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Tess wants to test a new toy
“You want me to do what now?”

Sam stared down at the strap-on in confusion. The tool itself wasn’t the issue, she and her long-time girlfriend were no strangers to strapping up and taking the other for a ride. It was the large, red, canine phallus that was attached to it that made Sam raise an eyebrow. To add to the odd factor, she spied a long tube attached to a syringe, which Tessa had explained could be filled with a suspiciously realistic-looking cum-like lubricant.

Tessa was on her knees with her palms pressed together as she begged, “Please! Just this one time!”

“Just to clarify; You want me to shift into my hybrid form, put on this wolf dick dildo, and mount you. Am I getting all that correct?”

Tess glanced away then back at Sam. “Yes. I want you to mount and fuck me like you’re trying to put puppies in me.”

Sam felt her wolf side perk up. She could feel her muscles start to expand at the very idea. Leaning forward, she said in a low voice, “Say that again.”

She saw Tess’s pupils dilate at the shift in tone. “I want you to mount and fuck me like you’re trying to put puppies in me--!”

Sam was on her feet with her hand around Tess’s throat. She pressed the smaller redhead against the wall with enough pressure on her neck to assert dominance but not enough to hurt. Hands and feet shifted and grew thick grey-brown fur, sharp claws grazed the back of Tess’s neck, and within seconds Sam was looking down on her petite girlfriend from well over a foot above her head.

Rough padded fingers caressed the soft skin of Tess’s throat. Sam smiled at the shiver that ran through her girlfriend’s body. “You want me to breed you, little girl?” her voice was much deeper, more feral in this form. It didn’t matter how gently she spoke, there was always the hint of a growl in her words.

She could smell the immediate reaction of Tess’s arousal, but she waited for the verbal confirmation. Tess finally took a breath and nodded, “Yes. Yes, please!”

Sam growled low in her chest, eliciting more of the sweet scent of lust from her girlfriend. With great care, she squeezed her hand around the slender neck and leaned down to give her a long, deep kiss. She reveled in the whimper she received and used her thick wolf tongue to leave her small human breathless.

Tess took a huge gulp of air when Sam finally pulled away. The redhead’s freckled cheeks were flushed red and her eyes sparkled with desire. Needing no further instruction other than a curt nod to the strap and lube, Tess quickly set to work preparing everything. Their strap-on was custom made for someone with a tail, and Tess was quick to hook the equipment onto Sam’s narrow hips.

She jumped when Sam growled; She had been getting too handsy with Sam’s nethers while arranging the parts that went around her thick legs. The werewolf had wanted to go easy on her eager girlfriend, but Tess knew the rules during play.

While Tess was on her knees, Sam placed a paw on the back of her head and pressed her face toward the lubed-up dildo. With the cum lube plunger in her other paw, Sam squeezed a little out to rub on her girlfriend’s face. She had to admit the sight was incredibly hot, especially as Tess looked up at her with her beautiful green eyes just as her lips wrapped around the tip.

She watched as Tess took the red cock in her hand and stroked it. Tess kept eye contact as she trailed her tongue along the detailed veins to the knot. More of the cum oozed out of the tip then quickly licked up by Tess’s enthusiastic services.

Drool dripped from Sam’s maw as she watched. She hadn’t been so sure about the role-play until now; This was possibly the sexiest thing Tess had ever done for her. Flexing her hips, Sam pushed the phallus into her girlfriend’s waiting mouth.

‘What I wouldn’t give to have a real cock right now,’ she thought as she watched Tess swallow more and more of the strap.

She humped the sweet mouth and started to pant. Her heavy tongue lolled out one side of her mouth and her vision started to tunnel. This happened sometimes when she was in this form. More of her wolfish nature would come out when she was too excited. Finely tuned ears picked up the slick sounds of the silicon sliding in and out of her girlfriend’s mouth, the slight chokes and gasps with each pass that nearly dove down the back of her throat, and the beautiful moans of pleasure. Her nose was overwhelmed with the scent of Tess’s desire and soon Sam felt her human side fading back as the wolf took over.

Thick fingers grabbed a handful of Tess’s hair and yanked her away from the cock with a pop. She choked and looked up to ask Sam what the hell that was for when she saw the feral look in the werewolf’s golden eyes. The beast before her panted and stared down at her with a hunger that made her heart sink.


Without warning, Tess was thrown to the ground and pinned on her stomach. Hot breath grazed her ear as the wet nose snuffled in her hair and down her neck. She tried to remain as still as possible while the wolf tore her shirt and shorts from her body.

This wasn’t what she had pictured when the idea had come to her the other day. She knew Sam went wild at times, had witnessed it when they had started dating, but Sam always knew who Tess was even during the full moon. Now, Tess wasn’t so sure if this creature was still her girlfriend.

Yet there was also a massive side of her that was incredibly turned on at the turn of events.

Strong hands pulled her back and she felt the tip of the dildo brush her backside. She was set up on her knees and her torso was forced down with a paw. Tess bit her lip as she watched the werewolf align the cock. This was so fucking hot; Sam had always been the dominant one in the bedroom but there was this careful sense of control whenever they had sex. Now, the animal within her was going full force with reckless abandon.

She lifted her hips like a good bitch and whined as the head pushed inside of her. A muscular forearm wrapped around her waist as the rest of the torso laid on her back. The cock was bigger than she had expected but it slid in with ease, stretching her more at the middle of the shaft, then stopping as the massive knot.

Sam’s breath was coming fast and hot. Drops of drool fell onto Tess’s face as the two of them adjusted to the fit. Then Sam’s hips began to pump.

This wasn’t the careful, romantic build up she was used to with Sam. No, this was the rutting of a mating animal. She really was being fucked as though Sam was going to put puppies in her, and it was fucking amazing! Tess’s cries of pleasure turned to whines and gasps as the strap-on pumped in and out of her at a rapid pace. The slick sounds of her soaked pussy added to the animalistic nature and all she could do was press her face into the carpet and take it.

She was surprised by how quickly her orgasm was building. ‘No, no, no!’ she thought through the haze. ‘Not yet!’

Managing to move her head enough to look around, Tess found the plunger for the cum lube. Sam was in no state of mind to know to use it. So it would be up to her to deliver the main event.

“Come on, baby, breed your girl! Fuck, you’re an animal!”

Tess clutched the plunger in her fist as Sam continued to plow her into the floor. Her body was on fire from the pain and pleasure of it all, and she even found herself drooling as much as Sam was. Everything was perfect, she felt like her head was stuffed full with cotton and all she could think about was the beast taking her from behind; Breeding her like a good mate.

She heard Sam whine above her and knew the time was almost upon them. Tess pulled the plunger close to her chest as the massive she-wolf began to tremble. Sam’s wolf head pressed into hers, nearly crushing her under the weight, and then Tess felt her stiffen.

Her climax hit as the knot popped into place and the wave of cum sprayed into her womb. Cries of pleasure mixed with her girlfriend's low moaning howls as they rode their orgasms together. Lubricant spilled from around the knot and down her sensitive clit. The two of them collapsed into a heap on the floor; Tess’s lower half being pulled as Sam rolled onto her side.

She must have passed out because the next thing she felt was the *pop* of the knot being pulled from her. “Ow! Careful, babe… I’m,” she took a breath and fell to her side, “I’m still pretty tender.”

“Is that really all you have to say?!” Sam’s worried voice demanded. “I completely blacked out, your knees are a wreck- Tess! Are you alright?”

Tess rolled over and pulled the distressed brunette on top of her. She whimpered when the dildo pressed against her aching clit. Then she gave a weary smile and kissed Sam on the nose. “I’m fucking great! We should do that again sometime!”

Sam stared at her girlfriend completely dumbfounded. She leaned forward and gave Tess a tender kiss and said, “You’re insane.” She smiled, “I love you.”

“I love you too, you filthy animal.”

Sam gave a playful snarl and the two girls settled down for some well-deserved rest. Tess just wondered if Sam would be up to trying some of the other dildos she ordered.
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