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Please be patient with this tale. This is 100% true and has been something I have thought about writing about for a long time. I may not be the best writer but this is how it happened and I am sticking to the facts instead of embellishing. There is a lot more to come after this.
This is part five of the true to life tale between my cousin Marie and I many years ago when we would travel together from Minnesota to my Bio-Dads (BD) house in Arizona.

Today was one of the rare days BD didn't have to work, normally that would have brought me great joy as in past trips those were the days where we got to have the most fun. This...however was a different trip, and my focus was most certainly elsewhere. BD not having work meant that Marie and me “Play” time would be zilch for the daytime at least.

We went out for breakfast, discussing what we were planning to do that day. BD talked about wanting to take a trip down deeper into Mexico than we had previously, possibly to a town right on the Baja California to a resort he had heard of, but that wouldn't be until the next week or so.

BD wanted to head to a car wash and do a thorough cleaning inside and out. So we headed out after he paid the bill. We drove over to a self service car wash near the apartments and started cleaning out the garbage.

I had hauled a box full of trash and unnecessary papers to the bin and was coming back when I noticed Marie bent over behind the truck...I stopped in my tracks. I was awestruck by her ass in the tight jean shorts she had chosen. They clung to her curves and accentuated every feature. The seam hugged her ass and created a valley when she bent over. I wanted to walk over, rip them off, and fuck her across the tailgate. I was so lost in thought I didn't notice BD walk over next to me.

“Nice view huh?” I damn near jumped out of my skin….did I really hear what I thought I heard him say?

Thankfully before I decided to speak I glanced back and noticed I was sent a saving grace...a few stalls down from us, almost directly behind Marie, was two teenage girls with their mom cleaning out a car, and one had a black thong sticking up out of the back of her jeans, that was definitely a site I would normally stare at and it saved me from some interesting questions by BD.

I grunted in approval and smiled and went back to cleaning, my aching cock rubbing against my boxers, aching for a girl…..and it didn't matter that she was my cousin, it didn't matter that she was not protected. My body, my mind, wanted her, to be in her, and to feel her squeeze my cock like she had squeezed my finger. I wanted to cum with her.

After cleaning out the junk, I was given another beautiful site as Marie and I moved on to washing the car, she thought it would be cute to spray me instead of the car, well two can play that game.

I grabbed a nearby sprayer and got her back, but I didn't think, but instead reacted. As the stream from my sprayer hit her, I saw both the shock on her face and also the results of water on a white tank top. Instantly it became a level of see thru that was not glaring, but you could see more than you should have. She looked down and got an evil look on her face, I knew I was in for payback later.

We went home to relax for a few hours before we were going to head off to the mall to do some shopping with BD. Tonight there was a festival in the downtown area we were going to attend.

We decided to take a trip to the pool while BD took a nap, heading down there were alot of people lounging about so we decided to just swim and play catch with one of the balls floating around.

After a little while, I was floating around in the deep end when Marie swam up to me. She looked around and suddenly I felt her hands on my swim trunks, searching for my cock. When she found it she squeezed and softly tugged. Feeling the blood flowing to my cock and feeling it rise, she winked and smiled with evil in her eyes and swam away… this was to be my punishment.

Over the next hour, every once in a while Marie would find a way to get her hands on me and tease me to an erection and then leave me wanting. This did several things, it made the sensitivity in my cock swell more and more each time, it also caused my wants and needs to drive to extreme levels. I ached for release, I ached for her.

After swimming around for a couple hours we made our way back to the apartment. Marie showered first while I fixed us some lunch and then I took my turn, as I walked in, Marie was pulling her shirt down, she walked over, closed the door half way, stood up on her tiptoes, whispered in my ear “I have no panties on, and I’m soaking wet for you…..if only we could”.....and then walked out. I watched as she walked away, noticing she was wearing a short skirt and a flowing blouse…..I was in trouble.

I groaned and she smiled back at me. My shower was extra cold just so I could get my shorts on. I decided to go with the flow and skipped the boxers as well….why are teenage boys so dumb, this did not help anything, if anything, it proved to exacerbate my issues.

BD woke from his nap and snacked on something light and asked if we were ready to go. We headed out to the car, BD opened the trunk and leaned in to get something, as right then Marie sat down in the front seat, quickly turned and spread her legs, slightly pulling up her skirt.

My eyes didn't have a chance to stop themselves, I was locked. I could tell she had shaved again in the shower, the soft peach color of her skin, her smooth pussy lips were tantalizingly close and I knew I could touch them.

She winked at me and put her legs in the car….and this is where I realized my first mistake with no boxers. Soft basketball shorts feel really good rubbing on a hard cock head when you are walking and when you shift. Getting into the truck, I nearly creamed my clean shorts.

Driving to the mall, I could think of nothing other than how I could get Marie off by herself, I wanted to touch, taste, feel, smell, I wanted nothing else than to be alone with her and yet we had a day of being with other people ahead of us.

I didn't pay much attention as we walked through the mall. My focus was on the jean skirt in front of me, or the brush of her arm by my side as we walked.

It was fortuitous that we had always shared little bouts of affection such as holding hands or hugs etc. Only now, they all had different meanings to me. Feeling her fingers intertwined with mine while we walked along, I felt like I would kick any boy's ass who looked at her, she was mine dammit!....and then the sickening realization would set in, that no, she was not mine. She was mine for a short time only.

We were sitting at the fountain waiting for BD to come back from a store when Marie leaned in and gave me a hug, feeling her body pressed against mine, I didn't want to let her go. She looked up at me, and had we known how long until BD came back I would have kissed her right then.

BD showed up as we sat talking, we walked over to the Starbucks Kiosk and got some iced coffee for a treat. There was a local mexican joint that BD wanted to hit for dinner so we headed out of the mall and worked our way over towards downtown.

The restaurant was semi formal but relaxing. The wait staff was super friendly and the food was amazing, there is nothing quite like authentic mexican food when it is cooked with such care. We were enjoying our dinner and BD a few drinks, the festival was within walking distance from the restaurant.

After we walked out into the night air, I was thankful for Tucson's climate, nighttime was the most relaxing of time, it was hot but not too hot, you could walk comfortably and unlike Minnesota, it didn't get cold at night time to the point of needing a jacket.

It was a mere mile to the festival and we headed over, there were people dancing, and live music. Vendors were set up with food and niknaks. There were shows for the kids and bars had tables and benches outside their buildings and were serving drinks. BD quickly found a table at one of the bar patios and we watched the live music and the dancers, Marie and I made our way to some of the vendors and picked up little things for our siblings back home, some authentic mexican snacks to eat when we got back to the apartment.

Walking around in the night life, the streets lit from end to end, the music playing, I looked over and Marie was glowing, it was like slow motion, her head would turn and I would watch and almost feel her hair flying behind her. What was this change in me? I couldn’t figure it out, but I didn't want it to stop.

We came back to the table and noticed that BD had had a couple drinks in the short while. He seemed content just to listen to the music and watch the people going by. He gave us each 50 bucks to go play the vendor games and buy what we wanted. It seemed that we were partially on our own this evening.

We headed back out into the festival and ended up near a dance floor for everyday people. They were playing some form of dance music and I watched the adults and was very intimidated. Marie giggled and pulled me onto the dance floor. We started to swing each other around and got pretty decent at it.

The music quickly turned into a hot and spicy song which I noticed when I saw a lot of the women with their asses to their men grinding their hips back into them. Marie raised her eyebrows and turned around, no one knew us, what was the harm, and I wasn’t going to complain.

She started to imitate the other women, her back was against me, her head leaned back on my shoulder and she was grinding her ass into my groin. The biggest problem was, this was almost direct contact with my cock. My hands landed on her hips and worked their way around to her stomach.

Our bodies moved together. She looked up at me, I felt her start to stretch and our lips met. BD be damned, I didn't care if he saw, I wanted this, and so did she, I could tell by how much she kissed me back. Her arms were on mine wrapped around her. Suddenly the music was different, it was a slow song. She turned and we took up the standard secondary school positions, her arms around my neck, mine on her hips, she laughed aloud “No….yeah this isn't going to work”. She grabbed my hands and put them on her back, and pulled me closer. This...felt much better.

We danced to the beat softly. I wish the song had never ended, but great moments must always end and it did.

As we were going to walk off the dance floor we were stopped by an older mexican couple. The woman said “I just have to say, you two are absolutely beautiful together, I know young love when I see it and you are both full of it. I can see you are going to go far together. Treat each other right, because true love is hard to find.”

I was confused and shocked, Marie had the good sense to thank her and converse with her for a moment. My mind was taken aback, was this love? I just assumed it was lust...I wasn't ready for the big L word.

We walked along the sidewalk, watching all the other people, Marie reached her hand out and grabbed mine, “I know you are overthinking this right now, but don't, it's not worth it, lets just enjoy now ok?”

I nodded

We found BD….or at least his check stub. I asked the waiter where the man at the table had gone, he said in broken english something to the effect of BD had walked away with a pretty woman. We walked around the festival some more hoping to spot him, he was nowhere to be found. ….I had a sneaking suspicion.

BD was not the most responsible parent and had a bad habit of taking off on “dates” and not coming home until the next morning. Marie and I agreed, it seemed like he had found a “special someone”, this was before we had cell phones so we did the best thing we could do.

The festival had a line of cabs waiting for drunk patrons, we picked one up and thankfully still had enough cash to make it back to the apartment. I was glad that we had a spare key, so we could let ourselves in.

The apartment was quiet, the mood was interesting. I could tell Marie was distracted like myself.

I suggested we go to the pool, enjoy the night air, generally late in the evenings it was quiet by the pool. We changed into our suits, I glanced over and noticed Marie was just pulling on her bikini top, her hair cascading over her back, I couldn't get over her beauty.

We walked down to the pool in silence. It was empty as expected. I turned the bubble timer on for the hot tub and we sank into the warm water. Marie was the first to break the silence “You know…..we can’t be….what the old woman's just not possible. I mean….i’m not saying i’m not feeling things...but it's just not possible. It's just fun and games…..right?”

I sat looking at the stars and clouds overhead, and glancing at her, I pulled her over to my side. It was at that moment the bubble timer went off. The silence and the tension were thick in the air.

I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. “Marie...I don't know what to think, I don't think we are supposed to even have these thoughts yet, but can I deny I feel something, no, am I unsure of how this is supposed to work, absolutely...but I don't care, you are my best friend, and I feel more for you now than I have ever before….to me...that's something”

The silence returned.

I looked over at Marie

She glanced at me

The soft lights of the pool area were dancing in her eyes. I was overtaken and leaned in hard, our lips met and our tongues were instantly dancing. There was a hunger between us. A hunger that was not easily quelled.

I lifted Marie into my lap and put my arms around her, her legs across mine. Our kissing continued, my hands across her body, stomach, back, legs, thighs, exploring as our tongues did. My hands worked up under her bikini top. My palms finding her breasts and feeling her nipples hard in excitement against my hands.

She turned to face me, spreading her knees on either side of me as I sat, she reached down between us and untied my swimsuit. She reached in and grasped my cock as we continued to make out.

Her bikini top was basically hanging around her neck at this point, her breasts were free for my enjoyment. I leaned down and sucked a nipple into my mouth, feeling her hand squeeze my cock tighter.

My arm crossed hers, feeling her forearm flexing as she squeezed my cock, I found the top of her bikini bottom and slid my hand inside, finding her smooth pussy ready for my fingers. Even in the hot tub I could feel how slippery she already was.

My finger slid in, feeling her body tense at my invasion, I used my palm to rub against her clit as we resumed kissing. Her moans into my mouth. My groans into hers. Our tensions were building.


Overhead the clouds had been building and we had not noticed. A heat lightning storm had brewed fast and was producing extreme bolts of lightning overhead. Even though these rarely lead to ground hits, it still wasn't worth the risk of being in water.

Marie quickly fixed her top and we bolted across the pool deck. Laughing as we ran back to the apartment, we opened the door to find that BD still had not arrived home, but instead there was a message on the machine confirming our suspicion.

He was off at some woman's house for the night and would return sometime the middle of the next day.

Marie started to head to the shower to rinse the chlorine off, she watched my moves as she walked….the door closed..but only half way.

I heard the shower turn on, I could see movement in the mirror. I took the chance and walked in. Marie was already in the shower, the bikini discarded on the floor.

I shook off my trunks and opened the shower door. Stepping into the steam, I found her, biting her lower lip, she walked up to me and wrapped her arms around me in the hot water. “I was hoping you would take the hint you big dumb”

Her naked body against me once again, it was home. The way she fit against me, her breasts pressed against my chest, her arms around me, and mine around her, her head on my shoulder. Her hair cascading down my chest, the water flowing over us. My hands explored her body, feeling her shudder against me whenever I would find a sensitive spot. We stayed that way until the hot water started to cool off.

Getting out, I wrapped her in a warm towel and held her against me again. We walked out and she headed towards the couch bed. I could see the housekeeper had been there that day, so I took her hand, and led her towards the master bedroom, knowing the sheets would be fresh, I wanted to sleep with her in a more comfortable bed.

I laid Marie back on the bed, her naked body sprawled out, to this day I have always enjoyed watching breasts settle when changing positions, and I enjoyed it thoroughly at this moment. I pulled her foot up to my mouth and kissed along the top of the foot. I started to plant kisses along her ankle and down her calf.

I worked slowly in zig zag patterns slowly up her leg. Her knee bent over my shoulder as I worked past her knee, her thigh getting much attention, working from front to back, her eyes never leaving mine, as I kissed slowly north.

As I reached the conjunction of her legs, I kissed inwards. Her legs both settled over my shoulders as I kissed on either side of her mound, trailing soft kisses down along her lips. Hearing her sigh.

I watched her eyes close as I kissed down to the bottom of her slit and let my tongue slowly part her lips, instantly tasting the flow of her juices starting. The tangy sweet flavors cascading over my tongue.

I slid my tongue up to the top, feeling her clit under the tip of my tongue, letting my tongue swirl around it softly, her back arching, her body contorting trying to force my tongue where it wanted me to go.

My tongue left and went back south, until I reached the entrance to Maries hidden treasures. I slowly slid my tongue inside of her, letting her lips encapsulate my tongue, feeling her push her groin against my mouth.

I traced my fingers up her sides, feeling my hands find her breasts. My fingers softly squeezed each nippple between them, both hands keeping busy as my mouth delved deeper. My tongue sliding up and softly grazing the flat of my tongue over her clit. Her moans grew.

She grabbed my head and pulled me up her body softly. I walked on hands and knees up her body, planting kisses along the way. Her stomach, her ribs, her breasts, taking special care to kiss each side and take a soft suckle on each nipple.

Along her collar bone, up to her neck, hearing her sigh softly in my ear. Until I was perched over her. Looking down, the soft lamps in the corner of the room were still on, her smile was like a thousand suns warming me. I leaned in and kissed her. Our bodys held against each other. Her skin warmed mine, her lips stole my breath.

My hard cock was between us, and I felt it in contact with her wet slit. I pushed down to push it further against her. I felt her moan against my mouth. I started to softly thrust up and down feeling her juices coating the underside of my cock.

Feeling the head of my cock part her lips and push up to meet her clit. Feeling the hood scrape long the underside of me, causing me and Marie to shudder at the same time.

I slid down until I felt her pussy lips caving in, her body guiding my cock to her entrance. But I was not going to be the one to make this decision solely. I looked in her eyes, I felt her hand go between our body and felt it grasp my cock. It was in her hands, literally and figuratively. I expected her to pull me up, but was shocked and beyond happy, she whispered “you cannot cum in me, you have to pull out, you have to let me know when you are cumming”, my mind was blown as I felt her instead rub the head against her entrance and start to pull me down.

I felt the head part her lips fully and they enveloped me as I slowly pushed in. Marie's body shifted under me, her legs came up and wrapped around me. I pushed slowly. Her moans escaping her lips softly inches from my face. We were looking in each other's eyes. This was it. I felt every inch of myself disappearing into her. Her velvet insides warm and caressing. She was groaning as I stretched her around me. I felt her body squeezing me. And then I felt our pelvis’s meet. Our mounds were pressed together. My balls were resting against her. I held myself there. This was our moment.

Our virginity lost together. I knew if I moved too soon I would cum too fast, so I sat there. I kissed Marie deeply.

I slowly pulled my cock back out until I was barely inside and pushed in again. Feeling every sensation. Feeling her body accepting me back inside. I started to pick up speed.

Her legs pulled me back in every time I would pull out. Her breasts pressed hard against me. I could feel her juices flowing against me and down between us on every thrust. Her moans were growing louder as were mine. I felt her body starting to clamp down on my cock with each thrust, felt her pussy sucking on me as I pulled out.

I was holding out wanting to feel her cum on my cock before I pulled out. I started to worry that I was losing the battle when I felt her body go tense, I felt what my fingers had felt before. Her vagina was milking my cock, I could feel the pulsing pulling on my shaft.

It was too much, I nearly shouted “Marie I AM GOING TO CUM!” expecting her to push me out…...I was shocked, her legs didn't come off my back “DON'T.........DON'T STOP.........I WANT TO FEEL IT” she moaned as she road her intense orgasm.

Her legs pulled me back into her depths, I could not push in any further, and at that moment I was over the edge. Our bodies together, her pussy still squeezing me as her orgasm continued. She shouted as she felt my cock head swell inside of her.

I felt the first jet rocket up the shaft and this time, I was deep inside of her. I could feel myself bottomed out in her, I felt the cum leave my dick and coat deep inside of her, it worked back along my cock. Every shot of cum that rocketed out of me made Marie moan into my mouth as we kissed.

We came down from the stars together. Somehow I was still hard inside of her, but we held still. Just feeling our juices mingling. Not caring that inside of her, was her cousin's seed looking for an egg to fertilize. Nothing to guard from this. At that moment, all we cared about was how close we were to each other.

Our tongues continued to mingle and then we just planted soft kisses on each other's lips. I could feel our mixed fluids leaking out between us, soaking the sheets below us.

Slowly my cock began to deflate inside of her. More and more leaked out, Marie suggested she should go clean up. I don't know why but I followed her. She looked confused but I was curious. She didn't hide as she sat down on the toilet. I wanted to see what we had done. I watched as she peed, and then came the torrent, gushes of our mixed fluids escaping her, it dripped out in batches, my translucent cum mixed with her juices.. “I can still feel so much more inside of me, so deep” She said.

She finished cleaning up and we walked back to bed.

We climbed into the clean side and she laid with her back to me, my arm around her, her arm over mine. I kissed her neck, we didn't have a care in the world at the moment. We fell asleep in each others arms, I had nothing but her on my mind. Tomorrow was another day.


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