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The days of slavery did leave one good legacy.
A Streaker started it all

By Vanessa Evans

Part 3

At work on the Friday Mr. Whitelock called Angie into his office and told her that he’d already had 3 phone calls from young women who had seen the story in newspapers and were wanting him to get their convictions for public indecency overturned. He also suggested that Angie look at the newspapers, local and national, because there were a few stories of young women who had decided to test the law on female nudity in public.

After Mr. Whitelock had said that he added,

“So there’s no reason why you can’t come to work naked Angie. The local police had arrested a young woman then had to let her go and were now being sued for wrongful arrest.”

“Mr. Whitelock,” Angie replied, “I’m sorry if I have given you the impression that I want to come to work naked because I don’t, I could never go out in public without being properly covered.”

“Angie, there is no longer any such thing as ‘properly covered’ for women, apart from where protective clothing is required because of the job that the woman is doing, and your job requires no such clothing.”

“Oh, so are you telling me that you expect me to come to work naked Mr. Whitelock?”

“No Angie, no employer can require a woman to be naked, it would entirely be the woman’s choice and all I am saying is that it is okay with me if you chose to come to work naked.”

“Okay Mr. Whitelock, duly noted, thank you, I think.”

Angie went back to her desk and started browsing the newspaper websites and she did confirm that a local woman had indeed been arrested for going to her local shop totally naked. After spending a night in a police cell they had let her go with an apology but the woman wasn’t satisfied and had decided to sue the police for wrongful arrest. Unfortunately she had contacted a different lawyer and not Mr. Whitelock but that lawyer had contacted Mr. Whitelock for some information.

The newspaper article didn’t name the woman so Angie sent a text message to Lucy Waterman asking her if that woman was her. A few minutes later she got a text message back saying that it wasn’t her, that she’d now read the article and that they should meet up soon to plan a naked adventure in the city centre.

Angie was both disappointed and happy. The part of her brain that wanted her to run around all the time totally naked was happy but another part of her brain was disappointed that she no longer had an excuse for not being naked in public.

The Friday evening came quickly and Angie was so nervous and so excited.

“So are you coming to the party like that Angie?” Matt asked when they were all sat eating their evening meals in the lounge.

“I don’t know.” Angie lied, “It will be so embarrassing.”

“You’ll be fine Angie,” Eva said, “five minutes after you’ve got there you’ll have forgotten that you’ve naked.”

“You could always strip and be there for moral support Eva.” Matt suggested.

“No going to happen mate.” Eva replied.

“You’ll be fine Angie,” Justin added, “we’ll be there looking after you. If you have a panic attack or something we’ll hold your hand and get you out of there. Or hold your legs wide open so that everyone can see what you’ve been showing us this week.”

“I haven’t been sitting with my legs wide open, have I?”

“You may as well have been some times Angie,” Eva said, “we all know how much you’ve been leaking.”

“Oh my gawd, sorry guys.”

“Hey, you’re a girl, girls get excited and leak, that’s life.” Matt said.

“Hey,” Justin said, “the others will be here soon.”

“What others, I thought that we were going to a party not that the party was here.” Angie said with a bit of alarm showing on her face.

“Relax girl, I guess that I forgot to tell you,” Matt said, “I’ve invited a few mates over for some pre-party drinks before we all go to the main party, that’s not a problem for you is it Angie?”

“I, I guess not, I’d better go and get ready.”

“How ready does a naked girl have to get?” Justin asked.

Angie didn’t answer that, she was already leaving to go to the bathroom, she wanted to do her full bathroom routine. Subconsciously wanting her to be as clean and smooth as possible, not that she had any intention of getting intimate with a boy, it’s just that girls like to be prepared just in case.

When Angie came out of the bathroom there was an unknown young man standing there waiting to go in.

“Fucking hell. Matt wasn’t joking. Hi, I’m Zak and I’m really pleased to meet you.”

Angie was a bit shocked, not only, was she not expecting any of Matt’s mates to be there yet, she certainly wasn’t expecting one of them to be stood outside the bathroom.

Angie felt her pussy moisten and her nipples go hard as she managed to say,

“Hi, I’m Angie.”

“Pleased to meet you Angie, sorry, got to go.”

With that Zak rushed into the bathroom and shut the door. Angie had a mild panic attack. Matt’s friends were already there and she was about to walk into the room, totally naked.

Angie dropped her towel and wash bag in her room then very nervously went downstairs. She was as nervous and as wet as when she walked into the lounge that last Monday evening. Matt saw her arrive, decided to take the bull by the horns and went over to her.

“You okay?” Matt asked.

“I, I, I don’t know.”

Before Angie could say anything else, Matt took her hand, turned her to face the room and shouted,


When things were quiet he continued,

“Guys, for those of you who haven’t met her before this is Angie. Angie needs a lot of credit for the cops no longer being able to arrest a girl for being naked in public. She’s decided to try it out herself so please be kind to her and keep your grubby hands off her unless she asks you to maul her, okay?”

There was silence for a minute then all the guys there wanted to talk to Angie.

Angie didn’t really have time to think as the questions were fired at her, which was probably a good thing as she didn’t have the time to think about her being naked and embarrassed. The questions were all the ones that you would expect and Angie answered them honestly, even the ones about her getting aroused by being in that situation.

Angie also got a few offers to help her with her arousal, all of which she declined, even from the odd guy that looked as if she wouldn’t mind going on a date with.

It didn’t take long for a drink to appear in Angie’s hand and it didn’t tale long for that drink to be in her stomach, Angie hoping that it would settle her nerves.

After a 10 minute barrage of questions and comments, not only did the questions die down, but so did Angie’s arousal. It didn’t go away but it did reduce from wanting to cum right there and then to her wanting her, or someone else, to touch her clit that was still out from behind its hood and feeling as hard as her nipples were at that moment.

Also, one of the guys who had sat on the sofa offered his seat to her but she declined that offer as well, wanting to stand up where she was surrounded by guys, a lot still looking at her and throwing questions and suggestions at her.

Before she knew it, it was getting dark outside and everyone was leaving to go to the party. Matt or Justin must have told the guys that Angie was going there naked, or they had just assumed that she was, because she felt pressure to move towards the door.

It felt even stranger being outside of the house naked than it had been when she first walked from the bathroom to her room naked. The gentle breeze was tickling parts of her body that had never been exposed outside before and if she stopped to think about it she would have said that did enjoy it. Certainly her nipples felt harder than ever before and so did her clit.

It took seconds to go from the front door out onto the street and Angie’s heart was pounding with trepidation and excitement as she took those first few steps along the street.

The trepidation started to reduce the further away from the house. It was only a couple of hundred metres from house to house but by the time they all got there Angie had started to relax and wander what all the fuss was about.

As they approached the house they saw some others arriving and they stopped outside to watch the naked girl that was followed by around 8 or 9 other people.

“Bloody hell,” one of the staring girls said, “is that you Angie?”

“Hi Mary.” Angie replied.

“Well Angie, I saw your photo in the paper, it was you wasn’t it, but I never imagined that you would strip off and wander around in the buff. What’s it like being like that?”

“Nerve racking at first but I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve got used to it.”

“So don’t you feel all sort of exposed Angie?”

“Of course I do but it’s sort of exhilarating.”

“You mean it makes you horny?”

“That’s another way of describing it.”

“You naughty girl, where do I sign-up?”

“That’s it, it’s not like in America where you have to go to a court house and sign-up to be a permanude for 6 months, 6 years or whatever, here us girls can just strip off whenever and wherever we want, it’s just that we can’t touch our pussies or nipples in public or we can get arrested for lewd behaviour or public indecency.”

Whilst the girls had been talking everyone else had gone inside and when Angie realised that she was out on the street naked with only one girl with her she decided that she’d rather be inside and she led Mary in.

Again, as soon as different guys saw her they wanted to talk to her to find out why she was naked and she had to repeat the same answers over and over. But at least she was getting drink after drink thrust into her hands.

Word about not groping the nude girl must have got out because none of the guys did, which in some way disappointed Angie and for one quick second she thought that none of the guys must fancy her but that soon ended when one cute guy asked the same questions then asked her for a date.

“I’d normally tell you to put your details in my phone Contacts or write your name and number on a piece of paper then I’d put it in my bag but I literally don’t have anything with me.”

“Hang on a sec.” The guy said and off he went. One minute later he was back with a pen asking where he could write his number.

The pen was poised over her left tit and Angie smiled and nodded. As the man wrote Angie thought that it was a strange feeling, strange but exciting. Her nipples had been rock hard since she’d walked into the room full of guys back at her house and lots of guys had been looking at her naked body but this guy had his head really close to her tit whilst he wrote and Angie liked the feeling.

However, other guys had seen the first guy writing his name and number on Angie and soon Angie had about 25 names and numbers written on her body. The alcohol had helped to relax Angie and the names and numbers were written on her tits and all around her pussy, one guy saying,

“You must be enjoying all this attention because you’re all wet,” and Angie couldn’t deny either part of the statements. When another guy who was writing his name on her pubes finished writing he then slid the top end of the pen along the length of her slit from back to front (Angie was stood with her feet about shoulder width apart to allow the guys to write on her inner thighs) and used the pen to flick her clit which had been out from under its hood since back at home.

That flick caused Angie to shudder and moan loud enough for the guys around her to hear.

“Did you just cum Angie?” One guy asked.

It’s very, very rare that Angie lies and this wasn’t one of those times, especially with the amount of alcohol that she had consumed.

“Yes, just a little one.”

“Wow, do you want to cum again?”


This time the same young man used his fingers to rub her clit and it only took seconds for Angie to have a really intense orgasm. So intense that her legs started to give way. Luckily, another guy behind her managed to get his arms around her and held her up with his hands on her tits which helped to prolong the orgasm.

When Angie got her wits about her again she was embarrassed and she wanted to get away from the guys that were surrounding her. She pushed her way through the group and started heading for the door. Then she saw a friendly face, Eva, who just happened to be talking to her friend Mary.

“Woah there Angie,” Eva said, “where are you going?”


“Why, it’s a great party.”

“Those guy just made me cum.”

“I would have thought that that was a good thing.” Mary said.

“Well yes, but they were all watching me.”

“Angie,” Eva said, “you’re an exhibitionist, I would have thought that being seen cumming was your utopia?”

That sort of stopped Angie in her tracks, she just stood there thinking, yes, she had enjoyed it, it was a long, intense orgasm, a really good one, one that she wanted to repeat over and over.

“Yes, you’re right Eva, it’s just, well it’s the first time like that and I guess that I panicked.”

“Well get back in there,” Eva said, “and let those guys make you cum again. Hey, are you collecting guy’s phone numbers?”

“I guess so, but they’ll all wash off when I have a shower. Thanks Eva.”

With that Angie walked back to where the biggest group of young men were.

“Hi guys.” Angie announced, not that they guys would have missed a naked girl walking towards them.

“Hey Angie, come for some more?” The guy who had touched her clit said. “This nudity lark really is turning you on isn’t it?”

“Yes, but it’s not so much being naked, it’s being seen naked by a whole load of guys.”

“Well maybe we should spread you out on a table and let everyone have a good look at all of you, what do you think guys, should we help Angie get herself off?”

“Only if we can take photos.” One guy said.

“That would be okay wouldn’t it Angie?” The clit touching guy asked.

“I guess so, I don’t suppose it will be long before my picture is all over the internet anyway.”

Some of the guys had already started clearing the kitchen table and the trepid Angie watched them finish the job.

“Come on Angie, get up there and spread them wide.” One of the guys said.

With her heart racing Angie climbed up, lay on her back and spread her legs so wide that her feet were hanging over the sides of the table. She was surrounded by young men all wanting a good look at her pussy and most of them wanted photographs to refresh their memories when they were next wanking.

Angie had closed her eyes just waiting to see what the guys would do to her. She was expecting and hoping that it would be just fingers that groped her pussy and played with her nipples and she wasn’t disappointed. She gasped as the first hand lightly brushed her right nipple then moaned as the fingers squeezed and twisted the nipple.

Before long hands were touching her all over, outside and inside, and Angie’s next climax was building. Her eyes were still closed but she could still see the flashes from the phone cameras.

Then just as Angie was about to cum she felt a mouth on her pussy and stubble on her inner thighs, and as the mouth sucked her clit her second orgasm of the evening hit her causing her butt to lift up. But the mouth went up with her and continued the assault.

Angie didn’t know it, but by then over half of the people there were around her, some even stood on chairs, trying to have a look at the naked girl who was having an orgasm in front of them all.

Oblivious to everything and everyone around her Angie’s orgasm was consuming her body as wave after wave of pleasure c#washed over her.

Finally, Angie’s butt fell to the table and she started breathing again.

“Who wants to make Angie cum again?” Eva loudly asked.

“NO!” Angie shouted but that wasn’t going to stop a girl diving between her legs.

There was no stubble scratching Angie’s inner thighs this time and the tongue seemed to know just what to do to make Angie cum again. It helped that someone’s hands were caressing her breasts and rolling her nipples between their fingers.

Up went Angie and the orgasm was just as strong as the last one. Fortunately for Angie she was left to recover at her own pace after the orgasm ended although that didn’t stop people from looking at her and photographing her, especially as she hadn’t even thought about closing her legs. Her wet, swollen, deep pink, throbbing pussy must have made some great photographs.

Finally Angie sat up only to have a strong drink thrust in her hand by Matt.

“You okay Angie?” he asked.

“I think so.”



“So you’re enjoying letting everyone see you like that?”

“Oh yes.”

“And the cumming?”

“I’ve never had orgasms like that before, they were awesome.”

“Do you like being fucked in public as well Angie?”

“I don’t know, never done it, but I want to try it sometime, not here and not near any coppers but yes, I think that I do.”

“Well if your looking for a man to help you with that just let me know.”

“Thanks Matt, I might take you up on that sometime.”

Angie drank the drink in one and asked for another which Matt got for her, both drinks going to her head and boosting her energy level. After a couple of minutes Angie decided that she wanted to dance and she got off the table and went looking for the source of the music that she could hear.

There were only a handful of people dancing and Angie joined them. As she danced she thought about what it would be like to be fucked in public. She knew that that was still illegal but she could still dream, maybe she’d get lucky one day and the opportunity would arise.

Sat on the floor in one corner drinking, talking and looking at the dancing girls was 4 or 5 young men. Most of the dancing girls were wearing jeans but one was wearing a miniskirt. Angie saw that some of the men’s eyes were on the bare legs of the miniskirt girl but most were on her. By then Angie’s alcohol induced confidence level was at an all-time high and she wanted to dance just for the young men.

Shuffling over towards them Angie faced them and gyrated her hips over her slightly spread feet. Smiling at the odd pair of eyes that made it up to her face Angie started thrusting her pelvis towards them.

When the tempo of the music changed Angie turned and twerking her booty at them as she bent at the waist.

Angie felt alive, she was really enjoying herself. She felt like something inside her had been released, like she was now the girl that she always should have been.

After a while Mary went over and joined Angie, only she didn’t twerk the young men, just danced in front of Angie, looking at her with a smile on her face.

When Angie decided to stop dancing Mary went with Angie into the kitchen to get some more drinks.

“You’re really enjoying this being naked lark aren’t you Angie?” Mary asked.

“Yes, I am.”

“You’re a real exhibitionist aren’t you Angie?”

“I guess that I am.”

“So how did this all come about? What released the demon in you? Was it that streaker girl?”

“I wouldn’t call it a demon, more the real me being released. It was that court case that I’m sure that you’ve read about. I had to do a lot of research and reading for that and I read a lot about girls being naked in public and it made me think. I was jealous of the girls in the stories and started to think that I wanted to be like them. When I found that George III law and then the judge ruled that it was still legal I sort of felt released.”

“So are you going to be naked all the time then?”

“I’d like to be, but I’ve got to be practical, like in winter, also, I don’t want to be locked-up by some stupid policemen who either doesn’t know that it’s legal or just wants to wield their little bit of power and try to make life difficult for us girls.”

“Yeah, too many coppers thinking that they’re little Hitlers. So when is your next naked adventure?”

“I don’t know, I’m thinking of being naked at work, not going there naked, stripping when I get there. Some of the guys there, including my boss have hinted that they’d like me to be naked at work, and I’m going to meet Lucy Waterman, the girl who streaked that football match, and I suspect that she wants to do something outrageous.”

“Well you go for it girl, if it’s not illegal and you get a kick out of it then do it. Hey, are you planning on going to any of the music festivals, I’ve heard stories of girls getting naked at those?”

“That’s an idea, thanks for reminding me of that.”

“So you’re not planning on walking through the centre of the city on a Saturday afternoon?”

“No, well not yet.”

“Well when you do let me know and I’ll come alone and support you.”

“You’d strip naked as well Mary?”

“I didn’t say that, but you’re certainly giving me a lot to think about.”

“So what’s your plan for the rest of the night Angie?”

“Probably go back in there and tease a few boys. I feel like I have a sort of power over them, I’m sure that I could get them to do almost anything for me.”

“You’re probably right, men are so gullible. Come on girl let me watch you driving those guys crazy with lust. I bet that most of the guy’s right hands will be busy when they get back to their rooms, all lusting after your body as their left hands scroll though the photos that they’ve taken of you.”

Back in the lounge area the ‘happy’ Angie danced and twerked the young men letting them see her wobbling tits and wet pussy. She was in heaven and in danger of having another orgasm but without anyone touching her pussy.

She didn’t cum and by the time Matt, Justin and Eva said they were leaving Angie was seriously thinking about grabbing a guy and telling him to fuck her. Partially because of the amount of alcohol she had drunk she would have happily let that happen right there in the lounge with everyone else there watching.

Angie didn’t even think that anything was unusual as she left the party and walked totally naked down the street with her housemates. It was a bit chilly but the alcohol that she’d consumed, together with Matt helping her to walk in a straight line, kept her warm. Not that Angie would have cared but at that time of the morning they saw no one on their short walk home and when they got there Matt had to almost pushed Angie up the stairs, his hands on her hips to make sure that she kept going up.

Outside Angie’s room she turned to Matt, pulled him to her and demanded that he spend the night with her. Angie had never slept with Matt or Justin before and although she was demanding that Matt fuck her he told her that he’d only sleep with her and not fuck her when she was drunk. She helped Matt undress and against his wishes she pulled his boxers down then pulled him onto the bed.

Angie started playing with his cock but fell asleep before she could properly wank him.


When Angie woke up her head was quite clear and when she turned her head and saw Matt asleep next to her she tried to remember how he’d got there. Unable to remember she lifted the duvet and saw Matt’s morning woody. Feeling naughty she slowly got onto her knees then straddled him and woke him by impaling herself on his cock.

As Angie’s smiling face looked down on Matt his eyes opened wide then his face went from shock to pleasure as Angie slowly went up and down.

“How’s the head?” Matt asked.

“It’s okay thanks.”

“So you know exactly what you’re doing?”

“Relax Matt, I’m not wanting us to get together, just go from being friends to friends with benefits. All this being naked is making me horny and I need some way of releasing the sexual frustration. Does that bother you?”

“Hell no Angie. You’re a really cute girl and it will be my pleasure to help you out, but just one condition, you get all those names and phone numbers off your body.”

“Oh, err yes, why did I let all those guys write on me?”

“Two possible reasons that I can think of Angie, alcohol and the fact that you probably wanted men to get close to your naked tits and pussy.”

“Yes, I did drink a bit too much didn’t I? And you’re probably right about the other reason as well. What’s wrong with me?”

“Absolutely nothing Angie, you’re just letting yourself release what quite a lot of women just keep bottled up. You’ve obviously got more courage than those women.”

“I don’t feel courageous but I do feel that I need a shower to get this writing off me but first I need to cum.”

Angie’s riding of Matt’s cock had slowed but it started getting faster and harder as Angie really pushed herself down on Matt.”

Both of them were eager to cum and it only took a few more drops down for them both to cum then relax as they were both sated.

With Matt’s cock wilting Angie climbed off Matt, grabbed a towel and her shower bag and went to the bathroom. Thirty minutes later a clean and smooth Angie went back to her room to drop off her towel and wash bag only to find that Matt had gone. Angie went to the kitchen to make herself a much needed coffee.

As she sat sipping the coffee, Angie thought about the last 12 hours. She’d gone from a nearly, normal, clothed girl albeit an at home nudist, walked down the street naked, been at a party naked, made to cum by numerous guys and on the way to the latter she’d had more sex and orgasms than she’d had for months. What’s more she was nearly convinced that she was going to strip naked at work.

Angie was both extremely happy and terrified as well. This was so unlike her.

As Angie slowly came to terms with the new Angie she decided that she needed to go shopping, that she needed some new clothes. Yes, clothes, Angie had no intention of becoming a permanent nudist.

Just as Angie decided that she should get on with her day Justin walked in.

“Morning Angie, how’s the head, happy to see that last night hasn’t put you off being naked, you brighten my day every time that I see you.”

“Well and a good morning to you too Justin, and no, last night hasn’t put me off, in fact I enjoyed myself so much that I’m considering being naked in other places as well.”

“Good for you Angie, let me know where and when and I’ll try to be there.”

“So that you can perv on me Justin?”

“I thought that you might enjoy that.”

Angie didn’t reply but she thought that maybe he was right.

Later that morning Angie put a dress and sandals on and headed to the shopping centre. She searched the fashion shops for what she wanted, a very short skirt and a see-through top. She’d love to buy 2 or 3 of each but being a student and an intern, her finances were very limited.

Finding what she wanted wasn’t easy and she tried on quite a lot of clothes and preferred the changing rooms that had curtains and were visible to waiting men because she quickly discovered that she liked not closing the curtains properly so that the men could see her changing. She really got a kick out of watching men watching her and if / when their eyes met when she was naked her nipples and pussy tingled a lot and she felt the moisture build between her legs.

She also enjoyed checking out the new clothes in full length mirrors when men were watching. She’d stand at an angle where the men could see her tits through the see-through material and see her butt and pussy when she bent over to see how much was on display when she bent.

It was mid afternoon by the time she’d visited all the fashion shops and found what she wanted and she decided to treat herself to a coffee and muffin at a big chain coffee shop. As she sat at a table in the window area she remembered that time when she’d been wearing just a towel and Eva had afterwards told her that she’d been flashing her pussy to Justin without realising.

All the clothes changing and letting men see her naked body had left Angie quite aroused and when she remembered the incident with Justin she discovered that she had subconsciously let her knees drift apart and anyone walking passed the shop would be able to see her wet and swollen pussy if they cared to look.

Angie saw one young man do a double take causing her to smile to herself and get a little wet rush. She stayed sat there a lot longer than she normally would, hoping for more men to look her way but she eventually gave up and headed for home.

The other 3 housemates were in the lounge area and after saying hello Angie went to her room, took her dress off and tried on her new clothes. Still being satisfied with them she took them off and hung them up before something from outside caught her eye. Looking out of her window she saw young men at 2 different windows looking her way.

He nipples and clit instantly went hard as she watched them watching her. After a minute or so she waved at them and got waves back then she turned and tidied her room a little before going downstairs to make herself a drink.

Hot chocolate in her hand Angie went to the lounge area and sat on one of the sofa.

“Been buying some new clothes Angie?” Justin asked.

Before she could answer Eva said,

“I didn’t think that you’d need any new clothes Angie, what with you becoming a permanent nudist.”

“Tell you what Eva,” Angie replied, “I’ll be come a permanent nudist if you do. How’s that for an offer.”

“Careful Angie, Eva might just take you up on that offer.” Justin said.

“No I won’t. You’re not getting me naked.” Eva replied.

“Shame.” Justin replied.

The 4 of them spent a quiet evening at the house, Angie being naked all the time and occasionally finding that her knees had drifted apart and that she was flashing her pussy at the 2 guys who had sat opposite her and Eva.

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