her ass however, he only traced his fingers on her before moving his hands beneath her sweater and working on her lower back.

"Too bad the sweater is in the way," Jax teased as he worked under the fabric.

Lidia fought the urge to rip the sweater off for him and instead said, "you can remove it, I won't stop you."

Jax was less reserved after being given permission and pushed the sweater up her back and over her head. Lidia laid back down on her stomach as Jax kneaded her back. She closed her eyes and let out satisfied moans. He worked his way up her back slowly inching closer to her bra strap. When he reached it, he would move back down. After a few cycles of this, he went for it. He snapped open the bra strap and pushed them aside having full access to her back. Lidia smiled and kept her eyes closed as the bra was unclasped, simply enjoying the massage.

Jax massaged her several more minutes before moving lower down her body. When he began to rub her butt cheeks Lidia stopped him with a hand. Disappointed he had done something wrong he stopped but Lidia had not been upset.

She sat up letting him see her tits and the hard nipples, "your turn."

She gave his feet a meaningful glance and Jax wasted no time taking the shoes off. He went for his belt next but Lidia stopped him again.

"Ah uh. I said it was your turn," patting the bed for him to lay down.

She then began to work his feet. She lacked the strength he did and could not get as deep but the tension dissipated under her touch all the same. Once she finished what she could for his feet, she then began working her way up his legs to his calves. Using the same line on him she said, "too bad these pants are in the way."

Jax almost tore his pants off in his eagerness but Lidia only smiled and continued to play the game working her way up his legs. She got on her hands and knees to put more weight into, making up for her strength and Jax let out a moan of pleasure this time. She took her time rubbing his legs, easing the muscles, however; she could not keep it up forever.

Lidia again parroted Jax as her hands lifted his sweater, "Too bad the sweater is in the way."

As much as Jax wanted to rip it off, he smiled to himself and repeated her words, "you can remove it, I won't stop you."

The sweater came off in no time. Jax laid still as Lidia moved up sitting on him and leaning into the massage. His back popped several times at one point when she really leaned into. With a sigh of relief Jax allowed her to continue, the delicate hands eliciting further sighs of contentment. As she worked her magic, she knew there would be something else he would be feeling soon.

It had been slow but when he noticed it, he opened his eyes turning his head to Lidia who gave him a knowing smile. He glanced down and quickly confirmed it. Her panties were soaked clear through where she had been rubbing the same wet spot on him.

"Turn over, let me get your chest," she said.

Without hesitation, he rolled over. She then began the pretense of rubbing her hands along his chest, but her real focus had been her soaking panties which she rubbed into his boxers along his quickly growing cock. With his cock being rubbed and a pair of lovely tits bouncing in front of him, Jax did what any reasonable person would do. He took a handful of breast for each hand, returning the favor. She gasped at the touch, momentarily stopping her pseudo massage on his chest while he massaged hers with zeal.

Lidia's eyes light up with delight as he played with her tits. Moving his way closer to her hard nipples, Lidia took a shuddering breath and began gyrating her hips again. When his fingers managed to make first contact with the sensitive nipples Lidia closed her eyes while arching her back pressing her chest into Jax's hands. Jax loved playing with the soft flesh of Lidia's breasts but when he toyed with the nipples, he knew he wanted more.

With her eyes still closed in euphoria, Lidia did not notice Jax lifting his head until he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. She let out a cry of pleasure as the electric shock went through her, sparking something else within. She could no longer stand it; the game had gone on long enough. She pulled away and dismounted only long enough to rip off her panties and throw them aside. Jax took advantage of that short moment to likewise pull his boxers down but did not manage to get them off before Lidia jumped him again.

She did not care and throw herself flat on his chest rubbing her tits on him while her hands grabbed him and pulled him into a deep kiss. She could not get enough of him as she attempted to devour him. Jax could not keep up with her as she combed his hair with her fingers kissing him even more vigorously. While they kissed, Jax was still trying to kick the boxes off. He finally kicked them off and brought his hips up brushing Lidia's pussy with the tip of his penis.

At the touch of his cock, she threw her head back finally letting Jax up for air but she gave him no time for repose. She sat back and sank down on his cock without the slightest hesitation. Before he knew it, she had buried herself to the hilt on his cock. A wild hunger filled her eyes, a hunger Jax had never seen before. Lidia had already impaled herself several more times before he started thrusting his hips in return.

Lidia had not gotten off since... She could not remember. She had not even reached orgasm when she lost her virginity and got pregnant. She bounced faster, firmly impaling herself each time, needing this more than she first thought. Pounding away on Jax's cock, she made up for lost time while building to a massive orgasm. The first wave hit her like a truck. She threw her head back in a silent scream as more waves of pleasure followed.

The convulsing walls of her pussy rippled around Jax's cock as he continued to thrust into Lidia. He did not try to hold back as the orgasm racked her body. He would soon follow but not before his continued thrusts brought her further waves of pleasure. Jax grabbed her hips burying himself balls deep, at the same time they contracted spurting hot cum deep in her pussy. As the cum erupted inside her, one final wave of pleasure shot through Lidia before she cried out and collapsed.

Lidia panted, nearly hyperventilating, as she lay on Jax's chest. He could feel her heart pounding and her hot breathe on his skin while she recovered. He brushed her hair aside, "holy hell, that was amazing."

She smiled but was not ready for words yet. They cuddled for a few minutes while Jax's cock deflated, cum would have poured out had his cock slipped out. With a sticky cock still lodged in her pussy, Lidia began moving her hips again. It had the desired affect and both enjoyed the pleasure as his cock slowly expanded filling her vagina once again.

"Ready for round two?" she said turning her head to look him in the eye while still laying on his chest.

For his reply Jax brushed his fingers through her hair and pulled her chin up for a kiss. Round two they took slower, savoring it or at least tried too. They kissed as their hips slowly rocked but the position was a bit awkward. Lidia moved over laying on her side lifting her leg over Jax's hip allowing much better access. The strange position Jax had never done before but was eager to try it.

He slid in and out of her pussy slowly in the exotic pose for a while before she could not stand the pace any longer. Her slick pussy made it so easy for Jax to penetrate her, she could not help but picking up the pace. She rutted back into him faster and faster and her kissing became more intense. Every thrust Lidia ground her hips into his, sinking him deeper every time.

Jax found himself once again unable to keep up with her as her vigor increased. She did not care though as long as she got cock, she would enjoy it and enjoy it she did. Her hands, looking for an outlet, ran through his hair over his chest along his back and pulled him in closer. Jax's hands were not idle either but they at least had more focus. One played with her breasts and tweaked her nipples ever once in a while shooting sparks of pleasure through her. The other hand went to her pussy where he began to rub the button of clitoris trying to satiate her carnal desire but it only inflated it.

Lidia madly ground Jax's cock into her as another orgasm rapidly approached. When this one hit, her whole body shook and she would have screamed out in euphoria had she ever stopped kiss Jax when it happened. With Lidia trembling in his arms and her vaginal walls rapidly contracting on his cock, it pushed him over the edge moments later. He came a second time for the night deep in her womb. He managed to pull away from the kiss leaving them both panting for some much-needed air.

Minutes later between breathes Jax panted, "you...don't...have...a slow you..."

"I tried," she pouted.

Jax laughed and pulled her into a hug, "I don't mind. It's the best sex I've ever had."

She snuggled closer humming with delight and said in a playful voice, "you know I might be able to slow down but will need practice."

Jax kissed her on the forehead more than happy to let her 'practice' all she wanted. They 'practiced' several more times before falling asleep in the back of the truck, still parked in the parking lot of the ice rink.

Lidia woke laying on top of Jax and smiled remembering last night. As she stretched in the dark and blinked back weariness, she had a splendid jolt of pleasure. She wiggled her butt and confirmed Jax's morning wood had already come up. She giggled to herself as she rubbed it on her pussy, while pondering what she would do with it.

A familiar and splendid pressure surrounded his cock. The girl riding him smiled as Jax began meeting her thrusts with his own. They bounced together slowly at first but the girl was impatient. She started going faster and faster until Jax could no longer keep pace. His partner giggled in a familiar voice and continued, delighted with her new toy. Jax was getting close and judging by the look in Lidia's eyes, so was she.

"Wait, Lidia? No, I have to stop or she'll get pregnant," Jax thought to himself.

It was too late though; he was already pumping cum into her. He jerked and sat up, his eyes flashing open, "No! You'll get pregnant!"

Lidia laughed as she rode out her own orgasm before answering, "I'm already pregnant you silly."

Jax looked around deliriously for a moment before sighing in relief and fell back down on the bed, " was just a dream."

"Really? What sort of dream," teased Lidia as she laid down on his chest, his cock still lodged in her pussy.

His cock twitched inside her, depositing a few more drops of cum, as he answered with a smile remembering where he was, "a very good dream."

"Mmmm, I bet it was," said Lidia giving him a kiss. "Too bad we've got to go."

"Do we?"

She got up letting his cock slip out followed by a trail of cum, "well I don't know about you but I'm hungry after last night."

She then looked to the cum dripping down her leg and onto the bed, "I also need a shower and you need some clean sheets."

Jax looked at the mess they had made and shrugged his shoulders in agreement. As they dressed Lidia let out a sad sigh when she put on her pants and patted her belly.

Jax knew enough about girls to know something was on her mind, "what is it?"

"Can't you tell?" she turned to him, her hand still on her belly. "I'm pregnant."

Jax looked her up and down not totally understanding, "yes, but I can't see it."

"But I can," she answered struggling to get her pants on. "How long do you think it will be before everyone else notices?"

Jax did not have an answer. He hugged her and kissed her forehead, "I said I would help you, even if we don't know exactly what to expect."

Jax exited the shop a happy man as he looked at his small purchase. He could not wait to tell Lidia but he knew he would have to. There was a time and place for such things. No sooner than he took another step, his phone rang. Lidia, he could already tell from the ring tone.

"Hello love," he said.

Even without seeing his smile Lidia heard it, "I take it you got the job than?"

"How can you tell?" he said furrowing his eyebrows.

"You sound too excited."

"Awe, you got me. Yes, I got it. A local route, I'll be home much more from here on. That's assuming we got the apartment?"

"Well done and yes, as matter of fact we did," answered Lidia her turn for excitement. "We can move in by the end of the month, no more tiptoeing around my roommate."

"Nice, I'll be in later tonight, should we pick up the cradle?"

Lidia sighed, "I can't. I have classes."

"Oh right. Still strange to me that you have a schedule when it is all online."

"Can't be helped," she said followed by an, "Oooff!" as she placed her hand on her round belly.

"What is it?" some concern in his voice.

"Nothing, the tiny human is just kicking again." She patted her belly and spoke in a soothing voice, "calm down little one, you'll be out soon enough."

Jax smiled remembering the little kicks last time he had seen Lidia, then his smile faded for a moment and he cleared his throat remembering something else, "by the way...did you tell your parents yet?"

"Yaaaa...they were not happy," answered Lidia taking her hand off her belly. "Still better than I had expected. They want to meet you."

"I'll bet they do."

"They might even be over tonight, so fair warning."

"That's alright," answered Jax as he fiddled with the small velvet box. "I have my own surprise for you."

"Oh, what sort of surprise?" raising her voice with much more chip.

"What? Oh, uhh nothing. I was talking to myself." He hit his forehead thinking to himself, "keep your mouth shut you dunce." Thankfully he had managed to keep that one in his head.

Lidia laughed, "right, I look forward to it but I've got to go for now. Class starts soon but wanted to talk before then. Bye bye."

"Bye, I'll see ya tonight."

After hanging up Jax smiled to himself. He had not given too much away he hoped. He walked away from the small jewelry store holding the shiny purchase with pride, "now I just need the perfect time to ask her."


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