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The bisexual adventures continue.
Roger and Sue are invited to a party and Roger learns what life is like as a sissy.

It was maybe two weeks later when I got a phone call. I didn’t recognise the number when it rang but I answered it anyway. “Hello Roger” the guy said “this is Alfred Chalmers. Remember me?” “Yes Alfred” I said. “Well” he continued “I know you like parties and I am having one. Are you interested?” I was very surprised “how did you get my number?” I asked. “Oh I have my spies” he said laughing “I have been thinking about you and wondered if you would be interested in MY party”. “Well I guess so” I replied “I suppose it would be like the last one”. “Not exactly Roger” he said “the people there will be special guests. You would sign a non-disclosure agreement and you will be paid for your trouble”.

I sat down and wondered what it was all about. “Special guests?” what did that mean? “Getting paid?” What was that about? “Well what do you say Roger” he continued “I can promise that you will have a good time. Maybe your wife would be interested. You can bring her along”. I hesitated and then “ok, send me the details and I will talk to Sue”. He hung up and moments later I got an SMS with the date and the address. I told Sue about what was said and she was intrigued. “So this is one of your lovers” she said chuckling. “Yes babe and he said you could come too” I said “and he said something about paying us”. She smiled “well my sexy whore, do you want to go because I do”. It appeared to be a done deal.

I sent back an SMS telling Alfred that we were both interested. We just needed some more information. He sent back that all information would be reveal after we signed the non-disclosure agreement. He was a lawyer so I suppose he had to be careful however I thought signing something was a bit over the top. We were to go to his house at 6pm for dinner and drinks and then be on hand to take care of his guests. All other details would be told to us on the night. It was all very formal so of course Sue said she needed a new dress. The one she bought was figure hugging and close to obscene with a low cut top and the length barely covered her lovely bum. She made sure I knew she would forgo underwear. I resisted the temptation to fuck her immediately. Time for that later.

We arrived at 6pm as planned and Alfred led us into his home office. Two agreements lay on the desk which Sue and I signed. He then told us that his guests were two judges and an MP. I then realised why we were sworn the secrecy. “There will be no names tonight although you may recognise people” Alfred said “and my wife Sharon will join us. We will have dinner and then proceed to what Sharon and I call our games room. There is only one rule in our games. Enjoy yourself”. We were then led into the lounge room were we joined 4 other men and Sharon, Alfred’s wife. She was something else. Tall, blonde, big boobs and long long legs. I could see Sue was impressed. “Looking forward to tasting her?” I whispered and she just gave a low moan.

We all sat down and Alfred was right. I recognised the MP from posters I had seen at election time. He was actually the MP for our area. The other guys I didn’t recognise. Most were older than me and a bit portly. I felt like the new boy on the block. Everyone chatted away, mostly legal stuff, while we ate dinner and sipped wine. I could see a couple of guys zeroing in on Sue. I was passed being jealous. Time with Ron and Becky had cured me of that. I noticed Sharon was also getting some attention. I suspected that once we got into the games room things would really hot up. I did realise just how hot it would get. I could see Alfred was getting restless. Finally he said “ok everybody. I think it is time to move”. We all got up and follow him and Sharon down the hallway and into this large room. And it was large, very large. There were a couple of couches, a couple of lounge chairs, several mattresses on the floor and subtle lighting. “Ok feel free to get undressed” said Alfred.

It wasn’t long before we were all naked. Our MP sat in a chair and Sue knelt down and started to suck his cock. Another guy sat in the other chair and a guy stared sucking him. I stood there while Alfred and his wife knelt down and began to share my cock. The room was filled with moaning and groaning. I looked over and Sue had mounted Mr MP and while she rocked back and forth on his cock he fondled her boobs. My interest was back with Alfred and Sharon as she laid down on a mattress. “Fuck her Roger” Alfred whispered. He didn’t need to ask twice as I mounted her and thrust my cock into her already soaked pussy. Of course I should have suspected Alfred had an ulterior motive because as soon as I mounted his wife he mounted me.

His energetic pegging of me was equal to my pounding of his wife. When we finally separated the two guys on one of the chairs grabbed me and spit-roasted me. One madly humping me while the other commanded that I suck him off. While still not a fan of having a guy cum in my mouth I did so. Then I took the other guys load up my arse. That was infinitely more pleasurable. Having my tormentors withdrew I looked over the see Sharon and Sue in a 69 cleaning each other’s cum filled pussy. Sue seemed to have developed a taste for cum or was it the joy of licking a pussy. I suspect it was both. One by one the guys dressed and departed. Alfred had regained his erection and decided he needed another fucking. I was only too happy to oblige.

Sue and Sharon had gone and had a shower. When they came back Alfred had just finished unloading up my bum. Both women decided my cock needed some attention and so they began to suck my cock and play with my balls. Sharon decided I should cum over her tits which I was more than happy to do. Having jerked off and smearing those delicious boobs she demanded that Alfred and I lick them clean while she straddled Sue face. It was a wild end to the proceedings.

Alfred led us back to his office where he gave Sue and me an envelope each. “That was so good” he enthused “I hope we can do it again and soon”. We said we looked forward to it and headed home. The payment was rather surprising, $1,000 each, but I suppose it would have been small change to Alfred. He would probably make that much an hour doing his legal work. Again Sue and I talked about what had happened and how much we were enjoying life right now. We pondered how easily we had surrendered to bisexuality and realised how open our lives had become. We wondered what our next experience might be. Still, we still had Ron and Becky to fall back on if things got boring.
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