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They met years after divirce and fucked very passionately.
Old Love Never Dies


Phil and Bella knew each other since they met in 9th grade; freshmen at the high school. They went steady and at 18 tied the knot and got married. 4 years before marriage and another 5 years after marriage and then all of a sudden Bella decided that she should leave Phil for another man, who she knew before knowing Phil and she had been in touch with him ever since. What a fucking joke!! A couple of months of doldrums after the divorce and then Phil decided to fuck off the fucking old memories and go for a better and renewed life.

He had planned a fishing, boating vacation for about a week and he was in the sporting goods shop buying the needed equipment. He met Bella once again in the shop. They started a conversation and Phil found out that she was married but got divorced and now she was single like him. They decided to meat for a date that evening. They both thought, this was a miracle meeting to rekindle the romance. Bella had thick, kind of coarse black hair and dark eyes with very passionate soul. She was a fantastic kisser and that is what they did all this evening of their new date until Bella told Phil that he could go further and getting the invitation or the permission Phil touched her breasts after a long time. He noticed that her breast had developed too large. She was dressed in a denim skirt and a plain white shirt, but there was something twitching his cock and Phil was liking it. The body he had enjoyed many a times as a teen had taken a very curvy shape and the breasts had grown kind of extra-large. Her hair were still very dark and skin was very soft making her look younger than she actually was. Her long gorgeous legs were completing the package.

Phil had made the reservation at a restaurant, they used to go when they were younger and dating. This was a nice steak house with tables and booths spaced decently for private discussions. The food was always excellent and they enjoyed the evening and the meals. After the meals Bella talked of a club with great music, not far from the restaurant and they walked to there. As they talked, Bella told Phil that over the years she had wondered a lot of what might had happened, if they stayed together and Phil also confessed that he had multiple same like thoughts. After couple of hours of dancing, it was time to take her back home.

Arriving at her home, as he parked in the driveway, he said that a memory was alive in his mind about a night when he brought her back to her parent’s home and while parked in the driveway, she laid in his lap and they kissed and she said, she had many such memories as well and even the time when she told him that after having gone steady for long enough time, he could go further than kissing. Next thrill, she would never forget. Then they were quiet for a while and finally, she asked Phil, if he wanted to come in?

Soon as they got in, Phil touched her shoulder. She turned and looked at him and they kissed for a quick moment. He was shaken to the core. He could not say, what she had but none other had excited him as much with kisses as Bella. There arms wrapped and pulled each other as if they tried to end up as one body, like the teen agers, exploring their passion for the first time. Bella asked him, if he would stay. Phil did not answer but she took his hand and took him to her bedroom. Reaching the bed, she told Phil that since her second divorced she was not celibate but she had never had a man in her bedroom but with him, she felt something different and unfinished. Phil told her that as his wife, she was the first woman and he had never had another woman but dreaming about her very often. The thoughts of kissing and touching her had never ceased to excite him and she confirmed, she had the same like thoughts. “You were my first serious love and sexual partner and tonight, I want all that and more”. She said. “When your hand slid under my bra and your fingers touched my breast; my heart almost stopped and when you grazed my nipple, I almost passed out with excitement”.

Phil raised his hand and buried his fingers in her hair, thinking that she was right. Not the act of sex but the anticipation makes all the difference and he was going to have the new first with his previous wife. He cupped her head and pulled her to him as they kissed. Soon he felt a change as she opened her lips and filled his mouth with her tongue. Her tongue twirled around his while her hips were grinding against his very rigid dick. She was pulling him against her as they kissed. Phil moved one of his hand to her breast and touched it as she gasped. After breaking the kiss, he stepped back and started to undo the buttons to remove her shirt. She hesitated for a second and then quickly started to undo his buttons. Soon as her shirt fell to the ground, he lowered his head to kiss the top of her breasts and his hands went around her back to undo her bra clasp to take those classy tits in his hands.

As he continued to play with them, enjoying their weight and the volume, Bella’s head dropped back with her eyes closed tight. He squeezed the flesh tight and moved his fingers over her nipples, squeezing her nipples, making her moan. She obviously had sensitive boobs. Her head was still tilted back as he lowered his mouth to her exposed neck to kiss and suck there gently. Bella was making very sexy voices in her throat. Phil kept kissing the top of her chest, moving down slowly. At first he kissed and sucked all around and under her breast, only brushing against her nipples to feel her legs buckle slightly. She pulled him tightly and close by his head, whispering to suck her. She had been wanting it for so long and he happily obliged, one by one.

He sucked her for long, long time and Bella kept moaning with her fingers combing through his hair, shifting him from one to the other. Finally, she pulled his mouth to her face and kissed him very hard as if she was going to pull his teeth out. Squashing her tits to his chest, she dropped her hands to his pants and started hurriedly tugging at his belt and zipper. Soon as the pants and the underwear dropped to his knees, she took his dick in her mouth in one go and began sucking him hard. Phil could not believe what was happening to him. The pretty woman, he had dreamed a lot about, was not only giving herself to him but also she was sucking his cock very hard and enjoying it very much. Her tongue that was twisting in his mouth was now wrapping itself around his penis and her head was making the in and out moves. Phil was getting very sensitive and was close to cum but he backed out of her mouth and lifted her to his face for kissing again and dropping her skirt.

As he unbuttoned and unzipped, her skirt fell to the floor. Bella was now naked in a panties only showing her pubic mound. Phil could see the shape of her lovely pussy flaps and the pubic hair too. Phil enjoyed the scenery and then made her lay on the bed. What a lovely sight, even laying down, her breasts stood out from her body, full with puffy and hard areolas. Her torso narrowed from her breast to the waist and then her hip swelled up with beautifully tapered legs. She was a true beauty. Standing over her, Phil enjoyed the sight and then leaned with hooking his fingers in the waistband of her panties to pull them off her. He was glad to see, she had not shaved her pussy and it matched her thick head of hair. It was a classy bush, as Phil had always loved to see. Bella had very carefully trimmed to keep the growth under control. The triangle was nicely shaped along the top and the bikini line, providing a contrast with her skin. With her legs hanging over the edge of the bed, Phil kneeled close to her honey pot and buried his face in the fur.

Bella’s pussy had as much passion as her mouth. Her wetness and the aura was strong like ever before. He had always loved eating this pussy and he was going to love it again for sure. The aroma was making him giddy. He rubbed his nose at the mound and then began kissing her triangle, making her squirm and moan loud. With his hands on her thighs, he used his thumbs to spread her folds. His tongue tip started at the base of her slit and licked all the way to the top to suck her clitoris sheath and then came back down again. After couple of repetitions, Bella put her hands on the back of his head to draw him in. Her clitoris had grown much bigger with time and it was standing out of her red plump pussy meat. As his tongue flicked there, Bella arched, pushing her pussy to his lips. He licked her clitoris and then sucked it in his mouth. She was moaning as if it were hurting, calling his name again and again. Phil knew, she was close to her orgasm and in just a few seconds, she did. Due to the very powerful orgasm, she raised her ass off the bed and bucked on his face, twisting, writhing under his tongue and convulsed repeatedly. It was awesome till she pushed his head away to indicate that she could not take much more. He began to kiss her thighs, close to her pussy mound until she was breathing slowly.

Phil began kissing her belly. They shifted position and now she was fully sprawled and stretched on the bed. They kissed while Phil explored her body. Bella dropped her hand to hold his penis, tugging and rubbing it on her cunt. Phil rolled her on her back, positioning himself between her legs as she guided his dripping cock into her all the way to his balls. They both grunted in happiness as his length bumped against her cervix. With each stroke, Phil was feeling her pussy gripping his length. Bella raised her knees and spread her legs wider to make him go even deeper. She clamped her ankles behind his back and her heels pressed in her ass with each inwards thrust.

With age Phil had been able to control his orgasm and fuck for a very long time. After about 20 minutes her legs were getting tired. Phil pulled his cock out of her pussy and turned her over on her belly. Now he laid on her body, without penetrating her but his penis was surely between her legs. While kissing her shoulders, as he worked down her crack, she raised her pelvis very lightly. Phil took it as an invitation to kiss and lick around her anus. Once there, he flicked his tongue across. Bella shuddered with another orgasm. Phil quickly entered her pussy.

With this angle, the sensations on his cock were very intense. With every stroke, the underside of his penis was rubbing against her pussy front and in almost next 1 minutes, he was ready to squirt and splash his seed very deep from his dick into her cunt. Right then his fingers found her nipples and he began pinching them as he grabbed her waist and pulled her into him. His pumping continued until he was fully drained but still buried in her. Maybe couple more convulsions and they laid panting and breathing hard. Fucking Bella was very passionate even after a long time. They thanked each other. Phil pulled out of her and was happy to find himself getting hard again. They enjoyed fucking twice more but slow and long, long time. It was a true sweet fucking. After finishing they slept like logs to wake up in the early morning to fuck once again.

Then Phil went to his home and on his vacation trip. On the trip, he thought to get back with Bella but then decided not to because he had married her at a very young age and fucked her with awesome lust and passion and glad the spark was still alive in him. He rather decided to set out on a quest to find more women for having such passionate sex with them in his life.

The End. Kindly vote and send some comments as well. AWC. May 31, 2021.


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