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She woke up after being captured
Present Time:

Clarisse moaned. Her head is in a state of excruciating pain. As her mind began processing things, she realized that her mouth was taped with a cloth is inside her mouth. She scanned her surroundings.

She was in a windowless room, with a single bulb on the ceiling. She tried to get up, but her body won’t move. The first thing she realized was that she was lying on a king-sized bed. Her arms and legs had been stretched out – tied to the bedposts. She was lying spread eagle!

She looked down her body and gasped in horror. She was completely naked! She screamed in terror through her gag as she saw the sperm on her breasts.

“Oh no. Did they rape me?” she thought to herself.

She also felt sore between her legs. There is no more doubt that she had been raped while she was unconscious. She screamed and sobbed through her gag and thrashed her body, trying to get free, but her efforts were in vain.

She heard voices outside the room where she was confined. The sound of keys unlocking the doors can be heard. Two men entered the room. She recognized the men as Mike and the bartender.

She thrashed her body again in fear. Both men approached her.

“We heard you scream and we knew that you were awake,” Mike said, as he laid his hand on her thighs. She saw the bartender reach for her. She closed her eyes in fear and felt a hand grab her breasts. She screamed in fear.

“These are very nice tits. Perky, and just the right size” Maurice said. She felt her breasts being squeezed.

“My dick fit perfectly between those tits, it really felt amazing!” The bartender told her, his face close to hers. He kissed her and squeezed her boobs.

“You are so beautiful. I’ve been waiting for this day” Mike leered at her. His hands slid up and down her thighs repeatedly and rubbed her inner thighs. He rubbed his fingers between her legs. She squirmed from the violation, but there was no stopping them.

She screamed as she felt Mike’s fingers enter her vagina and Maurice started sucking her breasts.

“I like it when you struggle. It makes this even hotter” Mike said.

“We totally enjoyed you while you were out. You really have the softest thighs” Mike preened, while he ran his hand along her thigh and his other hand fingered her pussy.

She struggled in vain as the men continued to violate her. Her eyes were filled with fear when the men swapped places. Mike is now straddling her chest, while Maurice moved between her legs. Mike grabbed her breasts and sandwiched his dick between them. Maurice licked her pussy. She sobbed as her breasts were being fucked, and her pussy being licked.

“You were right, Maurice. These tits really make your dick feel good” Mike exclaimed as he fucked her breasts.

The violation lasted an hour. Mike ejaculated on her face, and he rubbed his dick on her breasts as if to dry them. Maurice removed his dick from her pussy and ejaculated.

“That was fun” Maurice exclaimed.

“Unfortunately, we have some business to attend to. Don’t worry babe, we’ll have fun again later.” Mike told her while both men gave each other high fives.

She saw Maurice hand Mike, a bottle. Mike pulled a cloth from his pockets and poured the contents of the bottle on the cloth.

“Time to sleep, princess” Mike whispered in her ear.

She thrashed her body as he placed the damp cloth on her face.

“Sleep” He whispered in her ear.

A hand started to rub her pussy again. She continued thrashing her body, trying to break free from the fingers between her legs. Her movements started to slow down. Her head started to feel light.

“That's it. Just breathe” A voice whispered in her ear.

She took a lungful of fumes from the cloth.

Both men watched her eyes slowly roll.

The last thing she felt was the fingers between her legs, and the world went black.

The next day:

She awoke slowly. Her head is still throbbing, her body sore from last night’s violation. She heard police and ambulance sirens outside. She was being placed on a gurney.

A gentle voice told her “Everything is fine. You’re safe now.

She was placed inside the ambulance. Her body felt very exhausted, and she fell asleep.

A week later:

Clarissa lay on her bed. She had just woken up from her sleep. After her ordeal, she had trouble sleeping because of the nightmares.

She was released from the hospital 3 days ago. She was rescued by the police. She heard from them that the Larson Brothers were her kidnappers and violators. They were after the galleon paintings of Mr. Russel, who passed away a month ago. Mike, who was the late man’s resident mechanic, stumbled upon the old man’s diary and read it. It turned out that Mr. Russel was a narco criminal. He stole his partners’ money, murdered them, fled to another country, and had his name changed. What he stole was a fortune, and he trusted nobody.

Being an eccentric guy, he hid his fortune on an unregistered property. As he was growing senile, he kept mumbling about hidden money and a map, and something in his diary. The word spread throughout the entire household. When it reached Mike’s ears. He stole the diary read about the maps being divided into 5 pieces. Mr. Russel started painting as his hobby and painted 5 identical pieces. All of them were paintings of a galleon. A sketch of the fragment of the map was drawn behind the canvass, sketched on the spot where the mast of the galleon was painted. The old man asked his servant to distribute the paintings to different people of their choice.

The Larson Brothers’ objective was to gather the map pieces and to steal the money. They were afraid that some of Mr. Russel’s workers will hear of them believing the senile man’s word, and will attempt t do what they are planning – finding the money.

Clarissa figured that she stumbled upon the brothers’ crimes and started looking into it. They noticed her so they hacked her computer and kept tabs on her. When she was on the verge of figuring something out, the brothers had to keep her silent. So they kidnapped her.

The memory made her shiver.

Mr. Russel’s lawyer was about to gather his effects when he noticed the diary was missing and he hired private investigators to find it. The day the diary disappeared was also the last day Mike showed for work. The investigators put the pattern together and suspected him. They were tailing him, but somehow they lost him. They found him again on the day she was captured. He and his brother Maurice left the building. They followed to a vault which they opened, it was filled with loads of cash. The police were alerted. Maurice was arrested, but Mike escaped. That thought filled Clarissa with dread.

She tried to sleep when someone knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” She asked. “A parcel for Miss Morgen” the voice outside replied.

She peeked through her peephole and saw a delivery boy holding a small box.

She opened the door and received the package.

She went to her desk and opened the package. Inside was a USB with a paper attached to it, saying “Play me”

She turned on her computer and inserted the USB. Her heart skipped a beat when she opened the folder inside the USB.

There was a video titled “The Perils of Clarissa Morgen”

She was filled with dread. She started shaking, but she played the video anyway.

The video showed her and Mike talking on the bar counter. The bartender, Maurice, gave mike a drink. She was also given one. She emptied the entire glass in one gulp. She and Mike continued talking until she swooned. Mike smiled, said something to her and she stood up to leave when she stumbled. Mike grabbed her from behind. One hand was unbuttoning her shirt, the other fondled her breast.

Clarissa paused the video, and tears started flowing in her eyes. Being a curious woman, she pressed play and continued watching the video despite her disgust.

She saw her fell limp against Mike’s body. She was then carried by him to a table where he undressed her to her underwear and bra. He freed one of her breasts and sucked on it. He fondled her for a long time until Mike received a phone call. Moments later a man came. He grabbed her legs, while Mike put his arms under hers, and the men carried her outside with Mike fondling her breasts.

The video went blank for a second and a new footage is being played.

Mike and Maurice were seated on the opposite sides of the car, her limp, vulnerable, and helpless body between them. Her head was resting on Maurice’s lap, while her legs were on Mike’s. Maurice started kissing her as he groped her breasts. He started to undo the front clasp of her bra, freeing her breasts.

"These are so beautiful!" Maurice exclaimed as he cupped her breasts on each of his hands and felt their weight on his palms. He massaged her breasts vigorously. Then sucked on them.

Mike, pulled her legs closer to him and started caressing her thighs. He slid his hands up and down her thighs and rubbed his thumbs on her inner thighs. Mike then massaged her pussy mound through her underwear. He reached for her underwear’s waistband and pulled her panties down her legs. Mike moaned in satisfaction when her perfectly shaved pussy was revealed.

Mike sniffed her underwear and smiled, then kept it in his pockets. Mike started sliding his hands up her thighs, then massaged her shaved pussy. He massaged her pussy for minutes until she moaned in response.

“She’s liking it!” Mike exclaimed. He continued massaging her labia. She started to moan louder. He rubbed her vagina with expert dexterity. Her moans became louder and more frequent. After 15 minutes of fingering her shaved pussy her body shuddered, and she moaned loudly and reached her climax. Mike's fingers are wet with her vaginal juices

“That was amazing!” Mike laughed.

Maurice is busy kissing her while fondling her breasts. Mike started to spread her legs apart and he leaned between them and started eating her pussy. This lasted for about thirty minutes until the car stopped.

The video again went blank for a second and another footage is being shown to Clarissa.

Mike carried her unconscious, naked body on his shoulders. His hand is wandering on her ass. Slapping them, and rubbing them.

He then laid her on the bed. Maurice straddled himself on her chest, while Mike licked her shaved pussy, then spread her legs apart. He also straddled her and pulled her spread legs to his chest.

Mike aimed his dick in her pussy, and penetrated her. She moaned in response.

Maurice put his dick between her breasts, pressed her breasts together.

Mike fucked her pussy, and Maurice fucked her breasts. They raped her for hours.

After they came Maurice left, but Mike stayed. He brought his face close to hers. He stroked her hair.

“You are so beautiful,” He said. “You have no idea how much I’ve been waiting for this”

Mike then grabbed her arms and put her in a sitting position. Mike laid down on the bed and placed her limp body on top of his, her body facing up. Mike held his dick and put it inside her. He started raping her from under her body, his dick thrusting inside her and his hands fondling her breasts. This went on for half an hour until he came. He pulled out of her. He sat down on the bead, his back on the headboard. He put his hands under Clarissa"s arms and pulled her limp body towards him, her back on his chest. He fondled her breasts, her head lolled backward on his shoulders. He turned her lolled head facing him, and kissed her lips passionately. He cupped her breasts and felt their weight with his palms. He started squeezing and massaging her breasts as he kissed her. He stood up, laid her body on the bed, and started sucking her breasts. He then moved between her legs. He spread her legs apart and started licking her shaved, smooth pussy. He pleasures her vagina with his tongue to check if he will get the same results from his fingering her vagina in the car. After minutes of passionate tonguing of her pussy, she started moaning. He pleasured her more, and her moans became louder until her body convulsed. She moaned very loud as she reached her climax.

Mike smiled. "You really like your pussy being pleasured, huh" He spoke to her unconscious body.

Mike stood up and picked a rope from the table and began tying her limbs on the bedposts. She was lying completely naked, and spread-eagled. He kissed her again, fondling her breasts and massaging her pussy at the same time. He ran his hands up and down her thighs and left the room.

The video stopped and a message was written on the screen. “Find me and I’ll release the video”

Clarissa was filled with dread, she is terrified because her rapist is still at large and he might rape her again.

She shut down her computer and cried herself to sleep.
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