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My continued journey to becoming a total sissy slut
After that day in the mall my confidence started to build more and more. Henry decided to keep me in a chastity device but replaced the original metal one with a pretty pink plastic one. He taught me how to take care of it and I quickly learned that there were a few tricks to it.

We went out a few more times before summer came to a close. He continued to have me wearing the device but allowed me release when I would see him every other weekend or so. He loved to hear me begging for it and so I would comply with it, begging and pleading for true release.

He also had me continue to wear my panties under my “boy clothes” to let me feel more feminine even when I wasn’t around him. I loved every minute of it but the device always reminded me that I was his to do with as he pleased. Finally the school year came to a close which meant I could spend all of my time with Henry.

The first week went by as usual, staying dressed all the time, getting readjusted to the heels, the wigs he would affix on my head so they didn’t move, and the DD breast forms he had gotten me and adhered to my chest. I showed him how good I had gotten putting on makeup since I had been practicing whenever I had a chance at home. That’s when he told me that the real training would begin soon. I didn’t know what he meant but I was soon to find out.

One afternoon he told me to get ready as we were going to be going out. I took a shower, cleaned myself up, and when I got to the bedroom I saw that he had laid out an outfit for me. It was a pretty white dress, matching white lace bra and panties, sheer white stockings, and white heels. I quickly got dressed and prettied up, excited about what he had in store for me. Little did I know what I was really preparing myself for.

As we got into the car I realized that he didn’t have me wearing my plug in my “pussy” like he normally did. When I mentioned it he just smiled and told me not to worry about it. Then he handed me a couple of pieces of candy and told me they were for me being such a good girl. I quickly ate them and settled back in the seat as we started going down the highway. As more time passed I noticed that we were getting further and further away from the cities and was getting curious as to where we were going.

My curiosity didn’t last as my focus changed immediately from our possible destination to my suddenly rumbling stomach. Again and again it rumbled although I had no idea why. Just as suddenly my stomach cramped and I felt my bowels shift trying to push the contents out. I squealed and clenched as hard as I could growing more and more frantic. I told Henry and he just smiled and said it would be alright. I could feel the sweat bearing on my forehead as I clenched my hole harder and harder, the cramping in my stomach growing more and more, a high pitched fart escaping every so often. Finally he started to pull off into a rest area that looked like it hadn’t been used in years.

As he parked the car I quickly jumped out almost falling over myself as I tried to steady myself on the heels. Tears started to form in my eyes as I made my way closer and closer to the rundown bathroom door. My mind was focused solely on my stomach and trying to contain myself that I hardly noticed my surroundings. I finally made it to the first stall but as I opened the door the stench inside hit me almost causing me to retch. My drop in concentration was quickly realized when I felt my stomach cramp again, a loud wet fart erupting from me, and my hole released the buildup it had been holding back.

I felt the back of my panties filling quickly with the solid and semi-solid contents of my bowels. The cramping in my stomach dropping me to my knees as more and more feces forced its way out of me and into my bulging panties. I felt the weight of the growing mass as it squished around between my legs and the trails of brown liquid starting to run down my stockings. Between the cramping in my stomach and the evacuation of my bowels I lost control of myself dropping to my hands and knees, a warm trickle ran into my panties and down my legs as my pee streamed down to puddle underneath me. The cramping began to subside as my sobbing increased unaware of the door opening or the footsteps coming up behind me.

The sudden laughter silenced me with a squeak as I finally took notice of the new people in the room with me. The ragged clothes and putrid smell told me that these men had not bathed in a while. I started to look around me, the flickering lights overhead making things come in and out of focus, the tiled floor littered with trash, piss, and feces, flies buzzing around and around, and the stench of it all making me want to retch. I could feel the heaviness of my panties pulling them down, smearing my white skin with thick brown stains. My body started shaking partly from fear and partly from the toll the ordeal just took on it.

I heard a gruff voice in front of me saying what a dirty little slut they had in front of them. I was too afraid to look up and the flickering lights made it difficult for my eyes to adjust. I felt hands grip my hair and pull back, lifting my head up. I opened my mouth to scream but was immediately assaulted by a hot stream of piss aimed straight at my open mouth. The acrid taste flooded over my tongue, hitting the back of my throat, forcing me to swallow a lot of the hot piss as the rest of it flowed out of my mouth, down my chin and neck, and all over the front of my white dress. As he finished I sputtered the foul liquid in my mouth, my stomach churned as I felt the bile flowing up and out of my mouth all down my chest adding to the urine stains all over increasing ruined dress.

I heard the men laughing followed by the unzipping of pants and the sound of them hitting the nasty disgusting floor. I felt hands ripping my stockings and shit filled panties hearing them plop onto the floor. Then I felt the hot sensation of several more streams of piss spraying all over my exposed ass, up and down my back, and even in my hair. Tears of shame and fear filled my eyes and mixed with the rivulets of urine streaming down my face. I could feel the piss knocking off some of the chunks of my own shit still stuck to my ass, hearing them hit the floor as the puddle under me increased more and more.

As the streams subsided I felt one of the men kneel behind me, his cock head pushing its way into my shit-slick pussy. I lifted my head to scream again but this time was met by a thick cock shoved into my mouth, filling it, the taste of piss and precum sliding over my tongue and pushing into the back of my throat. Thankfully because of the training I had done with Henry I was able to take the thickening cock into my mouth and throat rather easily, feeling it throbbing as it grew harder and harder. I could feel it sliding deeper and deeper finally making me gag as belly smashed against my nose, smearing his filth and sweat on my face, his heavy balls slapping against my chin. He pulled out, a string of saliva and drool following along and running down my chin, then pushing it all the way back in making me gag over and over again.

While the man assaulted my mouth I could feel the man behind me pushing his hard cock deeper and deeper into my shit-slicked hole, my pussy hungrily devouring his cock. Deeper and deeper I could feel the hard throbbing cock pushing into me, pushing through the remnants of my bowels until he was fully embedded inside me. I could feel the hair at the base of his cock tickling my ass as he spread my cheeks with his hips, my shit pressing out from between my cheeks onto my back and down over my hanging sack. I felt him lift up my upper body, my wrists being grabbed and a cock slid into each hand, hardening and throbbing as I began to work my hands over them.

As the assault continued I felt a strange feeling building deep inside me. Not fear, not shame, not agony or disgust, but rather a sense of desire. I burning sense of lust flared up inside me and the thought of being used by these strangers, in this filthy nasty bathroom, covered in piss, shit and vomit, was turning me on more then I could imagine. My clitty started leaking uncontrollably and a soft moan issued forth from my cock-filled mouth. Louder and louder I moaned which seemed to excite the men and drive them to pound my “pussy” and my mouth harder and faster. The harder they fucked me the louder I moaned over and over and over, losing myself in the sexual bliss my mind was divulging into.

I felt the man in my “pussy” first, his cock growing and throbbing as he slammed it in one more time, unleashing his pent up hot cum deep into my bowels. Pulse after pulse spewed forth more and more cum that I could feel starting to slosh around in my belly. Then the man in my mouth grunted as he pushed his cock as far as he could, making me gag hard as he shot his loads down my throat and straight into my stomach, warming my belly even more. I felt my clitty pulse itself, still confined in the chastity device, driblets leaking out and splashing onto the nasty filthy floor. My mind was completely a washed in lust and I wanted more, not caring that I was kneeling in a puddle of piss, vomit, and shit. My white dress ruined and coated in stains ranging in all manner of colors, until I felt them tear it from my body in tatters.

I felt the man in my mouth pull out first, his cum dribbling onto my tongue as it scraped along the bottom of his still throbbing cock. Strands of spit and cum dangled between the end of his cock and the tip of my tongue. I gasped for air as his cock unblocked my airway, allowing me to draw in a quick breath. At the same time I felt the man pull out of my pussy, his cum starting to make its way to the gaping opening of my hole. One of the cocks removed itself from my hand and quickly replaced the cock in my pussy, easily sliding in to the hilt. As he thrust I opened my mouth to squeal only to find a semi-hard cock shoved into it. My eyes grew wide as the taste of piss, cum, and shit scraped along my tongue, filling my mouth, causing my stomach to begin to retch. I heard the gruff voice in front of me warning me not to puke so I did my best to keep it down, the mixture of foul tastes still coating my tongue and mouth.

As his cock hit the back of my throat I couldn’t hold it back anymore and began to vomit around his cock, flowing down my chin and my chest, coating my belly and clitty in a film of bile. The man in my mouth continued his assault, making me suck his cock clean and told me I would be doing that for all his friends too. Then he told me that for puking on his cock I would pay the price. I had no idea what he meant until I heard someone scoop something off the floor. Suddenly I felt my panties, and it’s horrid contents, dumped on top of my head, then smeared around coating my hair, covering my face, and then placed on top of my head. The foul smell assaulted my nose and made me want to retch again but I held it back and dove instead into the lustful bliss that was bombarding in my mind.

The men laughed again as the shit filled panties dripped down my hair, down my face, and down my back, coating me in the filth. Another cock filled my mouth and the assault continued again and again, loads of cum filling my belly from my mouth and from my pussy. Each time the man in my shit smeared pussy would shove his cock into my mouth for cleaning. Again and again my clitty belched forth it’s own goo, dribbling again and again, adding to the increasing puddle under me. I lost track of time and count as the men took turns ravaging my body over and over and over. Finally the assault seemed to come to a close as each man had taken his turn with my pussy and my mouth at least once if not more. My body slumped to the floor, ragged and abused, cum, piss, shit, and vomit leaking from every hole into a larger and larger puddle.

I felt the men turn me onto my back and laugh as they told me they had one more surprise for me. Too weak to do anything but lay there, my eyes half closed in euphoric lust, I didn’t notice the ass cheeks hovering over my face until it was too late. I saw the cheeks spread and the mans rosebud pulse before letting out a loud, heavy, wet fart right into my open mouth. I tried to cough and close my mouth but other hands held it open as the mans sphincter opened producing a semi-solid log that broke off, landing directly into my mouth. Fingers pinched my nose and a hand came across my mouth forcing me to swallow down the putrid load filling my mouth. All sense of disgust dispersed from my mind as I surrendered to my new found station. As I swallowed down the load in my mouth the hand removed itself, my mouth hanging open for the next load. Tears slid down the sides of my face as any dignity I may have had flitted away with each progressive load that filled my mouth and flowed into my stomach.

Each man took his turn squatting over my mouth and unleashing his own load for me to consume. They ranged from solid to almost straight liquid, only inter spaced by the occasional torrent of piss to wash down my throat. As the men finished I heard them collect their things and make their way to the door, laughing and slapping each other on the back. I couldn’t move as my body lay there, weak from the assault, and my mind broken from the disgusting event that just took place. A few minutes after I heard the door close behind the men I heard it open again. Weakly I turned my head to see who it was and there I saw Henry smiling down at me. I smiled weakly back at him, my mind trying to wrap around everything that had just happened to me. He helped me staggeringly to my feet and helped me make our way to his car. As we got closer I saw the trunk open up and he guided me around to the back. He said in my current state I needed to ride back there, so I flopped into the plastic lined trunk and felt myself fade off to sleep.

I awakened to Henry opening the trunk and helping me out, guiding me around to the back of the house. As we got to the back porch he had me drop to my knees and turned on the water, spraying me down with the cold blast. When he was satisfied with the cleaning he turned it off, my body shivering from the sudden change in temperatures. He gave me a towel that I wrapped around myself and as I started to get up he stopped me. I looked up at him and watched as he unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor. Excitement started to build up inside me until he smiled down at me and told me he needed to use the bathroom. The confusion in my mind was short lived as I instinctively dropped my towel, tilted my head back and opened my mouth wide. I watched him walk up to me, turning around, and pushing his ass cheeks on either side of my face.

I jutted out my tongue, feeling his pulsing rosebud and rubbing around it. I pressed forward and felt his asshole open as a log pushed out against my tongue. More and more filled my mouth and as it came my throat began to swallow more and more taking load after load after load into my already full belly. As I felt the loads filling my mouth, throat, and belly, I once again felt that hot sensation and excitement throughout my body and my clitty began leaking again and again. As he finished he told me to clean up so I ran my tongue out, scraping the last flecks and morsels of shit from his anus. He moved forward pulling his ass away from my face and turned around. He grabbed his cock and pointed it towards my mouth. I didn’t have to wait long before the hot torrent of his piss shot into my mouth filling it. As my mouth filled up he would stop to allow me to swallow before continuing again and again until it was all gone. I leaned forward and sucked his cock, draining the last of the piss out of it and feeling it slosh around inside my stomach mixing with everything else I had ingested that night.

He lifted me up and told me how proud he was of me and that from then on I would his personal toilet to be used whenever and wherever it was that he needed to go. I felt so needed in his arms and just smiled to myself that I get to be so much a part of his everyday life. He took me to bed and tucked me in, cuddling up behind me as I drifted off into a lustful sleep.
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