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A meeting between a centaur and a dragon
Elnaya wished there was something she could find something softer than a tree to massage her aching sex. The breeding season was the worst. There were so many obnoxious males in the herd who wouldn’t leave her alone. While she wanted the satisfaction of release, there was no one in the herd she was interested in.

She traveled deep into the forest to ride out the waves of her heat in relative peace. This was one of the few times she wanted to be like the humans. She heard rumors that if they were ever plagued by desire they could satisfy themselves. Sadly, she had an entire mare body between her and the source of her discomfort.

Brushing back her blonde and black-streaked mane, Elnaya tried to focus her attention on something, anything, else. Her human and horse halves were both overly sensitive to everything. The very breeze sent goosebumps over her flesh and bought her nipples to stiff peaks. She rubbed her hands over the ample mounds; This was at least something she could tend to.

She massaged this part of her and let her head fall back. Perhaps if she imagined mating with someone it would help. Closing her eyes, she pictured someone large who put a pleasant weight on her back as they mounted her. Strong forelegs to pull her into their thrusts as their member stroked deep inside her.

It was beginning to work; She could feel herself dripping with arousal as pleasure slowly built. Her foreleg dug anxiously into the dirt as her nerves began to tingle.

Elnaya nearly jumped out of her skin when something large and wet swiped along her sex. She whipped around to tell off whatever stallion had followed her only to freeze in her spot. Behind her, sniffing at her folds, was a large, iridescent black dragon. His scales shimmered with dark rainbows in the speckled sunlight. He was easily over half her size with powerful muscles and large leathery wings. When he opened his eyes, the thick membrane parted to reveal intense black opal eyes.

What could she do? Running would mean ending up this dragon’s meal for sure. But he was more than likely going to eat her no matter what she did.

Hot breath struck her sensitive sex making her whimper. Then she watched as the dragon opened his maw to reveal sharp teeth, and she waited for them to inevitably sink into her flank only to yelp as his wet tongue licked along her lips. Elnaya involuntarily stepped forward from surprise receiving a rumbling growl from the dragon.

He followed her keeping his muzzle thrust against her sensitive flesh. Elnaya had to press her body to a tree for support. The thick muscle of his tongue massaged her and the forked, ends curled around her clit; Hugging it and making her cry out in pleasure. He left her clit to press his tongue into her entrance. One of her back legs lifted as she was pleasantly stretched as he probed her deeper than any herd male ever could. The forked ends pressed against sensitive areas until she felt as though she were going to come undone.

Why was he doing this? He had to have smelled her heat, but she didn’t understand why a dragon would want to mate with a centaur. Not that she was complaining at the moment; Elnaya could honestly say she had never felt anything so wonderful in her entire life.

When his tongue slithered from her, she immediately felt empty but also grateful that he was granting her some time to recover. Her body shivered as the wind chilled the thin layer of sweat that had formed during the onslaught. Turning her head, she glanced back to see what the dragon was doing when a heavy weight pressed to her back and strong forelegs held her waist in an iron grip.

A tapered head poked her hindquarters, then her rear before finally finding its mark and pushing inside her. The breath left her body as Elnaya was forced closer to the tree. Above her, the dragon gave a guttural sound of satisfaction as his hot, ribbed bulk sank in deeper.

The pointed head opened her for the girth of his member. Then when he could go no further, the head expanded and flared, and she could feel fleshy barbs fan out in every angle. There were bumps and ridges along his shaft that rubbed along her entrance as he pulled back. The barbs stroked every part of her inner walls as they were pushed and pulled with his strokes.

Thick lubricant from his tip allowed him to move with greater ease as it coated her insides. As he picked up speed the textured parts of his shaft created an almost buzzing sensation whenever he entered and exited. Each stroke was punctuated by her uninhibited cries of pleasure even as her bare skin was scratched by the tree she desperately clung to.

Her every nerve was lit up as the barbs moved along her innermost tender places. It wouldn’t be long now; she could feel the pressure building within her. Judging by the labored huffs of the dragon, he wasn’t far behind.

Globs of drool fell onto her shoulder and slid down her chest and over her breasts. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw the dragon hovering just near her head, jaw open, and tongue lolling. They made eye contact, and Elnaya reached up to place a hand on his scaly cheek as he bent down closer to rest on her shoulder.

With a final gasp, Elnaya’s walls clenched and she cried out as she came. The dragon grunted and pressed the narrow tip of his penis to her cervix and filled her with his seed. His grip around her waist tightened as several waves of hot semen flooded her womb. Eventually, it began to spill out and over her clit sending Elnaya into a second, smaller climax.

They remained in this position until his member deflated and slid back into his body. Excess cum poured from her hole as he left her. The absence of his girth made Elnaya feel empty and cold. Even more when his heavy bulk hopped dismounted.

As she tried to catch her breath a scaly muzzle nosed her cheek. The dragon nosed her and gently bumped his head against hers in a way that reminded her of a cat. She gave a weak smile and nudged him back, receiving a slimy lick that passed her lips and caressed her tongue in an intimate kiss.

He pulled away and stepped back into the clearing. Expanding his large, leathery wings, he gave them a few pumps before taking off into the air.

Elnaya watched him with a hand over her mouth. Something in that kiss connected them; A name was in her mind- Desathos. With that name came a promise of his return. He would come for her and their offspring when the time came and take them back to his nest. She would live there in safety as his mate.

She rather liked the idea. Smiling, Elnaya waited for the remainder of the excess semen to slip from her before making her way back to the herd. As she returned to the pasture where the others frolicked, she wondered what a half-dragon, half-centaur would even look like. All she hoped was that she wouldn’t be laying any eggs.


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2021-06-11 04:08:15
A little short but well done nonetheless. I await chapter two of this interesting tale. If you have more stories I think I'll give them a read as well.

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