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My Tempting Daughter
Since I can remember my daughter has been walking in her sleep. I have to make sure she locks her bedroom door every night, because the last time she forgot, I got a call from the neighbors at two in the morning. Somehow, she managed to get into their house and scared the bejesus out of them.

But tonight, I’m the one that forgot. And I’m lucky she came into my room before stepping outside. Otherwise, I don’t know where I would’ve found her.

“Chris, are you in here?” She calls to her boyfriend, who is a senior at the college she’ll be going to next month.

“Jenny, wake up, you’re sleepwalking.”

I slide out of bed and try not to look at her half-naked body. Instead, I try to focus on her sky-blue eyes and her long mahogany hair, which is slightly messy right now and so fucking cute. This combination, along with the rest of her attractive physical features, can most likely stop a guy’s heart without the slightest effort from her.

So many times I’ve told her to get some decent fucking pajamas. But does she listen? No, she prefers to spin me all this bullshit about not wanting to feel “constricted” while sleeping. She says she needs to let her skin breathe, and with the tiny shirt and shorts she’s got on, her skin won’t have any problems getting all the air it needs.

“I don’t think it’s going to work, Chris. You and me.” She mumbles drowsily with her eyes only halfway open.

“Okay, let’s get you back to bed.”

I gently take her shoulders and begin to guide her towards the door, but she doesn’t want to move.

“No, Chris. You need to hear this.”

“Princess, I’m not Chris. You should really wake up now.”

“I want somebody else.” She continues to break up with her boyfriend, still unaware of who she’s really talking to.

And I find myself feeling sorry for Chris, even though I hate his guts. Jenny is not the type of girl you want to lose, regardless of how cool you think you are.

“Jenny, princess, wake up.”

My efforts to turn her around or get her conscious are fruitless. And the more I get to see her smooth soft skin, along with the sexy contours of her perky breasts, the more uncomfortable I start to feel.

“I’m sorry.”

As she says the words she puts her hands on my shoulders, pops onto her toes, and gives me a very loving kiss.

Too shocked to stop her, I get pinned down by her sweet lips while feeling the blood rushing to my cock. And even after she breaks it off and walks away, the consequences remain.

With a semi-erected shaft I go after her, wanting to make sure she reaches her room and not the front door. But all I can really think about is that kiss, and how effective it was at making me feel like a college student again. Plus, do I tell her about it in the morning?

Probably not.

I don’t think she’ll be able to live down the fact that she kissed her dad. But me, on the other hand, if I tell the guys at work what happened, I’ll be a fucking hero.

But I won’t.

Jenny is way too precious to me, and I haven’t been taking care of her all this time to just throw the relationship away. She’s had some difficult moments, especially after her mother decided she couldn’t cope with responsibility anymore. Out of the blue, the bitch decided she had a kid way too early and begged me to take over.

Where that hag is now I can’t say, and neither can Jenny. But Jenny is a tough one. Nothing gets her down if she doesn’t want it to, and I promised to support her all the way with whatever she needs.

And in this case, she doesn’t need to know what happened tonight.

“Morning, dad.” Jenny smiles at me as she flips another perfect pancake, just like I taught her.

“Morning, princess.” I complete our morning routine with a peck on her cheek before sitting down at the kitchen table. “It really smells great in here.”

“I know.”

She leans over and slides a pancake into my plate, then finishes it off with a touch of syrup.

“Sleep well?” I ask out of habit as I take in her sweet scent, forgetting all about why I told myself to avoid this particular question.

The last thing I want is to trigger something she shouldn’t be remembering.

“Yes, I think.”

She joins me at the table looking puzzled, and slightly lost in thought.

“You think?”

“I think I dreamt about Chris last night.” She says and continues to pour milk into her bowl, while I almost choke on my fluffy pancake.


“Yeah, something about ending it. I can’t remember all the details though, but I think I even kissed him goodbye.”

Then she gives me a look that’s got the blood rushing to my cock again.

It’s a knowing look, which pulls the corner of her lips in a curl and makes her eyes sparkle.

“Well, just make sure you’re ready to for those freshman classes. You don’t need a guy distracting you from what’s important.”

I steer the subject in a different direction while my hard-on keeps growing. For a quick second I’m reminded of her tight body pressing against mine, and her soft lips…

“I won’t let a boy meddle in my plans, you know me better than that. I just hope I don’t wake up on the other side of the campus in the middle of the night.”

“Then maybe we should get a professional opinion. It can’t hurt.”

“It was a joke, dad. Don’t be so paranoid. It’s not like I came into your room and kissed you or something.”

I get the feeling she’s completely in the loop about last night, and maybe she’s testing my ability to be honest. But if I come clean now, how would it look?

“What’s wrong? I didn’t actually do it, did I?”

The tone in her voice reaches a level between amused and panicked, making me all confused.

“No, of course not. I would never let that happen. I just want you to be careful, that’s all.”

I hate lying, but I’m backed into a corner I didn’t see myself getting stuck in.

“What would I do without you?” Jenny giggles at her own question then continues to stir her muesli cereal. “But even if I did, would it really be such a bad thing?”

Her cheeks turn a sexier shade of pink as her taboo question hits a powerful spot between my legs, only making my uncomfortable situation worse.

And what is she getting at anyway? What type of daughter would even think about it, and then share the thought with her dad?

The only response I can muster is an extended moment of silence.

“I mean, it’s not like I’m your real daughter, or that it’ll be intentional.”

“I think we should talk about something else.”

I politely attempt to defuse my erection, and the fact that I’m imagining her getting into my bed half-naked and horny.

“Cathy was right.” She taunts.

“About what?” I take the bait.

“About me, making you uncomfortable lately.”

“Cathy needs to pay more attention to her own problems.”

“Then explain why you don’t hang out with us at the pool anymore? And when was the last time you spotted me at the gym? Or what about you constantly complaining about the clothes I sleep in?”

“Well, you’re not a kid anymore, princess. And things change. For example, if I don’t leave for work right now, we’ll need to find a place to stay that doesn’t require paying rent.”

“It’s not healthy the way you avoid me.”

“And it’s not healthy to create issues that shouldn’t be there in the first place.”

Whenever Jenny has me at a loss for words or answers, I pull out the same trick my ex-wife used. I change the topic altogether and act like the discussion is beneath me.

“The pancake was delicious, princess. Thanks. And remember to call if you’re going to be late. Love you.”

I jump at the chance to run away, but I can tell Jenny is not pleased. Unfortunately, I don’t have the skill or time to give her what she wants, and I really am late for work.

I expected her call, and I got it. And whether she was in the process of breaking up with Chris or not, I was happy that she made other sleeping arrangements for the night. Because as much as I hate to say it; I desperately need a break from Jenny, and to go on a date again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with her.

But Cathy…is right.

Jenny is a distraction. A very appealing distraction. And the way she talks to me lately, softer…and more sensual, it doesn’t help my twisted sense of direction.

I don’t want to think about her in that way, but how do I tell her to tone it down?

Thanks to the lack of rest and a very long day filled with inappropriate images of the most delicious forbidden fruit, I crawl into bed. For tonight, at least, I don’t have to worry about any more surprises.

Without even trying, I drift off on the cool sheets.

“Chris, I told you, it’s over.”

I jump at the sound of Jenny’s voice coming from the foot of the bed.

“Jesus, princess! Why are you home?” I scramble to cover up seeing as I sleep in my underwear, but only when Jenny’s not around.

“I know this is hard for you. It’s hard on me too, but you need to deal with it.”

Wearing even less than the night before, Jenny stabs the final dagger into the heart of “Chris”. Then she climbs onto the bed and throws her arms around my neck for a tight embrace.

There’s no mistaking her stiff nipples poking into my chest through her flimsy top, or my cock rising like a tent pole underneath the sheet as her toned thigh makes contact with mine.

“Jenny, I’m not Chris! Wake Up!”

I almost scare myself with the volume I use to wake her up, but it’s like she’s intent on staying in her dream state.

“Tell you what. I’ll lie here with you a few minutes. Maybe if you hold me a little it will help.”

Seemingly oblivious to the situation, she gets under the sheet and slides closer. And she doesn’t stop until every inch, from her shoulders to her tight ass cheeks, press against my body.

It feels so good I shamefully allow my muscle to throb between those perfect cheeks for a few seconds. Then, I quickly capitalize on the little logic I have left by pulling away.

“Come on, Chris. I promise it’ll help.”

That sleepy look isn’t on her face anymore, and she actually appears wide awake. But it’s her fast reaction to me shifting away that’s got me doubting her true state of mind.

In one swift motion, she reaches for my arm and pulls me back into that dangerous spooning position, where my raging boner can’t go anywhere but sink into her soft flesh. My underwear strains under the pressure, adapting to the shape of my growing cock, while the rest of my senses wrap themselves around the sexy creature next to me.

She’s so smooth, and tight, and soft, and her muscles randomly twitching as she gets more comfortable have me thinking with the most primal part of my brain.

I shouldn’t be letting this happen, but that feeling just gets better the longer she stays in my bed. Her cocoanut-smelling hair is in my face, she’s sliding her slender ankle up and down my shin, and her body heat is working me up to the point of almost sweating.

“Princess, I’m not…”

“Shh, daddy. We really need to get some rest.”

And with those last words, Jenny grinds her sexy behind deep into my groin before she finally settles down. My cock is still hard as a rock and thumping like a drum against her ass, but it doesn’t seem to bother her. In fact, it looks like she’s enjoying it.

And she knows exactly who the thumping cock is attached to, apparently.

But how does she expect me to sleep like this?

I’m spooning with my half-naked daughter, a young woman who is so sexy it makes my cock hurt. And every time she moves, it provides my hurting cock with a renewed boost to keep stabbing into her ass cheeks.

After five minutes of the most beautiful torture, she casually guides my arm from her tiny waist up to her chest, where she squeezes it into her bosoms. I can literally feel her small breast spreading across the palm of my hand, and at the center of her precious curves is her puffy nipple, hard and excited.

All the frustration that’s been building up makes me thrust my lower body towards her, while my fingers gently squeeze down on the plump contours.

I hear her, softly gasping as if she’s trying to hide it in plain sight. And her breathing quickens, becoming louder underneath my closing grip. Then I feel her hips starting to sway, stirring the monster inside me.

She’s calling out a character in me she’s never met.

And I don’t know how much longer I can fight him off.

Jenny is lighting up parts of my brain I didn’t know mattered, and I have no desire to stop her. Instead, I want to feel her pussy through those tiny fucking “pajamas”. I want to bite into her skin and know exactly what she tastes like. And most of all, I’m aching to be inside her.

I find myself getting lost in the moment.

My body instinctively reacts to the way Jenny grinds her way up and down my shaft, and she keeps my arm locked between her breasts. Her heartbeat rapidly increases as her motions get more distinct.

She’s discreetly dry-humping me, and I love every fucking second.

The sheets lost their cool temperature the moment Jenny got into bed with me, but now it feels like they are on fire. And with the sensual way she’s working her hips, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sheets burst into flame. That’s how hot she’s making me, and if she keeps going, I’m filling my underwear with a heavy load of hot sperm.

“Tell me when you want to cum.” She whispers like someone can walk in on us at any moment.

Like this is our little secret.

With my face buried in her dark hair, I stir with her. I let all control melt away and I push the tempo. There’s no point in hiding my frustration as I thrust more intently.

“Princess, I’m cumming.” I declare, seconds before I’m about to explode.

This is when Jenny finally releases my arm and quickly makes her head disappear under the sheet, where she swiftly pulls down my underwear. This is followed by a feeling of warm and wet lips folding over my cock, and a tongue sliding down towards the base.

Her delicate fingers stroke the section of my shaft she can’t get in her mouth, and she starts sucking like her life depends on it.

“Oh, fuck…”

I don’t get enough time to enjoy the inner-contours of Jenny’s cheeks as I burst in floods of hot white liquid. She gulps as the first load shoots into her throat, but she doesn’t back off or break the connection. She keeps her pretty lips locked on the head of my cock for the second and third wave, swallowing every drop I have to give.

“Now, will you be able to sleep?” She smiles and wipes her lips clean after emerging from beneath the sheet, panting with delight. Then she falls down next to me and whispers, “I know I will.”

I didn’t wake up next to Jenny, because she was already gone. She slipped out like nothing happened, and I’m kind of glad she did. In fact, I didn’t see her at all during the morning.

But I did get a voice message while at work.

“Hi, dad. Just want to say I’ll be spending another night at Cathy’s. She’s got this party she wants me to help out with, so I’ll probably see you over the weekend. Plus, I met her new boyfriend last night. The guy’s a real dick. But I’ll tell you about it later, love you.”

She must be fucking with me. Because she makes it sound like she wasn’t home at all, which is not what I remember. And there is no way a dream can be that realistic. Can it?

Throughout the whole day it bothers me.

I know what I saw and what I felt, so it couldn’t have been a dream.

Or maybe I’m just going insane.

Confused and stressed that I’m losing my mind; I wait until two in the morning before going to bed. I want to be sure that Jenny won’t be slipping in unexpectedly, seeing as I still doubt whether she’s telling the truth.

And just as I’m about to doze off, I’m pulled back to consciousness by Jenny’s sweet voice.

“Can we cuddle again, daddy?”

I’m too caught up at the sight of her to say anything. And maybe it’s because she’s totally naked. I can see every part of her smooth body thanks to the moonlight streaming through the window, and it’s a sight I can’t quite put into words.

“Yes, it’s a dream. What you’re seeing right now isn’t happening.” She says as she seductively crawls onto the bed.

“But, it feels so real…” I begin to mumble while she gets closer.

“You’re just worried about your princess, daddy. That’s why you dream about me sleepwalking into your room, all naked and horny.”

She stops her face inches from mine, her back arching in a way that sees her tight ass pointing straight to the sky.

“I’ve never dreamt like this before.”

“Then you should enjoy it.”

The conversation is replaced with the sensation of her wet tongue slipping in between my lips. At the same time, Jenny reaches for my expanding muscle. And she continues to toy with it through the sheet, squeezing and teasing the pulses to get make bigger.

“Tonight, I want your dick inside me, daddy.” She says between kissing and mounting me.

She then begins to grind her moist pussy against my cock, staining the sheet that covers it with her precious juices. At the same time, she pulls my head towards her chest, expressing her need to feel my teeth biting into the flesh of her breasts and stiff, pink peaks.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, she giggles.

“What’s wrong?” I immediately stop and ask.

“It’s nothing, really. But do you know how long I’ve been waiting to ride you like a cowgirl? And now I finally get to do it.”

Everything that had me resisting the temptation to devour Jenny slips away as she looks into my eyes. And it feels completely natural when I passionately kiss the smooth skin on her neck. My hands go on auto-pilot as they scale her body, seeking every tiny muscle and curve from her thighs to her lips.

It feels so good, it’s like I’m touching a woman for the first time. My cock is raging blindly underneath her intense thrusts , and her sensual hip action comes with a type of lustful kissing that can make a saint feel dirty beyond hope.

Her tongue doesn’t show any discretion as she slithers it across mine, and neither does her sweet lips. As for the rest of her, there is no doubt about what she wants from me.

“Are you going to fuck me, daddy?” She whimpers close to my ear as she clenches her thighs tighter around my waist.

“Anything you want, princess.”

I take it as my invitation to flip her on her back and rid myself of my restraining underwear. And the world can be going to hell for all I care as she opens her legs to me, exposing the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen.

Anxiously, I lean in for the incredible and forbidden taste only Jenny can give, and my cock has no problem swaying in mid-air while my tongue laps at her swollen bud. The texture of her lips as I separate them has my brain flooding with endorphins, while her tiny entrance slightly contracts around the tip of my tongue when I slip it inside.

I listen to her moan while I savor her moist and tender flesh, and I’m dying to get inside her. I want to fuck her so badly it is driving me crazy. But with her toned thighs clamping around my head and her toes digging into my sides, I’m too addicted to break the connection. I want to taste her until she cums…over and over again.

“Mmm...fuck me, daddy. Fuck me now!”

Jenny’s excitement is intoxicating. And she doesn’t hold anything back as she pulls me on top of her and lifts her pelvis, making it easy to find her pretty little snatch.

I can already sense the heat radiating from it, sending signals straight to my cock. But I couldn’t have prepared for the special warmth swallowing my shaft, inch by inch. The lubricated walls of her snatch hug around my throbbing curves as I sink deeper, fighting against the pressure of the tightest cunt I’ve ever penetrated.

More heavenly moans escape from Jenny’s lungs, and she shoves her head back into the cushion while I push to find her core.

“Jesus, daddy! You’re so big…”

Her panting riles me up, and I can’t help pulling back slightly and thrusting forward with more power. And when the tip of my muscle breaches her limit, she gasps while clinging to me, tightening every muscle she’s capable of controlling. Even the muscles in her beautiful cunt lock down on my dick, increasing that distinct feeling of me, throbbing inside her.

Then, I fuck her.

My energy levels spike as I keep plunging into Jenny, motivating me to go in from several different angles. I make sure I stimulate and fill the smallest space, while I lose myself in the rest of her.

I simply can’t stop touching her. And everywhere I touch, I want to touch again…and again. Sucking on her delicate nipples only enrages my cock more, and every time her tongue goes into my mouth, I want to drink from it.

I’m having sex with a goddess, and I’m constantly made aware of it.

“It’s my turn, daddy.” She says before pushing me onto my back and straddling me in the reverse cowgirl position.

And with eagerness I’ve never seen from her before, she grips my juice-covered cock and guides it inside her a second time. The warm sensations I felt the first time shower me again as she lowers herself.

“Oh god, fuck….”

Even Jenny’s cursing makes me horny, and she takes a second before she begins swaying her hips. The cream from her pussy collects at the base of my cock as she grinds on top of me, fucking me like tomorrow doesn’t exist.

I sit up and reach around to massage her tits and pinch her stiff peaks, and in turn, she lays her head back on my shoulder while letting her mid-section do all the work.

As her climax starts to build, the fucking gets harder. She stabs herself with my shaft using all the leverage and strength she can muster, while I fall back and try not to lose my mind.

There is no more second-guessing what’s happening at this very moment. The slushing sounds of pussy cream getting thicker, the intensifying heat, the sensations all over my body, and the smell of sweet and forbidden sex, it’s all there.

“I’m cumming, daddy.” Jenny says up into the sky. “Cum with me.”

With my one hand holding her slender ankle, and the other teasing the skin between her sexy ass cheeks, I burst.

I can see Jenny rattling and shuddering on top of me, and I can hear her screaming profanities like they are part of some beautiful song, but I’m too caught up in the ropes of seed I’m spewing inside her.

The stimulation has me thrusting from underneath, and my hot liquid just keeps coming, adding to the overflow of juices.

Jenny keeps my cock inside her as she falls back, allowing me to enjoy those last few pulses of pleasure.

“Just so you know, daddy. You’ll be dreaming about me tomorrow night too.”


2021-06-18 19:56:27
Wowsy, I just loved this fantasy, and the games being played.


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2021-06-07 17:12:48
Very cool story! I enjoyed the concept a lot! A fun play at Taboo without making men feel perverted! :)

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