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This chain of events commenced when I went shopping to purchase a new leather skirt or slacks. I wanted them so I could highlight my ass for my man - and the male and female guests we entertain for our mutual sexual pleasure.
Thirty minutes after I arrived home from my shopping I am feeling good after a shower as I try on my skin tight leather slacks to show my man. Fresh make up, killer heels and a white silk blouse - the silk does feel good on my naked nipples.

“Do you like my new slacks baby?,” I smile as I pose with my legs apart.

“Fucking sensational baby, I can’t wait to slide them off you.”

“How about topless in the slacks, do you like that baby?,” I tease as I shrug off my blouse.

“Fucking sensational baby, look at your nipples, you know how to turn me on.”

“Does my ass look big in them baby?,” I ask as I turn my back to him and pose with legs apart. My ass is totally naked poking out of my backless slacks.

“Absolutely fucking sensational baby, you know how to turn me on, really turn me on. Love your ass, love it,” he moans as he licks and kisses my ass cheeks.

“Do you want to fuck me, lick me, or a blow job,” I tease as he slides my slacks down to my ankles, and grabs my ass cheeks as I brace my hands against the wall.

“Fuck you baby, while I have your glorious big ass cheeks in my hands. Fuck you hard and fast baby. Your ass is such a turn on for me,” he moans as he rams his nine inch erection me.

“Tell me where you purchased those slacks and what happened when you tried them on?,” Roger asks in the afterglow.

“That shop that sells those very sexy clothes and costumes. My intention was to buy a very short leather skirt that didn’t close properly to leave my naked ass exposed for you. I made a point of asking for a male shop assistant to help me try it on. Henry was a spunky man in his early twenties, perhaps bi-sex.

“He told me company policy insisted a female be present for fittings such as these. Fine by me I told him. Janet was also early twenties, attractive, and a bi-sex, lipstick lesbian I guessed. They both appealed to me sexually, even though they were half my age.

“I had planned this moment to tease myself and hopefully the shop assistant, you know what I am like baby. I was wearing a skirt, blouse and a skimpy g-string with my heels. Janet handed me a leather skirt to try on. ‘My hands are full Henry, will you take my skirt off for me,’ I asked as I watched the reaction of both of them in the dressing room mirrors on all the walls.

“You know how I love flaunting my naked body. Not quite naked at that moment but my naked ass in my tiny g-string was the centre of attention at that moment as they both ogled it.

“Janet was very helpful as she fitted the skirt for me as Henry watched on with an obvious erection showing under his trousers. Janet asked me is this was the look I wanted. Is it for your man? Yes, I told her and perhaps some other men and women, we entertain on a regular basis.

“You are a class act Sarah, I have something more subtle for you Janet told me as she handed me the slacks I wore for you. She told Henry to take off the leather skirt for me. His hands were shaking as I helped him take the skirt off. Let me help you I told him as I took his hand and brushed it across my ass.

“Janet helped me on with the slacks.

“What do you think Henry?”

“Let me try them without my g-string, better still completely naked?” I teased as I had both of them hooked. You know I love to flaunt my naked body for both sexes at the same time

“Would you two like to be our guests this Saturday? You can see what my slacks look like on me at home. You can also watch my man’s reaction.”

After the purchase Janet took me to the coffee bar in the shop. She asked lots of questions. “Are you serious about Saturday? Are you and your man bisexual? How big is he? How many times in a session can he get it up?”

Then it was my turn to ask questions. “Are you and Henry a couple? Are you and your man bisexual? How big is he? How many times in a session can he get it up?Your tits are bigger than mine, what size? Would you like to have sex with both of us? No fucking, just oral sex, outer sex.”

“I thought my man was big, seven and half inches. I would love to have your man’s nine-inches, so would Henry. Did I tell you he can get it up four or five times in a session? Can’t wait for Saturday Sarah, she whispered as we tongue kissed before I departed. “And I would love you to pleasure my thirty-four D tits.

“And I almost forgot to tell you, I love being licked and teased, and I am multi-orgasmic.” I added as we kissed again.

“This very exciting for us baby, a male and a female half our age, for our mutual pleasure,” I tell my man Roger at seven-thirty as we prepare for them.

They arrive right on time. We have set up two carver chairs in front of our full length wall mirror.

I am wearing my new leather slacks to please our guests. I am excited at the thought of flaunting my naked ass for them. I want them to worship it as foreplay while my man watches. I am wearing my killer heels, the slacks and a silk blouse long enough to cover my naked ass.

“Love the leather slacks we sold you Sarah,” they both smile as Roger and I look them over.

Janet is wearing a long, below the knee light-weight coat and asks Roger to hang it up for her. “One of the benefits of working where we do is the costumes we can hire. Do you like the Saint Trinians look?”

Roger obviously does as he ogles her very short skirt, the front of it barely covers her obviously naked cunt lips, The back is even shorter and ends halfway up her exposed, naked ass cheeks. Her nipples are obvious, poking into her skimpy, white cotton shirt.

Her man Henry is wearing leather trousers and a leather jacket - the macho look.

Lots of sexual tension as I decide to take the initiative. “How do my slacks look on me when I am topless?,” I tease as Roger slowly undoes the buttons on my blouse and opens it to expose my erect nipples.

“You are turning three people on baby, me especially,” he whispers as he licks my erect nipples as I watch the rapt reaction from Janet and Henry.

I am enjoying being the centre of attention as Roger turns me around and momentarily lifts my blouse above my ass cheeks, licks and kisses both of them, then turns me around again so I am facing our guests.

“Our guests want to see you completely topless in your new slacks baby, so do I,” he tells me as he removes the blouse before he sucks on each very erect nipple.

“This is why Sarah purchased these slacks. She loves to flaunt and tease her glorious, big ass for our guests. And it looks sensational in those slacks.” Roger tells them as I circle around them with my hands on hips.

“Face the wall and lean on it with your hands, legs apart baby. Do you want Janet and Henry to worship your ass like I am?”

“Yes, you know I do. Both of them at the same time,” I answer. I can feel their excitement as a male and female half my age are licking and kissing my ass cheeks simultaneously. And I do like my man watching and enjoying. Wonderful foreplay for all of us.

“Would you like that as well Janet?,” Roger asks as he place her hands on the wall and lifts her skirt. I am not sure if I am jealous, envious or turned as Henry and I watch him licking and kissing her lovely, well formed ass.

Henry makes me feel better as he licks and kisses my ass. “I could lick and kiss your glorious ass all day Sarah, a real woman’s ass, especially while I watch your man doing the same to my lady,” he whispers as puts my hand on his trousers. “I have had that erection ever since I first saw your naked ass.”

“Show it to me then Henry.”

He is wearing just a skimpy, crotchless leather g-string. His thick cock is impressive on his slender body. And I do like his gorgeous, taut ass. I am going to enjoy showing him my blow job skills.

Roger is undressing Janet. Skirt and cotton top, leaving her in just a very sexy cupless bra with lots of intricate straps.

“You are our guests tonight, we want to pleasure both of you and be pleasured by both of you,” Roger tells them as he sits them side-by-side in the chairs.

“We love edging our guests,” I tell both of them as I stand behind Henry and tease his nipples. Roger is standing behind Janet and teasing her already erect nipples.

I am pleased at the size of Henry’s already erect, thick cock. Seven and half inches just as Janet said, as I kneel between his legs and lick, suck, then nibble his nipples. Roger is doing exactly the same to Janet as they watch each each other in the mirror.

I love the vibe and tension when two couples are having sex in close proximity. Right now that vibe and tension is extra special as my man and I are swapping partners.

“Have you ever had a blow job from a woman my age while you ogled her ass in the mirror behind her,” I tease as I take his rock hard cock between my lips.

“Am I good Henry? Do you like looking at my ass in the mirror while I sucking your cock,” I ask rhetorically, after a few minutes, enjoying the power I have over him as he is breathing very heavily. I decide to edge him by lightly running a finger tip along his rock hard erection, as I lick and suck just the tip of it.

“Am I good Henry? You haven’t told me,” I tease, Before he can answer he has hit the back of my throat.

“Our turn to sit in the chairs while you pleasure us,” I smile as Roger and I sit with our arms resting on the arms of the chairs with our legs apart a little later.

“Who you do want honey?,” Janet asks Henry. I am hoping he will choose my man so Janet can lick me while I watch him blowing Roger.

Without saying a word Henry stands behind Roger and teases his nipples while Janet teases mine, just as we had done to them earlier. Henry has another erection as he licks and sucks Roger’s nipples. “I have never had a man as big as you Roger. You are magnificent,” Henry whispers with a tremor in his voice as he licks and sucks his balls, then licks and kisses the underside of the full length of his erection.

“Your man is huge Sarah, he has my man very excited,” Janet whispers as Roger stands and slides on the cock ring he had in his hand, then teases while we all watch as he slowly clips it under his balls. From experience I know when Roger wears that type of cock ring he really wants to enjoy the blow job on offer.

“Make him work for it baby. Your turn on is my turn on,” I mutter as I watch Henry slide my man’s very erect cock between his tightly pursed lips as Janet is sucking my rock hard nipples.

Then she is licking her way up the insides of my thighs. “I have wanted to fuck you with my tongue ever since you teased me with your naked body.”

“Me too, so have I,” I moan as her tongue finds the tip of my engorged clit.

Henry is teasing and edging my man as he licks his nipples while he strokes his erection with his fingertips.

“Your huge cock is magnificent, and so hard for me,” Henry whispers just before he recommences sucking it, while teasing Roger’s nipples at the same time.

“Put your legs over my shoulders Sarah,” Janet tells me as I readily comply. Then Janet is teasing my nipples with her fingertips as she has me close to orgasm. A huge extra turn on for me as I watch my man soaking up the sexual pleasure of his blow job from a man half his age.

Without saying a word Roger stands and motions for Henry to change places and sit in the chair. “Scratch my ass, two hands, harder,” Roger is moaning with his hands on Henry’s head as he feeds his raging erection between his tightly pursed lips in a fucking motion.

He is edging himself as he withdraws and strokes his erection. I love watching while I am being licked and pleasures. His thick, nine-inch erection encased in an evil looking cock ring clipped under his balls really is magnificent, I muse as I compare it with Henry’s seven-and-half inches.

I have had my cunt licked and pleasured by numerous males and females. Despite her young age, or perhaps because of it, Janet is very, very talented as she has me ready to orgasm in a very short time, while I watch her man blowing my man.

She has her two thumb tips near the top of my cunt lips and is manipulating them as she teases me with her tongue.

“You are very talented, your tongue is magic, fucking magic, so good,” I mutter, then moan as I orgasm again, hoping my man is watching.

“I want you to squirt for me Sarah, will you do that for me?,” she whispers after my third orgasm as she curls a finger into me while licking me. She really is good. Her finger is magic in sync with her tongue.

I am concentrating so I can coincide my squirt stream with a mind-blowing g-spot orgasm. I also want to coincide with my man’s orgasm. And I especially want Henry to watch me squirt.

“Harder, harder, hurt me, pleasure and pain, I love it,” my man is moaning as he glances at me being pleasured. Henry is raking his nails over Roger’s ass cheeks while he is sliding his erection between Henry’s tightly pursed lips in a fucking motion.

A magical sexual moment as my man and I are about to orgasm in sync. Another man has him on the edge. Another woman has me on the edge.

I am fighting to hold back a huge orgasm as I watch my man use the tips of his thumb and middle fingers of two hands to tease just the tip of his erection.

“So good, so fucking good,” he groans, his knees are trembling as he gushes.“Watch me Henry, watch what your lady is doing to me, this is for you,” I moan seconds later. I love an audience. My body is shaking as I have tremendous orgasm and squirt.

“Too early to call it a night, what else can we do for our guests sexual pleasure baby?,” I ask my man as we are tongue kissing while standing. We are both completely naked, apart from my heels. We are both standing with our hands on hips. The only contact we have is our tongues and lips.

Then just as I hoped, Henry is on his knees, kissing and licking my ass cheeks. Even better my man is enjoying the three-way almost as much as me. He has another full on erection as he watches in the wall mirror as Henry worships my ass.

Two men are pleasuring me with their tongues and lips while another woman watches. I love it. Even better when my man teases a fingertip among my cunt lips.

Then he kneels and licks my cunt lips while another man is kissing my ass.

“Lets fuck while they watch,” my man whispers.

“Better still, I will give you a blow job while they watch. I want Henry to lick and kiss my ass while I am blowing you. Would you like that baby?,” I tease.

“You know I have fantasised about this for years baby, another man worshipping my ass while I blow you. Even better, a man half my age, while his lady watches,” I tell him as we organise ourselves.

“Enjoy baby, I really do want this,” I whisper as he slides his erection between my lips.

“You two are awesome, I love watching you sucking your man’s nine-inch erection while my man is kissing your ass. You are really turning me on,” Janet whispers. “I have been timing you, ten minutes and counting.

I can see her take Henry’s hand. “Watch Sarah blowing her man while I blow you like never before, honey.”

“So good baby, while I watch Janet blowing her man.”

“So good honey, while I watch Sarah blowing her man.”

Then just as I hoped the two men are masturbating for Janet and I.

“That was an awesome night Sarah,” Janet smiles as they depart. “Just you and I soon Sarah.”

“Yes, very soon Janet. We have unfinished business.”
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