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This is the seventh chapter of this story from my late teens, where my girlfriend’s little sister made it through puberty only to lose her innocence due to my uncontrollable lust for her. In this chapter, Cindy’s friend Stacy gets her turn to play.

——————-—-—— Part 7: Stacy’s Turn ———————-——

... I was still sitting on the floor, with my pants down to my ankles. I saw Stacy jump into the pool, and Cindy strip off her sweater dress and follow her into the water.

It seemed to be an excellent time for a swim... I took off my pants and joined them. 

  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Although the patio lights were off, the pool lights were on, so I could see the girls pretty clearly in the water. They were laughing and bouncing around, splashing each other at every turn. I dove into the deep end and swam underwater over to them. I could see underwater that they had stopped playing, seeing me swimming towards them, and they turned to face me. I think they wanted to see which of them I would swim to, but I swam right between them, grabbing one with each arm and pulling them underwater. I could hear them squeal before their heads hit the water. We wrestled under the water for a few moments, and when I stood back up Cindy sprang out of the water in front of me. Stacy came up out of the water behind me and immediately reached out and grabbed me, pulling her body up tight against my back. Cindy saw this and jumped forward on me, wrapping her arms around my neck, and her legs around my waist. With Stacy tight against my back, Cindy's legs ended up wrapping around Stacy as well and pulled her tighter against me. I could feel Stacy's soft breasts and erect nipples against my back, and Cindy's open pussy pressed against my tummy, right above my dick, which was recovering quite quickly.

...and I didn’t have anything exciting planned this weekend

Cindy pulled herself up and started kissing me, and I think it left Stacy a bit out of the picture. She moved her hands down Cindy's back and reached for my dick below Cindy's little butt. My dick was hardening up between Cindy's ass cheeks and Stacy started rubbing it with one hand while grabbing Cindy's ass with the other. Cindy kept kissing me, thrusting her tongue deeper in my mouth as she rocked her little box on the base of my dick. 

Suddenly Stacy released me and backed off from us. “You guys are being really mean!” Cindy’s tongue pulled out from my mouth and she looked over my shoulder at Stacy, “What’s wrong Stace?” Stacy went to the end of the pool, facing away from us. We swam over to her; she was obviously feeling left out. 

“I’m sorry, Stacy... it wasn’t intentional”, I said to her as I swam up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, sliding my hands up to her breasts. 

Cindy reached out to her, “Stace- we didn’t mean to leave you out. I’m sorry.”

Stacy didn’t respond. She just pushed me away and climbed up out of the pool. 

Cindy climbed out and followed her over to the corner of the patio. I stayed in the pool and watched them talking. After a few minutes they hugged and Stacy walked into the house. The brief view of the two of them hugging, wet and naked, stuck in my mind. 

I climbed out of the pool and walked over to Cindy. “Everything okay?” 

"Stace just feels like we are ignoring her, and I think she is still mad at me for nearly choking her to death", Cindy said with a small laugh. "I told her I was really sorry for that, and that we didn't mean to leave her out. I said I would do anything to make it up to her. She said 'let me think about it'. She's inside making us more drinks"

... 'More drinks', I thought to myself, as though that was going to calm down any emotions

Cindy walked over to the cabana and grabbed some towels. We dried off and went inside to see Stacy behind the bar making us all more Rum & Cokes. We were both wrapped in towels, but Stacy was still naked and dripping wet. I carried a towel to Stacy behind the bar and offered it to her. "I am really sorry I hurt you. I should have stopped but it felt so good... I just... I just couldn't stop."

Stacy kept working on the drinks and ignored the towel. "I'm thinking of a way you two could make it up to me."

"Anything... seriously, Stacy, I would do anything you ask. Especially after that fantastic blowjob."

"Anything", Cindy added, "you are my bestest friend ever and I feel really bad."

Stacy looked at each of us. "Okay then... now it is MY turn to be in charge. You two have to do everything I say."

—————-————- Princess Stacy ——————-————

I laughed and smiled widely at the thought, but Cindy looked a little concerned.

I bowed my head, "You are my new master, Stacy. I will obey every command."

Cindy giggled a little at hearing this. "Yes, Princess Stace, Grand Master of the Deep Throat, please tell us your wishes", then she wrinkled up her nose and stuck her tongue out at Stacy.

Stacy turned towards me, "Well, first thing, dry me off. I'm tired of standing here all wet."

I took the towel and dried her off. I paid special attention to her legs and sparse bush, and those little round breasts. She almost lost her balance a few times as I dried her. She was pretty drunk, and just made more drinks. "Can I get you a robe?" I asked after drying her. 

"No thank you. I'm quite comfortable the way I am."

She had definitely regained her self confidence, or was putting on a pretty good show. I looked over at Cindy and was happy to see she was smiling. 

Stacy walked out from behind the bar and directed us to grab our drinks. Cindy and I obliged, and I carried the last drink over to Stacy, who was now standing naked in the middle of the room. “Okay, first thing... why am I the only one naked?” She took her drink, and lunged at my towel with her other hand, spilling her drink in the process when I stepped back by reaction. 

“You two promised you would do anything I said!”

Cindy laughed at this, and looked at me and rolled her eyes. "Certainly, Princess Good-Head", and dropped her towel. I took mine off too, and my dick was already at half-mast. Seeing these two drunk young girls standing naked in the room kicked it up a notch. Stacy was pretty fucking hot (I would fuck her in a heartbeat), but I was madly in lust for Cindy... her petite little body and those puffy points up high on her chest drove me crazy. 

Stacy walked over to where my clothes were crumpled on the floor and pointed. We looked down and my keys had fallen out of the pockets of my jeans. Beside the keys was the pack of condoms I bought earlier at the 7-11.

"Exactly what is that?" Stacy said, still pointing. "Are you expecting to FUCK one of us tonight?" This caught me off guard, and I wasn't sure how to respond. Stacy looked down at my growing erection and pointed at it. "That big thing of yours is saying that is EXACTLY what you were expecting." She picked up the pack of condoms and waved them in my face. I looked over at Cindy and couldn't tell what she was thinking. 

Stacy walked around us and picked up the towels from the floor. I thought she was just cleaning up, but she took them over and spread them out on the pool table. She jumped up and sat on the towels, and leaned back, resting on her elbows. She was still holding the pack of condoms, and shook them in the air as she opened her legs slightly. 

"I can think of something you could do to make it up to me"

My dick jumped at the comment, and I fixed my gaze looking up between her open legs. Watching my eyes, she opened her legs wider, fully exposing her little pussy. Her meaty lips stood out from the wisps of hair surrounding them, and I could see lube leaking out and running down to her ass. Stacy ran her hand down her pussy, catching some of the lube, and rubbed it up and down her opening, then slid one finger inside. She added another finger, slid them in and out a few times, then pulled them out and spread her lips open so I could see her little open hole. 

My cock hardened to full attention, and I took a step towards her.  

Cindy jumped in, obviously concerned at the sudden turn in our ‘game’, "Stace! Are you crazy? You're a virgin... and you barely know Jeff!" 

"I don’t want to be a virgin... and after everything you’ve told me I feel like I know him better than any other guy I know. Anyway, I have been left out of the fun tonight... it's my turn!"

Cindy looked at me with a blank stare of concern, then shot a look at Stacy and blurted out, "You told me you haven't ever had anyone go down on you before!... I'm sure Jeff would do that for you! He’s really good at it!"

They both looked at me for my response, but I just smiled widely and walked over and grabbed Stacy by the ankles. I pulled her towards the edge of the pool table until her butt was hard up against the bumpers. Holding her legs straight, I spread her legs further apart, and lifted them high above her head. Her little pussy was spread wide, and soaking wet. My hard cock was dripping wet too, and inches away from her open pussy. Stacy's eyes were wide, staring at my cock so close to her virgin hole, unsure of my next move. 

Looking over at Cindy, I could see she was also concerned, but obviously excited at what she was watching. 

"Cindy, could you do me a favor?" 

Cindy just looked at me, "Um... how.. what do you..."

"Can you crawl up on the pool table and help me hold her legs?"

They both shot looks at each other, then Cindy crawled up on the table and knelt behind Stacy's head, and reached out to grab her legs.  

"Come closer", I asked Cindy, and she scooted forward and grabbed Stacy's ankles.


... I liked the way this was headed          

Stacy looked up at Cindy, hovering naked above her head. I don't know how close these two had been up until now, but I'm sure they were both learning much more about each other tonight.

I slid my hands down Stacy's soft legs to each side of her little box, and spread it open. Her pussy gaped a little, about the size of my finger.

... I hoped that gape would be expanding as the night went on

I rubbed my fingers around her opening, and slowly slid my index finger inside her. Stacy gasped, then closed her eyes. Her tiny pussy was sopping wet, with that slick "pre-climax" lube, making it fairly easy to add a second finger. I worked two fingers into her and started sliding my fingers in and out of her tight little hole, and bent down to lick her clit. Once my tongue touched her button she gasped loudly and her whole body flinched. I pulled my fingers out of her and replaced them with my tongue, thrusting it deep inside her pussy, then sucking on her large labia, and back to her clit. I worked on her with my mouth for several minutes, then slid my fingers inside her again and started stroking the upper wall, finding her G-spot... the whole time Stacy’s body was flinching and moving around to my touch. I kept walking my fingers against her G-Spot and I felt it swell up. Stacy started moaning and grabbed my head and pulled it tighter against her, lightly grinding her pussy against my mouth. "Oh... fuck! That feels really good... yes..." Her G-Spot was swelling up like mad... I had never felt a girl swell up like this... I increased the pressure and speed of my fingers, and started eating her more aggressively, but thought I was getting too rough when her hands left my head. 

... that wasn’t why she moved her hands

I looked up and Stacy's hands were now reaching behind her, grabbing Cindy's ass and pulling Cindy closer to her. Her head was arched back, her mouth open, and she was looking straight up between Cindy's legs. Cindy was staring down at her in a daze, but she was arching her hips forward, closer to Stacy, and her knees were sliding further apart. 

"Oh FUCK!...JEFF!... I’m... you’re gonna make me CUM!” 

Stacy started bucking against my mouth, and I fucked her harder with my fingers. I sucked greedily on her pussy, and suddenly a gush of fluid filled my mouth and covered my face. I first thought she had just peed on me, but it didn't taste or smell like pee, and I was so fucking horny I don't think I would have minded if was. I just continued ravaging her pussy, enjoying every moment.

Stacy's body started convulsing, and I could see that she had pulled Cindy so close that Cindy's pussy was just inches above her face. "FUCK!.... EAT MY PUSSY!!! OH GOD!! ...JEFF!!" She rode her climax gripping Cindy's ass tightly, trying to pull her down onto her face. A minute longer and I think Cindy would have gone there, but when Stacy's body slumped after her strong orgasm, Cindy scooted back immediately. I pulled my mouth back from her pussy and slid my fingers out, her body twitching with each movement. I looked at Cindy and smiled widely... She smiled back but quickly broke eye contact. She looked embarrassed at what just happened. 

... well, what had almost just happened

I took Stacy's legs from Cindy, and continued to hold them open, looking down at her swollen pussy gaping open, twice the size and twice as wet as before, and my rock hard cock just inches away. I could fuck her right now. I know I could work my cock into her... her body was tiny, but her pussy was primed and ready. I saw a large drop of pre-cum ooze out the end of my cock. I relaxed my grip on her legs and let them drop, but Stacy held them open for me. I bent down and sucked on her little titties... those soft round mounds with the huge areolas.. I sucked on her nipples until they were plump and erect. Pulling back, I started stroking my cock right at the entrance of her open pussy. Stacy reached over and grabbed the pack of condoms still sitting there from earlier, looked at me with lust in her eyes and nodded... ‘fuck me’...

Cindy was watching this, still kneeling on the pool table above Stacy's head, and broke my lustful trance, "No! This isn't supposed to be the way it happens! You are supposed to take MY virginity, not Stacy's!"

I snapped out of it and realized how rude I was being to Cindy, a girl I loved and would never want to hurt. "God, Cindy... I was getting a little carried away. I'm sorry... I... I'm just a very horny guy and I kinda lose it when my dick takes over. You have to admit... this is pretty erotic.”

I walked around and picked her up off the pool table and held her. Stacy was still on her back, holding her legs spread open for me. 

"What the hell? Really? So I get ignored again?", Stacy said as she pulled herself up from the pool table and got back on her feet. "Cin, you said you didn't think you were ready. That Jeff was too big and you didn't think you could do it." 

"I know... I want to, but... he's so big, and I'm so small... I'm scared." Then she looked at me, "I really do want to make love with you... maybe we could try?" Then she looked at me a little sideways, "Jeff, you are soaking wet!" Cindy looked back at the pool table and the towel was soaked where Stacy had been laying. Stacy shot over and grabbed the towels from the pool table, quickly wiping up any evidence. 

"That was probably me. I sometimes get really wet when I cum." Stacy mumbled, and turned bright red. She grabbed her drink from the bar and took a big gulp, obviously very embarrassed. 

"I loved it, Stacy... I thought it was really erotic." 

... I didn't really know what had happened, but it was pretty fucking hot

"Well, you brought rubbers to the party, so ONE of us is going to lose their virginity tonight", Stacy blurted out, then took another gulp of her drink. 

"We could try. Maybe... just take it slow and be gentle?" Cindy offered to me. 

"Great! So you two try to do it, and if you can't... then Jeff can fuck me with that big old dick of his!", Stacy stammered out... she was getting sloppy drunk. 

Cindy looked at me with great concern. I was certain I would not be able to get my cock inside her tiny pussy. My finger was too big for her.... no way... not tonight anyway. 

Cindy smiled and grabbed the towel I dried Stacy with and laid it on the pool table, and motioned for me to come to her. She stood up on her tiptoes and kissed me, then dropped to her knees and put the head of my cock in her mouth. She started sucking on my cock and was trying to take it in deeper, but was only able to take a few inches in before gagging.

This got Stacy's attention and she stumbled over. "You're doing it wrong Cin, You need to take it deeper!", she said in a sarcastic tone. 

She came up behind me and pressed her naked body against my back, reaching around me to Cindy's head, which was up against the pool table. Grabbing Cindy's hair, she pulled her head roughly against me, and Cindy gagged hard when the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. This felt fantastic, but I didn't want Cindy to be abused like Stacy had been. I backed up and pulled my cock out from Cindy's mouth, picked her up and set her on the pool table. She laid back on the table and brought her legs up; that beautiful little pussy in full view. Stacy came around to the side and stared blatantly at Cindy's tiny pink slit. 

"There's no fucking way that big old dick is gonna fit in there!", Stacy mumbled, and reached out and touched Cindy's pussy, pulling it further open to get a better look at the size of her opening. 

Cindy’s mouth dropped open and looked at Stacy like 'WTF?'. She looked back at me, then reached over and grabbed a condom and tried to unwrap it. After a moment or two of trying, Stacy impatiently grabbed it from her, ripped the packet open and handed me the condom. I started unrolling the condom on my dick, but Stacy grabbed it and worked it on the rest of the way; about 2/3 the way up the shaft. 

"See? The fucking rubber barely fits! There's no way that's gonna fit in that tiny pussy of yours, Cin." 

... Stacy's drunk comments weren't helping the romantic setting for Cindy's first time

—————-————- Cindy’s attempt ——————-————

"Be gentle...", Cindy said, looking a little scared.

I reached over and slid two fingers into Stacy's pussy, and came back with a nice amount of her lube, and rubbed it all over the condom. Stacy laughed, then licked her fingers and rubbed her wet fingers all over Cindy's little slit. Cindy gasped at her touch, but didn't stop her.

I laid my cock on top of Cindy's opening and started gently sliding it up and down the length of her pussy, which was actually only about 2-1/2” from top to bottom. Cindy closed her eyes and laid her head back.

Looking down at her tiny body... that little pink slit, spread open for my cock... unbelievable... my 8” cock looked absolutely obscene in proportion to this petite little girl.

Stacy decided she was too far from the action and crawled up on the pool table on the right of Cindy, and reached out with both hands on either side of Cindy's pussy and spread it wide for my cock. Cindy opened her eyes and stared at me, wide-eyed, then looked over at Stacy's ass, which was right beside her. 

I placed the head of my cock at Cindy's little opening and started pushing gently, rocking back and forth. Stacy's eyes were locked on my cock pushing against her friend's little pussy... she reached her hand down to her own, and pulled it back cupping a small puddle of lube in her fingers, "Here, use this", and grabbed my cock with her other hand, pulling it away from Cindy. Stacy held her hand over Cindy's little hole and let the lube drip down directly in her opening, and rubbed it in place all over Cindy's pussy, then slid her middle finger inside her. “Oh My God, Cin! You’re so fucking tight!”

Cindy gasped, and by the look on her face she had never seen this side of her friend. I had to admit I was shocked at how bold this young girl was.

Stacy moved her hands back to the sides of Cindy's pussy and spread it wide again for me. I slapped my cock down on Cindy’s slit, which made her jump, then started pushing the head into her little hole. I was having little success... the head was barely inside her and I could see Cindy was in a bit of pain. 

"Push harder!", Stacy directed, impatiently. 

"Ouch! Be gentle... that kind of hurts" 

I looked down and the head of my cock was only in about half way. We all knew this wasn't going to happen, but Cindy wanted to keep trying. I started rocking a little more and pushed harder against her. 

"OUCH!... Jeff... I'm sorry... but that really hurts.”

I pulled my cock out and the head had lost all color and was squished down to about half its normal size. This wasn't going to happen very quickly.

Stacy sat up, "I told you that big dick was never going to fit in you." She then laid down on the table beside Cindy, scooted up to the edge, and raised her legs. Using both of her hands, she reached down and spread herself open for me to see. Stacy's little pussy looked so much larger and mature than Cindy's, especially with her swollen labia. She was sopping wet, primed and ready for my cock. 

"Okay! My turn... let's see if you can fit that big thing in here!", and with that, she slid two fingers inside her pussy, and started masturbating.

I looked over at Cindy and was surprised when she just shrugged. 

She was clearly frustrated, but had a look of lust on her face and was staring intently at her friend masturbating. I asked her, “Are you really okay with this?”

She nodded her head, “As long as I can watch”, and laughed.

She sat up, and knelt beside Stacy, like Stacy had done with her. I moved over and stood between Stacy's open legs and slapped my cock on her meaty little pussy. 

"Spread her open for me"

Cindy hesitated for a moment, then leaned forward and placed her tiny hands on each side of Stacy's pussy and pulled the lips open. "Jeeze, Stace... your lips are so much bigger than mine. I look like I haven't even reached puberty compared to you." 

"I dunno, Cin.. your pussy looked pretty damn hot to me" Stacy replied, and reached over and slapped Cindy on the ass.

This was getting too much for me. My cock was rock hard... I needed to fuck her now. I put the head against her small opening and started rocking. The head slipped in almost immediately, but the thicker shaft stopped short. Stacy took a deep breath, "Oh, Fuck!... you are so big... but it feels good... just go slow..."

I pulled back, then pushed forward with a little more pressure, and my cock came again to an abrupt halt at the thicker shaft. I grabbed Cindy's right hand from the side of Stacy's pussy and placed it directly on the center, and moved it around. 

Stacy moaned, “That feels good... keep doing that..." I wasn't sure if she was talking to Cindy or to me, but I kept rocking my cock against her pussy, increasing the pressure each time I pushed in. I noticed Stacy's hand was still on Cindy's ass where she had slapped her. Cindy didn't seem to mind, or at least didn't move it, and continued to rub Stacy's pussy. 

God, she was so fucking tight... I grabbed Stacy's hips and pulled her against me, pushing my cock harder at her tight opening. "Does that hurt?" 

"Maybe a little, but it feels good... don't stop..."

...I thought to myself, maybe it doesn’t hurt now, but I bet you are gonna be pretty damn sore tomorrow

I reached out and pulled Cindy towards me. She scooted forward on her knees and kissed me, sticking her tongue deep in my mouth. I reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy... she was very wet... I noticed she was rubbing Stacy more aggressively, and Stacy's hand was still on her ass. I kept pushing harder into Stacy, and finally felt my cock slip a little further into her pussy. Stacy gasped loudly, "OH.. FUCK... that feels so fucking big... God..." I held my cock there for a moment. 

I reached out and grabbed Cindy by her legs and lifted her petite body up, and sat her back down straddling Stacy, placing her knees on either side of Stacy’s ribs. Cindy was shocked at the move and sat up straight for a moment, but I reached out to her and pulled her in for another kiss. I knew this would arch her body so her pussy and ass would be open and exposed inches above Stacy’s face. 

I moved my hands back to Stacy's hips and pulled her harder against my cock and started pumping further into her. I was glad that we were all rather drunk... these girls were allowing things they would have never done sober. Stacy now had both hands on Cindy's ass, and Cindy's knees were spreading apart, lowering her body closer to Stacy's face. 

This pushed me over the edge... I pulled harder on Stacy's hips and started forcing my cock further into her... it suddenly popped in about an inch further and I heard Stacy grunt loudly, "UGGGHH!.... FUCK!" I kept pumping into her, and pulled back from Cindy's kiss. I put both hands on Cindy’s shoulders and pushed her backwards and down onto Stacy's face, muffling Stacy's moans and grunts. 

Cindy was initially shocked, but quickly started rocking on her friend's face. Stacy was obviously okay with this, as both of her hands were gripping Cindy’s ass and pulling her down harder on her mouth. I looked down and my cock was about half-way into Stacy. My lust took over... I pulled my cock almost all the way out, and rammed it back hard into her pussy... I heard a muffled shriek from Stacy, but she continued tugging Cindy downward, and Cindy was now humping her face. I pumped my cock again into Stacy, and started fucking her harder, my cock inching a little further in with each stroke, followed by more muffled sounds from Stacy. 

Cindy started moaning too... her knees spread wider as she squatted down further on Stacy's face. I could see Stacy’s mouth sucking on Cindy’s little pussy... Cindy was aggressively humping her mouth and rubbing faster on Stacy's pussy. "Oh God... that's good... oh, fuck... Stace! You're going to make me cum!" 

I pulled my cock out of Stacy and pushed two fingers inside her. Her pussy was red and swollen, and not nearly as tight as before... the roof of her vagina was bulging like mad, and based on my earlier experience with her I knew what would happen next. I started stroking her puffy G-Spot aggressively with my fingers... Stacy's body shaking in response. Cindy was humping her face like crazy... about to climax. I reached up and grabbed Cindy's neck with my left hand and pulled her head forward and down, burying her face in Stacy's pussy. She didn't even resist... she started licking her pussy and sucking on her clit and thick labia. I finger-fucked Stacy faster and harder... the fluid streamed out of her, splashing against my hand and all over Cindy's face and mouth. Cindy seemed oblivious... she kept sucking on her friend's pussy, and humping her face as she rode through the waves of her climax.

I lifted Cindy's face up and kissed her. Stacy’s juices were running down her face and hair. I could taste Stacy on her mouth. Cindy was in a euphoric daze.. her body still shaking from the orgasm, and from Stacy's mouth still licking her.

I guided my cock back into Stacy... pushing it slowly inside her, "Jesus... your pussy is so tight... God... you feel... you feel so fucking good...” I started pumping harder and I could feel it inch forward with each stroke. I fucked her harder, pumping my cock further into her... repeatedly impaling her tiny body until my cock hit balls-deep... 

Stacy's grunts were becoming a little quieter, still muffled by Cindy's pussy on her mouth. Cindy was sitting more upright now, her full weight on Stacy's face... she was squeezing Stacy's breasts and her eyes were rolling back in her head like she was passing out. 

I could finally feel my orgasm building up... I rammed my cock as hard as I could into Stacy's pussy, repeatedly bottoming out... fucking her like a jack hammer... I couldn't stop if I wanted to... every muscle in my whole body was pumped up and was fucking this little girl. Cindy's body was flailing around on Stacy's face... she was just trying to stay upright, grabbing tighter on Stacy’s boobs. Stacy grunted each time my cock hit bottom... again and again. 

I couldn't even hear myself yell when I came... my head exploded and I rammed my cock deep in her, pulling her body hard against me like some little ragdoll, holding her there as I pumped stream after stream of cum, then pumped hard into her a few more times... and finally collapsed on her. 

—————-—————- Recovering ————————-——

Cindy pushed on my shoulders and lifted herself up off of Stacy. I moved a little to the side and we both looked at Stacy to see if she was alright. Her chest was heaving, her mouth open and gasping for air... "Oh my God...", she was able to say between breaths. I couldn't speak... my heart was racing and pounding loudly in my head... I could barely catch my breath... completely exhausted.

Cindy bent over Stacy and stroked her hair, "Stace, are you okay?" Stacy just nodded her head and smiled weakly. Cindy bent over and lightly kissed her on the lips, “Thank you”, and continued stroking her hair. 

After a few moments Stacy slowly lifted herself up on her elbows and smiled at me, "Is that what you had planned for tonight, Jeff?" 

I couldn't help laughing, and Cindy burst out laughing too.

Cindy shook her head, "Holy shit... I mean... what just happened?", then shot a look over at her friend and laughed again. 

I said, "That was unbelievable... I think we're going to remember this for a long time”, and pulled myself up from Stacy. 

"I don't think I'm going to be able to walk tomorrow”, Stacy said with a small laugh.

I slowly pulled my cock out of Stacy and looked down for any signs of blood. No blood, but my heart stopped when I saw the condom was torn to pieces, and some of my cum was running out of Stacy's abused pussy. 

"oh fuck..." 

Cindy looked at my face, then down at the shredded condom and gasped, "OH FUCK!"

"What's wrong? Am I bleeding?" Stacy asked, but didn't show any fear until she saw the broken condom. "oh, fuck. Oh My God..."

Cindy ran into the kitchen and we could hear her slamming cupboards and water running. She ran back in holding a pan of liquid and a turkey baster. "Vinegar and water... we should try to clean his sperm out of you." Stacy stood up and Cindy grabbed her hand and dragged her out to the pool. I pulled what was left of the condom off, grabbed the towels from the pool table and walked outside. Stacy was squatting by the pool and Cindy was on her knees pushing the baster up Stacy's pussy. "OUCH! Be careful! I’m really sore down there!" Stacy squeezed the bulb and streams of fluid flowed out of Stacy, splattering on the patio. She refilled the baster and did it again. You could see streams of my cum in the puddles. After four or five of these, she put the baster in the pan, "That's about as good as we can do."

Stacy seemed comfortable with it and thanked Cindy, giving her a hug. "Let's take a swim and clean off", and Stacy jumped in the pool. 

Cindy looked at me, "Come on! You're a sticky mess!", and we both followed her into the water. After a few minutes we all climbed out of the pool and dried off. Stacy laid down on one of the lounge chairs and quickly fell asleep... well, passed out.

I wrapped a towel around Cindy and hugged her, slowly swaying to the music still playing in the house. 

Cindy looked up at me, "Do you think the vinegar & water will work?" "Well, maybe, but from what I have heard... no... but don't tell Stacy that. There's no reason to tell her until after she is sure she isn't pregnant."

Cindy rested her head against my chest and hugged me tight. "That was amazing... but I'm sorry I couldn't make love with you tonight."

"Don't you be sorry... I should be the one apologizing. I think the broken rubber was karma... I'm sorry I was so rough with you... and I shouldn't have fucked your friend tonight. That was not in my plans... sometimes my dick just takes over, especially when alcohol is involved. I'm glad to see you two are such close friends."

Cindy giggled, "Yeah.. a lot closer tonight than I ever imagined." 

“It's really late.. I should get going. I can carry Stacy to bed if you can clean up here"

"Okay.. her room is the first door on the left at the top of the stairs."

I picked up Stacy and carried her up to her room. She woke briefly as I laid her down. She smiled, "Thank you for tonight. You can come over anytime you want", and kissed me. 

I tucked her in, "Goodnight, sweet Stacy. I hope I didn’t hurt you tonight” She just smiled and closed her eyes. 

...I hope I didn’t impregnate you tonight

I walked downstairs and got dressed as Cindy was cleaning up the room. The clock on the wall said it was 3:40 in the morning. I grabbed Cindy and hugged her tightly. I looked down at her beautiful, innocent face and kissed her. 

She squeezed me tight, “Can we have a do-over? I think we just need to practice more.” 

“That sounds wonderful... I can’t think of anything I would rather do than practice with you.”

She walked me to the door and I kissed her goodnight, “Please keep me updated on Stacy.”

As I walked out to my car I heard her say, “You need to get some better condoms!”


I drove home in a daze. I was exhausted and still a little drunk. My mind was filled with so many feelings, but the fear of getting Stacy pregnant was overwhelming. I wasn’t sure if she could even get an abortion at her age without her parents consent. 

The term statutory rape scared the hell out of me. This one night I will remember forever, but what happened tonight could also land me in prison and forever change the direction of my life.

I didn’t sleep too well the weeks that followed. I was worrying about the possible pregnancy, but also because I was continuously jerking off thinking about that night... 


2021-06-10 14:50:36
I just found out about this series. I like it a lot!

Will you be writing more chapters?


2021-06-10 14:33:10
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2021-06-08 15:30:51
Sorry this is posted as “Diary”. I was still editing and found myself locked out... must have hit the wrong button?
Regardless, I hope this “unfinished” version is an enjoyable

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