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Frank was Only visiting his weekly gay spot, never expecting this to happen.
Getting Your Personal Faggot


"Just shut up now, take out my cock and get busy servicing it”. Frank had an angry tone. “I do not want to hear, if you are a faggot or not. To me you are a faggot and I only admit, I did not know it”. This was Frank talking to his old time buddy Richard. They were in the school together from 4th grade and now in college.

They were well-known to each other and buddy, buddy too but it would be hard to say, if they got along any good. Frank was more like a jock but Richard was just a regular guy, very regular that is. Richard smiled to himself. He was kneeling on the floor, man cream covering all of his face. His fingers were in his mouth, licking the juice of the man, who had just used him. His own cock was also dripping his cream without even touching or rubbing himself but only from the lust building in him after sucking that man’s cock and making him erupt. A little while ago, Richard did not care, who knew that he was nothing more than a cock sucking slut but now as his lusty passion was over after spilling his load, he was scared and embarrassed too. He was wondering, how he got in this position.

“Since when, you have been a faggot, Richard”. Frank asked him with a giggle. Richard simply did not feel like answering this question. He was really humiliated as he looked on the floor, wanting it to split and he be swallowed deep inside, just like he had swallowed the man and sucked out his man cream only minutes ago. Frank repeated his question once again and Richard protested that he was not a faggot.

“Bull Shit”. Laughed Frank. “You are not a faggot, give me a break. I watched you sucking the man and him splashing it all over you. If you still say, you are not a faggot, tell me what a faggot is in your eyes and mind, then”?

Richard stayed quiet, hoping, all this would go away. He had never felt so ashamed in his life. He knew, Frank would announce it to all and everyone, what he had seen. No woman would ever like to be his friend knowing that he eagerly and willingly sucked a man’s cock to even make him cum without touching himself and building the heat of passion, unloading on him.

Frank took a step towards Richard. “Well faggot, as you love to suck the cock and I came in looking for some faggot to suck me out, you better get going”. Richard was almost paralyzed with fear and some anger too and he did not move until he heard a shout, “I said, get going, faggot; unless you want the whole world to know, what I know and saw. You better give me the best blowjob, you ever gave”.

“But I told you, I am not a faggot”, repeated Richard quietly.

“You were not saying this a minute ago. I heard you, we all heard you”. Frank laughed looking at the other men standing near the open door of the booth. “You said, you were a cock sucker, you wanted his cum in your mouth, all over you. You said you were a slut. You asked for his cock. Only faggots say things like that”.

He was right, Richard thought. He had begged for that cock. He had pleaded to be used like a slut. He was thrilled to suck that man’s cock and to top off everything, he had cum without touching his own cock but only when the man squirted on his face. Just like from the day one, he knew, his place was to be on his knees and sucking cocks, like a slut. He never cared who else knew, as long as he was allowed to feel the cock in his mouth. “Frank! I will suck your cock if you do not tell anyone”. He decided not to deny, what he was. “Please do not call me faggot”. He relented.

“O fuck! Faggots like you, call the men Sir, just as you called that man” Frank said it again.

“Yes Sir”, Richard whispered after hearing Frank.

“Do not tell me, what I can call you or not”. Shouted Frank. “I can tell to anyone, whatever I want. If you please me as well as you did that man, who just used you, I might not tell anyone, what a faggot you are”.

“Please Frank Sir, I shall do the best” Richard was quivering.

“Just beg for my cock to suck”. Frank said and Richard literally begged for it. Richard just could not believe, the thought of being used once again had started to have the same effect as before. His cock had started to get hard at the thought of being used. He was a slut and there was no use to think otherwise. Frank stood in front of him with a smirk on his face. Richard looked up and said it. “Sir, I am a faggot, I am slut. Please let me suck your cock”.

“If you really do a good job, I would let you do it repeatedly”. Frank said. “Now take out my cock and get busy”.

Richard reached up to unzip Frank’s pants and saw his bulging cock for the first time. It looked very large and hard cock. Richard freed him after pulling his zipper down to fill his cock sucking mouth. Being very, very hard; Richard had trouble to free it but Frank did not offer any help rather he enjoyed to see Richard having trouble and only smiled and waited till Richard succeeded. After freeing it, Richard inspected it. It was at least 7” in length and fairly thick too. The cockhead was so perfectly carved and prepared that it looked it was done separately somewhere else on lathe and then screwed on here. Richard wanted it in his mouth immediately. Once again, his own relatively smaller cock was erect at the thought, what he was going to do. It was the 3rd or the 4th time, a cock was to be in his mouth. His mind clouded as he held the shaft in his hand and gently started to stroke it up and down this amazing looking cock.

“Take my balls also, faggot. Kiss them and make a believer out of me that you will give me a blowjob at least as good as you gave him. I also want you to worship my cock at least as whole heartedly as you did his so that I know you were needing my cock in your mouth. “Hurry up, bitch”. Richard heard Frank giving orders.

With every curse word and name calling, Richard’s dripping cock throbbed. He knew, he was nothing more than a slut. He was surely less than a man, needing cock from men for cock sucking. He was a real cock sucker. Richard eased Frank’s balls out of his pants. Now, inches away from his slutty cock sucking face, he had a beautiful cock with hefty balls hanging below it, he was supposed to service. He gently kissed the hanging balls and then started to take Frank’s cock in his mouth. Immediately, he heard a roar from Frank, telling him to not only peck on his balls but get in there for kissing them and then press his face against them. “Show me, how good a faggot you are”? Frank told Richard and he quickly obeyed. His face was pressed against Frank’s balls, feeling the heat of his skin against his forehead and especially the nose. He kissed and licked the balls like this was the last chance in his life. He sucked one ball and then the other, running his tongue, all around both balls to clean them totally by washing and swallowing all the sexy tasty smell, the aroma of his musky sweat, until Frank told him to go on with his beautiful cock.

Richard was so glad to be where he belonged. He was born to suck cocks and being used. Without any hesitation, he wrapped Frank’s cock, taking at least half of his length in the mouth and working his tongue on the underside. The big cock filling his mouth, felt so nice and lovely. Richard also realized that there were other men beside Frank, watching him being used by a man as a slut, he truly was. He loved that everybody was seeing him being a worthless slut, good for the use by men and humiliation. His own faggot cock was rock hard as he worked his mouth, up and down Frank’s cock length, being told by Frank that he sucked cock like a real Maestro and promised that he will be using his mouth a lot for his personal cock sucker because he was a real pro. Richard moaned to hear being called his personal cock sucker because he was enjoying what Richard was doing. Frank was going to use Richard again, allowing him to worship his cock again and again. Frank knew, what Richard was and he was going to take the best advantage of it. He did not care if there was consequence for it. He did not give a shit, if Frank told anyone about him. There was no doubt in his mind about the life, he wanted; being on his knees and sucking cocks, consuming the male juice, wearing other men’s semen on him. Why he waited so long to do all this? Why he denied himself the truth of who he was. A best cocksucker, no doubt at all.

Frank’s hands grabbed his head and began fucking his mouth with long strokes like it were a pussy under his control willfully. Richard began stroking his own cock in a rhythm his mouth was being fucked deeper and deeper. Richard was fully determined to let Frank use him, the way he wanted for a best blowjob he ever had. Frank started picking up the speed of fucking Rich’s mouth, making his nose bounce against the pubis meaning that his cock was going in Richard’s mouth till the last centimeter. Frank would hold it inside his throat for quick few seconds and then pull it back out to plunge it all the way in. Soon, Richard felt it grow even harder, knowing full well that pretty soon he will get his reward, a cocksucker’s reward; the cock man’s cum. A real man’s cum for a slut like him. Then all of a sudden Frank pulled his saliva glistened cock out of Richard’s mouth making Rich whimper with a feeling of loss, wanting it back in his mouth, fucking the mouth. Frank ordered him to beg for it. “Beg for my semen in your faggot mouth, show your worth to all the men around”.

“Please Sir, please let me suck your cock. Please fuck my face, please fuck the face of your slut. I am your faggot”. Rich begged.

“Damn, motherfucking bitch faggot”. Frank said, “You are a true and real faggot”. Rich loved hearing all this but more he loved was that Frank fed him his cock again but now he did not last long and after about a dozen thrusts, the shaft throbbed and thickened, hardened and started filling the faggot mouth, pulse after pulse. A faggot’s reward was filling his mouth. “Faggot boy! Do not swallow, just hold it in your mouth and don’t even let it spill over your chin. You have to show everybody, if your mouth is full or not before swallowing”. Frank was done shooting squirts in his mouth and now standing over him with a smirk over his face. Richard looked at the men standing there and opened his mouth wide so they could see, it was filled with man seed. The heat and the smell was burning Rich’s tongue and the nose lining and then with Frank’s nod, Richard swallowed the compulsive and overpowering taste. Richard’s tongue worked around inside the mouth to find any lumps of semen to consume all, feeling it slide down his gullet.

With that, Frank ordered him to put his clothes on and follow him to go to college dorm. All dressed, Richard followed Frank; thrilled after his humiliation, out of the booth and out the store to the parking. Frank ordered him to take his car and follow like a good faggot cock sucking bitch. Frank knew, Rich will follow, Rich knew, he was to follow as he was Frank’s personal cock sucking faggot.

The End. Please vote and send some comments. AWC May 29, 2021.
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