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My continued adventure into becoming a sissy slut
The next few weeks were mostly spent obliterating any hint of resistance or hesitation to follow his commands that I may have left. Henry had recently purchased a couple of machines with dildos attached to them. These machines would move at varying rates and at different times would ejaculate a tasty thick lube. He had also purchased two sawhorses that he would have me lean over as he tied my ankles and wrists to the legs. He would put one machine into my ass and the other in my mouth forcing me to suck and fuck the two dildos. It didn’t take long to completely get past any gag reflex allowing me to allow the dildo in my mouth full and unfettered access to my throat, learning how to breath with the cock fully lodged in me.

He also had me wear a special headset with two screens to cover my eyes and speakers placed over my ears. Continuous loops of different hypnosis tracks and videos would play over and over for hours destroying any sense of my former self with the special key words planted deep in my brain. Larger breast forms were attached to my chest to allow me to get used to the different weight they presented. He told me that one day I wouldn’t have to wear them as I would have a genuine pair of my own, which made me so excited and the desire to do his bidding increased more and more. He also would tell me that one day I would become the girl of his dreams and every step I took brought me closer and closer to that end.

One thing Henry loved to do during these sessions was to remove my chastity device and watch as my limp clitty leaked over and over, even dribbling thick globs of cum that he would collect in a bowl underneath me which I would have to clean out after every session. Even though the waves of lust and sexual euphoria would wash over me my little clitty remained ever limp as it would slap against me, making Henry smile even more. When he would remove the device I almost felt naked without it and even missed it even though it made things uncomfortable. I had grown used to wearing it so when it was no longer there it gave me an odd sensation and made me long to wear it again.

After a few weeks of these daily sessions it finally came time for me to prove how well trained I was becoming. He continued to routinely use me as his personal toilet, training me to squat down instead of dropping to my knees so that I wouldn’t ruin my stockings. It became habit and instinct to assume this position no matter where we were or what we were doing. Upon hearing his command it was like my body responded and I was just along for the ride, swaying my hips towards him, squatting down, tilting my head back and opening my mouth wide. He would undo his pants and either piss straight into my mouth, having me swallow every drop of it, or he would turn around and push his ass onto my face, unloading into my mouth and ensuring that I licked him clean afterwards.

Other commands he would give had my body reacting in all sorts of ways, as if I had no control and was sitting in the passenger seat along for the ride. Whether it was crawling on my hands and knees somewhere, instantly bending over and exposing myself, or any other manner of task he had developed a command for it and my body would comply without any resistance or hesitation. He had even implanted a command that would cause me to soil myself whether pissing, shitting, or vomiting all over myself, and then seductively spreading it all over myself, in my hair, on my face, and all over my body. His final implanted command was to return me to “normal” so that I would be able to be around my family without raising any concerns.

Since I had started seeing Henry he had told me to let my hair grow out so I did. By this time it was a little past my shoulders so he told me I no longer needed to use the wigs and that my natural hair would be fine. He told me we were going out so I dressed up nice and pretty for him. He took me to a beauty salon where they dyed my hair blonde, painted my finger and toe nails pink, applied hair removal creams all over my body that smells very pretty, and even did up my makeup to look rather sultry. When they were done Henry was very pleased and the smile on his face gave me all the encouragement that I needed to feel like I was beautiful.

He then took me to an adult store and as we entered my eyes lit up. I had never seen so many things before, toys lining the shelves, outfits on display, and videos of all kinds in one area. He walked over and started talking to the man behind the counter who reached under and produced a medium sized garment box, handing it to Henry. He motioned me to follow him and took me to the back area of the store where several rooms had curtains drawn in front of them. He led me to one of the rooms and ushered me in, giving me the box and telling me to put on what was inside. He closed the curtain as I turned and placed the box on the small bench in the dressing room. I opened it up and saw a pink shimmering outfit inside complete with heels. I quickly undressed and piece by piece pulled each item out of the box and slipped it on. When I was finished putting the snug fitting outfit on I turned my attention to the pink heels. As I put each one on I noticed that the straps were held in place by little padlocks, but paid little mind as it was what my Henry wanted me to wear.

Finishing up I stood and looked at myself in the mirror, the pink PVC material squeaking slightly as I moved around. As I looked over the outfit I suddenly noticed that it quite resembled a maids outfit and I began to wonder what my Henry was wanting me to do. I collected up my discarded clothing and stepped out of the room to show off my new outfit to him. Henry smiled and had me turn around so he could see all of it. With my back to him I felt him come up behind me, slipping something around my neck. I felt it tighten around my neck and heard the metallic click as it was locked in place. Henry whispered in my ear that I was his now and gestured me to the mirror to look at my new accessory. As I gazed at the pink leather collar Henry had put around my neck I also took notice of the pendant dangling from the front. As I looked closer I saw that the glittery pendant spelled out a word, “SLUT”, in all capital letters.

I turned and thanked Henry for the lovely gift and as I took a step towards the front door I heard him whisper something and pointed to the man behind the counter. My mind went instantly blank and my body reacted on its own, swaying my hips as I made my way towards the strange man. As I got to where he was standing I instinctively squatted down, tilting my head back a little and opening my mouth wide. The man looked a little confused at first but took advantage of the sudden situation, unzipping his pants and pulling out his fat cock. My hands shot up wrapping gently around the flaccid cock and began to stroke it causing it to begin to stiffen. My tongue lolled out of my head as I licked up and down his shaft, sucking each of his sweaty balls, and then running back up again. His cock hardened more as I wrapped my painted lips around it, swallowing the bulbous head and sliding it easily into my mouth and throat.

My head bobbed back and forth sucking harder and dragging my tongue along the underside of his now rigid cock. Soft moans escaped my lips as I slurped and sucked again and again. His own moans joined mine as I felt his cock beginning to throb. My hand drifted down to his cum heavy balls, kneading them and coaxing their contents out of their dormant state. I felt his hands reach behind my head as he started to buck his hips harder and harder, fucking his cock into my throat. With one final thrust he emptied his load into my mouth, shooting his warm seed all over my tongue. He slowly pulled his cock out feeling my lips sucking every last drop of cum from them. I opened my mouth and displayed the large load of warm cum to both gentlemen before I closed it and swallowed down the salty warm load. I heard Henry say something and I instinctively kissed the mans cock and stood up making my way out the front of the store. I heard the man mumble his gratitude as he fumbled to zip up his pants, obviously caught off guard by the recent activity.

I walked out to the car and slid into the passenger seat, the smile on Henry’s face apparent as we drove home. He told me that I had done better then expected and that it was just the beginning of the nights activities. We got home just as the sun was beginning to go down and Henry told me to go inside and make sure the chores he had left on the counter were completed before his friends came over. I quickly made my way inside, the outfit restricting the ability to move quickly. I found the paper and began my chores, general cleaning of the house, and making snacks for his friends to eat when they came over.

It was just getting dark when I noticed the headlights shining through the window shortly before the knock at the door. Instantly my body turned and I made my way quickly to the door, opening it and dropping to my knees, my head bent down staring at the floor in front of me. I watched the men walk past me hearing the occasional Hey slut, or Hey whore. After five pairs of feet walked past I heard Henry tell me to close the door and I automatically complied, standing and closing the door gently making sure to lock the deadbolt. I walked back to the kitchen and grabbed the tray of snacks, carrying them to the round poker table Henry had set up in the living room.

I made my way around to eat man seated at the table, some felt the need to reach up my skirt and grab my ass, one felt the need to slap it, thanking each one as they did, until I had made my way around to each man and then Henry. As I finished serving the snacks Henry told me to get each man a beer. I quickly made my way back to the kitchen, replacing the food with a beer for each man on the tray. I swayed my hips as I made my way back out to the table and again made it around the table with more groping, more ass-slapping, and of course thanking each one afterwards.

The men started their poker game and I continued serving the snacks when they needed them or replacing their beers when they were empty. After a couple of hours one of the men put his cards on the table announcing he needed to piss. Henry told him to wait and called me over, whispering something in my ear. My mind went suddenly blank and I dropped to the floor on my hands and knees, crawling under the table to the man who had spoken up. As I crawled up to his wide open legs I reached up and undid his pants, reaching in and pulling out his cock. I quickly took it into my mouth and began to suck gently, the taste of sweat coating my tongue.

Suddenly the man sighed and a hot stream of piss shot into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed without a second thought in my head taking mouthful after mouthful down my throat, some of it seeping out of the corners of my lips and dripping down my chin. I could feel the hot urine filling my belly and running down my chest and down my body. The man continued to spray his stream of urine into my mouth, sighing from the relief it gave him. Finally it subsided and I sucked the last of it down my throat. Then something clicked in my head and as I tasted the last of the piss and sweat on his cock I started to remember the event from weeks past. The cock in my mouth tasted oddly familiar.

I heard another man unzip his pants and pull them down exposing his cock. I crawled over to him and repeated the same routine, taking the cock into my mouth and gulping down the stream of piss the man shot into my mouth. Over and over again I made my way around under the table, drinking down every mans piss as they needed to relieve themselves. I heard them laughing and commenting about it and my thoughts again went to the event and it suddenly clicked that the reason these cocks seemed so familiar is because they were the same men who has assaulted me in the rest stop bathroom. After the last man finished I crawled out from under the table, licking my lips and scraping the leftover streams of piss from my face into my mouth. Henry told me to go back to what I was doing and I made my way back to the kitchen.

A little bit later one of the men made the suggestion that I should be the prize for wining the next hand. All the others agreed and they continued to play until one man threw down his cards with excitement. Henry called me over and had me stand in front of him, reaching into his pocket he pulled out a key and unlocked my caged little clitty. He whispered something else in my ear and with a blank look on my face I made my way around to the man that had won the round. He stood up and quickly bent me over the table, dropping my panties to the floor, pulling my plug out and tossing it on the table. I felt his hand on my back as he pushed his hard cock into my gaping hole. With one thrust he plunged his thick cock all the way inside me, forcing a grunt and a moan from my lips. He pulled back and pushed forward again and again holding my hips and pulling me back against him. Moaning and grunting I felt each thrust of his hard cock inside me building up more and more speed, my flaccid clitty bouncing under me which made the men around the table laugh at the pretty little sissy slut. I felt him thrust once more as he filled me with his hot load, pumping more and more inside me. I moaned louder feeling the cum fill me up and as he finished and pulled his cock from my hole, pushing the plug back in, I turned and dropped to a squatting position, taking the cock into my mouth and sucking it gently, the taste of his cum and my ass coating my tongue.

I thanked the man and stood up as I finished cleaning his cock and the men continued another hand of their game. Each man taking a turn winning the hand and taking his turn pounding my ass with his hard cock. Again and again I was passed around, sometimes bent over the table, sometimes laid on the table, other times riding the man as he sat in the chair, and each time my limp clitty bounced uselessly, leaking more and more and occasionally pumping its own driblets of cum that we’re scooped up and slid into my mouth. For the next few hours I was passed around to each man for either winning the hand or to relieve themselves into my mouth or all over my face. I would still serve them the snacks and replace their beers, cum dripping from my clitty, piss running down my face and chest.

Finally the men had all decided to call it a night and began to get themselves ready to leave. As they made their way to the door I opened it again, dropping to my knees, staring at the floor as each man passed with a pat on the head or a thank you slut. As the last man left I stood up again, locking the door and made my way to the table to clean up the mess. As I finished Henry came up behind me and slid his arms around my waist telling me what a good sissy slut I had been that night. I was rewarded with an intimate night of gentle love making with Henry followed by him spooning behind me and falling asleep. I drifted off with a smile on my face knowing what a good job I had done, the piss and cum from the nights party still sloshing around inside my belly.


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