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The days of slavery did leave one good legacy.
A Streaker started it all

By Vanessa Evans

Part 2

The Monday morning saw Angie going to work wearing just a knee length skirt, a blouse and heels. She’d worn the blue blouse to work many times before but always with a black bra under it and never really noticed that the black bra was just about visible under the thin material but when she was in the toilet at just after she got to work she realised that in the bright lights she could just make out the darked coloured skin of her areolae and nipples.

“So that’s why the barista was staring at me.” Angie thought but wasn’t concerned, “no one at work is going to stare at me and realise what they can see,” she concluded.

The morning went much the same as other morning but when she went to the sandwich shop her tag-along commented on how nice she looked. At first she didn’t think anything of the comment but when they were stood in the queue to be served she turned to face him, took a deep breath thrusting her chest out and said,

“Andy, you’ve been looking at me differently today, do I look different or something?”

Angie watched his eyes staring at her chest and it was obvious that he was looking at her tits through the slightly sheer blouse.

“Err yes Angie you do, you look more radiant.”

“Oh, thank you Andy, maybe it’s because I’m going to court with Mr. Whitelock this afternoon to hopefully find out if he’s won the indecent exposure case.”

“Oh that’s today is it? So are you going to start coming to work naked then Angie?”

“Good grief no Andy no, I could never expose myself like that. Besides the office is mainly men, you’d all be staring at me all the time.”

“True, but I think that you would look great exposing the rest of your body Angie.”

“No, not me.”

As the queue shortened Angie wondered about the wording that Andy had used, ‘the rest of your body’. Had he really been able to see her tits through the semi sheer material? Her nipples and pussy started to tingle.

Back at the office Angie had just finished her lunch when Mr. Whitelock came over.

“Ready Angie? My my, you look radiant today. If everything goes as expected you’ll be able to come back here naked.”

“I don’t think so Mr. Whitelock but I’ll be pleased for all the women who do want to run around with nothing on.”

As they walked down the street Mr. Whitelock said,

“You know Angie, if you or Mandy do want to come to work naked no one in the office will mind.”

“Thank you Mr. Whitelock. Obviously I can’t speak for Mandy but I doubt that I will be taking advantage of the freedom that will be afforded to women.”

They kept walking and Angie was sure that she heard Mr. Whitelock quietly say,

“That’s a shame.”

Lucy and her father were waiting outside the court room and they all said hello then Lucy said,

“So Angie, do you fancy going for a drink tonight? That’s if I’m not locked up.”

“Relax Lucy,” Mr. Whitelock said, “everything will be just fine.”

“So Mr. Whitelock, it would appear that your legal assistant could strip naked right where she is standing and there is nothing that I could do to stop her.” Were the judge’s first words.

“Would you like her to take her clothes off your honour?”

“Nice thought Mr. Whitelock but I don’t think that that would be appropriate for a court of law. I can see that I’m going to have amend the dress code for my courts, case dismissed.”

Everyone on the defence side was elated with Lucy hugging her father, Mr. Whitelock then Angie.

“I’m buying tonight.” Lucy said.

As they were walking back to the office Angie asked,

“Would you really have let the judge tell me to take my clothes off in there Mr. Whitelock?”

“Remember Angie, if a judge tells you to jump you ask how high.”

“What if you’d asked me to take my clothes off Mr. Whitelock, would you have expected me to?”

“Well Angie, considering what you are wearing today I don’t think that I wouldn’t need to ask you. I think that it’s just a matter of time before I see you walking through the door totally naked.”

“I could never do that Mr. Whitelock.”

“Are you sure Angie? I strongly suspect that just a few weeks ago you never have considered coming to work like you have today.”

Angie didn’t reply, she was too busy thinking about what he had said, and yes, he was right, a few weeks ago even going outside her room without underwear on just wouldn’t have happened. How could he possibly know that she had no knickers on? And as for the blouse, she’d convinced herself that it wasn’t really see-through but she’d seen so many people looking at her chest that it must be more see-through than she thought, her breasts had obviously been seen by goodness know how many people and she hadn’t been embarrassed by it. Was she really a closet exhibitionist trying to get out?

Before she realised it they were back at the office and Mr. Whitelock was again thanking her for doing such a good job.

The rest of the afternoon went quite quickly and soon Angie was walking towards the bus stop. Just as she got there her phone rang, it was Lucy wanting to arrange their meeting at at the Red Lion pub.

On the bus Angie was thinking about their meeting, would Lucy be there naked, would she be expecting her to be naked as well? No, she couldn’t expect that, but did she even want to go to the pub naked? For a couple of seconds she was actually considering doing it.

Angie was actually starting to think that she did want to be naked in public, well she was thinking that sometimes, but other times she thought that she was insane for even thinking about it.

As Angie walked from the bus to the house she realised that her juices were running down the insides of her thighs.

“Jeez, even just thinking about being naked is turning me on.” Angie thought.

Angie was going for a drink with Lucy that evening so she dumped her bag in her room then went to make herself a sandwich. As she was sat eating it she noticed how quiet it was in the house and assumed that the other 3 must still be at uni.

Plate and cutlery washed she put them in her cupboard then went to her room. She had already decided to have a shower before going out so she stripped naked, picked up her towel and shower bag and went to the bathroom. As she walked along the corridor she was happy that she was the only one in the house.

Not only did Angie have a shower she did her whole bathroom routine, even having a full shave even though she had one that morning. Satisfied with her body Angie picked up her towel and the shower bag and headed back to her room only to be met by Matt as he came out of his room. They both stared at each other for a few seconds. Angie not even trying to cover up.

It was Matt who broke the spell by saying,

“So Eva was right, you are an exhibitionist Angie.”

“No, no I am not.” Angie replied pulling the towel over her front.

“It’s okay Angie, we don’t mind, none of us are going to call the police.”

“That wouldn’t work Matt, my boss won the court case, any woman can be naked anywhere.”

“Well there you go Angie, no need for you to be shy any more, you can let it all hang out and no one can stop you. So are you going to be naked here all the time from now on?”

Angie so wanted to say ‘yes’ but actually intended to say,

“In your dreams,” but what came out of her mouth was,


“A girl saying ‘maybe’ is as good as her saying ‘yes’, so don’t be shy, take that towel away and let me have a good look at you, confirm that my suspicion that you are one hot babe.”

Those last few words gave Angie the courage to do what Matt had asked and her arms dropped to her sides giving Mat the full frontal view – again.

Matt took Angie’s spare hand and led her into the kitchen / lounge area then said,

“The light’s better in here, put those down and let me have a proper look at you. Stand by the window Angie.”

Angie found herself complying and soon Matt had her turning and posing for him, and she was liking it, well her pussy certainly was. Her heart had just about slowed down to it’s normal pace when in walked Justin and Eva causing Angie to freeze again.

“Told you.” Eva said.

“Wow, totally awesome Angie.” Justin said.

“Relax Angie,” Eva said, “No one is going to hurt you and none of us object to the new you. It will be good to have you like that all the time, well in the house anyway.”

Angie finally managed to speak,

“I don’t know, it’s so embarrassing.”

“You’ll soon get used to it Angie.” Justin said.

“Hey,” Matt said, “her boss won that court case so she can be naked anywhere she wants to be.”

“Is that right Angie?” Eva asked.

Angie nodded her head.

“Great, so you can come to the party with us on Friday like that. That will be good for you won’t it?” Eva said.

Angie didn’t reply but she was thinking,

“There’s no way that I’m going to a party without any clothes on.”

“It’s only Monday Angie,” Eva said, “by Friday night you’ll be completely cool with being naked all the time.”

“I doubt that.” Angie replied.

“Well let’s get tonight over with then see how you are tomorrow.” Matt said.

“I can’t, I have to meet a new friend in an hour.”

“Well you can stay like that until you have to go out. Hey, think about what you’ll save not having to buy any new clothes, and all that washing,” Eva said, “it almost makes me want to join you.”

“Don’t let us stop you Eva.” Matt said.

“You wish.”

“Yes we do wish Eva.” Justin added.

“Keep wishing guys, just be satisfied with perving over Angie’s cute little body for now. Well I guess you should be going to get ready Angie, are you going like that?”

“No I am not.”

Angie left the 3 of them to it and went to her room. She sat on the bed and thought,

“Did I just agree to be naked all the time that I’m in this house? I don’t think that I did, but those 3 seem to think that I did. Do I want to be naked here? Well maybe, I did have a nice feeling while I was out there and my pussy is still tingling. I think that I’ll try it. I might just like it and it isn’t like they haven’t all seen me naked before so it won’t be anything new for me or them. Right, I’ll try it for a few days and see how it goes. Is that man over there looking my way?”

Angie got up, went to her window and was disappointed.

Sitting back on her bed her right hand went to her pussy and she started rubbing. One orgasm later she thought,

“Oh well, better get ready. I wonder if Lucy will be naked when I get there?”

Angie started to get ready. When she had to decide what to wear she looked through what she’d got, which wasn’t much, and didn’t find anything that she fancied wearing.

“Maybe I should go naked, at least it would solve one daily problem.” Angie thought and she laughed to herself.

Angie chose her mid-thigh denim skirt and a tank top thinking,

“That’s pretty standard for girls my age, a lot don’t bother with a bra as well. I wonder how many go out without knickers as well?”

Satisfied with her looks, including the 2 little tents on the front of her tits, Angie left her room.

“You’re not going naked then?” Eva asked as they passed each other on the stairs.

“No chance. Maybe some other time.” Angie replied.

“I’ll hold you to that Angie.” Eva replied.

Angie got to the Red Lion a few minutes early but Lucy was already there. Angie was and wasn’t pleased to see that she was wearing clothes that were very similar to what she was wearing and she was sat at a table engrossed in her phone.

“Hi Lucy, can I get you a drink?”

“No, no, let me get you one Angie, I owe you.”

Lucy got to her feet and Angie saw that her denim skirt was quite a bit shorter than her own. When Angie sat down she saw the screen of Lucy’s phone and thought,

“Oh.” Angie thought and got her own phone out.

She went to the same webpage and found what was on Lucy’s screen.

“You’ve seen that then?”

“I have now, it’s the usual journalist crap or is any of it true?“

“Actually most of it’s true, I once got cautioned for streaking through the shopping centre. They’ve got a good photo of us outside the court as well, well not so much you although did you know that your top was that see-through Angie?”

Angie quickly scrolled to the photo and there she was, the flash of the camera had made her top a lot more see-through than she thought it was but, thankfully, the newspaper had blurred out her nipples.

“Oh my gawd. I didn’t know.”

“Well I was showing a lot more skin when I was running across that football field and I bet that hundreds of men got their phones out and photographed me.”

“Yeah but you must have known that that would happen.”

“I did, that was the main reason why I did it.”

“You like being seen naked then Lucy?”

“Hell yes, it really turns me on.”

“So are you thinking about being naked in public again?”

“I am, are you going to join me Angie?”

“I don’t know if I could. My boss Mr. Whitelock has hinted that I should be naked at work and about an hour ago I got tricked into being naked in the house that I share.”

“Well that’s a good start Angie, you’ll love it, you’ll get so wet.”

“I know, long story short, my housemates caught me naked tonight and I was stood there for ages before I could escape.”

“Why would you want to escape, you were turned-on weren’t you?”

“Yeah, I had to rub one out before I came here.”

“Good for you girl.”

“Actually Lucy, I half expected you to be naked when I got here.”

“Well sorry to disappoint you, I’m still getting my head round being able to get naked anywhere.”

“But you will start going around naked won’t you?”

“You sound as if you’d be disappointed if I didn’t.”

There was a short silence then Angie replied,

“Yes I would.”

“You just want an excuse to get naked in public don’t you?”

“Yes, I think that I do.”

“Well we’ll just have to arrange something.”

“You’re not suggesting that we get naked here are you Lucy?”

“Maybe, let’s get a few more drinks into us then think about it.”

Angie was excited and nervous. Lucy then changed the conversation subject and asked Angie to tell her something about herself. The next half hour was taken up with the sort of chatting that people that age talk about when they meet each other, only stopping when Lucy went and got some more drinks.

They continued talking about anything other than nudity then when Lucy went to the bar again a man approached her. They’d both seen him drinking with his mates for ages and he looked like it was his local.

“Excuse me young lady, it’s Lucy isn’t it?”

“Err yes, do I know you?”

“No, I saw your photo in the local newspaper and I read the story. It was you that streaked the game wasn’t it?”

“Yes, why?”

“And what they said in the paper was right was it? Women can be naked anywhere and they won’t get arrested?”

“That’s true, my friend over there works for the lawyer that defended me and it was her who discovered the law.”

“It was her and not your lawyer?”

“True, but she works for my lawyer.”

“That was her tits in the photo?”


By then some of the man’s mates and one of the barmen had come closer to make sure that they were hearing correctly.

“So are you planning on going streaking again Lucy?” Another man asked but before she could another man said,

“She doesn’t need to wait, according to the newspaper she can strip naked here and the law can’t touch her.”

“Is that right lawyer girl?” Another man asked as he turned to Angie.

“Err yes, but, ……….”

“So are you going to strip for us girls? The law can’t stop you.”

“I don’t think so.” Lucy replied.

“Go on, don’t be a spoilsport.” One man said.

“Free drinks all night.” Another man said.

“I think that we should wait until the message has had got to all the police forces.” Angie said.

“No one here is going to call the cops. Come on girls, you know that you want to.”

By then Angie was starting to think that it would be good fun to strip, she’d never done a striptease before. What’s more Lucy had a mischievous grin on her face.

“Go on girls, get ‘em off for the boys.”

Angie looked around the room and saw a lot of expectant faces, even the women there were smiling.

“Off, off, off, off, off.” The men started chanting.

Lucy put her hand up to quieten the men then said,

“Not without music guys.”

Before Lucy could even look towards Angie the room’s speakers burst into life and they were playing the p;d, traditional stripper’s song.

“Bloody hell, someone saw what was coming.” Angie thought as Lucy pulled her to her feet.

The girls looked at each other and started swaying to the music. Angie followed Lucy’s lead and toyed with the hem of her top threatening to pull it up. Higher and higher the tops went then back down again. Up and down the hems went, each time getting a little higher until nipples started to appear. Lucy gasped then her hem went all the way down. Angie copied her.

The 2 girls looked at each other then both tops went up, up and up until they were both in outstretched hands. The guys were cheering as both girls threw their tops towards the men.

After fondling their own tits and tweaking their nipples the girls hands went to the fasteners on their denim skirts. Popping the fasteners there was only the zips stopping the girls from being naked, although the men probably didn’t know that neither girl was wearing any knickers.

Swaying around the girls went to the zips and pulled them down and up a few times before finally pulling the zips down as far as they would go. Letting go of the zips the men were a little surprised that the 2 skirts didn’t drop to the floor but both skirts were of a tight fit.

As they swayed about they slowly shimmied their skirts down and 2 bald pubes became visible. As soon as the skirts got low enough gravity took over and they dropped to the floor to be kicked to the side by both girls. It was about then that Angie realised that the men’s cheering was very loud and that she was quite aroused. She realised that she was enjoying getting naked for a group of men even if they were a lot older than she was.

As both girls danced they caressed their tits and slid their hands over their pussies, Angie sliding a finger into her hole causing her to moan but it was unlikely that any of the men heard because of the music.

When the music stopped a frustrated Angie along with Lucy stood there for a couple of seconds then one of the men told them to come over to them. Lucy was the first to move then Angie followed, and before they realised what was happening they were both sat on the bar in front of the men.

For the next hour the girls and the men talked. It was mainly the men making flattering comments about the girls bodies and asking them questions about why they obviously liked being naked and did it arouse them.

Both girls answered honestly and one of the men asked them to prove that they were aroused. Angie found herself spreading her legs and leaning back so that the men could see all of her wet, bald pussy. It was a little embarrassing for her but it helped a little when she saw that Lucy was doing the same.

The questions and talking went on, nearly all of it revolving around the girls nudity and sexual habits. Part of Angie’s brain was amazed that both her and Lucy were revealing facts about their sexual habits, Angie even telling the men that she’d been naked in front of her housemates that evening and then she’d gone to her room and masturbated.

“Both of you can rub one out for us right now if you’re feeling a bit frustrated,” one of the men said, “we’re blocking the view from the others in the bar so it will be a bit private for you.”

Lucy and Angie looked at each other, smiled then leant back on their left hand, spread their legs a bit more and their right hands got busy.

The men all stopped talking for so long that one of the barmen came over to find out why. When he saw what the girls were doing he just smiled and watched.

Lucy orgasmed first and managed to stay relatively quiet but Angie wasn’t too far behind her. She too managing to stay quiet.

As they both sat up straight fresh drinks were put in their hands and they sipped them as they listened to the nice comments from the men.

To Angie it seemed that her and Lucy had been sat on that bar for 5 minutes and she was a little surprised when she realised that people were starting to leave, even a couple of the men. When she asked what the time was she was surprised to be told that it was 11 pm.

“Sorry guys, but I’m going to have to leave, I have work in the morning and I need some sleep.” Angie announced.

“Yes, I need to be going as well.” Lucy added.

“Are you going home like that?” One man asked.

“Will you be going to work tomorrow like that?” Another asked.

“No I will not.” Angie replied then Lucy added,

“I think that we need a bit of time for the police to find out what happened in court today, I don’t want to spend the night in a cell even if they did have to apologise to me the next morning. “

“Yeah, I don’t want to be late for work.” Angie added then asked where her clothes were.

The 2 skirts and tops were found then the girls jumped off the bar and got dressed before leaving to many requests to return as soon as possible.

Outside the pub neither girl could believe what they had just done, but both admitted that they had really enjoyed themselves. Promising to get in touch with each other quite soon they split up and headed back to their respective accommodation. As Angie walked she reflected on her evening, the 2 halves of her brain were fighting each other. She really enjoyed herself and the little embarrassment had soon been forgotten. She was now convinced that she was an exhibitionist but the other part of her brain was telling her that it was all wrong and that she must never do anything like that again, that she must keep her clothes on.

The house was quiet when she got back and Angie took her clothes off and walked to the bathroom to do her thing. When she got back to her room she looked out of her window and saw that lights were still on in the house opposite. She was a little disappointed when she didn’t see anyone looking her way.

Angie went to bed and with her right hand cupping her pussy and thought about the amazing night that she had had before going to sleep with that awesome thought on her mind.


Angie woke with her right hand still in the same place as when she went to sleep and she quickly discovered that her pussy was very wet. She wondered if her fingers had been busy while she slept.

Grabbing her towel and shower bag Angie went to the bathroom and was surprised to see Matt coming out of the bathroom.

“Morning nudist.” Matt said.

Angie hadn’t even thought about her still being naked and was surprised that she did nothing to cover herself and didn’t get embarrassed, She replied,

“Morning Matt.”

Full bathroom routine complete Angie went back to her room to decide what to wear to work. The part of her brain that now knew that she was an exhibitionist wanted her to wear nothing at all but the other part of her brain told her that she couldn’t go out onto the streets undressed as she was. The common sense part of her brain wanted a compromise and over-ruled the 2 other parts of her brain and Angie picked up the denim miniskirt and she pulled it up her legs.

For a top Angie chose a white cami. A previous boyfriend had bought it for her and she liked it because the material was so thin and silky and when she bent slightly forward it hung down letting him see all of both breasts.

With only the common sense part of her brain happy Angie left to walk to the bus stop.

In the coffee shop the barista stared at her chest again and Angie leant forward to pickup a sachet of sugar that she didn’t really want, knowing that the barista would be able to see her tits down her cami and she smiled at him when he handed her the coffee. She was happy when she saw his face go a little red. He knew that she knew that he’d seen her tits and he was the one who was embarrassed. That made her happy and she was still smiling when she walked into the office.

“You’re looking happy this morning Angie.” One of the junior lawyers said, “are you planning on taking your clothes off?”

“Where on earth did you get the idea that I’d take advantage of the new found women’s rights Andy?”

“I just thought that with your enthusiasm on the streaker case and the way that you’ve been dressing lately, that you were building up to at last working here naked, and who knows what you get up to in your private life, maybe you even go to pubs naked.”

Angie blushed a little and quickly walked to her desk wondering if Andy knew what had happened in the pub the night before.

It was the same when Angie saw Mr. Whitelock, he said,

“Oh err morning Angie, I thought that maybe you ……. oh never mind.”

“Why is everyone expecting me to be naked?” Angie thought. “Well it was lots of fun last night, maybe I, ….. no, I’m not getting naked.”

After lunch one of the guys returned from his lunch and was carrying a copy of the local newspaper. He went straight to a desk in the middle of the room and opened the paper.

“Hey everyone, come and look at this.”

It was an article about the court case and how Mr. Whitelock had won a landmark case, not exactly the revolution that the headline made out, ‘Women liberated.’ There was also a photograph of Mr. Whitelock, Lucy, her father and Angie, only Angie’s back was to the camera. Angie looked at the photograph and in particular the back of her blouse and saw that she could clearly see her bare back through the material of the blouse which was obviously more sheer than she thought.

Andy had a quick look them went back to his computer and whilst the rest were reading the article he said,

“Hey guys, the nationals have picked up on it as well. Look at this lot.”

Everyone moved over and started looking at the computer display. The nationals, as usual, wanted more eye catch headlines and some of them were: -

‘A landmark victory for women.’

‘Victory for Women’s Liberation.”

‘A Streakers Charter.’

‘A License to Thrill.”

‘A Blow to the Woke Brigade.’

‘Nightmare for Drivers.’

‘Sales of small towels to soar.’

‘Lingerie sales to plummet.’

In amongst the hilarity of the headlines Angie got a bit of praise for her work from her co-workers but none in the newspaper articles, not that she never expected to get any, certainly not in the media because it’s always the head of the organisation that gets the praise, not the people who do the actual work.

Mr. Whitelock came over and picked up the local newspaper. He had a quick look then one of the junior lawyers told him that the story had hit the nationals.

“Good,” Mr. Whitelock said, “we might get some new business out of this.”

As he walked away he said,

“My office please Angie.”

Stood in front of his desk Angie said,

“I didn’t leak the story sir.”

“I know that you didn’t Angie. I just wanted to say thank you again for your hard work, you may well have boosted business.”

“You mean the wrongful convictions sir?”

“Yes. By the way, is that skirt and top your next baby step to full nudity?”

“What, oh no, although, …… no sir, I have no intention of taking advantage of the George III law.”

“Shame, okay Angie, that’s all.”

Angie left his office thankful that she’d stopped herself from telling him what had happened the previous night but thinking that he really did want her to be naked at work. As she got on with her work she kept thinking what it would be like to be naked at work with all the men looking at her. By late morning she had to go to the toilet to dry her pussy and inner thighs.

Andy again somehow managed to go to the sandwich shop at the same time as Angie and as they walked there he said,

“Nearly there Angie.”

“What, the shop’s just here?”

“No, your clothes.”


“The next step.”


“The next step towards getting naked.”

“Why does everyone think that I’m going to get naked at work?”

“We’ve had this conversation before and you’re getting close now, only 2 items of clothing today and both of them are getting more revealing.”

“What makes you think that I’m only wearing 2 things Andy?”

“Come on Angie, anyone who stands next to you can see down your top and when you sit down people can see your bald pubes.”

“You perv Andy, you shouldn’t be looking.”

“It’s difficult not to, you’re an attractive girl Angie, any sane man would look at you, especially when you get naked.”

Part of Angie was annoyed but the other part was excited about the prospect of being naked at work, probably more now that everyone at work apparently wanted her to be naked but she wasn’t sure that she was ready to make that final leap. Angie made a decision, the people at work wouldn’t get what they wanted, well certainly now yet.

Angie worked hard that afternoon trying to forget what she was planning to do. When it finally got to be time to leave she was out of that office faster than ever before. It wasn’t because she wanted to get home quickly, well part of her didn’t want to, but part of her did and it was that part that was making her rush home. The problem was that she was dependant on the buses so rushing at the first stage only meant that she was standing round waiting for the bus.

When it arrived the only seats free were those facing each other so she sat on one, opposite 2 middle-aged men. Not thinking straight she held her bag to her chest and didn’t cross her legs.

It was only just before her stop that she noticed the 2 men looking at her bare legs and she realised that she might be showing more than she wanted, or was it. The tingling that had been in her pussy all afternoon was getting stronger. Angie didn’t cross her legs or clamp her knees together.

The third leg of her journey, the walk from the bus was done quickly and her heart was beating fast, not just from the fast walking but also from the anticipation of what she was about to do.

With her pussy leaking more than ever before she opened the front door to the house, went in and stripped naked. Throwing her bag, shoes, skirt and top onto the stairs she walked into the kitchen finding all 3 other housemates there getting some food ready.

“Hi guys, is there room for me to get my tea ready in there?”

“Bloody hell Angie.” Justin said causing the other 2 to turn and look, “I never actually expected you to get naked voluntarily.”

“I did.” Eva added, “took you long enough Angie, but well done.”

“You look amazing Angie,” Matt said, “but you need to relax, you’re not doing anything wrong. I’m sure that we can make space for you.”

“Thanks guys, I am nervous, this is different to when you all saw me naked before, this was my doing.”

“And we’re all proud of you for being so brave Angie.” Matt continued, “I’m sure that we can fit you in, come on.”

“You next Eva.” Justin said.

“In your dreams buster. Anyway, unlike Angie I haven’t got the body for it.”

“Oh I don’t know Eva, I would like to see you naked.” Justin replied.

“Not going to happen mate.” Eva replied.

Angie moved into the room and got her food out of the fridge. There wasn’t really enough room for 4 people in the kitchen and they kept bumping into each other. At first Angie was really nervous, excited as well, but both those emotions subsided as they all worked, none of them mentioning Angie’s nakedness.

It didn’t take long for Angie to relax and her arousal go down a few notches and she decided to eat her tea in the lounge area just the same as the others. Angie was pleased that the topics of conversation didn’t include her nudity. That is until they had all finished eating and cleaned up when Eva asked,

“So what’s it like to be naked when other people are around and clothed?”

By then Angie’s heartbeat was back to normal but she still had some tingling in her pussy and her nipples were still rock hard.

“Well actually Eva, after the first sudden shock and embarrassment of people seeing me it wasn’t that bad, in fact I’m getting quite relaxed.”

“But doesn’t it make you get all, you know, aroused?”

Matt and Justin were still there but Angie decided to be honest,

“Yes it does. When I walked in here my lady parts were tingling like hell and I was worried that I’d be dripping all over the floor but now I’m still tingling a bit and I’m sure that I’m still quite wet but no more than if I was talking to a sexy hunk.

“We’re talking to you Angie,” Justin said, “does that mean that you think we are sexy hunks?”

“Justin,” Angie replied, “lets just say that when I first met you I wasn’t the slightest bit aroused.”

“So you don’t get the urge to pounce on the nearest man and rape him?” Matt asked.

“No Matt, you can relax.”

“Shame.” Matt added.

“So are you planning on being like that all the time from now on Angie?” Eva asked, “not that we’d mind.”

“I doubt it.”

“But you’re considering it?”

“No, well maybe. I’m liking being here like this and I’ll probably not bother getting dressed when I’m here but as for anywhere else I just don’t know. Did I tell you that the guys at work, even my boss, are wanting me to be naked at work?”

“I bet they are,” Justin said, “what normal guy wouldn’t want to look at you like that?”

“Maybe you should Angie, at least it will stop the guys trying to persuade you to strip.” Eva said.

“True, but I don’t know.”

“It’s a private office isn’t it?” Matt asked.

“Yes, but we get the odd visitor.”

“Well there you go then.” Justin said, “Nothing to worry about, I think that you should just go for it, bite the bullet so to speak.”

“But what about getting there and coming back? I don’t want to get arrested for getting on a bus naked or walking through the centre of the city naked. Okay I know that it’s legal but that won’t stop some narrow-minded, ignorant copper arresting me just because he chooses to ignore what he’s been told about it being legal, assuming that he has been told, and carting me off to the police station. That really would be embarrassing.”

“Yes, I can see that.” Matt said. “Maybe you should wait until a few other girls start walking around naked?”

“Or you could just wear clothes for the journeys and strip when you get to work.” Eva suggested.

“That sounds like a plan to me.” Justin said.

“It does,” Angie replied, “but I’m not sure.”

“How about for the rest of this week you just stay naked in here, come to the party naked with us on Friday then maybe have a few of our friends over here over the weekend, then strip as soon as you get to work on Monday.” Eva suggested.

Angie liked that idea, well most of it, she wasn’t sure about the weekends activities though, But that was days away, maybe she’d have got used to being naked around other people by then.

The subject of Angie’s naked body didn’t come up again although she did notice that all 3 of them stayed in the lounge area as long as Angie did and when she went back there a bit later they were all gone. Angie wondered if it was because she’d gone.

Angie also looked to see if anyone in the houses out the back were looking her way but was a little disappointed when she saw no one.

Although Angie’s arousal level had decreased after she’d been with the other housemates for a while, when she was on her own she started thinking about the plans for the weekend. Was she really going to go to a party naked and then hang around the lounge when the other 3 housemates invited their friends over? The party was at a house in the next street and it would be dark when they went there, but could she really walk the streets naked?

Angie again got that nervous and excited feeling again. Her right hand found its way to her clit and started rubbing. As her arousal rose and while her fingers were busy she decided that yes, she was going to stay naked from when she got home on the Friday until leaving for work on the Monday.


The next morning Angie was up and out before the others got up. She’d walked to and from the bathroom wearing nothing without any concern that someone would see her. She smiled as she put on only another short skirt and a different cami top, one that is quite short leaving a broad strip of bare skin all around her waist, and it’s a loose fit so there was the risk of someone seeing down the top and seeing her bare tits.

The journey to work was much the same as other days and again Angie reached over for a sachet of sugar that she didn’t want again letting the barista look down her top. This time though, they both held the exhibitionist / voyeur pose for a few seconds as they both enjoyed the view or being seen until the barista finally let go of the paper cup and Angie picked it up without even a hint of embarrassment. What’s more, the barista didn’t look embarrassed as he smiled at her after the moment was gone.

“Still got your clothes on then Angie.” Andy said as they met in the office entrance.

“I’ve told you Andy, you’re a pervert and I’m not stripping for your pleasure.”

“What about for your pleasure Angie?”

That made Angie think, deep down she must have known that being naked was for her pleasure but she’d always thought of it as giving men pleasure and them being happy made her happy but it wasn’t, it WAS about what she wanted and it was what she wanted. That was the important thing, but as they walked into the office Angie thought,

“No, not today.”

Having said that, Angie did sit quite carelessly and she did bend over slightly in front of the guys there. She was getting more comfortable with flashing her body parts to tease the men and get some pleasure out of doing so. Angie just knew that it wouldn’t be long before she was sat at her desk naked and feeling quite aroused in doing so.

The rest of the day, in fact the week at work went much the same. What’s more her evenings at the house went much the same as that first naked Monday evening. All 4 of them spent most of their evenings in the lounge area talking, watching a movie, working on their laptops or phones, just socializing. Everyone was getting quite cool with Angie being naked although the 2 guys did spend a lot of time watching Angie who liked being watched.

By the Thursday evening Angie was sitting very casually, like if she was wearing jeans and there was no chance that anyone would see up her skirt, except that Angie wasn’t wearing either jeans or a skirt and that often meant that all of her pussy was on display for the guys to see; and she was loving it. Instead of one of the guys having to disappear to their room or to the bathroom to jerk-off it was Angie who had to take a break to jill-off. Her breaks were usually in her room where she’d sit where she could look out of her window hoping that the guys in the house opposite would be watching her jill-off.

On the Wednesday evening she was rewarded with one man watching her right hand that was busy on her pussy and her left hand busy on her tits. After she’d cum she stood up giving the man a full frontal view of her naked body for a few seconds then she smiled and waved at him before going back to the lounge area and the other 3 housemates.

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